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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 13, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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to the actress. her son, homer, saying, hopefully my mom is free from pain, and beginning to explore what i like to imagine of internal freedom. ellen degeneres said of her partner, this is a sad day. i'm sending all of anne's family and friends all of my love. that's "nightline." you can watch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you back here the same time on monday. have a great weekend. good night, america. it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's temperature balancing, so you both say cool. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends monday
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moving forward in finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: more than two dozen boxes of government information taken from donald trump's florida resort. undelete unsealed search warrant detailing some of what was inside. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. former president trump is under investigation for the espionage act. reporter: tonight a newly unsealed warrant shedding light on the unprecedented fbi search of former president trump's mar-a-lago property. agents took 26 boxes of government records from the former president's residence, including 11 sets of classified documents, some labeled top-secret. one of them top-secret sci, needing only a select few with the highest security clearances can view them in a highly secure location. >> the disclosure of that
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information would cause great harm to the national security of the united states. reporter: the documents retrieved had sensitive material with national security implications. the washington post reporting some of the material included documents related to nuclear weapons. the warrant suggest agents were investigating the espionage act, and obstruction of justice by concealing, altering or destroying records to impede an investigation. after the national archives retrieved 15 boxes in january, the justice department initiated a criminal investigation, trying for months to retrieve the documents from trump's property. the doj issued a subpoena for the material in the spring. a small group of fbi agents visited trumps property to view the sensitive material. the investigation escalated to the search of trump's home. >> the department does not take
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the decision lightly. reporter: republicans on the house intelligence committee are asking the justice department to release more information about the imminent security threat that justified the search. >> the fbi is an abuse of authority. reporter: republicans continue to threat the doj and fbi with their own investigations if they take back congress. dan: we sent this notification tonight on our abc 7 app. as we livestream to report on the findings, if you want breaking news in the future, download our app. a man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a flywheel taxi in san francisco tonight. it happened on venice and mcallister at 8:00.
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-- van ness and mcallister. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. police are asking any witnesses to contact the tip line. two people arrested after the fatal shooting last month in oakland which was caught on camera and has rocked the local community in the little saigon area. we spoke with the victim's fiancé earlier. reporter: on july 17, patrick fung, was gunned down in oakland and what police have called and attempted robbery. it shows fung in his car before being approached by two people. that shot that ended his life could be heard. >> i could not sleep or eat, and i have a hardship in this
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moment. reporter: fung's fiancé spoke to us on friday with the help of translators. earlier in the day the police department announced they had arrested two people. >> i feel a little comforted because now the two killers were arrested. reporter: the oakland council helped out fung's family, having raised one hud thousand dollars -- having raised $100,000. >> he was out walking, and he takes care of family. reporter: the council has been in touch with judy every day since the shooting. they say crimes against the asian committee has risen in recent years and they are more determined to stand up for their community. >> we are different.
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we will stand up to crime. reporter: the investigation is still ongoing as they continue to look for more possible suspects. for those they have caught, judy says they hope they are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. >> i hope the judge will have a hard sentence. dan: new details, at least 12 people are displaced after a crash sparked a large fire in san jose. it happened near callahan park around 4:00 this afternoon. four units have significant damages. folks say the fire happened in an instant. >> i came from daycare. i think they hit the pg&e gas line.
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the whole building was on fire in a matter of seconds. dan: a firefighter was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries after the vehicles tire exploded. fire crews were working to shut off the gas line. >> unfortunately the vehicle hit with a meter is, so we were unable to get to the shut off valve. we have to dig up the line to pinch-hit off. dan: fire crews knocked down the fire quickly and will stay on the scene to monitor hotspot. the fight to reopen an oakland school continues. several dozen people gathered today outside the closed parker elementary school. they held what they called a vigil in solidarity with those occupying the school, many of whom have been there since may. parker is one of several schools closed to budget concerned. the district says the group is trespassing and not allowed to
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host anything on campus. they plan to hold a town hall meeting at parker on sunday. two monkeypox vaccine clinics will open tomorrow in san francisco. rid the city is a hotspot with 500 confirmed cases. santa clara and alameda counties have over 50 each. one clinic will be at zuckerberg general hospital, and the other is hosted by kaiser. monkeypox vaccine clinics open this weekend. the weather will feel like the summer this weekend. sandhya: we will feel the heat in the bay area. let me show you what will happen , starting this week and then into early next week, this area of high-pressure has been sitting over the southwest u.s. and will build westwards.
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as it moves our correction, temperatures will come up. how much warmer? concord going from 91 to 95. by monday, 96. antioch from the 90's into the triple digits. gilroy from 92 to 95. santa rosa, low to mid 90's. i will be back to tell you what is ahead beyond the heat and when you will get some relief. dan: thank you. dressed to scare, a south bay content creator who calls himself a bay bush man is bringing back a prank made popular by street performers. kabc 7 news reporter has the plans to bring the show across the region. reporter: he sits atop an empty planter watching and waiting,
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head to to ensure upper he ready for a good scare. wanting to be identified only as the bay area bush man, this san jose native has a blossoming social media following. >> the bush man jumped out at me. reporter: for some, it is a familiar prank with roots in san francisco. >> i never thought i would meet the bush man. >> he is inspired by the fisherman's wharf bush man. >> i have been scared a few times. reporter: a well-known street performer who years ago captured the bay area bush man's attention, a must when his family went to san francisco. >> walking to the wharf to see the bush man. i have taken the technique of using the bush leaves to scare people. >> a great experience. reporter: who makes a perfect
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target? this is not him. he tells me there is an art to it. [laughter] the bay area bush man is not going after every person, and has found success scaring couples and families. >> i did not know about scaring kids, but they love it the most. reporter: this does stir up controversy, some critics calling him out for scaring strangers. >> we try to be positive. everybody is not going to like it. we are keeping it positive. reporter: the bay area bush man in downtown san jose. >> i have been in san francisco with the bush man. i did not expect this guy. reporter: abc 7 news. dan: you cannot help but chuckle
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spirit stay with us, up next, a dojo in danger of closing. the plan to keep its legacy alive. a new garlic festival in the central valley, how it stacks up to gilroy's tradition. larry: the 49ers opened preseason play and trey lance did not wait long to get niners i occasionally get bladder leaks. i tried always discreet underwear.
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ruched eat is on a ventilator because of an attack this morning in new york. he was stabbed twice before a lecture today. he was airlifted to a hospital. his agent says the author will likely lose an eye, and the nerves in his arm were severed. his liver was also injured. a man was arrested for the attack. salman rushdie has been the subject of death threats for decades because of a book he wrote in 1988 called "the satanic verses." in southern california, actress, anne heche, died after a car crash in los angeles. the 53-year-old suffered injuries. heche was declared brain-dead last night.
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she had been kept alive on life support for organ donations. she is survived by her two sons. an historic bay area dojo could be on the brink of closure because of a rent hike. abc 7 news was that the dojo earlier today, founded in 1968. it was instrumental in bringing drumming to the united states. >> we are currently paying $2700 a month. the rent will more than double, almost triple to what the market rate is. i thought they were crazy and playing games and trying to scare us with a big number. dan: the dojo has until the end of the month to find a new location. they are asking for donations on their website. here in the bay area we are
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committed to building a better bay area, and today sacred heart immunity severance san jose did its part in that regard. they held their annual pack a backpack event and gave away 3800 backpacks filled with school supplies based on the child's grade level. >> inflation is a big deal, everything is more expensive. our families tell us by getting backpacks and school supplies lets them set aside money for rent or food. dan: according to the national retail federation, families are predicted to spend $160 more on back-to-school supplies because of inflation. sacred heart provided supplies for up to $150 to balance those rising costs. garlic lovers have a reason to go to the central valley this weekend. the california garlic festival is happening at the san joaquin
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fairground in stockton. it is not the successor to the gilroy garlic festival but it is cooking up plenty of good food. >> we are starting with my fatert: julie has become a garlic fries aficionado. now she is in charge of creating one of the most popular garlic items known. >> stockton has rich agricultural history. i'm excited about it. reporter: when folks announced they were putting on their own garlic festival, people and gilroy were not happy about that. the gilroy garlic festival association announced in april, lingering uncertainties from the pandemic along with prohibitive insurance requirements meant it would not move ahead with its traditional festival.
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the gilroy board said, stockton is not the successor of our community's homecoming event. >> we are not trying to take anything away or in competition, we just want a platform for those vendors who would have been sitting at home without that income, now they have a venue. reporter: one of those vendors is selling four classic filipino food items. >> we will top it with garlic a oley. reporter: there will be 50 garlic flavored food items including some you might not expect. >> maple brown sugar ice cream, it is really good. reporter: organizers here hope people will flood the festival. abc 7 news. dan: should be fun and hot. sandhya patel is here with the weekend forecast. sandhya: it would not just be
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the garlic cooking, we have heat coming our way. let me show you alive picture, you may want to go to the coast to escape the hot weather coming up. this is alive due from santa cruz. it is all quiet. hottest day so far was 52 days ago, triple digits in santa rosa, san jose. livermore hit 102 on june 21. even places like oakland and san francisco in the 90's. we have been spoiled with nice weather. as we look at the beach forecast, 70 degrees. writ 67, ocean beach. high uv index. 85, santa cruz. it has been mild lately. i want to show you the forecast
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for the san jose jazz this weekend, mid-80's, sunny and warmer on sunday. high pressure building back. this low pressure has been hanging back and keeping us from getting too hot but it is shifting northward allowing the ridge to move west, and temperatures will rise. it will pull in monsoon moisture. tuesday and wednesday the sierra starts to see showers and thunderstorms. in the bay area more made in level high clouds and low pressure off the coast will pull moisture up. do not be surprised if it feels sticky in the middle of next week. right now, 50's to the low 70's. really comfortable weather and a gorgeous view from our tower camera as we look towards the golden gate ridge. a stretch of hot summer days
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next week with increasing clouds and humidity by midweek. as you look at the view from our rooftop camera, lovely and air quality will be good for any outdoor plans you have. in the morning the fog is limited and clears away. 50's and 60's on temperatures in the morning. afternoon highs in the south bay, 84 in san jose. on the peninsula, 82 in redwood city. downtown san francisco, 72. breezy on the coast. santa rosa, 88. east bay, a lovely day. 77, oakland. 94, antioch. a mild to hot one tomorrow, heats up inland and closing in on triple digits.
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night of the san jose jazz summerfest, it will run through sunday. jazz enthusiasm can expect over 100 acts on 12 stages with headliners like charlie >> abc 7r
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rock casino. larry: trey lance gave fans a
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wow moment. you see why the niners moved up in the draft to get this guy, a mobile quarterback. he has nobody open, takes off. he said he slid for the first time in his life. the signature play, the bomb for 76 yards down the sideline. big time arm talent. trey finished 4-5. we have heard a lot about what is expected to be a good defense. the rookie out of toledo, two picks, as the niners beat the packers. >> we have been looking forward for a long time but in training camp we take it one day at a time against our defense. they make us better. >> getting reps as much as you can while not getting hurt.
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i would love to play the whole game if you are guaranteed not to get hurt. the more reps you do will only help. larry: the jets may need a quarterback. zach wilson suffered a knee injury. the fear is that might be a torn acl. they will do an mri. baseball, at oracle part, first pitch, second inning. that is a souvenir. giants up, 1-0. more yas. deep drive to center, and reynolds lost it. belt makes it 4-1. belt makes it 4-1. giants after my car accident, belt makes it 4-1. giants i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm.
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friday. we appreciate your time. stay tuned for jimmy >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪♪ on today's show, a new take on the abcs...
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>> not only has it been a personal experience for the students, but something that's been celebrated within the larger community. >> ...a daring cabaret show... >> it's funny, sexy, campy, just all around fun. >> ...a unique twist on mexican food... >> whether it's a monday or a sunday, ...but first, a party. feel-good filipino flavors. ♪♪ >> we started the sarap shop about five years ago. my partner, jp, is the chef, and i was doing a lot of business in design work at the time. we bought our very first food truck. funny story there -- we got the truck instead of getting married. it was the same cost. and so i thought that would maybe be a better contract to go with at the beginning of our relationship. i think one thing that's interesting about running a food truck business where the food truck is like the core starting point, is your business is spread across so many different spaces.
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but when you start to build a company and a team that really enjoys one another, getting to spend time together becomes value and benefit. >> to be around with each other and vibe off everyone's energy. >> togetherness. [ laughs ] >> togetherness. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> we were a pop-up doing kamayan-style meals, which is basically a traditional filipino way of eating, where there's banana leaves on the table and the food is in the middle. and you eat with your hands. we experienced a lot of success with those. and then, so, after that, we decided to buy a food truck instead of getting married and kind of grew everything from there. now we have our second location inside of the chase center, have expanded things like catering and have started to do a little bit of products like bottled sauces and drinks. ♪♪
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one of the most commonly asked questions we get when we tell people that we've decided to enter the food space is, how do we manage around, like, the competitiveness of the food industry? and what i found to be uniquely different about the way us as first gen business owners are building our businesses is that we're actively trying to help each other. and, so, we're really trying to proactively not talk about things like competition, but actually think about, like, any time there's a moment that we can collaborate, how can we do that better? when we do food festivals, we make sure that our menus don't overlap or that, if they do, we encourage everybody to try each other's dishes. and even here at the food park, we do collaborations and encourage everybody to spend their dollars with everyone. ♪♪ >> our ultimate goal is just to work with each other, just to be around with each other, vibe off everyone's energy.
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>> we've found a lot of joy in togetherness. so right now we're looking for our very first formal brick and mortar space that will be our headquarters. and then we hope to just continue to grow the business both in that space as being like home base and then also our incubator program, which is basically, like, how do we help other people also create a unit of business that can sustain their lifestyle and be a size that allows them to still have a lot of work-life balance. our parents i still sad that we're not married yet, but they're excited that they get to participate in this thing that feels almost like caring for a baby. my dad definitely helps us still with, like, giving us some business guidance. both jp and my mom help out with things like rolling lumpias or bottling drinks, and it's been a really great experience of togetherness that feels like we're also pouring back into a community and getting to make new memories together. ♪♪


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