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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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together and adults choose to bring guns into that environment. nobody is safe until we find out who is responsible for this. liz: good evening. i'm liz cites. dan a.: i'm dan ashley. a meeting and a prayer circle is underway because of the shooting. three people were injured, including a shot. >> reporter: one day after this video was taken. >> get the kid. >> reporter: okeechobee police are offering a $15,000 regard for anyone with information on who is responsible for shooting and hurting three people, including a 6-year-old girl at all pee wee football game. >> it is not a dynamite problem. it is an okeechobee pr outcome d problem. >> reporter: he was there at oakland technical high school yesterday when he heard shots ring out. >> i try to protect these kid,
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including my daughter away from this kind of stuff. now, i have to think about the next plan of action. i can't dwell on what happened. >> reporter: he said it was street beef that spilled on the field on sunday, but this wasn't the first time this happened. a man was killed in front of kids at an oakland dynamite's practice last february. >> a father is watching his sons participate in pee wee football practice and an as assailant wad in fired rounds fatally injuring the father. >> reporter: the security was provided for the rest of the year, but it ended at the end of the season. >> witnessing this level of violence by adult, adults who have come to this football field armed with guns. it makes no sense that children are out here playing football and family and friends are watching these games and people
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would come armed with guns. >> reporter: oakland police have agreed to provide a presence of their officers starting next week. >> nobody is safe until we figure out who is responsible for this. yes, we believe retaliation is high. yes, we believe the individuals involved in this know one another, and yes, it is important they are brought to justice. >> reporter: all three victims are still in the hospital recovering. lena howland, abc7news. liz: the biggest wildfire in california has burned 86 square miles. it is 0% contained. it is the mckinney fire. it claimed live, at least two so far. zach fuentes joins us live. zach? zach: liz, i just stepped outside after listening to a live stream of a community meeting being held by fire
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officials to those impacted by the fire. unfortunately, there is not a lot of progress made in fighting it. it is at 0% containment. we know lives have been lost. we have been listening to that meeting and there is a little bit of hope that came out of it. any shred of hope that the people most impacted by the fire are clinging to. thousands of acres burned, more than 100 structures destroyed and more tragedy after two people found dead in a vehicle. >> we know that we lost multiple folks in the midst of this fire. there are two that have been confirmed dead, after the sheriff's updates this morning. it is a loss that is unimaginable. zach: cal fire says vegetation is extremely dry. >> i feel blessed that we had repeat rains and we're going to
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take advantage of that opportunity to keep this fire as small as we can. zach: crews strategize on how to best utilize resources. >> ideas to protect eureka. zach: through spotty reception, dwayne morris showed me what it looks like at his ranch. >> that is smoke and haze then, right? >> all smoke and haze. zach: the husband and wife moved to a year ago. >> i love this house, because i love this house, but it is cement, fiberboard, komple zit shingle roof, not a lot of big trees around me, so i have defensible space. zach: but still, they and their neighbors are preparing to evacuate. >> water tanks are filled, but
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we're going to try really hard not to go, because we can stay in the middle of a big gravel pit and hopefully that won't burn. zach: as they continue to fight the extreme fire, they are doing all they can to keep out of the smoke and keep up their hope, grateful for the people working around the clock to protect their community. so, again that update from the community meeting, you heard the forest supervisor that multiple lives have been lost, but two have been confirmed. hopefully, the number stays at two, but she is alluding to the fact that more lives were lot. the fire is at 55,000 acres burned, 0% containment. firefighters are going to take advantage of the weather that came through overnight. liz: zach, is there any new information about what may have caused this fire? zach: yeah, liz, it is still early on in the investigation. they are working to find out the cause, but they said it is clear that lightning was not a factor
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this fire. liz: we will see, zach. thank you so much for that update. you can track wildfires burning right now in california by using the online interactive wildfire tracker. it shows current air quality and you will find that on our website, so far, smoke from the mckinney fire have not arrived in the bay area, dan. dan a.: that's right, liz, but we have unsettled weather to talk about. here to talk about that is abc7 meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: the reason we're not seeing the bad air quality because air is coming from the south pushing the smoke forward. it is picking up the monsoon moisture driving it into our state. so far, we have seen rain with those thunderstorms, which is exactly what we want to see. some lightning showing off of our coastline in the last few hours. those lightning strikes are now gone, which is good. we want to see the rain.
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we don't want to see dry lightning starting new fires. we get you to the east bay, pa pacheko, around buchanan road, it is going to be in f fairfield tonight. we're going to widen out the picture here. hour by hour we go, next few hours, still the possibility of a few showers or isolated thunderstorm here in the bay area and certainly up to our north and in sierra nevada. i wouldn't hang up the umbrellas just yet. i will let you know how long the showers will remain in the forecast. dan a.: only on abc7 tonight, the truly brutal attack of a 70-year-old woman. let me warn you, this video is upsetting to watch. we should all be paying
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attention, dion. dion: you know i have spent the last several years reporting on attacks on asians in the bay area. this is one of the most heinous acts i have ever seen and this family was not afraid to speak out and for good reason. this is the housing complex where mrs. zhang's mother has spent the past two years hiding from covid until yesterday. >> yesterday was one of the days for a long time she went out, and this is what happened. dion: 70-year-old mrs. wrenn now hides for another reason when she was approached by four juveniles who asked her what time it was, cro according to police. >> they searched my body and i
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quickly realized when they were up to no good. dion: that is when they realized she had an iphone 7. the suspects follow her into the elevator when she refuses to give up her phone. >> they got mad and pulled me down. dion: already on the ground, mrs. wrenn is kicked in the face. >> they use their fist to hit my head multiple times and they pull me down to the ground and kept hitting me, kicking me. dion: the horror doesn't end there, when she tries to hide in the hallway, the suspects return again, not to steal her watch or earrings, but to take her keys and take turns assaulting the terrified senior. >> i never expected this would happen to us, even though we saw a lot of reporting from your station in particular, you,
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ms. lim. dion: while they can't sleep because of the trauma, they wanted to speak out for a purpose. >> i want this story to come out, so people know, so for other people to be aware to be safe. dion: sfpd tells me the community engagement unity is working with the family and offering them resources to recover and heal. my own heart keeps beating when i see that video. while we were conducting the interview, police officers from the central station brought over a fruit basket and flowers and offered support to this family vowing to take care of them. she did not suffer internal bleeding or life-threatening injuries. a tough one to watch, dan. dan a.: tough one to watch, but good for them for speaking out. who would do such a thing?
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dion, thank you. you can help find an ally and take action. go to for a list of local resources. liz: earlier this around, president joe biden announced that the u.s. killed the leader of al-qaeda on saturday. pres. biden: on saturday, the u.s. led an air striking that killed ayman al-zawahri. liz: al-zawahri is believeed to be one of the key planners of the 9/11 attack and was in the planning of the u.s. embassies in africa. dan a.: coming up next, we're joined by abc insider, today's topic, nancy pelosi and the tensions raised because of her upcoming trip tom taiwan. liz: we will have michael fenny live with us tonight. how can a woman get a ticket for
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dan a.: a loud protest taking place this morning outside of nancy pelosi's san francisco office over her proposed visit to taiwan. organizers say the house speaker's trip would escalate tensions with china and might even provoke a war. pelosi is touring asia and she is touring with officials in singapore. the white house is trying to tamp down any concerns while supporting her trip at the same time. china, which used taiwan as a
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breakaway province has called the visit a provocation. >> it is not uncommon for congressional leaders to travel to taiwan. it is very much in keeping with our policy and consistent with our support to taiwan under the taiwan relations act. we shouldn't be intimidated by that rhetoric. liz: reports say pelosi will visit taiwan tomorrow and tuesday. i spoke to rick cline about the rarity and the magnitude of this visit. >> it is a significant moment for speaker pelosi to step out on her own. there has been a bipartisan collaboration for support for taiwan and speaker pelosi is likely to cast it as a statement of human right, but as speaker of the house, she can visit anywhere she wants. it is unusual to have a speaker of the house in the same part as the president to visit taiwan.
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liz: let's start with phil mateer. dan a.: let's talk about how it is rai raising tensions betweene united states and china. >> it has been a boiling point over the last couple of years from everything of freeing tibet, the muslim minorities to the questions of is there slave labor going on there, and now more recently the expansion of the chinese navy and air force into the waters around china and into the pacific trade routes. all of this is bubbling and on top of that, we have the human right concerns, which has been a top concern o n of nancy pelosi, going back to 1991 when she went to beijing and unfurled a banner to show sympathy for those who "died for democracy" in china. she has been a burr in side of
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china for a long time and she is taking that message back. liz: let's say that pelosi doesn't go to taiwan, what possible repercussions could that have then? some people say beijing is going to view washington as threatening, but ineffective if she ends up not going. >> it is interesting to see for something, what some people say polarizing, she is a partisan player. she is getting bipartisan support for this trip, not necessarily from the biden administration, which has its hands full with the ukraine and other aspects in the world and not looking for another boiling point. but she has bipartisan support and if she doesn't go, she is going to get bipartisan criticism. dan a.: well, she is going to get criticized either way it seems. it could be the perception of the democratic party and where
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it stands. >> right, and that is a question of where the united states stands. we say we're in favor of human right here, we're in favor of human right there. we're in favor of workers getting a fair shake and the environment and all of these different issue, but we turn a different eye when it comes to china. we get our cell phones. tech makes billions of dollars off of factors in china. they get upset because the chinese "steal our technology" and use it to make their own money. nancy pelosi has been, like i said, a critic of china, at the same time here in the bay area, we have big supporters of china, not to say the least diane feinstein who started the first sister city with shanghai and she found herself in a chinese jam when it turned out her driver for 20 years was acting for a secret agent and reporting on her actives.
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it is a hate or tense relationship in going in and pelosi is in the latest chapter. liz: really, really quickly, phil, what is the big picture benefit for pelosi for making this trip? what is she hoping to get out of it? >> i spoke to her about this in 1990 and 1991 when she was not elected to congress. this is not to score points for her. this is her doing, being nancy pelosi. dan a.: it is going to be an interesting few days. liz: president biden continues to testify positive for covid and what his doctor says is likely a case of rebound covid after taking paxlovid. >> as you know, some of you have had covid and loved ones and close friends that had covid. the symptoms that you had don't go away. they linger, the minimal symptoms linger for some time, so you can expect that.
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and so, with that there is no reoccurring symptoms. he is feeling fine. liz: the president continues to work while in isolation. see that video there. dan a.: let's turn our attention to really an unusual but welcome day today, liz. liz: i know, i have seen colleagues go out in raincoats and i'm like, what is going on? sandhya: typically, this is one of our driest months, dan and liz, but we do get measurable rain around the bay area, anywhere from .05 in san jose. we have this beautiful video from the san jose camera and that is part of why we're dealing with the showers. i'm going to get you in a little bit closer. show you where the showers are going, heading towards fort ross between 7:04 and 7:16.
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we did have lightning strikes off of the coast, but luckily, the lightning strikes are gone. we're tracking showers moving towards the fairfield area. i want to show you, going back in time, what we're keeping a close eye on, which is tropical storm frank. frank is expected to continue to weaken, but it will continue to move northward and reminisce of frank could bring us more mugginess and stay tuned just in case later this week, we're talking about another round of showers and thunderstorms. the dew points in the 50's and 60's. when you're around 62, fairfield, napa, in the 62-69-degree range, it is humid. now, temperatures are in the mild range. mid 60's to mid 80's right now around 89 in livermore. live view, you will notice a few rays of sun through the clouds.
6:22 pm
possibility of showers tomorrow and it is going to remain humid for the bay area. as we go hour by hour, we will see that monsoon moisture. could see a few showers tomorrow afternoon, so we can't rule it out, as far as rainfall goes, it is not going to be much. pretty much what we have been seeing, which is hit or miss showers. 50's, 60's, muggy start. afternoon highs in the m mid 60s to low 90's with the possibility of showers. chance of showers tomorrow, lingering humidity. heat in the mid 90's inland. dan? dan a.: sandhya, thanks. monkeypox is now a state emergency. the latest on the supply and demand
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liz: welcome back. a celebration at san francisco's city hall today as the city welcomed in transgender history month and raised the transgender flag. last year, san francisco became the first city in the country to recognize transgender history month. the lgbtq community has hit hard by the ongoing outbreak of monkeypox, but more help is on the way. just a short time ago, governor newsom declared a state of emergency to improve the flow of vaccines. i spoke with dr. peter hong who was hoping this would happen. >> when i was hoping for a
6:26 pm
domino effect in jurisdictions in other areas and nationwide. dan a.: 950 monkeypox doses were administered today. people started lining up at 4:00 a.m. hoping to get a shot. san francisco last week declared a state of emergency to allocate and expedite resources to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. even with the declaration, the mayor says more help is needed. >> from my perspective, this is completely controllable, but we're not responding as quickly as we should. just because this is disproportionately impacting one community doesn't mean it can't impact people in general. dan a.: san francisco has more cases than any other california county, 310 at last check that is more than a third of all of the state's cases. every bay area county is reporting at least one case, by the way. liz: still to come, michael finney helps a woman from
6:27 pm
washington who received a fastrak bill for the san mateo bridge. find out how this mixup happened. plus. >> you won't have a better psychic reward than seeing the kids appreciate what you're doing and you helping them along. dan a.: appreciation is one form of compensation, but is it enough to get the teachers to
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. dan a.: most bay area school districts will be back in session, but they are scrambling to hire teachers. liz: they are being creative when it comes to hiring people. they had two hiring fairs and hired over 1 120 certified positions. dan a.: it is a key part of building a better bay area and that is why leann melendez has more on this big-time teacher
6:31 pm
crunch. lyanne: she began as a substitute teacher. >> i wanted to do something else. i wanted to give something back. >> if there are any retired folks out there who are still interested in being part of a workforce and interested in being an educator in a classroom, we would love to have you now. lyanne: that is the message being put out by the san francisco school district. they have filled 75% of the 500 classroom vacancies. >> we're at 135 teacher vacancies at this moment, and we are 100% committed to having a teacher in every classroom. lya lyanne: more teachers than they anticipated retired, past layoffs dissuaded people from applying and the cost of housing. >> the cost of living is not our
6:32 pm
friend. lyanne: many others have the same problem. diablo is offering signing bonus, $5,000 for science, math, and bilingual educators and $10,000 for special education teachers. oakland is asking people on social media to apply for a teaching position. they want people to know that you don't need a credential to teach. >> if people come with that situation, we will get them set up with earning the credential along the way. >> you won't have a better psychic reward than you seeing them excited about what you're doing and bringing them along. lyanne: in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7news. liz: now to the latest developments out of ukraine. after months of a russian blockade, a ship left the port
6:33 pm
of ode odesa celebrating the country's navy. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: in a major breakthrough, a ukraine grain shipment departed the city of odesa today for the first time since the start of the war. >> my crew is very happy. >> reporter: it is a part of the so-called sea grain initiative, an international broker deal made to ease world hunger. this is sending 10,000 corn to africa and asia. >> people on the brink of famine need this to work. countries on the brink of bankruptcy, need the agreements to work to keep their economies alive. >> reporter: despite the export deal, the war wages on in
6:34 pm
ukraine. russian president putin announcing a new deployment of missiles to allow them to quickly respond to threats. putin also signing a new naval doctrine to increase russia's military presence citing security threats from what it calls the u.s. goal of dominance in the world ocean. meanwhile, ukrainian president zelenskyy appeals to congress for more aid as they try to take back the city. recovery is underway after missiles devastated the city. zelensky calling it one of the most brutal shelterings since february. john kirby announced another $550 million aid package to ukraine, which includes more long-ranged weapons called how let zeros, this brings the aid to ukraine $8.8 billion.
6:35 pm
dan a.: you have probably heard of a venus fly trap. it has a lot of relatives that you probably haven't heard of and you can take one home from u.c. berkeley's botanical garden tomorrow. > michael: a woman gets a ticket for crossing the san mateo bridge, but she was not there. how fast i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did.
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[ bell] liz: after having the best month of july, the dow dropped 50 points. the nasdaq down by 21 and the s&p lost 11. gas prices have dropped, so that is not bad news. california gas is the most expensive in the country. our state average is $5.60, but napa gas is costing $5.83. the cheapest is down to $5.51. dan a.: we're talking about getting around.
6:39 pm
if you cross a bay area bridge without a fastrak, you may get a bill in the mail. sometimes the bill goes to the wrong driver. among the latest, a woman living 1,000 miles away who hasn't been in the bay area for 40 years. how can fastrak get that so wrong? michael finney is here with the story. michael, this wasn't close. michael: this woman lives in a little tiny town in washington state. up there where she lives, they have no bridge, no red light, no stop sign, so when she got a bill to pay a bridge toll, she was mystified. >> when i saw it, i was quite confused. michael: cynthia lives in a quiet town in washington that is surrounded by grain fields and farms. she only drives to the next town for groceries or gas, so it was
6:40 pm
puzzling when she got this ticket from 1,000 miles away. >> i thought, how did this happen? michael: it was a toll invoice from fastrak saying she crossed the san mateo bridge on june 17 and she has to pay the $7 toll. >> i haven't been to san francisco, probably since 40 years ago, so it is quite surprising that i could get a ticket and not be there. michael: at first, she thought it was a scam. she has never been on a toll bridge in her life. >> never, never, never and i don't know where the san mateo-hayward bridge is. michael: she went online and found the fastrak information was real. >> the amount due is only $7, so for san francisco, i assume it is reasonable. michael: she was surprised to know that $7 was one triple
6:41 pm
across the bridge. she lives in a town where there are no tolls, no red light, not even a stop sign. >> there is a little creek. michael: residents are living amid wheat and no one worries about fines and fees. >> i'm sorry you have to live like that. i don't think it is healthy for people and i don't think it is good for the vie key. michael: she sits by the creek with a fishing poll. she left the fast city decades ago. >> i went over the bridge at 10:40 a.m. michael: she found our stories about fastrak online and we found out why she got the invoice. someone else with a washington plate did cross the san mateo bridge that morning. the camera red the plate, but the result came back uncertain, so it went to a manual review.
6:42 pm
a clerk had to decide if to letter in the middle was an o. or a d. can you tell? it is a d. the clerk made the wrong call, after we inquired, fastrak was quick to see the error and waive the fee. scynthia was impressed. >> it was a wonderful experience with government, which we usually don't have. michael: 2% of photos that cameras take, are called low confidence and they go to a human review and those 2% are wrong, multiple millions of cars, mistakes do happen. dan a.: when they turn to you, the mistakes will get corrected. thank you, michael. michael: sure thing. sand liz: we got a rare
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
dan a.: some unique plants are hungry for a new home and we mean that literally. a collection of rare carnivorous plants go on sale at the u.c.
6:46 pm
berkeley botanical gardens. >> i like these ps so muse, numr any vows. what is cooler than a plant that can consume things? >> reporter: horticulturist loves all thing, but nothing beats a plant suppose that says feed me. >> you can see right down here, this one caught an insect and is digesting it. >> reporter: hundreds of the unique carnivorous plants go on sale acquired from a plant collector who moved away. >> these hungry plants are as far from vegan as they can get. >> reporter: watch as the venus fly trap chows down on a blood worm and comes back for second and thirds. delish. >> if i gave an estimate, over 300 species of carnivorous suppose. >> reporter: most of them are deadly if you're a bug.
6:47 pm
>> it secrets nectar and causes them to lose their grip and fall down. >> reporter: not all of the carnivorous plants are for sale in the name of conservation. >> in the natural habitat, the carnivorous plants are disappearing, because their habitat is disappearing. >> reporter: most of these plant, hungry for a new home. extra bug treats? yes, please. >> it is a growing fan base and now is a good time to get some for yourself. dan a.: pretty cool. the carnivorous plant sale starts tomorrow. it is open at 10:00 until 2:00 and after that, you can buy plants as long as supplies last. the u.c. botanical garden is at 200 centennial drive in
6:48 pm
berkeley. they lik eat, liz. liz: they clearly do. let's talk about this weather. i guess we will take any rain we can get even if it is august. sandhya: beggars can't be choosers. it is nice to see the showers, what is not so nice is what we're pickiing up on the doppler radar. let me show you where this is going. it is coming in the direction of jenner and point rays as we head towards bodega bay. if it holds together, it will be in that area. we are seeing showers around salah know county and as we widen out the picture here, i want to show you what it is going to look like. over the next couple of hours, keep the umbrellas handy, because we have a few showers in the forecast. might see an isolated thunderstorm. tomorrow, still picking up a chance of showers as the monsoon flow continues, so we're not completely done with this
6:49 pm
weather just yet. high pressure over the desert, pulling up the monsoon moisture. the greatest threat of thunderstorms will remain in northern california, the sierra heading towards southern california tomorrow. we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm, at least tonight. rainfall totals look like this. doppler looks so lit up, but not all of this is hitting the ground. napa, .01. tomorrow, chance of showers, low 60's to mid 90's. as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, lingering humidity on wednesday. it is going to be drier air compared to what we're dealing with now. summer heat for thursday. cooler on friday with the humidity going back up again on saturday as we see reminisce of current tropical storm frank heading in our direction. stay tuned in case we have to
6:50 pm
talk about showers, which we welcome any time. dan a.: we do. sandhya, thank you. liz: all right, larry, you're back. good to see you. lisa: he demanded a trade, the 49ers said not so fast. deebo samuel all smiles after signing his new deal. large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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6:53 pm
not sure if we would see deebo samuel wearing red. there he was, red jacket, gold tie and ready to go. samuel gets $58 million guaranteed ending months and back forth. remember deebo asked for a trade and then he took the niners references all of his social media accounts and the niners said let's be patient. cash worked it out. the all-pro receiver turned out to be the 49ers' best running back enhancing his value, but adding deebo's urgency to get paid. >> we have one goal. we fell short, but we're on the way. we have a great team. i want to thank john lynch. now, we're back to work, baby. let's go. >> my favorite thing about deebo is how much he inspires people. he inspires me the way he runs the ball, whether you are handing it to him, throwing it to him and these aren't things
6:54 pm
you have to talk him into doing. it is stuff he talks you into doing. he loves playing football and he loves helping us win. i think that is why this country really likes deebo. larry: a sigh of relief for the niners and their fans. a penalty is a six-game suspension for deshaun watson. he was accused of sexual misconduct with at least 25 women, 20 cases were settled out of court. former federal judge sue robinson made the ruling. other questions if the nfl will make an appeal. physical six games holds up, watson will be eligible to play for the browns on october 3. the giants starting at oracle park. are they buyers or are they sell centers they are four games out of the wild card spot, but they
6:55 pm
look nothing like a team that would do much damage in the playoffs. a's and yankees decide they are not going to wait for the deadline. frankie montas is now frankie the yankee. montas was the opening-day starter as the a's continue their wrecking ball approach to the roster. montas finished sixth in the cy young voting and trivino had a hard season. as for the a's, they got four prospects in return the left-handed pitcher went to st. mary's and he leads their farm system with 116 strikeouts. they have another south paw pitcher in j.t. serious. how about the kids? the intermit world series in livermore. dario not to be confused with
6:56 pm
bowbon and there were plenty of runs. bases loaded in the second. anthony devito singles. he slides in safe. as the ball gets away on the tag, danville rolls to a 13-0 victory. they play in the u.s. semifinal on wednesday. you know, you don't just walk down the mean streets of danville and get an easy win against our kids. it is not going to be that way, dan. dan a.: tough crowd. let's go back to deebo samuel for a second. there was back and forth, high drama, a lot of posturing. are you surprised this deal got worked out? larry: not really. trey is quarterback, he is all but a rookie. you're not going to give up your best receiver. as far as the social media, dan, i blocked you a long time ago. we still do shows together. dan a.: let me back in at some
6:57 pm
point. i'm good. thanks, larry. liz: coming up tonight on abc7, it is "the bachelorette," and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc7news. dan a.: i'm dan ashley. we will see you again at 11:00.
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