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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 9, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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order on the jack app today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc. >> fire crews are staying overnight on the fire line after a wild fire breaks out west of morgan hill. people in the path or order to get out. good morning. thank you for joining us here on saturday, july 9. let's head over to lisa for a check on the weekend forecast. good morning. >> doppler seven, where we are looking at a visual picture that shows where it is sunny. that would be in our inland valley. we are on tap for a cooler day today. there it is. notice from mount tam and parts of the peninsula, that is where the sun is shining. it is taking you up to sandra file, where it is 58 in the
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city. it is 55 in santa clara, and look at the golden gate bridge. gusty winds on the coast. mid-60's, and sonny throw the morning hours. you can see the low clouds. it is growing overnight. we will look for the breezy winds, partial clearing coastline, and only the low to mid-60's. 70's and 80's today. that will be anything from three to about eight to 10 inches -- degrees cooler in the inland valley. we will go on the other direction on sunday. details on that, and how long the warm up will last, when we see you in the next few minutes. >> thank you. residents are returning home after a mandatory evacuation from the fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon in an area west of morgan hill. crews are holding the fire at five acres, at last check. containment is at 30%. here is our abc reporter. >> from ignition on, and
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aggressive firefight in morgan hill. cal fire and partner agencies responded after 1 p.m. on friday to the fire. it is burning in the unincorporated portion of west morgan hill. >> just like calfire can develop , we have gone really aggressive on it to slow it down as fast as possible. >> with air attacks, ground crews, and forced -- more, the first responders were able to hold the fire at five acres. >> good news for frenchy's, lewis, and bosco. the owner said they are alerted by the sun. it the --. >> when i came outside to load the dogs in, the sheriff said to evacuate now. >> calfire says at least 20 homes were under mandatory evacuations. residents were able to return after six p.m.. according to blair, there was little panic.
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they have practiced fire drills and had bags already packed. >> we know where we are meeting, we talk with one another, we text one another, we have a community within one another. we tell everybody what we are doing, where we are going, and how quickly we will get there. >> weather conditions helped, as humanity was high, and winds were calm. the goal of keeping flames from approaching the top of the ridge line has been accomplished quickly. >> since we are able to get aircraft relatively fast, slowed it down so we could get ground crews in there to catch fire. >> as crews worked to manage containment, they had this message to the men and women on the frontline. >> mostly, i was yelling thank you very much. i knew they would save our houses. >> in morgan hill, abc7news. liz: another fire is burning your mariposa grove. the highway 41 entrance is closed.
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that is along with the campground. they are evacuate. the washburn fire grew to more than 700 acres. it has been burning since thursday. a reporter with our sister station in fresno is at the fire line with the latest. >> first time visitors to yosemite national park have to change plans due to the closures, but they hope for the best. >> because it was a mariposa, we were interrupted, but i think i came in here with an open bind. -- open mind. >> others decide to wait it out. >> we plan to stay at the park for a few days. we will see. >> evacuation center has been set up at a fellowship church in mariposa, and evacuees are being asked to use a road to affect weight and head north towards yosemite valley. iconic sequoia trees are going up in flames. firefighters are doing all they can to hold this fire. >> it was the redwoods.
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we are here, and we want to see this for sure, but we are willing to make a drive to see the redwoods come as well. >> it looks pretty scary, we are going full force on our suppression tactics. >> the park remains open, but some entrances remain closed it if you plan to return to yosemite, check for the latest park and road cruisers -- closers. abc7news. >> now to president biden getting pushback from activists on both sides of the issue on -- after signing an abortion access executive order. alex is at the white house with white some say the president is going too far when others say he is not going far enough. >> pressure from allies to protect abortion rights started with the supreme court draft. it only intensified when they overturned roe v. wade. on friday, they signed an
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executive order while blasting the court's decision. >> today, the supreme court majority is laying fast and loose with the fact. >> emergency contraception, and safeguards patients privacy, offering care for out-of-state patients, and bolsters legal services to protect the rights to travel out of state for abortions. the health and human secretary has 30 days to establish a game plan. some say it should have been established sooner. >> the fact that took weeks to establish an executive order is disappointing. we need to see the whole of government response any promise last year. >> the white house told rachel scott this. >> it will not be solved by one days action. the report from the secretary is one step in a process. >> antiabortion right advocates are casting doubt. >> it will be a big nothing burger. >> at least 14 states have stocked all abortion services.
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louisiana is the latest. a temporary restraining order blocks the states trigger laws, having expired. it bans all abortions are now,. -- for now. >> lily is a patient advocate in shreveport. abortion advocates are hoping for successful legal challenges to the band. the case has been delayed. it is being transferred to a different jurisdiction. >> we are fighting this. we will be here as long as we possibly can. abc news, the white house. >> the city of fairfield will be offering gift cards for guns. no questions asked. it is on enterprise drive, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.. all you have to do is drive up, turn your unwanted weapons, and receive a gift card. firearms must be unloaded in the truck or car. elon musk has moved to terminate his 44 billion dollar deal to buy twitter.
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he filed with the securities and exchange commission. musk says twitter do not give them enough information about the company, but walking away will not be cheap. there is a one billion dollar fee for ending the deal. it sent twitter stocks stumbling 5% in after-hours trading. >> i've thought from day one that this was a public relations campaign by elon musk. he is so good at using sensational language and outlandish tweets and acting like an eccentric billionaire. buying twitter, changing the platform, it seemed to fit with the character he has created. >> there is a legal fight. right taylor put out a statement saying that the twitter board is committed to closing a transaction on the price, in terms agreed upon with mr. moss, and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. we are confident we will prevail in the delaware court. >> starling satellite and
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internet service -- they are trying to convince the fcc that 5g operators wouldwd their turf. according to the wall street journal, space axes urging the commission to avoid making new rules that will hobble the starling internet service. at stake is a swath of wireless frequencies. they could link the millions of americans who lack a high-speed internet connection, but they need enough wireless spectrum to do it at >> it has been 137 days since russian troops invaded ukraine. russian forces are continuing to shell popular areas in the east. they are responding with a powerful american-made weapons, with more on the way. meantime, ukrainians continue to evacuate, with more than 3.5 million people applying for temporary residence in other countries. in the bay area, more ukrainian refugees are arriving, and there is a need for more housing.
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abc7news reporter tara campbell shares how the community is stepping up. >> with the turn of a key, katerina and her son are home. they have fled from ukraine. >> is like a dream. i cannot imagine i would have my own apartment in san francisco. >> she is ready to start building a life in the bay area. >> in our ownpa build. >> is a far cry from the bomb shelter they lived in for three weeks as russia attacked. >> i cannot sleep. i worry about life. my son's life. so, i decided to leave. >> she is grateful to the company owning this property, and offering this unit and for others, free of charge for three months. >> my family is in ukraine, so i
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definitely feel it. >> she is the senior director advair test, partnering with the ukraine. >> we decided to help out these families. >> families who are in a tough spot. they are unable to work until they get the go-ahead from the government. >> before the war, we had to get a permit for six months, sometimes. it is important to have housing. >> i can say that the demand is higher than what we can offer. >> nadia is a volunteer in the ukraine. >> it would be great if organizations would have opportunity to house refugees from the ukraine, and they could contact the website. her minds ill veryuc r meland. >>'m worried about f.
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he ithukin >> they are comforted by this space. a place to call their own. >> my own apartment. it is a huge support for me. tara campbell, abc7news. >> let's get a check outside. let's check the we can forecast. lisa: cooler conditions. you can see some fog, but the winds will be gusty today. temperatures are coming down everywhere. i will have the details for today, and a warmer sunday and monday, coming up. liz: clues that could lead a family to find their daughter. plus, a message --
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>> shock worldwide. the japanese prime minister was killed on friday will giving a speech in central japan. the assassination in broad daylight has stunned japan. gun violence is really extremely rare. the death also horrified leaders around the world, many of whom worked with him during their tenure. joe biden said he was stunned,
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outraged and deeply saddened. japan is a close ally to the united states, and president biden says he stands with the people of japan. >> do not believe this is likely to have any profound, destabilizing impact on japanese security or solidarity. liz: the suspect, a 40 one-year-old, was tackled by security and later admitted to shooting shinzo abe. he used a homemade weapon. chilling new evidence in a homicide investigation. the family of a missing 27-year-old received copies of handwritten notes, detailing how the body was allegedly disposed. she has been missing since january. and abc7news reporter, stephanie sierra, spoke with the order -- the father. >> an earring message. >> we were devastated, of course. there was something you couldn't -- it was tough.
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>> the father said that that investigator said the family notes recovered from alexis's ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones. according to this letter, jones wrote these directions to an area 60 mile thief the sacramento and pioneer. they used that to dispose the body. in the note, marshall turned off his note -- phone for several hours during the. he drove to pioneer, but at one point, they were able to pinpoint his location. >> we think it was something to throw the police off. >> jones was killed last month and the rest attempt after allegedly charging an officer with a knife inside of a washington apartment complex. the note said that after his death, a friend came forward stating that jones called them two weeks before his girlfriend disappeared, saying that he was thinking about killing alexis, and wanted to know the best place to hide a body. the cryptic directions are specific.
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they detail left and right turns at specific time or estimates in the foothills. >> as we saw that, they left and went straight to pioneer. >> investigators and hundreds of volunteers searched nearly 200 acres of land and pioneer over the past four months. they searched for any sign of the body, including training 8 million gallons of water in a nearby pond. >> they found nothing. they are only focusing on pioneer. they feel strongly that she is around there. >> do you believe that? >> not 100%. my wife would say i'm not feeling anything, not that alexis is here. >> trying to stay hopeful, but anxious for closure. >> until we find a body, we must keep believing she is still alive. >> has games continue to wait, we turn our attention to another piece of evidence recovered. a phone screen. according to quinn, the fbi said
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dna was found on the screen. they are working to organize a search party to find the remaining piece of her cell phone. in san francisco, stephanie sierra, abc7news. liz: san diego county police have arrested a group of men attempting to smuggle 5000 pounds of meth into the united states. the men from mexico were spotted unloading several boxes on thursday. it was less than 25 miles from the mexico u.s. border. law enforcement followed the vehicles and discovered nearly 150 bundles of 5000 pounds of meth. the suspects could face 10 years to life in prison. let's get a check outside, starting off a little gray and cloudy this morning in the city. lisa: we will trim temperatures back. a little below average. we are making up the difference, and then some tomorrow for a warmer sunday and monday. here is look at the picture, where cloud cover is right
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around san francisco and the bay. it has been sunny, in land. sunny and parts of the north bay. we want to take you to the washburn fire, where it is still quite active. you can see a plume of smoke from the south, to the north. that continues to be the trend over the weekend. today, looking at a pretty good condition in the sierra nevada, but in the northern sierra, you don't see much the way of smoke, but southern sierra, you you will see smoke there. it is drifting over the state line, but into the second half of the weekend, you can see the wind shifts, and we are getting more smoke into the quick, southlake, and truckee, potentially. keep in mind if you are headed into the mountains there. back home, a lot of fog is keeping us cold at the coast, and receive back home. santa cruz is warmer in the upper 70's, and once that marine layer pulls back, it is 60 in oakland, 64, and it is sunny in san jose, as we look outside. you will notice all of the gray here. san francisco will be in the
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upper 60's today, and mid upper 60's, but oy, it will feel colder with the winds. there is emeryville. it has been brighter. the numbers are coming up, but the fog is keeping it cold at the coast. everyone is coming down a few degrees, and tomorrow will be warmer. as we get into monday, the trend continues for a cool coastal temperature and warm inland. things change again by tuesday. here's a look at the fog 11:00, still gray skies, and just west of santa rosa, you will notice that it hangs at the coast, and it really moves in quite far overnight, so with the southwest winds blowing through the delta, it allows for temperatures to cool off for everyone, so not looking for any heat risks, even though we will get through sunday afternoon, and it will be quite warm. here is the upper 90's. mid 90's in concorde, and upper 70's in bayshore. notice along the coast, a little change. if you are headed to the shoreline, it will not be warm, even though it is warm elsewhere.
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we will bring out the sweatshirt, heading to the beaches, and may be. same deal on monday. the bigger change will come on tuesday, as the temperatures really cool off. there is another system setting up along the pacific northwest. we will have an ebb and flow with the fog, and that dictates our afternoon temperatures with low 70's today, and in oak, 84 in concord print looking for a nice day today, up in wine country. low to mid 80's in napa, but as you get down towards the peninsula, the sea breeze is keeping in the low 70's. palo alto is 75. 79, cooler today, and san francisco. the accuweather 7 day forecast. a cooler day,, warmer by 10 degrees. even the fae is warming up on monday, perhaps low 80's. tuesday and wednesday, coming back down a few degrees, so we have schuurs all at the coast line, and always a good sign, but we will have those cool conditions continuing all week long at our beaches.
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>> sounds good. thank you so much. typical san francisco summer. a community trying to heal. just a week after a gunman opened fire from a chicago suburb, the first funerals fo i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out
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>> now to the final farewells of victims in a mass shooting a july 4 bully -- parade and highland park. the gathering for the first funerals for those who lost their lives. abc news reporter alex perez has the story from highland park area >> this morning, five days after the highland park massacre, a devastated community laid the first victims to rest. >> there is no comfort for us to take away, as we mourn the death. >> a former preschool teacher said life was cut short. her family is processing what their lives will be like without her. >> the world is darker that my mother in it. it is up to us to fill it with a
9:26 am
little extra laughter and help replace her light and love. >> nicholas is a dual citizen who would travel from mexico in the summer to be with his family who now considers him a guardian angel. steve strauss worked at age 88. he enjoyed birdwatching and helping those around him. >> this was a true man. street -- sweet, kind, generous, wise, curious about the world. >> as love ones say their goodbyes, the attorney for the suspects family is speaking out. >> the family would like to express the deepest condolences to the family that has been impacted by this horrific event. >> a difficult recovery for survivors just beginning. an eight-year-old was paralyzed from the waist down. finally, awake and off of a ventilator. his mother was shot twice. the boy is eager to see his brother who was wounded by shrapnel. >> he was shot in the chest.
9:27 am
he suffered significant injuries. >> then there is a two-year-old, orphaned and losing both parents in the shooting. they were rescued out from under his father who shield him from the gunfire. >> he thinks there on a trip. >> we haven't told him. >> every time he comes home, he asked if mommy and daddy are home. >> that was alex perez reporting. still to come on abc seven, san francisco has a new district attorney. you will hear how she will be different, and a bay area real estate, most expensive in the nation, is making it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. liz: thank you for joining us. we will start the half-hour with other check of the forecast. lisa: good morning.
9:30 am
a deck of low clouds and scattered from this perspective from mount tam. it is 67 degrees, but we are going to have a fog find the shoreline, bringing us cool breezy beaches today. 58 downtown, and 60 in oakland. san jose is mild. shark tank, and elsewhere, mid 50's in santa rosa, to mid-60's, concord and livermore. with the sun, coming out, all across the bay, it is going to be a cooler afternoon. the fog is with us at the coast, and you can see by 11:00, mainly 60's by 3:00. we have low 80's for most inland, but mid 80's further inland, and low 70's in oakland. if you want warmer, we have that on tap for the second half of the weekend. >> think you. it is official, san francisco has a new district attorney. they took the both friday, replacing jason putin who was recalled last month. tim johns takes look at the job
9:31 am
ahead for jenkins. >> the time for finger-pointing and blaming other people is over. >> with thunderous applause and a hand raised high, jenkins was sworn in as the new district attorney friday afternoon. >> congratulations. >> in an impassioned speech, jenkins vowed to crack down on san francisco's most pressing problems. she highlighted things like smash and grab robberies and petty theft. >> san francisco has made it clear that they are -- their quality of life is being in acted by these types of crimes, so we can no longer look at them as insignificant. >> jenkins says that she plans on enforcing drug laws on the streets. she cited personal and professional experience as making her qualified to hold repeat criminal offenders accountable. >> we have to start dealing with repeat offenders, and that would be a top priority. how we deal with those who had
9:32 am
been consistently committing the most crime in san francisco, and like i said, enforcing our drug crime laws. >> jenkins will help bring balance to the city, ensuring public safety will also continuing responsible criminal justice reforms. >> is not a one-size-fits-all. we are not here to try and imply in any way that jail is the only solution, because there are people with complex problems in the city. >> jenkins said she spoke with her predecessor on thursday. he promised to help with a smooth transition. he also released his own station -- a statement, which reads, he is proud of the work we did to serve victims and bring much needed accountability to our justice system. this is work i will continue in the months and years ahead. abc7news. >> the state program protected tenants who could not pay rent from the fiction during the pandemic. it is now closed to new
9:33 am
applicants, but thousands of applications have not been processed. they are either approved or denied. a new lawsuit, and a new profit -- nonprofit behind it says that virtually no applications were denied up until the deadline. now, one in three have been rejected. the ruling says that the development may be violating constitutional rights because it is not giving people adequate info on why they were denied, and the ruling gives denied applicants more times to appeal, and prevents applications from being denied until the process is reviewed. that may be good news for renters, but what about homeowners. a renting report shows that the housing market in northern california is dropping faster than anywhere else across the country. three cities are in the top 10. here's abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey. >> 2022 has been one of the most wild years to buy and sell in the bay area. a few months after real estate experts were talking about the
9:34 am
craziest homebuying season ever, we are seeing a major cool off in the market. >> i don't think anyone had the foresight to see it dipping as quickly as it did. >> once home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, the competition and demand in the bay area has been cooling more rapidly than anywhere else in the country, according to a new report. the market is down in san francisco and oakland, but it has received the biggest dip in san jose. >> where we would see months ago, five, 6, 7, 10 offers on a house, now, we are seeing sometimes no offers. maybe for a week to three weeks, four weeks. or, if you get multiple offers, you may get one or two. >> jim baldwin says this is because there are simply more houses on the market. 2100 homes for sale today in santa clara county, compared to 903 months ago, but the best explanation for the cool off is a recent increase to interest rate risk we had the three
9:35 am
percent and 4%, and our rate would be closer to 5.7%. people, buyers, are getting cold feet. that is a mistake. the federal government plans to raise rates to save lives in the market. the best advice is to buy now if you can. >> are better off buying at a slightly higher interest rate and not overpaying because they can potentially refinance in the future, but if they overbid by $300,000, they can never get that back until they sell the house. >> meanwhile, baldwin suggests selling your home only if you need to. said at aiden appealing price. -- said it at -- set it at an appealing price. abc7news. >> in case you missed it, northbound lanes are close. highway 101 between the robin williams tunnel and rodeo avenue in south salida.
9:36 am
theythey close the lanes at 10:0 last night. they are scheduled to remain closed until monday at 7 a.m.. two northbound lanes are still open, but delays are expected to last as long as one hour. crews are re-paving the road, and replacing a damaged drainage system. people are trying to process the lost of the former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. sac fun test spoke with local leaders who reflect on the close ties he had with the bay area. >> this is a former japanese prime minister right here in the bay area visiting stanford in 2015. it was with -- what many called a historic visit by the head of state. >> it is important to him because he really wanted to focus on how best to connect with silicon valley's innovations in entrepreneurship. he wanted to use that to enhance japan's economy and connect the two countries. >> a person was stamford ties was in japan when it was first announced.
9:37 am
>> i learned it following lunch, and it happened around 11:30 a.m.. >> he is considered an expert on u.s. japan issues and has known him for 20 years. he says that history will look back at him as the most consequential prime minister in postwar japan. looking ahead, he expects changes to be made after the shocking way he died. >> one of the things that will happen is that the government will institute policies to protect political leaders. much more strictly than in the past. they have been rather lax, and one of the reasons they have been lax is that because there are so few guns in japan. >> the news has come just as san jose's japan town is getting ready for his first in person open festival set for this weekend. the festival remembers and honors the dead. gerald sacca motto is the leader of the church. >> he was the premise are of japan. he was close to our temple.
9:38 am
close to japan. >> like others,, he is stunned by the way the life was taken but he hopes this festival will be one way to come together peacefully to honor the lives lost, and to honor one another. next if we continue to resolve our differences as we have in the past, violence is going to be a part of our lives. we need to find a better way. >> zach fuentes, abc7news. >> the consulate general of japan in san francisco is setting a book of condolences. it is open to the public, and will be available monday and tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. it is on battery street, and the addresses on your screen. >> one of the stars of the sopranos has passed away. tony tsurenko has died at the age of 79. he passed away at an assisted living facility in fort lauderdale florida. this happened on friday morning. his role as paulie walnuts was inspired growing up around the italian mob in brooklyn.
9:39 am
he is survived by his children and grandchildren. the cause of his death is unknown. >> still ahead, now streaming on hulu, an action movie with a princess who definitely doesn't need saving. a look behind the scenes of the princess, starring joey king. here is a live look outside. looking over the bay, we will check in with
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> here is a live look at our san rafael camera. you can see people driving on 101. traffic is moving nice and smoothly. we know there is a section of northbound 101. it is near the robin williams tunnel. there is not close, but to lanes closed. there is a new action movie streaming called the princess. it stars joey king as a princess who definitely doesn't need saving. here's a reporter with a look behind the scenes. >> once upon a time. a magical castle.
9:42 am
the king's daughter was locked away in a tower. >> nights, and other armored saviors can sit this one out because this princess does not need saving. that is joey king doing her own stunts in the princess. >> i started this journey like a princess, and i was scared, exhausted, and i didn't want to trust myself. >> not exactly ladylike behavior. >> through my own perseverance and resilience and working with people, has afforded me so much confidence, and i got to a place where i craved exhaustion. i craved those times where i got hurt. >> we are very lucky that she could do almost all of her stunts. is aut that.
9:43 am
the team and i looked at each other, we will have to shoot this tiffany. >> do not use these things? >> watch your language. you're in the presence of a princess. >> not ascending the tallest tower of the castle, i am rick damigella print >> let's get a check on the forecast. outside, gray and hazy. wax it is certainly as we look around the bay, but as we look towards 880, we are seeing a marine layer scatter out. it is colder today. low 70's in oakland, but as you head down to the peninsula, you have a sea breeze, and more 70's. we will pinpoint the microclimate forecast, next. >> also, he is known for his range on the court, shooting three pointers, but wait until you see this longshot. three pointers, but wait until you see this longshot. th this burger will blow your mind? really? how?
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here's a live look in the bridge camera. everything moving slowly -- smoothly and nicely on the bridge. yesterday, san francisco's top headlined comedians performed at thrive city. this event kicked off with comedic and musical performances. from top-tier comedians, natalie provided laughs, but a beer garden and trucks for patrons, so a really nice event. let's talk about sports. this afternoon, the a's and the giants are looking to snap a two-game losing streak this weekend. oakland takes on the houston astros at home, and in the oakland coliseum peer at the first pitch is that one of 7 a.m.. they take on the san diego padres at petco park. that came takes place at 415 p.m.. i jampacked weekend of celebrity golf in lake tahoe where steph curry got to show off mba champs status. casey pratt has more on the american century championship in this morning's sports. >> good morning.
9:47 am
the american century golf term it. go steph curry. he picked up 17 hook shot spirit splash. he also completed a pass to some fans with a football. is there anything he can't do? as for the tournament, the family and caddies are rocking the magic. it is hard to miss him out there. speaking of hard to mix estimates, 97 yards, and that hits backspin. get in the hole. he still has the midseason hops. that was an eagle. round one, tied for 10th. he is making it top-tier achievement. >> making that verse is making a three-pointer? >> i can make a three pointer all day long. >> reviewing the city connect uniform, colorful not to california. manny machado has a nod to left field. he flashes a big power. second home or as many days. they go up in a hurry, but the giants didn't do much. the first merely homer for him.
9:48 am
first thing or in his first at-bat, but didn't miss this one. giants fall again. they have lost eight of nine, and have fallen to 500 on the season. the a's and add stress. the right field and the left field? how is it possible? ladies and showman, elvis has left the building. the second home in a week -- homer in a week. 221, a's, after paul blackburn crushes one. here it is, and you are going to see it get caught in the hat. three due to astros. blackburn left that one in the wheelhouse, and it is a 31 jack it eight to three on the final against houston, and they have robin. they've lost all four to the astros the season. draymond green's courtside is the warriors take on the makes it moses moody struggled, but no issues in this game. two of his 10 points were in the first quarter. second quarter, great pass to moody, but he gets the bucket nfl.
9:49 am
he had 20 at the break. he was exposed to a game-high 30 points. it is in high was 30. he beat the shot clock was there, with a splash, but they jumped all over them. he said look out below. the warriors fall, and james wiseman is expected to play the next game on sunday. have a great weekend. i'm casey bradley. >> lisa, check outside. cooler than yesterday, but it will heat up. >> it is. we will see that as soon as tomorrow, and on monday, here is a look at the fog that continues to pull back over the bay. san francisco. down through burlingame come across to oakland, and el cerrito, and also through santa rosa. if we take you over to the washburn fires, yosemite -- over 700 acres burned, 0% contained, and the smoke is doing to the north, so we look at our smoke forecast for the weekend, today, it will be in the southern sierra, and also drifting towards tioga pass and nevada,
9:50 am
but into sunday afternoon, look at how the smoke moves to the seer and nevada. the northern sierra. southlake and into truckee. as we look at that forecast, we can see good air quality here. locally. strong sea breeze keeping the air in the green here, but look as we go over into the central sierra. you notice the moderate air quality as the fire is back in san rafael. north bay. sunny conditions, and 50 in san francisco. 60 in oakland with 64 in palo alto. 68 in santa clara, and it has been sunny for a while. we certainly have a low cloud deck here. 57 in santa rosa with mid 60's at the inland valley print southwesterly winds are gusting to 30 miles an hour by the delta, so cooler air is being transported in, and we see temperatures into the lower 80's for some of you inland. here is greenville. it is great, but the sun and some low 70's are on the way.
9:51 am
for much of the bayshore, mid 70's south of the peninsula, so windy at the coast. we are cooler everywhere, and much warmer inland by about 10 degrees. this will carry over into monday. microclimates are in full swing from the coast, and to our inland valleys. 60 right now in santa cruz. 79 later on. numbers with partly cloudy conditions with upper 50's and los -- low 50's on saturday. hugging the coast line, but as we get into sunday, a little more son. just a couple degrees warmer, and remember, it is 10 degrees warmer inland, but at the coast, it doesn't translate to much more. still, and on slower -- on short flow with us. >> 75 in the pitas as we head up the peninsula, and mid-seventies in palo alto. look at the fog from the pacific. right around south city in san francisco. peeling back for partly cloudy skies today. average high's in the upper
9:52 am
60's, so close to that in the north a. it will be cooler. for wine country, that is pretty nice, but still more. mid to upper 80's santa rosa through calistoga. sonoma there, 82 in napa, and on the east bay, still kind of way out there it about 70 in berkeley, and 73 in san leandro with more 70's and son near castro valley. certainly not hot. as you head inland, mid 80's for pittsburgh. it is a colder day than friday, but still, look at the upper 70's to low 80's. that is a pleasant day for walnut creek. the accuweather 7 day forecast -- we have a colder day today. breezy winds at the coast, partial clearing there. we are heating up inland for sunday, and monday. low 80's around the bay. that feels like summer, but then we will drop temperatures by another 10 degrees, so we will be in and around average by the end of the week. we will level off.
9:53 am
that's good. we have fires around california. at least we are keeping that fog close. >> all right. thank you. tracking fire danger. all weekend. >> californians are doing a little better at conserving water. speaking of, the data from the waterboard was released this week, showing overall urban water use was 3% lower in may, compared to a year earlier. the bay area used eight and a half percent, while the south coast, clean los angeles, used to percent. the waterboard says the preliminary number is just saving 7.7% or water. governor newsom has asked californians to cut consumption by 15%. next, a sweet july brand is coming to san francisco. how you can experience aisha curry's new pop-up
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is the abc7 "local spotlight," sponsored by calhope. ♪♪ >> the pandemic actually elevated the opportunity to talk about mental health and mental wellness. it's not to say that mental-health issues weren't present before, because they definitely were. suicide deaths among young adults, ages 10 to 24, was the second leading cause of death before the pandemic. it was definitely an issue, but the pandemic gave us that opportunity to really highlight what the needs are and to finally get some money poured into mental health and school-based services. >> there's always someone smarter than you, who has a
9:56 am
better gpa, who has better test scores. there's always someone who's prettier than you, there's someone who's more charismatic. there's always someone better. >> we are normalizing conversations, and we are sharing stories. and you know, before, it used to be taboo, and especially in certain cultures. you know, i'm from the latino community. i'm mexican. and we didn't talk about anxiety, we didn't talk about depression, we didn't talk about suicidal ideation. and those things happen. and so, as we are seeing other people share, then we're like, "okay, i have a story, too. i've felt like that. and i can't believe that there are other people that felt like that." but there's definitely, you know, still stigma around mental health, because there's always this notion of, "if you're strong enough, you can get through it." and it has nothing to do with strength. it has to do with all the different supports that are available to you. ♪♪ calhope is administered by the department of health care
9:57 am
services here in our state. it's a student-support program that's helping schools and students across the state, to provide more supportive environments for students by training school staff to be able to identify and support students that are in need. it's a desperately needed support system. and through this calhope, we're able to offer two free programs right now that are able to help not only students but also educators and other staff or other adults that support students. and one of them is "angst: building resilience." and that particular program is a film-based program that is accompanied by a curriculum that can be deployed and implemented in the classroom. and it's really targeted to support students that are feeling stress and anxiety, not only from covid but just life in general. and it's available at no cost to
9:58 am
all public middle and high schools, including public charter schools throughout the state. and then there's "a trusted space," which is targeted to school staff. >> we talked about that, like, "well, what can we do? what are the options?" >> we don't -- there is no procedure for a global pandemic. >> viruses, riots, anger, hate, everything's that out there -- there's so much that kids can get lost in. >> a groundbreaking documentary and curriculum, supervised educators, and all those adults that serve students, with skills to help develop trusting relationships with all students. educators don't have to be the healers. they just simply need to create these safe spaces for students to be able to openly talk about what they're experiencing and to get that support. and students can unpack their feelings about covid, about life, about everything that's
9:59 am
going on, and they're not going to be judged. you are not along in experiencing these symptoms, and you're not alone in addressing them. these programs are meant to be seen in community -- in a classroom, in a community center, for parents, or staff during a staff meeting. they're not meant to be viewed alone, because they are meant to really strike up a dialogue and, again, help to normalize that conversation around mental health and wellness. what can be expected when you implement the program is that you can either -- students will view this in a classroom, and then the teachers are able to implement the curriculum, which is, like, talking points and points of dialogue, and just different resources and supports in that curriculum. if you want to bring these programs to your school, please visit ♪♪
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