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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a history of resistance. >> come on! if we all come together, there's an opening here! >> as a climate change activist, it is really painful to see a park built by the community for the community being torn down. >> that resistance was met with police force. officers, some in riot gear, pushed back protesters, trying to keep them from getting into the fenced off area, but a few, like uc berkeley student bryce smith, broke through. >> the people would not stand for this in the 1960's when this was built. these trees are older than me are a lot of other people. >> we want this norm to be open and ready to roll two years from now. schedule for a building this
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size. as soon as we got the green light from the court, we were going to be ready to roll. >> the university attended to begin construction on a new housing project. it was approved last year but delayed by an environmental lawsuit. despite the small group of protesters, the university says it has strong support from the city and students to build on people's part. >> we conducted two random sample surveys of the student population and by a two-one margin, students at uc berkeley support the construction project here at people's park. >> who's park? >> people's park! >> some admit there's a need for more student housing but says there are other sites where dorms could have been built that would have been less controversial. >> this little bit of housing would not make a huge difference. instead of pushing people out, we bring people in. that is another way of problem solving the world we live in.
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liz: the legacy began on may 15, 1969, dubbed bloody thursday when a bryant confrontation between police and antiwar protesters turned deadly. since then, any proposed change to the park has been met by protests. demonstrators raged for a week over volleyball courts and a restroom and in 1992, there were more protests for a planned added basketball court. dozens were arrested. in 1999, there was a peaceful rally to celebrate the park's 30th anniversary just days before the chancellor suggested building dorms on that site to ease the student housing crunch, a debate that continues to this day. larry: we have been looking into the drug issues in the tenderloin. san francisco's new district attorney says she's committed to disrupting the current fentanyl business model, and brooke jenkins announced new policies to hold drug dealers accountable. leanne melinda's is life from the newsroom with details.
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-- leanne melendez is live from the newsroom. lyanne: more than 30 have been revoked because of the nature of these cases. people arrested for selling large quantities of fentanyl and being offered only misdemeanors. the people selling drugs new the corner ine te districklytook thm because they have an alleged operate since 2020, nearly 1500 people have died of drug overdose. that is the statement made today but district attorney brooke jenkins while announcing new policies within her office. >> my new policy will prohibit drug dealers arrested with more than five grams of fentanyl or a controlled substance from being
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referred to our community justice court. lyanne: that program is meant to connect low-level offenders to resources to get their lives in order. jenkins ports the program but says the previous da would often refer people dealing heavily in the sale of fentanyl to this court. jackie berlin is with mothers against drug deaths and welcomes some of jenkins' new policies. >> she's adding enhancements if the steelers sell within 1000 feet of school. she's obviously trying to protect the children of san francisco and the addicts -- she's adding enhancements if the dealers sell within 1000 feet of school. >> quite honestly, san franciscans should be outraged. for cases like this, i will be seeking felony charges. lyanne: but let's clarify. not only here in san francisco but statewide, the number of drug-related trials was low
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because of the covid pandemic. >> i took office in january 2020. less than two months later, i was told by the department of public health at i and my staff could not go in her office. >> let me explain to you that it only takes two milligrams of sentinel to be fatal in the average person. lyanne: i also asked about a statement made by bodine where he says many of these drug dealers are from honduras, forced to sell drugs by dealers in their country or face death. here's what she told me -- right now, her job is to make sure that wherever you come from that you are not exploiting the vulnerable people on our streets. larry: thank you.
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a bill on governor newsom's desk will authorize pilot programs of safe injection sites in san francisco and oakland. >> we know that these safe consumption sites save lives. they reduce harm and they help get people into recovery for their addiction illness. this is a pilot. we need to try new things and see how they go and then scale what works. larry: the mayor cited conversations with the mayor of vancouver, which opened north america's first safe consumption site in 2003. it has proven not to increase drug use but reduces the impact of concentrated drug use on neighborhoods. sky 7 live now over breaking news in san francisco. police responding to a double shooting at santos street and velasco avenue. you can see police tape around a bus near geneva avenue on the
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southern part of the city. police say two victims were taken to the hospital. one with life-threatening injuries. liz: some of the images in this next story may be disturbing to some people. a richmond police officer has been fired for excessive use of force captured on camera. body cam footage shows the confrontation involving officer eric smith junior back on april 9. after chasing the suspect, smith hits the man with his taser more than 30 times. smith was trying to take the man into custody after he fled a traffic stop earlier that night. the officer located the suspect as second time, and a brief foot chase lead to that confrontation. richmond's police chief offered an apology today. >> am want to apologize to the individual that was involved knots this incident as well as the community at large.
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officer smith's actions are unacceptable. liz: the incident was also recorded by security cameras nearby. larry: in napa county, the health department is reporting an outbreak of legionnaires disease causing several hospitalizations and one death. officials will be holding a press conference in one hour and we will be streaming that life when it happens. liz: we are hearing from experts on what the disease is and exactly how it is transmitted. >> first coronavirus, then on key pox, and no legionnaires' disease. napa county public health officials have their hands full. >> basically, it is a kind of pneumonia, so it is an infection in the lung caused by a bacterium that is inhaled typically in contaminated water. >> since july 11, 12 people have
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gotten sick in the cities of napa and calistoga. all 12 had to be hospitalized, and one person died from the disease. napa county says this is the first death related to the disease in their county in several years. the professor of epidemiology at uc berkeley says the symptoms are similar to pneumonia. >> legionnaires' disease has a fever and a cough and chest pains and shortness of breath. sometimes you can cough up some blood, but you have malaise and fatigue and loss of appetite. >> unlike covid and monkeypox, this is not transmitted from person to person, only from breathing in the vapor containing a bacteria called legionella, which grows in warm water. >> we had outbreaks from contaminated potable water systems, but the most common situation has been contamination
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of a very specific type of air conditioning system called a cooling tower. >> if you develop any pneumonia-type symptoms, health officials say you should contact your doctor. the disease can be treated with antibiotics. larry: new developments now in the washburn fire that came close to destroying some giant sequoias in yosemite national park. the grove, home to those big trees, reopened today. some of the trees were damaged, but most did survive. that fire 97% contained. officials warn that increase fire activity is anticipated because of drier and hotter weather in the forecast. more than 57,000 acres have burned and four people have died in the fire. 100 buildings destroyed as well. mike, temperatures are going up.
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mike: they are and they are staying up. that rain that helps so much not really in the forecast moving forward. here's a look at why -- at one of the closest reporting sites with wind gusting and temperatures will remain mainly in the mid 90's. as far as our wind, though, nearly calmed during the overnight hours, but up to 20 to 25 in the afternoon and humidity levels never rise much from the teens in the morning to nearly 40% in the afternofepiles possit now, but the bulk of ogre wet weather is right along the crest of the sierra where flash flooding is possible not only today. slight chance of a shower. we will talk about it coming up. liz: thank you. the dark side of social media and the nightmare one family has faced over a username. another new change coming to the
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my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. larry: now to the latest on house speaker nancy pelosi's trip to taiwan. the speaker and her delegation left taiwan earlier this morning. we have a look at the concerns about the enduring impact of her visit.
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>> this is what beijing did not want the world to see. >> our solidarity with you is more important than ever. that's house speaker nancy pelosi visiting taiwan and joining its president to publicly declare u.s. support of the island's self-governing democracy. >> we are grateful for this demonstration of unwavering support to the people of taiwan. >> pelosi and her delegation flouted the chinese government's repeated governments against visiting taiwan, which china considers part of its territory. rex we want taiwan to always have freedom and security. >> a furious beijing responding with military exercises off the shores of taiwan, launching nearly two dozen warplanes into taiwan's air defense zone. the chinese foreign ministry
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spokesperson saying the u.s. and taiwan are not listening, and therefore, the chinese military and the chinese side can only communicate with the u.s. and the taiwan independent separatist forces in a language they can understand. >> we knew that the chinese were going to react this way. >> the speaker, a longtime critic of china's human rights record, is seen here in 1991 honoring protesters killed in tiananmen square. though democratic lawmakers traveling to taiwan is common, pelosi's trip was different, kept largely under wraps with her office refusing to confirm it until she landed in the capital city of taipei. new reports that china has leveled a ban on the import of some taiwanese goods. the white house emphasizing that pelosi's trip is consistent with u.s. policy. larry: the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleaded not guilty this morning to dui
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charges. an attorney entered the plea on behalf of paul pelosi in a napa county courtroom. the real estate mogul is accused of misdemeanor charges causing injury while driving under the influence of alcohol. the charges stem from a crash in late may. liz: in the east bay several government officials visited high park for the school district is administering its summer meals program. the district makes healthy meals for students with food sourced from local farms. the federal government has reimbursed schools to provide free meals for all the last two years, and that is being phased out for the upcoming school year, but california is implementing its own program. >> california has done this remarkable thing in saying we are going to step in and provide universal preschool meals, but they are not just doing that. it is this copperheads of approach about connecting
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farmers to the meals that are served here. i think we have a lot to learn from california that we can bring to thet the country. liz: california's meal program will include a nutritionally adequate breakfast and lunch for all children each school day. if you are not in san francisco, feels like summer. mike: that is true. it is warmer in other parts of the bay. that will continue for tomorrow and then all of us will start to feel a little cooler and more comfortable as we head toward the weekend. here's a look at 94 degrees. watching some storms for thursday and today, they are going to get really close, close enough that we keep watching them, but they are not in the forecast just quite yet and it will be mild saturday, sunday, and monday. doppler seven was active earlier today with moisture moving to the north bay. that has all moved on and the attention is focused on our high country.
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good news -- there's a lot of rain coming out of these. unfortunately, it means -- it is really hot in some areas like concord and brentwood. pretty comfortable san jose, 80, but 90 in los gatos. look at san mateo. a nice reset napa, 79 but 93, a during the evening hours and that's going to bring some lift to all of us as we head into the 9:00 hour and then they will start to back off a little bit. dupont at palo alto and napa still at 60. the rest of us starting to feel some of that drier air and you can see it reflected in temperatures this evening and last evening. tomorrow's temperatures with mostly cloudy conditions, a little fog in the north bay, drizzle along the north coast, mid 50's to even a few upper 60's around antioch.
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mid to upper 80's in most areas. we will try to get to 90 in morgan hill. not quite as breezy are as comfortable from san mateo southward under good air quality, 77 to 83 there. temperatures in the mid 60's along the coast until you get to the sunset at 62. 60 eight in downtown san francisco. of through the north bay, looking at mid to upper 80's. cloverdale northward, upper 90's to low 100s. breezes will keep it minnen berkeley in the low 70's while bout 8mo?to low 80's for most o. 90 in san ramon to about 95 in brentwood. you can see low cloud cover go away. here's a look at high clouds. you can watch the radar returns as they get so close thursday and more so friday, so a stray shower possible especially in our east bay and southlake ever hurts, but right now, it is nothing like the rain we went through earlier this week.
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not as much moisture and not as much energy. you will notice temperatures drop back into the 60's, 70's, and 80's. for most of us, back to average levels. larry: thanks, mike. san francisco city officials program today at a front park. new construction of a 5.5-acre space to be developed. it is expected to be the centerpiece of the growing mission bay neighborhood. it will have open lawns, a new section of bay trail and is also a destination for those who make the trip up to warriors games and other events at chase center. construction scheduled to be completed in fall of 2023. liz: the fda digging into another food delivery service after customers got sick.
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larry: the fda is investigating complaints from people who say they experienced liver failure after receiving products from a second delivery service. liz: melanie woodrow has been covering the story since june and has the latest. >> we've never had anything like this before. melanie: vincent said he had
4:25 pm
never experienced anything like this. >> nurses came in, had no idea what it could be at the time. melanie: he says he was drinking revived superfood smoothies, these very flavors and the mango and pineapple flavor. the month after he was hospitalized, he received this email from revived superfood's, letting him know one of the company suppliers found microbial contamination in its raspberries. the email advised him not to consume certain smoothies received prior to june 10, only the recall was june 18 according to the canadian food inspection agency, meaning the company waited three weeks to notify him, who says he continued drinking the smoothies in the meantime. >> i did not even consider that smoothies that i was taking for health reasons could be actually detrimental to my health. melanie: it was not just the smoothies they called. he was also drinking mango and
4:26 pm
pineapple smoothies, a flavor the company has not recalled. he said he recently heard about the daily harvest recall. he also learned the same protein is an ingredient in revived superfood's mango and pineapple smoothies. revive ceo told abc 7 news the company contacted authorities and removed the mango and pineapple smoothie for sale from its website. the following week, the ceo told abc news the company was communicating directly with customers, but vincent says the company did not notify him about any issues with the mango and pineapple smoothie. on july 29, he wrote the company asking why. he received a response yesterday that said in part all indications suggest the mango and pineapple smoothie is safe to consume, but out of an abundance of caution, they decided to stop shipping the product for now and are working closely with regulatory authorities for additional testing and guidance, a notification he says he did not
4:27 pm
receive until he asked. >> i did not even get a notification. they lost a customer for life. melanie: one woman said she received an email six days after the company decided to stop selling its mango and pineapple smoothie. the mel let her know the smoothie which was in her upcoming order would be replaced by another one, but it did not direct her to avoid drinking the mango and pineapple smoothies she still had in her freezer from a prior delivery. >> i would have beaten it without thinking twice. there was not, from what i could see, a very concerted effort to make sure consumers knew that this product is potentially dangerous to your health. >> there's people who are probably still consuming them out there. melanie: revive super foods says tests for pathogens and allergens have come back negative. the fda says they are investigating. the fda has not made recommendations and says it
4:28 pm
names ingredients anything and suppliers only when there is enough evidence linking that ingredient to illness or injury. revive super foods' ceo did not respond to recent requests for comment by abc 7 news. liz: we will keep you posted. a social media nightmare, but this one is not about cancellations or instagram payments. >> do we need to take our kids and go hide somewhere? larry: the haras who's on it with jardiance?
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we're on it with jardiance. aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. larry: new details now on breaking news we brought you just a few minutes ago. san francisco police say one ofg near the cow palace has died.
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that shooting happened at this -- on this muni bus. another suspect was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. a san francisco police homicide detail is on the way to the scene as we speak. liz: a former social media executive harassed over a social media handle. larry: from threats to fake food deliveries to his children school -- children's school being put on lockdown. >>'s it's hard to imagine there's a black market out there for social media accounts, but this story paints a bizarre picture on how it all works. the suspect to do whatever it takes to not only harass victims and their families but to the point where they fear for their own safety, and it is all over and instagram and twitter handle. for chris everly, this bizarre nightmare started in march 2020 with a strange text. >> i really could not figure out if it was a joke. >> the former netflix executive
4:32 pm
received this message that said, hey, christopher, going to need @ginger on instagram. harassment to you and your family will begin soon. 30 minutes later, he gets a phone call. it is a local 650 number. quick site and the guy on the other and says i'm outside with your tow truck. -- >> i answer and the guy on the other end says i'm outside with your tow truck. >> everly figured it was a prank, but little did he know it was just the beginning. >> when i got up in the morning, i had a barrage of missed calls, voicemails, texts from delivery drivers. there was a papa john's guy,
4:33 pm
"hey, i'm here with your order." >> to suspect taunting him with these texts. the next day, his phone blowing up with calls. >> from chicago, brooklyn, and knowing when, places where my extended family lives. >> everly says this continued intermittently over the course of several years, the worst way of hitting in march and avril of fake delivery orders were made in his name all across the country. >> this is not cool, man. >> his phone overwhelmed with calls like this. >> you keep placing orders and you're wasting a lot of time, man. i don't know what is your deal. >> everly says the suspects even researched the names and addresses of his extended families, so his daughter, mom, and in-laws became bombarded with food deliveries sent to their house, even his own office at net experience >> all of these angry people were trying to find chris everly to give him
4:34 pm
his pizzas, except i did not order them. >> after a barrage of angry calls and texts, the suspect hit closer to home. >> weapons and my son. >> everly got a call and email warning his son's school was placed on lockdown due to the threat of an active shooter nearby. turned out to be his former address. >> it spooked my number, so it looked like these calls were coming from my number even though they were not. the person who had called said that they had killed their girlfriend, they were barricaded inside the house and gave my former address and said they would kill anybody who came close to the house. >> the suspects were swatted, which is when someone makes a fake phone call to an want to get a large police presence to a particular address. all of this over a social media handle. >> that's right. all this for social media handles that i assume they were
4:35 pm
just going to take and try to sell. >> turns out chris is not alone. everly and other victims formed a support group called handle heroes and contacted the fbi to investigate the harassment. a tech ceo specializes on social media market research and trend analysis. he explains that there is a growing lack market for rare social media handles. >> how do they get this much information and leverage over someone based on, again, public information, right? to know where you live, to know where your family is? that is frightening to begin with, but let alone that there is that much desire, right, to take an account. >> two years later, the people behind this still will not stop. >> as recently as a couple of weeks ago, my mom received a
4:36 pm
pizza order at her house in my name. my in-laws, the same thing. it does not make any sense. none of it ever made sense. >> chris everly did give away his instagram handle, but not to the suspects. to someone who provides mental health services. liz: that is a crazy story. while -- wow. we hope to get any developments that you hear. residents in one european country are having a difficult time keeping their hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill.
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larry: time now for the four at 4:00. spain is trying something new to reduce energy consumption. starting next week, public places will not be allowed to set air-conditioning below 27 degrees celsius. that's 80 degrees fahrenheit. that law will be enforced until november 2023. it's going to be a long year plus in spain. we should start with our meteorologist. 80's -- 80 is a little warm. mike: should i talk about how cold the studio is? 80 would not work in here.
4:40 pm
our makeup would run and that would not look very pretty, would it? they are doing 80 to 81 in the summer and no warmer than 66 in the winter to save on oil from russia. larry: wow. mike: thing about shopping centers, a lot of us go to those places in the summer to beat the heat. liz: and the more people, the harder it gets, right? -- the hotter it gets, right? my husband and i are heading to spain for the summer. we had these images. tesla also has lounges with coffee and food at some of these charging stations. elon musk has even said he wants
4:41 pm
to turn some into drive-in movie theaters. ok. i like the drive-in movie theater idea. they're awesome, and you are going to be there anyway, so you may as well charge a. >> you may as well, yeah. >> it is going to be a small swimming pool. it's going to be very crowded. some of us around here have these crazy get rich slow schemes -- really slow. this is going to be the next wave of entrepreneurship. if you can figure out how to create a destination because a lot of people are getting electric vehicles now. instead of you get your gas, run in and get some chips and a drink, now it will be like, can i get my latte, my whatever and have a half-hour to charge up and create an experience for people as opposed to just ring to get in and out of the gas station as quickly as possible. that was the idea. >> great idea. much more sanitary than that old --
4:42 pm
>> bathtub. it was a bathtub. >> a north carolina chick-fil-a has stopped volunteer program after some backlash. the restaurant in hendersonville wanted volunteers to man the drive through in one-hour shifts. in return, they would receive five free entrees. whoa. the restaurant deleted its post. the fair labor standards act prohibits for-profit companies from using volunteers to perform regular job duties. anybody have a strong opinion on this north carolina story? >> just kind of like, what were they thinking? it is so odd. >> i have a little window into that may be. some restaurants have to give away a certain around of food -- certain amount of food every month. were they really giving that to these volunteers instead of to charities and other such things just to get them to work?
4:43 pm
>> ic. quick i'm thinking more they are just trying to save money. >> five entrees, though, that's, like, 50 bucks. is that a wholemeal or a chick-fil-a sandwich is, like, five bucks now i think? so that's $25? >> are you going to do? walk around with five entrees? what do you do with that? >> that's what made me think of the other thing. >> everybody wants free labor if they can get it, that's for sure. >> now to something getting some mixed reactions. a minnesota woman is the new guinness world record holder for the longest fingernails ever. she has not cut her nails since 1997. >> ew. >> of both the 63-year-old's hands have a combined nail length of 43 feet 10 inches. that's longer than a school bus.
4:44 pm
>> ok. i did not expect them to look -- i don't know what i expected them to look like. i thought they would curl. sometimes long nails do. >> she flat irons them. [laughter] >> my nails break after they got just a tiny bit longer than, like, a centimeter. >> same. same. >> those things look like tree limbs. what function can you do around your house with nails that long? or even, like, anything. eat. >> typing, talk on the phone. i don't know. >> like at the grocery store? >> what? >> i mean -- hmm. >> i have a lot of questions. >> me, too. >> a lot more questions than answers at this point. >> she did, paint them -- she did, like, paint them.
4:45 pm
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just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. >> now to an environmental success story that proves even small groups can accomplish large things like protecting the majestic whales that migrate off the coast.
4:48 pm
>> this third-grader has been studying whales at the orchard school. >> i think they are really cool because they are such big animals, and they help the earth so much. >> first grade student wilder has learned to appreciate the ocean giants, too. >> whales are really important for the climate. >> but they and their classmates also share a serious concern along with lots of marine experts, a concern about whales migrating off the bay coast in a pattern that often crosses into commercial shipping lanes and at high speeds, collisions can be deadly. michael carver oversees the ship struck program -- ship strike program. >> ship strikes is when vessels coming through the oceans collide with a large whale, usually strike it with their bow and sometimes kill it. >> yellow for humpback whales,
4:49 pm
like blue for blue whales. >> it tracks collisions, but its main purpose is to prevent them. to do that, they are convincing shipping companies to slow the speed of their vessels in sensitive areas. >> one that drops to around 10 knots, whales are able to get out of the way of the ship, so it gives them a chance to avoid it. >> the program is voluntary and relies on cooperation of shipping companies. with that in mind, teachers and students at orchard school thought they could help. students created cards thanking the companies for slowing down. they included personal messages to company executives on one side and hand-drawn artwork oth. wilder's mom works with noaa and help organize the effort. >> created the work with crayon and then water colored over the top. they did a beautiful job.
4:50 pm
>> she says most companies responded right away. the ceo of a mediterranean shipping company was so moved by the card he adjusted his company's policy to forgo financial incentives connected with the program. >> i was really blown away. we did not expect to hear back from the shipping companies, let alone for there to be an actual, like, policy change. >> now managers at the sanctuary hope the campaign might also convince more shipping companies to join the program as well and ids, it is perhaps a valuable lesson in the power of positive reinforcement and working together to protect these majestic and endangered creatures. >> the program is actually known as blue whales, blue skies. it is in partnership with air quality control districts, and that's because along with protecting the whales, slowing down also reduces air pollution from those cargo ships. liz: that's great. good for those kids. a new outdoor movie theater is
4:51 pm
coming to san francisco. it plans to host two screenings a night on fridays, saturdays, and sundays, kicking off this weekend. it starts with some san francisco favorites like "milk" and "what's up, doc." it is windy out there today. mike: that's exactly what i was going to say. my first graphic shows it. the wind will be aggressive through at least 9:00, especially from the golden gate through the delta. watch out for moderate chop on the bays and also the delta and a little bit of a cross breeze on some of our bridges. if you are going to the game tonight, giants need some help. 63 dropping down to 59. it will feel more like oracle park with clouds rolling in in breezy, cool conditions. tomorrow, we will have that
4:52 pm
afternoon breeze, but before we get there, mid to upper 60's. low 70's to even a few low 80's around the bay and 80's and 90's in. as far as around the state, we will look up towards the sierra once again for the best chance of thunderstorms. some of those will extend down into the high desert and could even hit los angeles and san diego. that moisture is coming our way late in the day, so we will have some high clouds. it gets close enough that a stray shower may get close friday, but the bigger story is the drop in temperatures come friday. it will be much more comfortable, and that will last all the way through the weekend. have a good evening. larry: thank you, mike. you, too. two years of covid cancellations. now when country music's biggest celebration returns. >> it deals so exciting to be back. liz:
4:53 pm
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liz: coming up tonight at 8:00, it is cma fest followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. cma fest is hosted by dirks bentley and features a star-studded lineup up performers. reporter george pinocchio from our sister station in los angeles has a preview. let's people want to dance and want to sing to all the stuff they know the words to. george cole and carrie underwood is just one of the music
4:56 pm
superstars taking part in the annual cma fest. luke ryan is there, too, and says festival is truly all about the fans, and all the artists were thrilled to be able to be back with those fans live and in person. >> i did and abc-cma situation in an empty stadium, and it was pretty depressing even though we got it done, so be able to come back with all the fans in the streets of nashville in the stadium is pretty special. george: performers also include carly pierce with wynonna and a tribute to the judds. cohosting this year, dirks bentley and elk king. >> there's nothing like this. i don't have anything to compare it to. this is like the end-all, be-all
4:57 pm
biggest country -- it is not even like a stubble. it is like a party. >> it feels good here. these are like the all-star fans. these are not just regular country fans. these are the best of the best. they come from all over. you go out to nissan stadium, that's the cream of the crop right there. so good to have them back in our city. just feels good to be in nashville right now. george: george pinocchio for abc 7 news. liz: that looks so fun. a reminder -- you can see the three-hour cma fest special tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7, and abc 7 news is streaming 24/7. you can get the bay area streaming tv app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. that is it for abc 7 news at
4:58 pm
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. really gave me a huge sense of relief to know that he's behind bars. i'm very glad that he is. he's behind bars and that he's facing the consequences. tonight four months after the first case was reported san jose police have arrested a man accused of shooting seven women with a pellet gun. good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us tonight. we're hearing from two of the victims as they react to news of this arrest abc 7 news reporter. dustin dorsey has the details and a story you will see only on seven. these two south bay residents don't know each other have never met and don't even live in the same city, but


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