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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 15, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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ashley. up now, jimmy kimmel >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." with guest host desus nice! tonight -- jerrod carmichael, jeanie buss, and music from grace ives! with cleto and the cletones! and now, desus nice! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> desus: what's up! [ cheers and applause ] let's go, let's go! i see you up top. i see you. keep it going. i can't hear you. [ cheers and applause ]
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yes! yes. that's what i'm talking about. yo, welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, desus nice. [ cheers and applause ] that's desus like jesus, and nice like -- jesus. [ laughter ] anyway, i'm here to talk to you guys about our lord and savior. beyonce. [ laughter ] i'm from the bronx. shout out to the bx. [ cheers ] the bronx is the place white people wind up when they miss their subway stops. [ laughter ] listen, i have to say guillermo's been making me feel at home. what's up, my man? >> guillermo: how are you doing, man? you're doing a great job. >> desus: thank you, brother. >> guillermo: i love that jacket. yeah, you look amazing. yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> desus: thank you. i love guillermo. he reminds me of those bronx bodega owners who'll sell you weed if you know the secret password. "yo papi, lemme get a box of that cinnamon toast crunch, 'extra crunchy." [ laughter ] listen, it's weird to be hosting a show on network tv because i was on he sho-time for the past
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four years. where they pretty much let you say whatever the [ bleep ] you want. [ laughter ] guillermo, can i say whatever the [ bleep ] i want on abc? >> guillermo: i don't think so. but you're not coming back tomorrow. so who gives a [ bleep ]? [ cheers and applause ] whatever you want, man. >> desus: listen, he made it valid. yo, just so you know, everyone's always telling me l.a. is so great, you've got to move out here. so when i finally come out here, i see this. "megafloods could devastate california." i've got to give you guys credit. between the earthquakes, the fires, and the megafloods, you guys have a beautiful assortment of horrible ways to die. [ laughter ] of course, the big story right now is the 500th investigation into donald trump. as i'm sure you know, the fbi found some shady stuff in trump's basement. they removed about 20 boxes of classified, confidential, and top secret documents. and trump said they took three of his passports. multiple passports, lots of cash, hunted by the fbi. he's like a racist jason bourne, but more orange. [ laughter ]
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[ cheers and applause ] yeah! they also confiscated 8,000 mcribs, nine melania clones, one never been used peloton, two tons of industrial grade ranch dressing, girls gone wild volumes 8 through 19. hey, yo. and lindsey graham's testicles. [ cheers and applause ] yo. trump says the documents the fbi took from mar-a-lago are covered by his white privilege -- excuse me, i mean his executive privilege. [ laughter ] and he wants them back. for real. he posted, "by copy of this truth, i respectfully request these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. thank you." [ laughter ] okay, so let me just break down trump's defense. he says the fbi planted fake evidence to frame him, and now he wants them to return that fake evidence. even oj was like, "yo bro, you wildin.'"
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[ laughter ] [ applause ] yo, here's the thing donald trump doesn't understand. he doesn't own those documents. they belong to his former employer, the united states government. that's not how jobs work. when you get fired from an office, you don't get to take the xerox machine home with you. when i got fired from showtime, they didn't let me bring home the cast of "shameless." [ cheers and applause ] some people are saying "what's the big deal about a president keeping classified documents at his house?" because his house is a golf resort! [ laughter ] it has a seafood buffet on wednesday nights! come on. [ laughter ] this is like if obama left the nuclear codes at red lobster. [ laughter ] [ applause ] all right. but my favorite part of all of this has been watching republicans go on tv to try to defend trump for putting our national security at risk. >> you do not break into a house of a guy that you've been working with for nine months, that you have to admit has been
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cooperating with you for presidential records? no. >> can i ask you a question? >> no. >> they were in melania's closet. >> i know. >> they went into where the president keeps the beach chairs. and the umbrellas. they spent a lot of time there. >> what a bunch of perverts rummaging around the first lady's wardrobe. >> nas a violation of our laws. it's a violation of who we are as americans. >> why not talk to president trump and have him give the information you're after? >> hillary clinton. she's getting manicures right now and pedis up in chappaqua. >> if you listen to my radio show, watch this show, you know my love of law enforcement. it has now been pretty much utterly destroyed. said if the president does it then it is not illegal. >> the real target of this investigation isn't trump. the real target of this investigation is you. >> most americans now, by the way, in both parties believe we're living in a banana republic. >> we're dealing with the stuff of a banana republic. >> this is the kind of stuff you see in a banana republic. >> it's becoming a banana republic. >> banana republic. >> banana republic.
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>> banana republic. >> 20% off jeans. this week only at banana republic. [ cheers and applause ] >> desus: whoa, guillermo, we've got to get down there. they've got jeans on sale. >> guillermo: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> desus: whoa. all right. meanwhile, presidet biden got his groove back this weekend. he was out riding his bike at the beach, throwing some shade at reporters. >> mr. president. >> will you come talk to us? >> i'm going to get some bathing suits. >> desus: yeah, one of those old-time stripy ones that cover your whole body and got snaps at the crotch. [ cheers and applause ] oh, man. no, it's good to see biden is bouncing back from covid. because according to the new guidelines from the cdc we no longer have to quarantine anymore if we've been exposed to the virus. that's right. we're moving from the "pandemic" phase to the "[ bleep ] it" phase. [ laughter ] i'm actually kind of mad about this because the cdc just took away our best excuse to get out of work.
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"hey, a guy coughed on me on the l train, so i've got to take the rest of the month off out of an abundance of caution." [ applause ] yes. all right. enough about the news. who wants to see a clip about a drunk bear? [ cheers and applause ] ye! that's what i'm talking about. me too. >> in turkey crews coming to the aid of a bear. yeah. it was stoned on too much honey. the bear wobbling and then winding up in the back of a pickup truck after being rescued from the forest. the bear actually had too much mad honey, which is a type of honey that can give hallucinogenic effects. yeah. you can see that. >> i was about to say, yeah, he got that good honey. [ laughter ] >> desus: listen, as we say in the bronx, that bear got a little snizzy. [ applause ] but no. save your judgment because we all look like that late at night in the back of an uber. [ laughter ] speaking of animals, back in new york it's so hot right now that it's causing our squirrels to do
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some weird stuff like this. >> new york city telling people don't panic over splooting squirrels. yeah. they sploot to cool down in the summer heat just like your dog does at home. the technique is also sometimes referred to as heat dumping.pdo? >> desus: we all do heat dumping, especially after eating taco bell. we've all been there. [ applause ] like i said, i'm from new york, and i've got to admit, being in l.a. has been a bit of an adjustment. for instance, out here, your public masturbators are in way better shape. and they're members of s.a.g. [ laughter ] but there's always been a healthy rivalry between l.a. and ne york. but i think it's just because we don't totally understand each other. so earlier today, i went out on hollywood boulevard in an attempt to broker peace between these two fine cities. ♪ >> desus: why are new yorkers so rude? >> they don't got time for no [ bleep ]. >> desus: what's wrong with new yorkers?
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>> everything. where should i start? they're stinky. they're not nice. they like to feed the rats on the streets. and i'm not okay with that. it makes me uncomfortable. the hot dog's for me, fonright rats. >> desus: which would you rather have running around your city, rats or kardashians? >> ooh. you got me there. you don't really see kardashians on the street as much. >> desus: but you know about them. >> but you know they're there. >> desus: yeah. it's kind of like rats. do you love l.a. more than new york? >> yes. >> desus: given the choice, gun to your head, you have to eat one of these, which one are you eating? >> pizza in new york is better. >> desus: you can dump all over my town but the pizza there is better. you know that. can we get you to eat a california slice on camera? >> yeah. >> desus: look at this abomination of a slice. it's too healthy. pizza should kill you. the smallest bite i've ever seen in my life. how's it taste? >> like it's trying to be a pizza. [ laughter ] >> desus: now eat l.a.
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enjoy this veggie dog, dog. >>gie dog. >> desus: i need you to take re. that a throw it in the street. thank you. we're in l.a. we're going to do our green juice shots. right? do we do the whole thing or -- >> yes. >> desus: all right. let's take it -- ah. i suddenly want to go on an audition. [ laughter ] can you do an impression of a new yorker? >> yo, i'm from new york. how's it going? >> desus: i love that you're black because that sounded racist. >> yo, my guy, let me get a bacon egg and cheese. >> hey, i'm walking here! >> desus: why's everyone do the i'm walking? >> that's what they say. >> desus: zbl it's new york, what do you want? i'm trying to get through here. come on! >> desus: you're sure you're not from new york? >> what is the best part of living in l.a.? >> there's nature everywhere. you can go to the beach. you can go to the mountains. you can go out into the desert. everything is so close.
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i really love that about it. >> desus: okay. but we have like a naked cowboy in times square. does that not count for something? >> i mean-i just got cussed out by a spider-man. >> desus: you like the green foods and sprouts and -- >> yes. the green foods. and i smoke it too. >> desus: yeah. talking about that, brother. is the weed better here in l.a. than it is in new york? >> it's always the best here. >> desus: i can't even fight you on that. >> it's got the sunshine. >> desus: so you love the sunshine, correct? >> heyeah. >> desus: do you feel sunshine makes you stupid? >> is that i afact? >> desus: are new yorkers miserable? >> it seems like it. >> desus: is it because they don't have enough sunshine? >> probably. they have this thing called winter. >> desus: close your eyes. i'm going to tell you what winter is like. >> okay. >> desus: now imagine. it's cold. so you have on a coat. you're cold. you're waiting for the bus because it's new york. no car. >> gross. >> desus: and then -- and why do you hate winter?
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>> because of this. [ applause ] >> desus: has this made you hate new york more? >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> desus: listen, we've got a great show for you tonight. the owner of the l.a. lakers, jeanie buss is here. we have music from grace ives. and we'll be right back with jerrod carmichael! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by target.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> desus: welcome back to "jimmy kimmel live!" i'm desus nice. [ cheers and applause ] tonight, the owner of the l.a. lakers, jeanie buss is with us. then later, straight from brooklyn, we got my homey, grace ives. her album is called "janky star." she's on the mercedes eq stage.
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tomorrow night, al franken will be hosting with his guests bob odenkirk and congresswoman katie porter, with music from los lobos. but our first guest is an extremely talented and extremely honest comedian, actor and filmmaker. he's currently nominated for two emmys, and his first feature film as director and star, "on the count of three," premieres wednesday on hulu. give it up for the very funny jerrod carmichael. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> desus: jerrod, where's your shirt? >> bro, it's l.a. >> desus: is that a nipple? that's why i'm getting tongue-tied here. >> it's l.a. secret, you don't need a shirt. i've been wearing flannels. it's a dry heat. no humidity. so you're not like sweating or gross or anything like that. >> desus: did you start dressing like this before you get two emmy nominations or after?
11:53 pm
>> the question is did i dress like this before i came out. [ laughter ] and no. no. how you been, bro? >> desus: bro, i'm hosting ki kimmel, dog. >> what you doing out here? [ cheers and applause ] well, i'm trying to imagine how they must feel because it's just like we got a substitute teacher. then he bring out his homeboy. [ laughter ] >> desus: we about to go in the back and smoke weed. the hell with y'all. you like it here? >> i love it. the sunshine is great. the we'd is good. the traffic sucks. >> would you ever move here? >> desus: possibly. are you trying to get me to move out here? >> i live in new york. >> desus: so would you recommend living here? >> i lived here for ten years. yeah. it's nice. it's its own thing. you have to choose your friend circle wisely here. it's important because l.a.'s all about isolation. so if you're here with the wrong people you get like trapped at like clubs and events that just
11:54 pm
may not suit you. but like i have really good friends who stand in parking lots and on corners and things like that. and it's nice. >> desus: when you lived here, they said you lived around the studio, in this area? >> no. i lived near paramount. not this studio. [ laughter ] i was poor somewhere else. [ laughter ] >> desus: okay. >> i lived near paramount. and i used to like -- it was a spot on bronson. this green building called the vivian. and i used to like go to the roof and my roommate had binoculars and i remember paramount had the vmas there one year. and i remember watching like kanye do love lockdown. >> desus: and you're like it don't get better than this. >> yeah. well, it did. it got much better. [ applause ] no, no. we'll get into it later. you shouldn't cheer for people's dreams. [ laughter ] it usually does not work out. >> desus: speaking of dreams, you got two nominations. two emmy nominations, man.
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> you're doing it again. no, no. yeah, i did. i was very angry that day. >> desus: why? like who -- wait. >> because i didn't care. i didn't care at all. i truly like had removed the thought of any of that type of thing from my mind and i wasn't like making stuff for that reason. and then i heard i got nominated for two and i was like, wait, [ bleep ] it should have been three. [ laughter ] if we're counting. and then i didn't like the monster i became. so yeah, it's a dangerous thing. >> desus: and how'd you find out? did you get a text message or e-mail or phone call? >> yeah. i think -- i don't even really remember. i truly didn't -- like yeah. >> desus: no, we get it. >> yeah, no. i was trying not to. but yeah, somebody called. i was in rome, i remember. i remember being in rome. >> just casually. >> yeah, i was in rome. just eating. >> desus: pasta. >> yeah.
11:56 pm
>> desus: also i imagine you in rome with no shirt. >> oh, of course. i haven't had a shirt on in rome ever, bro. [ laughter ] that's not what you do in rome. >> desus: so wait, are you excited to go to the emmys? are you going to go? because i like going to them, even though it's a work event. still get gassed. i'll be like wow, oh, j. lo. >> you can see j. lo, though. >> desus: where? in the bronx. >> everybody's around. i don't know. maybe. i think so. i think i'll go. i don't really like -- i don't like those things. >> desus: why not? >> it's -- i don't know. it's a little overwhelming. and it's like just a lot of disingenuous [ bleep ]. >> desus: sometimes they don't have food at them. >> they usually don't. and then it's cold and -- >> desus: and the weird part, they keep the camera on your face when they announce it. so even if you lose you have to keep smiling. [ laughter ] >> well, you don't got to. i'm going to mad. i'll be like i lost? >> desus: so it's two different
11:57 pm
nominations? it's two different ceremonies you have to go to? >> bro, don't make me go to two hypothetically. >> desus: that's what i'm saying. >> i was already like challenged with the one hypothetical ceremony. and like there's two? that's too much to think about. i don't know. maybe. are you going to go? >> desus: i didn't get nominated for nothing. [ laughter ] >> just say you like the party. >> desus: i like the party.pi'm. they'll be like desus, get out of here. [ laughter ] >> i think you should go as me and see how many people notice. [ applause ] >> desus: listen. >> that's actually very racist. >> desus: that is. but usually they think i'm charlamagne. >> yeah. i'll probably go. i don't know. [ applause ] why does that make you happy? i really wish we had more time. >> desus: you're the only person that describes going to the emmys like going to the dentist.
11:58 pm
>> i was happy. i just went to the dentist last week. no cavities. i'm soaring. >> desus: give it up. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's what you clap for. clap for that. yes. >> desus: clapping for dentists. >> well, that's the good things in our -- like we've got celebrity and stuff. it's like clapping for the -- >> desus: but we've got all our teeth. so. >> yeah. yeah. i just stopped myself from going on a rant. >> desus: a rant about what? >> just about like just getting excited about like all of these things, these like kind of dark meaningless things. >> desus: you know how we are. but you started stand-up here in l.a., right? >> i started stand-up here because i was in north carolina and it's not like a lot of places to do it. and i didn't want to start just like, you know, in a place where it's like familiar and i would have support. [ laughter ] >> desus: right. do you remember your early jokes?
11:59 pm
>> no. >> desus: were they much different than what you do now? >> forgettable things i'm sure. first of all i kind of started and kind of find your footing. but i remember figuring it out pretty quick, i guess. but i was out here. i was just like working the clubs in l.a. >> desus: do you remember, did you ever bomb? >> yeah. all the time. i'd bomb all the time. >>desus: did any of them -- >> and it destroys me inside. all of them are equal. all of them they're equally devastating. >> desus: when was the last time you bombed? >> like probably a couple nights ago i think. [ laughter ] >> desus: wow. >> no, no. just like it's okay when it's in search of something and it's like i'm trying something. yeah, i bombed and i'd get real sad. then i'd eat unhealthy. and then i listen to brandi's "brokenhearted." i listen to "brokenhearted" on repeat over and over. >> desus: that's your sad song?
12:00 am
>> yeah. >> desus: what's your happy song? >> "brokenhearted," actually. [ laughter ] yeah, no. i'm real emotional about it. >> desus: got you. >> yeah. >> desus: all right. how has your life changed since you've come out? your comedy. do you have a whole new field of jokes to do? >> i'm like really afraid of going to anti-gay countries now. because i came out and like i get google alerts for myself and so i just see things, all these like headlines, jerrod carmichael gay. and i was like, that crosses off half the middle east and like a quarter of africa. [ bleep ]. so now i have to go to places that feel a little friendly. >> desus: so what else is next for you? >> what else is next for me, man? i don't know. i really want to talk about the movie because i have this movie that i really want everybody to see. >> desus: "on the count of three." on hulu. yes. [ applause ] >> and i'm actually -- there's a part of me -- it comes out on hulu on the 17th.
12:01 am
and i'm really excited for it. there's a part of me that's kind of shocked because it was so hard to get the movie made because of the subject matter. and like the fact that it's airing on like a disney like platform. >> desus: yeah. >> no, go disney. please. [ applause ] >> desus: give it up for disney. >> please watch it. i'm excited for it because it's a comedy. i think it's really, really funny. i think it's interesting. but i think it also speaks to the time right now. just and it's about these two characters who are like lacking motivation in their lives. like trying to seek it. and they decide to give themselves one last day and they mae a suicide pact in their lives at the end of the day. >> desus: disney was okay with that? >> that's what i'm saying, bro. it's crazy. but watch it before they change their minds. [ laughter ] but no, i think it's a very aspirational film. like it's really about like the decision to live your life.
12:02 am
you know, they gave themselves circumstances to do it. and it's about the decision to actually live and overcome like fear in an interesting way. and i really -- i really,rail hope people watch it. it's the first film i directed. also co-star with christopher abbott who is one of the best actors alive right now. >> desus: we're going to talk some more about that. more with jerrod carmichael after this! [ cheers and applause ] (vo) the fully electric audi e-tron family is here. with models that fit any lifestyle. and innovative ways to make your e-tron your own. through elegant design and progressive technology. all the exhilaration, none of the compromise. the audi e-tron family. progress that moves you. [acoustic soul music throughout]
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neosporin, everything that you -- for a cut. >> you can't just -- >> he was ignoring us. >> medical tape, too. put some medical tape in that bag. it's right there. i see it. what else do you want? >> get the [ muted ] out of here. >> what else do you want? just get it now. >> pack of blues. >> pack of blues. >> some nutter butters. let's go. come on. >> how much? >> what? >> when a customer is talking, you listen, bro. it hurts to be ignored. >> come on! [ cheers and applause ] >> desus: yes. welcome back. i'm here with jerrod carmichael. >> like you said it's dark but it's funny. it's a comedy and it's a drama at the same time. you starred and directed? >> yeah. >> desus: like how difficult is that to do two things at once like that? >> oh, it's impossible. you should never do that. [ laughter ] yeah, it's a comedy in the sense that like anything if you push it to its extreme you find a lot of humor. again, the stakes are so high,
12:08 am
for the film it's the last day that they'll ever have. and so like they're -- yeah. at a convenience store with guns. and resolving things in their personal lives. and again, it's kind of wish fulfillment. it is. >> desus: what do you want people to take away from this film after they see it? >> i think that like -- i think as much as this may sound cliche, i found while making it and being in the mindset while making it that if you actually lived today like it was your last day you would probably find that it shouldn't be your last day. you'd find so many reasons to live. i really believe that. [ cheers and applause ] and i do think this is a time when people are inundated, like we're inundated with reasons for anxiety, we're inundated with information and news and we receive news in such an
12:09 am
unnatural way. and i really feel bad for like, you know, the generation coming up even after me who lives in the internet and like lives in the -- i feel bad for people older than me that like are consumed by just the noise. and i had a friend who called me yesterday and was going through it. suicidal. and this is not the first time that she had these thoughts. she sent me a text about like being overwhelmed in a relationship and at work and it was just like a very startling text to wake up to. she was just like i'm overwhelmed. and i'm thinking of removing hi myself from the situation. first of all, that's like -- i told her, that's exactly how joe pesci would kill himself. that's such a strong mobster line. i'm going to remove myself from the situation. let's relax a little bit. [ laughter ] but i talked to her and a lot of it is just these obstacles that she just didn't see a way out of. and i think for a lot of my friends and a lot of people out
12:10 am
there maybe pursuing happiness, which i a lot of times am pursuing happiness and i don't think that that's what life is. it's about overcoming challenges that need you. you know, like these -- so anyway, it's a lot of like motivational things to put in a buddy cop. not buddy cop but like a buddy suicide pact movie. [ laughter ] >> desus: very unique, yes. >> but it is -- it's really important that people i hope watch and -- >> desus: and enjoy it. >> and enjoy it. >> desus: and learn from it. [ cheers and applause ] and you have a great cast. you've got tiffany haddish is in it. >> yeah. >> desus: henry winkler. and i believe your niece? >> oh, yeah, my niece is in it. we needed a kid and she was right there. >> desus: and she got booked because she looks like you, correct? >> yeah, yeah. she fit all the casting criteria. >> desus: and i heard she was
12:11 am
one of a twin, correct? >> yeah, one of my twin nieces in the movie. and i genuinely don't remember which one. but that's good because now i can lie to both of them and say you know i put you in my movie, right? >> desus: there you go. doesn't get better than that. thank you, jerrod. "on the count of three" premieres wednesday on hulu. we'll be back with jeanie buss! [ cheers and applause ] there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't rececabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> lou: now it's time to play "who holds a world record?" one of these people is a world record holder. >> hi. my name's dante barnes. the official world record holder for the largest tongue circumference at 4.8 inches. just to give you an idea of how big that is, my tongue is thicker than this giant pickle. jealous? >> lou: nope. not even a little bit. [ cheers and applause ] >> lou: this week on "jimmy kimmel live," guest hosts al franken, nicole beyer, and their guests, bob odenkirk, alison brie, sash yooer zamata, heidi klum, and representative katie porter. plus music from los lobos, seventeen, and father john misty. that's this week on "jimmy kimmel live."
12:18 am
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[ cheers and applause ]
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>> desus: welcome back! our next guest is one of the most powerful women in the nba. even the tallest players look up to her. she has a brand new docuseries called "legacy: the true story of the l.a. lakers." >> first time in a long time it's ever been done. who knows? maybe never again. a piece of history right here. >> a great team to do it for the first time in 19 years. congratulations to the lakers and the city. >> that was a tough year. we thought we might even lose the team. so to win was great for all of us. >> would you like to step up here and guarantee a third straight to start this off, coach? >> desus: yes, sir. [ applause ] you can watch new episodes on monday on hulu. please welcome the owner of the los angeles lakers, jeanie buss! [ cheers and applause ]
12:24 am
jeanie, how's it going? >> good. how's it going with you? >> desus: so far so good. >> you're doing a good job. >> desus: okay. this is both of our first times on late night. >> yes. >> desus: so you're nervous for both of us. >> not really. [ laughter ] >> desus: okay. i gave you an out there. so listen, you've got the docuseries now. and it's about your father. >> yes. >> desus: does it feel weird having other people watch your family like on tv? >> you know, it was really important to me, it's been almost ten years since my dad passed away, that the true story he built that was so special, - you know, his relationship with magic johnson. they were rookies at the same time. the first year that my dad owned the team. >> desus: right. >> the first thing he did was draft magic johnson. and they went out and won a championship. and it was really special. and i think especially during that time you didn't see people
12:25 am
from really two different backgrounds coming together, you know, the age difference, and really kind of they were soulmates and really inspired each other and brought out the best in each other. >> desus: okay. [ applause ] so how important was it -- yeah, that's all right. so how long have you been in the laker family? >> it's been a long time. since 1979. >> desus: oh, wow. okay. you're official. [ applause ] so coming up as a laker, how often -- not as a laker, in the laker family, how often do you get phone calls from people asking for tickets? >> oh, my gosh. all the time. i mean, that goes with the territory. and you know, it's -- what's important to us and, you know, we're inclusive. we want everybody to be laker fans. but my dad created this atmosphere that was really celebrity-friendly. we wanted to make sure that we had celebrities in the audience
12:26 am
because my dad used to say, jeanie, when you hav a friend come and visit you in l.a., they want to do three things. they want to go to disneyland, they want to go to the beach, and they want to see a real live celebrity. and where can you take them in l.a. where you know they're going to see a real live celebrity but to a lakers game? >> desus: or erewhon. [ laughter ] >> but if you're going to move to l.a., i'm inviting you to come to a lakers game. >> desus: hey! [ applause ] and she said that on network tv. so she has to mean it. okay. what person who asked for tickets were you most impressed by? because i'm sure you've got a little pull so if there's someone you kind of fancy you can kind of fanute it and get tickets for them. >> i thought it was cool when michelle obama came to -- >> desus: yeah. [ applause ] >> and she brought the girls with her. you know, but for me growing up i was a big fan of a guy by the
12:27 am
name of david cassidy who was like -- you know, this generation it would be their justin bieber. >> desus: got you. >> like a pop star. and he called me. and because it was david cassidy i got him seats on the floor. you know, the next day he sent me the most beautiful flowers. and i said you didn't really have to do that, i really appreciate the flowers. and he said, no, you don't understand, by sitting on the floor at a lakers game i got a new record deal. >> desus: oh, wow. >> that's the kind of stuff that can happen when you go to a lakers game because this is hollywood and not only are the actors there but all the directors, the producers and the writers and everybody. it's a place where we all come together. >> desus: so everyone's asking for tickets. what's the diplomatic way you say no? [ laughter ] is it just like oh, we're at capacity? oh, you should have called me earlier, i'm so swamped today? >> kind of. you know, the fire marshal. like sorry, you broke up, i couldn't hear you. [ laughter ] >> desus: yeah.
12:28 am
it's like that. okay. what's the weirdest thing that's happened at a lakers game you've been to? >> you know, i guess the weirdest thing was right after o.j. simpson was acquitted he -- >> desus: you could just stop there. [ laughter ] >> no, he was coming to a game, and i had to talk to the staff and say, you know what, he's like anybody else who has a ticket, we have to show him, you know, respect and make sure that he's treated like any other paying guest. so he came to a game. but he illegally parked at the forum. >> desus: o.j. >> so his car was towed. [ laughter ] so you just can't get away with everything, right? [ applause ] >> desus: yes. o.j.! let me ask you a question. you all right with your money? >> i think so. do you have some ideas? >> desus: i ask this question because just the other day i saw you were selling ps-5s on
12:29 am
twitter. >> oh, no. >> desus: a little residual income? what's going on here? >> it was awful. i got hacked. and i feel so bad because the people that follow me on twitter know me and trust me and they really fell for this hack. and it was a humbling experience. >> desus: but you're powerful enough to be able to get a ps-5, right? [ laughter ] >> i think so. ps 5, 6, 7. i don't know. whatever. >> desus: those aren't even made yet. relax. [ laughter ] oh, wow. in addition to lakers you also co-own the women of wrestling. >> yes. [ applause ] it was important to me to invest my personal money in women's sports. and what i like -- [ applause ] wow, women of wrestling, is the only all-female wrestling crew. we premiere next month. and what's important to me is,
12:30 am
you know, it's character driven but it's women fighting women for what they believe in. and i think that's an important message, to always stand up for what you believe in and be willing to fight for it. that's the message i want to pass on to young women. [ applause ] >> one last question. who would finance in a fight, the lakers or the women of wrestling? >> i don't know. we have the tonga twins. and they're strong. >> desus: they bring the heat? lebron, they're coming for you. thanks, jeanie. watch new episodes of "legacy: the true story of the l.a. lakers" mondays on hulu. we'll be right back with music from grace ives. [ cheers and applause ] >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the s class from mercedes-benz.
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12:33 am
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12:37 am
>> announcer: this is "nightline." tonight, lifeguard shortage. beaches left unguarded, pools shutting down. the dangerous struggle to protect swimmers. >> our policy is if we do not have enough lifeguards it's swim at your own risk. >> how a new class is answering the call. >> we are the first responders at a beach like this. >> to hit the beach running "baywatch" star. >> come away from the beach. plus barbiecore, the new hot pink trend fueled by a pop culture icon. from runway fashion to your very own barbie dreamhouse. >> i really love how she always express positive girl power. >> how living the barbie girl lifestyle has even inspired a live action


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