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over a mask policy. when describe a
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>> ponht an invrpne clion tetwngwaonville. the watsonville airport is less than 20 miles from santa cruz, more than 30 miles from san jose. amanda del castillo was there and has more. >> a chain-link fence separated the wreckage of thursday's atlee afternoon plane crash from the grieving community, many of whom were home around 3:00 when two planes were attempting to land and collided in the air. >> we heard there was a crash at watsonville. >> it looks like both of them
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are down. amanda: the faa says one person was on the single-engine cessna 152, the second plane, a twin-engine cessna 340 was carrying two people. >> we saw it smoking and we saw through the bushes and explosion. amanda: that explosion caught on surveillance cameras, footage shared with us shows a black cloud ascending into the sky. another angle shows debris from an aircraft falling to the ground followed by residents running toward the airport. pilot william armstrong described being in the air attempting to land at the airport moments after the midair collision. >> when i came into this field for a landing, i was told something that i didn't understand, that runway 20 was closed and runway 927 was closed and that is all there is. amanda: watsonville municipal
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has been home base for armstrong for the last 15 years. different from a typical towered airport with air traffic control specialists guiding planes, the non-towered airport relies on constant and direct communication between pilots. >> i would say mooney turning down when left to zero, that gives an exact location of where i am and where i'm going. amanda: the city of watsonville and its aviation community are mourning the tragedy that killed multiple people thursday. >> i will know probably who these people are. i know several cfi's that fly this plane. i don't know which one of them that it is, but it is one of them. amanda: the santa cruz county sheriff's office, the faa, and the ntsb are involved in the investigation. ama: and we send this alert on our abc 7 news apple news first broke about the plane crash. if you want breaking news alerts
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like this in the future, search abc 7 news bay area in the app store. a bay area school district still requiring masks is now changing its policy. the move comes after a four-year-old boy was sent home for being mask lists. j.r. stone has the details. j.r.: video of a four-year-old mountain view boy unable to go to his school because he doesn't have a mask on. the elementary school where this was recorded thursday as part of the mountain view westman district. >> i think it is time to move forward. the kids need to see faces, they need to have a brighter outlook on the future in general. amanda: --j.r.: sean recorded this video. he says his son is smart, but
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may have developmental issues. because he won't keep his mask on, he has been told he can't come to school. at one point thursday, a police officer was called to deal with the situation. >> i'm watching my son, getting him ready to go to school, get turned away with tears in his eyes. he doesn't know what is going on. he is visibly upset. j.r.: thursday night at the school board meeting, a sudden change, the superintendent addressed the covid policy. >> we are now in the medium tear, so starting tomorrow, we will be mask optional for students. j.r.: masks optional due to improving covid numbers. the superintendent sang 50 students in 12 staff members tested positive for covid in the first five days of class. sean says he does not want to see a back-and-forth mask policy going forward. his lawyer said what the school
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did by sending his healthy son home for not having a mask was against the rules. >> the school's authority in the situation of public health issues by lot is only to send a sick child home. j.r.: masks in the district are still required at large and on buses. we did reach out multiple times to the district over the course of the last week to try to get their side of things, but did not get any responses. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: police closed down a palo alto neighborhood after a family member found a grenade and artillery shell in a deceased family member's home. the bomb squad determined the world war ii era grenade was still alive. bomb squad members relocated the device to a nearby park, where they safely detonated the device. no reports of any injuries. this week's hot weather is not over for some parts of the area. let's get to sandhya patel. sandhya: you know it is summer,
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so you know we will have to deal with the heat. we will see those temperatures rise inland the next two days. try 96 degrees in livermore, fairfield. 33 degrees cooler in half moon bay, where there was some fog. 74, oakland. hottest spots will get even hotter, so there is a heat advisory until 7:00 p.m. saturday. there is a moderate to high heat risk. tomorrow morning, your coolest point, 50's and 60's. heading into noon time, already in the 80's. by the afternoon, heading into the mid-90's. i will be back to let you know where the temperatures will end up for your friday and how much hotter for saturday coming up. ama: thank you. governor newsom criticized a judge's decision to extend an order that blocks caltrans from
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clearing a homeless encampment in oakland. about 200 people live at the encampment located under 880. the site had seen 195 fires in the past two years. the judge wants oakland and caltrans to have a plan in place to house the people who would be displaced. the governor said the encampment is an ongoing danger to the public. oakland city attorneys are reviewing the letter. he said, we are eager to work with our local, regional, and state partners to resolve concerns and secure solutions for unsheltered oaklanders. combating homelessness is part of building a better bay area. new data so she and francisco -- showed san francisco had a drop in the number of homeless people last year. >> yes, the drop in the number of homeless folks might come as a shock to some people. it would be understandable to think that the pandemic drove the numbers up in the city, but
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as some experts tell me when it comes to homelessness, it is often times people's perceptions that matter more than reality. one of san francisco's most pervasive and pressing problems might be getting a little better. according to data thursday from the latest point in time count, the number of people experiencing homelessness in the city dropped from over 8000 to about 7750, a 3.5% decrease. much of the drop can be attributed to the massive amount of resources the city received during the pandemic. >> city seven gotten much help from the california government or the federal government until this happened, so that makes a difference. >> of those counted, 57% were unsheltered and living on the street. while the racial and athletic makeup of those experienced state relatively the same, latinos with a noticeable exception. homelessness in that community
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shot up 55% in the past three years, and example of the toll covid has taken. >> many of the latinx people who became homeless during the pandemic lost jobs or were living in insecure housing situations. >> while the latest report offers some hope, many say it is important to remember the limitations. >> it is a snapshot of a single night. it doesn't capture people who experience homelessness for short periods of time. >> experts say access to affordable housing remains the biggest article to overcoming homelessness in san francisco. for decades, the city hasn't built enough. >> san francisco has the slowest housing approval process in the united states and we make it difficult to build housing and very expensive. >> until that changes, those on the front lines say people's views will continue to lag reality. >> the numbers don't matter, it
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is perception and the perception is the problem is getting worse even though the numbers are going down. >> one thing i heard about why the perception might not ranch -- match the reality is there seem to be more tent encampments around the city. that is probably because homeless folks were given free tends to live in to try to keep them safe. that is possibly adding to the perception that the problem is getting worse. live in the newsroom, tim johns. ama: thank you. district 6 which includes the tenderloin neighborhood is home to about half of the city's homeless population. we have put together a documentary. it is on the app. the affidavit may be partly unsealed. a judge weighed in today. a warning for apple users. vulnerabilities in many popular devices. gearing up for a beloved san francisco decision.
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loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's ama: in the south bay, two men arrested for the fatal shooting. police believe the man confronted the suspects before he was killed. the alleged shooters, arrested in utah august 11 by local authorities in the u.s. marshal after fleeing the state. the 19-year-old other suspect was arrested for conspiracy. >> there is no reason why they should be out on our city streets illegally possessing a firearm that is used in a crime. we are happy to report that our detectives work to their tails
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off to bring these two to justice. ama: he will be transported from salt lake city, utah, to the bay area. developing news now on the court battle over unsealing the affidavit explaining why the fbi searched former president trump's florida home. the judge says he is inclined to release parts of it against the wishes of the justice department. morgan norwood has more. >> the federal judge in florida who authorized the raid on former president donald trump's mar-a-lago estate says he is inclined to let the public see at least part of the affidavit detailing the justice department's evidence and reasons to believe a crime has been committed, saying i'm not prepared to find that the affidavit should be fully sealed. doj lawyers arguing against the release, saying the affidavit should remain sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation, also telling the judge the department is concerned about the safety of
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the witnesses. legal experts believe that argument is likely to hold up. >> i think there is virtually zero chance it will be released and if it is, it will be substantially redacted. >> it appears the judges leaning in that direction, giving government lawyers one week to explain which parts of the affidavit they are willing to make public and which should be redacted. the doj lawyers suggesting so much would be blacked out that there would be nothing of substance, but news organizations including abc news argue the huge political implications of the case mean the public has the right to know what is going on. their lawyer declaring transparency serves the public interest in understanding and accepting the results. you can trust what you cannot see. >> it is not the governments job to tell the public what is meaningful in terms of the release of its own information. >> as for former president donald trump, who has blasted calls for transparency in the release of the affidavit, his attorney did not weigh in.
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abc news, los angeles. ama: monkeypox cases continue to rise through the nation with slightly over 14,000 cases. california comes in second after new york with more than 2600 confirmed cases. the white house response team has announced it will send nearly 2 million doses of the vaccine to states by next week with authorization from the fda, u.s. health officials are able to multiply limited doses by giving people 1/5 of the normal dose. >> this is a precious resource we want to be used efficiently and widely. we are moving to get altars diction's. -- jurisdictions. >> black and brown populations make up half of confirmed cases. 98% of the cases are found in men. governor newsom outlined a new effort to address the mental health california's young people. travel to fresno to unveil his master plan for kids' mental
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health, a nearly $5 billion effort to increase access to mental health and substance use support services for californians up to age 25. the governor says government and society have failed to address the issue for too long. > i don't want to overpromise in the short run, but i'm not going to under promise and long-term with these seats will represent in terms of fruits of your labor to make them real for the course of the next few years and dare i say decades. ama: the governor's announcement comes as youth nationwide are reporting increasing rates of depression and anxiety and are considering or attempting suicide at historic levels. apple's warning about serious security flaws for iphones, ipads, and macs. a software flaw could allow attackers to take complete control of the devices. security experts advise users to
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update affected iphones and computers running mac os. the chinatown merchants association is gearing up for the 32nd annual autumn moon festival in san francisco. >> looking forward to a lot of excitement and it will be spectacular. ama: the two day festival will be filled with great food, live entertainment, and traditional chinese dance performances. it will take place next weekend on grand avenue from broadway through california's streets. admission is free. let's get back to the weather because we have a nice break from the heat, but not lasting? sandhya: no, we will see the heat intensifying. we had mid-90's inland today. tomorrow, we bump up to upper 90's. saturday, low 100's inland. let me show you the projection. we start out in the morning.
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quickly intensifying the heat, you will have plenty of sun. along the coastline, fog. this is the system that brought us the showers and thunderstorms. fortunately, they did see some rain with it. a little bit of a monsoon, just keep an eye on the southeastern portion of the state. this is the drought monitor for last week. we see the area across extreme drought, that shrank a little bit. extreme went from 43% -- 46% last week to 43% now. here in the bay area, no change,
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but you are starting to notice that that extreme drought is beginnings to shift toward us. live pictures from our tower camera showing you one common theme and that is the fog read visibility is definitely low along the coast. something you will need to watch out for tomorrow morning if you are commuting. temperatures, 50's all the way to the 60's. a few 80's showing up inland. good to moderate air quality tomorrow saturday, but sunday good for everyone. tomorrow night, the sun goes down at 7:57. a month from tomorrow, 7:11. covid-19, 6:26 sunset. morning fog, dense in patches. sharply cooler sunday with a seasonal pattern next week. tomorrow morning, we see the fog. mist and drizzle not out of the western.
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-- question. your morning temperatures will be in the 50's to the 70's. inland, highs in the south bay on the peninsula, 80's. san francisco, a nice 71 degree reading. 95 degrees in santa rosa. 78 in oakland. getting hot inland. 95 in pleasanton. the seven-day forecast getting hot inland. we will have the summer sizzle. mid-60's coast side. relief arrives sunday. 90's next week.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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at jack in the box. >> good evening, after winning five in a row, the giants clawed their way back into the wildcard conversation, but the last two games have halted those conversations for now. ice cream and a baseball with the ace on the hill, usually nothing better, but logan webb had a tough day. did not strike at anybody for the first time in his career as a starter. d backs starters that gallon was cruising. here is about bad the offense was. brandon belt bonds that fell for strike three. bunting with two strikes is generally frowned upon, but belt said he was not comfortable at the plate. the giants fall back to .500. k's in texas.
11:30 pm
first mlb start at catcher. he gets am trying to steal. he looks like the real deal. sheldon neuse making noise with his back. a two run shot. all tied up. the a's starter struggled on the hill. a three run shot. an haze fan catches it. the a's loses 10-3. the 49ers concluded joint practices with the vikings. mixed results for trey lance playing behind a makeshift offensive line. sacked three times, but he did make nice connections with george kittle and deebo samuel. >> i'm tired, man. you got two minutes. [laughter] kind of like the first week i really went out there too much.
11:31 pm
we knew it would take time. i wasn't able to go out there with those guys. it is good to see the chemistry building up. >> i'm tired too. end of an era for joe starkey, retiring after 48 years calling golden bears football, including arguably the most famous play in college football history. >> the band is out another field! he's going to go into the end zone! the bears have won! the bears have won! >>
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ama: that's it for tonight. right now on jimmy kimmel, heidi klum. have a great night. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host nicole byer! tonight -- heidi klum, kirby howell-baptiste, and music from seventeen. with cleto and the cletones. and now, nicole byer! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> nicole: welcome, welcome! oh, thank you! welcome to "jimmy kimmel live"! i'm your guest host, nicole byer. [ cheers ] thank you. this is my second and final night hosting the show.


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