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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 26, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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tell me. right? >> yeah. >> that means anybody. >> yeah. >> reporter: and it was his daughter, actress mira sorvino, who thanked him during her oscar acceptance speech in 1996. >> and when you give me this award, you honor my father, paul sorvino, who has taught me everything i know about acting. i love you very much, dad. >> reporter: tonight his daughter tweeting "he was the most wonderful father. i love him so much. i'm sending you love in the stars, dad, as you ascend." >> paul sorvino was 83. he'll be missed. that's "nightline." see you - bedtime!! - bedtime. ♪♪
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>> building a better bay area, 7
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thisab7 news. >> it is the most amazing place i have been to. dan: the oak fire burning to the east has leveled dozens of structures. some mariposa county residents learning their homes are in ruins. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. firefighters are gaining ground on the oak fire after it exploded in mariposa county. it is the largest wildfire this year in california, having scorched 17,000 acres west of yosemite park. the fire has destroyed buildings including homes. we learned no one has been injured. flames are threatening thousands of homes, leading people ordered to evacuate. drought is one of the main reasons the fire took off so quickly. >> this was devastated by the drought. the bark beetle infestation
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created fuel. alngg firers. n: we spoke with the fire victim today. reporter: one thing is important to keep in mind, at this time last night containment was at 0%. today firefighters say they were able to launch a successful aerial attack dropping 300,000 gallons of water which helped get the containment numbers to 16%. for some, the damage is already been done. the oak fire in mariposa county has scorched thousands of acres. firefighters are making progress but some people are getting word their home was lost. >> the sheriff's department verified my house was burned down. reporter: chris drew up in marin county was renting a home on the outskirts of mariposa was biking
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with friends, looked back and saw this. >> the fire was in the vicinity of where we were and building quickly. smoke took off in the sky right away. reporter: an avid outdoorsman and journalist was able to get his dog and some items from his home with the thought he would come back for more -- that ever happened. authorities evacuated the neighborhood. he received troubling news for the second time in a week. >> it was not the saddest news this week. i came down with an autoimmune disorder. i was crying a lot about that, then my house burned. it is more than i can take. reporter: his home and his landlord's are two that have been destroyed in the oak fire.
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this woman says smoke -- has been a major issue. >> there was so everywhere. it was raining down. reporter: as bad as everything looks, they are hopeful. >> i am sad i have my dog with me. reporter: good thing he has his dog with him. he is suffering from alopecia, the same thing jada pinkett smith has. he is optimistic, in marin county but will go to fresno, and hopes to get back to mariposa. a friend showed him video of the property where he lived, and it is now just ash. dan: let's go to sandhya patel, we are being affected here in terms of our air quality. sandhya: the upper parts of the atmosphere, we are seeing smoke
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and haze. smoke from that fire coming toward sonora, jackson and into sacramento. some of that can be seen here, a hazy sunset tonight. an air quality advisory issued through wednesday. good air quality is expected but in the upper layers is where the impact will be. it is good now, fortunately not hitting the surface. around the fire zone it is moderate. you will notice the heaviest concentration of smoke will remain over the sierra nevada going into tomorrow night. live doppler 7, that is the area that was dealing with thunderstorms. we have the possibility of thunder and a slight chance here in the bay area. dan: we have the tools so you can keep tabs on air quality where you live 24/7.
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check out our online interactive air quality tracker on her website ama: we are expecting an update on the killing of a ride-share driver in oakland. surveillance video captured the moment on july 17 as the driver was waiting in his car in the little saigon neighborhood. there is a reward of more than 12,000 dollars leading to information of an arrest. the police chief and community leaders will be at the event in chinatown. dan: a big fire caused a vacant warehouse's roof to collapse in alameda. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. the alameda fire crews called the oakland fire department to help put out the flames. no reports of injuries or damage to nearby structures. the causes under investigation. ama: new comments by a san
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francisco board member. the naacp is calling for her resignation. earlier this month she cited unstable family environments and focus as obstacles to the educational progress of black and brown students. she said she misspoke and is committed to doing better but the naacp says her apology rings hollow and her comments to kate a profound disconnect with the black community and blame the effects of systemic racism. she was one of three people appointed to the board after the february recall. dan: now to a key decision regarding your health as we work to build a better bay area. the federal government is debating whether to allow second covid booster shots for not just those who are older or high-risk. a member of our vaccine team explains the alternative plan is
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waiting for a variant specific vaccine. reporter: as covid cases increase across the country, the government is considering whether to change its booster strategies. >> they do not want to waste energy getting people to get a second dose where the real energy needs to be getting the newer preparations. reporter: a senior administration official confirmed to abc news that authorizing or recommending a second booster for people younger than 50 is currently on hold. this was first reported by the washington post. the focus is on getting a vaccine that targets omicron and it subvariants. dr. rutherford explained the pros and cons of this strategy. >> it is dependent on one and expect seen is ready. if it will not be ready until late october, you should push the second vaccine now. if it will be ready sooner, like mid-september, that is six weeks
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from now. we can easily wait. reporter: -- >> what i would do for a booster right now, i would try to hold out. reporter: what is the difference in protection? >> if you have the new vaccine for b.a.-5 you might make antibodies that are good at neutralizing and preventing infection. it is a more current cutting edge vaccine. ideally you might get six months of and about a protection. reporter: versus the booster that would give you how much protection? >> much less. maybe 50%. reporter: stanford university's infectious disease expert says after this decision, there should be a bigger focus on a universal covid vaccine. >> an ideal situation is to
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develop a more permanent vaccine with more durability and will cover all the variants. reporter: the hope is for the omicron targeted vaccine to be ready by mid-september. abc 7 news. ama: starting tomorrow the monkey box vaccine in san francisco will be closed until they get more vaccine. the department of public health says it has not been told what its allotment will be this week. the agency requested 35,000 doses. so far it has received 7800. there is one lab that makes vaccine but has agreed to license it to other manufacturers. the clinic today gave out approximately 500 doses. >> it was shocking they would do something. ama: two san francisco residents were stunned after ticketed in a strange situation. dan: back in the bay, the warm
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scratching their heads over a strange parking problem. they were issued a fine for working in a space was painted red while they were parked in it. ama: we went to get to the bottom of what happened on a
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story you will only see on 7. reporter: as with many neighborhoods, finding a place to park can be a full-time sport, so if you have a regular spot like a jeffjolloun it. union wa a first.the cor larkind >> i noticed the ticket on my car. reporter: desiree was hit with a $108 parking ticket. >> this seems unfair. reporter: she says it was not there when she parked a couple of days earlier. >> they had the nerve to go around my tire. reporter: you can see a small patch they missed when they avoided the tire. an amusing detail for jeff, a painter by trade. >> what a bad job that was, they missed a spot. reporter: i spoke to a representative who tells me this is for a red zone violation but
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not for the newly red painted strike, but instead it is for an old faded one, very faded. provided me the request to repaint the strike, and this image showing how worn it was. google map pages we pulled showed the same curves from afar which appears to the naked eye painless. that is why the jollys parked in that space. reporter: sfmta it is up to the clerk to determine if it will be dismissed, a process that could take up to 60 days. >> i'm going through chemotherapy, i have other things to worry about. reporter: after all the challenges of living in the city, including another vehicle related drama, this is the final straw. >> we want to leave because of this stuff. reporter: to say bonjour to a
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new home in france. ama: a group of bay area heisel students is back home after being stranded in central europe. they got a welcome when they returned to school after venting at sfo. they had been on tour for two weeks and were stuck in prague for four days when their flight was canceled. at one point they were told they might not make it act before september. >> in retrospect, four days was great. we had no idea if it would be 100 days. ama: the students were relieved to be back home. >> i do not think i can allow this event to take away from the overall experience. it was so amazing. ama: the students took a seven hour bus ride to frankfurt, germany and got a charter flight
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to san francisco. dan: comedian dave chapelle is bringing his act to santa rosa but his past jokes about the transgender community has local activists demanding the shows be canceled. the popular community has four shows that sold out within hours. lgbtq+ advocates wereabout the r discrimination and violence against trains people. an online petition is growing. >> the important thing to remember is free speech does not mean freedom from consequences. dan: despite the controversy, dave chapelle has his supporters. >> it has not been since richard pryor that we have some buddy like dave chapelle two has been free to speak their mind about any subject. dan: the luther burbank center welcomes feedback and wants to keep the conversation going to better support the community. ama: happening tomorrow, would
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you spend $2 for a chance to win $810 million? americans have been doing that for the chance to become a millionaire. your chance of winning the jack pot is 1 in 3.25 million. the lucky winner will have two choices of a payout, $810 million over 30 years or a lump sum of $470. abc 7 caught up with people putting their luck to the test. >> they said the pot was over 800 million. maybe i am lucky. ama: tuesday's jackpot is the third largest in the games history. the drawing will be held at 8:00 p.m. dan: i have a better chance of
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being eaten by a shark while being hit by an asteroid. ama: odds are not in our favor. sandhya: it does not hurt to try. let's talk about the weather, it is not looking great. we have smoky, hazy conditions we are expecting at times. avoid exposure to smoke keeping your windows and doors closed. there is a chance of morning thunder. the surface smoke, while the heaviest concentration will stay over the sierra through 11:00 p.m. tonight, tomorrow night, watch the upper atmosphere, the winds will cause some smoke to drift into the east bay tomorrow night. the air-quality advisory is in effect through wednesday for the entire bay area.
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low-pressure south of big sur is drawing up moisture. high pressure pulling that moisture up. as this low lift's northward, we will see the potential, 10% or less, of an isolated storm in the bay area tomorrow morning. the best possibility remain over southern california and the sierra. we have fog tonight. spotty drizzle overnight. slight chance of thunder in the morning. critically dry fuels, we have a bad drought, so if we see a thunderstorm without rain, it could trigger a fire. hazy sunshine through midweek. fog near the coast, mid and high-level clouds coming in. 50's, 60's on those temperatures. hour-by-hour, the clouds continue to increase, coming in from the southeast. we will see morning drizzle and
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the potential for an isolated thunderstorm in the morning. temperatures in the 50's and 60's to start the day. it will be gray with slippery spots. tomorrow afternoon, similar to today. breezy, low 60's at half moon bay come onto the upper 80's around antioch. everyone else in between with hazy skies. hazy conditions will continue wednesday. upper 80's inland, low 60's coast side. warmer on thursday. the haze will linger with temperatures coming up before they go down again. air quality advisory is through wednesday but there is a possibility the air district may extend
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hoco-taco has been discontinued. it is putting an end to the ice cream because of the high demand of other klondike products. it was introduced four decades ago on ice cream trucks. the last remaining inventory of choco-tacos can still be found at some retailers. then it is gone. dan: the bay area boys of summer in monday night action is 49ers football starts this week. chris: the giants post all-star break woes continue. an artist a half world away is keeping an eye on jimmy garoppolo going into training
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three-game series tonight. the biggest highlight of the homestand saturday night when the giants will retire will clark's number 22. the ceremony starts at 5:00. to arizona, giants looking for the first win post all-star break. diamondbacks strike first. arizona goes up 2-0. gonzales with the first hit. he had two of the team's total three hits. carson kelly, double to deep center. that made it 4-0. the giants lose 7-0. the five-game losing streak drops the giants to 48-48. a's and astros. bottom of the third, down 1-0. tony kemp ties the game 1-1.
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oakland scored five in the fourth. bolt with a two run shot. look at the quickness here. a's win 7-5. the boston celtics have emerged as a potential destination for kevin durant in a deal centered around jaylen brown. boston made an offer that the nets turned down and asked for more. in response to the rumors, brown tweeted "smh," shaking my head. the 49ers reported to camp today. as long as garoppolo is a niner, portuguese artist known as rita oak, continues to draw jimmy g
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yeah. >> we will bring back the choco taco. coming up, if you want to buy plenty of choco tacos, the third largest mega millions drawing ever tonight. plus, the new study that suggests frequent napping may be bad for you. and the swimmer who was attacked by a seal. how she's doing this morning. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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