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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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vaccine in individuals younger than 18 years of age. determined to be a high risk of monkeypox infection. dan: the fda's action reduces the dose amount and should help stretch supplied by up to five times. here in the bay area, san francisco has topped 500 cases now. a san francisco senator is pushing the state to do more to combat this threat. abc seven news reporter tim johns has been following the hearing. he is part of our team coverage along with abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez looking at the start of college classes and what it could mean for the outbreak. let's start there. leanne: colleges have some practice when it comes to responding to outbreaks. covid has prepared them for this kind of work and many universities will focus on a few things. education, prevention, and their response to cases of monkeypox on campus. the college tours have resumed and cal students are beginning
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to arrive on campus. even before the start of school, university officials have already emailed students about a possible new public health threat. monkeypox. >> they emailed us, telling us that they are aware of the situation and that they will keep updating us, if anything changes or if we needed to do anything. leanne: the chances of it spreading might be low for now, but it is certainly on the minds of students. >> yeah, i have seen it online and stuff and i have been paranoid about it lately. seeing how it is growing. >> hopefully, it does not get bad, but it seems like there might be, you know, college kids are going to be very affected by it, just because of our closeness and like you mentioned, the partying and the nature of college. leanne: the gender you identify with does not put you at risk for monkeypox. anyone can get it. but because most of the now 500 moneybox cases in san francisco are men having sex with men, the chances of getting infected if
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you are gay are higher. >> if a college student as a gay man, all beasley, that is something to worry about. leanne: a gallup poll found generation see adults identify as lgbt, a higher number than millennials. the vast majority of people attending college art generation is the adults. some students say their response to monkeypox is similar to what they experienced with covid. >> i try to avoid large social gatherings and wearing masks in public places is the best way to go about preventing the spread of monkeypox. and still covid-19. leanne: monkeypox is not like covid, which generally spreads through the air. therefore, a mask would not be beneficial. >> this is about prolonged skin to skin contact. by prolonged, i mean an hour. this is not something that you get by rushing by somebody. there has to be, you know, the vesicles have to be ruptured. it has to be on the skin of the other person, this is not subtle
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stuff. leanne: students we spoke to said they would get a vaccine if they were made available to them. ama: another thing to consider is that monkeypox requires a longer isolation time and covid. and this may be a challenge for both the students and universities. now also late today, we were told by the entire uc system that they will be working with local health authorities, but that each campus -- and remember, there are 10 of them, would be reaching out to their own communities regarding planning. leanne melendez, abc7news. dan: a tricky time. thank you. ama: local politicians or try to put pressure on the state and federal government to do more to combat the spread of monkeypox. sacramento state senator held a meeting. tim johns sat in on the meeting and has more details. tim: this comes after the city of san francisco and state of california already have declared states of emergency over monkeypox, but senator wiener
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tells me this afternoon with the spread of the virus there is still much more that can and should be done. a line stretched on the block at san francisco general hospital. people lining up since the early hours of the morning, trying to get the monkeypox vaccine. >> in san francisco, i'm at high risk. with covid i don't like risks. tim: san francisco is reporting over 500 cases of monkeypox. as the virus continues to spread, so too is the urgency to get the outbreak under control. on tuesday afternoon, state senator scott weiner held a special hearing in sacramento urging elected officials to do more. >> we need to continue to push hard, to make sure that our state, federal, state, local health authorities are directing the resources where they are needed most. tim: among other things, weiner says his office has submitted an emergency budget request. he wants to use the money to help support local public health departments.
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he is asking for changes in regulations that would allow county and community clinics to use covid funding to help them address the monkeypox crisis locally. the senators calling for vaccines to be manufactured immediately and sent to the state. >> unfortunately it's going painfully slow in terms of gradual increases in supply. tim: because without tough action, weiner fears monkeypox could be here to stay. >> extremely concerned that monkeypox will become endemic in the u.s.. i think it is heading in that direction. tim: today to the san francisco department of health has received 23,000 doses and it'd asked for 35,000 to meet the need. vaccinations will continue tomorrow at sucker berg san francisco general hospital on a first-come first-served basis. until they run out. there has been no word on when more doses might arrive. in san francisco, tim johns, abc7news. ama: thank you. dan: we have everything you need to know about monkeypox, including vaccines, symptoms and treatment. we'll find it all on our
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website, ama: now to tonight's i team exclusive, they san mateo county board of supervisors is calling on the state attorney general to investigate sheriff carlos for sending a team of investigators to an indian batmobile garage. dan is back with the latest. dan: the sheriff now confirms much of my reporting. a wealthy realtor and donor asked him to help get the battle billy ordered but was delayed. carlos insisted actions were proper but a candidate for congress is calling on him to resolve -- resign. they have asked the state attorney general to investigate the propriety of the batmobile raid. >> the aim is to have the attorney general conduct an investigation. we also know that that takes a long time. and so, we decided as we would also do in an independent investigation at the same time. dan: sam asked sheriff carlos to
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intervene because the $210,000 batmobile replica he ordered was delayed. he sent a lieutenant, sergeant and two deputies to raid the batmobile garage in logansport, indiana on july 19. >> what are the charges? they say there's money coming in from two sources to the same car. i said no, no, no, no. this is sam's car and there is no other money on that car. dan: they arrested him and charged him with two felonies, obtaining money by false pretenses and diversion of construction funds. they froze his bank account. >> it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. they say im not building the plaintiffs car, but then they freeze my account, so i cannot build the plaintiffs car. dan: the sheriff confirmed much of my reporting in this memo to all personnel yesterday. that a -- that he knew sam as a business leader and sam
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contacted him personally, asking him to launch an investigation. the sheriff ordered the four-man team to raid the batmobile garage in indiana after getting search and arrest warrants approved by judges here and in that state. they said the plan was to have two of the investigators arrest him and bring him to california. and the other two to load his batmobile onto a trailer and escort him to san mateo county. doug is not only the president of the board of supervisors, he was also san mateo county sheriff for 14 years. >> do you really need to have that kind of manpower? especially looking at the prior looks like an elderly man. you can find them at church on sunday. >> could you also not put the batmobile on a truck and send it out here? do you need two guys to accompany the vehicle? >> no. dan: the sheriff defended his actions in the memo saying i would make the same request for our investigators whenever a potential crime of this nature
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came to my attention. district attorney steve wagstaff is considering whether to throw out the case and agnostic paid toward the replica, but they say with the realtor missed a payment and lost contact for more than eight months, he moved him from the front of the list to last for the nine batmobile's in production. wagstaff was purchasing nine baseball bats. >> for very good reasons, the one you want, the first babe ruth bat got sold. and if you get one of the others, it's no different. dan: how did this criminal case get so far? i obtained the lead investigator's affidavit for probable cause. it betrays the business transaction as a theft case. and lead investigator, lieutenant michael, leaves off most of his title. he is head of the auto theft task force and gang intelligence unit. he writes only that he is commander of the san mateo county narcotics task force. >> people in the bank get this warrant for the bank account,
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which they have now frozen. >> yes. >> and it is a narcotics unit. that's got to be a narcotics case. so you understand how that might play in? >> no question. it is a question i do not have the answer for because it's not my office, but it's a good question. dan: another good question, do any of the public officials involved no him socially? >> i'm not kidding, that was my exercise. he played in an adult league that i would referee now and then treated so i got to say hello to him. dan: as for donations, sam was a 16% partner in investments. they gave $1000 to steve wagstaff or his campaign. another thousand for carlos's campaign, sam is a lieutenant level donor to the sheriff's activities league for sports, meaning he gave between three and $5,000. he also gave 1000 to wagstaff's campaign and wagstaff, his campaign and his wife the $3500 to the losing campaign for sheriff.
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it is all too much. >> it's a business dispute and why are you doing this? i believe the sheriff should resign. dan: the saratoga councilmember pete out six councilmembers to challenge for district 16. he tells me his campaign calling for the chair to resign as drug a code >> >> with voters. here's a guy whose assets have been frozen's. they're not going to be able to feed their families. i'll know what's going on. that is a travesty. >> he did file the lawsuit in san mateo county, but it was dismissed because the judge said indiana is the proper venue. his attorney told me today that he has instructed him not to pursue the manner of indiana civil courts. ama: wow, what a story. dan, thank you for following up on this. and you have a story for the abc7news i team, good team or you can call 1888 40i team.
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dan: a lot more breaking agreed dna cracked a 40-year-old murder case and led to the arrest of a suspect thousands of miles away. ama: and, seven undersides michael finney has a new report showing just how many unemployment claims were denied that it should be paying. >> we are just about to put another comfortable day in the books for your diet looking at warmer weather and even a heat warmer weather and even a heat wave meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees.
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dan: officials in sunnyvale say they saw a 40-year-old cold case. karen was killed in 1982 and all
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these years later, a suspect has been arrested. abc7news reporter zach fuentes has more on the break in the case. zach: it was a cold case that haunted those who knew and loved karen. it also never left the minds of the generations of police detectives who worked on the case. >> before becoming a detective, i heard about cases that still haunt the retirees and still bother them and stick with them. this being one of them. zach: that is detective matt. he was not alive at the time of the murder, but he is the man largely responsible for we suspect being caught. they say that on thursday night, september 2, 1982, karen took a bus from her home to sunnyvale to visit her boyfriend. i round midnight, her boyfriend brought her to this intersection so she could catch the bus back home. her boyfriend was out past curfew and ran home after seeing karen walk for the bus stop. for years, he was the last person to see her alive. her body was found the following morning. >> a delivery driver had found
6:16 pm
her body dumped over a wall and situated near the bushes. she was found nude with her blouse and jacket binding her wrists and laced together. she had been stabbed nearly 60 times. zach: in 2000, after 18 years, dna evidence cleared her boyfriend of suspicion in the search for a suspect continued fibers ago, detective hutchinson took up the case. in 2019, a tip led him to determine that karen's killer could be one of four brothers from fresno. >> it comes down to getting each one of their dna samples and eliminating or including the potential suspect. zach: it turned out to be 75-year-old gary ramirez, who now lives in maui. work is being done to extradite him back to santa clara county. hutchinson tells me there is no evidence that he and karen knew each other before the attack. ramirez has no known criminal history, but hutchinson believes it is possible that he could have victimized more people and is asking anyone with information to come forward. i reached out to a brother of ramirez, who told me over the phone that he did not want to
6:17 pm
comment on the arrest. tragically, karen's parents did not live to see the arrest made, but detective hutchinson tells me that they were able to bring the news to extended family. a moment he will never forget. >> they did the hard work, keeping hope alive for 40 years, giving her memory alive, continuing to care about her. zach: in sunnyvale, zach fuentes abc7news. ama: all right, let's get to our weather now. dan: meteorologist mike tracking the forecast for us. mike: good evening. hi, everybody could gorgeous day outside, cultural temperatures. that is slowly going to change over the next seven days. we get beyond that is when it gets downright hot in many neighborhoods. tell you what's going on right now. because we talked about yesterday did gather along the coast as we look from mount tam towards ocean beach. the sky will become mostly cloudy and these clouds will be a coverage area. expect slower sunshine tomorrow. got a break from the oppressive heat. that is going to last the rest
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of the week and we start to feel warmth this weekend. nothing like next week. check out what's going on across the state. not enough rain up north, red flag warning, too much smoke. we got an air quality morning. go all the way down to southern california, look at this group are sub it under a flood watch because of too much rain from the monsoon flow. thankfully, it has been less active in the sierra today. no reports of any flooding like we had around palm springs or last week that we had and death valley. and this is going to remain off to the east to the east of the next day or so, thanks to this area of low pressure, the one that has lifted the lid off the marine layer and brought us all that sunshine. as it gets closer it is going to steer clouds our way, but also steer storms away from us. that is going to keep us for a day or two but when it moves on, high-pressure moves back and that'll make it the heat. southbay, 72 in the cool spot in the santa teresa neighborhood. at stanford about 79 degrees. 67 in alameda and san francisco,
6:19 pm
73 san pablo and lafayette about 75 right now. heading out this evening, it's a breezy one all the way up until 9:00. temperatures will fall into the 60's then and keep falling into the low to mid 60's by 10:00 with increasing clouds. you can see a much broader blanket tonight. temperatures mild coming off that 64 degrees ocean water. coolest around santa rosa, 51. 61 san mateo, antioch, milder temperatures. highs closer to average, 79 at 281 in san jose 288 in morgan hill. in the peninsula where looking at mid upper 70's. always the warmest spot, 81 degrees. the warm up motion -- attempt is the coast. 70 a daly city and 71 downtown san francisco. north bay valley low to mid 80's except 79. over in the east bay, were looking at mid to upper 70's pretty 75 at berkeley 279 in brenda down towards fremont. and we have made 80's to upper 80's in our england east bay
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neighborhoods. let's jump ahead to next wednesday and for the next several days after that, the entire state is warmer than average in the bay area with neighborhoods 60 to 8% chance of above average temperatures. so enjoy how much you can go outdoors and i several days. 88 tomorrow, holding up a 90 summer dickered they surgically been led by thursday as the 80's start to develop around the bay. our warmest in this forecast will be saturday, but then you can see tuesday is when the heat wave begins. get ready. ama: thank you for warning a spirit thank you, mike. newly released information from the state's department of public health shows coronavirus activity is dropping in every measurable way. cases, deaths, the numbers of hospital patients and the test positivity rate are all going down. a team of researchers from uc berkeley is developing a new covid nasal spray that could prevent people from getting sick. as abc7news reporter leslie brickley tells us, it appears to work against all current variance and future variance.
6:21 pm
leslie: a year from now, we could be using a nasal spray to keep from getting covid. not just current variance, but even future mutations. it is new science emerging from uc berkeley that researchers there are ready to take to the fda, to start human trials. it is a team effort that does not target the spike protein on the covid virus like current vaccines do. instead, this new treatment targets the part of the virus, the nucleus, as it attacks human cells. >> the virus actually reprograms the cell into its own copy machine. it is a trojan horse, it ejects the rna from the virus into the cell and that rna makes copies of itself and all the other stuff that the virus needs. so binding molecular velcro to the violence -- virus. tiny snippets of dna binds to specific sequences in the viral
6:22 pm
rna and gums it up. it's is very different from previous efforts. leslie: the newly developed spray is designed to prevent infections even from mutations. if someone already has covid, than it could be dispensed from something like an asthma inhaler, so it gets down into the lungs and decreases the severity of the illness. no refrigeration is required, so it could have global implications. uc berkeley scientists are ready to move forward with clinical trials if all goes as predicted, and it could be available for use by the fall of 2023. in berkeley, leslie brinkley, abc7news. dan: coming up next, a step forward for america. the action president biden took today that is vital for
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ama: stocks fell today with the tech heavy nasdaq leading the losses. the dow dropped 58 points, the nasdaq lost 150. s&p was also down by 17 points. today chipmaking company micron warren supply chain impacts and microeconomic factors are respected and negatively impact revenue. dan: meantime president biden signed a bill to boost american manufacturing of high-tech
6:26 pm
goods, including computer chips. it's called the chip act and factored right now, there is a global shortage of semi conductor chips as you have heard. it's led to worldwide delays for making cars, phones, medical equipment, and other electronics. the chips act invests more than $200 billion over the next five years to help america regain a top role in making semi conductors. >> produced 0% of these chips now. and china has tried to move away ahead of us. dan: at the moment taiwan produces most of them with a growing threat of military conflict between taiwan and china, the pentagon says it is essential to make more chips here. ama: it is fun to go on vacation, not as much fun when vacationers visit next-door sometimes though. the changes santa rosa might make to its airbnb policies. >> a new report shows edd wrongly denies benefits to hundreds of thousands of workers every single year. even though they are eligible.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. dan: a new state report says edd is wrongly denying benefits to hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers every year, even though they are clearly eligible. ama: the report by the legislative analyst's office studying what happened even before the pandemic, when claims overwhelmed the edd. dan: 7 on your side's michael finney is diving into the astounding findings. michael: it is astounding really, as you guys have heard over and over again, i have reported about the pressure of claims during the pandemic when millions of workers were left with no benefits. this report shows edd wrongly denied or delayed 6 million claims during the crisis and it goes further to say they routinely disqualify hundreds of thousands of eligible workers every single year. even in normal economic times. >> i was disqualified. and i had no idea why and i never got the money.
6:31 pm
>> i spent the first two months try to figure out why it was disqualified. >> while we determine your eligibility, continue to stand by for benefits. michael: they were eligible for unemployment during the pandemic. >> i got nothing from them. >> i try to do everything to keep myself above water, but i'm sinking because the edd is not taking care of it. michael: all were denied until they got help from 7 on your side. lawmakers want the system to work on its own. >> the experience that workers have had during the pandemic, with this program, has really highlighted the need to civil five. to prioritize getting benefits to workers. michael: they wrote this report, saying edd policies tend to deny benefits to workers, even though they are clearly eligible. among the findings, edd improperly delayed or denied benefits to 6 million workers during the pandemic. the agency had been disqualified workers -- does qualify workers
6:32 pm
long before that. between 2014 and 2019, 250,000 workers per year appealed the denial of their claim. half of them won their case and cut their benefits. however, after 300,000 more workers did not try to appeal. >> the appeals process is difficult and they gave up. michael: the report assumes many of them would've won their case. so that left at least half $1 billion unpaid to workers who deserved the money. >> we think that somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion each year is probably unpaid to eligible california unemployed workers, who were denied benefits. michael: the report says edd makes applications too complicated. they put too much weight on stopping fraud instead of delivering benefits. it favors businesses over workers and screening who is eligible for benefits. >> we know little about why the permanent denies claims that
6:33 pm
were turned over on appeal and our office believes it's in our best interest to learn more about that. michael: legislative analyst's presented findings to lawmakers, who may now propose more changes at the ed with the aim of getting those unpaid benefits into the hands of eligible workers, who have been going without them for all of these years. i will keep track of this and i will do a follow-up report. i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home, a car, paying off alone, anything to do with you, your family and money. i want to hear about both your trials and frustrations. go to on your side to share them. i will tell you, that is a lot of money that is not going to people who deserve it. dan: a billion dollars a year. and all of this emphasis in this report suggests that stopping fraud, yet they do not stop fraud at all. michael: it does not look like it. if they actually do, but while. dan: thank you very much.
6:34 pm
ama: developing news out of the lake tahoe area. it has been three days since a 16-year-old girl was last seen in truckee but investigators are getting lots of leads. kylee rodney finished early while attending a party at campground. no one saw her leave her get into her car and her cell phone has been out of service. this afternoon the placer county sheriffs office pleaded for people to keep coming forward with tips as they piece together what happened. >> we are looking at video that people are sending in, anything. time stamps. we can create the best timeline possible, take the information and we are committing all the resources we can to follow up. ama: kylee's silver honda is missing. chris evans searching to this the better dust about a state line. dan: governor newsom wants to get to the bottom of san francisco's notoriously lengthy process. he has ordered the states housing and community develop an agency to investigate why san francisco has the states longest
6:35 pm
timeline for advancing housing projects. why so much red tape? the order from the governor comes after a year of escalating warnings and will be the first review conducted by the unit, which was created last year. >> if you want to build housing in san francisco, there is no harder place. that is an acceptable, because people in our city are struggling to afford the rent. dan: this review will last at least nine months. state officials plan to work with researchers from the uc berkeley institute of urban and regional development to examine patterns that lead to abnormally long housing delays. new restrictions on short-term rentals could be coming to santa rosa. right now, the city is discussing a proposal to crackdown on vacation rentals like airbnb. abc 7 news anchor liz explains that it is certainly welcome news for a neighbor who says he lives next door to a party house. liz: dale moved into this santa rosa neighborhood for one major reason. >> quiet.
6:36 pm
liz: it turns out it is not so peaceful. the home next to dale's is a large and popular short-term vacation rental. he says it is often rented out for large parties, weddings or bachelorettes. >> the party bus shows up. we have banquet trucks show up, unload banquet tables and buffet tables. so it is a party house. liz: dale had to erect this fence to stop party guests from spreading onto his yard. before the fence was here, people were just coming onto your property? >> yes. they did not know the separation. liz: the city says the situation is an extreme example, but over the past two years, they have seen a big increase in quiet neighborhoods like this functioning as short-term vacation rentals. >> we started seeing come of these buying up properties. not just throughout the city but sometimes in the same neighborhood. liz: santa rosa is looking to crackdown on short-term vacation rentals. at a city council meeting
6:37 pm
tuesday night, city officials will vote on a proposal to beef up enforcement in rentals and cap the number of them allowed in the city. >> what we are looking at for the non-hosted -- which means that the owner is not a property while they are renting out the space, we are looking at a cap of 215. liz: the vote comes days after the county of sonoma approved similar regulations, capping the amount of vacation rentals in some areas and banning them in others. in santa rosa, the cap will be for non-hosted rentals. sandy metzger who rents out a cottage behind her house is relieved. >> our neighbors have never complained because we do not create any nuisance at all. liz: dale says the city's proposal is a good start but ultimately hopes that non-hosted rentals or outright banned. he is been spinning his message on these signs around the city. >> the only city -- the only way the city can control this is to illuminate non-hosted. they are not doing that. liz: in santa rosa liz kreutz abc 7 news. ama: coming up, big course and the court to get to one, pro
6:38 pm
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ama: former president trump and republican lawmakers are blasting the fbi following its raid on trump's resort in florida. sources tell abc news it was related to 15 boxes of documents the former president took when he left the white house. abc news porter face has the latest from washington. faith: from the liner pelicans are outraged after federal agents searched the former president's residence. >> i think every republican believes that the fbi, when it comes to trump and other organizations, have lost their mind. faith: some of trump's supporters going so far as threatening to wage a civil war, while elected officials are promising revenge on the department of justice and fbi. republican arizona representative paul gosar tweeting that he will support a complete dismantling and elimination of the fbi. an agency headed by a trump appointee. christopher wray. kevin mccarthy adding that quote when republik and stick-back the health, we will conduct immediate oversight of the
6:42 pm
justice department. strong reaction from trump allies coming after fbi agent executed a court authorized search warrant at the former president's private residence. trump, who was not present during the raid, claiming the agents broke into his safe. >> to have a warrant, you need justification. and no one is above the law. faith: sources tell abc news that the raid was part of an investigation into his mishandling of classified documents. legal and national security experts think the investigation might be broader. >> i would be surprised if at the end of the day we learned that this was an effort by the fbi to retrieve records. there probably is something much more significant there. faith: trump seen in new york ignored shouted questions but in a statement calling the raid a political assaulted online rhetoric approaching levels not seen since the january 6 capital attack. >> we are seeing mainstream public figures in the media and in elected office who are
6:43 pm
mimicking some of the language of these extremist forums. and they are throwing fuel on a raging fire. faith: what'll president biden and the white house had no prior knowledge of this authorized search in that this was not the first time federal agents visited trump's home. in washington, faith, abc news. dan: it has certainly been a tough and cruel summer for americans from coast-to-coast. nationwide, more than 46 million people are under heat alerts. in boston, at least five straight days of 95 plus degrees. making this the hottest stretch since 1944. noah reports the last month the average temperature for the lower 48 states reached 76 point four degrees, 2.8 degrees higher than average. making last month the third warmest on record in the united states. only july 2012 and july of 1936 were warmer. all right, plenty of sunshine in the seven-day forecast. will it be hot here? meteorologis
6:44 pm
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ama: i think we are preparing for the heat, dan. dan: we are. and mike is try to figure out how hot it is going to get. mike: we just talked about how
6:47 pm
hot july was, but not in the bay area. we were averaged a couple degrees cooler than average. so it is time to pay the price. for today though and the rest of today, you can see it looks pretty nice out there. breezy, there is a small craft advisory from the golden gate through the delta until 9:00. outdoor dining, the breeze will get you more than anything else. if you're running some errands, you need some sunglasses until the sun sets at 8:09. temperatures will fall into the 60 by 9:00. warm ocean water, 64 degrees has led to record warm low temperatures in san francisco. saturday and sunday, 60 one. tomorrow's record low as 59. forecasting a low of 59, so we could keep it going. afternoon is mild. 67. 70's around the bay and 80's inland. around the rest of the state, you could see temperatures not too bad. a lot of 90's through the central valley. toward yosemite where it will not be nearly as stormy as it has been. so were watching that warming trend. it will get a little warmer
6:48 pm
starting tomorrow but the real heat starts next tuesday. ama: thank you. a legal battle between the newly founded liv golf tour in the pga made its way to san jose. three former pga golfers filed a restraining order to pause their suspension allowing them to play in the upcoming fedexcup championship, which many consider the super bowl of golf. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey has the judges's ruling. dustin: the latest battle between the pga tour and the saudi arabian funded golf tour played out of the bay area today at the san jose federal courthouse, a judge ruled that three former pga members that jumped ship cannot play in the upcoming fedexcup playoffs starting thursday. >> the judge's decision was not unexpected and occurred the way she opened up the hearing. she obviously had a predetermined mindset. she made a ruling of irreparable harm, so there was no irreparable harm. dustin: taylor and swofford filed a returning order to allow
6:49 pm
them to play in the pga tournament and libor for membership had been suspended in late june. they were members of the pga and the required points to compete in a tournament could however, the three golfers left the tour alongside other big names like phil mickelson, for a much larger pay check. sports consultant and he says this battle ultimately represents a greater theme in the world of sports. >> the global nature of sport is increasing the amount of money and the ability to market a sport like golf. the names associated with it is really an investment. dustin: eggleston, the three golfers from the tro and three others filed and antitrust lawsuit against the pga. the judge noted there was an appealing claim but as for the fedexcup, she said the players did not establish irreparable harm and denied the temporary restraining order. legal analyst steve clarke says golf is not a contact sport, but the gloves are off between these two organizations. >> regardless of what happens
6:50 pm
today, this fight is far from over. because the liv tour said to the pga, your anti-competitive, you are a monopoly and were going to take this to federal court and take it as far as we have to to prove that. just in clinic defects saint jude championship will begin without the three golfers on thursday in memphis tennessee. dustin dorsey, abc7news. dan: the battle is getting more intense. let's move from the pga to the nfl. sports director larry beil is here. larry: how much will court about troy at lance play in the preseason for the 49ers. even kyle shanahan says he's not quite sure yet. but we do know flex alert! flex alert! a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages.
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>> now abc 7 sports with larry beil. larry: good evening. quarterback trey lance will play this friday night when the 49ers open the preseason against the packers at levi's stadium. but how much he plays is unclear at this point. at least, they are not telling us. head coach said he thinks he will play in games one and three, usually the starters will play one series in the opener. so we will see. shanahan revealed it was up to him, they would play zero preseason games. instead, hold the joint practices to get ready for the season. think that's more practical. they will enjoy a defense other than the 49ers which will be very good this season. the coach says there's going to be growing games for the young qb. >> it's going how you would expect it. you do it with a recorded record i think he's got some good days,
6:54 pm
rough days. but he had about that his last practice, which he bounceback today, but i've been plays with trey and all three of them. larry: the giants trying to build on a three-game winning streak tonight in san diego. last night, this place they became trade a perfect throw from luis gonzalez to brandon crawford. a tremendous pick from the catcher as a giants hold on to a 1-0 when with alex wood pitching in. something a giants have not seen a lot of, great defense. >> what a pic with joey. it does not get any better than that. >> it could have easily been confirmed and we would not be standing here proving probably still be playing. >> joey made the -- one of the best pix i have seen. from a catcher. so that was a great play. >> he is clearly from our vantage point. and it looks like we won tonight's game with defense. larry: serena williams says she
6:55 pm
is close to retiring. she won her opening round match in the canadian open and in an article in vogue magazine, a 23 time grand said she does not like to use the word retirement. but at age 40, wants to have another baby and focus on her business interests. so, will she call it quits after this u.s. open? >> i don't know. i guess there's just a lot of things on my mind. >> what is that like? >> i don't know. i'm getting closer to the light. i love playing though. it is amazing, but, you know, i cannot do this forever. larry: do not go towards the light. don't do it. scary moment lead to something awesome at the little league south west texas. the batter got hit in the head. jarvis stayed on the ground for several minutes and when he got to first base, he goes over and
6:56 pm
consoles sheldon who was beyond distraught. jarvis saying you're doing great. the gesture brought tears to fans in the stands. i mean, that is what sportsmanship is all about. that's what you want from little league and that young man, i mean, just an incredible moment. so often, we see, especially in the pros, you hit our guide, were going to throw out your guys. and this was obviously the exact opposite of that. dan: so sweet. thank you, larry. ama: coming up on abc 7 at 8:00, catch celebrity wheel of fortune. that is followed at 9:00 by generation cap, celebrity family feud comes on at 10:00 and stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. remember, abc7news is streaming 24 seven. get the bay area app so you can join us whenever you want, wherever you are. that will do it for this edition of the abc7news. thank you so much for joining a speed i'm ama daetz. dan: i am dan ashley good for mike nicco, larry beil, all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope we see you again for
6:57 pm
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