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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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this edition of an abc7 news at 5:00. where spencer and chris and all of us here tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the fallout from president biden's controversial fist bump with saudi arabia's crown prince. the images still sending shock waves, stirring outrage here at home. president biden saying he called out the saudi crown prince on human rights and the murder of american jamal khashoggi. how the white house is defending the trip. and will it lead to the saudis increasing oil production? and what could that mean for gas prices here at home? our mary bruce standing by. the unprecedented subpoena from the january 6th committee, seeking information from the secret service, the first subpoena for an executive branch agency from the committee, demanding those deleted text messages from january 5th and 6th. the former nascar star mrdered as he filled up at a california gas station.
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what we've just learned about the investigation. the new revelations from the uvalde massacre. sources say uvalde leaders sought a more positive narrative from the state's top police official when it came to the officer's response to the robb elementary shooting. tonight, how sources say that official reacted, as the victim's families brace for tomorrow's state report. the race to stop monkeypox. cases rising across the country and around the world. now the wait for vaccines. the fda racing to make a million doses available by later this summer. what the cdc is now telling americans to do to limit their exposure. the deadly oppressive heat and wildfires scorching europe. nearly 600 people dead as temperatures soar. firefighters across the continent battling the raging fires. and the warning from experts about the impact of climate change. struggling with the cost of inflation. americans now dealing with sticker shock on everything they buy. the sacrifices some families are making to survive.
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and "america strong," the emotional moment when an organ donor's mom hears the heartbeat of her late son. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this saturday. i'm whit johnson. as we come on the air tonight, president biden is heading home amid the fallout from his controversial trip to saudi arabia. and that friendly fist bump with the saudi crown prince, a country he once said he wanted to make a pariah, now at the center of the president's efforts to shore up global oil markets. today the white house now defending the trip and the president's meeting. president biden seen leaving jeddah late today, concluding his first mideast trip at president, meant to reset the strained relations between the u.s. and its one-time top ally in the arab world. the saudis eager to release this image for the world to see, that highly choreographed fist bump. u.s. intelligence officials say
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mohammad bin salman approved the brutal killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi in 2018. president biden saying he called out the crown prince on the murder and human rights and pushed the saudis to increase oil production. tonight, where that effort stands and what it could mean for gas prices here at home. mary bruce leads us off tonight from jeddah, saudi arabia. >> reporter: president biden tonight making his way back home, but his controversial visit still sending shock waves. biden's facing blowback for that fist bump seen around the world. the highly choreographed greeting with saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman, the man the u.s. concluded approved of the brutal killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. after biden as a candidate vowed to punish saudi arabia, the kingdom was eager to share these images of their warm welcome. tonight the white house is defending the trip. whit pressing spokesman john kirby. >> but was it worth it? >> think about so many national interests here in this region.
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you're not going to advance those interests if you just stay at home and try to phone it in. you have to actually go and speak to leaders and be on the ground to try to make a difference. >> reporter: the president says he brought up khashoggi at the very top of the meeting. >> i said very straightforwardly, for an american president to be silent on an issue of human rights is inconsistent -— inconsistent with who we are and who i am. >> reporter: but khashoggi's fiance tweeting, "the blood of m.b.s.'s next victim is on your hands." >> i'm sorry she feels that way. i was straightforward back then, i was straightforward today. >> reporter: biden knew he would be criticized for the trip, but it was a risk he was willing to take to try, in part, to lower gas prices at home. >> i'm doing all i can to increase the supply for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. >> reporter: but he left saudi arabia with no concrete announcement or pledge to boost supply. is it possible we could see an announcement that more oil might be flowing to the u.s. in the next couple of months?
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>> saudi arabia has a policy of maintaining stability in oil markets. saudi arabia has a policy of working to ensure adequate supplies of crude oil in the oil markets. >> so, let's get right to mary bruce joining us from jeddah, saudi arabia. mary, we did not get specifics from the president, but when can americans actually expect to see any real impact from this controversial visit? >> reporter: well, the president says americans could see an impact in the coming weeks. now, nothing has been announced yet, but saudi arabia and other oil-producing nations are set to meet in early august and could potentially announce a boost in production. whit? >> mary, thank you. we turn now to the dramatic move by the january 6th committee to subpoena documents from the secret service. the committee demanding the agency turn over those deleted text messages from january 5th and 6th. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks joins us now. maryalice, we're learning tonight this marks the first time the january 6th committee
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has issued a subpoena to an executive branch agency. >> reporter: that's right, and you can sense the committee's frustration that it came to this. in a letter yesterday, chairman benny thompson outline a letter to the secret service how they were asked several times and now the committee is not waiting around. they want the record by tuesday. they're worried evidence could be lost. these text messages could shed light on president trump's movements that day and possibly reveal more about those allegations that he wanted to go with rioters to the capitol and that he was told they were armed. now, the secret service has said it did nothing wrong and today in a statement said it did plan to respond and cooperate with the subpoena. whit? >> maryalice, thanks. be sure to tune into "this week" tomorrow morning. martha raddatz will have an exclusive interview with committee member zoe lofgren on what to expect in the january 6th committee's public hearing thursday. next tonight, new details just coming in on the murder of a one-time nascar star. authorities say bobby east was killed this week at a gas station in california as he was
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trying to fill his tank. and what we've now learned about the suspect. here's abc's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, authorities investigating a shocking crime at a california gas station -- a former nascar star stabbed to death. authorities say bobby east was filling up his tank wednesday in westminster near huntington beach, when suddenly he was attacked. in a statement, police say they tried to save east's life at the gas station until paramedics rushed him to a trauma center, where he died. the stabbing setting up a manhunt. police tracking down the suspect friday. their search warrant resulting in an officer involved shooting, wounding their k-9 unit dog. officers arresting trent millsap. according to reports, the 27-year-old was homeless. the 37-year-old east, a torrance native, had been living in indiana and was a three-time u.s. auto club champion and the son of hall of fame car builder bob east.
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this coming just days after another attack of an athlete by a homeless man. former olympic volleyball player kim glass claiming she was brutally beaten by a homeless man in los angeles. that suspect arrested. and whit, minutes ago we learned that suspect who allegedly attacked that nascar driver died in that police-involved shooting. whit? >> zohreen shah with those late details. thank you. we turn now to the new revelations in the uvalde school massacre. sources tell abc news uvalde city officials tried to convince the director of the texas state police to publicly paint a more positive picture of the law enforcement response. this comes as the victim's families brace for the release tomorrow of a major report on what happened. here's abc's senior investigative reporter aaron katersky. >> reporter: tonight, with families bracing to hear the findings of a state investigation into the school massacre, abc news has confirmed local leaders tried to unsuccessfully convince the head
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of the texas state police to paint a more positive picture of the police response. in a secret meeting first described by "the new york times," law enforcement sources city uvalde officials gave colonel steven mccraw a more positive narrative that contradicted what he had said publicly about officers' failure to confront the shooter. >> from the benefit of hindsight, where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, period. there's no -- no excuse for that. >> reporter: sources told abc news mccraw refused to change his account. for more than an hour, police remained outside the classrooms, as seen in video obtained by abc news affiliate kvue and the austin american-statesman. teacher arnulfo reyes was inside. he was shot twice and lost 11 of his students. >> it makes me sick, knowing that i was just a few feet away makes me even more angry that they waited. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours, a texas house committee will release the most detailed account of the police response yet. lawmakers have already corrected the false impression of officer
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ruben ruiz, who was mocked on social media for checking his phone. state representative joe moody said ruiz is the husband of murdered teacher eva mireles, who reached out from her classroom while he was on-scene to say that she'd been shot and was dying. moody said he could not allow someone who had lost everything to be maligned. now, whit, the committee report is going to incorporate accounts from three dozen witnesses. most of them have not spoken publicly. and while much of the blame has fallen on the shoulders of the chief of the tiny uvalde school police force, we're told the committee report is going to be far more sweeping. whit? >> we know family members are eager for details in that report. aaron, thank you. tonight, the race is on to stop the global rise in monkeypox cases. here at home, frustration for thousands across the country seeking vaccines. the government promising to ramp up the number of available doses by the end of the month. abc's phil lipof is in new york. >> reporter: tonight, concern as
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monkeypox continues to spread. more than 1,800 cases recorded so far in the u.s. more than 300 in new york city alone. none of them women. health officials fearing those numbers could be higher. >> the overwhelming proportion of people who have been infected are men who have sex with men. but it is not exclusive to that demographic group. >> reporter: the virus most often spread through direct contact with an infected person's rash or sores. >> so, this one on my finger is kind of in the scabbing stage. >> reporter: kyle planck is recovering from the virus. >> going from having a really high fever and all of that directly into having really intense pain was pretty terrible. >> reporter: the 26-year-old from queens tried to get the vaccine before he was infected, but like so many others, ran into frustration trying to book an appointment. demand so high in new york city, three new clinics are set to open tomorrow. in san francisco, thousands waiting hours in line.
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the federal government has shipped more than 150,000 doses so far. nearly 800,000 more set to arrive from denmark starting in august. and worry tonight about the virus continuing to spread to other demographics. >> many people don't think that will happen, but if we don't nip it in the bud right now, there is that possibility. >> reporter: the cdc recommends testing and vaccination for anyone who has been exposed or is at high risk of being exposed to the virus. health experts add, be aware of who might be infected. limit physical contact with that person, and that is the best way to stop the spread of monkeypox. whit? >> phil lipof, thank you. next, a horrific scene on a highway in montana. at least six people are dead, two of them children, after a major pileup there. 21 vehicles involved, including several tractor-trailers. authorities say a dust storm fueled by 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts brought visibility to zero. we head overseas to europe where record-breaking heat has
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killed 600 people and sparked wildfires across the continent. high temperatures and strong winds are fuelling the flames. thousands have been evacuated. these images from portugal show the devastation where more than 74,000 acres have burned, most o them in the past week. reporting tonight from the south of france. >> reporter: tonight, europe is on fire. dozens of wildfires and record-breaking heat sweeping across the continent. fierce flames and heavy smoke surrounding this driver in portugal. sparks raining down on the windshield. thousands of firefighters battling infernos in portugal and spain. temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. the heat wave blamed for nearly 600 deaths. in southwestern france, more than 12,000 residents evacuated. this woman had to leave her pets behind. >> so, it's three day of stress and worry. >> reporter: the scorching temperatures melting roadways.
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this pavement, firefighters tell us, is at least 140 degrees. because of the heat, chunks of it are actually coming off. in the u.k., where the majority of residents have no air conditioning, weather officials predicting temperatures as high as 104 degrees, a possible all-time high. experts warning the intensity and frequency of dangerous heat waves and wildfires will only increase due to the effects of climate change. tonight that heat and strong winds reigniting fires here in france. similar conditions are expected in the coming days. whit? >> ines, thanks to you tonight. now to the escalating war in ukraine. a directive this weekend from the kremlin to intensify and expand attacks across the country. these images circulating online show the moment of a strike on the city of dnipro. in odesa today, a missile set off a huge warehouse fire. russia's onslaught mostly focused on the eastern donbas region, but these new attacks
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are hitting civilians in all directions. back here at home, inflation, sticker shock hitting millions hard. families forced to cut back on just about everything, including summer vacations. here's abc's economics correspondent, deirdre bolton. >> reporter: tonight, with inflation near a 41-year high, families are cutting back. >> instead of three gallons of milk, we get one. >> reporter: one california resident is finding a creative solution. >> i started a garden. >> reporter: food up more than 10%, gasoline 60%, and rent up more than 25% for the average one-bedroom apartment. brianna golden is a mom of three and says her costs are doubling. >> i'm exhausted because i have to work myself to the bone just to get them their basic necessities. >> reporter: the average american family is paying $493 more per month for the same goods and services compared to this time last year. for miranda beninger and her family, it's changing their vacation plans. >> my husband and i are both teachers, so we try to keep things pretty frugal. we're going to be camping.
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>> reporter: americans are making more money, but pay raises are not keeping up with inflation. and for some americans, that means turning to credit. >> you see savings going down and credit card debt going up at a time interest rates are also going up. >> reporter: the fed meets again in ten days and the next rate hike may be bigger than the last one, making all borrowing, including credit card debt, more expensive to pay off. whit? >> all right, deirdre, thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the urgent search for a college student in mississippi. his father's plea for help. and the deadly helicopter crash linked to the capture of an infamous drug kingpin in mexico. this is what people with eczema said about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream
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anyone with information to contact police. and a deadly helicopter crash linked to the arrest of a notorious drug lord in mexico. mexico's navy said that 14 marines assisting with the capture of rafael quintero died friday after their blackhawk helicopter crashed. no word yet on the cause of the accident. when we come back, a consumer alert. the search for answers after hundreds of illnesses are linked to a meal delivery service. not a time capsule. sometimes the house itself can tell you how a young homeowner is turning into their parents. -not those two. -yep, they're gone. -forever? -yep. that there is progressive's homequote explorer website, where i compared home insurance rates. we don't need to print the internet. some are beyond help. i will give you $100 if you can tell me what this is. -scotch egg. -it's a meatball. progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates on home insurance with homequote explorer. we've got a lot of work to do. if you have age-related macular degeneration,
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finally tonight, "america strong." a mother who lost her son gets to hear his heartbeat once again. >> reporter: for a grieving mother who lost her son, this was a special gift. >> oh, my gosh, now i'm nervous. >> it's okay. >> reporter: kashawnta scott listening carefully with a stethoscope. and then she hears it, the beating heart of her late son in the chest of its recipient. >> i hear it! my baby. it's my baby! it's him! i hear it! >> reporter: it's been nearly three years since her son jashawn died in a tragic car accident at 17. >> jashawn was loving.
5:58 pm
he was caring. oh, my baby. it was just, like, amazing. yes, he's there. he's there. i finally get to hear my baby's heartbeat. that was just, like, the best feeling ever. i'm getting chills right now. it was just -- ahh! it gave me a little bit of closure. >> reporter: jashawn elected to become an organ donor at just 13, his organs saving the lives of 5 people, including ryan magill, whose heart was badly damaged due to muscular dystrophy. >> it was very emotional. it was nice to thank her for following through with his wishes. >> reporter: now two lives restored. and for kashawnta, a few more precious moments to feel closer to her son. >> even though you may feel like, oh, my life is over because i lost my child, my son, you can still move on. thank you so much. just knowing that your loved one's legacy is living on. >> wow, truly a special moment.
5:59 pm
thanks so much for watching tonight. i'm whit johnson in new york. have a great night. >> next, a manhunt for the man who shot and killed a police officer. police tell us about the moments that led up to the gunfire. >> it's very important. >> the family of missing woman alexis gave heading up a new search today. the one item they are looking for that could hold the answers they are seeking a. a senseless crime uniting a community. how people are responding to vandalism at a number of schools. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a peninsula neighborhood becomes the scene of an intense manhunt in mountain view. i am dion lim.
6:00 pm
we begin with developing news. the officer was wounded when can try to pull over a vehicle in downtown mountain view. the gunmen drove off, crashing in a nearby neighborhood. he ran and has been wanted ever since. abc7news reporter on's or how some spoke with neighbors who describe the terrifying >> atted has been involved in an officer-involved shooting. there officer was shot. >> dispatch recording to be on the lookout for a suspect moments after the shooting. police say the shooting unfolded within seconds. >> upon seconds of getting out of his patrol vehicle, the driver opened fire. >> katie nelson is a spokesperson for the police department. she said shortly after midnight, the officer initiated a traffic


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