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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  July 20, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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moving forward, finding solutions. >> i am kristen sze. we asked experts your questions. today we tackle how this information threaten society and democracy. the bill a congressman is introducing to get to the bottom of the problem. first, and antiracism expert, comedian has had a full plate lately. he has been nominated for four emmy awards about the docuseries about bill cosby and is out with
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a new book. it is called do the work. joining us today is kamal bell. how are you doing? >> thank you so much for having me. it is my garage, we turned it into an office. we need to talk about osby. four me nominations. thank you. it was definitely of -- a process. i never thought i would make a documentary about bill cosby. docuseries is my wrestling with that. kristen: you have accolades.
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congrats. i am not sure if you have a chance in the best narrator category. >> they are all formidable. kareem abdul-jabbar. sir david attenborough who is the voice of narration. and a guy named barry obama. he used to be the president. kristen: that guy. i am rooting for you. your new book, do the work, it just came back. it is an activity book for adults. >> features someone you know. kristen: we will save that for
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next segment. what is this about? >> right around the time we first met, it was 2020 and we were watching the covid cases, then george floyd was murdered in minneapolis. i, like a lot of people who deal with racism got invited on a lot of shows. at some point i realized i am saying the same things over and over again. i reached out to a friend of mine. local entertainment author. i said, what should i say? i was going on conan o'brien and that ended up being my interview. we were remote schooling our kids, and we thought it should
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be in antiracist activity book for adults. when we go to the dentist, we see highlights magazines. this is highlights magazine for racism. kristen: you have a lot of great information. we have this page on video. we can zoom in. you say we need to know our history. especially the history of marginalized people. give us a pop was. >> if we see the picture at the top of the left page with the white people who were smiling, you look at that and go, what is that picture of? kristen: i do not know it. >> those are people excited about the fact about the people
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accused -- who accused emmett till, they are celebrating the fact they were not found guilty. kristen: i never saw this in my history book. i know a couple of them. the oakland one. that is the bottom left. that has to be a japanese-american going to internment camps. >> some of us are not familiar and talking about critical race theory. just to be clear, we are not. should we be teaching accurate history? a lot of people said you should
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make this for kids. it is the adults that need to learn this. kristen: you present that information in an educational and entertaining way. you help us confront our bias. it's a safety poster put out by the american red cross. here it is. walk us through this and what is wrong with this. >> this was awas a poster aimedt children, you can see it is cartoony. it's trying to teach kids how to be safe. a lot of people when they looked at it, they realized everybody who is something right is fair skinned or white, and most of the people doing something wrong are brown skinned.
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any kid could wrong. one kid in the middle is swimming with his mouth open. it shows that even if they apologize, even the red cross, institutional and structural ra is in organizations whether they know it or not. kristen: a lot of times they don't realize the biases influencing who they are depicting. do you think it is similar to this tweet we found? just yesterday, the message was wear your mask. here is the tweet. look at this picture. some asian americans said, hang out.ang out. >> called them after this.
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we know a crimes against asian americans are up. we know that our previous president blame china on covid, that boil down to every asian person feeling like they were in the crosshairs. new york city, of all of the people they would pick, an asian woman, when held on the subway not that long ago. it is a complete mess. kristen: i know you commented on current events. the sesame place incident in pennsylvania. i am sure you saw it. accosting character passing two little black girls.
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a lot of debate over whether that was racist. was it? >> let's be clear. we live in a racist society. no matter who is in the costume, we live in a society where everything is being taped all the time. if you are walking down the street, you have to know these black girls exist, they may not be doing everything that is fair. all you have to do is high-five them. that video would have been fun. on top of that, as a black person, api, we are also trying to figure out is that being a jerk or racist? is this person being a jerk or is this racism?
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kristen: we encountered 100 times. >> it's exhausting. the little girls will get over it. have to go is that being videotaped? kristen: we're taking a short break. when we come back, why are i am page 134? if you are streaming us, stay
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the author of the new antiracist activity book, do the work. the point of the book is learning. even a crusader such as yourself, you share how you messed up when you came on the show two years ago. >> i'm cut we got that. i mistook her for a different person who is asian american, i am owning it right here. >> have goose pimples. this is how it works. own your mistakes. kristen: step into the mistake. i wish we could do this reenactment of the dialogue.
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we have met before. i was on your show with the weatherman. embarrassed. i knew your heart and intentions. >> people want to shy away from shame. shame is an important motivator. it's ok to move through it. i was embarrassed because i was invited as the racism expert. i was embarrassed. then when you brought it up on tv, i felt like thank god, i would hate for it to come out through the back door. kristen: that is what we all appreciate. the acknowledgment, the owning it, move on. >> i am not cornell west.
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kristen: i would not have ever confused the two of you. >> i mostly get slow. -- quest love. i am working through it like everyone else. kristen: there is a checklist here, talk to me about why it's important. >> people get caught up in white privilege. we all have different levels of privilege based on who we are, where we are born. certainly there is a part of it about the white skin. i'm now this is the word tall.
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i know that tal is a privilege. i have that privilege over you. you have tv privilege. we all have different levels of privilege. while that list is often funny, all of those things we believe are privilege. kristen: this is so wonderful. you have us thinking. how to talk to your kids. it is like a flipbook. if people want to see you, you have just kicked off the book tour, right?
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>> will be at the open museum on saturday. go to the oakland museum because you should go. kristen: excellent. that is reason enough to go. i am rooting for you over former president barack obama. >> even my mom's picking obama over me. kristen: he has not been on the show yet. best to you and your family. that was a fantastic segment. the book is "to the work." coming up a congressman takes aim at probing the spread is this information on social media. i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85,
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proliferation of pots is one reason he wanted out of twitter. it highlights a real problem, the proliferation of pots on social media. thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you for inviting me. kristen: help us understand, how bad is the problem? >> my interest came as a member of the oversight committee, when we had the mueller report. when we had mr. cohen. it piqued my interest. we know in 2017, there were almost 48 million accounts estimated by research that were pots.
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we want people to know there is influence. kristen: we need access to better understand it. do we understand as what the bots tend to push or promote? >> we have a lot anecdotally. we have journalist to of looked at this. we have russian influence into the 20 a lot -- 2016 election. the purpose is to get a nonpartisan, a lot of expertise.
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we know one in five from independent research were b ots. kristen: you believe the health of democracy is dependent on getting control? >> yes. at least letting people know these are not what they are portrayed as, as individual citizens. these are computer-generated and manipulating the process. kristen: another thing is the lack of fact-based, unbiased local news. you introduced an act to address that issue, right? >> i convened a group of members eight years ago to look at how many local newspapers are going out of business, being consolidated. it's a big issue in the bay area. a hedge fund owns most of the
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newspapers. i think it's really important we have local news. it can express opinions on editorial pages. our bill makes it easier to do this through a nonprofit. we have seen nonprofits start across the country. kristen: no argument there. local news is very important. i want to turn our attention to yesterday. the house passed an act to codify same-sex marriage in anticipation of a possible overturned by the supreme court. what would you say to the senate where it has now? do think that is likely at all? >> i don't know, but it is important to introduce the bills and have the house on record. i was grateful.
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i was watching the vote. all democrats voted to support the statute. same-sex marriage and state laws are available. we had a lot of republicans. it's important we had the vote. so people can explain to constituents why they took the position. kristen: president biden announced as an executive step to address climate change, among them $2 billion in funding to help prepare for disasters, retrofitting buildings, things like that. some democrats are saying that is not nearly enough and some are urging to issue an emergency declaration now. given the legislation is stalled. what is your view on that? >> i wish we would go further.
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i want to hear what the administration did and why they are hesitant to do a full emergency. clearly, if you are in europe, it's a climate emergency and they have done much more. they dropped greenhouses gases since 1990 by 30%. we're the largest economy, largest contributor. we have a moral responsibility to do as much as we can. i am glad the administration is doing what they have done. from my perspective, they can do more. kristen: i know you want people to know about a federal hotline that just went live for mental health. talk to us about that. >> is terrific. we should congratulate ourselves for being at the forefront of
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the county, local and regional level. it's important to access experts on behavioral health in real-time. it's important for us to get experts out to the community. i'm really proud of the program. we have services by the county services. people can go, respond and be supportive. this number is a big step forward to getting people to get the resources they need. the personal issue for me. my dad committed suicide to me 32 years ago. that's also a professional issue. we can do better to help people in distress. kristen: thank you for sharing that. that number is 988.
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you are holding a town hall next monday to address youth mental health. >> google us. go to social media. kristen: great. thank you so very much for coming on the show. >> my pleasure, always a delight to join you. kristen: getting answers continues in just a moment. you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with the streaming tv app. it's available on apple tv, android, fire tv and roku.
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proud to be arrested.
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kristen: thank you so much for joining us. we will be here every weekday at 3:00 answering your questions. tonight, the excessive moves into the east. warning for six or seven days straight of this, heat warnings and advisories for 29 states. more than 140 million americans. the heat fueling wildfires in this country and the northeast now preparing for the longest heat wave in nearly a decade. the heat index, the feel like reading reaching 100 degrees in several major cities. washington, d.c., new york, boston, philadelphia declaring a heat emergency. and tonight just in, strong turbulence on an american airlines flight sending multiple passengers to the hospital. the plane diverting. whit johnson from new york and rob marciano timing it out. tonight, president biden


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