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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 23, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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tonight, ivana trump. >> don't get mad, get everything. >> she was more than a member of the first wives club. >> she had been a part of early creation of image and business-building of donald trump. >> former ski champ turned model blazing her way into the highest echelon of new york society. >> ivana trump was eastern european. i's kind of like dictator chic. there's a lot of gold, a lot of mirrors. >> candid insights from her longtime friends. >> she was unstoppable, just like her hair. nothing was going to deter her. platonic partnerships. a culture of young couples
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redefining love. >> two people have a close, deep, trusting, loving bond but it's not based on sexual intimacy. >> committed but free to pursue others. >> i'm dating someone right now, and i'm crazy about him. however, i don't plan on making him my life partner. >> devotion and loyalty, but minus the sex and romance. and super-pets. >> excellent shielding. that seemed incredibly painful. >> the rock and kevin hart lead an all-star cast in this new animated action movie.
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♪ thanks for joining us. tonight, remembering ivana trump. the beguiling first wife of the former president who helped him build a brand and an empire which some say paved the path to his presidency. a new documentary tracing her rise from check slovakian immigrant to new york socialite, style setter, and business mogul. >> ivana trump's legacy will be a true new york story, one of a kind. >> reporter: ivana trump. model, style icon, and business mogul. >> there wasn't anybody like ivana, there's never been anybody like ivana. >> reporter: many know her as the first wife of former president donald trump.
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but it was her eye for branding and design that helped him build his multimillion-dollar empire. >> she had been part of the really early-on creation and image-building of donald trump that would ultimately lead to the presidency. >> she created so much of that trump brand. i don't think she ever got the credit. >> reporter: with her untimely death comes renewed focus on her life and legacy. >> what makes ivana trump tick? >> i love to live, i love life. i like to dance. i like to eat. i like to work. i like my family. i like to travel. i like to live. i think that -- i like to do things, i think that's what really makes me interesting. >> ivana was hard-edged, aggressive, ambitious. always perfectly attired. always eye-catching. >> she was unflappable, just like her hair. nothing was going to deter her. >> this woman grew up in
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communist czechoslovakia. >> my childhood was wonderful. a lot of people say living in a communist country had to be terrible. but i got opportunity to excel. >> she was involved in competitive skiing. highly competitive. >> a girl with a mission. it's a little bit of luck, it's a lot of talent, and it's drive. she had the drive like nobody else. >> so for me, leaving czechoslovakia, getting out of the country, you could not get a visa. you ran or skied away or whatever. i just decided to leave. and that was most important moment because it gave me life in the west. >> when she got here, she was looking straight ahead to find the right partner and create the right life.
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>> at that time, he was a very fancy, rich developer. >> when donald was 30, he made what would turn out to be an incredibly important decision, which was to stop off at a singles bar on the east side called maxwell's plum. and that was the night that he met ivana trump. >> what were your first impressions of donald trump the night you met him? >> he was just very smart. he was good looking. all-american boy. >> reporter: donald talked about the moment they first met on "the oprah winfrey show" in 1988. >> what was the "it" that let you know this was it? >> we just got along well, and there was an energy level that was there. and you know, who really knows, who can define what that is? >> i think he probably fell in love with her because she was so much like him. he was such a narcissist, it was like being married to himself.
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>> they were married less than a year after they met. she created donald trump. >> we can do it. >> you know, donald trump was just some guy with a rich daddy, wanted to be someone. he was like, "i want this!" she's like, "now i will get it done." >> she said she was his twin. she wanted to be his master, not just his mistress. that might have been partly where some of it went wrong. >> reporter: she got the title of vice president with the trump organization, overseeing interior design. >> ivana trump was eastern european. it's kind of like dictator chic, right? like there's a lot of gilt, there's a lot of gold, there's a lot of mirrors and white carpets. if it ain't baroque, don't fix it. that's ivana. she made that trump's inimitable style. >> reporter: ivana managed major trump properties like the plaza hotel and an atlantic city casino, building up the trump
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brand. >> i don't know that he would have done as well with somebody that wasn't as smart as she. ivana was smarter than donald. >> if ivana wasn't involved in his business, there would have been no business. >> reporter: undeniably fashion conscious and fierce, it seemed as though she was beloved by all. >> she was becoming too popular and getting more press than he was. everyone fell in love with ivana. and i think deep down, donald resented it. >> reporter: evaughn in and donald later divorced in 1990 amid a messy scandal involving his affair with former beauty queen and aspiring model marla maples. he blamed ivana's involvement in his business for the unraveling of their marriage. >> i think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. we'll do an educational program here, okay? if you're in business for yourself, i really think it's a bad idea to put your wife working for you. it was a great soften to ivana, she still has that softness.
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but during this period of time, she became an executive, not a wife. >> up until they split, her life was very much about him. afterwards, it was about herself. >> she came out and she was like, you know, in that movie "the first wives club." >> ladies have to be strong and independent. and remember, don't get mad, get everything! >> she absolutely followed the advice that she gave. she developed her own business empire. >> what a great collection this is, ivana. >> i'm very proud of it. >> became a multimillionaire. and wrote books, was on tv, cameo roles, talk shows, advice columnist. >> reporter: ivana and donald would continue to stay in touch, even when he became the 45th president of the united states. how often do you two talk? >> talk about once every 14 days. >> that's pretty remarkable. >> she realized that donald trump's presidency created a lot
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of adversaries, but she maintained a person royal status here in new york. >> hey, ivana! >> her neighbors saw her walking her dog, she was friendly, she was respected and liked in her community. she seemed to live life to its fullest. and never shrank in any way. the hair never shrank. the shoulder pads never shrank. the very over-the-top clothing never shrank. the makeup. none of it. >> i was always afraid that ivana was going to fall down these stairs in this house. i have been saying to her, "please, please, please be careful." and you know, ivana didn't want to have anybody in the house, she didn't want any security. she wanted to do her own thing, be with her dog. >> i got a phone call from "the new york times," actually. one of the editors knows me and said, did you hear the rumor that ivana passed away? i said, that's preposterous.
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>> in soho, i was pinged. was just in total shock. >> i heard this, i said, how did ivana die? he said, she fell down the stairs. >> here in new york, a final farewell to ivana trump. >> at a historic church in manhattan -- >> ivana's three children are expected to speak at that service. >> you know, it's interesting. because you never think about anybody's legacy until they're gone. >> i was born in czechoslovakia, started from nothing. i had to work for everything i had gotten. >> her love, her irreverent attitude toward things, and the fact that she was always overdressed and looking gorgeous, really made it work. >> i'm not competing with a man,
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♪ tonight we take you inside platonic life partnerships. the young couples shattering norms of marriage, pairing up with friends for life minus the sex and romance. why some prefer these unions to traditional relationships. here's our ashan singh.
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>> reporter: for jane and crystal, this is what love look is like. >> pinocchio! >> the nose, dumb dumb. i share this with seven men. >> reporter: they're a picture-perfect married couple who have gone viral for their nontraditional relationship. what was the clip that went viral first? >> the video, what's something about your marriage that doesn't seem to make sense or other people wouldn't expect, wouldn't make sense for other people? and i said, that we're not romantically involved. let me explain. >> the best friend of eight years, got married, had a ceremony, whatever you want to call it. we did this to raise kids together. >> reporter: jay and crystal are life partners, a different life commitment. they're legally married but it's not based on sex. they're sharing a life partnership, one that for them
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means a special, inseparable bond. >> there's not one way to be married. for people to take a look at us and be, you're not valid, even though 90% of our marriage is better than the other ones out there. >> reporter: increasingly popular hashtags on tiktok and instagram are showcasing platonic partners sharing their relationships online. >> partnerships are relationships where two people have a close, deep, trusting, loving bond. but it's not based on sexual intimacy. >> reporter: dr. logan lepkoff is an expert on sexuality and relationships. >> platonic partnerships have nothing to do with sexual orientation at all. anyone of any sexual orientation might find themselves wanting to be in a platonic relationship. the only difference between a platonic relationship and a traditional relationship is that there's no sexual intimacy involved in a platonic one. >> reporter: these partnerships
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are for anyone, regardless of how they identify. >> demisexual is probably the term that fits best. you have a physical attraction after a romantic one. >> i use any and all pronouns. i'm gender fluid. i identify as graysexual, which means my attraction comes and goes. it's not consistent like most people's. >> reporter: the pair have an incredible bond. but crystal and jay have also faced backlash. >> it's just genuinely, everyone thinks that we're lying. people think that we are going to fall in love, or that we are in love and we're denying it. really, it's not the truth. i love crystal with all my heart, but there's no attraction there. if there was, it would have happened by now. >> reporter: across the country in l.a., another couple is used to those questions as well. >> we were just classmates. we ended up spending a lot of time with each other. but it became like a deep connection. we started calling each other soul mates. >> reporter: they separated when april went to college in los angeles. but continued to be drawn to each other half a world away.
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>> i would facetime her when it was my morning, her night, and vice versa. >> we just wanted to spend all our time together. hey, we spent too much time apart, let's come back together again. >> reporter: last year renee flew from singapore to los angeles to start a life with april. >> we started saying, i want to be your partner, as you go out and do your career i want to be who you come to when you come home from work. >> do you say "i love you"? >> of course. >> constantly. >> yeah, too much, it's disgusting. >> reporter: they share an apartment, a set of values, and a plan for their lives. in every sense a typical couple. how do you guys identify sexually? >> we're demisexual, bisexual. >> explain demisexual. >> when you require emotional interest making to feel sexual attraction. i think that's also why we -- a platonic life partnership works
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for us, because on a daily basis we don't crave physical intimacy. >> if you were to get romantically involved with another partner, with somebody else, or is it something that, hey, you guys would have to have a conversation and re-evaluate where you stand? >> i'm dating someone right now. and i'm crazy about him. however, i don't plan on making him my life partner even in the future. i don't see myself moving in with him. i don't see myself sharing a bank account with him. and i think that that's to the benefit of my romantic relationship, because now all pressure is off. >> the challenge with looking at the traditional marriage as the only model is it's based on this idea that there is one person who is going to meet and fufill all of your needs. >> reporter: last fall, jay and crystal made things official and tied the knot. becoming each other's platonic wife. >> you need marriage to be able to do finances in certain regards, to have joint legal custody. we looked at each other one day, we're like, i think we need to
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get married. >> reporter: now their budding family is growing. raising a foster son, eddie. without a guide for this type of marriage, jay and crystal also had to navigate what taking the relationship from friends to wives would mean for them. >> we weren't sure what lines were okay, what wasn't. like, do we cuddle at night? do we kiss each other on the cheek? do we go on dates? do we celebrate our anniversary? >> do you do any of that? >> no, not really. >> we realized that, like, despite the fact that technically our relationship had changed -- >> it didn't. >> nothing changed. >> we're still just crystal and jay. >> are you best friends or significant others? >> both. >> both. >> it's about visibility. everything's always about visibility. >> because you didn't go viral for doing a trend, you went viral -- >> my story, for teaching people, explaining something that was natural about my life. >> this idea that there is one person out there, one magical person who is going to meet every one of your needs, seems
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significantly counterintuitive to finding love. we have lots of people that we feel connected with. some are familial, some are platonic, some are sexual. they all count, and they all matter. >> reporter: ditching social norms and constructs, both pairs are hoping for a future where their partnerships won't be in question. are you happy with the decision you made? >> yeah, immensely happy, yeah. it's been an amazing journey so far. these past 12, 13 years. and we'll just keep going. you're the first person, the first interviewer, to ask us that. which i think that should be asked in every interview from now on. because it doesn't matter what we are. the question is, are we happy? >> yeah. >> so it's valid. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> our thanks to ashan. up next, the all-star cast of "dc league of super-pets." put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,...
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♪ finally tonight, "dc league of super-pets," a new animated superhero movie with an all-star cast that includes keanu reeves, dwayne johnson, and kevin hart. here's abc's will reeve. >> i have an owner. he's superman. >> reporter: it's not a bird or a plane. it's superman's dog? soaring and barking its way into theaters is "dc's league of superpets." crypto the superdog rescuing a ragtag bunch of rescues. >> incredibly painful. >> reporter: using their special powers to save the city on behalf of the justice league. >> you have to help me.
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>> reporter: dwayne johnson is crypto, kevin hart is his new pal ace, joined by john krasinski, diego luna, and the one, the only, keanu reeves. to me "the league of superpets" is like, oh, yeah, why haven't they done that before? >> you have to ask yourself, why hasn't this been done? >> that's "nightline." watch our full episodes on hulu. have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for staying up with us. good night. here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness,


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