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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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survivors two people and one dog re aboard one of the planes and one person was flying the other this couple told us they knew the pilot of the smaller aircraft, they like the entire community morning the losses anytime that there's an accident or there's a concern whether it's a loss of life, which is the most serious or someone has a flat tire in on the ramp. it's a small community and there are people here that certainly are grieving. oh my god. can't believe that this video shared with us from a neighbor shows the smoky and fiery scenes just after the accident the ntsb was only able to provide a few details as the investigation continues. this is a busier small airport. that does not have a traffic control tower. the airport is not controlled airport. there is no tower here and the aircraft people in the traffic pattern will communicate through mmicdv y.we a worng to get the radio communications that we're occurring at that day pilots. we spoke with nearby the airport
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as well as aviation news talk podcast host max trescott told us the pilots were in communication through the common traffic advisory frequency or ctaf just before the crash trescott says he's done investigation into the accident and said the bigger aircraft was coming into land much faster than it should have been and only began to communicate with the other pilot involved about a mile away from the airport. he adds the smaller plane did not have the transponder turn on which allows other pilots to see the craft on their displays. these were contributing factors in trescott's opinion, but he thinks a tower could have also helped at a town airport a controller would have given instructions to the twin which was flying extremely fast this slow down long before it reached the airport that didn't happen the fact this twin was going extremely fast didn't get noted apparently by its pilot or the other planes that were in the traffic pattern while trescott said both pilots communicated through cta. they aren't legally required to do so most pilots at so-called uncontrolled airports choose to use ctaf because it's safer when
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asked about the tower airport director ravon williams told us today. the airport doesn't have the volume of traffic to support the cost of bringing and control tower to the field. now the ntsb also told us that they're still looking for witnesses of the crashes to help with this investigation and they should have some more information for us and about two weeks time for now live in watsonville. dustin dorsey abc 7 news. alright dustin before you go you mentioned that timeline tell us what's next when it comes to the investigators saying when we'll learn more about a cause. yeah, you know believe it or not. it's gonna be actually a little bit of a time. they said tomorrow morning. they're gonna be taking both of these planes off this location. they're gonna be taking them to a private facility up north here, and they're going to be essentially taking these planes completely apart putting them back together really trying to dive in and find the cause and exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. they said that could take anywhere from the next year to two years time. quite a process or i dustin many. thanks to you.
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business owners in san francisco's castro district are calling on city leaders to provide more beds for the unhoused community. some are threatening civil disobedience if the city doesn't address the growing issues in front of their stores abc 7 news reporter at lena howland has the story. it's next to impossible to run a successful business in the cast or right now. that's dave carricker a gym owner and co-president of the castro meron. ' hadf t u community impacting the neighborhood. you shouldn't have to worry about is your window gonna get smashed today by a mentally ill person who sees their reflection and reacts to it. you know, i should be worried about whether or not i can sell more gym memberships. he's even had to install these extra security cameras to help protect his business. so we're demanding that the city set if i set aside 305 beds specifically for the castro to deal with these people that we know are perennial problems in a letter sent to city leaders.
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the association says it's prepared for civil disobedience, which means not paying taxes, which means not paying your business license fees. that's where where we may end up. if we're not getting what we're getting what we're paying for, i don't think that as a bad idea martine mendoza is the owner of the oldest barber shop in the castro. he agrees with this plan. one day. we have a guy that was just blocking the door. yelling at the customers and yelling at me and then i had to shut the door call the police, but they were like, okay. yeah. well, is that on the emergency or not? i mean there was not a response. supervisor rafael mandelman who represents this district says safe clean streets are an entirely reasonable demand and the city could make a real difference in the castro with targeted resources including places to take people who are publicly intoxicated or experiencing psychosis and an
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increased community policing presence our message to the city leaders is tell us what you're doing to fix this problem in san francisco, lena howland abc 7 news. now we've reached out to san francisco mayor london breed and the department of health for a response and we have not yet heard back. california's unemployment rate decreased to a new record low in july that's according to data released today by the california employment development department abc 7 news reporter melanie. woodrow is live in the newsroom with a breakdown of the data melanie kristin on the surface. it's phenomenal news california's july unemployment rate was just 3.9% but when you factor in the number of people who left the workforce the unemployment rate is not quite as low data released today taken from two surveys puts california's unemployment rate at the lowest on record in a data series dating back to 1976 according to the california employment development department while ago clearly a
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strong jobs report for the region for the state. it was also a strong job support for the us the state has now regained 97.3% of non-farm jobs lost during march in april of 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic california's non-government private sector has fully recovered from pandemic losses according to the california edd employers added 84,800 non-farm payroll jobs in july many people have been talking about recession, you know, we had been thinking about what does it mean if we have no job growth in july or in august and here we actually have a bump up jeff belisario is executive director of the bay area council economic institute. he says well job creation is incredible. there's more to the numbers. we have lost 150,000 people in the labor force people that are not looking for work, so they're not counted here. so if you add those people back in you're talking about somewhere between four and five percent unemployment. those are you also says nationwide unemployment is low right now, california is
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actually 38th out of 50 states for unemployment rate. so it's not as if we're blown away the competition at this point as businesses rebound post pandemic many are rethinking office space and how employees work autodesk tells abc 7 news. they've ramped up their flexible workplace model and embraced hybrid ways of working reassessing how they're using existing office spaces. the company's san rafael office is expected to close in october all employees have been reassigned to autodesk's new san francisco headquarters autodesk says, the closure is not associated with any job layoffs or losses. 10 of california's 11 industry sectors gained jobs in july financial activities was the only industry sector to post a month over job loss in the newsroom melanie woodrow abc 7 news. so the financial sector trend a very differently here melanie any reasons for the job loss there? yeah kristen according to the california edd that lost was due mainly to reductions in insurance carriers kristen.
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fascinating. thank you melanie ecommerce. giant amazon is downsizing its warehouse space in the us. that's according to the east bay times. the company will cancel close or delay opening 49 delivery facilities including five in the bay area at the same time an amazon continues to build several new fully automated facilities amazon's online business reported a 4% decline last quarter. the company has said it expanded to aggressively during the pandemic. a strike by kaiser mental health workers has entered its fifth day with no indication of when it'll end today hundreds of psychologists counselors and social workers marched to the company's headquarters in oakland. the workers want kaiser to increase its mental health staffing many claim their burned out in a statement kaiser urged the union to resume negotiations adding patients cannot afford a proposal that's significantly reduces the time available to care for our patients and their mental health needs. a mountain view school district
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that was still requiring masks indoors has dropped its mandate making masks optional it all comes after a four-year student four year old student was removed from class after having trouble keeping his mask on. abc 7 news reporter ryan curry has the very latest in just over one week of starting school the mountain view whisman school district is moving. its mask mandate to a mask and recommendation, but one email i think just before the week the school started that yes, we're gonna have masks indoors came as a bit of a surprise because you know, pretty much everybody else. it wasn't happening and then just yesterday. we got another email that said, okay, the guidance has changed parents outside the school district friday offering mixed views. the school district was one of the only in the bay area to have a mask mandate entering the school year. i'm happy that's gone, but i didn't have a problem with it being there. we are keeping it just to be safe, but it's up to individual to decide. this comes following an incident with a four year old student who had trouble keeping his mask on. video shows a teacher removing
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him from class. his father. sean says he has developmental issues and has a hard time wearing it waking him up every morning getting ready go to school get turned away right with tears in his eyes. he doesn't know what's going on. the school district would not say whether they dropped the mandate due to their interactions with the student and his father. they did say in their meeting on thursday. they dropped the mandate because the tears of covid-19 transmission changed. we're now in the medium tier. so starting tomorrow. we are in mass optional for students now masks are optional the day after this decision. it was split 50/50 sub students were wearing them others weren't parents are choosing to trust those who make the rules they know the data. they know the the impact better than us individually, so i let them decide for sean. he thinks it's time to move on from the masks. it's just time to move forward the kids need to see faces. they need to see people smiling. they need to they need to have a brighter outlook on the future in general in mountain view ryan curry abc 7 news.
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two shark attacks in just one day just blocks apart at the same beach one of the victims speaks about her harrowing ordeal who will run for president in 2024 a new poll shows what many californians don't want. genentech is opening a new lab in south san francisco and it will accelerate drug trials. we have an exclusive knit look next. i'm meteorologia sandia patel quite the stretch from coast to inland today. i'll have the hot spots for the weekend coming up when abc 7 news at 4 cont
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astepro and go. richmond police have arrested four juveniles in connection to vandalism at four east bay schools three schools in richmond and one in san pablo discovered extensive property damage over two consecutive weekends in july. some schools were facing difficult budget deficits before the string of break-ins the names of the juveniles will not be released. police are searching for more individuals who could be involved. it seems californians aren't too keen on president joe biden seeking a second term or a second donald trump presidency a berkeley igs poll found that 61% of registered voters oppose biden running again. republicans overwhelmingly oppose it democrats are evenly split at 46% now trump doesn't fare too much better 71% overall oppose a presidential run. now as far as who else should
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run governor gavin newsom leads a field of potential alternate candidates followed by vermont senator bernie sanders vice president kamal harris is third. moving to the peninsula now were genentech opened a new lab today. it not only accelerates the process for clinical trials on new drugs, but also saves water and energy abc 7 news reporter david, louis gives us an inside look you'll see only on seven. genentech persevered through two years of construction with pandemic related delays to celebrate the opening of a new 250 million dollar lab facility. it promises is going to speed up development of new biologics. this ribbon cutting ushers in a new era in which smaller batches of drugs could be made on demand where we're making medicines for clinical trials that are targeted to an individual patient's needs and that allows us to make just the right medicine for the patient when they need it a modular approach
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will allow multiple drugs to be made simultaneously, but this is more than making so-called designer drugs. this lab will use 25% less water and 28% less energy compared to existing labs. they have to be sterilized between production runs. we're eliminating the need to pump many many gallons and cubic meters of steam into that stainless steel system and then flush it with a really strong chemicals the clinical supply center also will recycle or reprocess plastic so they don't go to the landfill. this lab will become a model as genetic and its parent roche envision expanding small batch production in the future. innovation such as this that will benefit from the renewal of the state's research and development tax credits it helps to draw innovators to our state and it helps to keep innovators in our state. for a company that 45 years ago was a biotech pioneer genentech today showing that agility is
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still part of its dna in south san francisco david louie, abc7 news. as housing prices have soared in the bay area. so have the number of super commuters. those are people who commute 90 minutes or more one way to work according to a website called stacker, san joaquin county is number one in california when it comes to super commuters, san benito county a second contra costa county third followed by stanislaus county calaveras county next. stacker complied compiled the list using data from the us census bureau additional factors include what time people leave for work and the percentage of residents who work outside their county of residents in case you are wondering mono county is last. the bears met the dogs at uc berkeley today players from the cal football team got a chance to rub the some ears and bellies of these cute dogs. the puppies are undergoing training to be guide dogs for
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blind people. they're learning to maintain their composure even when faced with a lot of distractions. just be around a lot of different people on a different noises different surfaces under their feet and this turf is really cool and squishy, there's lots of noises whistles. the visit was also to raise awareness about the need for people to raise puppies volunteers raise the dogs for the first year and a half. right other lives before they begin their training anybody interested in volunteering should contact guide dogs for the blind. all right. nice to see all of that excitement out there and also those blue skies kristen right good day to walk your dog, or have your dog walk you whichever way you like it. it's nice in my house. that's usually who's calling the shotshey, it doesn't matter. it's a beautiful day outside without a doubt dion and kristen. let me show you live picture right now from our pier 39 camera and people are visiting
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enjoying the sea lions there frolicking in the sun. you can see the sunshine here in san francisco the high temperatures so far has made it up to about 66 degrees as you take a look at a live picture from san jose camera blue skies over the shark tank. it is 65 right now in the city 69 in oakland 76 in palo alto. you can see there 80 degrees in san jose and here's a view from our walnut creek camera. it is actually pretty good in terms of our air quality. we've had good to moderate today 91 in santa rosa 78 in napa load to mid 90s inland in places like conquered livermore fairfield 93 degrees fairfield along with the rest of solano county under a heat advisory until 7:00 pm tomorrow temperatures are going to rise some more tomorrow. and so a risk of heat illnesses is moderate to high. so just keep that in mind, especially if you're going to be outside or if you have to work outside on live doppler 7. we do have some fog lingering near the coast. it's a shallow layer about 1200 feet deep as you take a look at
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the winds. nice breeze right now 17 miles an hour. it's a gust and conquered so you do have a refreshing breeze out there hour by hour week ago. it's going to be the strongest winds will be along the coastline inland areas will be breezy tonight. so if you're stepping out, you might want to grab a jacket if you're going to be in san francisco or along the coast. otherwise, you're fine eight o'clock tomorrow morning, you will notice light winds and then the winds pick up again tomorrow afternoon and evening. this is pretty typical for the bay area as you probably already know right now from our emeryville camera just surrounded by a little bit of fog sizzling inland tomorrow mild at the beaches sharp drop in temperatures inland sunday, and then the heat returns early next week. so i want to show you the hourly forecast that fog pushes over the bay. we get a little bit of mist in the morning along the coast and then the fog will linger just like today near the beaches morning temperatures anywhere from the mid 50s to the upper 60s afternoon highs in the south bay. well, you're going to feel the heat. let's just say that 92 and morgan hill 89 in san jose on the peninsula. you're looking at 82 in mountain
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view 66 in pacifica downtown san francisco 70 degrees breezy right near the coast north bay temperatures 93 in santa rosa 90 in san rafael 87 in napa those triple digits around ukiah clear lake, cloverdale 73, richmond 78 oakland you had inland and it's going to be hot. this is expected around this time, as you know, 97 in livermore 100, fairfield and brentwood accuweather seven day forecast triple digits inland. we have the summer heat for you saturday. mid-60s coast side. sharp drop off sunday inland only in the upper 80s certainly some morning drizzle and then turning hot again with close to 100 degrees by monday, but will level off those temperatures keep them in the comfort zone deon. all right, some are not over yet sandia. thank you. well coming up many people are looking at ways to save money. so up next some sustainable swaps you can make in your home.
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because when you invest in yourself, again. taco bell is joining the alternative meat trend the fast food chain is serving up a crispy melt taco at some restaurant locations in alabama. taco bell has created its own proprietary plant-based protein. it's a blend of soy and pea protein taco bell is also partnering with beyond meat for other menu items those will debut by the end of the year. okay, you know the expression
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reduce reuse recycle you might wonder though what else you can do to reduce waste and save money abc 7 news. anchor karina. nova has some easy swaps that you can make in your home. our daily habits can sometimes be a burden on our budget and the environment some easy swaps can help your wallet and the planet consumer reports. stan mccloskey says start simple replacing your old incandescent bulbs with new led light bulbs. these can make a big dent in your electric bill. another way to take those savings further is to actually replace them with smart bulbs. you can program smart bulbs to automatically turn off and on at specific times of the day having all those lights just turn off automatically with that'll help you eke out those extra savings smart bulbs can be pricey this one from wise offers automation at a lower cost compared to many of the other bulbs dan checked out. next up ifoudatz with a soda ma.
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say you drink a liter of seltzer a day and it costs about 90 cents swap that for this $80 so to stream tara and in four months, it'll pay for itself. finally this swap might be tougher paper towel alternatives crs paul. hope recently tried several of them my family never going through close to two dozen rolls of paper towels a month reusable paper towels offer a paper-free alternative that's better for the earth and it saves money these mio eco towels are biodegradable absorbent and offer a textured surface. that's great for scrubbing tougher messes, but paul says you don't need to spend that much money to reduce your paper waste. he actually prefers these 12 by 12 regular washcloths their versatile absorbent and budget friendly and when they get too stained instead of tossing paul repurposes the washcloths for outside use karina, nova abc 7 news. another twist in the murder of a pro cyclist from san francisco why the suspect says police
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illegally interrogated her plus? i'll sit on the sand, but i ain't going in the water. he can't blame him too shark bites at one beach in one day a woman at her grandson to describe what happened californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness
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that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. it has helped me an awful lot. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. russia's war with ukraine is approaching the six-month mark today. ukraine's president is warning of a potential nuclear disaster as russian forces continue to occupy a massive nuclear power plant in the country. here's abc news reporter reena roy. growing fears of a potential
4:30 pm
nuclear disaster in zaparesia, ukraine the home of europe's largest nuclear power plant were shelling has been intensifying for days now several recent strikes reported sources telling abc that russia urged plant workers to stay home friday. this video circulating online shows of projectile landing and exploding nearby, ukraine and russia blaming each other for the ongoing attacks both sides warning of an escalation common sense must prevail to avoid any actions that might endangered physical integrity safely and the nuclear planet ukraine's president meeting with the un secretary general who's urging the area to be demilitarized agreement is certainly needed to establish suppose and to ensure the sake abc news on the ground speaking with volunteers who are providing anti-radiation medication to plant workers. this is iodine. and these guys are gathering it
4:31 pm
collecting it so that they can send it across to ananda where the plant is in case there is a radioactive leak these satellite images taken friday's show. no significant signs of damage at the plant officials have been holding disaster drills in response to those attacks. russia has rejected proposals to set up a demilitarized zone around the plant saying it would make it more vulnerable to attacks rena roy abc news, new york. president biden w hos mimed at mbing the epidemic of hateue i t ll hold the united we stand summit on september 15th and will highlight the corrosive effects of violence on public safety and democracy. advocates pushed bite into hold the event after 10 people were killed at a buffalo new york supermarket back in may. now to the new twist in the alleged love triangle murder of a pro cyclist from san francisco the attorney for the suspect caitlin armstrong wants evidence obtained during her
4:32 pm
interrogation thrown out abc's matt gutman has the details a major twist in the case of the yoga teacher police accused of killing a love rival attorneys for caitlin armstrong say these newly released images from her interrogation were part of any legal arrest and that they raised serious concerns about the case. the photo is part of newly filed court documents trying to suppress evidence and obtained by abc news. armstrong's attorneys allege that one day after pro cyclist mariah wilson was found murdered in may the detective on the case took armstrong into custody with any legal arrest warrant and constructed and illegal interrogation claiming. they brought her in on a 2018 charge for allegedly failing to pay for botox, but then ask her about wilson's murder armstrong seen being led to the interrogation room in hancock's by two male officers in tactical vests. kayla armstrong's lawyers are essentially saying that
4:33 pm
everything generated from this in cell interview in video of her being handcuffed should be thrown out of court and are essentially arguing that she was set up. for this interview to look bad to look like somebody who might have been a killer armstrong's attorneys also alleged the detective failed to provide miranda warnings and that transcripts of her detainment reveal officers ignored her three requests to have an attorney present which included quote. do i need an attorney here and i should have an attorney after the interrogation armstrong fled the country allegedly using someone else's passport authorities say she had started a new life in costa rica even possibly getting plastic surgery before she was finally arrested six weeks later. it was discovered armstrong used different names aliases under the alias of beth martin. liz and ari martin armstrong used these names at yoga studios and other lodging armstrong now
4:34 pm
charged with the first degree murder of wilson who police believe armstrong considered a love rival and thought was involved with her boyfriend if the videotaped interrogation of caitlin armstrong gets thrown out of court that does help her defense, but she also has to deal with the fact that she fled the country and she was hiding out and that will not look good in front of a jury. now. this doesn't mean that the case is going to be dismissed for prosecutors armstrong remains the prime suspect one with a clear motive and she had legitly displayed something called consciousness of guilt by evading the us marshals fleeing to coast to rico where she tried to start a new under a new identity. back up in the abc news, los angeles southern california are searching for depot who ransacked a 7-eleven look at this the lapd released this video hoping to drum up leads and identify some of the people
4:35 pm
seem jumping over the counter and grabbing and throwing merchandise. police say they took snacks drinks cigarettes lottery tickets and other items. there was one employee working at the time and he hid in the back room fearing for his life. least described the scene as flash mob looting. while shark attacks on humans are rare many have been reported this year in just one day this week two people in myrtle beach south carolina were bitten by sharks. one of the victims was bid on the arm and needed hundreds of stitches reporter camille gayle spoke with her. besides family has been planning their vacation to myrtle beach for over a year now. i just felt. something i guess bite me and i looked down and and there was a shark on my arm, and i was only in wastewater and i kept pushing at it get it off of my arm to you know, and then it it did and it was just afternoon on their first full day of vacation when
4:36 pm
their trip would take a shocking turn. i couldn't even see the shark coming up. but all i saw was she was the shark jumped up and didn't even bite like all the way like i saw the movement of its tail like going to the side and then right there. she went like she screamed a little bit but like as soon she touched it it just fell into the water. it's very clearly a shark by when you look at the art of the tooth marks and the damage that was done and my sympathy to the to the victim. that's a horrendous thing to go through daniel. abel is a professor of marine coastal carolina university says sharks are not uncommon this. time we're home. there's some precautions you should take. well not to swim at dawn and dusk. it's not many people in the water then and some of the sharks are closer to shoreline feeding. don't swim where there are
4:37 pm
schools of small fish that called bait fish offshore. the sharks will swim in out of them. don't swim near where people are fishing. like in piers site says her shark encounter will not keep her from enjoying the beach. she just needs to heal and get the all clear from her doctors. that was camille gayle reporting now police. say the other victims suffered a glancing bite to the leg. dorm room decor is leveling up some students going so far as to hire designers. stay with us. the fourth floor is next.
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at four young people are heading off to college right now or getting ready to some of them won't be living in a dorm room like their parents. in fact, what they're doing is a popular trend on tiktok. here's abc news reporter ariel, russia. from bland to glam this school year's dorm decor is leveling up. this is perfect. ben's ears on tiktok showing off their elevated dorm room with lavish art furniture and drapery ole miss roommates elizabeth and haley going all out and hiring after five designs to help feel a little closer to home. it was just important to us to have a nice calming place that also felt like home while we were away. we just wanted some thing that was calming after long day of
4:41 pm
classes and band rehearsals planning. the dorm rains is all the range right now. it's on every social media page done giving the dreary dorm a regal redo with blue tones. touches of gold brass my favorite part would mainly be the artwork. it's gorgeous. i can't go out. and mississippi state roommates anna m. and anna w getting their room designed by essentials with eden. we wanted when you walk in the rain don't like kind of catch up as to like who we were and what we like and if a full design team isn't for you. here's how you can do it yourself experts say first up start by hiding the school furniture one of the easiest ways to change the room is to get rid of the desk chair and makes it not look like a dormant and covering the floor with a fun run rug next lighten up the room. we like to have space for two lamps between the beds both roommates have access to these
4:42 pm
and it can really make the space feel brighter and bigger and finally use a queen size comforter on the twin mattress the queen bedding covers the bed frame well and is able to be reused when the girls move to their next apartment or home. it's really nice. i really like it. oh, wow, open ladies. i mean it was paying for this like it. it looks more glamorous than the first several places. i lived as an adult. it is really pretty but i mean, let's be realistic here. you're not going to college to show off the room or to hang out in the room the whole time. i mean, you're currently some are well. yeah, but not everyone. has the means to do this? yeah, that's true. one in college has the time to do this or think about this for prioritize this however, i do think that there's some interesting smart touches there that you can do like, for example, i like the queen comforter idea right the fact that it hangs over the bed kind of covers the underneath a
4:43 pm
little bit so you can stash things underneath. yeah, and that's an easy fix. that's right when you're talking about paint or actual like wall design. i mean are the wall designs were cool though. oh, yeah, they look great. but i mean i'd be i'd be paying for that out of whatever job i had, you know, that's true you're paying for that and you be paying to fix up anything like because i know my daughter can't put a hole in the wall, right? and if she messed up they had to repaint and she would have to pay for that. and so we just yeah. no she just tapes up a couple of pictures of the family call it a day a poster. okay. i think we're all in the same page on this one. all right. how about this a chicago man is resting up this afternoon after finishing quite a challenging feat. take a listen. okay, that is rob heitz coming to shore in aquatic park after swimming two miles from alcatraz. now. it's an incredible feat in itself, but for heights, it's an even bigger deal because listen
4:44 pm
to this in 2003. he was left paralyzed from the neck down from a diving accident. he has since regained most of his movement, but the swim was a challenge still since he has problems regulating his body temperature and he gets spasms when he gets cold this man made the swim to raise awareness for paral. recovery a foundation that he actually founded during his recovery. i am just speechless because swimming any distance let alone in the cold and then after overcoming something like this, i mean talk about inspirational absolutely inspirational and especially when the ocean temperature is dion. i mean, they're in the mid and upper 50s right now. it's 57 degrees so cold and then he has all these other challenges so that isn't he gets spasms when it's cold. so that's swim is just incredibly challenging but what a way to raise awareness certainly inspire people. yeah. all right, you guys a contest is underway where you can name one of the new planets discovered by
4:45 pm
the james webb space telescope the folks at the international astronomical union are looking to name the 20 exo worlds spotted by the telescope an exo world is considered to be any planet outside or solar system. there are rules. you can't name an exo world after yourself. are pets or give it religious or military significance? the winners will be announced next year. i mean as long as you can't buy it, i don't want to see elon musk put his name. yeah the world or anything. oh, but then it won't go through like all the twitter thing right and then it'll be so controversial. but i mean, i mean, i guess this is nice gift, right? could it be a former pet's name? how do they know if it's your pet's name? i mean look, they're going to have to pick it based on, you know significance meaning and so you can submit it. maybe your pet has an incredible story alma and now i'm intrigued what you would name and i feel like there needs to be a planet
4:46 pm
generator like you put in. what's your rapper name? the street you grew up on plus something else, right? finally now smile if you live in concord in case you hadn't realized it yet. you are apparently the happiest city in the country and it's not because of the water park the website house of fresh calm claims it processed thousands of instagram selfies, instagram selfies and feoenthe mosgenues o differentiat between fake smiles and real smiles this how we're now judging people's happiness. so genuine and instagram together. well, okay, i mean congress is lovely. yeah, and they have nice weather. i mean if you like the heat right kristen not i just want to see their methodology and how they can figure out the fake smile from a real smile and and
4:47 pm
other expressions that they consider positive like in the game not to mention when you're taking pictures or selfies. i mean, you're always doing some kind of smile and even when you're not happy, that's true. yeah, so many questions. i don't know. that's congratulations conquered. we're happy for you. yeah. all right. that's all the time we have for the forest four stay with us. we'll be right back ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪♪
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♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order.
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giant amc is honoring olivia
4:50 pm
newton-john by bringing greece back to the big screen. starting today the 1978 hit will be shown in 135 amc locations across the country newton john starred as sandy in the movie which earned an oscar nomination for its soundtrack the actress died. you'll remember earlier this month locally. greece will be shown at the amc bay street in emeryville and amc mercado 20 in santa clara tickets will cost just five dollars with one dollar of each sale going to breast cancer research. mcdonald's is testing out a chicken version of its popular big mac the sandwich is the same with the sesame seed bun and special sauce, but instead of two beef patties, it comes with two tempura battered chicken patties. it will be tested in miami and if it's a hit with customers it will be sold nationwide, but it's like will like full chicken peas and not like that, you know nugget. holy processed together. yeah, i don't know. i sense a taste test coming on kristin. all right. all right.
4:51 pm
well moving on a 90 year old 500 pound tortoise known to be a master escape artist is finally. back home after 13 years back in 2009 rocket realized how big he was and started stretching across the bars and out of his enclosure at the sedgwick county zoo in kansas. it would take his handler hours to walk rocket back to his exhibit because he was too heavy to lift. he was shipped to tulsa where he also escaped multiple times rocket was then shipped to the brooklyn zoo where he stayed until recently he was then returned home to the sedgwick county zoo after they built an escape proof enclosure. that is a lot of effort. i'm kind of impressed. so they think they think it's escape-proof, you know. yeah, keep on jailbreaking you go. hey, we're breaking out a little sun finally up. you start today, huh? yeah, there was some thick fog out there this morning.
4:52 pm
no doubt about it, kristen and dion. let me show you the air quality right now. it's good to moderate across the bay area and if you have weekend plans because it's still going to be hot inland. we are looking at a view from mount vulmer peak looking at mount diablo. you can see a little haze there. so for saturday, you're looking at moderate air quality for most of the bay area south central bay good but notice sunday, it's good for everyone. so it is good. you're gonna be good to go. you have outdoor plans heat advisory until seven o'clock tomorrow night for solano county once again the hot weather taxing on the system. so moderate to high heat risk. keep that in mind. stay hydrated a little bit of fog lingering near the coast on live doppler 7. we'll hang on to it tomorrow afternoon for parts of the coast mid-60s and places like half moon bay so really mild, but you get out towards the inland communities upper 90s to low 100s for saturday. so it's going to get hot and after the sizzle saturday you will notice that the temperatures drop off sunday upper 80s inland low 60s coast side and then you'll notice the
4:53 pm
heat returning before we start to just go back to our typical pattern. there's nothing wrong with that little 90s inland lot of mid-60s co-side deon and kristen. yeah kind of nice to have typical for once sandia. thanks. well just ahead the hulu hit only murders in the building is set for its second season finale. we'll show you the interactive experience for super fs popping s ek enthe's an t numbers trul' lie r e ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice or key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commandment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions real solution for you for all of us. where did you do what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us.
4:54 pm
californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. to more wellness solutions every day. murders in the building is set for its season finale next week. the show is set in new york city and this weekend. there's a pop-up experience for super fans danny beckstrom from our abc sister station in new york takes a look. extreme superfan like i would drink the gut milk, even though people are not fans of the gut mill from the gut milk throne to the pickle diner and even the secret passageways revealed this season the third arm galleries only murders in the building experience transports you to the infamous arconia well for fans of the show and really anyone
4:57 pm
coming to experience we've created moments from the show and and there's surprises out the show it's interactive. so there's something for everyone after you help mabel finish her masterpiece mural using selena gomez's rare beauty products, of course, it's time to get to work. we need to start making progress here. all right. what do we know? funny was killed with a knitting needle and a still missing knife. you have the chance to help charles oliver and mabel sleuth their way into solving this season's killer before season. two's tuesday finale. yes. there are little clues. to who did it? i feel like i'm slowly piecing. against all the mash but i wasn't everyone maybe send a canning lots of good guesses, but there's only one way to find out the truth by watching season two's finale episode august 23rd on hulu in new york city danny backstrom abc 7 news for super
4:58 pm
fans. disney is the parent company of hulu and abc 7. and that's it for abc 7 news at 4 abc 7 news at five is next.
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avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. very simple. it was quick and not hustle for all it's just a matter of getting the appointment and then come and get it done. one more bay area county is now vaccinating up to five times more people who are the highest risk of monkeypox and today one man invited us along to see the whole process good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dion limb moree because of a new fda approved method of vaccine administration that they just started using abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes. spoke with officials about whether this new method is as effective as the previous one.


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