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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 17, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: pat building a bettey area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: police are investigating a deadly shooting inside a livermore bowling alley. i am jobina fortson. we start with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning. temperatures mild in the bay area in the 60's and the fog has not moved in. just a little bit on the san mateo coast. 57 san leandro. looking toward the north bay 52 santa rosa and 51 pacifica. warmer with temperatures near 60 in the bay. with a partly cloudy sky and the
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city it will be another warm day inland. we start with cloudy skies and up to 60 in the city. 70's and 80's by noon and back in the 90's in the inland valley. perhaps not as hot as it was, we did reach triple digits toward antioch, and the breeze will cool us off near the bay. jobina: police are looking for a suspect involved in a triple shooting in livermore. it happened as families were gathering on railroad avenue. one of the victims, a 28-year-old man, died at the scene. two others were hurt. they are in stable condition. police say it started as an argument in the bar around 6:00 last night. that turned into a physical fight. someone pulled the gun and started shooting. >> we believe they knew each other. but what caused the verbal altercation that led to the physical altercation and the
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shooting, we do not know exactly. we are allowing the progress to unfold and tie everything together so we can get the person. jobina: police say violent crimes are rare in livermore and they usually catch the people responsible because the community is not afraid to get involved. san francisco police are investigating a double shooting on 6th street between market and mission. officers responded around 7:30 last night. the victims have non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect is not been arrested. the search continues in mountain view for the man who shot an officer. the officer was conducting a traffic stop downtown yesterday morning when the driver shot the officer and drove away. he crashed in a nearby neighborhood and has not been found. here is anser. [sirens] 4 units, mountain view pd has an officer-involved shooting.
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the officer was shot. reporter: this dispatch was captured to be on the look for a suspect. mountain view police say it unfolded in seconds. >> within seconds of stopping the vehicle the driver of the car opened fire. reporter: katie nelson is a spokesperson for the police department. she said shortly after midnight the officer initiated a traffic stop downtown while working on overtime dui. he took a bullet to the upper body and is making a recovery. nelson does not believe he returned fire. >> no officer wants to th and what ours did last night. reporter: the suspect crashed blocks away and then fled on foot. >> we are staying inside. reporter: the suspect crashed into this man's daughter's car and ended up on his driveway. >> otherwise it is a safe
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neighborhood. reporter: many residents did not want to show their face fearing retaliation. police told them to stay inside as officers investigated for about seven hours. >> around five or seven police cars and i believe two over here. they were looking for someone and they were carrying big guns. reporter: nelson says they have a possible lead on a suspect but will not give any description. she said the department is thankful the officer was not seriously injured and others were not hurt. >> people are always downtown so who knows what would have happened if the suspect continued to open fire. very grateful that this did not turn into something incredibly tragic. jobina: a 53-year-old man is under arrest in connection with a bomb scare that cleared up
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part of san francisco international. that person was detained for questioning friday night after several suspicious packages were discovered inside the international terminal. thousands, including travelers and employees, had to evacuate. officers safely removed several suspicious bags. they spent more than an hour searching the terminal before giving the all clear. >> i cannot specify the exact number but there were multiple packages in multiple locations. jobina: that person arrested has not been identified. he was booked into the san mateo county jail on two counts of reporting a false bomb threat. the family of alexis gave has new evidence. these are believed to be the last known images of her at a chevron station on lonetree way in antioch. she was last seen leaving the
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home of her formal boyfriend, who police believe killed her,. yesterday, gloves and a camera were recovered. they were hoping to find her phone. >> it is important because it is going to give us a lot of clues. we can check her text messages or emails. she has thousands of pictures in that phone. jobina: jones was killed by law enforcement in june when police moved in to arrest him in a seattle suburb and he reportedly charged them with a knife. cruz also scoured a pioneer in the sierra foothills based on directions given by jones about where her body may be. water is flowing through the area in an effort to mitigate the smoke from the marsh fire. the fire has been burning peat
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which is decomposing wetland vegetation for six weeks. it could continue to burn for months. this morning, the fire in yosemite is 39% contained. flames scorched 7.5 square miles. the highway 41 entrance remains close. the town of wilwuowuona will open again today. the mask mandate is lifting for bart. but they may come back again. the requirement could be reinstated if the uptick in cases continues. some medical experts say with the newest variant lurking now is not the time to stop wearing your mask and some passengers a great. >> because of the heavy foot traffic i think covid is not
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completely over. i think it is smart to stay safe. jobina: bart lifted the mandate in april when a federal judge ended it across the country. it reinstated the mandate after an amendment was approved to the code of conduct. today, san francisco's newest park will open. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheering and applause] jobina: yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi and mayor london breed took part in the ribbon-cutting. it is the new federal parkland build on top of the parkway tunnel. sky 7 flew over the park which offers fantastic views of the golden gate bridge and connects the main areas, the post section and the waterfront area below. we are going to check in with lisa. lisa: good morning. mid 50's downtown. upper 60's later on with the
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breeze and sunny conditions will keep it hot inland. we will talk about the typical july weather our way. jobina: also, more russian missile attacks on ukrainian cities. the latest violence prompting bay area ukrainians to call for action. community effort in richmond as we clean up vandalized schools. a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer. the smart way to road trip—.
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jobina: we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. in ukraine, the civilian death toll is rising. russia a striking residential buildings, schools and more prompting bay area ukrainians and beyond to call for action. tara campbell has the story. reporter: another search for civilians after another russian missile attack on another ukrainian city. in a week, garnering dozens of deaths.
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this the aftermath. multiple missiles striking multiple buildings, including the school yulia grew up in. >> she has seen the video and it is hard for her to talk about because this school is seen from the windows of our apartment. reporter: her mother fled the country a couple of months ago, now living with yulia in the bay area. >> when i woke up to the video of my school blowing up, i went -- i had this life flashback. reporter: for maria, it is all too much. >> all of the children went there. she has good friends that are teachers there. reporter: a tnu attacks on civilians are capturing attention here. a group gathering saturday
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calling for the designation of russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and yulia agrees. >> civilian targets have been hit, civilians, mothers. even in the areas deemed safe. reporter: fearing, she says, for those beyond the border of her homeland. >> people might think ukraine is far from their home in their backyard but as long as putin is in power, not only ukraine is not safe, no one is safe. reporter: for now, they hang on. maria hoping to someday return home. >> we must reach a moment where there will be peace and when that moment comes, hopefully, some of our belongings and she has somewhere to return to. jobina: a new three digit phone number is up and running with the goal to save lives. 988 is the new number for the suicide prevention lifeline.
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starting this weekend anyone in crisis can call or text the suicide prevention lifeline at 988. mental health professionals hope it will be as easy to remember as 911. abc 7 also has a list of local mental health resources on celebrating a milestone. guide dogs for the blind mark 80 years of service with an 1980's theme celebration yesterday. in keeping with the theme, some of yesterday's events included lots of neon colors and legwarmers. 10 recently born puppies were delivered to their new owners to raise. very cute. a stanford trial is giving hope to a family of a young girl battling a rare brain tumor.
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jessica from our sister station introduces you to seven-year-old sarah. >> hello. uldorter: thiis n what yo undergoing radiation, but sarah, seen here on her bike and rollerskates as she takes on a rare brain cancer, is a fighter. >> she has always been active. she loved going hiking. she will go hiking five miles with dad. she is very adventurous. we used to love going to the national parks. now she can't. we cannot even go to the park without her needing help. reporter: this past january doctors diagnosed a seven-year-old with di[pg. there is no cure. >> s they said she could have anywhere from four months, nine months, a year and a half. every child is different. reporter: the tumor is inoperable and usually occurs
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between the ages of four and 11, affecting movement as it wraps itself around the brainstem. sarah is one of only a few hundred a year in the u.s. to get this diagnosis. six weeks of radiation temporarily held, giving sarah back some of her motion and allowing for quad only time -- quality time with her parents and brother. even a trip to walt disney world. >> go to the movies. >> tried to make it as normal as possible and try to enjoy every moment we can. reporter: as symptoms return the family looks forward to a clinical study out of stanford. >> we are playing this is it -- praying this is it. hopefully she and the kids going through this will be the next step saying, here is the process on how to get rid of it. reporter: through it all sarah stays positive, brave, even able to give her dad sass. >> ok. >> ok.
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>> ok. reporter: anyone wanting to cover the cost of travel to the bay area for the clinical can head to our website. we have a link to their gofundme. jobina: our website is in the east bay, volunteers spent the day at several schools cleaning up the damage caused by vandals. it includes trash rooms, broken furniture, appliances and computers. yesterday 20 volunteers helped clean up the classrooms. >> it is hard for the community because -- it is about the kids. the kids need to be in a clean learning environment. our goal was to make sure we get the school as clean and ready for the school year so they can have a nice learning environment. jobina: lincoln elementary, greenwood at academy, west
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contra costa have all been hit. they are trying to assess how much money the repairs will cost. that is ridiculous. the san francisco art institute says it is permanently closing after merger talks with the university fell through. sfai has been struggling financially. starting today, the school ceased operations. the school on russian hill was founded in 1871 and is among the nation's oldest art schools. a trailblazing filipino-american is being honored with her own stretch of highway in the bay area. part of skyline boulevard through daly city is known as the alice pena memorial highway.
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they recognized her contribution to the filipino-american community. the longtime organizer was a resident of san mateo county. happening today, thousands will gather in san francisco for the aids walk 2022. it returns after two years of virtual events because of the pandemic. the walk benefits diverse aids beneficiaries, each delivering essential programs to the community. coming up at 9:00, we will check in with dan ashley for a preview of the walk. he served as the host for more than two decades. at 10:00 a.m. watch the walk kickoff on the bay area streaming app. let's check in with lisa to see how the weather will be. lisa: very nice. the heat remains inland.
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that is what you expect for july. yesterday we saw triple digit heat toward antioch. hopefully we bring in more of the sea breeze. live doppler 7 and the fog is britney sparse -- and the fog is pretty sparse. temperatures are mid 50's from redwood city to 57 bellemont. up to the north bay 53 san rafael with 58 fremont. 61 san jose. we are warmer this morning, two to four degrees warmer. we will look for the clouds to peel back but the sea breeze getting gusty over 25 miles per hour today. coastal fog this morning, hot inland. minor changes throughout the
5:21 am
week ahead. we have high pressure to the east of us and a trough to the west. in between we are looking at typical july weather. later on this morning temperatures will be in the upper 50's with the cloud cover in san francisco for aids walk. by 10:00 some peaks of sunshine, upper 50's, and later on throughout the day low 60's. the wind is picking up. really good for walking weather. throughout 8:00 you might see areas of fog push across the bay. otherwise it retreats and we get limited sun at the coast. very little change. in the 60's through monday morning. the fog is back in the sea breeze allowing for the gusty wind at the coast. little bit of cooling but still in the 90's and above average inland, but not too extreme. here is the next seven days as we look at san ramon and
5:22 am
concord. should be in the upper 80's, low 90's today. trimming back the numbers on tuesday and coming back down on wednesday and thursday. the cooling trend looks significant toward the end of the upcoming work with. how is the peninsula? mid palo alto and san mateo. 91 in concord. 67 downtown. the average high is 67 and warm and hot through wine country. mid-90's by the delta. the heat is holding inland. the sea breeze keeping the coast cool and that steady pattern for the next several days until we get toward the end of the week. upper elevations 6% relative humidity on mount diablo. above the inversion it is super dry. jobina: sounds good. thank you.
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jobina: the espy's are coming up on wednesday on abc 7. to mark disability pride month, we are showcasing athletes across the country who are not letting their disabilities stop the. >> it looks and feels like football but you are using a wheelchair. >> we get really aggressive and crash into each other. >> it is intense and there is hitting involved in throwing and catching. the same principles that go along with able-bodied athletes. >> i never really thought of the fact i could play adaptive sports. and then bridge to sports came to myla metro school and it was fantastic -- came to my elementary school and it was fantastic. >> i stop the ball three times
5:26 am
and i did a great job. >> i have confidence in myself. i am going to do the best and that is all i can ask myself for. >> they want to win like anybody else. they are awesome kids to work with. >> when i was born i had a deformity. my mom made the decision to go ahead and amputate them. she maybe climb on the counters to get the cups down for orange juice in the morning. i learned how to get around really good on my hands. >> there is never a no factor. he is amazing. >> the label does not define you. it is how you approach your life and how you go about doing things. i don't give up. jobina: catch the espy's featuring steph curry as host coming up wednesday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. still to come, the families of the 21 victims of the school
5:27 am
shooting in uvalde, texas brace for a report on law enforcement's response to the attack. what the report will include. president biden returns from his controversial trip to the middle east. why he says the visit was worth the risk.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: good morning. we are starting with a check on the weather. lisa: good morning. we have fog. less than yesterday at this hour and making for a pretty start. 55 in the city, 54 oakland, palo alto 57. in the north bay you can see the clear sky from san rafael, 60 by the delta, 62 livermore. more mild to start out in the
5:30 am
fog wants to pull away temporarily from the marin county coast. we will keep it partly cloudy, breezy. by 2:00 it is warm to hot with a in the inland valley. comfortable across the bay from hayward in the low to mid 70's and san mateo. still warm in the north bay. we will talk about the seasonal weather pattern ahead. jobina: happening today, searching for answers on the school massacre in uvalde, texas. a fact focused report on the police response is expected to be released to the public. karina mitchell has the latest. karina: today, a texas house committee will release a report on the response to the robb elementary school shooting in uvalde. 19 children and two teachers were killed. the report will include accounts from at least three dozen witnesses and is expected to spread blame beyond the uvalde school district police chief. >> this report might start to
5:31 am
point them in the right direction. once we start to identify who specifically should be held accountable, i think you will see those folks face accountability for their decisions. karina: abc news confirmed uvalde leaders tried unsuccessfully to convince the head of the texas state police to paint a more positive picture of the police response. in a secret meeting first described by the new york times, law enforcement sources say you've all the officials gave the colonel a more positive narrative that contradicted what he had said publicly about officers' failure to confront the shooter. sources say he refused to change his account. surveillance video obtained by abc's affiliates shall police officers entering the school, standing near classrooms, then quickly retreating and standing in the hallway for more than an hour while the shooter continued his rampage.
5:32 am
lawmakers have already corrected the false claim of officer ruiz checking his phone. they said he is the husband of the murdered teacher eva morales who reached out from her classroom while he was on scene to say that she had been shot and was dying. moody said he could not allow someone who had lost everything to be maligned. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. jobina: president biden is back in washington after wrapping up his first trip to the middle east as president. last night he arrived at joint base andrews, returning from the trip. the white house is defending the controversial visit and the meeting with the saudi crown prince. mary bruce has the latest. reporter: his controversial visit sending shockwaves. biden is facing blowback for that fist bouncing around the world. the choreographed greeting with the saudi crown prince, the man
5:33 am
the u.s. concluded approved of the brutal killing of journalist jamaal khashoggi. after biden promised to punish saudi arabia the kingdom was eager to share these photos of the warm welcome. the white house is defending the trip. >> was it worth it? >> think about the national interests. you will not advance those if used at home and try to phone it in. you have to actually go and speak to leaders and be on the ground to make a difference. reporter: the president said he brought up jamaal khashoggi at the top of the meeting. >> i said straightforward, for an american president to be silent on an issue of human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who i am. reporter: but jamaal khashoggi's fiance saying the blood of the next victims on your hands. >> i am sorry she feels that way. i was straightforward back then. i was straightforward today. reporter: biden knew he would be
5:34 am
criticized but it was a risk he was willing to take to try to lower gas prices at home. >> i am doing all i can to increase the supply for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. reporter: but he left saudi arabia with no concrete announcement or pledge to boost supplies. as a possible we could see an announcement that more oil might be flowing in the next couple of months? >> saudi arabia has a policy of maintaining stability on the markets. saudi arabia has a policy of working to ensure adequate supplies of crude oil in the markets. jobina: coming up, senator bernie sanders goes one-on-one with martha raddatz about the trip to the middle east. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning. meteorologists in the u.k. have issued their first ever red warning for extreme heat on monday and tuesday. temperatures in southern england are expected to reach 98.6
5:35 am
degrees and the highest ever temperature of 101.7 degrees was recorded july 2019. air-conditioning in homes is rare and officials are urging people not to go on public transportation. some schools will hold class remotely. a former nascar driver was killed at a gas station in southern california this week. a day later the suspect was killed by police. reporter: authorities investigating a shocking crime at a california gas station. a former nascar star stabbed to death. authorities say bobby east was filling his tank wednesday in westminster near huntington beach when he was attacked. in a statement, police say they tried to save his life at the gas station until paramedics rushed into a trauma center where he died. the stabbing setting up a manhunt. police tracking the suspect friday.
5:36 am
the search warrant resulting in an officer-involved shooting, moving a k9 unit. east had been living in indiana and was a three-time u.s. auto club champion and the abc 7 news hall of fame car builder bobby east. jobina: the suspect shot by police was taken to the hospital where he died. the motive is unknown. one man dead and a woman hurt following a shooting at a homeless encampment at sacramento street and daniels avenue. a 57-year-old man died at the hospital. a second person, identified as a 46 or old woman, is in critical condition. >> we are currently looking at any and all leads and looking for information in the area. anything that could point us in the direction of the suspect or suspects. jobina: police are asking
5:37 am
members of the community to contact them if they have information. still ahead. >> this is a quantum leap. jobina: how silicon valley technology is providing a quantum leap forward in seeing the universe like we have never seen before. everything this week has been amazing on the science front. scientists will explain how these photos could shape our future. and we will bring you a live look outside. lisa arjun will be back with your forecast in a
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janelle alleges the candy is made with a known toxin, titanium dioxide, putting people at risk of brain damage. the proposed class-action suit was filed in federal court in oakland thursday. in 2016, the candy maker mars pledged to remove artificial colors from its products that i five years. the lawsuit claims it is still being used. two weeks after the fourth of july retailers are turning their attention to halloween. it is not even after labor day but ok. a frightening viral favorite is back. home depot is already started selling the 12 foot tall skeleton. skelly is three times the size of the average trick or treat are with eyes described as super creepy. they call skelly the ideal centerpiece to any gravesite set
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up. competing retailers are selling their own versions. happening today, heads of heading to danville for the hot summer sundays car show. several streets will be closed from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you are wondering about parking, danville is offering free parking at all municipal lots surrounding the venue. it starts at 11:00 and over by 4:00 but crews will need an hour to clean up. all downtown streets should be reopened by 5:00 p.m. lisa: we are starting with a little bit of low clouds. 78 at 2600 feet and the relative humidity 6%. it is pretty dry. otherwise we have our normal range of temperatures but how long do we stay in that range? jobina: also, the chance to get the game-winning hit for the giants for a second straight
5:42 am
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jobina: coming back from break and checking out the san mateo bridge. things are looking nice and clear. in sports, the giants and a's will play their final games before heading into an all-star break. oakland takes on the astros at minute maid park at 11:10 this morning. logan webb takes the mound for the giants against the brewers. pitch is at 1:05 p.m. san francisco pulled out another exciting victory against milwaukee. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning. friday night mike capped off a six run rally with aou cwdac die
5:45 am
alex cobb pitching into the seventh inning. hunter renfroe off the end of the bat. the ball drops and renfroe goes to third. cobb cannot believe it. it was his longest out of the year. bases-loaded and gustavave call for the ball. the brewers got the tying run to third in the ninth. dominic leone strike three. joey bart is juiced. giants win 2-1 after dropping eight of the previous nine. that is intense. two outs with nobody on the second but maldonado makes it
5:46 am
4-0 houston. justin verlander increasecontro. out in in total.he leads the majthe 'e celebrity softball game at dodger stadium. hunter pence rocking the giants gear. playing the villain wearing the orange socks. pence merely takes it over the fence. showing off that san francisco shirt. great celebration from hunter. ends up in the third. bryan cranston, mr. "breaking bad" got hit. that rivalry is real. pence put the charge into this one. see ya.
5:47 am
draymond green in l.a. all there to watch the run. newly pulls down the back board. this standing room crowd only loving it. lebron's first appearance since 2011. 42 points, 16 rebounds. have a great day. jobina: pretty cool. we're going to get a check on forecast. lisa: low clouds and fog not as extensive as it has been. it still has influence where we are looking at partial clearing at the coast. half moon bay looking at the cloud deck and the live pictures show that for mount tam where we are looking at 70's near 80 in the upper elevations. at the surface with the low
5:48 am
cloud deck in the 50's downtown. 54 oakland, 61 san jose, 59 santa clara. four mile visibility half moon bay. you can see the height of the marine layer. it is compressed and that allows for clearing and temperatures along the south city peninsula getting into the 70's with afternoon sea breeze. 52 santa rosa, 50 petaluma, 65 delta, 62 livermore. southwest wind at 16 miles per hour. we will continue to see that back off today. the 20 for our temperature change cooler with the clear sky. look at all of the f fog. 70's today with sunny skies. warm to hot inland and not a huge change for the week ahead. we are going to keep it above
5:49 am
average inland. low clouds and fall retreating throughout the day. there will be pockets of clearing around stinson, maybe the beach but half moon bay looking at the low cloud deck. into monday a stronger push across the bay and with the breezy afternoon winds a mostly cloudy afternoon along the coast. temperatures warm toward morgan hill and gilroy in the 90's, 82 santa clara, santa fe 84. redwood city was at 90 yesterday. that sea breeze today bringing the temperatures from the 70's, should be in the low 80's redwood city. very typical for mid july with the fog at the coast. the warmth in wine 93
5:50 am
santa rosa, 90 vallejo. that is a warm afternoon. 74 in oakland. toward castro valley and fremont upper 70's. you have the afternoon breeze and inland we had some numbers approaching 100 degrees today. i think we will see low 90's outward concord, mid 90's brentwood. we are keeping the heat inland today and the changes come slowly throughout the middle of the week with slightly cooler readings with mild to warm afternoons. for aids walk we are cool with temperatures in the upper 50's and clouds to start out 8:00. jobina: we have been getting never before seen images from space captured by nasa's web telescope. it was designed in palo alto and took 60 years of work.
5:51 am
david louis explains how silicon valley technology is providing a quantum leap forward in unlucky mysteries of the universe. david: the first images are nothing short of jaw-dropping as you consider this a window to stars and galaxies one million mi in space. >> this is a quantum leap. david: the camera launched last christmas and designed and developed at lockheed martin's devepment cwith a tm of 500 stis and technicians and a space team of 125. the man who led the project says it centers in on light invisible to the human eye and even appears through space dust. >> the clouds of dust in space between the galaxy and the telescope, they absorb light on the visible spectrum but invisible on the infrared. david: this takes about 12 hours
5:52 am
of exposure to capture a single image. the data is transmitted back to earth where millions of pixels produce a high resolution photo. the early images are providing details never before seen of what scientists believe the big bang produced degree at the universe. >> we are going to be able to observe the first stars, the first galaxies, how they were formed. because we can observe with a higher resolution and sensitivity you can detail. david: it has been operating flawlessly, withstanding the extreme cold of space at an estimated 400 degrees below zero, along the vibrations of launch. the technology that was developed in palo alto is producing so many images over the 20 year lifespan of the telescope that it will keep at least two generations of scientists and technologists busy analyzing them. david louis, abc 7 news. jobina: up next, it is national
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oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. jobina: here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. the powerball number is 21. nobody pickednobody picked all . tomorrow night's jackpot increases million per the winning numbers from the super lotto. the mega number isr is 27. nobody matched all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot rose to $8 migive me a call if you win. get ready for something sweet. today's nationalize from day. baskin-robbins in dairy queen are among the chains with deals. baskin-robbins is debuting the flavor of the month, oreo s'mores, and offering five
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that helps protect against dirt and grime. on it with jardiance. take on your next project with hgtv home® by sherwin-williams everlast exterior paint & primer. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. jobina: police are investigating a deadly shooting after a fight inside a bowling out only -- a bowling alley in livermore. let's get a look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: fog cnot cause any drizzl. visibility not bad. about 4 miles. temperatures are kind of mild. 55 downtown. 54 in oakland.


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