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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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coverage with a look at state efforts to support businesses in california, part of voting a better bay area. reporter: at bishop boys' club are in pittsburgh, made in california has a source of family pride for decades i am second-generation. i started -- my dad started the business in 1950. reporter: the company manufactures parts for missionary, but in the 70 years since they have been operating in the east bay, it's becoming harder and harder to stay open. >> my dad passed away a year ago. that was one of the things he would get a little misty eyed about. his side to see how much money factory has left the area. reporter: pamela now runs the company and says they are debating whether it is time to leave the state. one thing that would keep them here, the passing of a bill that would exempt and factoring companies like hers and paying sales tax on manufacturing equipment. this is the main production line at bishop wise cover, build 50
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years ago. to replace it would cause $50 million. the tax exemption on that would year game changer. >> that is a huge savings to us. reporter: the bay area assembly member tim grayson, authored the bill. he told us it would not only help keep manufacturing in california, but attract new companies, too. >> this bill will bring us back into being competitive and making sure that manufacturing is done in this state. reporter: one concern comes from the league of california cities, which says the cities could lose billions of dollars in vital tax revenue. >> we are opposed to this measure unless it is amended to have a state backfill for the revenues that cities will lose. reporter: but pamela says 38 other states already have a similar tax exemption, and that if lawmakers want to keep manufacturing in california, something needs to change. >> for those who choose to stay and invest in the state and keep people employed in this state,
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it is actually just a leveling of the playing field. reporter: in pittsburgh, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. dan: to the issue of housing and the effort to create hundreds of units in san jose. tomorrow the city council will consider a plan to build 300 units at vta's blossom hill light rail station. reporter zach fuentes has a first look at the development and vta's role in the project. reporter: the seven half acres of vta's are some hill light rail station could help san jose with its housing needs and allow vta to raise avta to raise additional operating funds. it is part of a vision to put housing and jobs where people have easy access to public transit. vta says it could raise $30 million by releasing 140 acres of surplus land it owns in seven cities. >> it can pay for improvements, better connections to the station, some capital improvements, provide for basic
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maintenance and operations for the system. reporter: revenue is something every transit agency needs to sustain operations due to the falloff in ridership due to the pandemic. vta bus service is currently at 61% of the pandemic levels. light rail is at 42%. the plan will come before the city council in san jose on tuesday. housing advocates support the proposal. >> it is vital to take underused land, build housing on it, and creates transit riders, which, whatever you think about transit, as taxpayers, we went to see people using and paying and supporting for our system. reporter: once approved, measures like these could be delayed due to financing or a shortage of construction workers. however, the first thing is approval, and zoning so that the developer can proceed. >> there would. >> invest in construction. they would be working with the city to get building permits. i think that you would see a groundbreaking in 2024, or 2025. reporter: in san jose, david
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louie, abc 7 news. dan: thanks to david. in developing news, a mother is making a desperate plea to find her amusing daughter -- her missing daughter. kiely rodni was last seen near a campground in turkey b -- truckee. they think someone may have ada abducted her. >> please just come home. reporter: the family of 16-year-old kiely rodni is desperately searching for her after she vanished from a party at prosser family campground in truckee friday night. her mom got a call from her around midnight. >> with me up when you get home. she said, i will and thanks. love you, mom. and then i fell asleep. >> her phone actually went off the grid shortly after she communicated to her friends that she was wanting to go home. her phone has been turned off
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ever since. we have utilized numerous of our ground searchers in searching for her, and really nothing has turned up, which is why right now we are treating her disappearance as an objection. we cannot look at her vehicle anywhere. reporter: no witnesses so far say they saw the 16-year-old got in her car or leave the campground party. c.h.p. and fbi have joined in the investigation as they comb the i-80 corridor from donner summit with the nevada state line, looking for her 2013 silver honda crv. >> out of the 200 300 juveniles and young adults who were at the party that evening, somebody has to know something. reporter: kiely rodni is described as 5'7", and was last seen wearing green pants and a black tank top with lots of jewelry, including a nose ring. >> we are not interested in arresting anybody, in prosecuting anybody who may have been involved with underage drinking or any drug use that
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night. we don't really care about that right now. our priority is to find kiely . reporter: her family operates the nearby lost trail large. . friends have set up a gofundme a can't to -- gofundme account to raise reward money as they put up flyers to search for the missing 16-year-old. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. ama: california's largest wildfire of the year is now named for a fifth death. the mckinney fire started july 29th. the u.s. forest service announced that one of its longtime fire lookouts died at her home in the small town of klamath river. the first service posted this photo of her. flames from the fire have scratched more than 94 square miles and destroyed more than 100 homes. the fire is 40% contained. a new study is shedding light on the dangers of dry lightning three wildfire season. researchers from the national lightning detection network say dry lightning sparked four of
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the seven largest world fires in california in the past three years. the non-happens during storms in extreme drought areas where the air is so dry, rain evaporates before it even hits the ground. with california in the mega drought, experts expect dry lightning to become more frequent, in the digital become more extreme. dan: our commitment to covering health issues, a pillar in building a better bay area focus is now on covid. reporter dustin dorsey looks at the impact the virus could have on the new school year. reporter: as the days of the calendar turned from july to august, the season turns from summer to school, and for the third year in a row, schools in the bay are welcoming students back amid the pandemic. san jose unified says he doesn't have the same restrictions as last fall, but it is still approaching the year with caution. >> we don't know what to expect exactly, and we are still seeing community spread, covid in the
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community. as long as it is in the community, we know it will be in the schools as well, so we want to make sure we are minimizing transition within the schools. dustin: they will do this through health and safety guidelines being sent to parents this week, including recommendations on masks. but this dr. says herd immunity could make this school year start easier than the last. >> this year is different because we have a lot more tools. i think the biggest difference for the school year compared to the last school year is a lot of kids have gotten covid naturally. dustin: in fact, a lot of people have gotten covid naturally. dr. chin-hong says the mix of vaccination intimidate station gives all of us a barrier against the virus. it the ba.5 variant continues to be the highest variant in the community. >> they have few months off if ba.5 variant stays dominant. if they get a new variant, the rules may change and there may be a shorter period. but for now, i would say three
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months, possibly longer. dustin: dr. chin-hong says hybrid immunity allows your body to better fight off infection, and this protection should help as the bells ring to another school year. >> we are probably descending into a relatively good start for the school year, because corbett is coming down in the bay area right now, so it may be a good time where kids can be kids. but it doesn't mean you don't navigate the world a little cautiously. dustin: in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. ama: zuckerberg san francisco general hospital says it will reopen its monkeypox vaccination clinic tomorrow. the hospital says the city received 10,000 doses of the vaccine from the federal supply, more than double the previous two allotments. the hospital will hold a walk-in clinic from 10 a.m. through noon tomorrow through friday. kaiser and other places will also offer doses, but appointments are required. protesters are. demanding more action on monkeypox. they gathered outside the federal building this afternoon,
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advocating for more testing, treatment, and vaccine doses. they also want officials to look ahead to longer-term needs lake increasing vaccine production. they are also calling for the fda to grant emergency use authorization for a drug that treats monkeypox. we have everything you need to know about monkeypox, including information on vaccines, symptoms, and treatment, on our website, dan: a lot more to come. a local university launches a program targeting bay area professionals. the new option to get a degree without going to campus. ama: the dmv's complaint against tesla. a look at the issue that has the state accusing the automaker of making untrue or misleading statements. dan: death valley's historic drenching, five inches of rain in one day. new images show the impact. >> and i just heard palm springs has flooded and people are stuck on the tram because of the monsoon rains. nothing like that coming our way, but we do have heat on the way. i will show
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he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. dan: education is too important in building a better bay area, so we are looking into a new effort san jose state university to target adult learners. it focuses on people who are juggling a career and family life while trying to finish a college degree. abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes looks at a new online effort that allows busy professionals to earn a degree from home. zach: earning a college degree is a goal so many hope to achieve, and some have even started, but not everyone was able to finish.
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>> i was released on to learn over 2 million californians have completed at least a year of college, but are not progressing toward your degree, and it is for a host of reasons. zach: brad rogers is the interim vice provost for academic innovation and online initiatives at san jose state. at one point, he was one of those who did not get to finish his degree. >> i was a first-generation student who had to stop college for personal and financial reasons, and going back and being able to finish my degree was really the game changer. zach: now rogers has used his skills and passions to help develop a program. it is specifically for adult learners who need a fully online and fully flexible degree pathway. >> some of the courses will have synchronous events, whether interacting in real time with the faculty member and their classmates. many of them will also have asynchronous pieces, where they can approach the coursework of their own timeframe. zach: right now the program is just for californians, and
6:15 pm
offers five undergraduate degrees in anthropology, economics,, information science and data analytics interdisciplinary engineering, and interdisciplinary studies concentration. the hope is to one day add more programs and expand nationally to more people. zach: i think what the pandemic and the remote working in learning has shown is that it has really brought more people along with the understanding that online education can be done quite well. zach: registration opens september 1 at, and classes kickoff in february. zach fuentes, abc 7 news. ama: e-bikes are going to be rolling around in oakland. the city will buy 500 of them. these bikes will be placed primarily in lower income neighborhoods, where people may not normally have access to them. neighbors will be surveyed to see how much they would be willing to pay to rent to the bikes along with what type they would prefer. dan: california death valley experienced widespread damage after it got nearly a year's worth of rainfall in three
6:16 pm
hours. here is a new before and after image from the european space agency satellite. the national weather service says friday's 4.7 inches of rain is considered a 1000 year event. that record rainfall triggered flash floods that swept away cars, roads and stranded hundreds of visitors and workers . there are no reports of any injuries, the good news, but roughly 60 vehicles were buried in mud and debris, and 500 visitors and workers were stock inside the park. -- were stock inside the park. that is just crazy. ama: no rain, too much rain, my goodness. mike:. mike: it is a feast or farming. can't we just homogenize or equalize it? i was just reading, the storms stranded 200 people at the palm springs tramway valley station due to the monsoon-induced thunderstorm within the last
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couple of hours. so it is crazy wet in parts where it should not be. for us, not so. much less show you what is going on. clouds gathering across the coast, getting ready for that nocturnal march to the east. it will be mostly cloudy tonight with good sleeping weather. mostly comfortable with inland warming this week. this week will be a little warmer than last week, but still by the standards of summer, very comfortable. i want to show you something very unusual -- 63 degrees is our ocean temperature. that is up one degree from one hour ago. that has led to a record-setting and record-tying warm, low temperature saturday and sunday in san francisco, and so far, our low today is 60. that would tie another record warm low-temperature. so when the winds are coming off the warm ocean water, it doesn't allow us to cool off much. but it doesn't allow us to warm
6:18 pm
up much either -- we are in the 60's and 70's right now even with all the sunshine. . the reason why we lifted the lid off the marine layer and brought in the sunshine is this low, driving up in nearly 3500-mile swath of dry air. see this hurricane? that is howard. we are already up to theh h -- already up to the h's in the pacific. dry air is not letting it get to hawaii. on the periphery of the dry air, we still have the monsoon, and you can see the thunderstorms skirting to the east of lake tahoe. tomorrow, more thunderstorms. this is your lightning strike risk. at 9:00 in the morning it is pretty much nothing, and then in the afternoon, we get to the almost very high-level, so more thunderstorms and more lightning. thankfully it is very dry, which is great. look at that gorgeous shot from pier 39. breezy all the way through 9:00,
6:19 pm
60's and 70's, then when their breezes taper, we drop to the 60's by 10:00. on our way to 58 in san francisco. 54 in santa rosa will be the cool spot. 62 in antioch, the mildest. tomorrow, wonderful weather to be outside once again, 77-82 through most of the southbay. 73-79 and easy in the afternoon on the peninsula. mid-to-upper 60's and attach touch more cloud cover at the coast tomorrow. 69 in san francisco and sausalito. mid-to-upper 60's in the north bay coast. in the valley, 77-82 degrees. east bay, 72 in berkeley, oakland, 73. fremont, 77. 81 in san ramon. that is as warm as it gets in the east bay, so enjoy not using the air conditioner. start to warm a couple of degrees tomorrow. another couple of degrees thursday away from the coast.
6:20 pm
inland neighborhoods will continue to warm just a bit, but we are looking at low to mid 90's friday through sunday and monday, and that is after lose in the 50's and 60's, so if you can trap some of that cool air in the morning, you may not need to use the air conditioner. for our bay neighborhoods we will top out at 80 degrees thursday, then hang out near upper 70's. 60's at the coast will continue. in the water temperature will continue to stay warm. so go to the coast and enjoy that warm water. dan:. dan: will do it, thanks, mike. ama: a famous name from our childhood is making its return. dan: we will check in and check out toys "r" us 2.0. stay with us. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas.
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longer. leqvio. ama: the inflation reduction act is moving forward, but how will americans benefit from it? our political director rick klein explains today on "getting answers," the legislation's name is a bit misleading. >> it doesn't suddenly mean that you will pay less for a gallon of milk. i don't think it can be packaged as such. this is not the kind of bill that does that. if you get your health care through obamacare, this is a major effort here to address some gaps in coverage, to make
6:24 pm
obamacare less expensive. prescription drug pricing is a big piece of this, incident pricing, that are c on northa you can expect to pay from out-of-pocketps, funding for green energy production, areas that will help the industry move away from fossil fuels. there is a lot of new money and investment in green infrastructure. the green new deal kind of got cut over the years but there is a lot of that in this and that is ultimately part of this package. ama: the house must vote on the bill next before it has to president biden's desk. dan: police have busted a metal recycling business in fremont accused of buying stolen car parts. investigators claim the business has been knowingly buying stolen catalytic converters for several months and they say undercover detectives repeatedly sold cut converters to the business that were marked stolen or had other markings adjusting that they had
6:25 pm
illegally obtained. police found more than 300 converters and other evidence on the property. investigators also say they have seen a drop in catalytic converter thefts since the initial bust in june. ama: tesla faces accusations of -- the dmv is taking issue with a claim on teslas ok website saying all you need to do is get in the car and tell it where to go. and claims that autopilot that in senior to the car is driverless. last year the ftc was called on to investigate tesla. the dmv issue the filing on july 28. it requires tesla to do more to educate buyers about the technology. tesla has 15 days to respond. twitter is confirming a data breach impacting more than 5 million users. the company says someone exploited a vulnerability in its code that give them access to private data. the breach happened january 1
6:26 pm
and was fixed by the 13th. last month, the hacker tried to sell the information online, including phone numbers and email addresses. twitter says it is working to ensure the security of the accounts. dan: exciting news for a new generation of toys "r" us kids the once-beloved toy store is launching a come back. macy's announced the opening of toys "r" us stores in nine states, including this one in walnut creek's plaza. there are plans to open locations in daly city and san jose, as well as in 19 other states before the holiday shopping season. toys "r" us filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in 2017, and the last of the brick-and-mortar shops closed january of last year because of the pandemic. but last august, toys "r" us announced it is partnering with macy's to open stores within stores, so here we go. ama: new revelations about the car crash involving actor anne
6:27 pm
heche, now the focus of the criminal investigation. [chatter] ♪ dan: so sweet. were you ever this excited to get back to class? a look at the first day of the school year in oakland, and how the school district is dealing with the teacher shortage. stay with us.
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: back to class! a new school year started today for one of the bay area's largest school districts. ama: the first lesson -- how to deal with the teacher shortage. the school year for oakland school students has officially started. it is another year of living with covid and another year of teacher shortages. dan: so how did it go? here is? abc 7 news senior education reporter leon melendez. >> are you excited about the first day? i cannot hear you. [crowd cheering] ♪ lyanne: there is a renewed sense of optimism for a normal school year in oakland despite the
6:31 pm
shortage of educators in the district. >> we have 90 vacancies, but there are -- they are actually fully covered by central office staff. lyanne: recruiting teachers is a priority at oakland unified, and while masks are no longer required in schools, many students are still learning them because corbett is still our reality. >> we have had 38 absences today. as we know, covid is still an active part of our ecosystem. ♪ lyanne: for this traditional kindergarten class at montclair elementary, the first day was about going with the flow and making new friends. >>. >> i just hope all of us will grow and learn and kids will know that they are safe and they are loved. ♪ lyanne: oakland mayor has made it a tradition to be here on the first day of school. >> for all of us who has had a very hard few years, seeing the
6:32 pm
resilience and excitement of our children is always going to give us hope. lyanne: this will be her last year as mayor, because she will be termed out. oakland unified says it is looking for passionate educators to join them. they're asking for people to contact lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. ama: now for a story will see only on abc7 we are learning more about the suspect arrested in the random assault of a former san francisco police commissioner. officers used surveillance video and other images to locate and arrest 34-year-old derrick yearby, he is accused of assaulting greg chew, who is in his 70's. the assault happened across the street from chu's home, and attack that left him bruised. the aapi community held a rally to demand action, something that the san francisco city attorney
6:33 pm
acknowledged today. >> i want them to know that regardless or not we are able to charge a hate crime, this is still a very serious, violent attack that will be treated as such. ama: sfpd says the suspect does not have priors in the past 90 days but his complete record will soon be sent to the da. jenkins says factoring derrick yearby's priors into georgia will be a priority. dan: on the other side of the bay, four homicides, one attempted homicide sideshows with hundreds of participants and a burglary call the police could not even get to all events that led to a deadly weekend in oakland. now the police chief is issuing a call to the community. >> people have to start to speak out. people are going to have to say something. you can't rely on the police department to solve everything. we won't be able to do it, we just don't have the resources. dan: chief armstrong says the department is so shortstaffed, they simply have enough officers to keep up with all the crime.
6:34 pm
he is a projecting to the owners of the cannabis business after officers were unable to respond to the call of a reported burglary there. the chief says they were overwhelmed on multiple scenes, including a shooting, a sexual assault, and a barricaded suspect. ama: olivia newton-john the grammy-winning superstar, died today in her southern california ranch at 73. you will likely remember her as sandy from the film version of greece. but she was known for so much more. ♪ [singing] better on a day. reporter: olivia newton-john shot to stardom opposite john travolta in the musical blockbuster grease. in 1978, she played an innocent teen in love with a boy from the other side of the tracks. >> ♪ hopelessly devoted ♪ >> newton-john first won over devoted fans as an award-winning singer in the early 1970's. >> ♪ let me be there in your morning ♪ >> "let me be there" or her a
6:35 pm
grammy award. and another chart topping hit one the grammy for record of the year, "i honestly love you." over the course of her career, newton-john sold over 100 million albums and scored multiple number one hits. born in england, newton-john moved to australia at the age of five. she was known as a tireless advocate for breast cancer research and early detection. she was diagnosed with the disease in 1992, in her successful treatment inspired her to help others. >> i am really thrilled that i can give back in some way and try to help other women who are going to the experience. >> and she never stopped creating music. ♪ [singing] reporter: newton-john's breast cancer returned in 2013. in 2017 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. despite life's challenges, she always remained grateful. >> i don't think i would change anything, i have had such an amazingly interesting life and
6:36 pm
have done so many things, i never planted any of them except singing, because it is all i could do. [laughs] ♪ ama: what a voice. he "costar -- her "grease" costar, john travolta, paid tribute to her. he said "we will see you down the road, and we will all be together again. euros from the first moment i saw you and forever. your danny, your john." in other news tonight, former president donald trump without a statement saying that fbi agents searched his home of mar-a-lago. trump said it,"," was unannounced, and then went on to call the raid "unnecessary and inappropriate among other things." the president is tied to numerous investigations into the january 6 attack on the capital as well as allegations in new
6:37 pm
york state and georgia. dan: new details on the car crash that left actor anne heche severely injured. investigators are looking into whether she was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. they are also investigating a possible hit-and-run. her car slammed into a home on friday that led to a fire. a neighbor rushed to help the homeowner and then went to help anne heche. he asked her if she was ok. >> she responded unfortunately that she was not ok, but she did not turn her head towards me and also i never saw her face. i was convinced she was 100% passed away. dan: a spokesperson for the actor says that she has learned, along with other injuries, and slipped into a calmer. residents are raising money for the woman's foam was destroyed in the fire. the firefighters they all involved in a car crash last night are expected to be ok, including one survivor who rescuers were surprised to find in the wreckage.
6:38 pm
they responded to the crash last night and they had to pull the driver out of that rolled truck, and it turns out, there was a passenger in the truck as well, a small dog. firefighters comforted the dog and say, it is expected to be just fine. ama: an airline struggling with a staffing shortage has come up with a way to fill the gap. dan: a number of airline executives are getting out from behind their desks and taking on new roles, next. reporter: should retailers be required to accept cash? i am michael finney. a bipartisan effort sure thinks a bipartisan effort sure thinks hold on... you're a night manager and mom. and the bill payer, baker, and nightlight maker? that's a lot. so, adding “and student” might feel daunting. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, and family and finances and mental health. happy birthday. well, it can.
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national university, supporting the whole you.
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dan: during the pandemic, many retailers started taking cash, and some of them still aren't. customers are not happy about that. 7 on your side's michael finney has been reporting on the issue for a decade. michael: your money is not good here. sounds discriminatory, and it can be. retailers and restaurants who don't take cash can be discriminating against unbanked, and the underbanked. 10% of americans say they don't have a checking or savings account, and even more lack a credit card.
6:42 pm
the first time a saw a problem making purchases for the unbanked was back in 2010 when apple implemented a rule that new ipads had to be but the credit card. apple was using credit cards to identify buyers and limit ipad sales to two per person. that is when i heard from diane campbell. she did not have a credit card so she was turned away at the apple store in palo alto. >> gave a sister a break. i am not going to go and sell my ipad. michael: thatplease was heard and a day after my story ran, apple changed its policy. >> would like to say to steve, thank you. michael: fast forward a decade and the issue comes up again with restaurants like sweet green posted "no cash" signs. and some food trucks posted these notices. valerie brown was a san francisco supervisor that, and introducing an ordinance requiring most businesses to take cash. >> at police say, cash is
6:43 pm
king. if you have cash, you should be able to go anywhere you want. michael: now what was seen as a wacky san francisco law has been passed by the u.s. house of representatives, and introduced in the senate. >> one of the main reasons that we support people's right to use cash and continue to use cash, is privacy. privacy, as you know, debit cards, credit cards amass a tremendous amount of data on people. that data is sold to data brokers, right down to the point of what you bought. michael: consumer action's lender sherry says her organization has been working yours to make the legal tender required standard. > the nice thing about the payment choice act is that it was a bipartisan effort from the very beginning. and it has been. you had lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in the house vote to pass it. michael: the bill passed by the house allows retailers to
6:44 pm
require credit or debit cards for purchases of more than $2000. i will keep track of it and report back. send me your stories of buying a home, a car, paying off the loan, anything that has to do with you and your money. i want to hear about your tramps and frustrations. to tell me about this, go to on your side, to share your stories. dan: thanks, michael. ama: australian air giant qantas is taking a novel approach to its staffing, asking some of its top executives to roll up their sleeves and work as baggage handlers. the airline says 100 senior staff will be sorting, scanning and loading luggage at sydney and melbourne airports for the next three months. qantas says the move is temporary where it attempts to hire thousands of new workers. dan: we will see how that goes. get ready for a large dose of adorable. ama: a curious encounter that is ama: a curious encounter that is one-of-a-kind,
6:45 pm
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. ama: it is a disney movie in real life, here in this front yard kentucky, oh my goodness!
6:48 pm
the man who recorded the video says this is his neighbor's kitten, but the deer often visits his house. he says they have seen each other from afar, but recently decided to hang out. by the way, it is international cap way, so the timing is -- is "international cat day," so the timing is absolutely purrfect! mike: this is what social media should be for. ama: something good coming out of kentucky right now. dan: that is true. mike: after all the flooding the last couple of weeks, yeah. here at home, it is quiet as we look from emeryville. north of the bridge, we have issues with the wind, they will be pretty fast. they continue to roll up around 30-35 miles per hour every once in a while and through 9:00, there will be blowing fastest from the golden gate, making that latch turning north of the way bridge all the way through san pablo bay, sassoon soon bay
6:49 pm
and onto the delta. let's talk about if you have activities this evening. a small craft advisory make ep away from that. if you are thinking of doing some yard work or gardening, that is always relaxing. it will be comfortable outside with clean air. tomorrow almost as comfortable as today, mid-to-upper 60's along the coast of san francisco, 70's around the bay, 80's inland. low 90's in the forecast. still have some issues in the sierra tomorrow with thunderstorms, be careful if you're heading that way. stay 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder. a slow migration to warmer weather away from the coast will culminate with low to mid 90's friday through sunday inland. that is as warm as it gets. dan: mike, thanks very much. ama: all right, i cannot believe it. dan: i know. ama: football. larry, what is happening? larry: people are going, can we just see the deer and the kitten again?
6:50 pm
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>> now, abc7 sports with larry beil it. >> is game week for the 49ers, the preseason opener is friday against the packers. not sure if trey lance will play, it may be serious. reports say he looks either really sharp or way off target in practice, one or the other.
6:53 pm
in practice yesterday, nick bosa, how many setups do you have to do to get abs like that? pretty much all day, i think. a lot of fans freaking out about how good or bad lands and the rest of the squad is doing in training camp. head coach kyle shanahan is not one of those people. >> i don't get caught up on the day, i get caught up in the process. even when stuff looks terrible, i am upset, but when you watch the film, it is the kind of the best thing that can happen, because stop will happen eventually and you have to put guys through situations. when everything goes right, it is kind of a fake deal, because it is not going to go right. chris: let's talk college football. the day before training camp for the bears as they get ready for uc davis. justin wilcox is entering his 60's it is head coach -- sixth season as head coach. u.s.c. is announcing their departure to jump to the big ten conference in 2024.
6:54 pm
where does that leave him in the future of the pac-12? >> totally out of my control. is not something i spend a lot of mental energy on. i got the news probably like you did. when you sit back and look at where college football is an college athletics, nothing really surprises me. i understand it is very complex. >> for me it is just focusing on what we can do to win and be better. that is right now, not 2024 or anytime later. chris: a little baseball news. hunter parents, beloved by the giants fans. he will get a plaque of his own on the hall of fame on saturday, september 17. giants in san diego tonight, the a's hosting the angels. . i know this is going to be a shock, but perennially unhappy kevin durant is still unhappy with the brooklyn nets, and he still wants to be treated, unless the that's why of the general manager sean marks, and head coach steve nash. what is strange is that kd handpicked steve nash to coach
6:55 pm
brooklyn after they had wondered at the warriors. so basically, get rid of the guy that i insisted you higher in the first place, ok. the owner later tweeted that he still supports his staff, and there is no way for the brooklyn nets to get equal value for kd, because he is that good. . meanwhile, the warriors are unveiling their new uniforms. this goes back to the run tmc key rack, 1988 to 1997. adding some style there. that is the fashionista. that completes the look. crazy finish in the intermediate little league world series. 13-year-olds in livermore, danville and west, seoul south korea in the final. game over. let's celebrate -- not so fast. first base umpire bama. he called the runner safe. they were celebrating when the ball was still alive. the foot came off the back, but
6:56 pm
then the first baseman did touch the base. good night, game over. upon further review, danville wins, they are the intermediate little league champions. i mean, back in the day, who would have thought you would have replayed in little league! and it actually works. maybe better than major league baseball. [laughter] dan: maybe we can learn something. chris: which takes an eternity for routine plays. good stuff. dan: thanks, larry. ama: coming up tonight at 8:00 it is the bachelorette, followed by a claim to fame at 10:00. . then stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. and remember, abc7news is streaming 24/7. even get the abc 7 bay area news app's are can join us whatever you want, wherever you are, it is easy. that is it for this edition of abc7news. thank you so much for joining us, i am, dates.
6:57 pm
dan: and i am dan ashley. for mike nicco and larry beil and all of us, we appreciate your time, we hope you enjoy the rest of your evening, and that you hop make time for us at 11:00. we will see you then. for its caption content and accuracy, visit] ♪ -- [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy, visit] ♪
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are... a corporate strategy professional from frisco, texas... a user experience designer from new york, new york... and our returning champion-- a project director from los angeles, california... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to "jeopardy!" yesterday, tony freitas, a man who oversees the designs of giant fountains for a living, proved himself to be a giant fountain of knowledge
7:00 pm
in our game. after defeating a five-time champion, will he be celebrating again today? our new players, cindy and sri, have designs of their own. let's get into the jeopardy! round with these categories. we'll start with... a... and... tony, you are our returning champ. select first. institutions, $400, please. - sri. - what is washington, d.c.? correct. can i have prime number for $400, please? - tony. - what is 23? - yes. - prime number, $600.


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