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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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moving forward. finding solutions. kumasi: a new scathing review of the cdc agency finds it failed to meet expectations during the pandemic. reggie: more opportunities for a monkeypox vaccine. where it is available in san francisco. kumasi: a strike team to fight wildfires in california would allow military personnel to join at firefighting crews. we start with a check of the forecast. drew: thick fog along the coast. a very august-like morning. half moon bay down to a quarter-mile visibility. elsewhere, we do have cloud cover. the visibility is much better. a cooler morning compared to yesterday. warmer spots away from the coast. look at this beautiful picture from our mount tam camera, as the sun goes up.
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fog down below. once you get rid of the fog, nothing but sunshine. a cooler afternoon today. we do warm up for part of the weekend. we will show you in a few minutes. kumasi: we begin with new developments in the coronavirus pandemic and major overhaul within the cdc. the agency director admitting public guidance was confusing and overwhelming. jobina is at the live desk with those changes and the timeline on an updated batch of booster shots. jobina: the white house covid booster will reach millions of americans around the next three weeks, and will come with an updated target. the new boosters are made to attack not only the original covid strain, now the omicron subvariants. the subvariants make up an estimated 99% of new covid cases. >> these are substantial upgrades in our vaccines, and those vaccines are coming very soon. jobina: meanwhile, the big
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shakeup at the cdc. director dr. rochelle walensky gave a stunning review of the agency's handling of the pandemic. she said the agency spent 75 years preparing for a health crisis like this, but when the big moment came, the agency "did not reliably meet expectations" and it came to messaging on masks the vaccine. dr. wilensky has called for a total overhaul of the cdc and will aim at improving staffing numbers and new members of fast, easy to understand inflation. reggie: health is a key component in our ability to build a better bay area -- not only coronavirus but monkeypox raising concerns. this morning, the cdc director and monkeypox response team will hold a briefing on the u.s. monkeypox effort. we will be monitoring that for you. it comes as the world health organization says the total number of monkeypox cases worldwide has jumped 20% in just
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the past week. more than 2300 cases have been reported in california. 610 in san francisco. the walk-in vaccination clinic at zuckerberg sf general will be open today and tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. city health officials said all 495 people who walked in wanting a vaccine got served yesterday. it will update us on more public hours once it gets additional doses. kumasi: today's temperatures are going to be lower than the past few days. the heat is not completely gone, especially if you are inland. a newly added strike team for welfare defense in california. ryan curry live in the east bay with what is being called the first in the nation strike team made up of military personnel. ryan: good morning. such an interesting method being deployed by the state. members of the national guard will be assisting calfire when it comes to helping fight
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wildfires across the state in an effort to ultimately contain and reduce the spread on a wildfire does break out. a fascinating move by them. members of the national guard will be deployed into five different trucks which are designed to move to areas where bigger engines cannot go. they're calling this a strike team, which you may have heard in the past, a common tea focusp between the national guard and calfire. the goal -- help to contain fires faster. officials say with more units it will be easier to accomplish that goal. this comes at a time where fire officials say with weather events happening now, conditions or even more dangerous. that is why they say they need all the help they can get. >> what you saw in northern california over the last several weeks was a series of lightning fires that occurred.
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during these lightning/thunderstorm type events, you end up with high winds. you end up with a fire that starts with a lightning strike and burns 20,000 acres in just a few hours. ryan: just so devastating, knowing up fat the fires can spread, even at night. this has led to fire crews having to get creative for ways to respond better and faster -- having the national guard come and help. these new trucks that will be deploying going to help them get to these areas in a different set of spots, these tightknit areas. the crews that are training will be done with training for the summer is over. we are still in the middle of wildfire season. in the east bay, ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: developing news on a cluster of wildfires burning
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east of eureka. the so-called six rivers lightning complex has grown to more than 23,000 acres. the complex of fires first started 11 days ago. two of the 12 fires are still active. about 23% containment in total. two members of the fire department are helping that fight. san francisco city council is making it harder for thieves to sell catalytic converters. it is now illegal to have a used catalytic converter in the city. anyone caught with one will face a fine of up to $5,000 and six months in jail. you have to have documentation if you have a legitimate reason for having a used catalytic converter. this also means police can charge suspects accused of theft without having to catch them in the act. another warning from china, hours after the u.s. announced negotiations with taiwan. reggie: a time-consuming problem
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for a lot of people is going to get even more difficult for some in the bay area. drew: am looking at the latest drop monitor we just got a few minutes ago, there is no change from last week. the darkest shade of red uc on the screen encompassing nearly 17% of the state. most of the bay area still under the severe drought category. we'll talk about the weekend we'll talk about the weekend forecast californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting.
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prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee. what?! ok! no annual contract. no equipment fees. oh, and a free streaming box. i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no. did you say yes?! the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal
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kumasi: you are on your phone and outside, look up. some states may be getting a peek of the northern lights. a strong geomagnetic storm is pushing the show further south. we could get dazzling scenes in
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new england and the midwest, and maybe even the pacific northwest and maybe even the pacific northwest in parts of oregon. the aurora borealis is typically closer to the north pole and in canada. it was expected to be peeking overnight this morning and chances fully and friday morning. do we have chances? drew: that is really pretty. have you ever seen the northern lights? i have not either. it is on my to do list. we are too far south. kumasi: i'm sorry i got you excited. drew: i wanted to see them in iceland and i went in the summer when it is all daylight all the time. here is the fog this morning. we are shrouded over the city. this fog, a lot of sunshine in store. good air quality to start the weekend off. the marine layer fully with us. we are warmer away from the coast. by 10:00 a.m., we are in the 70's. we climb into the 80's shortly after lunchtime.
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we still have a heat advisory in solano county. afternoon sunshine. 84 in san jose. 92 in cochrane. 85 in napa. the three day forecast showing you we heat up a little bit tomorrow. sunday is dramatically cooler. we show you that coming up. we have jobina with a traffic alert. jobina: we do have that alert right now. a sig alert in mountain view. this is going to be on cell phone 101. all lanes were blocked. we have at least two lanes open now. there are no injuries involved in this crash. valeo is causing a backup. your speech will be around 12 mph now. me o at 5:45.
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ma: the cincinnati zoo's hippopotamus calf has a new name and a local type. a toxic algae bloom across the san francisco bay is impacting our ecosystem. and we are taking a live look outside right now. ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and cibinqo helps provide clearer skin and less itch. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. do not take with medicines that prevent blood clots. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma,
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but we do. stand with us. kumasi: officially agreed to hold new trade talks with taiwan. they will discuss ways of addressing china's economic coercion. beijing is morning it will take action if necessary to safeguard its sovereignty. both china and taiwan dispute ownership over the island. house speaker nancy pelosi the highest ranking american official to visit taiwan in 25
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years. overnight, at least 21 people have died in a bombing at a mosque in afghanistan. at least 33 other people were hurt. several children were among the injured. witness says a suicide bomber carried out that attack, the latest targeting civilians in that country. no groupwise claimed responsibility, although isis has claimed response ability for several similar attacks. reggie: picking up prescriptions is about to become more challenging for those of us inside the bay area. pharmacy operations were carried over to walgreens. that is a problem in places like petaluma, where prescriptions are often sent from the mary isaac center to the local lucky pharmacy two blocks away. that center serves hundreds of housed and on house france. now, the nearest walgreens is up highway 101, about eight miles away. the petaluma lucky pharmacy closes next week. kumasi: a 16-year-old is at the
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center of an abortion debate after a court decided she was not mature enough to terminate her pregnancy. jane doe is described as parentless. the state appointed legal guardian has requested that the court consent. >> if she is forced to carry a child to term that she does not feel that she has the emotional, physical, or financial capability to do, that could be extremely traumatizing. kumasi: she was 10 weeks pregnant and the governor signed a 15 week abortion ban into law this week. time is of the essence. reggie: service workers at san francisco international are protesting over health care and wages. hundreds will join the protest set to start at noon, following a highly favored union vote. it is not expected to impact troubled times.
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marriott hotel workers with the same union won raises and improved health care in 2019. worker said they are working two or three jobs just to get by. we have reached out to sfo to get a response. part of building a better bay area is looking at our changing climate. a toxic algae bloom is spreading across the san francisco bay and it is impacting our ecosystem even if it is not officially harmful to humans. >> looking out across the san francisco bay, you may have noticed it is looking murky. experts say the reason is a potentially harmful algae bloom spreading in waters throughout the bay area. the algae is called hetero sigma and it is literally turning the bay brown. it is something that scientists are studying closely. this morning, we followed the team as they went out on the bay.
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a staff scientist says there has not been an algae bloom of this time since 2004. he says there are a lot of unknowns about why it is growing again now, but the nutrients polluting the bay are a major factor. ian: there are 40 wastewater treatment plants discharging a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen into the water. that is the building block for algae such as this. >> here in the bay, you can see the algae everywhere. there have been reports of it from oakland to san francisco -- even richmond. scientists say it is likely to get worse before it gets better. we are going to go and grab some of this water. samples are being gathered and sent to a lab in richmond. >> we are going to write on here where the sample was taken, what depth. >> experts say the algae can kill shellfish and other marine life. it is not believed to be toxic to humans and pets. >> alameda, oakland and east bay parks have issued postings that
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advise against recreating in the water. >> the way to prevent future outbreaks is to reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into the bay. if not, the current conditions, combined with climate change, could lead to more common and potentially worse algae outbreaks. >> it is conceivable that in other years a different species could take off was much more harmful consequences. >> in oakland, abc news. kumasi: i'm sorry, you all. we were having a discussion about this story. we know what to call a baby hippo at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo launched a worldwide contest and 66% voted for fritz, which fits his personality perfectly. this is video of fritz with his mom, bibi. fritz comes from a famous family. sister fiona is very popular, but fritz has a bay area connection.
6:20 am
his dad moved to cincinnati last year from the san francisco zoo. he was named bruce, after bruce bochy. they changed his name back to tucker, his original name. i said that is disrespectful. he already had a name. reggie: i guess you could argue that he had a name before the name of bruce. kumasi: but bruce is better. reggie: i did not know they just changed animal names. kumasi: right? reggie: i don't like that. drew: tucker, bibi, and bruce. like bibi neuwirth. reggie: i saw bibi neuwirth in a play. recently. drew: which one? reggie: she is in sarah silverman's new musical about sarah's life, "bed wetter." she played rainwater. -- the grandmother. drew: that is disrespectful because bibi neuwirth does not look like a grandmother. reggie: i'm sure she would love to hear that.
6:21 am
it was cool to see her up close. drew: i would love to. reggie: she has still got it! [laughter] drew: good morning to all the bibis out there. thoroughly enjoy your name. reggie: bibi sahara drew: bibi zahara bonet. kumasi: and tucker does not go. drew: the cincinnati have a baseball team? reggie: the reds. but who would have known? it is bruce, you know? drew: ok. a lot of cloud cover in the south bay. we have coastal fog. a live look at san jose. gray skies. thick fog along the coast. baytown down to a quarter-mile visibility. by 9:30, cloud cover along the coast. in true august fashion, a lot of sunshine away from the coast. the heat advisory still in
6:22 am
effect for lake county, solano county. in the south bay, it feels more comfortable. 84 in san jose. 70 in cupertino. 77 in mountain view. downtown, we will get afternoon sunshine. a lot of clouds and sunshine. 88 in santa rosa. 100 in lakeport with the heat advisory. 90 in sonoma. sausalito is comfortable. 70 in berkeley. 81 in freeman. in than today, 80's and 90's on the board. 92 later on today. overnight tonight, our marine layer comes right on back. thick fog along the coast, with coastal drizzle. temperature wise, we are basically in the 50's and 60's as we get you into friday. here is the seven-day forecast. afternoon sunshine today.
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reheat at inland -- we heat up inland tomorrow. we get a break from the heat on sunday. 70's and 80's away from the coast. early next week, a typical pattern. afternoon sunshine monday, tuesday and wednesday. kumasi: ginger is in tampa, my home state of florida. what is coming up on gma? ginger: good morning to you. a great state and city we will be celebrating. headlines include the cdc's admission of failure when it comes to the covid-19 pandemic. they are saying changes will be implemented as concern grows over the monkeypox outbreak. and the story of attorney alex murdaugh keeps going. his attorney is accusing prosecutors of withholding evidence. this is our closer to home tour. we are sweating through a tampa
6:24 am
morning. the dew point was 78 early this morning. feels like the mid to upper 90's already. i got to go to cuba without my passport at jose marti park. it is a special place. we cannot wait to share it with you. kumasi: are you going to get to go to the beach, the clearwater? you could go to sarasota. ginger: we did. you know when i go to the beach i am there to look at erosion. kumasi: i wish i were there. reggie: you know where i would go. to busch gardens, the roller coasters. kumasi: yes, busch gardens. ginger: that is what you would get in? reggie: for sure. but that tracks. ginger: i have not been there in ages. i think it has been 30 years. reggie: it's a date. kumasi: time to go. ginger: i guess we got a trip. enjoy the rest of you
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reggie: a famous south african musician is getting an apology from a restaurant after he said he was racially profiled. he says the manager in goose and gander followed him to his car earlier this week. butler says the manager asked if he had taken care of the server, suggesting he did not leave a tip. he says he paid and left a tip. now goose and gander said its owner and butler had a heartfelt discussion. the statement from the restaurant reads in part mr. butler accepted goose and gander's apology. we agree the incident should never have happened and an important opportunity exists for the restaurant to learn and improve. kumasi: well, ok, i will show this to you. it is a bug of a size you have probably never seen before. the world's largest moth. what do you think?
6:28 am
this popped up in washington state just outside of seattle. this is roughly 10 inches across. whether the agency could survive in washington's climate -- it is not posing a public health threat. reggie: i keep staring at the wings at the top. it really looks like snakeheads. kumasi: salamander. reggie: something about that is really unerringly. kumasi: let me see what salamanders look like. reggie: i could see salamander. kumasi: yeah, that's what it looks like. reggie: at 6:30, the latest on a plan on high-speed rail linking the south bay to san francisco. kumasi: going electric. an autom
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee.
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>> this is abc7news. reggie: we could learn more about the fbi search of former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. a judge set to rule on in ceiling more search warrant documents. kumasi: a first of its kind strike team allowing military personnel to join firefighting crews. reggie: new iphones and apple watches on the horizon. we know when the big announcements are coming. welcome to thursday, october 8 -- august 18. drew: you can see we have fog along the coast this morning. we do have a lot of sunshine today. we are not tracking showers like yesterday. we had isolated sprinkles. today, thick fog along the coast. the half-moon day -- bay down to a quarter visibility. 50's and 60's out there, so a light layer is needed.
6:32 am
outside we go. this is a beautiful picture from sutro tower before mount diablo. we have fog along the coast. patchy fog along the bay shoreline. the fog back to the coast for sunshine today. it is a cooler afternoon today. we will preview the we can forecast in a few minutes. reggie: the bay area microclimates drew is always talking about are really showing their strength today. cool fog on the coast, but still 90's and a heat advisory inland. that is always concern for fire. ryan curry is live in the east bay with a newly created strike team of national guard troops to help tamp down the wildfires popping up in the state. ryan: good morning, reggie. many are calling this the first of its kind to happen. national guard members in training to assist cal fire when it comes to fighting wildfires. those national guard members are
6:33 am
expected to be done with training before the summer is over. that's good news because we are still in the middle of wildfire season. the way it's going to work is these national guard members -- a member of the strike team will be on their way to helping fire crews in different areas. there will be as many as five trucks designed to move to areas where the big engines cannot go. with the way these fires have been spreading in years past, fire officials say they will need as many people possible, and as much help as possible to contain the spread. that is what this new unit of national guard men and women will be trained to do. scientists who study wildfires say this is an important step to be in front of a fire when it breaks out. >> we are still struggling to make the level of investment that is going to be necessary to get ahead of the timetable that really works for folks. this summer, we have seen some
6:34 am
catastrophic fires, but the total area that has been burned is not as bad as it has been in the last few years. i am optimistic that we are beginning to see some of the results of the investments that have been made. ryan: optimism is what we like to hear when it comes to containing these fires and stopping them from doing as much devastation as we have seen them do hereafter year now. those trucks, by the way, they do look like pickup trucks, but it is designed that way. these national guard members will be in the trucks so they can go to the little areas, the niche spots the big engines cannot go, to help stop those areas in particular from spreading fast and eventually turning into big areas that are hard to contain. live in the east bay, abc7news. reggie: you can always keep an eye on lingering heat, early morning drizzle, or weather advisories in your neighborhood with the bay area app. it has everything from live doppler 7 to air-quality trackers. the app is available for your
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phone or wherever you stream. kumasi: nude of elements in the search of former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. the judge will hear arguments about opening the affidavit allowing the search. jobina: several media outlets requested that the document be made public, citing historic importance of these events. the justice department has requested that the document remain sealed. it could cause damage to the ongoing criminal investigation and could halt or slow witness cooperation. former president trump has also called for its release, saying it is in the interest of transparency. as some republicans continue to denounce the search, mike pence called on his party to stop attacking the fbi. mr. pence: these attacks on the fbi must stop. we can hold the attorney general
6:36 am
accountable for the decision that he made without attacking rank-and-file law enforcement personnel at the fbi. jobina: it comes as legal issues met for some of trump's closest allies. former executive allen weisselberg is expected to plead guilty to a long-running tax fraud scheme. it is part of a plea deal. he may testify about his role in the scheme if it goes to trial. kumasi: a death of an hash -- anne heche is being ruled an accident. she was taken off of life-support on august 14. ellie police said -- l.a. police said heche had drugs in her system when she crashed.
6:37 am
reggie: another step toward high-speed rail linking l.a. and san francisco. a key environmental impact report is undergoing review. that's fine, but there are a lot of steps after it including how this is going to be paid for. here is david larry. david: this is the vision of high-speed rail linking san jose and san francisco at 110 mph that goal is inching along as the rail authority board will seek to approve its environmental impact report. >> there are speed and safety improvements we need. we will ensure it is safe as both systems are operating. david: work is already underway to electrify caltrain. a station has been known in san mateo. the environmental review process has taken two years and did revisions. >> it included considerations of the potential effects to the monarch barfly.
6:38 am
>> councilmembers raise a red flag about the former dump or a light maintenance yard is planned. >> solid waste including 13,000 truckloads of hazardous waste would be dug up and driven away. david: even with concerns about that, funding remains an uncertain and formidable obstacle to completing this section of the project. >> we are always in the atmosphere of how do we pursue a new funding source? david: the authority set points out taxpayers provided $9.9 billion in bond funding or 1/5 of the transit cost. a new cost could be the infrastructure law. a relative comparison is bart, which was only partly funded when construction start. planners remain optimistic service could launch in reggie: a decade or so. reggie:-- could launch in a
6:39 am
decade or so. reggie: a high-rise in san francisco flooded two months ago. many of the people displaced still have items inside the building, and theft is a concern. they agreed to move people's belongings into these storage pods. 137 displaced below market rate residents are wondering where they will go next. abc7news questioned the developer about it. >> they are waiting for temporary housing. >> we are providing options and the residence are looking at the options they are providing. there is a process in place. reggie: san francisco's housing department can put an emergency plan to house more tenants. kumasi: a mountain lion sighting. one was reported at around 4:30 this morning between country
6:40 am
club and snyder lane. in the area of sunrise park, officials say it was possibly making its way back to the hills. officials checked the creek and were unable to locate the mountain lion. reggie: a new feature to help voters prepare for the election and fight misinformation. you are looking live at the big or of the stock exchange. mariah carey's attempt to trademark "queen of christmas" is not going over well with some. you can watch us for a whole extra hour. you can download an app for your phone, apple tv, amazon fire, or android tv. drew: we are looking live from the exploratorium camera. a different sky compared to yesterday. we are no longer tracking any isolated showers. sending it back to our regular
6:41 am
programming. temperature wise, let's go hour-by-hour. still a fair amount of fog. we are slow to warm, in the 50's and 60's. we are warming into the 70's by 10:00 a.m. we are into the 80's in our warmest spots. we do expect our hottest cities to go back to the 90's later today. the heat advisory still in effect for lake county, solano county. we will find some of the hottest temperatures later this afternoon. today, it is a typical afternoon in august. we have a wide range of temperatures. 84 in san jose. 88 in santa rosa. 92, the high in concorde. the forecast will heat up a little bit inland. saturday is mild, hot. sunday, it is dramatically cooler in the back half of the weekend. we will say hi to jobina and see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: we do have a positive
6:42 am
update with our pressure following in mountain view. the backup in vallejo for maritime academy drive -- a crash is blocking at least one lane. speeds around 15 mph. heads up to you. from earlier today, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came up at 5:45. the chp still has a fog advisory in effect for the golden gate brid
6:43 am
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. large out-of-state corporations have set talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. reggie: police are investigating after five young thieves broke into a bakery, grabbing one man by the neck, holding him and others at knife point. peter's bakery is a beloved family owned southbay staple.
6:45 am
these men went through the back door just before 1:30 yesterday morning. surveillance photos show the group roaming through the bakery, demanding money and access to the safe. >> started looking around almost frantically, saying what's here, what's here. they tried to go after the cash registers. they could not get into them. reggie: the bakery co-owner said the suspects got away with less than $1000, mostly petty cash for vendors and tips for workers. two minutes is all it took for the group to get in and get out. footage was posted to the bakery 's instagram, where it released thousands of people, prompting many to come into the shop to show support. most days, we can find johan a guerrero -- jovana guerrero doing her job planning homes.
6:46 am
they took a $2400 in cash to pavement. after leaving the bank, they stopped at a local rv park, not knowing they were being followed. at least two people stole the money from their car. she is not working two jobs to make everything back, saying that she works 12 hours a day. -- he is now working two jobs. kumasi: teachers can deduct twice as much money in school supplies. it is becoming a heftier price because of inflation that is rising. with the first limit increase in 20 years, educators are allowed to write off $300 for classroom necessities on their taxes, starting with the 2023 federal income tax. some states are allowing additional deductions. with the new school year comes new guidelines and norms, so get are complete back to school coverage. get prepared by downloading the
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bay area tv streaming app, available for your phone, tablet, roku, amazon fire, or android tv. reggie: the count them on is on to apple's big announcement. the iphone 14 will be unveiled at a streamed event on september 7. other products expected to be rolled out including three apple watch models. they are expected to be in stores shortly after the event. dodge has unveiled a battery powered daytona concept car, the first all electric muscle car. it will replace the gas powered challenger in the charger. the ceo says it will feature a multispeed transmission and exhaust that will still give the car the feel and sound of a gas powered musclecar. it will reach showrooms in 2024. i guess the electric sound will be the same? i will be curious to see what that sounds like. tiktok has an inapt midterm
6:48 am
election center. it will allow -- has an in-app midterm election center that will give information on how to vote by mail. it will fight election misinformation. the stock exchange as trading gets underway down about 80 points. kumasi: a battle over the title "queen of christmas." mariah carey wants it and filed to trademark the holiday phrase. not everybody thinks she deserves it. you know mariah carey has been an institution at the holiday season for decades because of her song "all i want for christmas." it has reached number one on the billboard hot 100 in the last four years even though it was released in 1994. now she wants to solidify her brand as the queen of christmas with a legal filing. that would give her exclusive rights to use the title on everything from clothes to alcohol. singer starling love and elizabeth tran are fighting back, saying the title should be
6:49 am
shared and not owned. you will hear from them on gma. drew: i don't know. i think she earned it. i really do. reggie: darlene, love you, but -- jobina: yeah. drew: that is the first time i heard of either of those names. i'm sorry. reggie: you do know darlene love, yeah. drew: name a song? you don't know the name of the song. reggie: it's the song from -- ♪ deck the halls ♪ kumasi: they become please come home. jobina: ♪ the snow's falling down ♪ it's good we don't know the words. kumasi: that is a good one. jobina: it's the only one. kumasi: it is an iconic christmas song. jobina: is it the iconic song?
6:50 am
kumasi: does there have to be one? drew: i think she earned it. like, she has a christmas song? kumasi: darlene, i am with you, girl. reggie: you know which team i'm on. me and mariah go back. [laughter] jobina: ♪ me and mariah ♪ kumasi: we will talk about it at teatime. drew: we will go outside. here is our east bay hills camera. we are tracking a fair amount of fog in the east bay. some sunshine over the eastern span of the bay bridge. half moon bay, it is thick fog. some coastal drizzle. hour-by-hour, future weather showing you that by 9:30 a.m., thick fog on the coast. we are still tracking patchy
6:51 am
fog. as we go throughout the afternoon, we will have that cloud cover along the coast but sunshine away from the coast. starting in the south bay today, a little bit cooler compared to earlier this week. 84 in san jose. a lot of sunshine in the southbay, despite the cloud cover. 91 in morgan hill. 78 for palo alto. 71 in millbrae. a little bit of afternoon sunshine. downtown today, we will get afternoon sunshine at 67. it is another breezy day across the city. the coast is cloudier. daly city will go into the low and mid 60's. we had the heat advisory for lake county. 100 degrees in lakeport. 87. much cooler in sausalito. the east bay, a lot of sunshine. 80 four union city.
6:52 am
we do have a heat advisory for solano county. 96 in brentwood. overnight, we will see the fog pulled back from the coast and spread along the bay shoreline. coastal drizzle as well. 50's and 60's as we head into friday. morning fog with some today. we heat up a bit tomorrow inland. it is a mild, hot start to the weekend. sunday, a break from the heat. 70's and 80's. it will feel nice away from the coast. reggie: local winemakers and clergy members are giving thanks for the upcoming wine grape harvest. we were at fenestra winery at the blessing of the grapes. finestra's winemaker expects a big year. >> we have been lucky. the drought did not affect us much this year.
6:53 am
we did have frost issues early in the season. everything is going great. reggie: they expect to start harvesting in about two weeks. kumasi: a little boy caused a moment of aew at the vatican -- of awe at the vatican during remarks from pope francis today. he said the alliance between the elderly and children would save the human family. at that moment, the boy quietly walked up to the pope's side and was standing with him. the pope invited him to sit down, but the boy was like, i am just having a moment. he ended up staying until the end. and then he actually went back into the crowd. to a woman in the rose. for that, he was just standing there and they kept going with what they were doing. can we go back to queen of christmas? reggie: yeah, who is that other lady? kumasi: elizabeth chan, the queen of christmas -- i think
6:54 am
that is her album. reggie: i think she is a singer. drew: i get -- reggie: i'm not being shady. i have just never heard of her. darlene love is someone people have heard of. kumasi: this is her 10th anniversary album. and it reimagines what queen of christmas means. reggie: she is imagining it in her head. kumasi: one song this woman has could really move you. drew: she has to believe in herself first.
6:55 am
kumasi: i am going to play this song during the break and you are going to cry. reggie: you can watch the news cast through our bay area connected tv app, available for apple tv, amazon fire, and roku. download the app now. kumasi: and taking a live look outside at the clouds.
6:56 am
♪♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
6:57 am
kumasi: there are the seven things to know this morning. the cdc director is ordering a complete overhaul of the agency, acknowledging his failures in handling covid-19. the white house is predicting that updated covid boosters could be available in three weeks. reggie: the world health
6:58 am
organization says the global number of monkeypox cases has jumped when he percent in just the past week. the vaccination clinic at zuckerberg sf general hospital will be open today from 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m., and tomorrow. all walk-ins were able to get a vaccine yesterday. kumasi: at sfo, all food and beverage workers are planning a protest for better pay and health care. the protest is not a work stoppage or strike. we have reached out to sfo for comment. reggie: california is rolling out what is being called a first of its kind firefighting strike team. military personnel will help with wildfires in the state. this will be way bigger fire engines cannot go. drew: traditional fog and sunshine in the forecast today. we are not tracking isolated showers today compared to yesterday. we are dry. sunshine. 84, san jose. 88, santa rosa. 90's inland. jobina: a life picture from the
6:59 am
toll plaza. it is pretty crowded. metering lights. traffic has backed up. kumasi: papa john's is bringing customers a new, healthier alternative. three new pizza bowl versions are available. there is garden veggie, chicken alfredo, and the italian meat trio, made with no crust. they are called pop-up bowls and you can get one next week if you want one. jobina: they are like the food you get on the airplane a little bit. drew: what was that -- like papa john's, we are giving you -- reggie: just have this. jobina: you did not say airplane food was -- reggie: i'm saying someone on twitter said this about this bowl. jobina: that was not -- drew: what was the other one? kumasi: that was not the word to use. drew: papa john's, here is a
7:00 am
salad. kumasi: you will be eating one next week. te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this thursday morning, the cdc director ordering a complete overhaul of the agency ment the director of the cdc acknowledging the agency's failures in its handling of the covid-19 pandemic, admitting public guidance was confusing and overwhelming. dr. walensky now promising a major overhaul calling this the agency's watershed moment. now what changes will be made as concern grows over the monkeypox emergency. in court, a judge set to hear arguments today in former president trump's battle with the doj. his push to unseal the affidavit behind the mar-a-lago search as former vice president mike pence seaks out.


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