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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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is on pace with last year. good evening, and thank you for joining us on dionne lim a rallying cry today to end the violence in oakland abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was at an event where activists gathered to say. enough is enough. please join me in a brief moment of silence for the human beings who lies were tragically stolen from us a moment of remembrance at this stop the violence event at oakland city hall honoring the victims of weekend gun violence in west oakland. first of all is heartbreaking. i think any loss of life should be honored by all people that's living saturday morning oakland police were called to sycamore street and mlk jr. way where they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at the scene on friday night a few blocks away a shooting in west oakland left three people dead, including a bicyclist run over by fleeing car. well, we know that there was an issue. evening. we know that there was a second shooting and then we know that after the second shooting the
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vehicle. which the individual who had been shot was inside of? flair from the scene and that is the vehicle to that appears to have struck the bicyclists chief armstrong says a motor for the shootings still unknown. yeah, i mean, it's just unfortunate. i mean again another senseless since this violence in our city, obviously, so tragic to lose three people and one incident violence just didn't start with the guns. this event was organized by boss building opportunities for self-sufficiency advocates say less talk and more action is needed to help stop the violence. i think it's time for us to get beyond the rhetoric and be focused on direct action. that's what's needed to address what's happening in our communities right now this group is calling for more resources and outreach for inner city neighborhoods. people are starving. like literally starving food hungry job hungry, so it's about prevention. so the first step is reconstituting community because i define that as common unity
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police say both shootings are under investigation and appear to be unrelated in oakland cornell bernard abc 7 news. in the south bay a teenager died following stabbing in san jose. it all happened just after 1:30 this morning near quinby road and keraston way police so far have made no arrests. a man who was shot several times on a bart train is expected to survive bart police. say the shooting happened at the fruitvale station yesterday at around 1:30 in the afternoon, but they didn't learn about it until after the train had pulled into the lake merritt station. that's where the victim was taken off the train the gunman ran away and police are still searching for him. our police. say the shooting does not appear to be random. and gunfire today outside a convenience store in union city left one man wounded police say he was shot at about three am in the parking lot of quick stop on whipple road that man is expected to survive. you can see there a bullet hole
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in the stores windows officers are asking anyone with information to contact them. it is a tragic scene newark police responded to reports of a crash this morning involving several vehicles. it all happened on cherry street near mowry avenue at around 2:30 in the morning officers. say the crash involved three vehicles with five people inside one of the drivers died at the scene and another was seriously hurt. the third driver and passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment with unknown injuries police believe alcohol and speed indeed played a role. a mountain lion has died during emergency surgery at the oakland zoo after it was shot by police hollister police received a call of a mountain lion in a neighborhood early friday morning. fish and wildlife attempted to tranquilize the mountain lion, but were unsuccessful officers arrived at the animal after it charged toward them. the cougar suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and was transported to the oakland zoo
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where it later died. the zoo says it is the 20th puma in need of their help following close contact with humans. developing news the director of national intelligence issued a statement saying her office and the department of justice are working together to review material recovered from former president donald trump's florida state. abc news reporter michelle franzen delves into details of the search affidavit released yesterday by the fbi. roughly half of the newly released affidavits 38 pages are completely blacked out the department of justice arguing the redactions were necessary to protect the safety and privacy of a significant number of civilian witnesses and to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation the document reveals that well before the search trump had already been found to have taken highly classified information including some from clandestine human sources that is secrets obtained from foreign agents and
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spies revealing these methods and these investigations could irreparably harm the nation's ability to protect itself from foreign terrorism threats and the efforts of foreign intelligence agencies the affidavit reveals the 15 boxes trump turned over to the national archives in january included 184 documents marked classified including 67 marked confidential 92 marked. secret and 25 marked top secret. i think this affidavis shows us that they were looking for very specific things. they had a very good idea of what they were expecting to find trump's team handed over more documents in june, but the affidavit said there is probable cause to believe that documents containing classified. ndi. that is national defense information remained at mar-a-lago. it's unclear what that ndi was or how investigators knew. it was at trump's home because the next seven paragraphs of the affidavit are entirely blacked
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out doj argued probable cause exists to believe that evidence contraband fruits of crime or other items illegally possessed would be found at mar-a-lago the judge agreed granting the search warrant, which turned up more than 20 additional boxes of records some of it highly classified trump's legal team has responded to a judge's request that he elaborate on his motion that the court appoint a special master to oversee the review of evidence. recovered from the search michelle franzen abc news, new york a long-awaited memorial opened on the peninsula today to honor japanese people interned during world war two drummers performed for the crowd during ceremony at the san bruno bart station 80 years ago. the site was the tanforan assembly center a temporary detention location for japanese americans until they were taken
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to permanent caps camps across america the memorial pays tribute to the 8,000 bay area residents who passed through tanforan their names and photographs are featured on a permanent exhibit. we want to make sure that the people who never heard of tanforan. have a good history lesson, and hopefully that's something like this will never happen again. the centerpiece of the memorial is a bronze statue depicting the mochita sisters. it's based off a 1942 photograph taken of them as they waited for a bus with their family in hayward that would later take them to tanforan. well here at abc 7. we celebrate pride 365 days a year and lgbt+ pride is a focus this weekend in the south bay. 20,000 people are expected to celebrate at this year's silicon valley pride parade and festival it all kicks off at 6 o'clock at plaza to cesar chavez organizers say it is a weekend full of family fun.
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local businesses. they look forward to representing pride and the economic boost a parade starts tomorrow morning at 10:30 and the theme this year is proudly authentic. just ahead a cliffside hike turned into a rescue mission rescuers. say the man didn't fall over the cliff. we'll explain though exactly. what happened. and bungling burglars target a particularly tough animal to catch during a pet store break-in. i'm spencer christian. we have some mild to below average temperatures coming our way this weekend. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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i still notice a difference. how dangerous the california coastline can be firefighters rescued this man after the ground beneath his feet just crumbled friday morning. it happened on. each in san mateo county cal fire says the man was out for a walk along the cliffside when it just collapsed dropping him 100 feet onto the beach a woman walking her dog thankfully heard his screams for help and she called 911 firefighters were then able to use a rope rescue system to walk the victim back to the top of the bluff. he is going to be okay.
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new developments now a texas-based oil company has agreed to pay 13 million dollars in fines after a pipeline leaked 25,000 gallons of crude oil near huntington beach. oil company called amplify energy plans to plead guilty for failing to comply with the federal clean water act. last year, you may remember the oil spill forced beaches to close for cleanup impacting fish and wildlife. the company has agreed to install a leak detection system and undergo semi-annual inspections. amplify energy also plans to hold ships accountable for failing to report damage from anchors. security video shows a group of thieves struggling to steal expensive birds from a pet store near los angeles take a look earlier this week burglars smashed the front window of the damascal pet shop and saw it through a security gate to get inside. it took just about two minutes for them to get in and go directly to several birds now a few of the animals just flutter
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away and the burglars chased after them. a third bird even clung to a fan with its feathers flying rossi aguilar start. business two years ago and is just devastated. the near here exactly figaras just a sacrifice, you know like not being around her kids working day and night. aguilar says the thieves got away with seven birds worth more than $20,000. how much more to come it is all systems go for a return to space? we do feel good about our attempt on on monday. it's launch of a new era of spaceflight the artemis 1 mission the bay area connection and how exactly it hopes to make deep space travel safer. plus taking a live look outside. oh, wouldn't it be nice to be at the beach? keep in mind. you should probably soak this all up now while you can you will need the jacket soon. we do have abc 7 news weather
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anchor spencer christian with your cooler temperatures blowing our way in the accuather forecast. and ahead in sports a big day at baseball from little league to the big league find out which bay area baseball legend yankee slugger. aaron judge was compared to ahead of tonight's yankees a's game won't want to miss the answer in sports. answer in sports. this is kevin. hey dad, look what i'm doing! ok. he is... my parents are moving in. this is all wrong. ok. but one day, everything changed. ♪♪ kevin? disney+ day! a day of big premieres, like pinocchio, thor: love and thunder and cars on the road. nothing beats disney+ day!
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. after the last space shuttle launch nasa is back in the game. all eyes will be on cape canaveral with the most highly anticipated mission in years the artemis rocket. is on the launch pad at the kennedy space center in florida as we speak ready to blast off toward the moon on monday. it's launch window opens at about 5:30 in the morning artemis is the most powerful rocket ever built designed to launch people deeper into space to places like mars. the project is also years late and billions of dollars over budget. monday's uncrewed flight is a two-week mission. that'll test the capabilities of the orion crew capsule. for me artemis 1 is exciting, but it's really a stepping stone of milestone to get humans back in the vicinity of the moon and that that's i love his enthusiastic hasn't been excitement. artemis would not be possible
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without the two decades of work from researchers at nasa ames in mountain view. they help develop the orion crew capsule heat shield that will make a crude mission possible. i love the local connection and spencer. i know you love watching the weather because all eyes are on the forecast hoping this will make liftoff. so true d on the forecast is at nasa are saying that weather conditions for monday morning are favorable for this launch, but they point out that there is a pretty good chance of scattered showers, which is, you know, very common in the morning hours all across eastern the east coast of florida and the concern is that if any of these showers development do thunderstorms isolated thunderstorms that could interfere with with the plan the plan to launch at 8:33 am eastern time. so the backup dates are next friday, september 2nd and labor day itself, but let's hope for a good conditions and a beautiful. natural monday morning. all right now we're going to launch into our local weather with a look at our current
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surface wind speeds 31 mile per hour gusset sfo and 16 mile per hour gusset novato calm and half moon bay hard to believe when it's so breezy everywhere else, but that's the report. we're getting we are looking now at our 24-hour temperature change. you can see it's a few degrees cooler in most locations than it was at this time yesterday evening. so let's take a look at what's going on. here's the view from exploratorium camera looking at a portion of the san francisco city scape and you can see the clouds are getting thicker and lower. it is currently 61 degrees in san francisco oakland 66 we have mid to upper 70s at palo alto, san jose santa clara and 57 degrees at half moon bay. nice view from emeryville with some blue sky and some low clouds beginning to advance out over the bay looking at the temperature readings right now santa rosa, is that 73 degrees petaluma and napa both in the upper 60s 80 at fairfield and concord and 78 at fairfield at livermore rather and mountain just a few minutes ago. we had a really nice view of clouds sort of surgery through the golden gate. well, obviously we don't have that view right now.
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so let's take a look at our forecast features fog pushes in from the coast overnight. it's happening right now mild deterior to near average temperatures will be with us for the next few days and some are like heat will return late next week and continue into labor day weekend for the overnight hours. look for that surge of low clouds and fog pushing. well across the bay and inland there may be a spot or two of drizzle near the coastline. we don't expect it to be very widespread clouds burn back to the coastline early tomorrow giving us a mainly sunny day for the remainder of the day. now overnight lows will be generally in the mid to upper 50s highs tomorrow low 60s at the coast low to mid 70s generally right around the bay shore line up in the north bay upper 70s to low 80s mid 80s in the inlet east bay and low 80s in the warmest south bay locations. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. it'll be sunny here in a little bit milder by about two degrees or monday and another couple of degrees warmer on tuesday then as we get into the latter part of the week the warming really cranks up into high gear upper
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mid to upper 90s inland thursday through saturday 80 to 82 around the bay shoreline thursday through saturday. now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez the a's and yankees are just getting underway at the coliseum oakland to bounce back from last night's 3-2 loss yankee sluggeran judge hit home. run number 49 last season the linda native and former fresno state star leads the majors in that category. he's really making a push for the american league single season record of 61 set by former yankee roger ramirez back in 1961. here's ace manager mark katsay on the player judge reminds him of when he was a player. yeah, his name is barry bonds. he's already there everybody gravitates to to judge right now and he's got the personality to people that want to gravitate to them which which makes him even in my book baseball player that that really is a complete package even speaking for him. you know, we're just trying to win games right now and do
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everything we can and you know as he keeps producing obviously that'll become more and more of a story and and you know. hopefully at maybe ads for some some excitement for the sport as we go down the stretch. highlights at 11 highlights right now battle the beards in minnesota giants game capital taking on the twins rocko ball daily elks cobb also has a good beard on the hill striking out geothershella right there in the second later in the inning twins threatening two on two out grab all the right side lamont way junior great play toss the cobb for the out at first base. remember former athletic sonny gray starting from minnesota had four walks and in the fifth joey bart breaks up a no-hitter one batter lady tommy lasalle his sackboy made it one. nothing johnson at last jack it is still one nothing giants in the six hall of famer the greatest giant of all time. willie mays will now have his number retired by the new york mets and surprise announcement today at the mets. old timer day the franchise announced number 24 would be retired maze. of course you remember play the his final two seasons of his career in new york with the mets
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comes at seventh player to have his number retired by the team saw it right here on abc 7 little league world series us championship, tennessee and hawaii bottom four hawaii's ruston two-run shot center. and it is five one, hawaii and in the sixth luke kuramoto sealing the deal the strikeout hawaii wins 5-1, they will take on the international winner tomorrow speaking of international championship game chinese taipei and curacao bottom three scoreless, jaden luisa rbi single through the right side one. nothing curse out top six now, he's fired up wayne young food deep drive to center davie jay rica. that's a big league play at the wall and curse out wins one-nothing. they'll take on hawaii tomorrow in the championship. hey, you see this? oh. all right. that's cal longstepper jake aguayo with the accurate long
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snap in the locker room. it took the top off the water bottle dion check out the reactions. talk about accuracy one week from today. cal will begin the regular season. uc davis, but i do not believe water bottles on the field be part of the game, but it's nice to know your lung snapper is like laser accurate with that snap. i'm super impressed. although that distance was decidedly shorter than like what he really should be kicking right? it's hard to sound that video, but the fact of the matter is to knock that little cap off the still amazing. very amazing. yeah at the check that distance it seemed close better than what we could ever do. yes for sure chris. thank you. well coming up and historic lunar journey calls for its own special dessert a one-day only treat to celebrate the launch of treat to celebrate the launch of artemi i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it,
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spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back tonight on abc 7 news at 11 a small plane makes an emergency landing on a beach of all places hear from a witness who saw the whole thing unfold and auto moon festival is returning in full force this year to san francisco's chinatown. we'll take a look at the sights and the sounds as well as the boosted. it's expected to give local businesses all of that and much more coming up tonight on abc 7
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news at 11. finally, we talked a few minutes ago about nasa's upcoming artemis 1 space mission and krispy kreme apparently getting in on the excitement. check it out for one day only launch day on monday. the donut chain is selling this especially themed artemis moon donut. it has cheesecake flavored filling dipped in cookies and cream icing it'll be on sale at participating locations throughout several bay area locations looks pretty good looking for those free samples. well, that's it for this edition of abc 7 news hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen. i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right.
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