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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 27, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. back with the bang the auto moon festival packs the streets of san francisco's chinatown providing a much-needed economic boost. good evening, and thank you for joining us some dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. is estimated close to 40,000 visitors showed up today many consider the autumn moon festival to be the second most important on the chinese lunar calendar. the busy streets means many came out to celebrate and to learn but it was also important for local businesses abc 7 news reporter answer hasan was there. dave moon festival in san francisco's chinatown came to a close with the fire dragon dance. so this is about casting away
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the bad juju that we've been experiencing and also we knew energy the moon festival dates back to over 3,000 years. it's to give thanks to the moon for a bountiful harvest man to d most important festival of the chinese lunar calendar, and it's a big draw for chinatown. the streets haven't been as busy for a while. so it's nice to see it feels good. i grew up here. it's like my roots. it's important to connect with where you came from not forget crystal lee who is 2022's miss chinatown usa says this year celebration isn't just about ancient traditions. it's also about modern day economics will come in to support the small businesses small businesses like the chinatown kite shop, which was devastated by the pandemic. there's a little bit true in the world over the last two years just the whole street out the journey. the scary albert chang opened chinatown kite shop back in 1972. he says this weekend's festival is an important step in getting
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back to black not just for chinatown, but for san francisco as well business has been good today. oh, yeah what mind if i have pretty happy with san francisco's chinatown's fortunes may not be tied to a strong harvest but the festival is still an important time to focus on the future and ancient contacts the emperor which for a bountiful harvest we're kind of wishing for a bountiful. year for a neighborhood and also for the better days to come in, san francisco. until hassan abc 7 news want to celebration now if you missed out today, the auto moon festival will be taking over chinatown once again on sunday starting at 11 am. to the south bay now. we're a weekend long pride celebration kicked off today in san jose. ab 7 news was at the silicon valley pride night festival at the plaza de cesar chavez. this year's theme is proudly
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authentic people were there to celebrate pride. enjoy good music food and vendors the pride day festival continues tomorrow from noon to six with that pride parade kicking off at 10:30 in the morning. in the east bay the weekend is off to a violent start oakland police say four people are dead following two separate shootings, including one where a bicyclist was killed by a car speeding off from the scene. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was at an anti-violence event where advocates say enough is enough. please join me in a brief moment of silence for the human beings who lies were tragically stolen from us a moment of remembrance at this stopped the violence event at oakland city hall honoring the victims of weekend gun violence in west oakland. first of all is heartbreaking. i think any loss of life should be honored by all people that's living saturday morning oakland police were called to sycamore street and mlk jr. way where they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at the scene on friday
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night a few blocks away a shooting in west oakland left three people dead, including a bicyclist run over by fleeing car. well, we know that there was an issue shooting. we know that there was a second shooting and then we know that after the second shooting the vehicle. which the individual who had been shot was inside of? flair from the scene and that is the vehicle to that appears to have struck the bicyclist chief armstrong says a motor for the shootings still unknown. yeah, i mean, it's just unfortunate. i mean again another senseless since this violence in our city, obviously, so tragic to lose three people and one incident violence just didn't start with the guns. this event was organized by boss building opportunities for self-sufficiency advocates say less talk and more action is needed to help stop the violence. i think it's time for us to get beyond the rhetoric and be focused on direct action. that's what's needed to address what's happening in our communities right now this group is calling for more resources
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and outreach for inner city neighborhoods. people are starving. like literally starving food hungry job hungry, so it's about prevention. so the first step is reconstituting community because i define that as common unity police say both shootings are under investigation and appear to be unrelated in oakland cornell bernard abc 7 news. a shooter is still on the loose more than 24 hours after a man was shot on board a bart train gunfire erupted in the middle of the day on board a daily city-bound train as it made its way through east oakland. we are now hearing the radio messages from the train's operator who described the chaotic situation when he pulled into the lake merritt station.
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know very rare occurrences, very traumatic enclosed areas. so we understand the angst that our writers would have been in an enclosed area such as a bart train. our police is reviewing security camera footage from onboard the train and the stations. they believe the victim was targeted the suspect escaped at the fruitville station. the victim was taken to highland hospital in oakland with life-threatening injuries. gunfire today outside a convenience store in union city left one man wounded police say he was shot at about three in the morning in the parking lot of a quick stop on whipple road that man is expected to survive. you saw there the bullet hole in the stores windows officers are asking anyone with information to contact them. moving on a mountain lion has died during emergency surgery at the oakland zoo after it was shot by police hollister police received a call of a mountain lion in a neighborhood early friday morning fish and wildlife
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attempted to tranquilize the mountain lion, but were unsuccessful. officers then fired at the animal after it charged toward them. the cougar suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and was transported to the oakland zoo where it later died. the zoo says it is the 20th puma in need of their help following close contact with humans. all new at 11 now. there has been another airplane emergency in watsonville, but thankfully everyone walked away unharmed this time. take a look. this single-engine cessna landed at menresa state beach in watsonville this afternoon the faa tells us three people were on board and all three walked away from what they're calling a forced landing. fire department tells us there was some kind of engine problem that led the pilot to put the four-seater on the sand witnesses. say he did a good job. avoiding beach goers. he started coming down. so i there i mean we didn't realize it was an engine failure or something until they told us
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because he landed it very smoothly. the cessna was towed out of the surf and parked in a safe spot the faa tells us it will investigate this beach landing. we'll count them down in a little more than 24 hours. nasa will make history with the scheduled launch of its artemis 1 rocket right now the most powerful rocket ever is sitting on the launch pad at cape canaveral in florida. it's ready to launch toward the moon in an uncrewed mission. that launch window opens at 5:30 monday morning, and the project is years behind schedule and billions over budget. it marks nasa's return to space missions 11 years after the last space shuttle launch anticipation as you can imagine is very high and the launch of this mission is a critical part of nasa's plan to get to mars someday. for me artemis 1 is exciting, but it's really a stepping stone of milestone to get humans back in the vicinity of the moon and that that is awesome. now something interesting artemis wouldn't be possible
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without the two decades of work from researchers at nasa ames and mountain view. they helped develop the orion crew capsule heat shield that will make a crude mission one day possible. coming up on abc 7 news at 11 still ahead paying tribute a former detention location in the bay area for japanese americans unveils a permanent honor for survivors. you'll hear from some of those who helped create it. and a little later more fallout from the minutes discovered at former president trump's florida home the action being taken now by the justice department. i'm spencer christian morning low clouds and fog will great us again tomorrow. i'll show you when to expect the sunshine in my accuweather forecast coming up with abc 7 news at 11:00 contin
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to see transformation come to them. firefighters use ropes and pulleys to rescue a man who fell off a cliff when the ground beneath his feet crumbled. it happened in moss beach in san mateo county friday morning that victim fell 100 feet onto the beach below a woman walking her dog heard him yelling for help and called 911. thank goodness. this is a reminderdaersalifora'. the city of san bruno is honoring japanese-americans who were imprisoned in the tanforan internment cap. this year marks the 80th anniversary abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry shows us how the city is paying tribute and what message is being sent for the future. it's really important that we unite five local artists with ancestors. and japanese internment camps came together to remember the past and shed light towards the future. hp is made out of five to eleven
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pieces of glass raco fuji is one of those artists who designed a piece for the exhibit. she built a kimono made of glass. it's fused at 1340 degrees all with pictures of former members of japanese internment camps. well serrated during world war her partner kathy fujioka says her ancestors were forced out of their plant nursery. so she built a cherry blossom sculpture to honor them. they were thriving business. and they ended up basically giving away donating trying to sell whatever they had before they were incarcerated designs that took several years to make now on display, but they aren't the only ones in san bruno remembering the 80th anniversary of the local internment camp. rand memorial committee unveiled an outdoor memorial to honor the 8,000 people detained, you know, we created this memorial to
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honor them and we want to make sure that they understand that this was for them. it has been 80 years since the tanforan camp and now artists want to use history to remind people to always fight against prejudice. we fight together against the prejudice and racial inhumane treatment that many are still encountering today in san bruno reinkery abc 7 news tonight is the final night of a 10-day stretch where repair crews are doing work to the muni metro subway. muni has closed the subway between embarcadero and west portal stations early as part of a fix-it campaign. crews are fixing overhead wires tracks signals and the automated train control system. all of this is being done in the name of safety. subway has been closing nightly at 9:30 with buses running in place of trains on the street level normal muni metro schedules resumed tomorrow.
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a major freeway between los angeles and phoenix is expected to fully reopen next week after sustaining major damage in a flash flood. this video you see there a large part of i-10 heading east was just washed out crews are working through the weekend to repair that highway monsoon storms caused similar damage to roads in death valley national park leaving hundreds of visitors stranded. all right and spencer you and i talk about the wacky weather that we've experienced all over the country. i mean thankfully knock on wood ours is actually pretty good right about that dion. we haven't had those floods those heavy rains that we're still have drawn here in california, and that's an important thing to keep in mind, but we haven't had that disastrous weather. here's a look at what's happening right now pretty calm. the wind is in most locations. they're only this evening. we had some pretty strong gusts near the coast right now. the strongest winds are inland and even those aren't very strong 13 miles per hour napa 14 miles per hour at concord, but near the coast right now. the wind is pretty light and the
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24-hour temperature change shows sort of a mixed bag of temperature readings. it's three degrees warmer right now in san francisco and in oakland then at this time last night, but as you go farther inland you can see it's anywhere from two to six degrees cooler than at this time last night. so let's just see how cool it is is the view from the exploratorium camera looking back at a part of the city escape of san francisco. it's 58 degrees here in the city. we have low 60s and oakland, palo alto, san jose. and even 60 degrees at santa clara and 59 at half moon bay and looking along the bay bridge from emeryville. looking westward. we see that it is cooler in santa rosa and petaluma right now than it is in san francisco and in half moon bay mid-50s of those two locations 61 right now at napa and at concord fairfield 60 and livermore 60 degrees one more live view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero, and these are our forecast features. we'll see the fog pushing in from the coast during the overnight hours. maybe some patchy drizzle here and there as well mild near average temperatures will be with us for the next few days
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and summer summer like heat returns late next week and continues into labor day weekend. here's what we can expect overnight and continuing push of low clouds and fog across the bay and rather far inland as well and there'll be some patchy drizzle not quite so widespread as the drizzly mornings earlier this week, but we'll see some wet spots in the early morning hours, but that father will quickly burn back to the coastline and giving us a sunny day all day tomorrow going to the early evening hours overnight lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s relatively cool near the coast relatively mild as you move farther inland at highs tomorrow 62 half moon bay 67 in san francisco. mainly low to mid 70s right around the bay shoreline in the east bay will be our warmest region with mid 80s there that's pretty mild though. no hot weather expected tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay upper 70s to about 80 in the south bay. and here's the accuweather seven day forecast notice. we only gain a couple of degrees of warmth each day sunday monday tuesday even wednesday finally though we get a little surge of
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summer like heat toward the end of the week and as we go into labor day weekend, we can expect inland high temperatures in the mid to upper 90 so it be warm a low 80s around the bayshore line and mid to upper 60s on the coast. i like that gradual warming though dion not that sudden surge of heat. that's pretty uncomfortable. yeah just ease us back into that summer like temperature exactly. all right spencer. thanks. well, just a head a sweet launch. see what krispy kreme is cooking up for nasa's big mission to the moon. it is only going to be available for one day only. for one day only. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. talked a few minutes ago about nasa's upcoming artemis 1 space mission and well krispy kreme is getting in on the excitement for one day only launch day on monday. the donut chain is selling this especially themed artemis moon donut. it has cheesecake flavored filling is dipped in cookies and cream icing. i think it's to look like the
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moon the themed donut will be on sale at participating krispy kreme locations including several throughout the bay area. all right with that, let's get to chris alvarez now with the preview of sports. hey, chris. for our bay area team the giants and a's games finish up sports is next.
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and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. sponsored by river rock casino the yankees have world series dreams while the a's are building for the future and entering tonight's action oakland five against new york one of the best teams in baseball, but that would change nickelodeon night the colosseum spongebob fans. they are in the house. chad pinder was named the a's
11:28 pm
heart and hustle award winner before the game showing you. why here in the third look at this catch runs it down heart and hustle into the wall. so nice. we show it twice adam oler the starter was dealing struck out three, but gave up just one hit in eight innings scoreless into the tenth. aj puck uncorks a wild pitch at the base is loaded two runs eventually score two nothing yankees, but it wasn't over bottom 10. i believe in stephen vote two runs shot to right center game tied at two in front of more than 36,000 at the coliseum bottom 11 chad pender. this looks like a eating any double play, but the throat of first is wild the game-winning runs scores play with challenge, but upheld a's win three two, and eleven they pick up their first win over the yankees this year battle the beards in minnesota gabe kaplan the giants taking on rocco baldelli and the twins alex cobb. also got a beard striking out geo or sheila there seven strikeouts innings for cobb. more athletics sonny gray on the
11:29 pm
hill for the twins joey bart breaking up a no-hitter san francisco had just one hit through eight innings scored on two sack flies then there came the rains and then bottom nine twins make it rain two on two out base it to right max kepler hesitates, but then eventually scores twins within a run and wouldn't you know next batter jake cave face hit to left. we are all tied up at two giants fail to score in the 10th bottom 10 bases loaded and dominic leone four pitch walk off walk twins win, three two in 10 nfl preseason finale for both the buccaneers and colts san mateo's own tom brady getting ready for his 23rd season first quarter opening possession brady finding tyler johnson first down move the chains on fourth down next play brady all kinds of time aaron it out to new teammate julio jones another first down later on the drive brady. little quick completion a camera and break that would lead to a field goal. brady was six of eight for 44
11:30 pm
yards the colts did win the game. okay, 27 10. let's kick. it quakes in kansas city. those fans are all fired up 10th minute now sporting kc is on the attack. getting past the san jose defense and look at the cross right here gets deflected, but goes right to daniel. shallowee, he scores one nil and that was the lone goal to match sporting kc wins one nail, san jose returns home to host vancouver on sunday, september 4th abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, deon. thanks, chris new developments with the documents that will recovered from former president trump's florida home the action now being taken by the justice department. and take a look. it's just a ford escort from the 80s right wait until you hear though who it belongs to and how much somebody paid for it at an auction.
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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. abc news has confirmed top intelligence officials are working with the justice department in conducting a risk assessment. it's to see if former president trump's handling of classified documents may have compromised national security all of this comes just one day after a judge released the heavily redacted affidavit laying out the case for the search of trump's mar-a-lago home. here's abc news reporter christine sloan. the director of national intelligence will conduct an assessment of any potential risk to national security that may have resulted from classified documents being held at
11:35 pm
mar-a-lago democratic house committee chairs had pushed for a review saying after seeing the unsealed affidavit quote. it is critical that the intelligence community moves swiftly to assess and if necessary to mitigate the damage done the national archive said that after several requests trump's team handed over 15 boxes of materials in january, including 184 documents mark classified the doj concluded it needed a search warrant because it believed more national defense information was still at the former president's home despite repeated efforts for the government to have that government property returned the former president his team refused to comply the newly unsealed affidavit used in the request for that warrant is highly red. did the doj explained those redactions writing the government has well founded concerns. that steps may be taken to frustrate or otherwise interfere with this investigation if facts
11:36 pm
in the affidavit were prematurely disclosed anyone involved in the process of moving these documents storing. these documents is definitely and should be concerned former president trump has in critical of the investigation and claims he did nothing wrong, but despite his criticism of the redactions in the affidavit. his legal team did not argue for its release in court. meanwhile a federal judge appears to be leaning toward appointing a special master to oversee the review of evidence recovered from the mar-a-lago search arguments on the issue have been scheduled for september 1st christine, sloan abc news, new york. security video shows a group of thieves struggling to steal expensive birds from a pet store near los angeles take a look earlier this week burglar smashed the front window of the damascal pet shop and saw through security gate to get in it took about two minutes to get inside and go directly to several birds a few of the animals flutter away and the burglars chased after them a
11:37 pm
third bird just clung to a fan you can see it there feathers flying rossi aguilar started the business two years ago and is simply devastated. the near key is a difficult as just a sacrifice, you know like not being around her kids working day and night. oh, it is heartbreaking aguilar says the thieves got away with seven birds worth more than $20,000. first lady jill biden remains in isolation in delaware this weekend after testing positive again for covid-19. mrs. biden tested positive with the rebound case on wednesday nearly 10 days after her initial positive test. she was first treated with the antiviral drug paxilvid, which can cause rebound cases a white house official says she is not experiencing any symptoms and can return to the white house as soon as monday. a baby is being treated for monkeypox out of seattle hospital tonight. the infant has tested positive
11:38 pm
for the virus and is experiencing complications from a rash seattle children's hospital tells abc news pediatricians are treating the child with teapots, which is the antiviral authorized for use in children. health officials say an infected family member expose the child to the virus at least 18 children across 10 states have fallen ill from the virus even so the vast majority of infections are occurring in men who have sex with men a decline in cases in new york chicago and san francisco has federal health officials hopeful, they're actually seeing vaccine get out behaviors change harm reduction messages being heard and implemented and all of that working together to bend the curve. vaccination efforts are intensifying across the nation dr. willenske says black and hispanic men are disproportionately represented in new cases and has vowed to increase vaccine equity. a car once owned by the late
11:39 pm
princess diana has sold for wait for it over 850,000 at an auction in the uk the 1985 ford escort rs turbo s1 had nearly 25,000 miles on it. she drove it for nearly three years, but this one is rare because it is believed only three of the cars left the factory painted black. princess diana was seen driving the car to nearby shops and restaurants one photo even includes her driving with her son william in the back seat. this week marks a significant moment in us history. the color barrier was broken not on a sports field, but when it comes to the military, we'll take you to the ceremony that honored those who went where none had went before. i'm spencer christian enjoy this cool and average break weather right now because some heat is coming our way for labor day weekend. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11:00 continues.
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spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back never heard of the montfort point marines, you are definitely not alone the story of the us marine corps first black recruits has often been overlooked. this week is the 80th anniversary of the men who bravely broke the marines color barrier a celebration in their honor is taking place at camp lejeune racing culture reporter aquila davis from our sister station wtvd in north carolina takes us there. here at camp lejeune this mom for appointment. marie memorial is dedicated to the first black men to join the marine corps these 20,000 stars represent those men who were segregated and service. there are no names. that's because there's no complete roster recognizing them for their accomplishments. but that's changing and there is a mission to make sure their legacy is never forgotten just off the north carolina coast near camp lejeune.
11:44 pm
to black marines have to fight for the right to fight height of world war two the men started arriving the 20,000 men who trained there from 1942 to 1949 are now known as montford point marines this ceremony at the montford pointe marie monument recognizes those trailblazers who often go on mention when stories about african-americans in the military are told but this is not just marine corps history of black history. it's american history four of those men were guests of honor at the ceremony including 96 year old retired marine corporal george mcivery. he recalls what he saw when he first arrived to boot camp what i so i was ready to turn around we want you to feel but knowing me i'm dogmatic.
11:45 pm
i don't believe in giving up mciver. very other than 12 that means there are 18,000 men who have yet to receive this honor the national mount for point marine association and surviving relatives are working to find them. it's a difficult task because there's no complete roster of all the men but our station group abc own television stations has been lending a hand to help find marines and their families. i saw your story where you're researching and looking for families. that were month for point marine survivors. and so i reached out to you and you got the ball rolling. levita roca's father sergeant thomas reeves of princeville, north carolina was a mom for point marine and she never knew of her dad's unsung roland history until recently. her family is one of 11 who received the congressional gold medal at the 80th anniversary celebration.
11:46 pm
all of them overwhelmed with emotion over the memory of their loved ones and the historical significance of the day when i see is the sacrifice of my father. and other young black men that accepted the challenge to join marines. during a time when it was segregated. they had the courage to step up to fight for their country master gunnery sergeant maurice smith received the meadow on behalf of his grandfather sergeant fred moselle. there's no way that i could have been a marine today without marines like him and the other marvel movies that deserve his mother shirley deberry says, she always knew her father was special. that's why when she found out a few weeks ago. he was a mom for point marine it all made sense. amazed that a never-before-seen photo of him hanging in the montford point marine museum on what's now known as camp johnson, he would be so proud and it would make him so proud that he has a grandson.
11:47 pm
that followed in his steps her son standing on his grandfather's shoulders as a proud marine of 30 years. i say anything to our grandfather today. we did it. we did it these families. hope the legacy of the montford point marines just like the buffalo soldiers and the tuskegee airmen will be revered in american history and that the montford point marines are never forgotten aquila davis abc 7 news. now there is a chance that there are montfort point marines or relatives in our area who don't know they can receive a replica of the congressional gold medal if you believe you know of one you can log on to slash our america to learn more about this honor spencer certainly eye-opening and educational and just really fascinating that story how the story really is a story that
11:48 pm
needs to be told it needs to be heard. let's take a look at what's going on with our weather dion overnight. we're going to see some clouds and fog pushing across the bay locally inland maybe a little coastal drizzle overnight lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow after some lingering morning clouds. we'll have a sunny day with high temperatures ranging from low 60s at the coast to low 70s mid 70s around the bay to mid 80s inland. this is a nice pleasant day coming our way tomorrow, but those high temperatures are well below average for this time of the year. here's the accuweather seven day forecast the mild to below average days will continue into the middle of next week with a gradual warm-up finally towards the end of the week as we approach labor day weekend. and we'll get a surge of summer like heat with inland high surging into the mid to upper 90s around the bay shoreline by the end of the week low 80s and upper 60s on the coast. so a warm-up is coming our way just in time for the big holiday weekend. are you giving us permission to go to the beach? is that what's going on? you have my permission. chris alvarez joins us with a
11:49 pm
preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports college football kicks off the season across the pond and let the real games begin what the 49ers head coach kyle shanahan had to say about trey lance's preseason teams getting ready for week one sports is next.
11:50 pm
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sponsored by river rock casino the preseason is over for the 49ers and the countdown of the regular season is on but before then roster cut down day niners need to trim the roster to 53 players by one o'clock pacific on tuesday 49ers starting quarterback, trey lance played in his final tune-up before the regular season opener. it's sunday, september 11th in chicago. lance was seven for 11 49 yards. no touchdowns or interceptions and head coach. kyle. shanahan says, he would always like time for more reps, but there's nothing that can replace the real regular season action now, i'd love to get trade more
11:53 pm
practice and everything and more experience. so, yeah, i mean, i would always want more of that but you know, we've run out of those games and he's ready to go as he can be he needs to get in these real games now and start playing and there's gonna be times. he makes a mistakes. he's got to learn from them and find a way to still win the game and overcome some of those things as he learns on the run. i'm glad he did get some experience in this preseason always wish you could have got more but i am glad that he came out healthy this year where last year came out with that broken pinky that did affect them. college football kicking off across the pond, nebraska and northwestern from dublin ireland the momentum change here in the third quarter. nebraska was up 2817 try to surprise on site kick, but the wildcats recovered and scored a touchdown five plays later. i made a 28 24 early fourth nebraska's casey thompson picked off by cameron mitchell. no, he doesn't take it back all the way but 27 yards and in nebraska territory that would lead to this first and goal evan hull runs it in from four yards out that that's the eventual
11:54 pm
game-winning score wildcats complete the comeback with the 31-28 win as for the bay area college football team, san jose state opens at home on thursday against portland state and on saturday september 3rd. stanford will host colgate while cal they're also at home golden bears host uc davis for a one o'clock kickoff in berkeley now with long time starter chase garbers now competing for a roster spot with the raiders perdue transfer jack plummer expect to be the starting quarterback and with the new school year underway. that means balancing both life in the classroom and on the field for the past three weeks we had more time than that, but that's what happens when you serve school. so they've done a great job at this point. it was a good camp and now they're their schedules are changing today was the first day of classes. and so, you know, just got to get get into a little bit different rhythm, but we will be starting really started today with all of our uc davis prep and start with some scout periods tomorrow.
11:55 pm
now earlier this week cal long snapper jake arguayo with the accurate long snap in the locker room takes the top right off the water bottle. the reactions were amazing. you saw it right here on abc 7 little league world series us championship, tennessee and hawaii bottom four. hawaii's rustin hyoto two-run shot to center and it is five one, hawaii all kinds of fired up and in the sixth who luke, excuse me, you're a moto seals the deal with the strikeout hawaii wins 5-1. they will take on the international winner in the international championship. it was chinese taipei and curaçao bottom three scoreless jaden luisa rbi single to write one nothing curacao top of the six. wang young food deep drive to center davie j ryka look at this. this is a big league play at the wall what a catch and curacao wins one nothing they'll take on hawaii in the championship on sunday. third round at the tour
11:56 pm
championship weather started out nice in atlanta. and so was scottie sheffler on eight the birdie will fall his first pretty of the round though sandra schlafly now on eight same hole good look at a birdie and a chance for the co-lead, but it slides on by and just how close was it? i mean game of inches and even less and then the weather changed and play was delayed round three play will resume on sunday morning ahead of the final round. hey to see this, this is atlanta braves mascot blooper aka bloopy showing he's not playing with these little kids in the mascot peewee football game during the halftime of the atlanta falcons preseason game. he had several stiff arms and some broken tackles later blooper a nice first down run no reports on if he has been offered an nfl contract quite yet abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. wow, who knew bloopy could move so fast. all right, don't forget you can
11:57 pm
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