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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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limit vacation rentals. >> and the team heading to the little l
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> welcome back. tonight, a local family shares their close encounter with a rattlesnake. experts say it is happening to an increasing number of families across the bay area and the drought is partially to blame. i am dan ashley. ama: and i am ama daetz. j.r. stone spoke to that family tonight and a rattlesnake remover who has been inundated with calls. j.r.: that loud sound is the rattle of a rattlesnake recorded in the backyard of a home in antioch on monday. >> the snake meant business.
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j.r.: experts say snakes are increasingly common in backyards. we sent tonio took this route snake -- rattlesnake video last year says that as the hot weather continues, snake called have been coming in high numbers. by 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning, the recent -- three rattlesnake calls had been called in. this snake is in antioch was no baby. >> this is the largest one found in our yard. j.r.: using two snake grabbers to grab a hold of this. >> they are poisonous, deadly, dangerous, not endangered. we don't relocate those. we just take their head off with a shovel. j.r.: the snake they found was as tall as their son matthew.
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neighbors in this area near the black diamond mines reached a preserve and say the rattlesnakes are out. >> i have seen more this year from the prior years that we didn't have any water. they're coming back toward the houses to seek the waters of the plants and progress. >> they're coming after the irrigation and the shade. j.r.: feet away from where the rattler was found and feet away from their sliding glass door. >> three of our kids are transplant recipients, and i don't want to know what is going to happen to a kid that has had a transplant and has to deal with the snakebite. j.r.: while the family killed the rattlesnake in their yard, snake remover they talked with said they don't kill snakes, they relocate them to other areas. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: new developments an hour ago. santa rosa city council approved cap on short-term rentals.
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it allows for 697 no host vacation rentals -- 198 no host vacation rentals. this is basically a moratorium. the council also per -- approved service fees for the rental applications. over the past three years, they have seen an increase in vacation rentals. people spoke during tonight's hearing. >> wego to ask them to calm down, and they just want to fight with you. i have been yelled at just for doing yard work. >> when i do get a complaint, i checked the video. it is grossly exaggerated and almost like a witch hunt. dan: days ago, sonoma county approved similar regulations. ama: tonight, the san jose city council approved the project at
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the eta boston light rail station. it includes 300 apartments with commercial space. the bta is looking to raise millions of dollars by releasing out the landed towns near the light rail stations. there is potential for more projects with several sites eligible for development. dan: state senator scott wiener is leading the charge of local politicians demanding that the state and federal government to do more to fight monkeypox. today, he held a hearing on the outbreak in sacramento. tim johns has the story. tim: a line stretched down the bar -- block on tuesday, people lining up since the early hours of the morning trying to get the monkeypox vaccine. >> i guess i am at high risk and with covid, i do not want to take any risks. tim: san francisco now reporting over 500 cases of monkeypox. as the virus continues to
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spread, so does the urge to get the outbreak under control. scott wiener held a special hearing in sacramento, urging other elected officials to do more. >> we need to push hard to make sure our federal, state, and local public health authorities are directing the resources where they are needed most. tim: weiner says his office has submitted an emergency state budget request. he wants to use that money to help support local public health department. is also asking for changes in regulations that would allow county and community clinics to use covid funding to help address monkeypox crisis locally. the senator is calling for more vaccines to be manufactured immediately. >> unfortunately, it will be slow with gradual increases in supply. tim: weiner fears monkeypox could be here to stay. >> i am concerned that monkeypox will be endemic in the u.s. and it might be heading in that
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direction. tim: -- 35,000 doses to begin to meet the need. vaccinations will continue tomorrow on a first-come first serve until they run out. there has been no word on when more doses will arise. in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. ama: the state epidemiologist says we are hopefully at the tail end of the recent covid-19 surge in california. the text -- test positivity rate is 12.7%. the cdc reports the ba.5 omicron variant now makes up more than 87% of cases in the u.s. dan: despite that, students and teachers in one bay area school district will have to mask up when they kick off the school year tomorrow. the mountain view school district is keeping their mask
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mandate in place, different from other school districts in the area which have made masking optional. the mask mandate will remain as long as the cdc shows a high level of covid-19 in the community. ama: details on the search for a missing 16-year-old girl in the lake tahoe area. this is surveillance image of kylie riley this evening. this was taken at a business in trucking. she was last seen at a party campground in trucking. investigators are slowing piecing together what happened. >> we are looking at video that people sent in, looking at timestamps so we can create the rest -- best information possible. ama: her cell phone been out of service since saturday and her silver honda is also missing. no one has come forward saying that they saw her leave the party or get into her car. dan: former nfl star and oakland
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native marshawn lynch is facing charges after police say he was driving under the influence. he was arrested in las vegas this morning. police say he was driving erratically. lynch played 12 years with the league. just yesterday, the team announced lynch would be a special correspondent for them this season. ama: former president trump and republican lawmakers are blasting the fbi following the raid on trump's mar-a-lago resort. experts say agents would have needed to prove probable cause that a crime was committed before a federal judge signed off on the search warrant. >> i would be surprised if at the end of the day we learned this was simply an effort by the fbi to retrieve records.
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there is probably something more significant there. ama: both the fbi and the department of justice have declined to comment. in a statement, trump called the raid a political assault. some of his online supporters are going as far as threatening to wage civil war. dan: new video tonight of a plane crash landing on a california freeway. how everyone walked away unscathed. ama: mandating later school start times. why health experts are celebrating the move. >> a southbay little league team knocking it out of the park. we will show you how these athletes are preparing for an opportunity. >> and i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the highs today. our mild temperatures are just about over. the heatwave is coming into some of our neighborhood. dan: all of that is coming up, but here is a look at what is ahead on jimmy kimmel tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00.
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>> thank you. i am rob macklin. watch this, or i got a spray tan for nothing. >> we have just robbed one of hollywood's most valuable assets. kiana reeves. ♪
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ama: sunnyvale detectives have solved a 40-year-old cold case. karen stitt was kidnapped and stabbed to death in 1982. her body was found.
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the killer could have been one of the four detectives from fresno. detectives were able to bring the good news to karen's extended family. >> they did the hard work keeping the hope alive for 40 years and continuing to care about her. ama: police say ramirez did not have any criminal history book -- but could have assaulted more people. dan: a surveillance video captured the moments a plane went down in corona this afternoon. the plane hit the truck and burst into flames, sending up a black plume of smoke. miraculously, everyone involved, the duping people in the plane and the three people in the truck managed to walk away without injuries. it could have been much worse. >> very fortunate today that the
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traffic was light and the pilot made some good landing navigation. what could have been a bad tragedy was avoided. dan: the pilot believes the engine failed as it was coming in for a landing at a nearby airport. ama: governor newsom wants to get to the bottom of the san francisco permitting process. he has ordered the department to investigate why san francisco has the state's longest timeline for advancing housing project. this comes after a year of escalating warnings and will be the first investigation conducted by the unit. >> finding housing in san francisco, there is no harder place, which is acceptable -- unacceptable because people in our city are struggling to afford the rent. ama: researchers are working with the uc berkeley department
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of development. dan: a lot that affects many school kids. for high schools, schools may start no earlier than 8:30. a teenager's natural sleep cycle is different from children and adults, meaning that getting enough sleep is challenging if their school starts too early. >> i think this is so important because we need to keep in mind that teen sleep deprivation is a public health issue. dan: the cdc recommends teens get eight to 10 hours of sleep a night and to allow that school start times would be sired at a local level. ama: in the southbay, once in a lifetime opportunity to play at the little league. they are getting ready for the big game. dan: the challenger division is
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designed for players with physical and intellectual challenges. amanda del castillo went to their practice tonight. >> who is going to the world series? >> we are. >> following a two year endemic postponement, the challenger team is only two weeks away from playing in a little league world series. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is a premier event in e-sports, and we are so honored to have been selected to go. amanda: the team manager started cable rampart's challenger division 12 years ago. she recognized some kids didn't have a team to play on. over the years, also finding the effort has fostered friendships on and off the field, building community regardless of ability. 12 players, coaching staff, and volunteer buddies will be the
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first from san jose to participate in the world league series headquartered in pennsylvania, a grand slam opportunity. >> julian has been a big fan of baseball since he was 15 months old. amanda: the experience grew difficult for him. >> he got ostracized for a bit and it is harder for him to play on those teams. he comes to this league, and he is just one of the kids. amanda: offering a supportive environment. >> one of the volunteers for throwing and catching, and it was like, you could be a picture -- pitcher. i was like, wow. amanda: wow is right. joshua throwing pitch after pitch on the practice team on tuesday. he will be the first challenger division youth pitcher at the
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world league cities -- series, proving anything is possible. >> i hope this will give them the opportunity to live their life and give them inspiration. amanda: in san jose, i am amanda del castillo a. dan: that is awesome. let's turn our attention to the forecast. ama: meteorologist mike nicco has that for us. mike: my july electric bill was about a third of what it was in june. several days over 100 degrees in june, but july was cooler than average. so far, august has been the same. that is about to change. we are seeing a whole lot of cloud cover, but by the time we wake up in the morning, it will be mostly cloudy. once we get to the weekend, we start building on the heat, especially inland, and next week, it could run up the scale.
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this area of low pressure is what we are thankful for right now to bring us these mild afternoons for the last four to five days. it has also pushed the storms that were plaguing the sierra and the flooding in socal and move them away for a couple of days. look at our ocean temperatures. 64 degrees. that is warmer than some of our neighborhoods right now, but also the reason we are seeing the string of near record warm temperatures in san francisco. we saw some on saturday and sunday with 61. this morning, we drop down to 60, but i'm forecasting 60 again tonight, which would be another record warm low temperature. it is about 61 in san mateo and san jose and antioch. tomorrow, temperatures climb up the scale a little bit. low to mid 80's in sunnyvale, but the breezes are going to
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spread across the neighborhoods in the afternoon, and that will keep us from getting out of control. the peninsula is comfortable. check out these upper 60's near 70 along the coast. in the north bay, petaluma at 79. breezy along the east bay that will keep us comfortably in the mid to upper 70's. in the inland neighborhoods, mid to upper 80's, one last day before the 90 degrees temperatures come our way. here are the breezes that cover all of our bridges and bay water coming out of the west at 20 to 25 miles per hour in the afternoon. we are still looking at 68, 77 by the afternoon. we lose two minutes of sunshine tomorrow. the temperatures hit 90's inland and even and 96 on tuesday when the heatwave begins inland. upper 70's to low 80's around the bay.
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the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal. ama: serena williams says the countdown has begun to her last game as appropriate she says she doesn't like the word retirement . she says she is going to focus
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on expanding her family. >> i am getting closer to the light, so -- i love playing, though. it is amazing, but i can't do this forever. >> the legacy she has left through her tennis career is something that i don't think any other player can touch. ama: williams is playing a tournament this week in toronto and will play at the u.s. open later this month. she has won four olympic gold medals and spent 319 weeks as the number one player. dan: she has been fun to watch. the giants are hoping to build on their winning streak. larry: the giants came up with a ninth hour rally in safranciscoy happy about this.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions,
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while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: the giants riding a three-game winning streak trying to get the good vibes going, only to see the padres do the same. kevin mitchell in the house sitting with larry baer. not waiting for late-night hours. 1-0 giants early on. juan soto changes that in a hurry and crosses the number as a member of the padres and we are tied at 1. brendan drewry also connecting off of alex couple. mike, you need them on that wall. and cobb appreciates the effort.
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giants down on the ninth. josh haber struggles, and then aligning towards the left saving the day. austin slater tags up and scores 4-4. drive home safely. three run walk off, celebrating like the world series or something. show tiny and the angels visiting the a's. scoreless in the second and jose rojas popped off. look at the crazy hand eye coordination. catches entry catches the ball after tripping. ramon lori gano comes back and that he was in a lot of pain. joe tani was -- ohtani, sayonara means goodbye. he patches each euro for second-most by a japanese born player. also skew six -- also six
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scoreless innings. trey lance will play. how much he plays, we are not sure. given his lack of experience, maybe longer. kyle says his qb one will play the first and third game of the preseason. he knows there will be ups and downs with the young quarterback. >> that is how you deal with every quarterback. he has some good days and some rough days. he had a rough day last practice, which means he will bounce back today. i have been pleased with all three of them. larry: abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino.
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ama: >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." with guest host rob mcelhenney. tonight -- ryan reynolds, kaitlin olson, and music from tones and i. with cleto and the cletones. and now, rob mcelhenney. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> rob: thank you. thank you, thank you. welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, rob mcelhenney. [ cheers and applause ]


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