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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> bldg a bette aa, fwa, in solution >> is -- heat advisory is in effect. emergency crews responded to recall of heat exhaustion. three hikers were overwhelmed. two of them declined treatment. the third was evacuated by paramedics. the heat can sneak up on you quickly, especially if you are not hydrated. thank you for joining us. for details on wildfires and the dangers he, let us go to our meteorologist. >> intense heat can be taxing on
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your body. it is 107° in fairfield. if you have air conditioning, it is great but some homes don't have it, and that makes it tough. 94 in san jose. comfortable closer to the coast. we have a heat advisory inland until 8:00 p.m. in the solano county area it will be longer. heat could cause illness. temperatures in the triple digits. the air quality is not good in livermore. looking at air quality in the fires burning, it is unhealthy. some smoke from the fire has drifted into the area. you can see the haze on the camera. we have an air quality advisory for tomorrow.
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this is the latest on the doppler i am tracking thunderstorms. dan: state regulators have issued a flex alert for tomorrow because of the excessive heat and high demand for energy. it will be from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and people are encouraged to reduce energy use. avoid using the washer and dryer or dishwasher, turn off unnecessary lights and set your thermostat to 78 or higher. ama: leslie brinkley has been trying to stay cool by exploring new air-conditioning technology being explored. reporter: a cool story on a hot day. after all, this is the time of day that is peak use for the
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electric grid and running ac at your house is very expensive. uc davis is trying to address this. this is the western cooling efficiency center at uc davis where they are trying to develop new air-conditioning technology that addresses problems with the grade and challenges of climate change. >> this could change commercial air conditioning. it could replace a traditional unit. reporter: this would address the problem of energy consumption on hot days. >> what occurs is there is too much demand for electricity. one way to address it is using a battery. this new technology instead of using a battery uses a liquid that absorbs moisture. by using this liquid, it acts like a battery but is much less
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expensive. reporter: they are basically integrating air quality index, forecast, and air purifier totye coming to california. fascinating. there are only -- those are only two of the projects they are working on. they had more in the pipeline. the idea of a smart thermostat could lead to cleaner air.
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dan: some people headed to the beach to escape the heat. this afternoon, some surfers on ocean beach in san francisco. the waves were not good but the water was nice and chilly. 58°. ama: in santa cruz, you can see the people hanging out. they are playing in the water and enjoying the ocean breeze. in the low 70's they are today. time on our streaming tv app on apple, android economy roku -- android tv, roku tv. dan: a town hall is set to happen to look at the increase in crimes against the asian community. five have been attacked in the last two weeks in san francisco.
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in stockton street it starts in one hour. san francisco's police chief and district attorney will be in residence. ama: residents of the building that have flooded twice since june are now reporting thefts about people going into their flooded apartment. our reporter spoke with residents who demand answers. reporter: i have been contacted by several residents who tell me that building security is not doing enough. no one has lived here for over two months and the videos you are about to see a show what is happening inside some vacant unit. they are eye-opening. on june 10, kate sutherland received a notification. a person was detected inside her vacant apartment. >> open the video and saw a
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random person walking through my apartment, taking a video. it sent chills down my spine. reporter: it caught a person moving slowly in the dark. the building had been vacant for several days after a water main broke and flooded the building. kate ended her lease four days later after the video. how did they explain what happened? >> they didn't know how. they just said it was unauthorized. reporter: that was just the tip of the iceberg. on monday, a resident captured a worker using the bathroom inside his apartment. the real estate owner said a contractor was making repairs in a unit and was recorded taking items from the unit. the contractor was terminated immediately. in stephanie's case, thousands of dollars went missing from her bank account this morning. >> fraudulent checks cashed in
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my bank account for over $1500 each. reporter: she says her checkbook is in her vacant apartment. >> someone is rummaging through my bedroom and night span -- nightstand and grabs my checkbook. now i have fears of identity theft. things are completely missing. reporter: they said, while we have not confirmed the validity of the allegations, we have temporarily removed all contract access as we work on a solution to increase security measures. these reports make others want them to get their reports of the building but save the real estate company -- the apartment owners is making it difficult
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because they are not letting residents inside the building. only movers. >> i asked what the recourse if belongings get damaged. i was only told we would have to work through our own renters insurance. reporter: they say they are providing locked storage pods for residents who have scheduled moveouts. as for bikes getting stolen, they say they do not know if any have but a large number of bikes were abandoned in the building. i asked about the resident who said her checkbook was stolen. they said that was a police matter. dan: new details. a san jose church will not have to pay 100 $90,000 in covid fines issued by the county. -- pay $190,000 in covid fines
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issued by the county. they had violated covid rules by holding mass services. they are still seeking penalties against the church. ama: still ahead, wiping out billions of dollars in debt for students. dan: and legislation just signed into law that will help fight climate change and raise taxes on corporations.
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i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no. did you say yes?! the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal ama: students in petaluma where the last to head to school today. teachers on students were greeted with balloons. this comes as the district scrambles to fill positions.
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reporter: as san francisco unified students prepared to head back to school on wednesday, the district is working to fill a looming gap. >> we need substitutes, nurses, multiple subject teachers, spanish teachers. reporter: with more than 460 open positions on the website, the head of human resource says they are scrambling to make sure every classroom will have a certified teacher. >> we developed a plan where educators can jump share so they can keep doing the job they were hired to do and cover a classroom in a job staring -- job sharing situation. reporter: between 50 and 60 educators have been moved part time. >> they are in transition today
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and preparing today with less than 24 hours notice. reporter: while the cost of housing in san francisco has been the biggest recruitment challenge, united educators say staffing salaries are not keeping up. >> we do not have a shortage of teachers. there are a lot of qualified educators in the bay area and country but what we have is a crisis of professional pay. reporter: because of this, teachers are going to other districts. i staff members deciding to take jobs in other districts at the last minute. reporter: the district says the hiring process is far from over and the district hopes to fill
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at least 60 full-time teaching positions and 100 paraprofessional positions as soon as possible. dan: the department of education announced it is automatically canceling nearly $4 billion in student loan debt. itt tech shut down in 2000 16 after losing government funding for failing to comply with accreditation standards. by the end of the month, president biden will announce whether he will more broadly cancel student loan debt. ama: a major decision for those with hearing problems. the fda is allowing hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter without prescription. they concurrently cause up to $5,000 and it is expected there
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will be a much lower costs. over-the-counter hearing aids could go on sale starting in october. dan: after the break, a former congressman arrested by the fbi this morning in fresno. this morning in fresno. the allegations against mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club.
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dan: a former california congressman was arrested by the f vi today. -- fbi today. he was indicted on 20 eight crimes involving fraud schemes and federal money laundering and wire fraud. if convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison for wire fraud and money laundering and up to 30 years for financial institution fraud. ama: the justice department is
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fighting to keep sealed the affidavit that supported the search warrant for searching mar-a-lago. the justice department says the investigation involves highly classified materials. media organizations asked for the affidavit to be unsealed. classified documents were removed from trump's home. dan: this afternoon biden signed a massive spending bill the democrats hope will shape much of the american economy. reporter: a victory lap for biden tuesday as he signed a sweeping health-care tax and climate bill into law. president biden: today offers proof that america is vibrant,
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the future of america is bright and the promise of america is real and just beginning. reporter: the act represents the largest climate investment in american history and gives medicare the power to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs for the first time. president biden: it does so many things that so many of us have fought to make happen. orions.joe manchin, a major holt throughout the process, played a key role in advancing the bill. >> this is a balanced energy report -- balanced energy approach. reporter: there was zero support from the gop. >> democrats are out of touch with what american families care
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about. reporter: this caps off a string of democratic success the party hopes will translate to electoral success in the midterms. ama: time to get a check on the heat. dan: it is tough. sandhya: it is. especially for those who do not have air conditioning. a fan just blows around hot air. inland is baking in triple digit heat. looking at san francisco, some of the hottest spots, one hundred seven, fairfield. upper 90's, santa rosa. the coast did not get as warm because of the fog. 70 in the city. 75, oakland.
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thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. the concern is we will see moisture start to move in our direction as a system to the south moves moisture up. dry thunderstorms with gusty winds are a big concern which is why parts of northern california are under a red flag warning for lake and mendocino county. 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow with dry lightning triggering new fires being a concern. you can see a dry thunderstorms chance late tonight into tomorrow. a slight chance in the bay area. muggy with the possibility of a few showers. let'we will star fog. it will push locally inland. it is below a thousand feet. then we introduce high level cloudiness and we see the possibility of a few showers tomorrow morning or just dry
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thunderstorms with dry lightning . in the sierra nevada it turns to thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening so we are keeping an eye on this for you. in the morning, 50's to 70's. muggy. higher humidity and fog. afternoon highs in the south bay, 95, morgan hill. 90, san jose. mid 80's, palo alto. hazy skies are expected because of smoke from the northern california fire. 70, downtown san francisco. 93, santa77, oakland. hazy, hot, humid tomorrow. 100, brentwood. a slight possibility of a thunderstorm isolated at best. mid to high level clouds.
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hot and hazy inland. heat continues easing on thursday but it is back inland, upper 90's friday briefly before numbers drop off for the weekend. we will all be ready for that. dan: those 80's look really good . still ahead, the nba gets ready to release their league schedule for the season. why no t californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year
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and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. ama: you can get news and weather with our abc 7 streaming app on android, apple, and roku. dan: the nba is set to route at least their league schedule tomorrow but today they announced that no teams will play november 8, election day. the nba says the decision is part of the focus on promoting civic engagement and encouraging fans to plan to vote during the midterm elections. they say that games played the day before will be used to encourage voting and share important election resources. ama: tomorrow though university
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of california board of regents is going to discuss the impact of the bruins leaving the pac-12 in 2024. the decision was met with backlash from governor newsom. experts say the pac-12 stands to lose at least $10 million a year , in broadcast revenue. dan: california is getting a high school football hall of fame. ama: 100 players and 13 coaches are being inducted into the class. they include tom brady and lynn swan. oakland has three inductees. oakland raiders jim plunkett will be part of it. inductees will be honored in november at the rose bowl. dan: how did tom brady get into the hall of fame? ama: how?
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wyoming tonight. first, president biden signing the nearly $740 billion bill into law today. lowering the cost of health care and of prescription drugs and insulin. the largest ever investment in the u.s. to fight climate change. incentives for american families on electric vehicles and solar. taxing corporations and bringing down the deficit. cecilia vega at the white house tonight. also news this evening involving the fbi search at mar-a-lago and who the fbi has already interviewed from inside
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the trump white house. and the battle tonight over whether to release the


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