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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 27, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. the u.s. and its offer to russia. the effort tonight to free detained americans wnba star brittney griner and paul whelan. the u.s. secretary of state saying the u.s. wants to make a deal with russia to get griner and whelan home. sources tonight telling abc news the u.s. is proposing an exchange for convicted armed dealer victor bout, now serving time in the u.s. how likely is this? how early could this happen? mary bruce live at the white house. tonight, the major move by the fed to try to slow inflation what americans are paying for everything. the federal reserve today hiking interest rates three quarters of a percent. how today's move effects americans right away and rebecca jarvis breaks it down. two major headlines tonight from capitol hill. breaking news as we come on. joe manchin in a reversal now
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has now struck a deal with democratic leaders on a health and climate bill. with tax increases for corporations and the wealthiest of americans. rachel scott standing by with late reporting. also tonight, after several mass shootings in this country with ar-15-style assault rifles, gun makers are grilled on capitol hill, asked about the marketing of these weapons to young people. how they answer. we're tracking potential storms as we come on tonight. the state of emergency in missouri. and the heat in the northwest. and more than is a dozen states tonight, all the way down to texas, still topping 100 degrees. president biden testing negative for covid twice now, after isolating for five days. what the president said today about the tools available for every american. tonight, new reporting here, the justice department now reportedly investigating former president trump's actions surrounding the january 6th attack on the capitol. pierre thomas on what he's learned. overseas, the deadly earthquake rocking the philippines. the 7.0 quake destroying homes,
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causing landslides. back in this country, the alleged road rage shooting in texas. police looking at this video, a woman firing into a car with a man and a child. tonight here, we remember one of the stars from a tv classic. and mega millions has now topped a billion. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. and we begin tonight with that u.s. offer to russia, the major announcement from the biden administration, the u.s. has offered a potential deal now to free two americans detained in russia. wnba star brittney griner and paul whelan. tonight, secretary of state antony blinken saying the u.s. has offered a substantial proposal to moscow, saying the u.s. believes they are both wrongfully detained. and tonight, sources now telling abc news that the u.s. is offering russian arms dealer
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victor bout in exchange. right now, serving time in a u.s. federal prison. all of this comes on the same day that brittney griner testified in her own trial in russia. she has pleaded guilty to having hash oil in her luggage. saying it was an accident. her lawyers presented evidence she had a prescription for cannabis in her home state of arizona. griner testified she had traveled for 13 hours and was still recovering from covid when she was interrogated and arrested at the airport about a week before the russian invasion in ukraine. and former marine paul whelan was arrested more than three years ago and convicted on espionage charges. u.s. officials call that a mockery of justice. tonight, secretary blinken saying in the coming days, he expects to speak with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. so, the questions tonight, how likely is this swap? and how soon could this all happen? our senior white house correspondent mary bruce leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the white house announcing they've made a substantial proposal to russia for the release of american detainees brittney griner and paul whelan. abc news learning the u.s. is offering a prisoner swap, proposing to trade infamous russian arms dealer victor bout,
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nicknamed the merchant of death. he's serving a 25-year sentence in the u.s. for selling weapons to terrorists, and conspiring to kill american citizens. >> we put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago to facilitate their release. our governments have communicated repeatedly and directly on that proposal and i'll use the conversation to follow up personally and, i hope, move us toward a resolution. >> reporter: the secretary of state antony blinken says he plans to discuss the potential deal during a call with russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov later this week. their first since the start of the war in ukraine. the justice department initially objected to swapping bout, but president biden making the final call. but the white house concerned about jeopardizing the deal today refused to discuss any details or confirm the swap of bout. spokesman john kirby pressed repeatedly on why they decided to announce they'd made an offer. >> i think the reason we did it today was in context of sort of
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where things are, where things aren't. there was a lot of reasons that we factored into making this public today. >> reporter: whelan, a former marine, has been detained in russia for 3 1/2 years, convicted of espionage. he's serving a 16-year prison sentence for charges he's always denied. news of the potential swap came as griner today testified for the first time since she was detained more than five months ago. the wnba star accused of illegally bringing vape canisters containing cannabis oil into the country. >> i did not plan or have the intent to bring any cannabis or banned substance to russia. >> reporter: griner again pleaded guilty, but insists she made a mistake, testifying that during her arrest, she was confused, saying she was never read her rights and had to use a translation app to attempt to read documents she was given. >> my rights were never read to me. no one explained any of it to me. i didn't know exactly what i was signing.
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>> reporter: her legal team argued that griner was legally chronic pain.nnabis oil for - late today, her lawyers responding to the news of a potential deal, saying they are not participating in the swap discussions. and that they would be "really happy if brittney will be able to come home and hope it will be soon." >> all right, so, let's get to mary bruce, live at the white house tonight. and mary, what about loved ones, the families of brittney griner and paul whelan, were they informed of that proposed deal? >> reporter: the white house says they reached out to the families before making this offer public today, but it's not clear if they were actually able to reach them. the white house, though, says they've been in constant communication with the families throughout this entire process. and as for the russians tonight, they have not publicly responded to this offer, and they say they have not been contacted yet about that call with the secretary of state. david? >> all right, mary bruce leading us off tonight. mary, thank you. in the meantime, we turn now to the economy and the major move tonight by the federal reserve to try to slow down
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inflations, to slow down rising prices on everything americans are paying for. the fed raising the key interest rate three-quarters of a point, the fourth increase this year. among the biggest impacts, higher rates on credit card debt, higher mortgage rates for home buyers. so, will this work? the effort to slow down inflation, while at the same time, trying to stave off a recession. here's our chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, determined to fight runaway inflation, the federal reserve raising interest rates by another three-quarters of a percentage point, the fourth hike this year. >> my colleagues and i are acutely aware that high inflation imposes significant hardship, especially on those least able to meet the higher costs of essentials like food, housing, and transportation. >> reporter: rising prices costing families an extra $493 a month, putting those living paycheck to paycheck especially at risk. tracy weatherby at the second harvest food bank in san jose, california, says they're now
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serving about 450,000 people each month -- some 50,000 more than in january. >> this kind of inflation, it is really impacting people's budgets. and 60% of the people that we serve have less than $100 in savings. >> reporter: while there's hope the fed's moves will eventually bring prices down, they also mean the cost to borrow money is going up. take for example credit cards. if you're carrying the average balance of about $5,000, making minimum monthly payments, today's rate hike will cost you you nearly $300 in additional interest to pay it off. and now, the stakes for the fed high as it tries to cool an overheated economy while avoiding a recession. and david, a number of economists now predict tomorrow's gdp report will show a second straight quarter of negative growth. even today, fed chair powell admitting the path to a so-called landing, as in averting a recession, is getting more and more narrow. david? >> yeah, we'll be tracking that new report tomorrow. rebecca, thank you.
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now to capitol hill tonight and to breaking news, that late word tonight that senator joe manchin in a reversal has now struck a deal with democratic leaders on a health and climate bill that would also include tax increases for corporations and the wealthiest of americans. tonight, president biden already responding. let's get right to rachel scott, live up on the hill tonight. rachel, what do we know? >> reporter: well, president biden is on the verge of a major victory tonight, david. after months of stalled negotiations, one key moderate democratic holdout, senator joe manchin, announced he has reached a deal with democrats to advance the party's economic agenda. let's take a look at what this package would include. $369 billion on energy and climate initiatives. $64 billion to extend subsidies for people who buy health insurance under the affordable care act. it would raise nearly $300 billion by allowing medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. and raise taxes on big corporations and the wealthy. manchin insists this will bring in hundreds of billions of
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dollars to reduce the deficit. inflation has always been his top concern. senate democrats are now scrambling to get this passed by the end of next week. they will have to keep all 50 members of their party onboard in order to do so, and just moments ago, president biden announced he is backing this deal, david. >> of course, this would be a major victory for the president if this happens. rachel scott on the major news tonight, senator manchin now onboard. rachel, stay with us here, because as you well know, the other major news from the hill tonight, after several mass shootings in this country, uvalde, buffalo, new york, highland park, illinois, today, gunmakers were grilled on capitol hill, asked about the marketing of these weapons to young people. rachel scott reporting on that tonight, as well. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, lawmakers grilling gun manufacturers who market and sell assault-style weapons here in the u.s. the same kind of guns used in recent mass shootings. the elementary school in uvalde, texas.
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the supermarket in buffalo, new york. the fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois. in each case, authorities say an ar-15-style assault weapon used to kill. and in each case, a young man with one of those guns, some having just turned 18. >> how many more american children need to die before your company will stop selling assault weapons to civilians and young men? >> i believe that these murders are local problems that have to be solved locally. >> reporter: the hearing opened with the words of families shattered by gun violence. one woman whose fiance was killed at that buffalo supermarket where an alleged white supremacist is accused of shooting ten dead with an assault-style rifle. authorities say he bought it just after turning 18. >> what are you going to do -- >> it's okay. >> -- to make sure your products don't get into the hands of a
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white supremacist mass shooter ever again, who will take a child's father away? >> reporter: democrats accuse the gunmakers of putting profit over people, revealing findings in a report that manufacturers have made over a billion dollars in the last decade selling ar-15-style rifles, while gun violence surged. the ceos of ruger, and daniel defense, whose rifles were used at the massacres in sutherland springs and uvalde, texas, acknowledging the tragedies, but saying guns are not to blame. >> the evil person who perpetrated those crimes and committed those murders was allowed to buy a firearm that frankly he -- he should not have been allowed to do. >> these acts are committed by murderers. the murderers are responsible. >> reporter: but democrats pressed them. what about the young men buying these assault weapons? and they asked the gunmakers about how they market them. this ad showing a rifle that is rooftop ready. >> and the tweet shows what appears to be a night vision gun scope trained on a parked car at street level.
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mr. daniel, this tweet is not depicting anyone hunting for wildlife, is it? >> no, sir. >> and it's not depicting anyone acting in self-defense against someone attacking them, correct? >> that -- that remains in the eye of the viewer, sir. >> reporter: another ad of a toddler holding a rifle, tweeted by daniel defense, just days before one of its ar-15-style rifles would be used in the uvalde massacre. >> are you liable if a child shoots himself with one of those guns? >> i don't know the answer to that, sir. >> oh. >> i'll be happy to talk to my lawyers and get back to you. >> i'm asking a legal question about liability and the answer again is no because of the law which protects people like you. >> reporter: republicans calling a witness of their own -- gun rights advocate antonia okafor. >> our constitution is clear that no government body has the
5:44 pm
power to determine which firearm i choose to keep in my possession. >> reporter: and there in the room, felix and kimberly rubio, who lost their daughter lexi at robb elementary, still pleading for a ban on assault rifles. >> no, we're not satisfied. they're not accepting any responsibility in the role they played. that was clear. so the lack of accountability is disheartening. >> reporter: congress did pass the first major gun safety legislation in decades. democrats want to do more and ban assault weapons outright, but that's still a nonstarter for most republicans, david. >> all right, rachel scott on this story tonight, as well. a very busy day on capitol hill, rac rachel, we appreciate it. tonight, we're tracking potential storms into the night and record-breaking heat. flood alerts from the southwest to the ohio valley. that front causing that historic flooding in st. louis. now moving eastward. kentucky and west virginia flooding. look at these images from fayette county, west virginia, tonight. and this tornado in scranton, colorado. and colorado springs under water. in the northwest, heat records set in seattle and portland and more than a dozen states all the way down to texas still topping ä00 degrees. rob marciano back with us tonight live in portland, oregon, he's tracking it all. hey, rob.
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>> reporter: hi, david. we hit 102 degrees yesterday. as you mentioned, seattle hit a record, as well. less than half the hmes in seattle have air conditioning. and the heat becoming more widespread now across the country. this map highlights that. the south, the midsouth, the southern plains, still sizzling. tomorrow, philly gets into the act with 100-degree heat index. but it's the pacific northwest where the most extreme, excessive heat warnings are up. temperatures only warm in some spots over the next three days. and this is bad air quality with smoke coming in from the colorado wildfires. that stalled front is going to bring flood watches up across the appalachians and the flood watches remain up across the southwest as the heat rolls on here in oregon. david? >> the whole country feeling this. rob marciano in portland, oregon, tonight again. rob, thank you. meanwhile, at the white house today, the president revealing he has tested negative for covid twice now, after five days of isolating at the white house residence. a very upbeat president bounding into the rose garden, ending his five-day isolation, saying he benefitted from the covid-fighting tools that are now available for every american.
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>> the same booster shots, the same at-home test, the same treatment that i got is available to you. my administration's made sure that all americans across the country, from all walks of life, have free access to those tools. >> the president saying thankfully his symptoms were mild. tonight, there is new reporting, the justice department is focusing part of its investigation into the january 6th attack on former president trump. here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, sources tell abc news the justice department's investigation is increasingly focused on the actions of president trump. we're told former white house aide cassidy hutchinson is among those now cooperating with doj as they investigate trump's role in the scheme to prevent congress from certifying joe biden's win on january 6th. she has already testified that days before the sixth, the president's lawyer rudy giuliani told her trump was going to go
5:47 pm
to the capitol himself, that there was already a plan in the works to disrupt the certification. >> he looked at me and said something to the effect of, "cass, are you excited for the sixth? it's going to be a great day. we're going to the capitol. it's going to be great. the president's going to be there. he's going to look powerful." >> reporter: sources tell us federal investigators are also examining efforts to send fake electors supporting trump to washington to disrupt biden's certification. the january 6th committee showing the slates of fake electors in states biden had won. prosecutors have already interviewed former vice president mike pence's chief of staff marc short, and top counsel greg jacob, who publicly testified pence refused to participate in trump's scheme. >> no vice president in 230 years of history had ever claimed to have that kind of authority.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: and federal prosecutors have subpoenaed a number of so-called fake electors and seized the phone of trump's private attorney john eastman. a number of witnesses have testified that eastman repeatedly pushed outlandish strategies to overturn the vote. >> i said to him, "are you out of your mind?" i said, "i only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on. orderly transition." >> reporter: doj wants to know if president trump, what he did to put these efforts in motion, and whether he understood these strategies might be illegal. david? >> all right, pierre thomas with us. pierre, thank you. overseas tonight, a powerful earthquake in the philippines killing at least five people, injuring dozens more. toppling buildings and triggering landslides there. the epicenter was in a mountainous area in the north. but it was felt some 200 miles south in manila, where patients were evacuated from two hospitals for a time. when we come back here tonight, the awful road rage case. authorities say a woman firing into a car with a man and child. authorities studying a key piece of video tonight. and then later, remembering and then later, remembering a tv favorite. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains
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wally, the star athlete, the boy scout, in the '50s and '60s. tonight, dow's family saying the actor has died. he had shared his cancer diagnosis earlier this year. born in california in 1945, thrust into stardom at just 12 years old, learning he'd gotten the role of wally over a hamburger. dow growing up with wally on tv, for the first time. >> what do you do that for? >> i don't know. but you're supposed to. >> getting his license. he would go on to star on other tv shows like "lassie" in 1968. tonight, his costar jerry mathers, who played his brother beaver, writing, "tony was not only my brother on tv, but in many ways, in life, as well. tony was always the kindest, most generous, gentle, loving, sincere, and humble man. it was my honor and privilege to be able to share memories with him for 65 years." so many fans remembering wally, actor tony dow. good night
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>> more than $1 million gone in a crypto currency scan -- scam. also, getting out of jail, depending on who you ask this depaul you -- depopulation is either a problem or -- starts right now. >> now come alive breaking news. sky 7 right now is over that brush fire near lakeville, just a few miles from the raceway. it is near highway 37 and arnold drive. you can see some of the smoke coming up there, but people are asked to use caution if people are in the area. just minutes ago we saw this aggressive aerial assault on the flames. it appears now that crews have the upper hand on those flames.
6:00 pm
>> thanks for joining us. let's go straight to sandy patel to check on the conditions out there. >> yes let's take a look out there. 56% relative humidity which should help firefighters. but what is not going to help is the wind gusts. 23 miles per hour right now out of the west to southwest winds will remain elevated, before dropping off and coming back up again. i want to show you the visible full satellite picture, you can see the smoke being pushed near american canyon. if you are seeing smoke in the area, the winds are pushing that smoke, on that topic, we are certainly seeing smoke from the fire in the upper levels of the atmosphere, air advisory has been extended through tomorrow as that smoke will remain aloft.