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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dan a.: i'm dan ashley. dan noyes is back with this development. dan n.: in an exclusive interview, wagstaffe wants to interview and hear from the bat mobile builder and the buyer to see if the case should be dismissed. district attorney attorney steve wagstaffe is canceling the hearing for a minister and -- administer for the man who builds bat mobile. >> i said i want more detail. dan n.: that is a change, though? >> it was going to be an arraignment on the 1th of august. dan n.: what spurred the second look? >> you, candidly. dan n.: he saw us questioning why sheriff carlos bolanos sent four investigators 2,200 miles to indiana to raid his garage.
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what role did your office play in the planning of the raid? >> zero. dan n.: you didn't know they would send a team to indiana? >> no, not at all. dan n.: they did approve the arrest warrants, but he has never seen a raid like this in another state for a nonviolent theft case. >> if the person they wanted to arrest to god father in new york city, maybe you go with a few more people, not in the average one, it is not something i have seen. dan n.: sources inside of the sheriff's office tell me this was a sheriff doing a favor for a friend. what do you think about that? what is your take? what is your reaction? >> i hope not. i hope not. dan n.: sheriff bolanos remains on his month-long vacation and he can't talk to me, because he is giving the board of supervisors about the raid.
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i had an interview scheduled 3:00 p.m. wednesday, but he bowed a short time before. his attorney was like, sam wants to clear his name. he has to do the interview. we have to do it now. now, he says he is concerned about discussing evidence in an ongoing criminal matter and he has been receiving harassing and some cases threatening texts and phone calls. he shared a few. yesterday, i spotted an artherton police car in front of his home. i found what a c car enthusiaste is, from the public file in his 2020 divorce, he gets to keep his 71 lamborghini, bentley g.t., electric go-kart, a vespa and bat mobile. after he paid $170,000 toward his replica, mark said he could not get in touch with him for eight months and the realtor
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missed a $20,000 payment, so he moved him from first position to the ninth customer in line. >> he did pay off the entire car, but he was lived to find out that his car was going to be delayed. dan n.: i watched his interview by you and if that ultimately is the scenario, it is a civil case. it is that simple. it is a civil case. >> wow, what a relief. this has been a two-weeknight mare. dan n.: today, i spoke to mark again to hear his reaction to his arraignment getting canceled. if you had a chance to say something to sam, what would you tell him? >> if you want your car, you have to stop doing these things, because they are only slowing down and delaying your car. and i want to finish your car that is what i do. i fulfill dreams. i have never fulfilled the dream of making sure someone gets their bat mobile.
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you know, it will be worth it, i promise. dan n.: late today, sam's attorney sent a statement insisting that he was a victim of fraud and paid in full for his bat mobile. he asked forral refund and he no longer has the $210,000. now, his bank account is still frozen, but he is not worry about a trip to california in two weeks. ama: thank you so much. if you have a story for the abc7news-attempt, go to dan a.: the president of san francisco's board of super vicar says he has no intention of resigning following allegations that he verbally harassed and threatened a cadet. lyanne melendez interviewed the
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cadet and supervisor walton and is in the newsroom. lyanne: it may seem like we're dealing with conflicting reports from the cadet and the president of the board of supervisors, in this case, there are witnesses. there is a video, not the best, you can't hear what they were saying, but you do see there is an interaction. here is what cadet butler and supervisor walton said. he wanted to clear his name and remind people what happened on the busy morning of pride weekend, june 24, when board president shamann walton went through one of the checkpoints at the city hall. in the past, the supervisor would get screened with a handheld security wand. >> it was crowded and i gave him a warning that he would have to take off his belt. he decided he was only going to
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do it. lyanne: unwilling to cooperate, cadet says supervisor walton harassed him verbally in front of everyone in line. >> he said, it is n-words like you that cause me a problem. he goes on to say, this n-word and repeats it again. lyanne: he allows walton to go through the checkpoint but not without threatening to him. >> he looks at me and says, i you must not know who i am. i will whoop your ass. lyanne: harassment kansas cities of unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct. supervisor walton has accused the sheriff's department of retaliating against him stating in the past, he has received
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unfair treatment at the security checkpoints. today, we approached walton, who a few weeks ago asked school board. member an hsu to resign after she made racially incentive remarks to black and latino families. what is your reaction to all of this? you asked ann hsu to resign and she apologized. you haven't apologized. >> ann hsu made racist remarks to the black and brown population. this is not the inaccuracies reported by the police department. lyanne: should you resign? >> of course not. lyanne: none of the supervisors have asked him to resign. >> i have no intention to do that, and no. lyanne: but my question is, you supported collins, allison call lynns and you asked ann hsu to
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resign. >> i thought you were going to do an interview about the eviction rally. if your question is if i'm asking shamann walt on the resign, the answer is no. lyanne: 7 on abc7news did covert rally and the cadet says an apology from walton wouldn't mean that much to him. >> i do feel offended saying it is solidarity between two black men. i don't agree with that at all. lyanne: you read the harassment free policy and this call debt debt -- cadet falls under the protected class and it clearly states that employees, applicants or persons providing services to the city by contract by employees or nonemployees is prohibited. dan?
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dan a.: we heard in your piece that the cadet says an apology would not mean that much to him. what does he wants to put this to rest? lyanne: he told me he wants to clear his name. he lives in the same district as supervisor walton and has family there. he does not want his family and friends to engage in conflict because of this. he wants supervisor walton to tell the truth, again, his words. dan a.: ok. lyanne, thank you very much. phil matier joined us earlier to weigh in on this controversy. we asked him, what is going on at san francisco city hall? here is his response. >> the supervisors make the rule, but they don't necessarily have to follow them themselves. the city can make a finding on the supervisor, but they don't get to hold them accountable. elected officials do that themselves. it is interesting also to note that about a year ago, a fellow
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supervisor aaron apologized for his bullying of city staff when con frommed w -- confronted with it. dan a.: mayor london breed calls on the supervisor to apologize. the cadet could push for a hearing in front of the city board to have it reviewed. ama: we will look at a campus that has only been opened since the pandemic started. dan a.: a woman paid off her student loans in two years. mike: almost as impressive, our evening. check out these pictures from the coast to the bay. temperatures running in the 60's and the 70's. because of that, we're going to have a nice evening and a nice weekend. the heat is still coming.
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that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. dan a.: calls are being made tonight for an investigation into last night's clash between oakland unified security guards and activists occupying an elementary shuttered by the district. today, the two sides are blaming each other for the chaos at parker elementary in east oakland. the district released a statement saying the school was empty when staffers entered, changed the locks and reset the alarm. somehow, people were able to get back in prompting the clash. today, parents and activists who occupied the building for two months denied being trespassers. >> this is a community building. everyone you see standing around here, this is what this was inthe ended for.
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dan a.: this was the first confrontation between two sides since the occupation began. ama: in san francisco, city college reopened its mission district today two years after the pandemic began. this comes as the school struggles with declining enrollment newspapers. lena howland explains what is being done to bring the campus back to life. lena: it is a day more than two years in the making. >> today is the most special day. i would like to call it august 5, mission day in san francisco. lena: city college provides free tuition to all san francisco residents. the mission center opens up access for those living in or around the mission district instead of having to travel across town to their main campus. >> this is what we need and there is nothing, nothing better that you can give to a community than education, because the future is ours. lena: the campus still faces an
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uphill battle. before the pandemic, they had 8,000 registered students, compared to today with just 300. integer the interim dean of students, jorge bell blames the pandemic on. >> the fact that we closed the doors for two and a half years, the pandemic, and prior to that, i think the enrollment had been going down in california. lena: because of that, the founding dean says there were dozens of teachers laid off. >> in order to balance the budget there was a layoff of teachers, and you layoff teachers, you don't have classes, et cetera. lena: the majority of his peers were willing to adapt to the digital atmosphere. >> having to adapt to the technology, having to adapt not being hands on, and so that took a long time to do. i know a lot of students felt that wasn't their approach, so they took a step back and focused on life, and not school. lena: the campus is ramping up
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recruitment and marketing efforts, including now offering dual enrollment to high schoolers to fill their classrooms up once again. >> the focus is to bring the students back so they know the campus is open. lena: in san francisco, lena howland, abc7 news. ama: the weekend is finally here. dan a.: and there is a lot going on, including mike, outside lands. mike: we just showed some pictures and man, it is packed. temperatures will be about 67 with afternoon sunshine. here is a look from the tower. you can see some of the shadows from the marine layer and the clouds starting to work to the east away from the coach. it will become cloudy with just a few areas of fog and drizzle to wake up tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, sunnier conditions, but temperatures will be mild to warm, nothing hot until we get into the sended forecast.
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i want to show you what is going on in death valley. we just got reports that the park is closed due to flooding. in fact, they received 1.7 inches of rain at furnace creek and the usual amount for a year is 1.9 inches. it was too much and it created mudslides and debris flows and it has not allowed staff or tourists to escape the park. at least 60 cars buried under the mud and muck. they are going to try to get that worked out in the next four, five, hope hopefully, six hours. this will push the storm was from the sierra. it is going to keep us in our mildest temperatures in the entire seven-day forecast. you can see the cooler air that took place in our east bay neighborhoods where temperatures are barely 81 in brentwood. everyone else in the 60's and 70's until you get to clover
6:18 pm
dale. of course, the winds are out there. not as aggressive as they were an hour ago. they will stay aggressive through the golden gate through the delta that is where the small craft advisory is. 60's and 70's until 7:00. sunset at 7:18. should be a colorful one with the clouds. we will be in the low 60's by 9:00. tonight to the mid 60's, milder than average. tomorrow's temperature, 70's and eights. 73 to 80 degrees on the south peninsula. not as breezy as you might expect until you get around the golden gate where it will hit 68. wine country, upper 70's to low 80's. what a great weekend to spend p there. 70's along the east bay. as you head into the east bay
6:19 pm
inland neighborhoods, we will have temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. accuweather seven-day forecast, we will grab a degree or two away from the coast for sunday, monday. the temperatures are at average. we will get back to average tuesday. for wednesday, thursday, and friday, some mid 90's inland. air conditioning weather coming back. near 80 around the bay and mid 60's around the coast. it is going to be a great weekend, amia. ama: covid cases don't rank in the top half nationwide. president biden continues to test positive for coronavirus. it is his seventh straight day. he signed into law two bills to combat fraud committed under pandemic programs. ba.5 variant, an infectious expert says symptoms show up in
6:20 pm
the throat, meaning a nasal swab won't show a positive test. >> you can swab your nose until tomorrow, it takings a while for the virus to go up to the nose that is why you're turning negative for a long time until you turn positive when the virus gets up to the nose. ama: he suggests a p.c.r. test is better than a rapid test or use the swab on your throat then your nose to get a better result. dan a.: checking on monkeypox in the bay area. sonoma county announced they have 17 cases moving it into the orange range on this color-coded map. therer 68 cases in santa clara county. san francisco has the most in our area, 444 reported cases. ama: coming up next, a mystery. what is sickening, e
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or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. ask your dermatologist ama: the california brown pelicans spent nearly 40 years on the endanger endangered spece making a comeback. >> we continue to be on high alert. >> reporter: j.d. bergeron of taon hospitals in thed of why se
6:24 pm
bay area and southern california. >> the only thing they have in common is starvation, emission yags and dehydration. >> reporter: since may, 340 brown pelicans were cared for, 50 were stranded in the bay area. >> we were filled to the gills with pelicans. >> reporter: some of the birds suffering secondary injuries from fishing hooks or hit by cars trying to find food in unusual places. >> why are they starring? >> we see them coming in with broken wings. >> reporter: this year, the numbers are higher. >> we, in 2022, so far have admitted 14 emaciated pelicans. in 2021, we we admitted four ann 2020, we admitted five. >> reporter: climate change is a theory. >> ocean temperatures can be a concern if the water is warmer,
6:25 pm
it drives fish away from their traditional hunting grounds, but the water temperatures are also not height. >> reporter: in a statement, the department of california fish and wildlife say that pelicans feed on anchovies and they are carl buntion dan and it is not clear why they were not able to find enough prey in may. it could be due the strong winds in late april and early may could disrupted their ability to forge. several have died. hundreds have been released after rehabilitation why experts are trying to understand why these sea birds are going hungry. >> this could easily be an indicator of a larger problem, but we don't know yet what that problem is. >> reporter: cornell bernard, abc7 news. ama: i hop they figure it out, so they can help them. dan a.: we will follow the
6:26 pm
progress. a rally today to support people who face eviction from a san francisco co-op. tonight, a look at how that makes the rules different than for renters. >> i'm lucky. it could have been worse. i could have been stabbed. ama: this attack survivor shares his story only
6:27 pm
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7news. dan a.: bruises and maybe a broken bone, but that is not stopping this longtime san francisco public servant from sharing his story. is one you will only see on abc7news tonight. ama: all the and other high profile asian american victims are calling for change. >> that is the city parking lot. dion: greg knows a lot about the area he calls home. >> i lived here 33 years. dion: his knowledge comes from decades of public service having been appointed to immigrants right, and the arts and culture commission by then-governor
6:30 pm
newsom. tuesday night around 7:30, as he walked home and out of nowhere was approached by a man. >> he was riding his bike, but he actually dropped his bike and assaulted me. i got punched in the face, and kicked, beaten. dion: greg, who is in his 70's, can no longer use his left arm. >> i could be broken. dion: he has not taken off his hospital gown. >> my eye was bulging out. he hit me so hard. dion: it is this assault coupled with the news i broke of mrs. wrenn being brutalized in her home this week prompted community leaders to rally for change. >> it hits home that this is a serious issue. dion: along with the coalition of seven other groups are gathering sunday in washington square park with a new message. >> this is the first time we're
6:31 pm
using the hashtag and phrase, fight asian hate. what is different about this rally, we are demanding specifics from our city, from our government on changes that we would like to see and demand. dion: while greg can't say for certain he was targeted for his race, he does have suspicions. >> i was singled out. dion: and hopes with his connections in the city and beyond to use that experience, so those in power make lasting change to stop the attacks. >> people have asked me all right. i plan to be a big voice. dion: for now, he musters the strength to go back outside. >> anything i do, i have to be hyperalert. dion: and focus on the long road of healing ahead. >> thank god it was not worse. i'm lucky, dion. dion: dion lim, abc7news. ama: the u.s. job market is surpassing expectations. it doubled predictions.
6:32 pm
this comes as americans continue coping with record cost of living increases. democrats are pushing their reduction act. economists say there is still a chance that economy could avoid a recession. >> the economy has a lot of momentum, so i think it raises the prospects for the kind of -- the kind of soft landing that the fed is aiming for. ama: the senate plans to hold a weekend vote. it needs the support of all 50 democrats and vice president kamala harris to pass. >> california's gas price is down to $5.50 as aaa, let's put that into specific, it was $6.23. a year ago, we paid $4.28. dan a.: many san franciscoians are on the verge of homelessness as they face eviction.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: five days from today, richard is scheduled to gget evicted. this rally is his last resort. >> if it does not help me, maybe it will help someone down the line. >> reporter: behind him, community leaders and his neighbors pleading for an intervention. richard mom died last week. she was the main person on the housing contract, now, he is getting evicted despite never missing a payment. he lived in this home for 54 years. linda says he lived with his grandmother and she passed away and he is also getting evicted. >> they asked for rent first with his name on it and turn were around and say, sir, unlawful detainer to say he was never on the lease. >> reporter: what is different about these evictions is these residents paid their monthly fees. the houses were built to house low-income and working-class
6:34 pm
families. instead of payment, they are -- rent, they are paying on their mortgage. >> they are not alleging failure to pay rent, so any claims that they have are suspicious. >> reporter: supervisor dean preston helped to delay these evictions, but their time is running out. he is hoping to reach a resolution. >> i will be talking with the attorneys, potentially with representatives from hud. >> reporter: the board in charge of the housing complex says it is critical to the shareholder and board whoever is the acting property manager is the agents for the mlk/co-op apartments to follow and enforce hud guidelines. a failure to comply with rules would result in the property losing the subsidiaries at the site. >> it is like we're fighting hud.
6:35 pm
you know, that is a big -- that is a pretty big goliath. >> reporter: in san francisco, louis penna, 7 on your side. dan ama: a royal audience only for abc7 gets a sneak peek for the exhibit. dan a.: michael finney, 7 on your side, how to seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less.
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dan a.: zonings times for the five million people still paying off their student loans. a program that put payments on hold is scheduled to end in less than four we weeks' time. michael finney is in the studio with tips on paying it off quickly. mike: i'm going to introduce you to a san francisco woman who paid off all of her student debts in two years after graduating with a master's degree. she has been re-purposing fashions and accessories since the age of 14. she purchases old clothing at secondhand stores and brings new life to them. >> i was raised by a single,
6:39 pm
immigrant mom, so i was resourceful with my money. mike: she would graduate with a b.a. >> i almost fainted on the lobby of my apartment building. mick mmichael: she would owe $4. the huge debt would mean saying no to friends when they asked her out to eat and not purchasing nice clothes for job interviews. >> it was the small sacrifices. michael: an attorney that specializes in helping people eliminate their student loan debt. >> know your budget. be aware of money that comes in and out of your household, so you can allocate certain debt to pay off your student loans. michael: if you have multiple
6:40 pm
loans, consider consolidating them. >> you may qualify for a more stable interest rate and lower payments and it is easier to pay one payment a month. > michael: those in public service, may have their l forgiven. there is more news at those with federal student loans qualify for more programs. those with private loans have fewer options. maury had private student loans at 6.55% interest. the personal finance company sofi cut her interest rate down to 3.5%. that's saved her $200 a month in payments. >> so, $200 a month is the difference between being able to go on vacation once a year or being able to go out to meals with friends twice a month. michael: now working on the business end of the fashion
6:41 pm
industry, she applied herbo news to paying off her loan, which she paid o it off in two years after grad school. >> it can't be everyone's story, but it helped me being a well- -- me get a well-paying job. i was never deprived. michael: stick with a budget and consider consolidating your loans and get a lower interest rate. before making a move, talk with your financial advisors, because if you make the wrong move, you can damage your finances. here is a reminder, the loan is scheduled to expire august 31. dan a.: as you pointed out, there are options. ama: cooler and
6:42 pm
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. ask your doctor about entresto dan a.: if you remember all of the excitement with the king tut exhibit opened in the united states, you don't want to miss this one. another egyptian king is about to hold court in the bay area. for now, you have to be indiana jones to slide past the door for the remember says t -- ramesses
6:45 pm
the great, the curator gave us an only on 7 royal audience. >> we start with the image of ramesses himself. dan >> reporter: rene is the curator and she says it is a reflection of egypt's golden age when pharaohs cashed in on their power and no one held on to it longer than ramesses the great. >> what you see here is a story about a king of egypt who really had much more time to create his own legend. it's one of a pair of bracelets. it is made primarily of gold. >> reporter: she says some of the pieces are recently discovered and many have never left egypt before. golden jewelry, along with coffins and funeral masks crafted to match their owner's statuses. teams have worked to carefully
6:46 pm
transport these priceless artifacts. >> we try to come to your country to show you what we have in my country. >> reporter: rene dreyfus is hoping that ramp says can recreate another egyptian king that captured the u.s. >> when the boy tut came, i was the curator and months that, i was the second curator. >> reporter: she said that ramesses and tut not only ruled in different eras, they left different legacys. the boy king was known for building families. >> he fathered about 100 sons and daughters. >> reporter: ancient and colorful legacy about to be reborn in the bay area. dan a.: the exhibit includes 180 objects to study. it opens august 20 and runs through mid-february. very much worth your time.
6:47 pm
ama: that is going to be fascinating. one last check of your weather. dan a.: mike nicco is here. mike: we will show you a small craft advisory through the delta and that will continue through 9:00. as far as your activity planner, if you're thinking about going for an evening walk, it will be comfortable. how about outdoor dining, we will drop into the 60's. tomorrow, a lot like today, 60's, 70's to the 80's. we will try to hold off the 90's until possibly sunday. if you're going to the coast, look at that. doesn't santa cruz look inviting? a lot of people packing up for the day, but they will be back tomorrow with a temperature of 74. temperatures in the 60's up and down the coast. milder than average. same thing on sunday. here is a look if you're going to tahoe. 79 to 83 and that is close to
6:48 pm
average. back here, we have a comfortable weekend. we don't have to worry about any heat until monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. dan a.: thank you. ama: larry beil is here with sports. li larry: do you know what is weird is giants are off. football, niners ono cue is known for being quiet. might make
6:49 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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osteo bi-flex - >> now, abc7 sports with larry beil. larry: good evening. brandon reunited with deebo smith. the two were in locksmith all day at practice. brendan is one of the clear standouts. he made noise with catches and a scrufl with fred warner the other day. the usually quiet third-year receiver seems ready to make a lot more noise this season. >> he was shocking us by talking at the end of the year walking up to jed and asking him what is going on. him walking into my office and starting saying hi. it led into this off-season and he is having as good of an off-season as anybody on our team. i think he has grown up a lot as a person. and it is unexpected. loimg he was in the dog house at
6:52 pm
the start of last season, that clearly has changed. steph and alicia curry flew back from their anniversary in paris in time for the opening of curry camp, 20 select basketball players and it is evenly split between boys and girls. coaches, pretty good. >> one, two, three. larry: how would you like to get a week with steph and chris mullen teaching you how to shoot, cheering you on, showing you the drills that made steph the best shooter in the galaxy? hard to decide who is having more fun. >> it is an amazing opportunity to see the nation's greatest talent and be part of the journey to get to the next level. there is a lot of talent and a lot of skill out there, but we want to give them the perspective and the in intangibs and to know house and how to
6:53 pm
play the game the right way and how to have fun. we treat the kids right, try to be first class. larry: doggie adoption day at san jose at the silicon classic. coco gauff taking on the two seed. mmadosa down the line. in the second, it is all be dosa from spain. her volley hits the net. goff runs it down. she advances to tomorrow's semifinals in san jose. this is really fun. our sister network espn two becoming the ocho showing nontraditional sports. dodgeball, great backflip there. maybe the greatest sport they showed today, slippery stairs. the stairs are covered with soap and you try to climb it, but it drags people down. there are rule rules, but no ons
6:54 pm
following the rules. anything goes on the slippery stairs. you're all going down. they are like bowling pins. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i could watch slippery stairs for hours and hours. but, if you remember dodgeball, patches, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball and that is the key to dodgeball. dan a.: the stairs are surprisingly mesmerizing as sad as that is to say. larry: you know how it is going to end, but you can't wait. dan a.: thanks, larry. ama: coming up tonight on abc at 8:00, a special edition of 020 and don't miss abc7 news at 11:00. remember, abc7news is streaming 24/7. get the bay area app and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. dan a.: finally, a few thoughts
6:55 pm
about what really matters. the bay area sheriff, the wealthy real estate investor and the out of state raid over the bat mobile. if you read that in a screenplay, you would never believe you could turn that ridiculous plot into a movie. as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. dan noyes exposed a story that might not other wise have seen the light of day. for the particulars, go to our website and watch dan's story on this. the bottom line, san mateo sheriff carlos bolanos is facing tough questions for sending four officers to indiana to help a local realtor get the replica bat mobile he ordered from a man there who builds them. it is not just the money and the time that the sheriff spent on this, even more important, questions of favoritism and abuse of power. dan's story is blowing up on the internet having all of the
6:56 pm
elements to go viral. the most important almost is what matters, solid journey i. and dan's determination to get to the truth of the story in people of authority. i love to hear from you. let me know what you think, follow me on twitter and facebook. ama: that is going to do it for this edition of abc7news. we thank you so for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan a.: i'm dan ashley. we hope you have a nice evening and we will see you again for abc7news at 11:00. good night.
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now at togo's ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a hotel senior sales manager from thornton, colorado... a project director from los angeles, anreg on--hethia sales manager from new york, nolorado... ...whose 5-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. you know, it all came down to final jeopardy! in yesterday's game. tyler rhode was the only one
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who came up with the correct response, and as a result secured his spot in the tournament of champions. can he make it six straight wins? or will it be tony or julian's turn to reign as champion? let's start finding out in the jeopardy! round with these categories. starting with... followed by... and... tyler, you are our returning champ. you select first. chair-ish, $600. - tyler. - what is la-z-boy? no. julian. what's barcalounger? - that's correct. - "love" for $600.


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