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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a shooting in oakland leaves three people dead. among the victims, bicyclist riding by. >> i did not see a point of me trying to engage someone bent on picking a fight. >> a man shouting profanities caught on camera. good morning. it is saturday, august 27. i am liz kreutz. let's start with the weather with lisa argen. lisa: big changes out there while you were sleeping. the low clouds and fog expanding. mist and drizzle.
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you can see fog through sonoma, along the san mateo coast, crossing the east bay. visibility down to one mile in santa rosa. temperatures in the mid to 50's. 54 santa rosa. anywhere from two to four degrees cooler for some areas. the sun coming up at 6:45. only partial clearing in the city for the low to may, mid-70's edlund. -- mid-70's inland. it is breezy today. we will talk about a warm up perhaps for labor day. . liz: thank you. three people have died overnight from a shooting in oakland. the shooting happened at 20 eight st and martin luther king jr. way. when officers arrived they found multiple cars involved in a crash and two people who had been shot. they say a third person had been struck by one of the cars. the police chief was at the
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scene. >> we know there was an initial shooting. we know there was a second shooting and we know that after the second shooting the vehicle, which the individual who had been shot was inside of, fled the scene and that is the vehicle that appears to have struck the bicyclist. liz: all three victims were pronounced dead at the scene. none of them have been identified but the chief says all three victims were men. that shooting came just hours after the shooting on a train in oakland yesterday. police are still searching for the suspect. police say the shooting happened at the fruitvale station before 1:30 but they did not learn about it until after the train had pulled away toward the lake merritt station. that is where the victim was taken off of the train with life-threatening injuries. the shooter ran off. the police say that shooting does not appear to be random. >> based on the video we
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received at this time, we are pretty confident that this was not a random attack. it appears to be a targeted attack. liz: investigator say some of the video comes from surveillance cameras in the train car where the shooting took place. last night leaders from the aapi community called for an end to violence. they held aps gathering at clinton park -- they held a piece gathering at clinton park. incomes in the wake of a shooting that killed a dentist -- it comes in the wake of the shooting that killed a dentist. we are following a story out of fremont where a victim -- a man was the victim of a tirade inside of a taco bell. the man takes aim at a resident's religion, appearance, and more. we spoke with the victim.
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some may find video disturbing. reporter: what should have been a quick trip to the taco bell turned into a traumatizing experience for a longtime resident on the receiving end of this unprovoked verbal attack. >> [beep] reporter: nearly 8.5 minutes of video recorded sunday night. the man seen spewing anti-hindu speech. >> it was wild. reporter: even after receiving his order, he stayed inside the restaurant and recorded in silence, worried that if he walks to his car, the men would follow. >> you indian people are a joke. reporter: i did not -- >> i did not see the point of trying to engage someone who was bent on taking a fight. he was so close to my face. he was spitting everywhere. reporter: even more shocking, he
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recognized the way the man spoke words. in the last few minutes of the attack, he believes man revealed what may have been his motivation. >> toward the end of the video he said a prime minister's name. then i realized, he may be indian. reporter: behavior he says aligns with an independence movement in northern india. >> that group was deemed a terrorist organization. >> your people were the ones to put your head down. reporter: he says a supervisor made the calls 911 though he shares criticism over workers not stepping into the escalate. we reached out taco bell for a response but have not heard back. the video ends with officers arriving. the police chief later addressing the community saying, "we take hate crimes seriously. these incidents are despicable."
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he added the hindu population teaches everyone is equal. >> that gentleman is the same. he was having an off night. reporter: this off night seen by thousands including his 13-year-old son who was at home sunday waiting for food. on friday, he arrived for our interview with a taco bell order. >> i don't want his vision of how he sees the world to change. he says this time, drive-thru. reporter: amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. liz: new developments with the influx of card scammers. morgan hill police arrested two suspects on sunday -- on tuesday and discovered a device in their car. it is not clear if this arrest is connected to an incident thursday night. it was found attached to an atm in morgan hill a couple of weeks ago. on monday nasa will send its
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most powerful rocket ever into space in an attempt to send humans to the moon. the historic launch would not be possible without the research and technology from mountain view's nasa research center. dustin dorsey caught up with a member of the launch team. dustin crum it a momentous -- destustin: the launch of artemis one will be another for humankind. >> artemis one and flight test designed to bring humans to the moon. dustin: artemis one will orbit the moon before returning to earth hotter and faster than ever before at 25,000 miles an hour. at the top of the ship the orion space capsule with a mannequin on board, the only capsule of its kind designed for humans. the plan is to establish a moon base where humans will stay, an
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ambitious goal that is setting for a nasa engineer born shortly before the apollo mission. >> i followed the history of it for my whole life. i have been a space nerd for a long time. i understand that it happened and what it takes. to actually be part of the first steps back, it is humbling and it is an honor. dustin: he was part of the team at nasa ames research center in mountain view who put nearly two decades into testing, designing, and planning to make the historic launch a reality. the bay area center contributed in many ways including the development for use of a thermal protection system called the orion heatshield, one of the key pieces to making a sustainable ship for humans. >> to finally get this point in time, to see all of our systems working for the mission that we designed them for, it is incredible. i have to stop and remember to enjoy it and look up from the
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rdor wit tesakma they will be dg inspections and tests during and after the mission that will travel 1.3 million miles over 42 days. if all goes well, it could be the next manned mission back to the moon in two years. in the south bay, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: the launch window opens at 5:33 pacific on monday in the morning. abc news will air a live report when the rocket launches. that will be really fun to watch if you are up enough -- if you are up early enough. lisa: been persistent and this morning it is expanding across the bay. the marine layer making for a cooler saturday. a live look outside, 50's with drizzle if you are headed toward the shoreline. it will be slower cooling today. i will be back with your high temperatures. liz: also ahead, a big weekend in the south bay. pride and comic-con. and it is time to clear the camp. the decision expected to move
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when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. liz: caltrans has the green light to move forward with clearing out a homeless encampment in oakland. the property under 880 is packed with trash and abandoned cars. there have been some 200 fires there the last two years. friday a judge dissolved a temporary restraining order allowing the city, the county and caltrans to move forward with clearing the encampment in three phases. more than 200 people will need to relocate. officials will need to come up with a plan for belongings that will not result in those items being destroyed. happening today in san francisco at celebration liberation to mark green about the city's shoreline. the area used to be filled with industrial pollution from a former building site but now the city's recreation and park department says everything has been cleaned up. crews spent 18 months restoring
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the area which means construction can begin on a new waterfront park. to celebrate, a free community event will get underway. there will be kayaking, a rock wall, and other activities happening at the future site of the park on hunters point boulevard from 11:00 to 2:00 today. also happening in san francisco a festival celebrating irish heritage, culture, and music. rock the gates is put on by the united irish center of san francisco. it will include multiple stages of live music, face painting for the kids, irish goodies, and more. organizers say people are excited to be back enjoying the arts while also engaging with the community. happening today in the east bay, open kids interested in sports -- oakland kids interested in sports can try a bunch today. it is the second annual oakland athletic league middle school sports fair. it gets underway at 10:00 this
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morning happening at fremont high school in oakland. the fair is open to everyone interested in playing. you do not need previous experience. students will be able to try team athletics, get into shape, have fun with friends, and make new friends. there are different sports available. expect to see everyone pop culture, technology, cosplay and more today at comic-con in downtown san jose. get a chance to meet your favorite heroes from star trek and back to the future. there will be demonstrations, workshops, and contests that you do not want to miss. things are still on sale. the event takes place tomorrow at the macon re convention center. it is a big weekend full of fun in the south bay with 20,000 expected to celebrate the lgbtq community at the silicon valley pride parade. it is the second in person festival and there will be activities, entertainment and fun for the whole family. the festival kicks off today in
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san jose. local businesses look forward to resenting pride and the economic boost. >> we have been struggling for quite some time. these past few weeks in downtown san jose with san jose jazz, with send request, and silicon valley pride, downtown is turning a corner. liz: the san jose downtown association is supported -- have supported pride over three decades. the festival kicks off tonight at 6:00. the parade starts tomorrow morning at 10:30. let's get a check outside. lisa: we have some extensive cloud cover and as you look at live doppler 7, you can make out the low clouds up and down the coast. as we go in closer, it is expanding and it will as we get a pretty good onshore flow. there is a system off the coast. if you are looking for a warm weekend, it is not this weekend. today and tomorrow, they were a similar with persistent onshore winds -- very similar with
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persistent onshore winds. visibility down to one mile. as we look at the current temperatures in the upper 50's black hawk. san ramon, 56. martinez at 57. you can see the fog from pacifica, through santa rosa, and there is drizzle. you may need your wipers out there. a look outside from the exploratorium camera, clouds and drizzle at the coast. we will get into gusty winds along the shoreline. it will be cooler than average and the clouds will take time to clear out today and tomorrow. that will lead to not only a cooler day, but good air quality with the onshore flow but summer heat looks to return as soon as tuesday and as we get to where end of the week, it looks like a warm-up. but is it going to last through the labor day holiday? that is yet to be determined. as we look at the overcast, you can see the drizzle at the coast , stopping this at 3:30 and we have sunshine but right here immediately at the shoreline, it
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will be cool, only in the 60's and the fog comes right back allowing for temperatures to be average or below average. right now, a southwest wind over 20 miles an hour through the delta. it is not as hot as it could be. as we look at the afternoon tomorrow, very little change. in fact, clouds hanging out right at the coast. only partial clearing as we get into the afternoon. here are the winds anywhere from 20 to 25 miles an hour. through 6:00, they are breezy into the livermore valley and into your sunday, they never let up right along the coast. by the afternoon once again, temperatures will be kept cool. the winds continued through the afternoon and we are not talking any heat. monday looks comfortable. the numbers will begin to climb through the 80's. mid-70's around the bay. tuesday is when you will notice things warm-up into the low 90's in the inland valley. still comfortable at the coast. but at least the winds are backing off.
5:18 am
they are certainly gusty this weekend but we will see that change midweek and the temperatures look to peak by midweek with mid-90's inland. today, only 83 in the livermore valley. 80 in the south bay. 75 near vallejo. 82 santa rosa. not a lot of sun in the city but we will see some afternoon sun. the 7-day forecast, highs only in the mid-80's. that as far inland. it is cooler at the shoreline. low 70's bayside. today and tomorrow, the cooler days of the next seven and steadily we warm-up through the 90's. summer is definitely not backing off next week. but as for this weekend, the last weekend of august, it is definitely a bit of a change out there. liz: this year marks the 18th anniversary of president roosevelt executive order that put japanese americans in internment camps during world war ii. a screening was held friday night for a new film exploring the impact of the unjust incarceration.
5:19 am
kristen sze moderated a discussion with those behind documentary 80 years later. it was held at the tanforan, the site of a detention center that held nearly 8000 japanese americans on their way to internment camps. the screening benefited local nonprofit working to preserve the memory of the internment history. for more information or for future screenings, go to just ahead, getting insurance is hazardous. the loophole that still makes it difficult despite new difficult despite new i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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5:22 am
alternative plan is not as comprehensive as they hoped. stephanie sierra is pushing the insurance commissioner for answers. reporter: after their beloved ranch survived the 2020 glass fire that ripped through napa county, mark and elma o'brien are facing another hazard that has left their property with a different burn. >> there is no questions. they just came back and said, you are done. reporter: their insurance provider dropped them as the company announced in january they are pulling out of the state for certain categories of homes in the regular to the insurance market. >> we were left to scramble and we have been trying to find alternate insurance. i went to probably three or four different carriers and got turned down. reporter: they tried farmers, state farm, and aaa with no luck. >> they go, what is your address? they type it in ou hear this dad pause. they go, we are not insuring in
5:23 am
that area. reporter: since the glass fire tore through their neighborhood burning down 60 homes on their street, they have made investments to reduce their wildfire risk, something known as hardening your home, adding things like sprinklers on the roof and cleared out five feet of their structure. >> we trimmed all the trees off of the house, we put hardscape in the entry. reporter: the same story with their neighbor. >> my husband was cutting down trees for about six weeks straight, exhausting work. spent another $4500 hiring someone to do the trees we could not do. we had cal fire do an inspection. we had the local fire company doing inspection. reporter: walter says she contacted 25 different providers. >> none of them were providing policies in our area. >> we are continuing to push the envelope when it comes to forcing insurance companies to be accessible. reporter: in february the insurance commissioner proposed a regulation that aims to prevent this. >> it will mandate that 100% of
5:24 am
all insurance companies have to give california consumers discounts for hardening their home. it is the only way we will be able to bring down the risk so that californians can keep their insurance, keep it affordable. reporter: if approved, it will go into effect by the, bringing benefits aside from mandating discounts like requiring insurance company's provide consumers their companies -- their property's risk score. the reality is not as pretty as the press release. >> it is a big loophole. reporter: they are still not getting insured. >> that is a huge loophole that can swallow its promises. reporter: the executive director of consumer watchdog says while the regulation sounds good on paper, it does not tell the whole story. >> there are two parts of the insurance transaction. one, insurance companies decide if they will sell you coverage and second, they decide what
5:25 am
prices they will charge you. this regulation addresses price, which is important to all of us, but it does not address the sales question, whether or not you will get a policy at all. reporter: in other words, insurance companies are not required to consider mitigation steps when deciding whether to sell a consumer a policy. residents living in areas with high fire risk may be left unprotected. even the states former insurance commissioner was not renewed by his carrier despite spending tens of thousands of dollars on mitigation according to an op-ed published in the l.a. times. just like these families. >> i don't know of anybody who has been able to get insurance. reporter: both say they are only left with one real option. >> it looks like we will have to go through the california fair plan. reporter: for california fair plan is the insurer of last resort providing access to fire coverage for california homeowners unable to find insurance in the traditional marketplace. >> it is extreme a confusing. reporter: and it is not cheap. >> at least double what we paid
5:26 am
before with less coverage. >> are coverage is about 3.5 times more than what we had before and it is also with a $20,000 deductible. reporter: without the deductible the california fair plan would have been around seven times more expensive than her existing policy. >> the plan is to be affordable and available for every single california. reporter: problem is it is not affordable or comprehensive. what are you doing to change that? >> what we need to do is to provide a comprehensive policy option that currently does not exist in the fair plan so that people are not having to pay the extraordinary amount of administrative fees that only adds to the cost. reporter: to eliminating administrative fees is one step consumer advocates argue unless the regulation is amended, the loophole leaves the most vulnerable communities. >> we are working really hard. reporter: paying the price. >> it is unfortunate. liz: that will stephanie sierra
5:27 am
reporting for the i-team. consumer watchdog along with several other consumer organizations since several levels -- several letters calling on the commissioner to use his good authority to close this loophole but the department of insurance rejects these claims and will still require insurance companies to recognize and reward consumers mitigation efforts by offering discounts. still to come on abc7 morning, the redacted affidavit authorizing the search on trump's mar-a-lago home that is not public. details on the heavily redacted documents taken by fbi officials. business is at san francisco's ferry building in a big way. they look at what is driving the post-pandemic rebound.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: thanks for joining us. we will start with another check of the weather. let's get back over to lisa argen. lisa: good morning.
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last weekend of august is here. maybe not as warm as you would hope but boding well for our season of lower risk fire danger and we have a lot to go through september and october. we have breezy onshore winds, cloudy skies, and expanding marine layer. 61 in fremont. you will be lucky if you get much sun on the line. 2.5 mile visibility santa rosa. one point. as we look at the 24 hour temperature change, it is four to risk cooler in the south moaned -- in half moon bay. a lot of cloud cover. gray in oakland. some sunshine in the north, but slower warming, slower clearing by 3:00. lower 80's inland. upper 70's in the north bay with upper 60's to near 70 on the peninsula. liz: thank you. now to revelations in the redacted version of the
5:31 am
affidavit to justify the search of former president trump's home. christine sloan has the details. christine: the affidavit that led to the fbi raid on former president trump's home at mar-a-lago's public. the document is heavily redacted and reveals that will be for the search trump had been founded have -- he had been found to have taken a highly classified information. 15 boxes that the trump's team turned over to the national archives in january including 184 classified documents, 92 secret, and 25 marked top-secret with other records. >> the fbi never would have gotten the search warrant approved unless they had an immense amount of information. christine: later in the affidavit the fbi outlines how the agency determined more classified documents were still inside mar-a-lago but those details are almost completely blacked out. the document does show a warning
5:32 am
the fbi sent to trump's lawyers in jerome saying mar-a-lago was not authorized to how sensitive -- to house sensitive government materials. >> given that the documents deal with electronic eavesdropping, the fbi and the intelligence community are working on a damage assessment. >> the senate intelligence community is asking the biden administration to be briefed on the national security risks posed by the discovery of the sensitive documents at mar-a-lago. meantime trump maintains he fully cooperated with government officials despite the released evidence appearing to show his team stonewalled the national archives for months. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: california highway patrol arrested five people in connection to a cargo theft operation worth $9 million in stolen goods. chp recovered $1 million in electronics and a quarter
5:33 am
million dollars in cash. it is the result of a two-year investigation with golden gate division and southern division in california. containers before they make it to the store. we are talking very large dollar amounts. liz: multiple search warrants were served which resulted in five people being arrested. items recovered include products from google, samsung, microsoft, apple, and other companies. those suspects identities have not been released. the white house monkeypox response team said it is cautiously optimistic the spread of the virus is slowing. cases in the united states have dropped by 25% over the past two weeks. the u.s. has reported more than 17,000 cases overall. in covid news, moderna has sued pfizer claiming pfizer copied its technology to develop a vaccine. dr. patel addressed the loss of
5:34 am
yesterday on abc7 to get answers. >> no one really knows for sure what moderna wants but they have made it clear that they do not want to take any vaccines on the market -- off the market because they realize the importance of the vaccines being available but it seems like they want a cut of the profits. liz: pfizer was surprised by the lawsuit and relied heavily on biontech technology. . in san franciso nancy pelosi hosted a roundtable on repetitive health speakers included jackie's beer and they vowed to do everything in their power to fight the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. the head of planned parenthood of northern california detailed the impact the ruling is having on patients including those from out of state. >> abortion is healthcare and it has been horrifying to see access of this essential healthcare deteriorated in now 16 states and counting. liz: panelists called on
5:35 am
congress to provide further protections for patients and reproductive health providers and make investments in family planning services. a piece of movie history in berkeley is on the brink of closing for good. the developer who bought the regal theater for $7 million has applied to terror down. the firm wants to build a high-rise apartment building in its place. the theater has been in business for nearly 90 years. if the plan is approved, it would leave berkeley with one movie theater. the iconic san francisco ferry building is coming back to life after being decimated during the pandemic. out of 54 storefronts, there are only five vacancies right now. news reporter luz pena has details on the popular and tasty new businesses that may be helping economic recovery there. luz: the energy and traffic in san francisco's ferry building is coming back and locals are
5:36 am
noticing the difference. >> it is like it is starting to get alive again. luz: many are tripping this boost to five businesses that opened this year. one of them started as a hugely popular food truck and now has several restaurant locations. the newest one is making a splash with long lines at the ferry building. >> it is a breath of fresh air that they were reaching out to us because we are kinda very cultural, colorful, flavorful brand that you might not have seen in the ferry building before. luz: the menu includes a collaboration with a ferry building stable. >> what will you show us? >> this is one of our special items that we only have at the ferry building. it is our torta. we get the red fresh daily -- we get the bread fresh daily. luz: food traffic -- foot traffic is increasing but they are still missing many of the
5:37 am
pre-pandemic regulars. >> we are happy to continue to serve the folks who have been coming to us consistently during the pandemic. there are still a lot of faces we miss seeing, especially those office tenants. luz: san francisco chamber of commerce president said the financial district could be seeing a boost in traffic very soon. >> we are looking forward to people getting back. we are hearing that a lot of companies are asking their employees to come back and consider more time in the office post labor day. hopefully after labor day we see another surge. luz: another business that opened this year at the ferry building is cakes. >> luxury treats for dogs. all of it is made with high quality ingredients. luz: is this the instagram spot for people to take photos with their dogs? >> people can hang out. luz: ferry building businesses are achieving this object to an increase in tourism.
5:38 am
and bike rentals are also going up. >> we have bookings from all over the world. i have people from israel, brazil, europe here. better and better. liz: that was luz pena reporting. the food looked good. according to the travel association, the number of people visiting san francisco is forecasted to reach 21.5 million people. the more people who visit equals more spending. the projection for visitors in san francisco this year is $2.7 billion. still ahead, a boy who has never had an official bowling lesson is being called a prodigy. and a live look outside as we head to break. still dark out there. thanks for waking up with us. thanks for waking up with us. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing
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liz: the fbi's national dog day was the perfect time to introduce its new agent. teddy, anchor-year-old french bulldog now works for the bureau. including clocks, flags, maps, and posters. the fbi says teddy is not an agent but it does have dogs that protect the country. some are calling a boy a bowling prodigy. the 5-year-old took up the sport a couple of months ago and now he is gaining a following at his local bowling alley. tim johns introduces us. tim: he may only be about four feet tall but that certainly has not stopped him from making a name for himself in the local bowling world. the 5-year-old only took up the sport in june but regularly bowls games around 170 to 200.
5:42 am
>> i like it. tim: his mother does not know where his skills come from. neither her or his father or bowlers. >> we started coming here every day and it turned out he is really good. tim: with our cameras rolling, he bowled multiple spares and strikes, sometimes getting three in a row. his skills have gained the attention of other bowlers. some have dubbed him an upcoming prodigy. >> they called him a natural. he has never had a lesson and somehow he knows what he is doing. tim: to give you an idea of how amazing he is, he normally bowls with a 12 pound ball but at only 48 pounds, that is a quarter of his body weight. he has also gained several mentors over the course of the summer. they are keen to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. >> when you find somebody this young, he inspires you wanting to give him a helping hand. tim: while no one knows what is
5:43 am
next, his mom says she will continue to support his dreams no matter where they lead. >> i always told him as long as he is having fun, we will keep coming back and if he decides he does not want to bowl anymore, we are good. tim: tim johns, abc7news. liz: that is impressive. no bumpers needed. lisa: he is so cute. good morning. we are starting out on the cool side, mainly in the 50's. low clouds and fog across the bay, even mist and drizzle. slow clearing today. we will talk about a cooler weekend ahead before we heat it up again. liz: also next, the 49ers over the regular season in just two weeks and trey lance remains a mystery. is he ready or easy in over his head? head? la i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this! okay?
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turning to technology when it comes to evaluating neighborhoods. a tech is helping fire agencies craft a blueprint to save lives. they are helping to foot the bill. cornell barnard takes a look. cornell: most of the bay area lives with the threat of wildfires every day. california's epic drought is only making things drier and more dangerous, a new normal that is anything but. >> the most red areas are indicating where the population is but those are areas where you would not want extreme fire behavior. cornell: tammy from sonoma technology shows us a map of marin county where fire danger remains high. this firm is working with several department to chart a blueprint plan to reduce the chance of a catastrophic wildfire. >> because of climate change and the drought happening, more and more of the agencies are trying to plan what they can do in advance of a fire happening. cornell: the firm science based computers used weather models, topography, and moisture levels
5:47 am
of trees to calculate risk to help predict fire behavior. >> it is a preplanning tool and a real-time helpful information tool for fire department. cornell: all of this technology is not perfect. >> the model cannot do all the work for you. cornell: the marin county wildfire prevention authority is contracting with sonoma technology. officials know it is a team effort with boots on the ground, firefighters clearing brush and dry grass in high fire danger areas. >> all of this technology is helping us make better decisions related to management work, evacuation routes, and getting the community out. cornell: computer analysis is working to determine the safest community evacuation routes away from a fire. the tech firm has developed an apt with an epa called smoke cents, allowing users to report air and wildfire smoke in their neighborhoods. >> it is no longer a situation where it is impacting one or two communities. you are seeing long-range transport of smoke from northern
5:48 am
california to the great lakes. cornell: keeping lives saved remains the primary mission of this company founded 40 years ago. >> we are able to give them information that gives them a leg up. that could be the difference between a neighborhood burning down or neighborhood being saved. cornell: in petaluma, cornell barnard, abc7news. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. so far this summer, we have been pretty good with fire danger but we are coming into the really tough months. lisa: just above the marine layer to give you an indication how this helps us at the surface, mount tam is 76 degrees with relative humidity at 28% and north wind. you get above 1000 feet and it is super dry. we are lucky here to have low clouds and fog but they will be retreating as we get toward the beginning to the middle of next week, allowing for a warm-up. right now, it is the opposite as we look at mist and drizzle, one
5:49 am
mile visibility half moon bay and three miles santa rosa. we have gusty onshore winds with us throughout the weekend and either today or tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week depending on where you are and the most -- and we will slowly warming up. 62 in saratoga. 63 in mountain view. there is the fog around half moon bay. those strong northwesterly winds dropping the water temperature. we have a for now. it backs off in the fog. as we look at sfo, it is quiet here clouds and drizzle at the coast. gusty and cooler than usual today. monday is but we are looking at summer heat returninl it looks liketstay arou for the holiday labor day. there is a cloud cover right now. 7:00, we pulled back through the afternoon and from half moon bay and through much of the san mateo coast, it is tough to get full sunshine. we will call it partly cloudy,
5:50 am
partial clearing in san francisco. as we get into your sunday, far-reaching low clouds and fog with that expanding marine layer allowing for that cool day again and then into the afternoon, it is nice. as we look at the next seven days, we are only in the mid-80's today. a cooler day on sunday and then we slowly warm-up by monday. look what happens as we get into the middle to the end of the week. it is summertime again with mid-90's. the heat is coming back. 80 in the south bay and the fog moving into the south bay this morning. 75 in sunnyvale. breezy winds on the coast. look at san mateo, barely at 70 and the fog keeping a gray and cool on the coast. mid-70's menlo park and san francisco, mid 60's. 78 in petaluma. as the low clouds gets even more
5:51 am
expansive, it could scatter out quicker for your sunday. still starting out with clouds today, tomorrow, the afternoon. pleasant in the north bay. 82 santa rose to her 74 -- santa rosa. w in san leandro. breezy winds keeping temperatures in the mid-70's. union city, san ramon, inland, a cool day for the end of august with 81 in pleasanton, 85 in brentwood and only 80 in walnut creek. the 7-day forecast, we are cooler at the coast. still below average. in little change into the second half of the weekend. it is very subtle, the winds back off on tuesday. high pressure builds in bringing back the summer heat. inland warmth is peaking on thursday but it still looks the stay summerlike as we get into next weekend. liz: labor day weekend. thank you. in sports, the leading homerun hitter for the mlb aaron judge
5:52 am
was back in action last night at the open coliseum. but where they able to keep the yankees from another series lead? here is larry beil with highlights. larry: good morning. the giants made their first trip to minnesota in 17 years. based on game one, they could have waited longer. marv suphepark. is thelk? carlos correa, early two run bomb. that was the beginning. in the third with the twins leading 6-0, gary sanchez, another two run homer. eight earned allowed by would matching the most he has ever allowed in a game. the giants looking pretty bleak and they lose 9-0. yankees and a's. check out the fan my barehanded catch and check the beer -- and
5:53 am
chugs a beer. all rise for the judge who now has 49 homers. 3-0 lead. garret cole shut out in the seventh but jonah bright, his first major league homerun, one of the best pitchers in the game. the yankees hold on 3-2. stephen quan grew up in fremont, incredible cats for the guardians against the mariners. into the stands. are you serious? the guy in the white shirt is like, do not land on me. quan was able to stay in the game. onto football, while the jimmy g. rumors to seattle persist, the 49ers are broken with trey lance. in the preseason, 49 yards, 17-0 loss in houston. at least i did not get hurt. everybody got out alive. kyle shanahan believes lance will grow into the job.
5:54 am
>> he needs to start playing and there will be times he makes mistakes and he has to learn from them and find a way to win the game and overcome those things as he learns on the run. i am glad he did get some experience in this preseason. i wish you could've gotten more but i'm glad he cannot healthy this year. larry: raters-patriots, preseason finale. matt jones, a mbniners passed oe trey lance. that was intercepted. luke masterson, 40 yards. as amir riep -- zamir white, the rookie out of georgia. as for guardians, he played a bunch. 141 yards. 45 yard completion even though this ball was under thrown. set up a field goal. if the raters keep three quarterbacks, garber should make the roster. hopefully it will carry over. 23-6, your final store -- your
5:55 am
final score. have a great weekend. liz: celebrating culture, food, and music. where you can see a 14 time world champion performed today in the bar ♪ strutting your way into my heart ♪ ♪ take your hat off make yourself at home ♪ ♪ how about stay the night then strut on home ♪ ♪ day 1 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 2 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 3 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ guess what i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ i like your strut, do you wanna go struttin' struttin' ♪
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i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> opening today in north beach, the north beach neighborhood to celebrate their italian roots with the fiesta colonial tally on -- italliana. the day includes live music, wine tastings, local food vendors, and a special acrobatics show. at 3:00 a.m., you can catch 13 time world champion and restaurantor tony of tony's pizza showing off his favorite pizza -- famous it's a tossing skills. next at six clock a.m., developing news in oakland, a troubleshooting involving a bicyclist and two cars on martin
5:58 am
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to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: a shooting in oakland leaves three people dead. among the victims, a bicyclist riding by. >> you -- me up and you -- america. >> i did not see a point of me trying to engage someone bent on picking a fight. liz: a man shouting profanities in an east bay taco bell. caught on camera. good morning. it is saturday, august 27. i am liz kreutz. we will have more on the incident but first let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: hey, it is changing. it is changing yesterday with a good onshore flow and


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