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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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effect of inflation, while the people in the middle do not feel inflation it gets thinner and thinner. >> with inflation surpassing the 9% barrier for the first time in 40 years and consumers are likely to tighten their spending even more. here in the bay area is not all bad news. jeff is executive director of the bay area council economic institute. >> you are seeing prices in july the first half of the month begin to moderate at gas stations. prices are coming down. >> prices in the bay area tend to be higher across the board, any sort of inflation effect may be felt more here. >> but we've had previously is a barbell effect were people of the top and the bottom and fewer people in the it'll -- and fewer people in the middle. inflation drives a bigger wedge between those groups. ragazzi one bay area -- one bay
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area benefit has not fully -- rent prices of not fully rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. >> san jose has begun to rebound a bit aztec company employees returned to the office. kyle, vp of advisories for sequoia advises employee total conversation -- compensation. >> we have seen some increase in compensation to mitigate the impact of inflation, not of the ins -- not to the extent of inflation matching. >> many bay area employers continue be fixable comes to working from home, saving employees cost on childcare, gas, food. benefits of working the office might include lunches or happy hours, the company operating -- offering retention bonuses. >> high inflation hitting some
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harder than others. nonprofits helping people all also inflation themselves. reporter: inflation has been impacting all this for months, the news of it now being highest in decades comes little surprise to those who see the negative impacts firsthand. >> the number of people coming to our food distribution sites is increasing again. reporter: second harvest says in the worst days of the pandemic they have nearly 5000 people coming to them to help, now they are close to that again. >> with this kind of inflation is impacting people's budgets. 60% of people we serve have less than $100 in savings. we you start to increased gas prices and increased food prices. often people need to turn to us to pay the rent, pay childcare so they can keep working.
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reporter: she works with south bay nonprofit sacred heart community service, inflation puts a brighter spotlight on what summary people have faced. >> what is happening with inflation is another symptom of a broken economic system which is basically shutting people out of opportunity and creating these catastrophes. reporter: sick or hard -- sacred heart is setting up students for the new school year with her backpack the back-to-school backpack drive. >> that is money that could be going towards food, gas. with folks of means this may not seem a lot, this can really be a hardship. reporter: inflation impacting the organizations looking to help people, they say community support from those that are able to help as needed now more than ever. >> we have this separation between those who have and those
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that do not have. those were allow these economic problems are. we try to get people in proximity of each other because these are your neighbors. kristen: california attorney general announcing new legal guidance to help protect renters from illegal evictions. >> the only lawful way to can -- to evict a tenant is to go to court. law enforcement should never help a landlord evict a tenant by force or threats. kristen: he says the department of justice has received reports of self-help evictions with landlords changing locks, shutting off utilities, moving property. he is advising law enforcement to respond to and prevent unlawful evictions, they should advise the landlord is a misdemeanor to enforce -- to force the tenants out of the property. >> cha on e noh bay to
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enea bd th pe tainto nevada police say the truck was stolen. the truck pulled over in oakland, three people getting out, two people walk to telegraph avenue where police took him into custody. police say the suspects stole merchandise on them at one point the chase were throwing items out of the windows. san francisco is running at a monkeypox vaccines while they wait for federal supplies, some vaccine size will run out today and others by the end of the week, the department of health is urgently requesting additional allocations of the vaccine and waiting to hear how much it will receive in the supplies eventually do arrive. kristen: a long line of people waiting in line outside the berkeley steam works today gay monkeypox vaccine, dozens of people in line hours were the first shot given out. >> quest diagnostics says it has
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developed a pcr tests that will detect monkeypox virus dna. is now available nationwide. the company expects to provide testing for 6000 testing a week by the end of july. they announced that five companies wld testing, the cdc has confirmed 929 cases nationwide as of yesterday. kristen: the novavax vaccine has been authorized for emergency use for people 18 or over, they think some people will be more inclined -- to get the vaccine because a more traditional protein-based technology. is 90% effective at preventing mild or moderate covid-19. >> cruise battling the washburn
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fire and yosemite lost ground overnight, the containment dropped from 22% to 17% yesterday. the fire burned an additional 200 acres and has now charge nearly 3800 acres. 1000 firefighters work in the blaze that worked -- that broke out last week. the giant sequoias in mariposa grove, officials believe it is safe from the flames. gigantic. arm meteorologist is here would look of the fire forecast. >> good afternoon, let's take a look at the visible satellite and the picture i just captured from deadwood out and about 50 minutes ago showing definitely a lot of smoke being produced as the fire, as larry mentioned is expanding. the good news is all the smoke and teased him away from us, let's take a look at the forecast. if you are moving to tahoe or anywhere north and east of
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yosemite the smoke sits there for the rest of the evening hours, overnight spreads out a little bit, thinning tomorrow and then mainly moving up to the east is great news for us. temperatures will continue to be very warm and humidity very dry. temperatures running near 100 with humidity levels in the teens as we head into the weekend. for us back your home you can see it looks pretty clear outside, we have green, good air quality. we will talk about that supermoon tonight when we come back. kristen: all right, cannot wait to see that. governor newsom is in washington dc this afternoon to accept a prestigious award on behalf of california schools. excepting the 24th annual frank newman a world -- award for innovation. they singled out california for a coordinated approach to educating all students as well as the historic financial investments it to ensure education equity. in his marks he took aim on what
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he called an assault on education like he has never seen before. >> what is happening now, banning books, suppressing speech, the othering of our students, teachers, parents. it is alarming. kristen: while the newman award recognizes states that enact programs or forms to impact student outcomes a large scale. it includes a 55 unit affordable housing project at 95th and international. is expected be completed by the end of the year. there is also a community health clinic there. >> these are all the things that this project promised to do over several years. this is where we already are. what i want to particularly
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celebrate, when in the bay area do ever hear the phrase construction ahead of schedule? never. kristen: other projects include planting 200 new fruit trees in east oakland, 10 youth and four adults have been employed three new bike repair program. larry: coming up terror on the forthcoming bay area family ran the middle of the attack of the highland park parade, they will take you inside to see the vandalism they hit multiple east bay schools. the tuna battle, the fight over how much tuna if any is in a subway
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kristen: in east bay a large transporter truck having cars and suvs stalled on the retracts on subset -- on sunset and -- near hayward, the railroad tracks are inactive so there is no serious threat to the public it took a tow truck an hour to move it to safety. larry: schools scrabbling right now after several campuses vandalized weeks before the start of the school year. abc 7 news reported that reporter got a tour of other schools showing us the extent of the damage as well as the toll it will take. reporter: at first glance from the outside lincoln elementary in richmond looks like it would
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on any other summer day. >> go inside and you will get -- you will find the school in tatters. >> a few rooms are trashed, the hallways are trashed. people have thrown things into the hallway. they use a small bats to break windows. >> lincoln elementary, nystrom elementary and the charter elementary were broken into and vandalized along with a school in san pablo. this is the second weekend in a row schools were hit. they believe the scope which -- they believe the culprits are teenagers. >> it appears to be the same group, were looking into it as well. there is graffiti on the wall that makes it look like is the same group. >> of the schools targeted lincoln sustained the most damage, officials are trying to assess how much money will take to repair. >> we are facing a budget crisis, to direct reports -- resources to select is unfortunate. reporter: is not just physical
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damage, this the impact it has on the community. brian phillips says many are still shocked by what happened, they wondered why and would want you this. >> this is a gem of a school. for some like this to happen it is unbelievable. reporter: despite the job ahead of them, phillips says score zoom on time on august 16 and together the community will pick up the pieces once again. >> it has been touching to get the outpouring of support we have received from people in the community, businesses that have reached out saying they want to help. kristen: police are looking for whoever pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting near the fox theater in oakland. we spoke with a business owner about the violence in the city. reporter: oakland police are investigating a triple shooting a left one man dead in the streets of downtown, came by to check out the scene before opening up the store located around the block.
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>> this is kind of normal down here, unfortunately. i want to come down and make sure i saw it was going on before my team came in. all this, puts a damper on employees feeling safe. reporter: oakland police the shooting happened just before 1:30 a.m., the identity of the man has not been released. the two women shot are in stable condition at the hospital. >> the chaos that is happening, what was happening downtown for three people to get shot downtown oakland on a tuesday window businesses are open. it is disheartening to see. i could have known these people. reporter: bullets shattering glass of nearby stores, she says she wants more police in the area, adding will take more than that to tackle the level of violence she sees on the street. she says is not just about gun violence. >> there is a violence situation in oakland, shoplifting to
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property violence, there's a lot of violence. you cannot just say under policing or over policing. it is just everyone being aware. reporter: because of the shooting is still under investigation. larry: part of our efforts to build a better bay area we are asking the tough questions of bay area politicians and leaders. today c7 i.t. reporter stephanie set them of the new -- talking about the change in the office and some of her expectations. >> i know change is difficult under the circumstances. i think you have to have a management team and instructor that ensures that the policies -- and structures that ensures a policies and guidelines you send the officer followed by the attorneys appearing the -- in court. making sure all the attorneys in office understand what the policy is in the vision is and what the guidelines are. larry: you can hear much more
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from stephanie coming up at abc7news at 5:00. kristen: jenkins is reaffirming her support for the continuation of the innocence program craig by her predecessor -- created by her predecessor. they urged her to preserve that commission. the former da created in 2020 as a way to identify, try to adverse wrongful commissions. >> the district attorney office has a legal mandate to pursue justice for all harmed parties. that absently includes members of the community who have been wrongfully arrested, wrongfully charged, wrongfully convicted, wrongfully imprisoned. kristen: they introduced a a resolution initially to renew and formalize the board support for the commission. larry: let's go to the forecast. mike: i think we are going up,
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then we will go back down. is just the timing especially when habits are the week, which day is the better day to be outside? how about the cloud cover tonight? if you want to watch the closest supermoon of the moon. let's start with this eddie, the swirling mass of clouds off the coast. it enhances the cooling of the sea breeze, 87 brentwood, 84 evermore, same thing cloverdale. you have pretty much lower to mid 70's around the bay, 64 in san francisco, even though the ocean temperature is 59, those temperatures were held back by that wind coming off the ocean. you can see up to five degrees. going on tonight, will start with a tower because you really can see it. it gives you an idea that the cloud deck is coming in, the supermoon will be tonight. clouds could be an issue the closer you are to the coast of san francisco.
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faster sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow through at least saturday and our final king title be friday. we do not have one tomorrow, tights go in a 24 hour cycle. tonight we have one it 11:30 in san francisco. another potential of nooses flooding out there. wind is not too bad -- nuisance flooding at their. wind is not too bad, the sea breeze is making into walnut creek. and mild start this evening, 60 to 75 down 58, what is a supermoon? this is the third of four consecutive, closest to us, it will seem 16% brighter, 6% cov increasg,wi up at0 so bab to the ais will not be neay
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as juicy tomorrow do not expect as much drizzle in the air. 69, everyone else the mid to upper 70's in the peninsula. 69 downtown, 68 south san francisco allow bit more sunshine north bay and coast. we will have 80 is predominantly of crossing north bay counties mid to upper 70's for the east, mid-80's to low 90's, not quite air conditioning whether yet. we continue to build upon this element warmer friday, saturday will be our hottest day. that will be the day we are least countable for outdoor activity some -- sunday will deftly walk up the sea breeze comes back. for monday, tuesday, wednesday exceed temperatures a little bit below average levels. sunday will be in the 60's with fog turning into son. >> we are four days away from this year's aids walk in san francisco, it takes place sunday.
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to register call the number in your screen or visit sf.aids it helps to deliver sent -- essential programs to the city. >> an artist with a new exhibit in the bay area. kristen: time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer.
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kristen: a bay area native has been named the newport -- poet rate of united states. born and raised in sonoma county, the 24th poet laureate she brings -- begins her year-long tour and reading of the -- charades about topics about infertility, natural world, grief, transition, chronic illness. she also runsd the slowdown. larry: san francisco museum of modern art that appears for a exhibit this weekend that features art from one of the world's best-known artists, expected to be one of the most in-depth examinations of his work in 20 years, includes 150 drawings, paintings, murals. some well-known, others never on display before, off in the 1920's, 30's, 40's. >> this is one of his most
4:26 pm
famous paintings,'s most famous murals to bring allow the icons here to the museum and juxtapose them with works that have never been seen before. larry: diego rivera's america opens up saturday. kristen: worth checking out. sea lions on the run sending beachgoers fling it is more than what meets the eye. larry: you may love going to the restaurants, is dining out dying out?
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he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kristen: the fear of being caught in the middle of a mass shooting at many families feel
4:29 pm
these days. and became a horrifying reality or a stanford professor's family on the fourth of july. abc 7 news reporter joins us now with the story of a redwood city family, how they survived, the long road to healing. is a story only see on seven. reporter: that is right, adam and his two sons went to highland park last week excited to be visiting family and be part of the parade. now they are coping with the trauma and learning how to move on. reporter: these are the sights and sounds of the highland park parade, video taken by and excited that waiting to see his boys on a float. for the 11-year-old and a nine-year-old it was becoming a annual tradition flying in from the bay area to enjoy the holiday in illinois. >> it was an honor for a kid to be on a float. they were looking forward to it. they enjoy spending time with family and seeing everybody,
4:30 pm
they were excited to see everyone on the float. reporter: as we all know the joy of that great could return to terror when a gunman perched on a rooftop shot into crowds, added right there on central avenue. >> after hearing maybe 20 rounds, then became pretty obvious it was gunshots. then we heard another 30 or 40 rounds of shots. reporter: like everyone else, he, his stepdad, stepdaughter, found themselves running looking somewhere to hide. >> there was not a lot of thinking, it was automatic at the time. the only thinking, we have to get away from this area. there was a brick support beam. i was thinking i could hide behind this if the shots come towards us. reporter: their family was fortunate. there were able to escape the gunfire and were soon relieved to learn the mom and children were safe as well. all of them made to the parents condo in downtown highland park
4:31 pm
waiting for hours while the police search for the shooter that killed seven people and wounded dozens of others. reporter: what conversations have you had with your children? they are so young. >> they hear about these shootings a lot, pretty frequently, to them it is not a shock. it should be, is sad it is not. at in the day they want to know that they are in a place where they can be safe. reporter: a feeling of safety, adam says all them will work to regain. >> a city like redwood city is a city like highland park, your town can be supersafe, people come from outside the town and some guns. will be sometime before things are back to normal for me, the way that i think about going to big events. reporter: adam told me he is grateful he is family were not hurt. his heart breaks for the people that were impacted and lost loved ones. today that was from highland park in uvalde texas spent the day in washington dc demanding a
4:32 pm
federal ban on assault weapons. the suspect in the shooting is facing several felony charges. larry: now to the leaked surveillance video from inside robb elementary school, the daily deadly shooting and taxes, the shooting was obtained by abc affiliate say they release a video to help bide transparency we want to warn you ahead of time. his story was we are only showing edited portions. we are brought this new look at the response from law enforcement. >> for the first time we are getting a look at surveillance footage inside robb elementary school the day nine children and -- you see the government crashes crock outside the school, he gets out firing multiple rounds at two people then directly at the building. the people inside desperately calling 911.
4:33 pm
lummis later you see the gunman in the hallway before he opens fire. three minutes later, officers in the same hallway. bullets from the shooters hallway -- later,the gunman in the hallway,before he starts opening fire. this young boy peers around the corner,before running off as shots are fired. three minutes later at 11:36 am. officers in the same hallway bullets from the shooter?s rifle grazing two officers,who retreat. at 11:52 ? more officers with rifles, ballistic shields, helmets and bullet proof vests arrive, guns drawn,but they do not confront the suspect by 12:03 pm more than a dozen law enforcement officers were inside the school from local, state and federal agencies 40 minutes go by, the shooter fires another four rounds but , still no rescue attempt. 12:50, 77 minutes after the shooter entered the school a team finally breaches the classroom to kill the gunman reporter: 4th grade teacher arnulfo reyes who was shot,but survived,says the video is tough to watch. >> knowing that i was just a few feet away makes me even more
4:34 pm
angry that they waited. reporter: kvue says they released the footage tuesday to provide transparency to the community,but many are upset the video was shown before the families got a chance to see it. >> these families were blindsided. they shouldn't have been done this way. >> we are the parents that lost our children. we're supposed to do this together first. reporter: texas officials had been going back and forth on whether to release the video publicly for weeks. victims families were scheduled to privately view it this weekend. reena roy abc news new york. kristen: do you say -- a uc berkeley professor as gone viral after a tense exchange during a senate judiciary committee meeting unproductive rights. >> used a phrase i will make sure you you mean by it, he preferred to people that you refer to people with a capacity for pregnancy. >> many people have the capacity
4:35 pm
for pregnancy, there are trans men with the capability of pregnancy -- >> this is not a women's right issue. >> we should recognize that it is impacted women as well as other people the issue is not mutually exclusive. >> you see it at -- at the core of this right is about what? >> i want to recognize that your line of questioning is trans phobic and opens up trans people to violence. >> you say i am open up people to violence by asking if women are the folks that have pregnancies? >> i want to note that one out of five persons have attempted suicide >> because my line of questioning? we cannot talk about it? >> by denying trans people exist and pretend they do not exist. do you believe men can get pregnant? >> no i do not.
4:36 pm
>> then you are denying trans people. >> that leads to violence? kristen: she is an an academic expert. the hearing was locust on the legal conduct -- was focused on the legal counsel winces of -
4:37 pm
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>> time for the four fours mike and michael join us, a federal joint -- judge says a woman's lawsuit against subways to nudge sandwich can move forward. the woman says that subway misled consumers pressing the sandwiches and other products contain tuna and 100% tuna. a marine biologist reported that 19 out of 20 samples analyzed found no detectable tuna dna sequences. zero. subway says it is disappointed the suit. saying it is reckless and improper. kristen: i feel like this has come up before there is a similar lawsuit. larry: is ongoing, michael you deal with all these consumer issues. >> i did this story, now this together restaurant and when you're young consumer reporter you go buy fish at restaurants and many of them live out what they are serving.
4:40 pm
or they have been lied to and they do not know what they are serving. i am surprised someone tested this. i am not surprised a judge said 19 now 20 can move forward. larry: i have eaten subway tunis images before. and never occurred to me it was not -- tuna sandwiches before it never occurred to me that it was not tuna. kristen: what is the cheaper substitute? >> caught -- cod. isn't that the cheaper substitute for everything? >> whenever that new fish is that is taking over everything on the east coast. that is sure by him -- that is showing up on menus as well. larry: it would be helpful to know what is in the 19 of 20 that did not have tuna. kristen: twitter is rolling out a feature called on mentioning, that means if you are mentioned a conversation you can remove yourself.
4:41 pm
the goal is to help people control unwanted attention. if you opt out you will be untagged in replies and you present -- and your username will be including conversation. do you like the future? >> i do, you do not know when someone has an agenda you do not agree with and tags you an. you get drawn into an ugly battle on twitter you want nothing to do with. i am happy to see that. >> i want to do unmentioned on abc7news meetings. so i'm not thought of again. kristen: i will start adding you in every slack message, michael. larry: it is probably something they should have done a long time ago, especially people who have big accounts with a lot of followers. people will tag you with stuff all the time to take advantage of whatever celebrity you may have to get there message out.
4:42 pm
>> happens at me with chemtrails. larry: up in the sky? >> once a month i get drawn into the debate. kristen: unmentioned. larry: are you eating out as much is used to? according to a new s fewer young people are interested in dining out, jgen z it out -- when that will they typically ate at restaurants 284 times a year. millennials, 244 times. restaurants are trying to turn to apps, loyalty programs, solidity to lure customers back. you think it will be effective? >> i think the pandemic has changed things. this is one of them. we used to go out to eat all the time.
4:43 pm
now you're kind of scared to do that. i know that i literally never, other than the pizza had anything delivered to my house until the pandemic. i was like to go out, you bump into people have a little bit of a life. now you'd rather stay home. kristen: also delivery has gotten easier with doordash and grubhub, although services, who reads. young people -- uber eats. young people grip of the app in their hand. >> going out is not as enjoyable as he used to be, i have heard that the service is not as good as it used to be. >> that is probably pandemic related as well. i do not go out, michael, because i think i might run into you. >> i will say service is not as good as it used to be. allowed people left the profession -- a lot of people were left by the profession, partially there given money by the government to find some thing else to do and they did.
4:44 pm
i do nothing they're coming back. it will be interesting. >> that is what it is for us, you don't why do dishes or cook, that's have someone else wait on us. >> a of clothing -- a new line of clothing for windows fans, the t-shirt is selling for six dollars, the 90's collection also includes hat, sweats, and pants. in the statement the microsoft said the reflection is refined about normcore style and every piece is intentional. larry: i will be intentional and not buying it, $60 for a t-shirt? it guy. -- it better come with an i.t. guy. where is doing? -- doing. >> you will go out to eat, but
4:45 pm
you will buy a $60 t-shirt? larry: i do not know if there's that much attraction to that brand in particular, it is not like, i dunno, getting a steph curry jersey or some like that. kristen: sorry bill gates, that is the truth. >> are you saying no when asked for this? larry: a swing in a mess. -- and a
4:46 pm
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comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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larry: we are learning more about the sea lions chasing people off the beach near san diego. experts say they were not chasing people. reporters have a look at what happened there. >>'s them to be a misunderstanding between sea lions and beachgoers after this video was posted to social media . >> at this time of year these were two young male balls and they become -- it is amazing -- it is the meeting season at the moment and the become quite territorial. what they were doing were chasing each other out of the area. people were in the way. reporter: she is with the sierra club, an environmental group, you likely see them with charts like this that say ask me about the seals. >> closing the rookery, as we call it, is a huge steps, is the
4:49 pm
first time this year the california coastal commission agreed to close this area during breeding season. reporter: she suggested more preventative measures to be put in place like adding warning signs and asking lifeguards to step in. >> we understand lifeguards are here to keep people safe. i think mabel if -- if maybe people -- lifeguards can make a few more announcements with sea lions are in the air enter my people not to get too close -- the area to remind people not to get too close. >> people -- sea lines are wild embryos -- animals and we are invading their space, keep a distance and respect the land we are on. reporter: the rules for respecting sea lions are straightforward, avoid selfies, stay 50 peter way, do not throw items at the animals. >> they need to keep in mind that the animals can change behavior and move a lot faster
4:50 pm
than we think. larry: sounds like a zoo. a live look at pure 59 where you can see no sea lions lounging -- peer 59 where they see no see lines bulging. they really do -- sea lions lounging. they really do seem like they are choosing people. the older ones will head north later. is a big attraction at the pure -- pier. kristen: i think you should go there and lined the docs until they return. larry: they'll just wonder who is this strange man? >> what is he like anchovies? >> the sun is at a lower point so you will not get sunburned it is pretty come to blow outside the stick a look at san jose, to talk about what to do the rest of this evening.
4:51 pm
it will only get a logo warmer the next several days impure -- a little bit warmer the next several days from here on out. we are falling from the 60's -- 50's into the 60's, from the commute there is nothing weather-wise to slow you down. we are still watching the category to hurricane, it will continue to weaken, becoming a tropical depression. as it does roll south of the islands will kick up serve, small craft advisories, some of those excursions may be canceled. a high surf advisory is well with dangerous rip currents and big boomers out there likely. back at home, kinda quiet, san francisco 70's and 80's for the rest of us my accuweather 7 a forecast a little touch of summer tomorrow the way through saturday before cooler weather comes back sunday. kristen: and east bay some kids were rocking today, a big turn out in danville for the kids
4:52 pm
chella event. >> it is one of our great events that allows for kids to come out here and listen to music, dance along, also get a little bit of experience through the library. we have story walks they can do. is a collaboration between the kids in the town. >> they also hold movie and music in the park events for the adults, the next event is this friday study at 5:30, for more information go to larry: all those kids will sleep well tonight come as a gift for the parents as well. art imitating life in a new free-form series. >> it is a -- it is so fun, feels like home. i love burping into the mic anything will make some left. -- laugh. >> ♪ got my hair got my head ♪ introducing new one a day multi+.
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larry: coming up tonight on abc 7 8:00 check shark beach with chris hamm worth -- hemsworth. then back to back episodes of shark tank and then abc news at 11. there is a new series on fee for from the mind of the robison, report -- from the mind of phoebe. we have more on her new show called everything is trash. >> i am phoebe hill.
4:56 pm
>> she welcomes us into her world come if you go there once you'll want to return again and again. >> we really just want to show what it is like to be a 30 something black woman in brooklyn who is low on money, high on fun, making fun dating steaks trying to figure out her career. >> her career is a -- her character is a woman much like yourself a stand up, cook came to fame as a podcaster -- comic that came to fame as a podcaster. >> and must deal pretty familiar. >> i love burping into the mic, wonder anything will make someone laugh or loosen up. >> is to mark the milestone in a career of a determined woman who is now bochum to as a star in the same places where she once -- as a star -- is now welcomed as a star in the same places she
4:57 pm
once worked at. >> i did not make until nine years into it, i was hustling and doing all the side to jobs and day jobs. you have to put a lot of work in the stand up to make it. >> make it she has, following advice to traditionally given to write what you know. her older brother on the show is inspired by her own real brother. >> it is a blackner, like a steve urkel, myself --a blerd is a black nerd like steve urkel, and myself. >> if everything is trash she is meant to turn that trash into treasure. >> the first two episodes debut tonight at 10:00 on free-form, free-form is owned by disney the parent company is abc 7.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> i know that change is difficult, especially under the circumstances. >> the voice of change. but it will be good change san francisco needs? >> the new district attorney talk specifics with us about her crime-fighting strategy. >> thank you for joining us. she has some different ideas from her predecessor on how to make san francisco a safer city. >> our ongoing commitment to building a better bay area but only focuses on exposing problems but exploring possible solutions. in her first one-on-one interview, she sat down with


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