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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 23, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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for more steep -- for more teachers as students enter the second week of school. >> i was surprised, i was very surprised. jobina: supervised jug -- drug injection site bill. while one lawmaker calls the move devastating. reggie: tech workers opposing a mandated return to the office. what apple workers are asking for when the company require them to go back three days a week. jobina: good morning. reggie: we are here five days a week. drew: we have been for much of covid. we are a little bit warmer compared to this time yesterday and part of the reason is that the fog is not as widespread but we have coastal fog that is dense. half moon bay at a mile visibility. 10 is as good as you get when it comes to visibility. a lot of us are in the 60's away
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from the coast. 60 in the east bay. 63 concord and the same in napa. upper 50's for france -- for san francisco and santa rosa. one of the cooler spots this morning. outside here is a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you the skyline. that fog is with us. the fog will not break down as quickly as it did yesterday. it lingers for a little bit longer with hazy skies. we have an air quality advisory for moderate air quality. the big take away is that it is not as hot as yesterday. we take a closer look at those numbers and the air quality coming up in eight minutes. jobina: in many ways the school year marks a great new start for parents and students. there are a lot of things that are the same and a lot of things that are different. one big difference is that there are not enough teachers should educate our students. ryan curry is live at sfusd
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headquarters for action that will be demanded to get more of them and to keep the ones already in the classroom. ryan: yes. that is the push and move. they want to rally at the district office to try and get the district to act more on this ongoing teacher shortage. it comes during a time when they do not have a lot of teachers in the district right now. they had to move other staff members around to fill vacancies to start the year on time. now the teachers union is pushing to get more teachers hired as soon as possible. the plan tonight is to rally in front of the district office building and really focus on the budget at hand. they want to find a way to use a $50 million in ongoing funding and 70 million in ongoing state funding to hire educators. prior to the school year sfusd had 100 teaching vacancies. they said they will hire during the school year.
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they have tried other methods in the past like some openings do not require you to have a teaching credential. however the president of the teachers union says the district needs to be creative and direct adequate funding to recruit more teachers. she said this is not about teaching shortages. there are plenty of qualified teachers in and around the bay area, they just need to pay them a good salary that would entice them to come to work for san francisco unified, that is what they are trying to push. live in san francisco, ryan curry. reggie: governor newsom vetoed a bill that would have created safe, supervised drug injection sites. supporters say it would've helped deal with the drug overdose crisis. j.r. stone learned that san francisco might move forward anyway. >> i am so excited and a static and grateful that newsom went ahead and vetoed sb 57. j.r.: jackie berlin of mothers
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against drug deaths is praising gavin newsom for vetoing the bill, which would've allowed for safe injection sites where people could legally do drugs in a supervised environment in san francisco, oakland and los angeles, cities plagued by overdose deaths. state senator scott wiener wrote the bill and calls the veto devastating and says that peer-reviewed studies have shown that these sites save lives and helped lead many to treatment. >> we have now had two governors in a row veto this bill. so it is really clear at this point that the state is badly dropping the ball. j.r.: governor newsom said that signing off on this could induce a world of unintended consequences, saying he is concerned about the operations of the sites. the san francisco city attorney says safe injection sites work, nonprofits have opened them in new york city and he believes
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that the same could be done in san francisco. >> i support the idea of a nonprofit moving forward with new york's model of overdose prevention. under the biden administration the united states department of justice is not asked these sites, which are run by a nonprofit, to stop the operations. j.r.: not news that berlin wants to hear. he is addicted to fentanyl and living on the streets. >> we have been putting too many resources and funding into addiction maintenance and not enough into treatment and rehabilitation. j.r.: she also believes that more should be done to staff the clinics that san francisco has saying that the methadone clinics are not even open 24 hours a day. senator wiener and david chou agree with that but believe that all of them need to be put into place. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: in fairfield a man is in
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the hospital after he was shot by police and this happened this afternoon. police released photos saying that the man pulled out what appeared to be a handgun and pointed at officers as he tried to escape. during a search officers found five guns which turned out to be bb guns and another gun was found in the suspect's car. fairfield police said they were trying to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. a barria man accused of trying -- a bay area man accused of trying to derail the investigation into an officer death has been sentenced to prison. robert faced obstruction charges in connection to the shooting investigators say that he helped form an armed antigovernment militia group accused of destroying the group's records. stephen carrillo was charged with the officer's murder and sentenced to 41 years. jobina: authorities are expected
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to officially identify a body found in a nevada county late as kiely rodni. she disappeared from a party earlier this month and her family said "while we accept this sadness passed under death's shadow the rising sun shines light upon us reminding us to not mourn our life but celebrate her spirit." a group found an suv matching hers submerged in 14 feet of water. >> dad and grandpa were on scene in less than two minutes. it is very tragic. at that point, we were all hope for her coming home was gone. they were very frustrated with how things played out. jobina: there are no questions about how law enforcement missed the suv despite searching the water multiple times. the nevada county sheriffs office says it will review how they missed the vehicle.
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reggie: hercules police are warning people to be on the lookout for mountain lions after a massive cat was spotted. this image was captured yesterday morning. this neighborhood backs up to i-80 and has a large, grassy area nearby. with the extreme heat and lack of rain mountain lions are searching for food and water. drew: 5:08, here is our camera at kgo along the embark man -- embankment arroyo. cloud cover up above and while we do have an air quality advisory, moderate air quality for most areas because of smoke coming from the six rivers lightning complex fire burning to our north and humboldt in trinity county. a little bit of smoke in the atmosphere and it will not reach the surface, you will notice the haze. live doppler 7 along with satellite, there is a battle off of the coastline and this is responsible for the warm to hot
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weather and outside of this area of low pressure it is trying to bump out of here. it is beginning to cool us off and you feel the cooler weather hit us tomorrow as well. the fog is not as quick to break down this morning so still some patchy fog at 10:00 a.m. lunch time we are in the 70's and 80's and the big take away today is that it is not as hot this afternoon as yesterday afternoon. highs in the 70 in the city. 83, san jose. 93, santa rosa. half moon bay with a little bit of sunshine at 65 degrees and across the state it is warm into the central valley. 104, fresno. southern california it is warm at 82 degrees. let us get a check of the traffic. sue: good morning, we had an earlier issue in the santa cruz mountains with the car that drove the wrong way and for the time it was blocking both lanes northbound. still seeing a little bit of slowing and some of it is in the southbound direction with some
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lucky-loo -- looky-loos. you can see the backup. the car was crunched and we do not believe there is any major injuries. once again this was northbound 17 with a wrong way driver in los gatos. all lanes have been reopened. and when we come back in just a few minutes we will check out partial accident that was blocking broadway near oak lanes on 880. we will check up with that in a couple of minutes. 17 is open. reggie: new details on the fbi search of president trump's florida home. abby classified documents he reportedly kept. jobina: the new film set to take over san francisco, thanks to a new tax credit program. reggie: the northern california reggie: the northern california casino hosting a flex alert! flex alert! a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages.
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with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. reggie: the u.s. government is warning americans to leave ukraine immediately and warning
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that russia is about to step up attacks on ukrainian infant -- infrastructure. the warning comes as ukraine is about to mark its independence day and a grim milestone. 9000 ukrainian soldiers have been killed during the seven month war. leaders believe the increased russian attacks will coincide with the country's independence day. jobina: there are new revelations in the search of marlowe -- president trump's mar-a-lago's home. the government required -- recovered 3000 documents and trump is challenging the investigation in federal court calling the search and un-american break-in. em: new details in the wake of the fbi search of donald trump's home. former president reportedly kept more than 300 classified documents after leaving office according to the new york times. the times detailing how the justice department recovered the documents piecemeal with the
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first batch returned in january and another set provided by mr. trump's aids in june and the materials seized by the fbi this month. tendstimr volume of sensitive what the say triggered apo s tht through the boxes himself last year before turning any over. >> 300 pages, just a basement stairway away in an open beach house is not where you would want that information. em: now trump is filing a motion for a special master to oversee the handling of the materials. >> this is intended to throw smoke in a machine. em: the request could be a delay tactic. >> it is an exercise in disruption and to get a change of subject or get ahead of disclosures that were not going to be particularly helpful to the former president. em: trump calling the search
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unwarranted but the g -- but the doj says the sort -- the search was authorized by a federal court, the justification laid out at an affidavit at the center of another legal battle -- battle. a federal judge is expected to make a decision is about releasing portions of that affidavit. the doj has until thursday to propose reactions. the federal judge were just viewing them warns that the censored version could make the documents meeting them -- meaningless. reggie: there is new hope for people with memorably -- memory loss. zapping certain parts of the brain with bursts of electricity could help the brain improve recall of some words. the study published in nature own -- in nature neuroscience looked at people 65 and up. more research is needed but the finding could be a promising new treatment for diseases like alzheimer's. jobina: apple workers are resisting a mandated return p apple announced that workers would be required to be on site
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three times a week starting september 5. according to sfgate, not many people are happy about this. now a group has started a petition demanding more flexible arrangements for employees. apple has not responded for requests a comment about the plan or resistance. reggie: the plan teller movie production back to california with new tax incentives appears to be working. a remake of "the thomas crown affair" is set to film in san francisco, one of 18 projects that qualify for the tax credit program that governor newsom boosted with new funding. the projects are expected to bring $915n spending and almpy 600 actorcrewmembers f extras. the important part of the story is that a certain actor will be in san francisco. jobina: and that certain actor is now single. reggie: oh. jobina: just saying. i am just letting the people know.
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reggie: for service. jobina: thank you. if you are a wheel of fortune fan you will want to hear the story. and all-new theatrical experience is touring across the country. look at this man right here in the middle. oh yes. reggie: this feels like one million years ago. jobina: it looks like one million years ago. reggie: wow. jobina: you look good. ok, this is not 2016. reggie was there, there he is. wheel of fortune live is the one and only way that fans can experience the game in person outside of the studio. you will be able to spin a rec clip -- replica and solve puzzles and prizes include up to $10,000, a trip to paris or hawaii. it is stopping at cache creek casino november 12 and 13th. pat sajak and vanna white will not be there, but former
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american idol contestant clay aiken is one of the hosts. reggie: oh. jobina: so i do need to play this. you can watch "we'll fortune right here after "jeopardy." lakin, take it back tuesday. drew: seriously. reggie: i do not know what the connection is. drew: maybe he has a huge fan? how is it living your pat sajak reality? reggie: those people were rabid fan so it was neat to see how intimate they were. i do not remember the man standing next to me at all. drew: you tried to push them off stage. reggie: when you look at old video that things are like i was there and i would never recall that man. he was giving clay aiken a little bit. jobina: i mean i feel like we just dug clay aiken's name up.
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drew: whenever i hear clay i think about ruben. because he won. remember? jobina: where is ruben studdard? drew: it goes to show you that losing is a new winning. jobina: yes. i mean jennifer hudson could tell you. drew: who else has lost by winning? not just in. reggie: we are dragging folks today. my goodness. jobina: oh no. reggie: leave that man alone. drew: people are, that is what i am saying. reggie: oh. drew: just saying. reggie: you know who is doing well, kelly clarkson. just saying. jobina: yikes. drew: foggy out there this morning. but we will find temperatures not as hot today, but we will
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still be a little bit above average compared to our 70's and 80's which are typical -- typical and a couple of locations in the 90's but the cooldown continues over the next couple of days. today 83, san jose. 87, gilroy. along the insula, 80, red -- among -- along the peninsula, 80 redwood city. 80's and 90's, 83 san rafael. in the east bay, 70's and 80's. 70 -- 80 castro valley. inland, 80. the fog will come back, coastal drizzle with 50's and 60's. the cooling trend will continue. the weekend below average with morning fog to afternoon sunshine. jobina: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: the california destination named one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. jobina: a new way for you to watch abc 7 in partnership with
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jobina: 522 and here are the things to know. san francisco unified teachers are planning to call on district leaders to prioritize fully staffing and fully funding schools. they will hold a rally before the school board meeting and make recommendations on how to spend millions of dollars to recruit and retain quality teachers. reggie: officials are expected to officially identify a body as the missing teenager. her family says that they are coming to terms with her death. jobina: governor newsom has vetoed a bill that would have created safe injection sites in san francisco, oakland, and los angeles. instead he ordered health and human services to convene to discuss best practices for overdose prevention programs. reggie: pfizer is seeking fda authorization for an updated covid booster shot targeting omicron variants.
5:24 am
if the fda clears the modified vaccine it will be ready to start shipping next month. drew: we are not as hot with air quality advisories for hazy skies and temperatures generally in the 70's around the bay shoreline. low to mid 90's and -- inland. sue: starting up the tuesday drive a little bit and light and we will knock on everything. bridge -- bridge toll plaza very light. jobina: hercules police are warning people after a large mountain lion was spotted. the mountain lion did not cause damage or injure pets. reggie: a family who survived a single engine plane crash in michigan is talking about the moment of impact and how they made it out alive. >> in this morning's gma first look and abc news exclusive, surviving a plane crash. >> the world slowed down and those moments felt like an eternity. >> the pilot, his wife and their
5:25 am
knees and their dog -- neice and dog taking off from the small michigan airport last month headed to indiana, and then the unthinkable. >> i felt like everything just went silent. i heard nothing from the cabin and i just and braced myself, and then when the plane you know went down, all i remember is thinking myself oh my gosh, when is the plane going to hit? this is how my life is going to end. jobina: we will hear about -- >> we will hear about that moment of impact the chaotic sec. that followed in their story of survival. jobina: a giant slide in detroit is set to reopen after officials made adjustments. it reopen on friday for the first time since the pandemic. ok, i see a little bit of what the issue is. they had to close it after people became airborne while going down too fast. no one was hurt but some kids
5:26 am
who went down the slide said it was scary but fun. i know. i know. i do not know that being scared is fun, officials say they retouched the slide to slow riders down and each ride down costs a dollar. reggie: ok. and also a chiropractor. in a few years. a new honor for lake tahoe named one of the most 20 spectacular lakes according to "veranda." its idyllic nature and ski resorts made a perfect destination. it was a top lake in america, the other ones to make the list were lake superior lake powell. disney+ day just a few weeks away. the films that will drop on the streaming service. jobina: the study that found that dogs are more
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medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. join the millions already taking ozempic®. ask your health care provider about the ozempic® t-z for a 3-month prescription. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.
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>> she was very kind, very loving, and very passionate for life. reggie: now at 5:30, family and friends remembering a woman shot and killed during a robbery. an oakland community gathering to pay their respects. jobina: a lawsuit against kaiser, what the health care provider is accused of charging patients for and the response. reggie: seasonal outdoor dining. the vote -- the vote that could only allow alfresco dining during certain months of the year. jobina: we will start with a check on the weather. drew: good morning, we are looking with visibility, the fog not that dense. we are down to a mile and a quarter of visibility. number 10 as everywhere else so we are doing good despite having overcast skies. out there right now we are a little bit warmer this morning compared to this time yesterday.
5:30 am
a lot of us waking up in the low 60's. 63 concord. some 50's in them north bay and 58 in the city. take that light layer with you. a live look at san jose. out there you can see mostly cloudy skies to start the day. the fog and marine layer lingers a little bit longer compared to yesterday. the fog worked down pretty quickly and stays with us through a little bit longer the morning hours. hazy skies through the afternoon and it is not as hot as we were yesterday. we will take a closer look at afternoon highs and we have an air quality advisory coming up. reggie: san francisco unified teachers will rally to demand more staff and an effort to retain more employees. ryan: good morning. the goal is to get this district to pay the teachers more, which
5:31 am
is what they want. they say this is a big root cause of the issue as to why there is a teaching shortage with the district. they are rallying the hope to aim to get the district to try and do a little bit more action. they want to focus on the budget, that is what will be discussed at the meeting and that is what they want to see where they will allocate funds. the union wants the district to use the $50 million in ongoing funding and 70 million in state funding to hire more educators. prior to the school year starting sfusd had 100 teaching vacancies and they were able to fill some through staff relocations, but they still plan on hiring throughout the year. the teachers union says that students deserve to have a well-funded and fully staffed classroom. some principles in the district have told abc7news that they are losing teachers to other districts around the state. and of course both the teachers
5:32 am
union and the district wants that to stop as soon as possible. we are live in san francisco, ryan curry. reggie: with the new school year comes new guidelines and norms. you can find our complete coverage to get you back -- to get you prepared by downloading the streaming tv app which is available for your phone, tablet, or android tv. jobina: fire crews are looking into the cause of this large fire in san jose overnight. take a look at the aggressive flames burning off pallets and a storage container. a camera crew said this happened sometime after 2:00 this morning near 280 and 87 freeway interchange and there is no word on the extent of the damage. this morning an oakland community is remembering the city's latest victim of violence, a six or old woman who worked as a dentist. she was shot and killed sunday during an attempted robbery on fifth avenue near east 11th
5:33 am
street in the little saigon neighborhood. tim johns was at a vigil for her last night and spoke with some of the patients. tim: flowers and incense greeted a community implant is in pain. people gathered near the spot where she was murdered in broad daylight sunday afternoon in the little saigon neighborhood. surveillance video showed the incident unfolding and her life being taken away with the sound of three gunshots. [gunshots] >> we believe that this was clearly a robbery that went bad. we believe that they attempted to rob her, and unfortunately she did not give up her belongings. tim: she was a local dentist and ballet student active and loved in her community. >> she was very kind, very loving and passionate for life, for everything. tim: she was one of her patients and her dance instructor. she came to pay her respects to her friend of many years.
5:34 am
she says she is still in shock. >> immediately i was just crying, and i made a lunch i could not eat it. tim: she is a second murder that happened in this area recently. a delivery driver was also shot and killed several weeks ago. several city council members were present at the vigil with two murders and countless robberies occurring in the area in the span of a couple of weeks we asked what tangible steps they are taking to put an end to the violence. the council president said that she believes that the solutions have to be multifaceted. >> we have to get guns off of the streets. one of the other things that i think is important is that the police need to focus on solving these crimes. tim: until relief comes, many in the local community will live in fear, unsure of how to finally stop the violence. >> they just want to have a
5:35 am
normal life. just walk on the street, go anywhere without the fear. tim: in oakland, champ -- tim johns. jobina: there is new information about the federal investigation into misconduct allegations by members of the antioch police department. the mayor confirmed that the fbi and contra costa d.a.'s office are investigating eight patrol officers. officials announced the probe in late march alleging "crimes of moral turpitude and other offenses" of both officers from antioch police department. this is the first time they announced the number of officers under investigation. >> we know that at some point either a grand jury, criminal grand jury has been impaneled or will be for those who are in the process, and as a result could increase the number of officers under investigation. jobina: they ate officers represent 1/10 of the city's
5:36 am
entire police force, a total of three officers from the pittsburgh police department are also under investigation. reggie: zuckerberg san francisco general beholding other monkeypox vaccine clinic it opens at 8:00. they gave out more than 400 doses yesterday as monkeypox has been detected in all 50 states and nearly half of california's cases are in the bay area. san francisco has the most with 653 and two other counties are in triple digits. alameda and santa clara. there are nearly 50 cases and contra costa county. we have everything you need to know of doubt monkeypox including vaccines, symptoms and treatment. jobina: pfizer is seeking authorization from the fda for an updated covid booster shot that would specifically target omicron variants including ba.4 and ba.5 for everyone 12 and older. if the fda clears the modified vaccine it could be ready to
5:37 am
start shipping next month. moderna is expected to file a similar application soon for updated boosters for adults. kaiser permanente is facing a lawsuit for charging patients for free covid-19 test. the mercury news reports a sacramental woman filed a lawsuit claiming that she got a covid test at kaiser and was billed $310. a law firm in san rafael filed the suit. kaiser says it is not its policy to charge for the test and if there is a billing error that they will correct it. reggie: the mill valley planning commission is set to vote on changes to its outdoor dining rules. the city started an alfresco restaurant program during the pandemic set to expire october 30 third -- 31st. mill valley will offer outdoor dining annually from june through october.
5:38 am
currently some of it eliminates parking spots. during the seasonal plan, the businesses will not be able to take up the parking spots the city requires them to have. >> obviously it has to have equity among the different restaurants but i have not found it to impact the parking but i walk to town all the time. reggie: the meeting starts at 1:00 tonight. the port of oakland is going green. the port authority approved a trillion dollar clean energy project installing electrical infrastructure for solar energy to eliheels ithe renovations ard through a grant from the u.s. department of energy -- of transportation. jobina: they are giving charge to an abandoned electric bike program. the city was left with abandoned bikes after the company that owns them abruptly closed last month. since then the city council approved a 300 $45,000 contract to revive them. and get the share program rolling again. according to "the mercury news"
5:39 am
it will be operated by charleston mobility, the parent company of the original operator. they hope to have it fully operational by june of next year. back and forth, the good friend that elon musk subpoenaed in his fight with twitter. reggie: as fans get ready for football season get ready to pay more. riving iree es when it comes to tailgating. drew: 5:39 and we will take you to the exploratorium where we are dealing with fog. air quality will become an issue later today. we have an advisory, moderate across much of the region due to smoke from this -- from the six rivers lightning complex fire. we will see a little bit of smoke that we will -- but it will not reach the surface and you will not smell it you will notice the haze live doppler 7 and here is the story we are tracking, this area of high pressure sponsor will for the hot day yesterday but now we
5:40 am
have a battle happening. this trough is trying to move it out of the way and as this gets closer to us it is going to bring about cooler weather this afternoon. hour-by-hour, the fog will linger a bit longer around the bay shoreline. 10:00 a.m. we are foggy. inland, sunshine into the 70's. around lunchtime that is pulling back to the coast and we are slow to warm in the 60's and 70's and well into the 80's in the inland city. the big take away is not as hot as yesterday. we are slightly above average in a lot of cities. 70, san francisco. 83, san jose. 86, napa. one of the hotspots ukiah and antioch coming in at 95 degrees. let us get a check of the traffic. sue: we go straight to the golden gate bridge where you find fog, not quite as they can this morning. you are already down to four
5:41 am
lanes or expanded to four lanes in the southbound direction. with smooth sailing all the way across the waldo grade where it is a bit foggy. we have some slight slowing with rake lights before the high-rise on the san mateo bridge. 17 minutes to get from the toll plaza over towards 101. the trouble spot is in antioch towards bay pointe from antioch to the accident, a motorcycle down, minor injuries with the big backup. about a 30 minute drive on westbound highway four from antioch towards the accident scene near railroad. we will be back with
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means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. jobina: thousands of people are dealing with historic flooding from texas to the northeast. in texas some areas saw up to
5:44 am
eight inches of rain. today areas of shreveport, louisiana are expected to get six inches. new jersey seeing the same amount but record rain is causing major problems for travelers, more than 1000 flights were canceled yesterday and travelers are expected to -- are worn to expect more cancellations. reggie: a 27-year-old has been released from jail and we want to caution you that this video is disturbing. the incident happened sunday. the man went to a gas station and threatened to spit on the clerk. officers found him nearby and they claim that he turned violent. they charge him with battery, assault, resisting arrest and terroristic threatening. >> this is not what our law enforcement community represents and it is not the proper response. they will be reviewed, and appropriate action taken. reggie: the attorney for the two
5:45 am
deputies say that the suspect attacked one of the deputies giving him a concussion but some witnesses say the man was not violent and was trying to run away. the officers involved have been suspended. jobina: a bay area family is sharing details about one of the three people killed in a deadly plane crash in watsonville. amanda spoke with the family of stuart. amanda: a once-in-a-lifetime son, brother and friend, that is how they are describing him. he was piloting the single engine cessna 152 and thursday's deadly midair plane collision. his family telling abc 7 in a statement "stuart's zest for life let him down countless paths where he explored passions and talents, and enriching the lives of those around him every day adding that his loss will be deeply felt by an immense community of people who loved
5:46 am
him and were loved by him. known as possum stew he was well-known to other residents and worked at the university's i.t. division. he earned his pilot's license in june 2020 and he was practicing loops, touchdowns and takeoffs for additional certification. they say he successfully completed four and was on his last one when the crash happened. authorities say the second plane, a twin engine cessna 340a was carrying four people and a dog ash two people in a dog identified as carl and annette. an internet search links them to a fourth-generation family farm and custom farm services, both located in winton. the two collided welcome -- while attempting to land. radio recordings indicate that the two pilots were in communication shortly or the
5:47 am
crash. >> 740 three, looking for traffic. >> yes. i see you, you are behind me. i'm going to go around you because you are coming at me pretty quick. everybody please be in vies that there is an accident towards runway 20. amanda: abc7news. reggie: the drama over buying twitter is getting personal for elon musk. he subpoenaed his friend and former twitter ceo jack dorsey, one of the company's founders as part of an effort to back out of a $44 billion agreement to acquire the company. among his reasons he claims that twitter failed to provide adequate information about the number of fake accounts. the trial is set to start october 17. jobina: tailgatinis me expensive and inflation is to blame. beer is up 5% since last july
5:48 am
and groceries are up 13%. if you are grilling, propane and firewood are up about 22%. economists say to save some money up for hotdogs dogs or pork ribs which are not up as much as chicken or ground beef. fresh fruit and veggies are better compared to packaged snacks. that is for more than just the cost. moviepass is making a sequel. the subsidized ticketing subscription service is set to relaunch on labor day. it previously let you watch up to a movie a day for only $10 a month. details have not been released, but it is expected to include a number of credits to use each month. prices vary depending on the plan and number of credit. sign-ups begin thursday. reggie: our four legged friends might be more like us than we realize. a dog's eyes might well up with
5:49 am
tears of happiness after they get reunited with their owner. they measured theith aar p p jobina: that might've have caused the tears. drew: a minute? reggie: they did that before and after they were reunited with the owners after hours of sappy ration. the amount of tears increase during the reunions. i mean,? drew: have you tried to do anything with a minute for your dog? it does not work unless it is playing. correct. reggie: 18 dogs, this is not a scientific study. drew: i read this and stared at my dog and it was just like he did not do anything. i was like miss me, love me. reggie: you really thought there would be a flow of tears? drew: he just like lies down. jobina: does he still cry when you leave?
5:50 am
is it baxter or dapper? drew: your new dog that is coming this weekend that you do not know about. jobina: no. drew: he looks at us and is just like walks away. reggie: which is what you want, ps. that is the other thing. i do not want emotional dog or one that gets upset when you leave and is extremely ridiculously are the top happy when you come home. that is not good, that is not a good relationship. drew: remember the comedian that said dogs are codependent and cats are more independent and i was like well? that is not not wrong. dr we love our dogs. also a minute there i? i just do not understand that. jobina: that is too much. drew: i do not know. i feel like the process is flawed. outside here is sfo. what we will find is that we have dense coastal slog with
5:51 am
some drizzle -- coastal fog with drizzle. we have an air quality advisory today. the bigger story inland is that the heat is easing. we are not as hot and then by the weekend much cooler weather with temperatures below average for this time of year. highs in the microclimate starting in the south, 83, san jose. 90, morgan hill. along the peninsula over 74 menlo park. a little bit more -- warmer in redwood city. downtown today we will briefly hit 70 later this afternoon. along the coast we have more cloud cover in mid-60's. in the north bay a lot of sunshine, hazy sunshine and 80's , santa rosa. 86, napa. the east bay is bright and breezy and the wind picks up. 75, berkeley. 77, oakland and england we will
5:52 am
hit 88, san ramon. 94, fairfield. overnight tonight the marine layer comes back. 50's and 60's into wednesday. here is the seven-day forecast, hazy skies, not as hot and tomorrow is cooler, holding steady and then we go below average for the weekend. saturday and sunday 70's and 80's and we see a fair amount of sunshine each afternoon. reggie: the number of republicans who now say they are in favor of stricter gun laws. jobina: r&b music experience, the lineup of grammy-winning artists that are set up -- at the chase center. reggie:
5:53 am
♪♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips.
5:54 am
reggie: fast food companies are offering subscription deals for their customers. subway is getting in on this
5:55 am
with its new foot-long pass. the limited $15 about -- vouchers will discount $50 off of all packages through september. there are only thousands of passes available and will go on sale tomorrow. nor information -- more information is available at jobina: an r&b experience is coming to san francisco. eddie campbell is coming. reggie: can we talk for a minute? jobina: let us get into it. reggie: i am ready. jobina: you have the lyrics going. january -- jenny wine, and -- genuine, silk, and monica is headlining. right? this is a lineup. so tickets will go on sale right now for chase cardholders that will be until tomorrow at noon. and in the public can buy their
5:56 am
tickets starting friday at 10:00 a.m. and the concert is october 22. reggie: drew hill takes me back because they are from baltimore because it is named after druid hill, a place in baltimore. it brings me back to high school. disney+ day is almost here and you will able to watch global premieres and get early access to disney content. "thor: love and thunder" and the live action "pinocchio" will debut that day and disney parks and amc theaters are getting in on it. it is set for september 8 and disney as a parent company of abc 7. if you happen to be at disneyland you get in early if you are a subscriber. so be like joe beta and run to that matter -- jobina and run to that matterhorn. and then shake. jobina: move, lady. the new feature instagram is rolling out in response to some
5:57 am
of its competitors. reggie: the unique way some doctors might be able to improve memory loss. jobina: some apple workers petitioning to stay ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪♪
5:58 am
♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: san francisco unified teachers say they want more
6:00 am
resources for local schools. how to voice your concerns. reggie: the majority of americans want stricter gun laws. the surprising results among democrats and republicans showing agreement. jobina: the u.s. government recovers more than 300 documents from president trump. he is challenging it in federal court. let's check on the weather. drew: the sun is slowly rising, a fair amount of fog that is dense along the coast. half moon bay, less than a mile visibility. novato down to a quarter mile visibility. some pockets of dense fog, most of us are doing just fine. a lot of us are waking up to low in mid-60's this morning, a beautiful picture. the sun is slowly rising on the eastern horizon, the fog will linger a little longer. the big take away, it is not as hot this afternoon as it was yesterday.
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