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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> that breaking news coming out of san francisco where a person has been stabbed to death. it happened at 24th and mission and vet station is shut down right now. j.r. stone joins us at the mission police station with the latest. >> no arrests have been made in this case. within the last hour, they believe the stabbing that happened upon street-level and then the victim came downstairs. we are around 1 mile at the san francisco police department. we want to go to the video. this is what it looks like in that area. they have checked surveillance video which they say shows two adult males arguing near the street elevator entrance at 24th invial stabbed the oon. v down e stairs and into the station and eventually collapsed on the platform.
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bart personnel tried to help but the man was pronounced dead a short time later. this is the second time in days we have seen a violent situation nearby. a man was shot at an open station near friday. no arrests have been made, no suspect descriptions have been released. certainly much more has happened as we continue to dig here tonight at 6:00. >> the incident comes just two days after a person was shot on board a barge train in east oakland. video shows the victim being wheeled away. but please do believe the suspect escaped at the fruitville station. they are still searching for that person. police believe this is a targeted attack. that victim has life-threatening injuries. good evening and thank you for joining us. that bart train journey was the start of a violent weekend in oakland.
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we know that five people have been killed in three separate shootings, the latest just this morning. it happened along park boulevard in the oakland ivy hill neighborhood. the initial call was for a car crash but when they got to the scene, they found a man had been shot. he died a short time later. oakland police are investigating what led up to that shooting. also, another problem plagued residents and law enforcement overnight. sideshows erupted all across the city late saturday evening and into sunday morning. as many as 500 vehicles with 150 spectators showed up at some of the locations. over the weekend, officers arrested seven people, impounded a vehicles and cited for people. moving onto new developments now about the single engine airplane that made an emergency landing saturday on the beach in watsonville. all three people on board walked away unharmed. abc 7 news was there earlier today were accrued of mechanics
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without it took the wind and the propeller off the cessna four. it was loaded onto a trailer and tucked away for repairs. the pilot reported engine barely read before putting the lane down on the sand. state park officials say no one was hurt and piloted a good job of landing. >> it is not really affecting anything. just a couple of people were interested in taking photos. >> he said yesterday outcome was very fortunate. on august 18, you may remember these two airplanes collided in midair while trying to land at the airport. three people died in that instant. thousands of people celebrated love and unity in the south bay today. the silicon valley pride parade and festival took center stage in san jose, celebrating the lgbtq plus community. cornell barnard was there. >> love and unity was the vibe
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filling the streets of downtown san jose. don't forget the signature danced -- dance moves. >> love who you love and i think it is amazing what people are doing. supporting each other. >> this event is the celebration of the lgbtq plus community and its allies. it is about representation for the south asian queer and trans community. >> it is so important for us to be out here because we need representation. i think it is a turning point in our country where we are seeing the full spectrum of the rainbow. >> this is a celebration of everybody in our community getting to be authentically who they are and getting to celebrate that. >> this bread is a reminder of rights that everyone is still fighting for. >> gay rights are after -- will be came for after women's rights. >> this parade has been showing
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his pride since 1977. >> this parade is getting bigger and bigger every year. >> we found newlyweds hours after they tied the knot. >> today is a celebration so we decided to do it. >> we love each other. why not do it on pride? >> congratulations and happy pride. and san jose, cornell barnard. >> history in the making is about 12 hours away. we will look at the anticipated launch of the arm is one -- artemis one rocket. what the former president has requested and what is inspected to happen. >> enjoy the manacled than we have today because major heat is on the way. i will have the accuweather
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a federal judge is asking for specific information about the classified records removed from the florida estate of president trump. there will hear artemis on
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thursday for the request of an outside expert. the fbi launched the search based on evidence from a significant number of civilian witnesses. the affidavit is heavily redacted as you can see but it has provided some insight into that investigation. >> the most important part that is redacted relates to the obstruction. that is what this is all going to come down to. it is not just obstruction of justice charge. it is exactly what actions were taken to thwart this investigation, to thwart getting back those documents. >> the fbi search and mar-a-lago uncovered documents involving the most sense vibe -- sensitive classified material. spine, eavesdropping and secrets from allies. no specifics have been revealed. russia and ukraine continue to blame each other for a bombing near europe's largest nuclear plant. that plant temporarily went off-line last week for the very
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first time ever. raising fears of a nuclear disaster. the head of ukraine's nuclear agency, he says the agency is one step from a radiation emergency. authorities are distributed iodine tablets to people who live near the plant in preparation for intentional radiation exposure. even with nuclear affairs looming, those with ties to the ukraine are celebrating ukrainian independence today, the event honoring the holiday was held at golden gate park this afternoon. ukrainian day commemorates ukraine's declaration of its sovereignty from the former soviet union back in 1991. the effort to save amount ryan -- a mountain lion. and looking ahead to nasa's latest mission to the moon. the artemis one rocket is ready
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after a facebook post about mountain lion turned into a social media controversy. they posted a video of the mountain lion being brought in for emergency surgery. it had been shot by police after it was found roaming through a neighborhood in hollister. the facebook post generated hundreds of comments with many condemning police. hollister police encounter with a facebook post of their own, saying the oakland zoo failed to mention that the amount lion charged. hollister police called this careless and misleading. today, the oakland zoo responded in a statement saying that alastair petey was not named by us or judged by us. our message and focus in chairman use of this tragedy was to educate the public about the growing issues around human wildlife contact and nothing more. the mountain lion died during surgery. the oakland zoo says this is the 20th amount lion in need of
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their health following close contact with humans. the countdown is on to this historic mission to the moon. nasa is scheduled to launch is artemis one rocket. it will be the first time in 50 years that a spacecraft is headed to the moon. it is being hailed as the most powerful rocket ever. the unaccrued mission will take off from kennedy space center in florida and anticipation is high because this launch is a critical part of nasa's plan to one day get to mars. spencer, we were just talking about this earlier, the weather is looking pretty good for that launch. >> the nasa forecasters are saying there is a 70% chance of favorable weather. those are pretty good odds. there will probably be some morning showers there. not unusual for the florida coast. the big concern is that those showers might contain lightning. things are looking pretty good. we have breezy conditions.
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sort of a regular feature of the late afternoon and early evening weather around the bay area. we have 27 mile per hour service was in san francisco. 23 mile per hour gusts in san mateo and all over the area. you can see it is a degree or two cooler most in land locations. a little bit warmer closer to the coast and the bay. sort of a mixed bag as we look at the 24 hour temperature change. here is the view from our rooftop camera. 65 degrees in san francisco right now. palo alto, upper 70's. 63 at half moon bay. we have partly cloudy, partly blue skies over the golden gate. 74 in santa rosa. a nice view from emeryville showing the reflection of the sunlight. low clouds developing near the coast. you will see clouds and fog
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return later tonight. gradual warming will continue later in the day. we are talking maybe triple digits. but this is what will happen overnight. low clouds will push across the bay. there is a big chance of some drizzle, maybe even light showers near the coast and across the bay and in the early morning hours. follow wilburn back to the coastline, given way to a manly sunny afternoon. on we go to overnight lows. generally upper 50's that to about 62 in antioch. that will be the mild and warm spot overnight. tomorrow, it will be warm in land with high temperatures around 89. 98 fairfield. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. not much change from tomorrow to tuesday. a similar weather pattern there. slightly warmer on wednesday by just a couple of degrees but then temperatures soar into the upper 90's in land on thursday and friday and next saturday and sunday, we are looking at pretty
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intense heat with high temperatures above 100 degrees in the house locations. >> let's get to chris alvarez with a preview of sports. not quit football sunday yet. >> almost. two weeks. the giants are looking to avoid the sweep in minnesota. the team returns to the coliseum. highlights from that ceremony highlights from that ceremony and another big i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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>> we are back in town and open. the franchise owner that 2000 one of the most iconic moment of that run was provided by scott hatteberg. that gave the athletics win number 20. >> to win 20 games, you just
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can't do it on talent alone. you need a little help from your friends and thank god we got a lot of friends out there. this place may not be brand-new but you put in of green and golden here and she shines bright. from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you. thank you for the memories. we thank you for this day and appreciate you always. christman got a hotter, the m.v.p. that year. throwing out the first pitch. top of the fifth, 4-1. andrew benintendi to left. what are cash was by tk. it might not have been a home run. adrian martinez fired up on the
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defense. they tagged a runner there. a flip to the first floor. the great double play. aaron judge, a major-league best 49 home runs on the season but struck out three times today. the athletics went 4-1. giant spent in minnesota wearing purple san francisco t-shirts. top two, scoreless, flying to the left. looks like they came from paisley park. when the cash that was. he drove in the giants's first run. the giants put five men on base in the fourth but managed just one run. it was a bases-loaded walk to wilmer flores. that big hit continues to be an issue for san francisco. jake have had a four idea -- for rb idea. they finished the eight-game road trip.
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that is an extensive piece of equipment. here is the leadoff batter. home run. we are tied at one. that flies out, back to back home runs. hawaii never looked back. you can see those kids all fired up. a game-winning rbs angle. it is dog pile time. hawaii wins 14 happy three. when they go back to school, that is the best summer story ever. >> they are the coolest kids in school. >> a quick reminder you can always get a live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 bay area streaming tv at. just search abc 7 bay area
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>> today marks the 59th anniversary of the march on washington. people gathered at the mlk monument to the occasion. dr. martin luther king gave his iconic i have a dream speech as a quarter of a million people rally in the nation's capital. they demanded the end to segregation and culture fair wages, voting rights and civil rights protections. an unusual site was caught on video in philadelphia. look at this. it is a girl. she is walking and alligator on a leash. you can see the reptile cooling off in a fountain with her. it turns out this gators name is wally gator and he is an emotional support alligator. he is a tiktok sensation and if he looks familiar, he was the inspiration for the design of
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alligator loki on disney plus. disney is the parent company of abc 7. i am dion lim. tonight, assessing the risk from the trump mar-a-lago documents. was national security compromised? and now top republicans are weighing in on the former president's handling of classified information, as u.s. intelligence officials launch their investigation into the documents that were recovered. we look at the possible fallout. could it lead to criminal prosecution? a senior republican senator tells abc news, the former president should have turned the documents over before the fbi searched his home. developing tonight, ukraine's largest nuclear power plant is hit by shelling. terrified residents line up for anti-radiation medication. what we've learned about the plan for a radiation emergency. our team on the ground near the nuclear plant. the dangerous weather threats. severe storms in the upper midwest. mississippi's governor d


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