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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 12, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight several breaking headlines as we come on the air. a federal magistrate judge unsealing the search warrant for former president trump's home at mar-a-lago. what they allegedly found. the warrant revealing trump is under investigation for potential violations of the espionage act and possible obstruction of jutice. the property receipt showing what federal agents took from mar-a-lago, including 11 sets of classified information, some marked top secret. one set of documents referring to top secret sensitive information, meaning only a select few are allowed access in secure locations. so what does this all mean now and where does this go from here? jonathan karl and dan abrams standing by. also tonight, author salman rushdie attacked on stage in western new york. a man stabbing him repeatedly before being tackled by police.
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rushdie, the target of death threats for decades, airlifted to the hospital. news coming in on his condition tonight and what played out in front of those in horror in the audience. also breaking at this hour a major victory for president biden just moments ago. house democrats tonight passing the $740 billion bill. the biggest investment in fighting climate in u.s. history. lowering health care and prescription drug costs. taxing corporations and lowering the deficit. mary bruce at the white house. late word on the deadly movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. the new fbi report out tonight and what it reveals about the gun alec baldwin was holding. news tonight on the man who showed up at the fbi office in cincinnati with an ar-15, in body armor. the chase. now we learn what he posted and that authorities believe he was in washington, d.c., on january the new health warning
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tonight in new york city. traces of polio found in new york city wastewater raising concerns about the contagious disease spreading among the unvaccinated. tonight actress anne heche's family says she's brain dead on life support and what they're now saying. the frightening moment for tourists as a plane makes a landing too close for comfort. and two brothers and their sister on the baseball field and what came next. definitely the play of the week. good evening. good evening. great to have you with us as we near the end of another week. we begin with the breaking news. tonight, a federal magistrate judge has unsealed the search warrant used in the fbi raid of president trump's home at mar-a-lago. the warrant revealing the former president is under investigation for potential violations of the espionage act and possible obstruction of justice charges. we learn among other things taken from the home, 11 sets of classified documents, some at
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the highest level, meaning only a few people should have access to them in very secure locations. tonight we've learned more about what federal agents were looking for when they raided the property on monday. the justice department and fbi believe donald trump was keeping classified documents with national security implications at his home. today "the washington post" reporting some of those classified documents related to nuclear weapons. the property receipt released with the warrant. a list of what was taken. on that list those 11 sets of classified information, the executive grant of clemency to roger stone, a handwritten note, boxes of photos. 27 boxes in all. attorney general merrick garland under intense scrutiny strongly indicating they had tried other routes to retrieve these documents before executing the search warrant. we know there was a subpoena in the spring. we now know investigators found documents classified all the way to top secret. only a few would ever have
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access to them in those secure locations. our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, an eye-opening window into why the fbi tok the extraordinary step of executing a search warrant at mar-a-lago. a federal judge unsealing the warrant, making it public, along with an accounting of what federal agents seized from former president trump's property. the documents reveal just how much federal agents found -- 27 boxes of government records, including 11 sets of classified documents. the property receipt, a copy of which trump's attorney received from federal agents at mar-a-lago monday night, shows that the 11 sets of classified material included 4 sets marked top secret, and one at an even higher classification, top secret/sci, a classification reserved for some of the most sensitive intelligence possessed by the u.s. government, meant to only be
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viewed in a highly secure location. >> sci information or intelligence is highly sensitive, and it is marked or classified as top secret/sci in acknowledgment that the disclosure of that information would incur grave harm to the national security of the united states. >> reporter: the document does not say what the classified information is. "the washington post" has reported that among the material sought by federal agents was related to u.s. nuclear weapons programs. the warrant reveals agents were looking for evidence of three potential crimes -- violations of the espionage act, unlawful removal of public records, and obstruction of justice by concealing, altering or destroying records to impede an investigation. agents also recovered unclassified records, one item marked the president of france, another executive grant of clemency for trump ally roger stone, that along with binders of photos and a handwritten note. the warrant, signed by a florida
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magistrate, allowed fbi agents to search trump's office, all storage rooms and areas used or available to be used by trump and his staff, giving agents wide authority to search much of the property. the execution of the search warrant on monday came after doj made a months' long effort to get trump to turn the materials over, including a subpoena earlier this year and a visit by a small group of federal agents to mar-a-lago in june when trump was at the property. as the attorney general said, they tried other routes before executing the search warrant. >> where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. >> reporter: the warrant did not grant access to private guest rooms of mar-a-lago or areas otherwise used by people other than trump and his staff. the former president said he was encouraging the immediate release of those documents, even though his lawyers had them since monday and could have released them at any time.
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before the warrant was made public, house republicans on the intelligence committee today called for the release of more information. demanding evidence of an imminent security threat to justify the search. they want the justice department to make public the affidavit presented to the judge outlining the jutification for the search warrant. >> the fbi raid of president trump is a complete abuse and overreach of its authority. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi criticized republicans for attacking the fbi and suggesting the search was politically motivated. >> you would think there would be an adult in the republican room that would say, just calm down. see what the facts are and let's go for that, instead of again, instigating assaults on law enforcement. >> let's get right back to jon karl. back with us again tonight. jon, you've been reporting the former president and his lawyers had the search warrant and property receipt after the search. they had it all week. they could have released it
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themselves amid all these questions and pressure from republican leaders on the justice department to reveal more. tonight here we are a few days later. the attorney general, the judge now revealing it. any word from inside the former president's inner circle tonight, his state of mind, how he explains any of this? >> reporter: they've been incredibly quiet. as news of the warrant broke, trump put out a statement claiming that he had declassified all this information. there's no evidence of that. by the way, the three criminal statutes cited would still be relevant even if this material had been declassified. there's absolutely no evidence that he did that. as for republicans, you heard them talking before the warrant was released. they've been remarkably quiet since it's been released. no republicans taking back any of that criticism or reacting. i reached out directly, especially to the house republican leader kevin mccarthy. no response at all.
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>> a quick follow, jon, an obvious question, but probably a difficult one to answer. do we have any idea tonight why the president brought these documents to mar-a-lago if, in fact, this is what we're looking at, who brought them, what the intent was here? >> reporter: no idea why he did it. your second question is a really good one though. it's quite possible that there is more than donald trump himself that could face criminal liability here. the question of who helped him bring this material to mar-a-lago will certainly be central in the days ahead. >> jonathan karl leading us off as he has all week long. thank you. let's get right to our chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, we were expecting the release of the warrant today. we expected it to be generic. it was striking when we were on the air reading through it together how much it actually revealed. >> reporter: there was much more detail than we were expecting, specifically with regard to how classified so much of this information was. 11 sets of highly classified documents.
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so we're not just talking here about a presidential records act violation, as some had suggested. we're talking about far more serious crimes, espionage act is one of them, but also obstruction of justice. was there evidence concealed or mutilated? these are serious felonies. >> dan, where do we go from here for people watching at home? when could we learn details of what they found at mar-a-lago? >> reporter: i don't think that affidavit is going to come out unless and until the former president is indicted. there's no sign that that is in any way imminent. there are motions being made, efforts being made to release that information. i think it's very unlikely that would come out unless there was more of a legal proceeding, a criminal case that went forward. >> dan abrams with us tonight again. dan, thank you. in the meantime on this friday night, we move on to other news. author salman rushdie attacked on stage in western new york. a man stabbing him repeatedly before being tackled by police. rushdie the target of death
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threats for decades, air lifted to the hospital. news coming in tonight on his condition and what played out in front of those in horror sitting in the audience. here's mola lenghi. >> reporter: tonight, salman rushdie is in the hospital, and a man is in custody. the famed author airlifted after a brazen attack. >> at the amphitheater. presenter was just attacked on the stage. i need ems. >> reporter: authorities say the man seen here attacked the author as he was about to give a lecture at the chautauqua institution. >> the suspect has been identified as hadi matar, age 24, from fairview, new jersey. >> reporter: the chautauqua intuition, a nonprofit education center about an hour outside of buffalo. >> it's a place of study and reflection and religious inquisitiveness, and it's now a crime scene. >> reporter: joshua goodman, with the associated press, witnessed the attack. >> he had just walked on to the stage. a man rushed up and starting punching or stabbing, wasn't quite clear. >> reporter: another witness, valerie haskell.
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>> he actually went at him at least 10 to 15 times. >> reporter: photos of the spattered on a wall and a chair, and rescuers lifting rushdie's legs in the air. rushdi's agent saying the nerves was severed and he will likely lose an eye. new york's governor, kathy hochul, praising the quick police response. >> he is alive. he has been transported, airlifted to safety. but here's an individual who has spent decades speaking truth to power. >> reporter: rushdie has spent decades looking over his shoulder. his 1988 book, "the satanic verses," is considered by many muslims to be insulting to islam. after it was published, iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khomeini, issuing a fatwa, calling for rushdie to be killed. one religious group reportedly promising a bounty of more than $3 million. tonight in iran, they are reporting on the attack. after years in hiding, rushdie had been living comfortably in
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new york city before the attack. right now law enforcement officials are searching a location in new jersey linked to the suspect. no word yet on a possible motive tonight. given rushdie's history, extra security was requested for the event and two police officers were present. david? >> the investigation stretching from new jersey to western new york. mola, we thank you. also breaking, a major victory for president biden. house democrats passing the $740 billion bill, the biggest investment in fighting climate in u.s. history, lowering health care and prescription drug costs, taxing corporations and lowering the deficit. it now heads to the president's desk. the president and first lady on vacation in south carolina. president biden saying today the america people won. this image of the president and first lady released just a short time ago, clearly pleased with a very hard-fought victory. mary bruce at the white house tonight. >> the yays are -- >> reporter: tonight, democrats in congress sending president
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biden a critical win -- >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: -- capping a string of legislative victories for the white house. the house passing an historic $740 billion package. it is the largest investment in fighting climate change in u.s. history, including tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles, and tax breaks for americans who install solar panels on their homes. >> it is going to put us on a trajectory to lower co2 emissions in the united states by 40% in 2030. >> reporter: saying we'll meet that goal within eight years. but this is also a healthcare bill that lowers premiums for americans buying their own insurance, allows medicare, for the first time, to negotiate the price of certain drugs, and limits out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors on medicare to $2,000 dollars a year. to pay for it all, the bill raises taxes on the largest corporations and wealthiest americans. it will also bring down the deficit. the president tonight tweeting,
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today, the american people won. special interests lost. saying, families will see lower prescription drug prices, lower health care costs, and lower energy costs. the president is on vacation but says he'll sign this into law next week. then he'll hold a big celebration at the white house early next month. the president eager to tout this accomplishment. david? >> mary bruce again tonight as well. thank you, mary. there's late word coming in tonight a new fbi report on that deadly movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. the report and what it reveals about the gun alec baldwin was holding. here's abc's will carr tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an fbi analysis revealing new details about the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of the movie "rust." after testing the firearm, the fbi concluding the gun, quote, could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger. back in december, alec baldwin describing the moment he shot cinematographer, halyna hutchins, saying he followed her instructions. >> she's guiding me through how she wants me to hold the gun for
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this angle. and i -- i draw the gun out, and i find a mark. i take the gun, and i start to cock the gun. i'm not going to pull the trigger. i said, do you see that? she said, just cheat it down and tilt it down a little like that. and then i let go of the hammer of the gun, and the gun goes off. i let go of the hammer of the gun, the gun goes off. >> reporter: baldwin adamant he never pulled the trigger. >> well, the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> so you never pulled the trigger? >> no, no, no, no. i would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger at >> reporter: but tonight, the fbi contradicting that account. authorities contending testing showing the trigger had to have been pulled. david, tonight a big question is why thee weren't blanks inside that gun. authorities in new mexico say it doesn't appear the gun was intentionally loaded with live rounds. it comes as they're trying to get alec baldwin's phone records. they say once that happens they'll refer the case to the district attorney for possible charges. tonight no word from alec baldwin's camp on the new report. david?
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>> thanks, will. tonight new details emerging about the alleged gunman who tried to break into the fbi office in cincinnati yesterday. authorities now identifying the suspect as ricky shiffer, labelling him as a domestic violence extremist. sources tell abc news he had been on the fbi's radar and they believe he was in washington, d.c. on january 6th. to the war in ukraine, the u.n. nuclear watchdog warning the crisis surrounding europe's largest nuclear power plant in ukraine has reached a grave hour. new shelling reported near the russia-controlled facility. new shelling reported. there are now calls to set up a demilitarized around that plant. when we come back, there's news this evening in new york city, polio found in the city's waste water. what officials are urging residents to do. what this means.
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her family saying she wished to be an organ donor. heche had been in a coma since shortly after her car crashed into that home causing a fire. anne heche's former partner ellen degeneres saying it's a sad day. i'm sending anne's family and friends all of my love. one of heche's sons saying he is left with deep sadness. when we come back, the passenger plane barely missing people on the ground. welcome to allstate where anyone who bundles their home and auto insurance saves. isn't that right phil? sorry, i'm a little busy. what in the world are you doing? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance. why don't you just do that in the real world? um, because now i can bundle in space. watch this. i still don't get it. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. click or call for a quote today. covid-19. some people get it, and some people can get it bad.
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6 would inflation be lower. if not for corporate looks intot plus flyers from a thief asking for money. you can pay with bitcoin abc 7 nene fi finally, it just so happens another little league moment, reminding us what's most important. tonight julian, sky and jason at the ballpark in orlando. they are a military family. their dad air force technical sergeant deployed for seven months. just listen to this coach. >> these kids in front of us represent over 1 million children of active duty members worldwide. %-p as much as their parents who are fighting for their freedom. >> reporter: the coach giving them a special baseball with a message. 11-year-old sky reading it. >> what does that say?
5:58 pm
>> miss you guys. >> reporter: then what the ball also says. >> turn around. >> oh, my god! [ applause ] >> reporter: turned out their dad back from the middle east right there on the field. right here tonight -- >> hi, david. >> reporter: -- that dad and the >> surprising them was honestly, you know, one of the greatest moments in my life. you know, to be able to physically see them and hold them, from the moment i left i was counting down to the days i was going to be able to see them. >> reporter: a father grateful, three children so happy to be back in their father's arms. welcome home, sergeant. good night. ht. if it got populae
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pandemic now, it looks likepulae telehealth is here to stay see what it looks like in the future. it's ridiculous. they're getting very creative creative. yes, but is it a crime? it's a story that's only on seven tonight plus. suddenly everything changes everything changes, and he was in the right place at the right time to save lives. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. take a look at this presumed thieves are leaving notes on people's cars the flyer provides two options pay or get your car broken into with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb, and i'm dan ashley san francisco saw nearly 10,000 the car break-ins in just the first half of this year. that's 10% more than last year and just today in abc 7 news photographer stumbled upon a car break in at land's end a tourist from germany said his car's window was smashed and several
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bags stolen. he's a nice maybe we'll just probably not happen here. want to damper on a vacation? he said it is a nice neighborhood which is why they thought it could not happen here. yeah, there could be an alternative to getting your windows smashed presumed thieves are leaving notes on cars giving people two options pay or get your car broken into abc 7 news reporter loose pena spoke with a woman who found the flyer on her windshield a month ago and is now coming forward to let others know about this. it's a story you'll see only abc 7 news loose. dan before we even get to the story sfpd's urging people not to send money if you have received the flyer. you're about to see we know that at least one person did send money and when he comes to tracing who is behind us in some cases is nearly impossible. is extortion the solution that's the question marcia stefan was hit with after finding this flyer on her windshield when parked near usf. i was i was


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