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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 23, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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questions. "world news tonight" with david muir's next. i will see you back here at 4:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, tonight, the news on former president trump. the national archives indicating the former president had more than 700 pages of classified documents at mar-a-lago. also, major news coming in from ukraine tonight. president zelenskyy warning the ukrainian people of potentially brutal russian strikes tomorrow. first, those 700 pages of classified documents. the national archives indicates were at mar-a-lago. this new information tonight from a letter released by the former president's own team. the former president asking for a special master to review the evidence seized, and tonight, what a judge is now saying about that request. terry moran with late reporting. also breaking, that warning in ukraine tonight from president zelenskyy. telling the ukrainian people
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brutal strikes could be coming from russia. what the u.s. state department is saying tonight, as well, sharing declassified intelligence with ukraine. ian pannell from inside ukraine with what we're learning at this hour. in this country, the deadly flooding. torrential rains on the move tonight across several states. and now we learn of the wife and mother on the phone with her husband as her car was lifted by the waters. what she said to him. she did not survive. trevor ault in the flood zone, ginger zee timing out the storms tonight. this evening, two men convicted in the plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. murder charges dropped against two police officers accused of killing rayshard brooks in atlanta. why the officers have been cleared tonight. the abc news countdown to the midterms tonight. and primary day in new york and florida. in new york, two veteran members of congress turning on each other, now competing to represent the same district. jerry nadler and carolyn maloney. and what about the third candidate in this race? and in florida tonight, voters deciding who will take on
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november.ron desantis in - rachel scott standing by to break it all down. the hudz of house speaker nancy pelosi pleading guilty to dui after his crash in california. tonight, the sentence. two major recalls from two separate automakers tonight involving suvs and a potential fire risk. urging owners to park their vehicles away from their homes. and america strong tonight. why it clearly pays to live next door to a firefighter and a nurse. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we have two major headlines tonight. the news coming in from ukraine what president zelenskyy has now warned the ukrainian people tonight to be prepared for. possible brutal russian strikes in the coming hours. what the u.s. state department is also saying tonight. but we begin tonight with former president trump and that eye-opening new reveal. we have learned the national
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archives in a letter they wrote to the former president's lawyers said they had retrieved more than 700 pages of classified material from ma mar-a-lago earlier this year. this new information tonight actually was released by the former president's own team. and those 700 pages, that was the number even before the fbi raid weeks ago. in fact, it was that discovery from the national archives, those 700 pages that, in part, prompted the department of justice to get involved. and "the new york times" reporting the documents at mar-a-lago included some from the cia, the national security agency, and the fbi. "the times" also reporting the former president himself went through the boxes before turning over the first batches of documents. tonight, the former president still asking that judge to appoint a special master to review all of the evidence seized by the fbi. and what that judge is now saying about that tonight. abc's terry moran leading us off again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a newly released letter from the national archives reveals the scope and the magnitude of the trove of classified material donald trump took with him to mar-a-lago when he left the
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white house. "over 100 documents with classification markings, comprising more than 700 pages." some include the highest levels of classification, including special access program, s.a.p. materials. that security designation is reserved for the most sensitive secrets in the government. it restricts access to the smallest number of individuals possible, only those with a "need to know." the letter from the archives was released by a representative for trump himself. this past january, the trump team handed over 15 boxes of documents to the archives. "the new york times" reports they "included documents from the cia, the national security agency, and the fbi." according to the paper, "mr. trump went through the boxes himself before turning them over." even after that, trump still had not returned everything sought by the government. months later, in june, more documents were given back, and then, in that search on august 8th, the fbi seized 11 more sets of classified materials. >> let's get to terry moran with us from washington tonight.
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and terry, the former president is calling for the court to appoint a special master to review all this evidence seized from mar a lag goep. tonight, we're hearing from that judge? >> reporter: that's right, david. the trump team wants a special by the court, to review all of - the documents seized by the fbi, but the court fired back with an order that asked for basic information lacking in the trump team's request, like, what law are you invoking? how does the court have the power in this instance to give it to you? and why her court? this is a different court than the one that handled the search warrant. this was a stunning rebuke from a judge appointed by donald trump. david? >> a lot of questions to be answered in the coming days on that. terry moran leading us off. thank you, terry. the other major story we're following tonight comes from ukraine. tonight, president zelenskyy issuing an urgent warning to ukrainians that especially brutal strikes could be coming from russia in the coming hours. they're now in the early morning hours in ukraine, their independence day has begun.
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and tonight, the u.s. state department urging americans to leave ukraine. our chief foreign correspondent ian pannell back in kyiv for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president zelenskyy issuing an ominous new warning to his people, saying russia may be planning, quote, "hideous provocations and brutal strikes" as ukraine prepares to celebrate independence day and tonight, the u.s. again urging americans to leave ukraine amid that threat of intensified russian attacks. state department sources saying declassified intelligence shared with the ukrainians shows the kremlin may be preparing to launch strikes on highly populated areas. ukraine is banning large gatherings during the event. abc's britt clennett asking president zelenskyy about the threat. >> what's your reason for urging people not to gather? is it because kyiv is under threat?
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>> reporter: amid these concerns over what russia may do next, the united nations holding an emergency meeting on the volatile situation at ukraine's zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. ukraine saying russian strikes damaged infrastructure and transformers, briefly cutting off power at europe's largest nuclear plant. the ukrainians also claiming russians are shelling the plant's nearby ash pits where nuclear waste is stored, raising clouds of toxic radioactive dust, stoking ongoing fears of a potential nuclear disaster. >> and so let's bring in ian pannell tonight reporting from kyiv. ian, i want to get back to the u.s. state department urging americans to leave ukraine, saying it shared declassified intelligence with ukraine, suggesting russia might be plank these strikes on independence day which, of course, is in the hours ahead. president zelenskyy in your report there obviously clearly very concerned about the real possibility of this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. in fact, independence day has just begun, and this country is braced. but zelenskyy also doubling down tonight.
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he's saying that they won't relent until they retake back parts of the country occupied by russia, not just in the last six months, but for years, even crimea. forget any peace deal for now. this war looks set to drag on for a long time. david? >> ian pannell in kyiv for us. ian, thank you. back here at home tonight, the deadly flooding, torrential rains on the move at this hour across several states. much of dallas still recovering after the most rain there in a 24-hour period in nearly 100 years. and tonight here, we are learning about the wife and mother on the phone with her husband as her car was swept away. she did not survive. ginger zee is tracking the storms ahead tonight. but first, trevor ault in the flood zone. >> reporter: tonight those record-breaking storms pushing east, now dumping torrential rain on the deep south. in northeast louisiana, a tractor trailer exiting interstate 20 losing control and overturning. this after the dallas-fort worth area received the most rain over a 24-hour period in nearly a
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century monday. hundreds of calls for help. dozens of homes flooded. >> what people in the dallas area, as well as this entire region sustained was an extraordinary challenge. >> reporter: in mesquite, just east of dallas, 60-year-old jolene jarrell killed after her vehicle was swept away. friends telling our affiliate wfaa the mother of three was working as an uber driver, and that before she was killed, she was on the phone with her husband telling him she felt like someone was pushing her car. tragically, the body of a missing hiker found in utah. and in mississippi, storms making for an anxious evening ahead. and david, we're already seeing the flooding here in jackson and the flood watch continues all the way through tomorrow night, because we may still get another half of foot of rain. david? >> trevor, thank you. let's get more on this, ginger zee on the storms again tonight. hi, ginger. >> reporter: hey there, david.
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after all of that extra rain that dallas got, we've now seen the wettest august on record. that's coming from exceptional drought, the highest level. and i want to take you to the map, because that flash flood threat is not only there in jackson, mississippi, but over to meridian. if you are driving i-20. hattiesburg. don't drive if you get a flash flood warning on your phone. that is the best way to stay alive, because you cannot beat moving water. and that is what we're going to see more of, that stationary front barely moves the next 36 hours. going to allow all of that tropical moisture to pool up against it and that's where you get that three to six inches. david? >> all right, ginger, thank you for being with us. meantime tonight, in michigan a jury convicting two men of conspiring to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. here's abc's ike ejiochi >> reporter: tonight, a key victory for the justice department in its fight against
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domestic terrorism. a jury finding two self-styled militiamen guilty of plotting to kidnap and kill michigan governor gretchen whitmer in 2020. >> all of our elected officials, everyone, deserved to be able to live in safety and not in fear. >> reporter: adam fox and barry croft convicted on all counts, including conspiring to obtain a weapon of mass destruction in the form of a bomb. the verdict coming four months after a different jury deadlocked on the charges against the two men. prompting prosecutors to file a motion to quickly retry the case. in octobe 2020, the fbi arrested fox and croft, along with four other men, as they allegedly tried to buy explosives with the goal of attacking whitmer before election day. according to authorities, the plot was months in the making, driven in part by the democratic governor's covid-19 restrictions. the fbi infiltrating and wiretapping the group after one member turned informant, alarmed by talk of killing police. at both trials, however, the defense arguing this was a case of entrapment, and that the defendants were just "big talkers." >> my client is disappointed in
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the verdict. it's been a good fight. >> reporter: but evidence submitted at trial showed fox, the group's ringleader, conducting surveillance on whitmer's vacation home and firing a stun gun. the men allegedly planning to blow up a nearby bridge to slow police response, then take whitmer to a secret location in wisconsin for a trial that would end in her execution. david, governor whitmer releasing a statement, saying today's verdicts prove that violence and threats have no place in our politics. and that those who seek to divide us will be held accountable. now, both fox and croft face life in prison, but their lawyers are considering an appeal. david? >> all right, ike, thank you. and tonight, in atlanta, murder charges have now been dropped against two police officers accused of killing rayshard brooks. step steve osunsami tonight on why the pauofficers have been clear. >> reporter: police officers in georgia are celebrating this tonight. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force was objectively reasonable and that they did not act with criminal intent.
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>> reporter: a special prosecutor has announced that he will clear the two white police officers seen here in an arrest that turned deadly at the parking lot of this atlanta fast food restaurant in june of 2020. authorities today shared that the victim, 27-year-old rayshard brooks, wasn't just drunk behind the wheel, but was on cocaine and other drugs. and that officers garret rolfe and darren brosnan, who were responding to calls from the restaurant, acted within the law. >> the police didn't come into this encounter hot. there was no hostility. they were businesslike. they were polite. >> reporter: in announcing their decision, authorities replayed videos of the 40-minute encounter, pointing out that not only did rayshard brooks grab a police stun gun and run, but that he was pointing the weapon at the officer who shot and killed him. >> brosnan and roth committed no crimes. >> reporter: the family of rayshard brooks tonight is heartbroken. >> this family lost a father and they deserve a jury trial. >> reporter: this all happened during the summer of protests after the killings of george floyd and ahmaud arbery, and the
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two officers who won today argue that they were sacrificed by authorities here to help calm the streets. they spent the last two years trying to clear their names and tonight, they are still on the atlanta police force. david? >> steve osunsami with us. thank you, steve. we turn to the breonna taylor case tonight in kentucky. a former louisville police detective has pleaded guilty to helping falsify the warrant that led to the deadly raid that killed taylor. pleading guilty to a federal conspiracy charge. she may now be cooperating with investigators. breonna taylor was fatally shot more than two years ago now by officers that knocked down her door. three other officers involved in the incident are also facing federal charges. we turn next tonight to the abc news countdown to the midterms and primary day in new york and florida. in new york, two veteran members of congress turning on each other to now compete for their political careers, they're competing to represent the same district now. and in florida tonight, voters are deciding there who will take on governor ron desantis in
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november. ra rachel scott here in new york city tonight. >> reporter: they are two of the most powerful democrats in the congress. jerry nadler presided over both trump impeachment trials as chairman of the judiciary. carolyn maloney leads the house oversight committee. but now a redrawn new york congressional map has forced the longtime allies to run against each other. and in the 11th hour, the race has gotten ugly. >> i think you should read the editorial in "the new york post" today. they call him senile. >> have you been disappointed by some of the comments from congresswoman maloney? >> yes. i've been very disappointed when she talks about -- they're not really running for the seat, or that i'm senile, i mean, it's absurd. i'm surprised at her. >> reporter: both were elected in 1992. nadler has emphasized he's the city's only remaining jewish congressman. maloney has emphasized her fight for abortion rights. >> you cannot send a man to do a woman's job. >> reporter: today i asked nadler what happens if his
3:46 pm
constituents vote him out. and if you lose this race, is this district still in good hands? >> ah -- it's in good hands, yes. not as good. >> reporter: in florida tonight, another hard fought democratic primary. two candidates battling it out to take on republican governor ron desantis. in one corner, former governor charlie crist. he was a republican then. he's a democrat now. >> florida is a beautiful place, and we need to bring it back together. >> reporter: crist going head to head with state agriculture commissioner nikki fried. >> i have been on the trenches fighting ron desantis for three and a half years. i'm ready for this battle. >> reporter: desantis himself has his sights set on a possible presidential campaign. >> we can never ever surrender to woke ideology! >> reporter: he's spent the past week on a tour of battleground states, campaigning for republican candidates in new mexico, pennsylvania, arizona, and ohio. >> let's get to rachel scott tonight. and rachel, that new york congressional race, i know there's a third condandidate ine
3:47 pm
race who is trying to make the case it's time for a generational change. >> reporter: yes, david. 38-year-old surge patel. he used to work for former president barack obama. he said it's now time for the obama generation to take over. but he's up against two democratic titans with decades of political experience. congressman jerry nadler has represented the upper west side for more than 30 years. that makes up a large section of this district, and it typically has high voter turnout, david. >> all right, we'll be watching in the coming hours. rachel, thank you. next here tonight, the explosive allegations against twitter from a former head of security now turned whistle-blower. he filed complaints with several agencies accusing twitter of dangerous lapses in cyber security, including those fake accounts, bot accounts, saying those lapses, quote, threaten national security and democracy. twitter fired him in december, they deny his claims, but members of congress already taking notice tonight and this could impact twitter's legal fight with elon musk. when we come back on this busy news night, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleading guilty to his dui after
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showing overall life expectancy here in the u.s. falling in all 50 states. the cdc reporting a drop by 1.8 years from 2019 to 2020, falling from 78.8 to 77 years. new york state seeing the largest decline by three years. d.c. falling 2.7 years. hawaii with the highest life expectancy in the country. the decline, of course, blamed on the pandemic and the rise on fatal drug overdoses in this country. when we come back tonight, two automakers, two major recalls involving suvs and a potential fire risk. they are actually urging owners to park their cars away from their homes. wait 'till you hear this— thankfully, meta portal helps reduce background noise. zero lace model. adjusts to low light. and pans and zooms to keep you in frame. take a look at this. so the whole team stays on track. okay, let's get you some feedback. i'm impressed. great, loving your work. meta portal. the smart video calling device
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ask your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. finally tonight, the firefighter and the nurse next door. america strong. it all played out in pennsylvania, where chris and beth are getting married next month. chris was doing a workout at home when suddenly he felt pain in his chest. in a panic, he went to his neighbor's house. the firefighter and the nurse next door. ringing the doorbell, leaning on the porch railing, collapsing. his fiance behind him. chris, the firefighter, rachel,
3:58 pm
the nurse practitioner, performing cpr until the ambulance arrives. rachel would ride with him to the e.r. and he told me, just keep me alive for the wedding. four days later, that neighbor back on that same front porch, hugging the husband and wife, the firefighter and the nurse who saved his life. and right here tonight -- >> hi, david. >> his gratitude. >> it's nice i can go over to them in my time of need and get the cpr that i needed that day. >> he's also ready for the wedding. >> we're looking forward to a long life together because of the actions of my neighbors. >> hi, david. >> and tonight, the neighbor, the firefighter, with a message for us all. >> anyone on the street who takes this class and takes the cpr class, they can do the same thing. >> it's true. the wedding next month. the firefighter and the nurse will be there. good night.
3:59 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> dramatic flames shooting out of an apartment building in san francisco. three people including two firefighters hurt in a three alarm fire this afternoon. >> the fire began around noon on mcallister street near divisadero. >> lena howland was on the scene this afternoon. she joins is live with the details. >> the fire has been out for a couple of hours but right behind me fire crews have just started the lengthy cleanup process for this building you see on the corner. 13 residents have been displaced because of the fire and each one is working with thehe red crosso find temporary housing. take a look at our sky 7 view from above. it broke out just before noon
4:00 pm
and quickly turned into a three alarm fire bringing in more than 100 firefighters from across the city. flames damaged all three floors from the roof of this building. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. one woman and three cats had to be rescued. we spoke with a friend of the woman who had to be rescued and said her friend had done a lot of preparation because a fire like this was her biggest fear. >> she is a hero of the day. she is in the third unit and she has two cats. she was able to get the cats. they were hiding. the smoke was coming through. she had to go to the roof with two cats and climb down the entire ladder to get to safety. we are all just blown away at her bravery and how she got out and of course insanely grateful she got out. >> this is