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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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yosemite national park now these tower cameras in yosemite show. just how huge the plume of smoke is this is time-lapse video that shows the fire. just exploding over just a one-hour period now so far. the blaze is 0% contained cal fire tells us they expect its rapid growth to continue and someone who lives in the town of mid pines shared this video with us as well scott patrick recorded this from his home. he tells us he's getting ready to evacuate patrick lives about a quarter mile from the evacuation zone, and i also want to bring up a map on your screen here to give you her idea of the areas that are being affected this shows all of the evacuation orders currently in place mid pines, which is where scott patricktrick lives is at the northwestern edge of that evacuation zone right off of highway 140. now as you can imagine this still a very active situation that is likely to change over the coming hours and we of course will continue to bring you the very latest and live the newsroom tim johns abc 7 news.
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okay, tim. thank you. all right. so let's bring in abc 7 news meteorologist sandia patel. yeah. she's tracking conditions on the fire line sandy. yeah conditions are not good on the fire lines, dan and i'mma here are the latest and nearby reporting station 92 degrees relative humidity is 12% so you can see how dry it is. the winds are out of the west. northwest gusting at times right now nine miles an hour when you check out the winds are expected to increase a little bit in the next few hours before they drop off overnight and then pick back up again and switch directions. here's what's going to be tough for the firefighters as well. it is going to be hot all weekend long even really going into next week. so we take a look at the visible satellite picture look at the large plume of smoke that this fire is putting out it is not only traveling north eastward, but also towards the south towards yosemite lakes a shaver lake area. so definitely getting picked up also by live doppler 7 as this fire is burning so intensely,
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dan. okay, sandia. thanks. we'll check back in shortly. the oak fire is burning not far from the washburn fire which started two weeks ago. it's now 79% contained in his burn nearly. 4900 acres the fire at one point threatened yosemite's mariposa grove with those ancient sequoia trees, but no trees. damaged the grove is still closed. but the rest of yosemite is back open the fire started on july 7th, and no cause has been identified or at least revealed forward progress was stopped today on the answer fire in san benito county. it's now 50% contained with about 100 acres burned. there were two seperate fires when this started yesterday afternoon firefighters quickly contained one, but the other continued to burn homes were evacuated but most evacuation orders have now been downgraded to warnings. remember you can track all wildfires burning right now in california by using our online interactive wildfire tracker. you'll find that on our website today big basin
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redwood state park partially reopened to the public for the first time in two years the czu lightning complex left. it badly burned abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes took a trip to the park today. these are some of the first steps taken by civilian visitors to california's oldest state park in two years. it's completely different than before one of the first visitors was matt ryan and his family they live in nearby ben lomond and just like the park were impacted by the czu lightning complex fire after a difficult two years. ryan says, he looks at the parks reopening as a sign of encouragement. we've turned a corner maybe. hopefully the path of devastation left behind by the fire can be seen on the way into the park. the august 2020 fire tore through miles of trees and leveled buildings many of the trees destroyed in the fire included douglas firs, but not only have so many of the parks iconic redwood survived. there's also new growth something park officials tell me is a testament to nature's resiliency redwood trees have an amazing ability to regenerate so you'll see them sprouting from
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the base from the stem regrowing their crowns state parks district. superintendent. chris spores says the last 23 months have been spent doing tireless work to get the park back open for public right now. it's still only partially open reservations are required and so far slots have been booked up for the next 60 days worth of weekends stuart kittiyama is a member of friends of santa cruz state parks. he says the experienced people will get in this new iteration of the park is priceless. i think this would be a it's like a whole new kind of lesson in evolution of how a forest of redwood forest. we repairs itself. those spores says there's still several years of work ahead for the park to be fully operational this milestone only furthers their motivation there was despair, but this this moment here is a it feels really good. it's it feels like a victory and i'm just very pleased to see the public enjoying the park in santa cruz county zach fuentes abc 7 news. alright, let's turn your attention out of monkeypox. san francisco now has nearly 200
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cases either probable or confirmed nearly every bay area county has reported at least one case of monkey pox this map shows how widespread it is the new data shows the latinx community in san francisco being disproportionately affected by monkeypox and 7 news reporter who's pena spoke community leaders who are urging city officials to change their strategy loose in order to reach latinos more effectively. that's right, dan if we think back to the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic latinos were disproportionately impacted by this virus for multiple reasons, including unclear communication poor language-based services and supply now community leaders are also listing those same reasons as key contributors of what's happening now with the monkeypox virus. despite latinos making up 15% of san francisco's population the latest monkeypox data shows a 30% of cases in this city are among this group. so for us that's another alarm that sounding in the community
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that we're responding to for over two years the latino task force gained. they could cover. test spread this proportionally among the lgbtq latino population. is to begin vaccinating for monkeypox at their covid sites, it is disheartening it is, you know a call to action but because we did well in the response to covid we have the infrastructure to do well to respond to how monkeypox is affecting our community. the latino task force is asking san francisco's department of public health to give them monkey pox vaccines, but the supply is limited. we also like an undocumented population. community and sometimes they just don't want to speak out and they don't want to reach out for help the ceo of san francisco's aids foundation is advocating to not only increase monkeypox vaccination among the latinx community, but also testing and
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treatment public health crises. we need to be ensuring that we're using the appropriate equitable lens to ensure that information education and awareness is available in languages as if aids foundation waitlist for monkeypox vaccines is now over 5,000 people supervisor rafael mandelman criticized the government's response to this crisis. they seem to have done the bare minimum being dragged along each step of the way and turned out to be a and what turned out to be a woefully inadequate response where we have significant community spread. and when it comes to supply the city of san francisco has requested 35,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine and received over 7,000 the san francisco. aids foundation is now planning a spanish town hall for next week to better inform the latinx community loose peña abc 7 news.
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thank you very much. a beach goer resting on a southern california beach was videotaping just as a small plane crashed into the ocean. okay. it's going into the water. it's going into the water. it's going to the water guys. you can see the plane losing altitude before it smashed into the water at huntington beach. the plane was carrying a banner went down about 30 feet from the beach where there was a lifeguard competition taking place. the pilot was rescued and taken to a hospital and does not seem to be seriously hurt the waves pushed the plane onto shore where it was towed away. right now to an i-team update consumer reports. that's a nonprofit consumer. advocacy group of course is recommending that people stop eating products. with terra flour, the recommendation comes after a daily harvest named terra flower as the ingredient in its french lentil and lee crumbles that caused hundreds of customers to be sickened and hospitalized after eating it some had their gallbladders removed. the company has not said what
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specifically is in teraflower that made people ill another company revive superfoods says it stops selling its terror containing mango and pineapple smoothie due to concerns as well. meantime the fda which is investigating of course has not made any recommendations about teraflower. it says it names its ingredients or ingredient suppliers only when there is enough evidence linking that ingredient to illness or injury. coming up tonight 7 on your side's michael finney joins us live with a starbucks gift card story. we can all learn from plus. you can do it. you're not silent anymore. you're being heard. comedian joe coy honored in daly city today. he's building a better bay area stay with us.
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here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27. wanna help kids get their homework done?
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osteo bi-flex - only see on abc 7 news and east bay bakery is reconsidering the it does business after a customer went on a furious rampage because he didn't want to follow the stores covid protocols. this is surveillance footage of the man grabbing a counter display and throwing it the manager of starbread and pittsburgh says the man did not want to wear a mask or distance himself from another customer the man punched an employee in the face and pointed at a military shirt and asked for respect. we had another donut taste that was thrown over this at one of the employees. but luckily one of the employees was able to block it off with his hands. the bakery's owner was not so lucky suffering a broken finger in the altercation starbright is now considering installing a takeout window to keep employees safe. back to tonight's breaking news
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that big fire burning in mariposa county. look at all that smoke. this is a live picture from the alert wildfire network some evacuation orders are in place. now. this is being called the oak fire at least 1300 acres have burned since it started a few hours ago, and there's no containment fire broke out near highway 140 and the small town of midpines. just outside mariposa. we're keeping an eye on the fire. we'll bring you more updates as they come into our newsroom that is automatic image they're very ominous. sorry we of course are watching the conditions on the fire lines. yeah, sandia patel has the latest sandia. yeah, alma and dan take a look at the visible satellite picture with live doppler 7, and you can see that this fire exploding in size is very obvious here taking you back in time several hours. you can see the smoke is spreading from the mid pines area. not only that you can see it is getting picked upy our radar. so checking out the conditions near the fire right now. it is hot. it's 91 degrees dry 12% and the
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winds are gusty up to 11 miles an hour as you check out the next 24 hours expecting gusty winds to continue the next few hours before the winds die down by morning and then pick back up again tomorrow. so certainly concerning in that area winds here in the bay area. well, it's a little breezy a typical summertime breeze gusts to 20 in oakland 23 miles an hour towards rio vista that wind certainly keeping our air quality good except around san jose. kayaid is moderate but still safe to get outside and people are getting outside. all right from our santa cruz camera. you can see just a gorgeous view of the beach there. here's a look at the air quality. it's going to be good both saturday and sunday across the entire region. so if you're going to be out and about it's definitely going to be enjoyable weather and good air quality live doppler 7 right now showing you obviously nothing really happening other than some fog near the coast afternoon this afternoon evening. we've seen those temperatures climb into the 90s from our east bay hills. we're looking out towards mount diablo where it hasn't been
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extremely hot 63 in san francisco 66 in oakland. it's in the upper 70s around san jose 59 degrees in half moon bay and a view from san jose where the sun is shining over the shark tank. it is 82 in santa rosa mid-70s around napa upper 80s conquered fairfield 82 in livermore blue skies from our golden gate bridge camera foggy morning with drizzle along the coast cool at the beaches warm inland this weekend. there's a possibility of higher humidity next week as monsoon moisture starts to move in but now no thunderstorm chances here tomorrow morning. watch out for that fog right near the coast and bay there will be some spotty drizzle around which makes for some slippery roadways out there early on in the day, but by the afternoon the fog pulls back to the coast and then just stays there well into the evening hours so our typical pattern morning temperatures will be primarily in the 50s although 48 in santa rosa 62 in antioch everyone else in between afternoon highs in the south bay getting you up to 81 in san jose 72 in santa cruz 84 morgan hill on the pen. you're looking at 70 in san
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mateo 76 palo alto low 60s coast side clouds will linger 64 in downtown san francisco. north bay number is 82 in san rafael 80 in napa 87 degrees in santa rosa in the east bay berkeley 68 oakland 70 degrees really comfortable weather in linda areas will be warm but nothing too extreme 87 in walnut creek 88 in livermore 91 in antioch, accuweather 78 forecast wide range of temperatures tomorrow. it's a warmer sunday afternoon mid-90s inland 60s coast and then inland heat will be easing on monday and tuesday before we bump up those temperatures a little bit and towards the middle and latter part of the workweek humidity goes up as well ama. all right, sandia. thank you. comic joe coy now has the key to daily city and maybe it's heart because upcoming film easter sunday takes place in daly city and celebrates the city's rich filipino american culture. the washington native says he was thrilled to represent them and shout them out in the movie daly city is to around 33,000 filipino americans message is
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simple. you can do it. you're not silent anymore. you're being heard. that's why movie like this is so significant because finally like now my mom can finally get to see something that looks like her talks like her acts like her lives here in america like her and she gets to celebrate it. city officials say honoring koi symbolizes opening the door and keeping the door open for others who look like him. californians who are self-employed or maybe who work for a very small business. well you now have a new way to say for retirement. it's called calsavers abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow dug into the data to look at who could benefit the most. david laroe has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. i love what i do. larosa says he made the leap to teaching full-time in 2010. it's definitely a grind, you know, it's a hustle and one that hasn't always lended itself to long-term savings the rope previously worked for a business that offered retirement savings accounts to full-time yoga
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teachers, but during the pandemic that changed they cut 5,000 teachers off their author roster and that was including myself. so i've been without any sort of retirement plan since summer of 2020 on june 30th any employer in california with five for more employees was required to sign up for calsavers. the state's new retirement savings program for private sector workers who don't have access to a retirement plan at work. katie solenski is the program's executive director. we know that about half of california's are headed towards economic insecurity in the retirement years about eight million of them don't have access to a retirement plan at work, there's no. for employers calsavers default is a roth ira post tax deductions from an employee's paycheck with no matching contributions. the standard setting is a 5% contribution employees can opt out or change their contribution. the automatic enrollment is meant to help people save for retirement. all of us really need a little nudge. sometimes. it's also meant to level the
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playing field norri ree is the director of the retirement security program at the uc berkeley labor center. of workers who don't have access to any kind of retirement plan our workers in color and that's because workers of color are more likely to work in sectors where payment benefit offering tends to be low. we provided estimated data to abc 7 news a bay area workers without retirement benefits in 2021 broken down by industry of the top three topping. the list was accommodation and food services as in the hotel and restaurant sector followed by healthcare and social assistance, including people providing support to years and those with disabilities after that professional and technical services reese says workers are much more likely to save for retirement if there's a payroll deduction program at work so far more than 85% of bay area employers have met the deadline for enrolling their employees those who don't face non-compliance penalties beginning at $250 per employee self-employed people can also
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sign themselves up for calsavers by visiting the website. larose says, he's grateful for the option. hopefully with this new rollout. it'll help people. have some sort of savings plan for the future now when he would row abc 7 news. do you feel lucky do you tonight? someone could win one of the biggest mega millions jackpot ever? i know. i'm not that great. about that's good.
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all with no monthly service fee. former chief white house strategist steve bannon has been found guilty of two counts of contempt of congress jurors deliberated for about two hours before reaching. the decision bannon was on trial for it and defying a subpoena from the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. we respected decision. we may have lost a battle here today. we're not going to lose this war. throughout the trial bannon's lawyers are argued. he did not comply with the subpoena because he believed negotiations with the committee were ongoing but in closing arguments attorneys for the government told jurors bannon chose allegiance to trump over the law ben and now faces up to two years in prison. he will be sentenced in october meantime former president trump is responding to last night's january 6th committee hearing that you probably walked here on abc 7 on his truth social platform. he accused the panel of spreading lies and continue to the election was rigged against him last night's hearing detailed the 187 minutes that
6:24 pm
passed between the former president telling his supporters to go to the capitol and his tape statement telling them to leave. or white staffers who resigned testified the president needed to condemn the violence. you could count me among those who was hoping to see an unequivocal. strong statement clearing out the capital. the committee says it will continue to collect evidence through august and will hold further hearings in september. i am back. so enthusiastic stocks slumped though today giving back a chunk of the week's strong gains. all three indices posted losses following discouraging readings on the global economy and a slew of profit reports from big us companies the dow she had 137 points than aztec fell 225 and the s&p was down 37 points. posted a surprising drop in revenue given its takeover fight with tesla ceo elon musk the social media company's
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quarterly earning slipped 1% to 1.18 billion dollars, but the number of daily active users rose 16.6% compared with the same time last year. 660 million dollars will be on the line when tonight's mega millions jackpot drawing takes place. it's the third largest prize in the game's history and could be even bigger by the time tonight's numbers are drawn because people are still buying tickets according to the california lottery. no one has one since april, which means that jackpot continues to grow and so do the dreams of ticket buyers pay off some of my debts in you know, go on vacation. in a tropical vacation somewhere. but no one can find me. for a long time that sounds like a pretty good plan. the odds of winning certainly are not on anyone's favor one in 302 million, but lottery officials say if you do pull off a miracle tonight, they recommend that you put that ticket somewhere safe as soon as possible.
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president biden is still working despite testing positive for covid-19. and he's the even managing to make his white house covid coordinator. laugh. does california governor gavin newsom want to be the next one in the white house? we get a big picture. look at his political ambitions next with abc 7 news insider phil mateer.
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here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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now 7 live breaking news and back to that breaking news. we're tracking in mar. a county here's a live picture of the oak fire from the miami peak camera on the alert wildfire network at least 1300 acres of burned firefighters. haven't been able to get any containment on the blaze yet fire started around two o'clock this afternoon near the town of mid pines, which is just outside mariposa. there are evacuation orders in place. you see them here in red will continue to track the acreage and bring you updates just as soon as they come into our newsroom. yeah, we track that weather of course is tracking the conditions dan. yeah, sandy patel keeping a very eye on the wind and the heat out there sandy. yeah, it's not good for firefighters, dan, and i'mma let me show you the smoke plume this color table really shows exactly how far this has traveled and you will notice that from the
6:30 pm
mid pines area. it has gone northeastward and also southeastwards so a lot of areas there impacted by the smoke. it is 91 degrees right now relative humidity is low. it's 12% winds are out of the west northwest gusting to 11 miles an hour. it is going to remain breezy in next few hours 25 miles an hour dropping off a little bit and then by morning easing a bit, but it is definitely going to be hot as you will notice in the upper 90s. if not low 100s nearby, which does not help their situation. i'll be back with a look at the local forecast coming right up emma. all right. thank you sandia and you can track all wildfires burning right now in california by using our online interactive wildfire tracker. you'll find it at abc 7 moving on now on gun control governor gavin newsom signed another groundbreaking bill into law today. and while the impact is here in california. there is a broader scope to his actions abc 7 news reporter tara campbell explains. the move comes as the governor launches an ad campaign in, texas.
6:31 pm
and enshrined this bill governor gavin newsom friday signing a law aimed at getting assault weapons and ghost guns off the streets. you cannot sell you cannot manufacture. you cannot transfer these illegal weapons of war and mass destruction in the state of california. the new law will allow for everyday people to sue the manufacturers and sellers of these illegal weapons the governor sending out this warning. they're 40. people i can collect $10,000. from you and attorney fees for engaging in that illegal activity governor newsom launching this ad campaign today in texas taking direct aim at the supreme court's ruling on abortion and the texas governor. i use greg abbott's own words. as he was quote unquote asserting them. that sb8 something i was going to save lives and i crossed out sb8 abortion. but in the word gun texas was
6:32 pm
crossed out put in, california. if the supreme court can take away women's rights. the governor says it can also take away the rights of people making guns if they're going to use this framework. to put women's lives at risk. we're going to use it to save people's lives here in the state of california. the governor's push into the national spotlight conjuring the question. will he make a presidential run in 2024 a question he answered again today sub-zero. i can say it in five languages now. i don't know more often i can say it the sub-zero. well, he's not running for president right now, but he is standing and he's standing tall abc 7 news. either phil matier says the governor's been very vocal about becoming the voice of the democratic party says the democratic leadership isn't doing enough. he says he needs to go out to the red states and confront them directly that says a lot about
6:33 pm
national politics not so much about california. one reason the governor is holding. back, he has president joe biden who has said he's seeking re-election after that. you have vice president kamala harris and fellow and who would be the next logical person in line, so there isn't even a presidential race worth entering until those two people opt not to run now if that happens. it's a whole new. ballgame tara campbell abc 7 news president. biden is isolating for a second day after testing positive for covid-19 his symptoms continue to be mild abc news reporter reena roy has the latest. the white house says it's business as usual for president biden as he battles covid-19 in isolation seen here in this new photo masked up and on the phone with his national security team today. the president said he is still he still putting in eight plus hours a work day.
6:34 pm
and that he wants to remind americans to get vaccinated because in his own words it matters the president's physician says he did have a temperature of 99.4 thursday night, but has remained normal since taking tylenol biden still has a runny nose fatigue and an occasional loose cough, but his medical team says his symptoms have improved since testing positive thursday morning. i really appreciate you concerns, but i'm doing well the 79 year old says he's been filling his duties and hard at work winning a photo of himself signing the formula act into law thursday today. he met with his economic team to discuss lowering gas prices. you'll have to work in isolation for five full days and get a negative test result before returning to work in person and normal activities president. biden is taking the antiviral drug pax livid given his age as his medical team keeps a close eye on him president is doing better. he slept well last night.
6:35 pm
he ate his breakfast and lunch. i fully he actually showed me his plate contact tracing is underway for those considered close contacts of the president including members of the press and congress and the white house resident staff has been reduced to only essential staff as the president isolates rena roy abc news, new york. michael phinney with white you need to know before buying your next gift card seven on your side is straight ahe seen this ad? it's not paid for
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one bank for now. for later. for life. they can also waste a great deal of money and 7 on your side's michael phineas in the newsroom with a gift card story that has a happy ending michael. it does dan so i met this man from daly city who told me that he got a lot of joy out of using one of his gift cards to treat his girlfriend, but when she died the gift card wasn't much use anymore. recently donald choy's girlfriend died unexpectedly. she loved coffee. so donald had made sure she got plenty of starbucks throw a gift card. he kept reloading. i got the car for my girlfriend. and then when she passed you know i had no need for because
6:39 pm
she she's drank off and i didn't starbucks for everywhere. so he figured he would give them a call and tell them he had a card he no longer needed. so i explained that to them and they says well we used to give food funds and now we're no longer getting refunds. so i said what do you want me to do with the card? he says well, we'll send you another card. i said for what since donald struck out with starbucks. he came to me for help. before contacting starbucks i checked in with the four most expert on gift cards shelley hunter. she's the gift card girlfriend. you can find her on gift no one has to give you your money back once you buy car to my correct. direct on that and gift card sales are final the money is transferred to that gift card and only a few companies in a specific circumstance will decide to do that, but they really don't have to i contacted
6:40 pm
starbucks and explain that this was a special situation with a death involved and ask if it could see its way through to refunding the unused portion of the car. it could and the folks there called donald telling him a check was on the way making donald very happy right good. yeah, because uh if it wasn't they probably just let it go just drop it before buying a gift card remember that's money there can be used but rarely refund it with one exception in california, they have to give you. cash back if your carter's worth less than than 10 bucks. is that correct? yeah, i love that law in california if you have a gift card, once the value drops below $10, then you can cash out that gift card at that merchant. i really want to thank starbucks for refunding the unused portion of the card. let me underline this. they did not have to do that. good guys. now remember this when you're
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buying a card they simply are not refundable. i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home a car paying off a loan anything that has to do with money. i want to hear about both your triumphs and your frustrations go to on your side to share those stories dave. that's great information a good reminder about gift cards michael. thank you. get one more check of our breaking news tonight and a big fire burning in mariposa county. this is a live picture from the alert wildfire network. the oak fire has burned at least 1300 acres with no containment now some evacuation orders are in place fire started around 2 o'clock near highway 140 and midpines is just outside mariposa. we are continuing to keep an eye on the fire. we'll bring you any updates on the abc 7 news app and abc 7 news at 11. coming up next sandia has a look at the weather including our weekend forecast. plus meet the north bay man running a chicken rental business. business. he says it's boom ♪♪
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there are some pretty screening questions to make sure you and your rent a hens are a good fit. you know, do you have a dog we need to worry about about you ks your fence or your yard fence? and yes all of the backyard hens for rent have names meet betty one and betty two is around here in the yard someplace. gertrude at a amelia a lot of ease and i love that kelly citron from san francisco rented her coop and hands two months ago the character and personality. they're super smart. they escape from the yard into the neighbor's yard the hands are available for one to three month rentals prices range from 175 to 475 dollars while the new business mentor may. full of few feathers around here one thing is not negotiable eddie. the rooster is not available to rent. in sonoma county cornell bernard
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abc 7 news wow, that's pretty neat actually cool idea and you can sort of test drive it. yeah, exactly. alright, let's update our weather forecast one more time sandeep tells here with the latest san diego. yeah, let's take a look at a live picture from sky seven right now over the livermore area. you can see the smoke from the oak fire burning near mid pines in mariposa county. you can see just how large that plume of smoke is. so sky 7 once again flying live in livermore and you can see the smoke plume looking out towards the mid pines area where that large fire has exploded in size you can see that right now. i want to show it to you from the satellite perspective. you can see just how far that smoke has traveled. it's about a hundred miles and as we check out the view here locally things are quieter looking at the marin headlands for the san francisco marathon sunday. it's going to be ideal weather low to mid 50s with some fog. so perfect for marathon upper 50s to low 60s between 10 am and noon on live doppler 7. we have a little bit of fog at
6:48 pm
the tomorrow afternoon at lingers there 60s coast side breezy warm inland upper 80s to low 90s and a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast a wide range of temperatures to please everyone turning up the heat a little on sunday and then minor cooling to start the work week humidity will come up mid week. i'm again. all right, sandy. thank you. all right. we have chris alvarez. night for sports chris. hi. i'm coming up in sports the 49ers open training camp next week while the raiders they're already on the practice field and the warriors victory. prey continues the major honor moses moody was given today in his hometown. this is pretty cool sports
6:49 pm
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with chris alvarez the 49ers report training camp tuesday with the first practice on wednesday among the headlines to watch debo samuels contract extension or trade situation as well as jimmy garoppolo and potential timing of a him should be quite a summer down in santa clara meanwhile training camp already underway for the las vegas raiders who were looking to improve upon a 10 win wild card playoff exit last season, las vegas has a new head coach and josh mcdaniels and as a fresno state reunion for former college teammates, derek carr and bay area native devante adams who was traded from green bay to vegas in the offseason expectations high in the nevada desert the qb says all that outside noise is just that outside noise look no but expectation who cares like nobody cares, you know, like at the end of the day we have to go play the football games. my real answer is the expectation all that kind of
6:52 pm
stuff. who says that honestly, it doesn't matter. it really doesn't whether they don't say anything or they say a lot. nobody cares hopefully they talk about us at the end. but right now that don't matter. arizona cardinals quarterback kyla murray inked his new five-year 230 million dollar extension today. he's gonna make about 46 million a year second most in the nfl behind aaron rodgers and fur comparison. remember murray was drafted by the oakland a's who's payroll? this year is about 48 million for the entire team is their pressure-up form with that contract murray says no. pressure of always i've always wanted, you know, i really don't feel pressure. but at the end of the day, i've always played quarterback, you know, everybody who plays quarterback understands, you know as far as responsibilities. i'm prepared for and like i said, i i'm gonna continue to strive for greatness and you know, my goal is to win championships. management to deal with him for the next five plus years nhra nationals return to sonoma raceway for another big weekend. first round qualifying is just underway plenty of great racing and a chance to see history at the speedway.
6:53 pm
three-time nhra funny camp funny car world champ robert hight has won three straight races at sonoma. nobody has ever won four. even holds a speedway record by going nearly 340 miles an hour in a 2017 race when he stopped by abc 7 he gave away ht to success. he's been a sonoma more than any other track i grew up in northern california. this was the closest racetrack to where you know, i grew up and also i've been to every single one of these events out there either as a fan a crew member mechanic or now as a driver, so i call this my home track and things have been click in in the last three years and hopefully can make it four. vince mcmahon is retiring as wwe chairman and ceo his daughter stephanie and current wwe president. nick khan will take over his co-ceos. he recently stepped down from his role last month after a wall
6:54 pm
street journal report revealed multiple payouts to women for alleged sexual misconduct. mcmahon has been the head of wwe since 1982. hey, just see this warriors guard moses moody returning home to little rock, arkansas as part of the warriors champions tour. he took some shots, and of course splash and then highlight this the mayor handed him the key to the city pretty good for a guy who just turned 20. few months ago. so he's 20 is a world champion. he's got the key to the city when i was 20. i was still in college and working at red robin so moses moody doing a little bit better me no offense to red robin very good burgers and fries guys. oh and good employers as i remember. thanks chris. yeah. all right. well, we want to give you one last update on the breaking news that we are tracking this big fire burning in mariposa county. it's 1,300 acres and growing quickly. there is no containment now evacuation orders are in effect. sky 7 is on the way to the fire and can see this huge plume of smoke even from miles away the
6:55 pm
fire broke out near highway 140 and the small town of midpines, which is just outside mariposa. we are live streaming this shot from sky 7 on the abc 7 bay area app. you can watch it live wherever you stream roku apple tv, amazon fire tv or android tv. well, finally tonight if you thoughts about what really matters if at first you don't succeed try try again, that kind of perseverance is virtue in most respects, but it's something else entirely when it comes to crime specifically the man seen on a video that went viral shoplifting on a bicycle inside of san francisco walgreens store. it was shot by abc 7 news reporter at leanne melendez who happened to be there shopping. he was seen as you remember peddling through the aisles filling up a plastic garbage bag with what he could grab jean lugo romero was sentenced to 16 months in prison as a repeat offender. he was out in half that time. and guess what? that's right. he was just arrested again for shoplifting this time at a cvs at fillmore and hate employees
6:56 pm
say that he often comes in several times and get this they say he goes straight to where the plastic garbage bags are on the shelves opens a box takes a couple to fill up. stealing the bags he needs to steal. it's almost comical. but what really matters is the impact it's having on retailers a lot of empty shelves at that cvs and much of what is there? is locked up. unlike a lot of thieves i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. all right, that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for sandia patel chris alvarez and all of us here. we appreciate your time. we're going to leave you with another live picture of ed wildfire still spreading now burning and mariposa county at 1300 acres growing quickly. no containment. we'll have it on live stream right now for you to keep track. have a good night. we'll see you later.
6:57 pm
in every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions real solution for you for all of us. where did you do what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area.
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now at togo's ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a radiation oncologist from atlanta, georgia... a content administrator from saco, maine... and our returning champion-- an operations specialist from jacksonville, florida... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" on yesterday's show, space camp veteran and amateur astronomer named emmie trammell was trailing the leader
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practically throughout the whole game until final jeopardy! when the stars aligned. she happened to draw constellations as her category and was the only player to come up with the correct response, making her a "jeopardy!" star herself. karla, gunan, it could happen to you. good luck to all three of you. let's dive into the jeopardy! round. ♪♪♪ here are the six categories we have for you. we begin with... and we'll only need the month. you don't have to give us the year. then... next... and finally... champ, where do we begin? let's do words with double letters for $200, please. - gunan. - what is burro? -you got it. -double letters, $400. -gunan. -what is udder? -correct. -double letters, $600.


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