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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 17, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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green, yellow, orange, no red. it is still a threat, as we head into the evening, radar shows most of that is moving into the north bay. they continue under the red flag morning. that could start a fire. anytime you evaporate the water, it makes it heavier. that's where you get the dusty winds. as far as flex alerts, most of us are mild. we still have heat advisories until 8:00 tonight. we enjoy better weather today.
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it's going to be hot the next couple of days. dan: they are asking everyone to reduce energy. >> as the temperature rises, the demand for electricity increases. the state calls a flex alert when the demand is nearing capacity. once peak demand gets close to the capacity, that is where they call for outages. dan: avoid using appliances, turn off unnecessary lights and set your thermostats higher. kristen: flex alerts come out of
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time where people are turning to cleaner options but those create more stress on the electric grid. reporter: the call has come later this year compared to 2021. that was issued as early as june. >> we have had pretty good weather. reporter: a professor is a board member for the grid operator and says it's because the grid operator is more prepared. >> brought on more battery capacity that helped us get through the critical end of the day period. reporter: california leads the country. those sources come with some drawbacks.
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>> when the wind isn't going, the wind turbines don't produce. we need to make some other adjustments. reporter: there are challenges coming from other directions. a lot of the alternatives, demand for electricity. >> trying to get people to use less gasoline. that is increasing the demand on the system. we are trying to keep up. reporter: the push is getting to people to adhere to alerts and timing out when to charge electric vehicles. >> we charge in the middle of the day. you're charging with clean electricity and you will have a fully charged car. avoid the end of the day period. kristen: just to emphasize the
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point, the flex alert goes through 9:00 p.m. tonight. check the temperatures, get forecasts and learn more about whether in the weather on-demand section of the streaming tv after. download it. dan: part of building a better bay area is looking at our changing climate. toxic algae is spreading across much of the san francisco bay. while it's not harmful to humans, it is certainly affecting our ecosystem. reporter: you might notice it's looking murky. experts say the reason is a harmful algae bloom spreading in waters throughout the bay area. this morning, we followed the team.
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a scientist says there has not been an algae bloom of this time since 2004. there are a lot of unknowns, but nutrient are a major factor. >> there are 40 wastewater treatment plants. that is the building block for algae such as this. >> you can see algae everywhere. scientists say it's likely to get worse before it gets better. reporter: samples are being gathered and sent to a lab. experts say the algae can kill shellfish and other marine life. it is not believed to be toxic. >> however, cities have issued cautionary morning postings that
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advise against recreating in the water. reporter: the way to prevent future outbreaks is to reduce nutrients flowing into the bay. if not, the current conditions could lead to more common and worse outbreaks. >> it's conceivable in other years it could take off with more harmful consequences. kristen: in the east bay, all lanes just reopened. a big rig was involved in a crash. it happened this morning. the vehicle hit a big rig which pressed into the center. there were some minor injuries. dan: the former bay area man deemed a mastermind behind a kidnapping case could get out of
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his as early as today. yesterday, a panel affirmed the decision to grant parole to fred woods. he took 26 kids and bus driver back in 1976. they forced the kids and demanded five going dollars ransom. the kids escape today later. kristen: the man accused of assaulting an open man during the nfc championship game in los angeles pleaded not guilty. he is charged with one count of battery with serious bodily injury for the confrontation. officials say he knocked him out and walked away.
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he came out of it in march. video evidence will confirm, since his lawyer. kristen: parents and students protested against the removal of the school's principal. the chronicle reports a student used a word during a fight on campus following talking with students, and repeated it again to an administrator. reporter: she is the key person who was able to lift up so many families and students to make sure we get the best of public education. dan: an advisory council called for districts.
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closer to rail service. approval of a report is undergoing a review, however, funding remains a hurdle. david looks into that uncertainty. reporter: this is the vision of high-speed rail. the goal is inching along. work can continue on the blended right-of-way. >> there are speed and safety
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improvements. making sure it is safe. reporter: work is underway to electrify caltrain. the environmental review process has taken two years. >> the authority included considerations of the monarch to fly. >> an estimated solid waste would be dug up. reporter: even with concerns, funding remains an obstacle. >> the project has never been fully funded. we are always in the atmosphere of, how do we make the best use of the funds we have. >> taxpayers only provided 1/5
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of projected costs. one source could be the federal bipartisan infrastructure law. a comparison is marked. planners remain optimistic service could launch in a decade or so. kristen: w gert. t colorad r red tiinunprecedented restrictions e coming as drop continues. morgan norwood has more. reporter: as the u.s. sinks deeper into a climate crisis in the middle of an extreme drought, urgent warning from the federal government. they are asking arizona and nevada to cut down on water use as the colorado river reaches a
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tipping point. >> we cannot protect the system. reporter: lake mead and lake powell are at low levels after 23 years in dry conditions. currently, lake powell is at 26% capacity. we have been covering it. >> the water level has decreased. can see how gigantic they really are. reporter: the west is getting it all. rushing onto the vegas strip. just a couple of weeks ago, a 1000 year flood in death valley.
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at risk. you can see how most of the country is experiencing some level of drought conditions. the climate crisis is mounting. parts of france are pummeled with flash flooding. the rhine river running dry. trapping this cargo ship. back here at home, in response to the emergency on the river, they would rather work together with states to find a solution. dan: winemakers and clergy are giving thanks to a winemaking harvest. the long-standing tradition and has been practiced for centuries around the world. >> we have been lucky the
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drought has not affected us too much. we did have frost earlier in the season. everything has been great. dan: they are expected to start harvesting in two weeks time. very little rain. kristen: some people woke up to some rain. mike: started when we talked about. around 5:00. we already had one line able. it has waned a little bit. let's take a look. we're seeing some sprinkle showing up towards the eastern parts of alameda county. here are unofficial reports of some measurable rain. these were not quite as drive.
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that is the lowest threshold we measured. here's a look at the lightning strike risk starting right now. the best risk is by the flag warning. a lot of us are starting to say goodbye and we will completely say goodbye tonight. that's my first highlight. thunderstorm and fire danger is ending tonight. the heat will linger through saturday. the most comfortable day is sunday. this area of low pressure stock -- not up on us and coerced the moisture farther to the west and brought ingredients together to create that thunderstorm thread. it really looks tropical this morning. here's the byproduct. look how much cooler it is today compared to yesterday.
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san jose is 80. fairfield is 92. same thing in santa rosa. bring on the clouds and rain. we will definitely take them. the high clouds continue, clear out. much, tonight as far as the heat. tonight, sleep a little bit better in most neighborhoods. most of us are in the mid-50's to low 60's, little more cloud cover through the bay. low to upper 80's for most of the south bay. calistoga, 70's for most of the east bay.
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as you had in them, pretty warm. bump up in the heat, 60's, 70's and 80's. we get more thicker clouds this week, then minor warming for tuesday and wednesday. nothing extreme. kristen: thank you so much. a bay area activist is getting an apology from the academy of motion picture sciences. she reviews the best actor award on behalf of marlon brando at the 1973 oscars. she defended the rights of native americans to a mixture of booze and cheers. the academy said it was unwarranted. the emotional burden is irreparable. for too long, the courage you showed has been unacknowledged.
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'go medicine.
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wewnacdut" it woryour ra
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the first day of school comes with challenges. the district is struggling to fill open teacher positions. we explain how administrators plan to fill those vacancies. reporter: cheers all around to welcome students back-to-school. >> inireportert welcomed. sool yeins an inteit's the second straight yef in-person learning. >> we are committed every student has a teacher present on the first day of school. reporter: roles that will continue to be looked for throughout the school year. >> we are doing what we can do. reporter: they have had to move around some staffing positions to fill these vacancies just to
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make sure they were ready. >> as we see how things settle, we are starting. >> even with last-minute maneuvering, students need to stick. >> i used to live in north carolina. my mom always tells me, it doesn't matter the student, as long as you are paying attention to studies and work hard. you can learn just as much. dan: in the south bay, lots of first-day school pictures. today was the first day. they were excited to return. >> center field.
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kristen: the kid is celebrating. this morning she said the kids are happy and ready for school. it's not every day. dan: the call for reform. kristen: crypto scams grow.
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this is abc7news. dan: the director of the cdc acknowledged shortcomings at the agency. she announced plans to reform the agency, making changes when it comes to accountability. dr. walensky wants to get rid of the confusing and overwhelming guidance. requirements to share data. the white house says newly updated booster shots could be available in the next few weeks. they are targeted for the
4:30 pm
dominant strain of coronavirus. kristen: an update about a cryptocurrency scam targeting silicon valley. dan: they are hacking into phones, exposing personal information. stephanie sierra is here with a warning. reporter: this scam is evolving so fast. one wrong click and cost you your privacy. they are getting access to your phone, cameras, even location. all it takes is one wrong click and your privacy may be exposed. >> i was shaking. >> i feel bad for my family. reporter: these are voices of victims of a cryptocurrency scam. this is when a suspect meets a
4:31 pm
victim on a dating website or social media platform and builds a fake relationship. the end goal is to get the victim to invest in crypto. cash, but a digital currency. this man -- same story with this woman. $1.3 million gone. >> it is gone. reporter: a special agent says cases have tripled across california so far this year. specifically targeting asian americans. >> the criminal organization is expanding. reporter: within the past three weeks, he warns the scam has a
4:32 pm
new threat. >> they have access. >> the i team sat down with an alliance to crackdown on these climb -- promise. >> this is compelling. it looks like any other app. nvciche. reporter: financial analyst explains victims are downloading counterfeit apps like coin base and cracking which are impersonating trading companies. what happens when someone downloads this? >> first of all, it requires you to provide different permissions. reporter: once you download the app. you may not even know it.
4:33 pm
it's not just access to the microphone and camera, but also -- >> it can be as exact as your longitude and latitude. reporter: suspects may have the ability to read and write on your phone. >> some of the links give access to your email. >> sometimes they are downloading via whatsapp or text message. they will take you to counterfeit sites which require you to login. google play, apple app store. reporter: som sites will try and trick you.
4:34 pm
some look like this. >> it, both the apple and apple are fake. reporter: you can't go in and delete the out. >> the invasion of privacy may persist even after the app has been deleted. >> it's hard on my family. every morning is a nightmare. reporter: they are getting more sophisticated. customer service help one's or so prompts to make it appear they are affiliated. scary all of this could happen with one wrong click. kristen: what are some other red
4:35 pm
flags? reporter: some sites appear as if they are from the apple or google play store. double check for that and any misspellings. keep an eye out for certain pop-outs. if you have an android device, as you see, exit immediately. investigators say clicking ok is what gives scammers access to the device. kristen: so important for everyone to know. if you have a story for the i team, go to dan: good information to have. like on the high seas. i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites,
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prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. people who get 3 of my french toast sticks always wish they got 6. but nobody ever orders 6 and wishes they only got 3. it's called math people. french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back at jack in the box. getting bigger. a district is pulling books off the shelves. anne frank and the bible. dan: there is anything remotely
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controversial i'm kidding. it's gotten out of hand. not a fan. mike: who decides this? kristen: sometimes it's the local school board. sometimes it is the state legislature. you're are putting summary things into that bucket. dan: sometimes these themes are challenging or troubling. mike: it's curiosity. if you ban the books, people want to see why they are banned. it increased in sales 700%.
4:40 pm
dan: six flags is looking to make changes. a chaperone policy forced a thing power to shut down early. kristen: that is a little bit offensive. i know it's challenging. dan: parents are working.
4:41 pm
i understand some of the concerns. >> i never thought you could use an amusing part as a daycare. what they have done is raise the responses, dropped attendance to about 2 million people. i would imagine pfizer -- dan: i don't think consulting customers is a good idea. mike: it's interesting. i saw that trend happening in the early 2000's. you can see the lines of parents dropping off, have a great time. kristen: you could just go all
4:42 pm
summer with your friends. if you like to go on cruises this might be for you. construction is set to go underway on a ship. it will have some regular cruise amenities like restaurants and bars. dan: maybe a longer cruise. i think it would get a little tiresome. mike: better for the
4:43 pm
environment? dan: maybe it's more fuel-efficient. >> it says it will sell six confidence, where do you park it? dan: you missed the point. you drop your kids off at the amusement park. papa john's is introducing poppa balls. zero cross. the balls are a healthier alternative for consumers. part of the fun for me is the cross. kristen: i am a deep dish person.
4:44 pm
i'm thinking that is not a pizza. >> i used to work at pizza places growing up. calzones and balls of pizza, this reminds me of steve martin. i'm not that into it. dan: we do not need a fork and knife. >> you have to have utensils. it's not like a sicilian pizza. they're pizzas like this thick. i understand what they are trying to do. kristen: who gets pizza for the toppings? it is the combo. dan: we will be right back.
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have identified a new species of scorpions. >> that is a sensory structure. dan: if you could use one word, squeamish would not be at. at least not when it comes to
4:48 pm
scorpions. he and his fellow high school student spent days camping out in wilderness areas. >> we will go to the desert on moonless nights. dan: the researchers hit scorpion pater, working with the academy of sciences and a smartphone app. >> we were able to find features that were different, especially the shape and structure and positioning of hairs on their body which were used for sensing and predicting. >> this is as big as they get. dan: they contacted the academy curator and a discover of scorpions.
4:49 pm
they help the pair publish a paper describing the species. she says it's a nod to the power of citizen science. >> when i'm trying to do recon, i will look at what citizen sciences should be documenting in their own backyards. dan: i referenced to the areas. he hopes they can keep tracking the elusive creature. isn't that fascinating? sciences say they are found in dry lake beds.
4:50 pm
mike: they are able to adapt. we're talking about somewhat weather. live doppler 7. not active especially compared to earlier today and this morning. some sprinkles out there as we head into the evening. that's why we have this high fire danger. be careful. we will keep having hot afternoons through at least friday. winners of five consecutive beings. the giants are hot. that video was fun. will they do it tonight? head out to the ballpark.
4:51 pm
near haiti around the bay. look for more cloud cover sunday morning. kristen: katy perry, lionel richie all returning for american idol. if you would like the chance to perform, additions begin this friday. once again, auditions are taking place virtually. reggie spoke with the producer about the process. reporter: go to american pick your day, register. then, you are entered into the audition. the cool thing about it is it is life.
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it seems so obvious and simple. be yourself. be your true authentic self. it shows, it shines. kristen: there you go. you can find more information at american you can watch the brand-new season here on abc 7 when it returns next spring. dan: a fire could have ended a summer camp that helps kids with cancer. kristen: thanks to the generosity of another camp, the fun is back. hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life.
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families stack. this week, the camp is being held in livermore. both camps are well known to our viewers. lena shows us how the camp is joining forces to build a better bay area. reporter: complete with the only. the camp was once a welcome retreat. >> it's a magical space, camp for families affected by cancer.
4:56 pm
it's a place for the whole family to come to find respite, community. reporter: decades of memories made here in 2020. something that longtime camper remembers like yesterday. >> i cried for a while. it was tough for a lot of people. reporter: he was visiting since middle school after learning about his brother's cancer diagnosis. >> i was more closed up. after coming here for the first time, these people were similar to me so it was easier to open up. reporter: that is when the foundation stepped into hell. -- help. >> lost their camp, we know how
4:57 pm
critical camp was to them. we cannot imagine families not having that service for themselves. reporter: they were open for two weeks. at no charge, it scampers or families. >> magic can happen anywhere. it's the kindness, love. reporter: wally might be in a different location, the essence is following these campers wherever they go. >> what matters is we will all be here together. >> this does not matter where camp is. the magical follow. kristen: if you want to donate,
4:58 pm
go to the website. ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪
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♪♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc. >> there were even reports of a few lightning strikes triggering the -- to an active lightning plan. luckily no fires so far. >> and appears the potential fot our media arla just has been monitoring it. >> there has been some rain associated with thunderstorms. let me show you live view, so beautiful you can see some
5:01 pm
monsoon moisture in the air. really do


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