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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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francisco's golden gate park with a big day ahead. outside lands has returned to its summer date for the first time in years and the pandemic restrictions are gone. good morning everybody. it's saturday, august 6th. i'm liz croix. thanks again for joining us and we're going to start. hour with another check of the forecast with meteorologist lisa arjun. hi lisa. hey liz, nice dramatic view behind you with the sun coming up and about 10 minutes, and we're looking at a lot of low clouds, but some of the clouds are thinner and so that's why we're looking at a some brighter a about t 64 o inthe bay but on the coast some fog at 59 and from our exploratorium we're in the low. santa rosa and by the delta as well. there's a look at sfo. we will have partly cloudy skies throughout much of the morning hours and then temperatures will start climbing through the 70s and our inland valleys by
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noontime around 70 along the bay shore inland. we're in the low 80s by four o'clock to the mid 80s, so it's a mile to warm afternoon mid-70s from fremont today and staying in the mid and upper 60s at the coast. so a good deal of sun. we'll talk about a modest warm-up throughout the week. be a little more than modest in a few minutes liz. all right, lisa. thank you. your favorite artists are back in golden gate park this weekend with return of bay area's outside lands performing tonight green day, jack harlow calleuchis and more abc 7 news reporter. terry campbell was at the festival opening night and has our look from behind the gates. the outside lands party is getting started at golden gate park feels amazing. it's awesome. the vibe is great. people are amazing. differt lvaeamorertts i'm from wisconsin just decided to come out here for the weekend.
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and yeah, it's been a great time. wanted to see the artist perform. it's all eva seems first time here making him one of the more than 220,000 people expected to go through these gates super good. i've been here for a couple hours. it's been really good. i like the vibes. think super nice. oh, yeah. we have the lobster roll. it was dope the food and the drinks also taking center stage with nearly 200 bay area restaurants wineries and breweries business is back. it helps it a lot. it actually helps gets her name out there. so here else and they're like, where are you located? this is amazing. so it actually helps get your name out around the city the festival returning to its summer date for the first time since the start of the pandemic and the safety precautions are i think everybody's now vaccinated or at least everybody's like that. that's not that are wearing masks. so i think everybody's kind of relaxed a little bit. we're all vaccinated though. you know, i've been to plenty of these and i never went and i never got covid before and while
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having fun is clearly top of mind. so too is the monkeypox virus. some people are concerned other people not so much. we kept our distance with everyone, you know, they get a little crowded so we kept our blankets out to create a little bubble around us because you know, monkeypox is prevalent, lit of concern about. monkeypox. not really. i haven't really been thinking about it at all. yeah. enjoy the festival. it's always something i think health in the back of everybody's mind. tara campbell abc 7 news speaking of bunkie pox sonoma county is confirmed 17 cases of monkeypox among residents. the county says it's received 820 doses of the vaccine to date. san francisco will be getting 10,000 more doses of the monkey pox vaccine. that's more than double the previous two allocations from the state zuckerberg. sf generals vaccination clinic does reopen tuesday morning in san francisco has identified the first case of suspected monkeypox in its county jails.
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that's according to our media partner at the san francisco standard officials say they identified the possible infection in an inmate who was booked into the seventh street jail yesterday that person is now in isolation. all right in the east bayon appeals court is temporarily state construction and their demolition at berkeley's people's park, but uc berkeley will be allowed to put up a security fence. the university wants to redevelop a portion with housing for students and people experiencing homelessness protests over the plan resulted in dma this week seven people were arrested and two officers were hurt uc berkeley issued a statement writing in part while this new injunction will add further delay and significant additional costs to the project. we are pleased the court. agreed to an expedited process this morning a warning in contra costa county about dangerous mosquitoes in martinez county scientists have identified a non-native type that can carry diseases abc 7 news reporter. tim johns has what you need to
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know. they're small sneaky and possibly deadly we just got rid of the covid. so i mean now we're doing with the monkey pox now we're doing with mosquitoes. i mean, we're when are you safe on friday the contra costa mosquito and vector control district announced that an invasive mosquito species had been discovered in the city of martinez measuring about one quarter of an inch with a black body and white stripes they're called 80s egyptiagely concerned according to a press release from the me 80s mosquitoes are described as being very aggressive daybiters that can transmit diseases such as zika yellow and dangy fevers often times found in vegetation and places with standing water. the mosquitoes are non-native to california and usually found in warmer climates contra. costa says now that it's been identified although work to try and prevent the new insect from becoming established locally a job that tammy morales and her mother victorious say they're cautiously hopeful local authorities can do they tell abc
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news that for years the county has taken multiple steps to help residents fight mosquitoes and other pests they give you some hanging stuff they can put around the perimeter and play say leave you instructions about standing water, you know for the lava eggs and but they'll come and treat your yard, too. so if you have a big problem with mosquitoes, they come out and spray in the meantime contra. costa is asking residents to report any day biting mosquitoes a task. some say they'll be mindful of in the days and weeks ahead. actually gonna go buy some off before i get to the house tonight in martinez tim tim johns abc 7 news. president of san francisco's board of supervisors. shaman walton says he has no intention of resigning from office following allegations. he verbally harassed and threatened to sheriff's department cadet that cadet is asking the city to review the case abc 7 news reporter or liam melendez interviewed both the cadet and supervisor and has the story. i just want him to tell the truth amari butler granted us an
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interview stating that he wanted to clear his name and remind people of what happened on that busy morning of pride weekend, june 24th, when board president shaman walton went through one of the security checkpoints at san francisco city hall in the past. the supervisor would always get screened with a handheld security wand so it was really crowded so when he came in i tried to give him a warning, you know, he's gonna have to take off his belt and then decided that he wasn't gonna do it unwilling to cooperate cadet butler says supervisor walton verbally harassed him in front of everyone waiting in line looks at me points out the window and says, it's in words like you look like me. that's always a problem and he continues to go on and say this is some, you know inward --. and repeats it again at that point butler says his supervisor allowed walton to go through the checkpoint but not without in his words threatening him so he
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gets us things and as he's walking towards the elevator. he looks at me and he goes you must not know who i am. i whoop. yes, we went over the cities harassment free workplace policy put out by the and resources department, it states that harassment consists of unwelcome visual verbal or physical conduct in recent days. supervisor. walton has gone on the record accusing the sheriff's department of retaliating against him stating that in the past. he has received unfair treatment at the security checkpoints today. we approached walton who a few weeks ago asked school board member and shoe to resign after she made some racially insensitive. parks towards black and latino families by what's your reaction to all of this controversy the thing is that you've asked and shoot to resign and she apologies you apologize. so let me be clear about this and she made racist remarks towards the black and brown population that has nothing to do with the inaccuracies
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reported by the sheriff's department. you have my statement if you want to send your email, i'll resend it to you, but should you resign of course now as of today, of the supervisors have ask to resign with the exception of dean preston most have remained quiet about the controversy. i i don't know. i have no intention to do t and not no. no, but my question is that you know, you said collins and then you asked and i thought you interview about t r finevic her. so, you know if your question is am i asking shaman walton to resign answers now full transparency abc 7 news did cover that press conference on evictions for our newscast in the meantime cadet butler says at this point an apology from walton wouldn't mean much to him. and yes, i do feel offended by some of the things that he said as far as comments about it
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being about solidarity and between two black men. i don't agree with that at all in san francisco leanne melendez abc 7 news all right, lis. son maybe starting to come up this morning. oh, yeah, but from here a roof camera, we see nothing, but the clouds low 60s right now even some drizzle around parts of the bay area, so it's great everywhere, but by mid-morning, we'll have a lot of sunshine and another mild day the warm weather holding off till mid-week. i'll explain with my accuweather seven-day forecast next. thanks lisa. also i had san francisco city college is reopening its mission campus for the first time since the pandemic what's what's being done to bring it back to? and some big changes when it comes to the roomba why privacy experts say they're concerned.
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duckduckgo: here's a live look from our santa cruz camera there kind of still just people slowly waking
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up one person there walking along the beach. oh i a driver is incredible condition after a dramatic and fiery crash in los angeles and according to cnn and multiple other media reports that driver is actress anne heche a a car slammed into a home in mar. yesterday sparking a fire investigators say the driver was going so fast that the mini cooper crashed about 30 feet into the home rescuers free to woman who was trapped inside the vehicle as flame spread records from the california department of motor vehicles show that care but officials have not confirmed the driver's identity a woman who was inside the home at the time of the crash was not hurt the city of oakland's first friday event held attribute in memory of basketball star bill, russell bill. family moved to oakland when he was eight years old where he attended mcclymond's high school russell became a star winning 11 championships with the boston celtics and becoming the first black coach in professional sports the tribute took place outside legionnaire saloon and the great wall in oakland next
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week flags at oakland city hall will be flown at half staff in honor of the basketball legend a street renaming is also in the works russell passed away last weekend at 88 years old and none of latest regarding wnba star britt. mariner the russian government now says it's open for talks about a possible swap russian foreign minister sergey lavrov told reporters that the kremlin is quote ready to discuss this topic. however later our spokesman for president putin strongly warned washington against publicizing the issue lavrov's remarks about writer's case came at the southeast asian nation summit in cambodia. also attended by us secretary of state anthony blinken. what foreign minister lavrov? said this morning and said publicly is that they are prepared to engage through. channels, we've established to do just that and we'll be pursuing that. the us has proposed to swap involving grindr and paul whalen and other american imprisoned in
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russia for a russian dealer jailed in the us the breakthrough comes a day after a russian judge convicted greiner of drug smuggling and sentenced her to nine years in prison calls for an investigation are being made into thursday night's clash between oakland unified security guards and activists occupying an elementary school shuttered by the district. well now that you sides in this ongoing dispute are blaming each other for the chaos at parker elementary. to oakland the district released a statement saying the school was empty when staffers entered changed the locks and reset the alarm. the statement says somehow people were able to get back in prompting the clash parents and activists who have andpied the building for two denied being trespassers. this isn't trespassing. this is a community building. this is everyone you see standing around here. this is what this was intended for. this was the first confrontation between the two sides since the occupation began. the us jobs market is surpassing expectations a new report shows
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580,000 jobs were added in july doubling predictions and this comes as americans continue coping with record cost of living increases senate democrats are now pushing their landmark inflation reduction act on our 3 pm showgating answers an economist said there's still a chance america could avoid a recession. economy still have a lot has a lot of momentum. and so i think it raises the prospects for the kind of the kind of soft landing that the fed is aiming for the senate plans to hold a weekend vote on the inflation reduction act if it needs the support of all 50 democrats and vice president kamala harris in order to pass amazon is buying irobot the company that makes the roomba for 1.7 billion dollars. i robot saw it shares rock it up yesterday by about 20% before the opening bell the dealrody sd regulators and it would expand amazon's reach into the world of robotics and home automation.
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well some priv. experts fear. this is just a new way for amazon to get even more data on you so they can have an advantage in the market. the roomba already is compatible with amazon's alexa. san francisco city college has reopened its mission district campus nearly two and a half years after the pandemic began. this comes as the school struggles with declining enrollment numbers abc 7 news reporter lena howland explains. what's being done to try and bring the campus back to life. it's a day more than two years in the making today's this most special day. i do believe this is i would like to call it august 5th mission day in san francisco. it's provides free tuition to all san francisco residents the mission center opens up access for those living in or around the mission district instead of having to travel across town to their main campus. this is what we need and there's nothing nothing better. you can give to a community than
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education because the future is ours, but the campus still faces in uphill battle before the students compared to today with just 300 something interim dean of students jorge bell blames the pandemic on the fac closed the door for two and a half years the pandemic and then prior to that. i think the enrollment has been going down in california. and because of that founding retired dean carlota, del portillo says there were dozens of teachers laid off in order to balance the budget. the worst quite a layoff of teachers and you lay off teachers who don't have classes etc student trustee. melanoli. villanovo says the majority of his peers weren't willing to adapt to the digital atmosphere having to adapt to the technology having to adapt to not being hands-on and so that took a long time. and i know that a lot of students felt that that wasn't
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their approach so they took a step back in and focus on on life and not school. the campus is ramping up recruitment and marketing efforts including now offering dueling enrollment to high schoolers to fill their classrooms up once again, the focus now is to bring those students back to make sure that they know that the campus is open in san francisco, lena howland abc 7 news members of the oakland it's pee wee football team. meet n all pro dynamites are io for a series of games this weekend and got to visit broncos training camp. just last weekend. the dynamite's game in oakland tech high school was interrupted by gunfire in the stands three people including a six year old girl were hit by gunshots broncos backup quarterback. just johnson is an oakland native. that's him wearing number 11 there on that photo. he organized the visit after learning the team would be the denver area and what an amazing way to give back to that community after going through
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such a scary situation last weekend. alright lisa. let's get a check of the forecast now 6:19. what can we expect today? well, it has been sort of typical and you could probably guess what we're going to expect local ads and fog giving away to sun and breezy afternoon winds temperatures remain below average in our inland valleys. we're going to turn up the heat a little bit as we get towards the middle of the week. but as for right now we are covered in gray. i little drizzle out there as well. there's a look at live doppler 7 where the fog extends over into the east bay even the east bay valleys and a look at the south bay here the shark tank where it is cloudy 62 downtown 64 in oakland 617 three minutes ago the sun came up 64 in palo alto 65 in san jose 59 half moon bay and gray skies right here downtown where temperatures were at about 70 yesterday climbing. the upper 70s down by the airport. it was in the 80s at the on the
6:21 am
peninsula so really it warmed up quite nicely in the city, but then of course he had the breeze once again today, we're expecting similar conditions 62 santa rosa petaluma 63 in napa 64 in concord. so the low clouds and fog does by their extent all the way inland. they are going to march back to the coast and we'll get sunny skies, but that breeze over 20 miles an hour in spots so morning drizzle a sunny afternoon the urge series in the 70s 407 over in oakland today little change through monday. so if you like this trend you're in luck and then by about tuesday, we'll bring in a little bit more warmth than wednesday and thursday look to be the warmer days, especially in inland. here's a look at wednesday where low 90s will be arriving from antioch to concord upper 70s from oakland still in the 60s, but upper 60s downtown so that should be nice thursday. you can see the pink trying to get a little bit closer. means mid-90s inland upper 80s in wine country and then by
6:22 am
friday still pleasant 60s to some 90s, which is a starting oh the clouds in the low 60s 64 noontime and a little bit brighter throughout the afternoon than what we've been used to in years past. so we'll take it right it will be breezy 66 about four clock and then the fog coming back into play overall. we're looking at temperatures below average. but very pleasant. how about 84 today for you over in concord upper 70s to low 80s fairfield 68 downtown. that's about average now the peninsula the numbers warm up before that sea breeze kicks in through the upper 70s looking at mid-60s half moon bay. so despite the cloud cover and the mist and the drizzle. we will see some sun even at the coast, but the clouds remain patchy bodega bay olema the accuweather seven day forecast 60s to 70s around the bayshore. looking at those 80s again inland little change through sunday. monday could be a few degrees warmer, but the real warm up
6:23 am
arrives the middle of the week not a whole lot of change though, but if you like it a little warmer we have that on tap. we kind of had that this past week as well a couple of warmer days, but then we had the humidity but this week we don't have to worry about that increase in relative humidity the usual pattern with us and today sun is on the wayless. all right, you know, i love it. thanks. lisa just sad if you've ever wondered what it's like to become. influencer then hulu has a film for you. we'll have an inside look at the new dark comedy not okay.
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oh, and a free streaming box. oh, i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no... did you say yes? the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal. us now from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. coming up here on gma dangerous weather across the country in death valley national park flash flooding leaving hundreds of people stranded as millions more americans are under extreme heat alerts this weekend and our weather team has the latest on the severe storms impacting thousands of flights and where those storms are headed next
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also coming up in just a few hours the senate preparing for a key vote on a major piece of president biden's agenda. what the 430 billion dollar bill could mean for the fight against climate change and for your taxes and finally kim kardashian and pete davidson colleague quits or sources are now saying about the hollywood celebs after reports surface about the two going there separate ways. that's all coming up here on gma. the world of being an influencer gets put in the spotlight in a new movie that just hit hulu not okay as being described as dark comedy with the main storyline focusing on a woman who will do just about anything to get noticed reporter george panacchio with our sister station in los angeles has a preview. have you ever wanted to be noticed so badly you didn't even care what it was for in not. okay zoe zoich plays a woman who feels invisible. i don't feel like you take me seriously as a writer. because you're not a writer
6:27 am
you're a photo editor so she decides to use those skills to attract some attention for herself faking a trip to a writer's retreat in paris and posting it all over her social media, but when paris is hit with terrorist attacks, she fakes her return and is suddenly his social media star for all the wrong reasons. you're the girlfriend the paris attack. i wrote down that it is uncomfortable to watch her go. through this i love that response and you're the word you used uncomfortable. i talk about a lot. i was uncomfortable too playing her. i felt. really uncomfortable doing the things that i was doing. are you? okay? yeah. why because like what happened to you ever happened to me? i don't think i'd ever be okay. right now, i'm okay. she's misguided and i i like to say she's the smoke not the
6:28 am
fire. she's definitely a product of her environment. that being said. i'm not i'm not defending her actions or condoning or a proving anything she's doing but i don't find her to be a deplorable unlovable person. i find her to be lost and lonely zoe says the online world is a tricky one. no, it's not a scam. it has a website. hey guys, it's crazy. i've always existed online which is funny to say it's a weird sentence. i only remember my life as as having an online existence. so i have a very different relationship to social media than you would and mine probably as much less healthy. that was george panaccio reporting you can catch not okay right now on hulu and disney is the parent company of hulu and abc 7. okay, so to come on abc 7 mornings and update from the cdc when it comes to monkey pox plus
6:29 am
the saga over replica batmobiles might be more dramatic than the actual batman movies. dan noyes has an update on his exclusive story and a positive update in napa as continue overly generic disease coming up.
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yep, that is exclusive. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. google when thanks again for joining us, you're watching abc 7 news. live and wherever you stream let's start with another look at the weather with lisarge and hey lisa outside lands. swing this weekend. yes, that's right, and we've got some sun on the way breezy winds kind of typical san francisco weather. although should be a little brighter than in years past and speaking of brightness right there walnut creek a little sun
6:32 am
glint on the trees as the sun has been up for about 10 minutes now 62 downtown 64 in palo alto was 65 in san jose. look at all the silvery shimmering water there from emeryville gray sky 62, santa rosa with 64 in concord and throughout the noon we're going to be looking at the gray sky clearing back mid-morning and then by the afternoon early afternoon. it's upper 70s inland, but that translates into mid 80s late in the day with about 75 in fremont with near 80 up through novato and san rafael. so comfortable day wine country barely at 80 degrees the 60s stay at the coast and we'll talk about that quick return of our low cloud deck and maybe some warmer weather coming into play middle of next week liz. all right. thank you a new cdc report shows monkey pox has predominantly affected men, but doctors worn anyone can get the virus as demands for the vaccine continue. the biden administration says all options are now on the table
6:33 am
abc's christine. sloan has more health officials are investigating after an adult at an illinois daycare tested positive for monkey pox several children may have been exposed the people who have been exposed potentially do not need to be in quarantine. so they are being screened and assessed friday the cdc released a report showing 99% of the monkey pox cases seen in the us so far been among men among a are subset of cases that reported recent sexual behavior 94% reported recent sexual contact with another man, but doctors say anyone can get the virus the cdc also says close physical contact seems to be the highest risk for transmission so far. there are more than 7,500 cases across 48 states. i want everyone to realize that we're all at risk of this virus health officials say there are
6:34 am
more than a million vaccine doses. out to states, but right now that's not enough to cover everyone who is eligible the cdc estimates up to 1.7 million people are at high risk in new york city the epicenter of the virus vaccination sites will be open all weekend long. the fda is looking into whether it can stretch the vaccine supply by pulling five doses out of a single vaccine vial without sacrificing safety or efficacy. it's a pretty common in medicine. we learn new. is about vaccines about treatments about dosing and that's what the fda is looking at right now. number one goal is to make sure the vaccines remain effective and safe. the biden administration says quote all options are on the table to increase access to vaccines including the defense production act if the administration determines it would help with the vaccine supply christine, sloan abc news, new york developing news. the state of indiana has approved new legislation to ban access to all abortions.
6:35 am
it's the first state in the country to approve the ban since the overturn of roe versus wade in june governor. eric holcomb signed the legislation after it passed with the house on the senate yesterday the new law comes with exceptions including cases of ---rate protection of life of the mother and fetal abnormalities before 20 weeks of fertilization. it will will go into effect september 15th. in the north bay napa county has deemed the drinking water safe to drink amid rising concerns of legionnaires disease from the community. this comes after the napa health department reported an outbreak of the disease the county and health department have eliminated its municipal water system as a source of the disease. the tap water is carefully monitored and treated throughout different locations earlier this week. we reported on a source of legionnaire's disease from a cooling tower on top of an embassy suites in napa the investigation to find more. resources is ongoing new developments in the criminal case involving a replica of the
6:36 am
batmobile from that 1960s tv show the san mateo county district attorney is called off the arraignment for the batmobile builder from indiana who's facing two criminal charges in a dispute with a wealthy realtor from atherton. dac waxhaff is taking that action after watching the first two i-team investigations on this case. and here's dan noyes with the latest update. san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaff is canceling the august 19th hearing for mark raycup a minister and owner of a garage in indiana that builds replica batmobiles and i said, hey, what about this this and this i want some more detail before we make a final decision on whether this case will go forward or not. that's a change though. that's a change in the sense of otherwise, it was just going to be an arraignment on the 19th of august. what's for that second look um, i you candidly wagstaff saw our item investigations over the past week questioning. why san mateo county sheriff carlos bolanos sent four
6:37 am
investigators more than 2,200 miles to logansport, indiana to raid ray cup's garage. what role did your office play in the planning or the approval of the raid 0 0 you didn't know that they were going to be sending a team to indiana. no, not at all wagstaff tells me his staff did. prove the search and arrest warrants prepared by the sheriff's investigators, but that in his 45 years in the da's office. he has never seen a raid like this by the sheriff's department in another state for non-violent theft case if the person they wanted to go arrest was the godfather in new york city. maybe you go with a few more people but not in the average one. it's not something that i've seen sources inside the sheriff's department. tell me that this was the sheriff doing a favor for a friend. what do you think about that? what's your take? i hope not. hope not sheriff. milano's remains on his month-long vacation and his office now says he can't talk to me because he's concentrating on giving answers to the board of
6:38 am
supervisors about the batmobile raid. i actually had an interview with sam ad agnostio's scheduled for the abc 7 studios at 3pm wednesday, but he bowed out a short time before his lawyer majeed. samara was really insistent. he was like sam wants to clear his name. he has to do this interview. we have to do it. now now samara says he's concerned about discussing evidence in an ongoing criminal matter and that an agnostio has been receiving harassing and in some cases threatening texts and phone calls. he shared a few yesterday. i spotted an atherton police car station in front of us tuscan-style home. i also discovered what a car enthusiasts sam edgnostio is from the public file on his 2020 divorce in the final agreement. he guessed to keep his ford f-150 his 96 vw bus 71 toyota 2006 lamborghini 2008 gt electric golf cart to boats to jet skis for motorcycles of vespa and batmobile after an
6:39 am
agnostio paid $170,000 toward his replica. mark raycup says he couldn't get in touch with him for more than eight months and that the realtor missed a $20,000 payment. so ray cup moved him from first position to the ninth customer in line. he off the entire car at that point, but he was absolutely live at to find out that his car was going to be delayed if that is because i watched mr. ray cup interview by you and if that ultimately is the scenario. it's a civil case. it's that simple that's a civil case. wow. what a relief. this has been a two-week nightmare. i spoke to mark ray cup again to hear his reaction to his arraignment getting canceled if you had a chance right now to say something to say agnostio. what would you tell him if you want your car you have to stop doing these things because they're only slowing down and delaying your car and i want to finish your car. that's what i do. i build dreams. i've never not fulfilled the
6:40 am
dream of making sure that somebody gets their batmobile and it'll be worth it. i promise sam and an osteo's attorney sent a statement that insist the realtor is a victim of fraud and that he paid in full for his batmobile but didn't get it. he says an agnostio asked for a refund, but that ray cup answered he no no longer has that 210,000 now meanwhile ray cup's bank account is still frozen, but at least he's not worrying about a trip to california coming up. for the i-team dan noyes abc 7 news story for the abc team go to team or call one eight eight forty. i team. still ahead on abc 7 m 'sp p un pacifica where you get an excuse me gonna explain why dogs are now surfing there very excited for this. alright, here's a live look outside this morning gorgeous start to this morning and this
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saturday time right now. 6:40 is the up over the bay. we'll check in with lisa when we get back. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it.
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here is a live look from our santa cruz camera and the lighthouse there a little foggy there on the coast this morning new developments with elon musk and twitter musk has officially filed a countersuit and is accusing the social media company of fraud twitter filed a lawsuit last month to force him to go through on his 44 billion dollar bed that he's now trying to walk away from it's also subpoenaed several of us associates. part of this legal battle. the two sides are scheduled to head to trial in october. also fine arts in san francisco is now a california historical landmark the california state historical resources commission made the designation yesterday. the palace was designed by architect bernard maybach for the 1915 panama pacific international exposition. it was later we constructed in
6:44 am
its current permanent form completed in 1974. california historical landmarks are sites buildings features or events that have statewide significance happening today man's best friend is hitting the waves at linda mar beach in pacifica talented dogs who serve are going to gather for the world dog surfing championships. yes, the competition includes a pet wellness fair a beach dog fashion and costume contest and even a yappy hour event. it starts today at 9:00 in the morning attendance is free except for those. heating however portions of that money raise will go toward dog-related charities. quite talented pups. alright lisa. let's go check out side. all right, we're beginning to see a little sun glint there on the water and reveal a pretty picture low 60s right now low 70s should be average for this time of year, and that's probably what we'll see with breezy winds sunny skies and the bay bridge series later on this afternoon. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend the week ahead which
6:45 am
includes a warm-up next. thank you lisa also next to sur. coming out of the 49ers training camp as they have their eyes set on another playoff run. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day
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here's the live. look at pier 39 this morning. just a few little sea lions there hanging out being lazy time right now 6:47 just a really pretty start to this saturday. all right, let's talk sports now after having a rare friday off the giants and the a's will off today the bay bridge series kicks off at the oakland coliseum this afternoon first pitch is at 407. another 49ers great will be enshrined into the pro-hop football hall of fame today. and here's abc 7 sports director larry beale with the details on that in this morning sports. good morning. everybody giants. today's both off last night. they'll play each other today. so the focus is on football right now hall of fame weekend in canton, ohio, and there was niners great bryant young getting the coveted gold jacket from x9.
6:48 am
eddie debartolo jr. by gets inducted today as for the current niners branded are you expect part of last season in kyle? shanahan's dog house this year? he's making levi's stadium his house how you can look great in camp. third year man out of arizona state known for being super quiet, but making some noise this training camp. he was shocking us by talking at the end of the year walking up to jed and just asking him what's going on and just like, oh my god, i talked to me say him. just walking in my office randomly. staring at me and saying hi. he's he started doing that a ton last year, and it's led into this off season, which he had as good of offseason as anybody on our team, very careful three one, two, three. warriors-star steph curry fresh off winning a fourth title and celebrating his 11th anniversary with wi-fi isha in france holding curry camp for 26 select high school basketball players a pretty decent coaching staff for small and kent bazemore steph's old college coach bob mckillip from davidson. the goal is to teach elite
6:49 am
talented kids how to keep getting better. it's amazing opportunity to see the next generation's greatest talent and just try to be a part of their journey to get into next level because you know how hard it is, you know, there's a lot of talents a lot of skill out there, but we want to help give them the perspective and the intangibles and just to know how to play the game the right way how to compete how to have fun like the night-night t-shirt doggy adoption day in san jose the mobadala silicon valley classic cocoa golf and the two seed paula bedosa first set tiebreak bodosa on the run down the line for the winter and she takes the first set seven six onto the second all podoca. she's from spain valley clips the goff runs it down, but now out of position and bedosa for the winner there and she advances to the semis 7662 espn2 transforms into espn the ultra once a year dodgeball is tremendous. look out. oh, what a backflip there to avoid getting hit. perhaps the greatest sport.
6:50 am
ever slippery stairs. what do you think? the staircase is covered with soap. the idea is try to get to the top and people are yanking you down some get up there quickly, but most of the fun is just watching everybody crash and get off me. no, no. there's got to be a rule against that. but nobody cares pulling your opponent down is apparently encouraged and there they go that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beale. all right, let's go check out the forecast now lisa. it's gonna be typical san francisco summer and pretty warm inland. yeah, we're gonna see those 80s return inland and the fog retreating you can see the low club deck pushed all the way to the east bay this morning and visibility was red. her time in the city, but we also had the drizzle and now beginning to brighten up out there pretty view right from our exploratorium camera 62 in the city at 64 in oakland as well as palo alto 65 with some clouds in
6:51 am
the south bay. and here's a look at sutro where we have a mix of clouds and sun and the city below here where temperatures will be about average upper 60s. we saw 70 yesterday in the breeze kicking up over 20 miles an hour 62 santa rosa. it's been breezy. thoughts numbers in the mid-60s and our inland valleys and we've been about mid 80s below average. we should gain five to maybe 10 degrees by the middle of the week inland and that's about all we can manage and which has been boating well for the fires and dry weather that we typically get this time of year and the third year of the drought sfo here. look at that some brighter conditions so morning drizzle a sunny afternoon even a sunny mid morning looking at little change tomorrow. through monday and then the warmer days will be arriving and we're going to track them for you in just a moment. but if you're headed to outside lands for today or tomorrow mid-60s, so this should be just a little bit cooler from our downtown high where we'll see
6:52 am
temperatures a couple degrees warmer than that, but that fog moving in by late afternoon, so you'll get some sun throughout the middle of the afternoon there in the south bay today. how about 81 in santa clara santa cruz? it's 72 starting out the gray sky on the peninsula 76 mateo 80 redwood city steve managed some of those low 80s from the bay redwood city there and also around belmont and then that seabreeze kicks in we'll be with us some sunshine throughout the coast today, but then patchy fog in spots up through marin 68 downtown around bodega bay stinson beach 67 with the low cloud deck really right in view there 82 in sonoma wine country. very pleasant with the 80s could be good 10 15 degrees warmer for this time of year. we don't want to wish that yet 72 in oakland 76 in san leandro and looking at the breeze in the afternoon allowing for some really moderate temperatures advertise in the low 70s. so it's been very pleasant here heading inland.
6:53 am
we're looking at those low to mid 80s where temperatures have been very typical throughout the last few weeks, but certainly not as warm as they could be. so as we look at the bay bridge out there 407 is the official first pitch starting with temperatures in the low 70s that fog slowly coming back into play and later on finishing at about 66 degrees. so the accuweather seven day forecast shows plenty of 60s from the shoreline upper 70s today and tomorrow around the bayshore and inland mid to upper 80s in our warmest locations by monday and tuesday, maybe a couple degrees warmer. but really probably won't be able to tell until midweek wednesday thursday where we bring in some mid-90s near 80 around the bay and once again those microclimates and full swing liz all week long. all right. thank you lisette next the march of the penguins happening right here in san francisco stick with us. we'll explain.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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numbers from last night's 36 million dollar million dollar mega millions drawing 2 5 29 64 69 the mega ball 18. nobody picked all six numbers in tuesday night's jackpot increases to 52 million dollars. all right lisa. we have something to tell you about up and early 10 am today. san francisco zoo is going to be holding its annual march of the peng. i'll tell you about that in just a second, but let's get to check the forecast really fast. yeah, really fast because those guys are cute aren't they? well, we are looking at the gray sky out there and that will give way to a sunny afternoon where temperatures will climb into the 60s. maybe even upper 60s to near 70 parts of the city low. in oakland with mid 80s inland and the lookahead very little change until we get to the middle of the week bringing back
6:57 am
some mid-90s inland around 80 bayshore and keeping it cool and typical at our beaches. let's all right. here's the story lisa. we're all excited about up and early at 10 am today. san francisco zoo is holdi theel waddle walk and make their first swim into their new home at penguin island. the chicks will be graduating. where they were taught how to swim to socialize and to eat a whole fish. they're going to be joining the zoo's 54 other resident penguins due to oil spills and declining populations these magellantic penguins are now listed on the international union for conservation of nature's threatened species list. they are categorized as least concerned, but they're very very adorable and hope you can go check that out there at the san francisco zoo. all right. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm li. along with lisa argent good morning. america is next and we'll see you at 9:00. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a thousand people stranded in death valley national park after nearly an entire year's worth of rain falls in just hours as severe weather disrupts thousands of flights, and tens of millions of americans under extreme heat alerts. our weather team tracking it all. key vote. the senate's working weekend getting ready for the first votes on the democrats' massive economic package. how it will affect you and the debates on it ahead. job search. the strong growth in the labor market. where the most jobs were added and what it could mean for fears of a recession. escalating attacks. israel pounding militant targets in gaza overnight asal


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