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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 17, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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this is abc7news. >> staying cool is the name of the game today as much of the bay area ached with temperatures hitting triple digits in several cities, may where you live. i'm dan ashley. >> it has been a sweltering summer day unless you are in san francisco or the coast. >> more of the same tomorrow with another heat advisory for parts of the bay area. >> blistering heat today setting one record at the livermore co-op site. 107 degrees. 101 in napa, 97 inset is a, 71 in sacramento, 71 in san francisco. it is still in effect for solano county until 8:00 friday night, until 8 p.m. tomorrow risk of heat illnesses will remain.
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live doppler 7, earlier in the day we did have thunderstorms in the sierra. that focus begins to shift towards us so red flag warning 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. dry thunderstorms could start fires and that could obviously be problematic as you take a look at the fire danger index as we go into tomorrow. slight possibility of dry thunderstorms for parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. i will be back with a full look at the forecast coming up. >> that hot weather is forcing many people to try to stay cool anyway they can. tim johns was in walnut creek and shows us how residents tried to beat the heat. >> with large portions coming under a heat advisory tuesday -- >> it is really hot. >> many people work doing what they could to stay cool. >> i stay in and read with the ac and then i go to the pool. >> shawn mccarty says he was
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expecting a busy night. >> because it is hot a lot of people like to doordash ice cream. >> while some say they enjoyed the high temperatures. >> others were not as willing to venture outside in the east bay. the lafayette reservoir was nearly empty and only a few people walking along the trails. it was similarly slow at several places in downtown walnut creek. >> i went into a bunch of start today, there was nobody out. >> the outdoor kitchen was -- outdoor seating was asleep vacant. often times having a negative impact on the business. >> we got slower, at 105 today. >> when the heatwave expected to last several east bay residents say they are looking forward to the fall. >> definitely a little cooler.
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it is a little too hot for me now. >> tim johns, abc7news. >> calfire cruz fox the heat with ice. they loaded up every engine filled with water and ice. crews need to be ready every day of extreme heat only increases drought conditions and the threat of wildfire. >> 4270 -- 40-70 extra pounds on us. we want to make sure fire fighters staying hydrated. if they get ignited they are ready to go. >> pg and he is also on alert for wildfires. employees were watching the weather today from the hazard awareness learning enter. >> state regulators issued a statewide flex alert tomorrow due to excessive heat and energy demand. in effect from 4:00 until 9:00
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p.m.. they are encouraging people to reduce energy use, avoid using major appliances like dishwasher or washing machine, turn off all unnecessary lights and set the thermostat to 78 or higher. check that temperatures and learn more about bay area weather any time in the weather on demand section of the abc7 bay area streaming tv app. >> part of building a better bay area is dealing with issues of race and social justice. a town hall on violence against the -- community. j.r. stone was there as the police chief and new district attorney faced tough questions. >> sometimes we are scared to go out at night. >> thoughts of 12-year-old ethan who lives in chinatown echoed by those who attended this community meeting held tuesday night concerning asian hate
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crimes. >> i was a victim of this violence. >> they threw something at you? >> yes i was scared and ran away. >> both the police chief and new district attorney in attendance. since july 31, three members have been quote senselessly and brutally attacked. in two of the cases arrests have been made and the suspect has been identified in the third case. >> in one case three of the four individuals were under the age of 18, as them as 11 years old. -- one of them 11 years old. >> lee said she had a concussion after she was hit in the head by a woman who she still sees in her neighborhood, one never arrested for the crime. >> i wanted to ask why after
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four months of waiting i still have not received any update on my case. i did call the police however, they were not able to capture the perpetrator. so i am disappointed about this. >> district attorney brooke jenkins spoke about prosecuting crimes. >> this is not just rhetoric that we are doing what we can to prosecute these cases better in a way that sends a message next this type of conduct is no longer tolerated in san francisco. >> some are upset saying all communities should be brought together for meetings like this not just those in chinatown. >> a lot of this stuff is promoting dividing the asian, black and brown communities. >> some here want more officers and some better prosecution. the chief telling us they are
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trying their best. >> it is not easy that is for sure. we don't solve them all. and unfortunately we don't but we are going to try. >> j.r. stone abc7news. >> airbnb is rolling out new tools to stop parties at rentals. it's so called anti-party tech looks at renters history. it considers how far the person lives from the home they want to rent and whether it is a holiday weekend. airbnb started cracking down into thousand 19 after a shooting at a house party left five people dead. the company tested this technology last year and australia citing a 35% drop in unauthorized parties. >> centers a man and volunteer easily had his truck stolen outside his own. he tells amanda that this is not the first time and he describes
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how the theft is affecting his family and community he serves. >> meets anthony moore, a san jose resident, business owner and father frustrated over the senseless theft of his chevy silverado. >> second time stolen in six months. i have no insurance. >> more than transportation he relies on the truck for his catering company uses that to take his daughter to and from school, and in his free time, bullet tears his vehicle to help serve those in need. -- volunteers his vehicle to help serve those in need. >> when you try to find whatever resource you can to get the job done a lot of times it's our own cars. >> even towing equipment used in larger efforts to feed the ever-growing and housed population and as demand for homeless help has skyrocketed, the theft of moore's truck has the potential to impact business.
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>> when one car is missing and a load is not picked up it affects how the place operates because we are a little bit different. >> on tuesday we found more working the front door, he lives within walking distance. but days earlier surveillance cameras captured this white suv driving around the area. moore and other residents believe it is tied to the theft. it shows the suv stopping near his truck around 1:15 a.m.. >> you see truck -- brake lights light up. >> now the man who has dedicated his time to kids and community is needing some extra help himself simply to make ends meet. >> i don't know what it is with these trucks but it has to stop. i cannot take it. not having enough to pay my rent because that's how i use to do
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catering. >> on to politics your vote. liz cheney has lost her primary defeated by the candidate backed by former president trump. cheney is the highest ranking house republican who supported impeaching trump and also the vice chair of the special committee investigating the capitol riot. her opponent harriet hagman echoed -- hagman beat cheney by a sizable margin to date and is expected to coast in the general election. >> britney spears's ex-husband is in trouble with the law. >> a black musician enjoying dinner at a restaurant in napa valley. what happened after that changed everything for him. >> workers at starbucks made history tonight. >> here is what is next on jimmy kimmel. >> do your civic during -- duty
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hoping to start a larger conversation. >> in this instagram life jonathan butler says he was racially profiled during his recent trip in napa valley. >> this is some kind of back in the day in south africa stuff i used to experience as a black person. >> after eating at goose and gander the manager of the restaurant followed him to his car and asked him whether he had taken care of his server. butler says he believes the man was insinuating he did not leave a tip. >> he showed so much lack of respect for me and all of us at the restaurant. i do not think he will do that to a white person. >> he says he did pay his bill and left a generous tip. he was so offended that he went back inside to confront him. >> i would say it is a type of stereotyping, making assumptions based on stereotypes.
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it is not ok. >> she lives in the napa valley and works and of the wine industry. she asked we only use her first name. she said incidents like what happened to butler do not surprise her. she has her own experiences. >> it cuts us down little by little until we feel like a shell of a person. >> after sharing his experience online people flooded goose and gander's yelled page with negative reviews. the restaurant posted a statement on their instagram page and say that incident should never have happened and that all of us at goose and gander apologize to mr. butler unreservedly. the manager is on temporary leave. butler says he hopes what happened to him is the start of a larger conversation. she says while she loves her napa valley community, it sends an important message. >> people need to understand
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that the way they have operated their entire lives, that is no longer going to fly. >> abc7news. >> we also reached out to goose and gander for additional comment but did not receive a response. >> the first husband of britney spears is under arrest and napa county. jason alexander was booked today for an arrest warrant issued in 2016, facing two felony charges. bail was set at when he thousand dollars and he is told to be arraigned tomorrow. he was married to spears for less than three days in 2004 before an annulment and was transferred to napa county. >> workers at a starbucks in san francisco have voted to join a union. the starbucks on 18th street is
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the first in the city to unionize. workers agreed to join the union and a seven-to vote. starbucks has five days to challenge the vote. about 190 locations across the country have unionized area >> a health care tax and climate bill is now a law. president biden signed the act to date calling it one of the most significant in history. and includes the largest climate investment and major changes to health care policy by giving medicare more power. the legislation would be paid for through new taxes including a 15% minimum tax on large corporations. >> i am hoping we are on the cool, maybe? >> are we almost over the hump, sandy? >> i know, it has been clots.
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we are going to continue to see the heat hitting us in the inland areas tomorrow. hot and hazy inland, still a risk of heat illness is and even a chance of dried lightning for the bay area as we had towards tomorrow morning. high-pressure bringing hot weather. a little disturbance off the southern california coast that will help all of some monsoon voice shirt will bring the possibility of thunderstorms if there is any drive thunderstorms next develop here, could be problethe besthaes norer california and sierrnegusty wind if they do pan out could actually cause any fires that developed to spread quickly. we have early unhealthy or hazardous air quality up to the north of six rivers fire, the
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lightning complex fire which is what we have been getting smoke from, creating disease dies and hot weather -- creating hazy skies and hot weather. an air quality advisory is in effect tomorrow due to the heat and wildfire smoke. as opposed to moderate and poor it will be moderate tomorrow and a little improvement on thursday. there is a little bit of fog over san francisco tonight. visibility near the coast, half moon bay a half a mile. watch out in the morning. temperatures away from the foggy areas, still warm, 70's and 80's. live look at it sucked in -- socked in golden gate bridge. a few showers in the morning. here is the hour-by-hour forecast, could see a shower or two tomorrow morning if the dried lightning does pan out,
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fire concerns are there. in the sierra some scattered showers and thunderstorms. warm and lint tomorrow morning, 50's-70's. it is going to be dense around the coastal areas. 90 in san jose, on the peninsula 87 redwood city. north bay temperatures with hazy conditions. 93 in santa rosa. he spake these temperatures coming down. -- east bay these temperatures coming down. accuweather seven day forecast slight chance of thunder as we hit tomorrow. 100s inland then we dropped to mid 90's and temperatures rise briefly friday only to bring much better conditions for the weekend.
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sports, powered by river rock casino. >> good vibes are back. although making a push for the final wildcard spot. jacob june is pitching will, is one mistake christian walker. one, nothing arizona but here in the fifth, june is, good luck with that. next batter fishing. seven strikeouts in seven innings. final strike of the night have no fear thairo estrada is here. it is going to be a cripple when that is all said and -- that is going to be a triple when all is said and done. james went to-one. -- giants win to-one.
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other news, all-star pitcher shut down for the rest of the season with a right middle finger injury. big league debut, family all in attendance. very first pitch he sees, fair ball into left corner, a double. two batters later, jonah bride, scores his first big-league run, two-nothing in the second. hugs all the way around. sean murphy gets all of this one. 14th of the year. three-nothing days. popped up to write, seth brown coming on makes the catch and fires it back in. then we got a pickle, pickle. the renter eventually tagged out. -- runner eventually tagged out.
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took the first set 6-4. taken down and 65 minutes. williams will close out her career at the end of the month.
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