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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," weather alert. historic and deadly heat on the move. nearly 100 million americans being warned about extreme conditions today, plus flood alerts after severe storms slammed the midwest. a girl hit by lightning now fighting for her life. abortion vote fallout. the decision in red state kansas to uphold abortion rights sending shock waves. will it affect republicans' chances of taking control of congress this fall? what senator mitch mcconnell is saying. caught in a lie. >> it's 100% real. >> the stunning moment as conspiracy theorist alex jones who once claimed the zanna school shooting was a hoax told his text messages were
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accidentally leaked. what they reveal. new details about a credit score reporting glitch that could impact millions of americans affecting their ability to qualify for loans. sign of the times. why viewers of a popular daytime soap -- >> so are the days of our lives. >> -- will now have to pay to watch it. sticker shock. what's behind the sky high price of concert tickets. ticketmaster now responding. later the backlash over a tourism ad encouraging women of all sizes and shapes to hit the beach. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> i'm andrea fujii in for mona. we'll get to the extreme weather in the forecast in just a moment but we begin with the fallout from that surprising vote to uphold abortion rights in kansas. >> the vote is having implications far beyond kansas. top democrats and republicans alike are now weighing in on what this could mean for the midterm elections and republicans' chances of taking
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control of congress. abc's em nguyen has more from washington. em, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. democrats hope what happened in kansas will shape the midterm election this fall but many republicans do not see it that way. this morning, republicans are warning against drawing conclusions after the commanding victory for abortion rights in kansas. >> i was absolutely surprised and i have no explanation and again it was just a gut punch. that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: voters in traditionally conservative kansas overwhelmingly voted to protect abortion rights by rejecting a ballot measure tuesday turning out in record numbers for a summer primary election. the outcome suggests the threat to abortion rights could energize voters in the november midterm elections possibly giving democrats momentum in congressional races, but senator roger marshall of kansas is convinced voters will have other things on their mind in november. >> i think voters come november
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will be very focused on the cost of gasoline and groceries and rent. that's all i hear about. my whole life has been about protecting the life of moms and babies, and i think that this was a step away from that but nevertheless, i respect the process. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell appears to be expressing less optimism. mcconnell previously predicted the november midterms would be very good for republicans but seemed to manage expectations during his appearance on fox news last night. >> i think it's going to be very tight. we have a 50/50 senate now, we have a 50/50 nation, and i think when the senate race smoke clears, we're likely to have a very close senate still with either us up slightly or the democrats up slightly. >> reporter: in a new statement last night, president biden said americans are going to vote to reclaim the rights that the extreme supreme court has taken away from us. looking ahead to november, four more states have abortion
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measures on the ballot, california, kentucky, montana and vermont. andrew. >> em, thank you. five-term congresswoman jackie walorski is being remembered today as a no nonsense lawmaker. the indiana republican and two of her staffers were killed in a car crash wednesday in indiana. the suv they were riding in was hit head-on by another vehicle. that driver also died. flags in washington were lowered to half-staff. walorski was 58. now to the stunning moment in court when conspiracy theorist alex jones was caught in another lie. it came as he was cross-examined during a defamation trial stemming from his claims about the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. abc's rhiannon ally reports something happened in court that no one expected and could land jones in even more trouble. >> reporter: this morning, an about-face from far right media host alex jones now conceding the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in 2012 was real. >> it was, especially since i
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met the parents, and it's 100% real. >> reporter: a jury is now deliberating jones' punishment in a defamation case. the parents of 6-year-old jesse lewis, a victim of the shooting, successfully sued jones for claiming the massacre was a hoax and that parents were actors in a scheme to support gun control. >> sandy hook is a synthetic, completely fake with actors. >> reporter: in court yesterday a bombshell from the plaintiff's lawyer revealing that jones' lawyers mistakenly handed over two years of text messages from jones' phone. >> mr. jones, did you know that 12 days ago, 12 days ago your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you've sent for the past two years and when informed did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way, and as of
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two days ago it fell free and clear into my possession and that is how i know you lied to me when you said you didn't have text messages about sandy hook. did you know that? >> i told you the truth. this is your perry mason moment. i gave my phone -- >> reporter: jones had testified under oath that he personally searched his phone for sandy hook related text messages but didn't find any. >> you know what perjury is, right? i just want to make sure you know before we go any further. you said that under oath. >> yes. no, i did not lie. >> reporter: lawyers say the messages reveal jones' businesses brought in roughly $800,000 in one day from sales. jones claims that figure wasn't the norm, and he claims he lost nearly everything after being banned from facebook, youtube ane platforms. his company filing for bankruptcy last week, but the judge not buying his excuses. >> you may not tell this jury that you are bankrupt. that is also not true.
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it seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify, yet here i am, you must tell the truth while you testify. this is not your show. >> reporter: jesse's parents are seeking $150 million in damages and claim jones is using bankruptcy to hide his money. as for those text messages, "rolling stone" reports the january 6th committee is now planning to subpoena them as it looks into jones' role in the capitol attack. andrea, andrew. >> thank you, rhiannon. one of the nation's largest credit reporting agencies has admitted providing inaccurate scores to lenders. equifax confirms nearly 300,000 people saw their scores change by at least 25 points last spring, that's enough to cause credit applications to be denied. credit scores may have gone up for millions of consumers. >> in the mortgage space typically the lenders see all
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three credit scores. if there is one outlier, it usually gets ignored. now, in the auto space it's different. the lenders are only going to look at one score. if they looked at equifax and equifax had an incorrect score for you, you might have been negatively affected by the glitch. >> equifax says it was a coding glitch. to figure out if you were affected, experts say check your equifax score against those from other companies. walmart is announcing layoffs cutting nearly 200 corporate jobs and comes after the company lowered its profit outlook due in part to inflation forecasting an 11% to 13% drop in profit in the next year. a decision by opec on oil production is being called a, qote, sap in the face to the biden administration despite president biden's recent visit to saudi arabia. opec and its allies have decided to increase production by only a tiny percentage, 100,000 barrels per day. still, gas prices have dropped for 50 consecutive days due to
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falling demand and recession fears. prices average $4.16 per gallon nationwide. an unprecedented move in boston. the city is shutting down one of its subway lines for an entire month for urgent repairs. the city will provide some shuttle buses for orange line riders but people are being urged to work from home. a train caught fire last month when a panel hit the electrified third rail. turning to the weather, more record heat is moving into the northeast. meanwhile, the chicago area is cleaning up from a storm that left trees down. a 13-year-old in critical condition now after a lightning strike. with that let's take a look at your thursday forecast. good morning. today we're looking for dangerous heat and dangerous flooding across the northeast. if you are waking up in st. louis, be careful of water over the roads there. meantime, it's going to be hot this afternoon from boston down to d.c. now we're looking for real feel temperatures well over 100 degrees. stay hydrated. maybe have to find a cooling center. maybe find the ocean to jump in
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there. that'll be nice and cool. watch out for flash flooding into this afternoon. st. louis, indianapolis and buffalo. it's going to be dangerous out there. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, a potential crisis in the beer industry. also ahead, sneaker scam. the man being called the bernie madoff of sneakers. and how buyers got duped. but first a girl kidnapped and tied to a bed for one week escapes by chewing through her restraints. what police are saying about the
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back now with a slow moving chase in alabama. police north of birmingham spent part of their wednesday pursuing a cow along interstate 65. it got loose along the median.
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the scene being described as udder nonsense. new details about a kid flapping in alabama and how a 12-year-old girl was able to escape after being held captive for days. >> reporter: this morning a 12-year-old girl is safe after a daring escape from this alabama home. >> she's a hero. she's safe now. and so we're going to keep her that way. >> reporter: investigators say the girl had been kidnapped. and after a day's long nightmare, she chewed through her restraints, got free, and fled alone down a rural road in tallapoosa county where she was spotted by a passing driver. >> we responded and ultimately responding to there, we were able to determine that there was possibly a kidnapping involve. >> reporter: court documents reveal the girl had been tied to a bed post for about one week. given alcohol to remain in a drug state, and was assaulted.
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but the case taking an even more gruesome turn. police say they found two bodies at the home where she had been held, including the body of her mother and brother, believed to be 14. the suspect, 37-year-old jose pascual reyes, identified as the mother's boyfriend, is under arrest, charged with first degree kidnapping and two counts of capital murder. >> they lived there in that residence with the other individual that we arrested. >> reporter: neighbors say the suspect had only lived in town for about three months. >> just walked up and said hello basically. and tried to find out what kind of work they're doing. no different than anybody else. just average joe. >> reporter: authorities say more charges could be coming in this case. as for the 12-year-old, she is listed in stable condition. abc news. >> thank you.
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the owner of a sneaker resale company has pleaded not guilty to charges steaming from an alleged $85 million ponzi scheme. from zeda kicks is being called the bernie madoff of sneakers. thousands of customers say they paid for rare air jordans and other pricey shoes and never got them. a potential crisis in the beer industry. a shortage of carbon dioxide. in part because of contamination of a major supplier in mississippi. some brewers are warning of shutdowns. coming up, rushing the season. the early return of pumpkin spice. first the sky high price of concert tickets. concert tickets. ticket welcome to allstate where anyone who bundles their home and auto insurance saves. isn't that right phil? sorry, i'm a little busy. what in the world are you doing? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance.
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stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. a major lawsuit in professional golf. the pga tour is now facing an anti-trust suit from members who opted to play with the saudi mickelson who was suspended by the pga is part of the suit, accusing the pga of anti-competitive practices for punishing those who join. the nfl has suspended deshaun watson for six games. the league wants him suspended. roger goodell could hear the appeal himself. from sports events to music concerts, americans are paying
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big money for live entertainment. now a major ticket retailer is defen defend the sky high prices. >> reporter: america is feeling sticker shock while trying to see some of the country's biggest acts. bruce springstein fans were outraged as tickets topped $5,000. >> springsteen was a man of the people time artist. >> reporter: now ticket master is pushing back saying 18% of tickets for springsteen's tour was sold for under $99. only 1% cost more than 1,000. the company saying promoters and artist representatives set pricing strategy and parameters. they used the so-called dynamic pricing which adjusts pricing by supply and demand. >> it is trying tea away the power that brokers and scalpers have gotten. springsteen is far from the
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worst to use this strategy. others have used it. >> reporter: springsteen's manager call the prices fair, saying in pricing tickets for this tour, we looked carefully a what our peers have been doing. overall, concert prices have hit an all time high. up 55% since 2009. an upper level seat to see elton john in charleston, south carolina, will cost you about $460, fees not included. and hit seats for lady gaga at met life stadium in new jersey start at $800. not just ticket master. for adele's opening night at her las vegas residency, tickets start at $880. and a front row seat is going for more than $41,000. and one major factor is the pent-up demand for live music after covid lockdowns. coming up, how to make sure you're getting the best deal. >> i'm just going to stick to
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♪ ♪ aleve. who do you take it for? time to check the pulse. we begin with the end of an era in daytime tv. >> after 14,000 episodes, you will have to pay to watch "days of our lives." it first aired in 1965. next month it will be taken off broadcast tv and be available only for streaming customers. >> nbc defended the move saying it reflects how viewers watch the show. next, a controversial summer tourism ad. >> the spanish government is under fire after its body positivity ad back fired. the goal was to encourage women of all sizes to hit the beach
4:54 am
but at least three of the women say their images were used without their consent. one woman's prosthetic leg was edited out. >> and they said they had no idea the images were real people. next, it is only august 4th but people are already rushing into fall. >> pumpkin spice is making its arrival. oreos are being released august 15th fufrlt can't wait that long, toll house is selling pup cannot spice cookie dough and coffee mate is selling pumpkin spice creamer. and jeff bezos just had his yacht towed in europe. >> people were threatening to throw eggs after hearing that a bridge was going to be dismantled just to move his yacht. >> they decided to wait before finishing it and they towed the yacht just before dawn. >> from a yacht to a jet. we are talking about elvis pressly's jet. >> yeah.
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announcer: building a better bay
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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. reggie: a shooting. the search for the suspect this morning. kumasi: the source of a legionnaires' outbreak identified, what is being done to protect others. reggie: progress on the mckinney fire, containment near the border and how the weather is helping firefighters. jobina: good morning. it is thursday, august 4. reggie: first, the weather. >> limited fog. we will find sunshine faster today compared to yesterday. drew: we are doing well with the visibility. it is not bad this morning. temperatures, we are warmer this morning compared to yesterday with upper 50's for a lot of us, low 60's inland. san ramon at 69. 65, san jose. cooler in the north bay. outside, this is a live


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