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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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information. >> police in this area are actively searching for the killer in this case. they have not released a suspect description. nor a surveillance video in this case. here is what we do know. according to barth, they have checked that surveillance video that they say shows adult males arguing near the street elevator entrance 24 admission just before 1:40 this afternoon. and then one individual stabs the other person. we know that was a male, also a male victim. they walked down the stairs, into the station and eventually collapsed on the platform. bart personnel tried to help with the man was pronounced dead a short time later. keep in mind, this is the second time in days we have seen a violent situation at the bart station. a man was shot at an open station on friday. we have also actively been
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listening to scanner traffic this afternoon and at one point it appeared as the police were looking for a man who was seen leaving that area on an electronic scooter. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> we appreciate the update. that incident comes just two days after a person was shot on board a bart train in east oakland. video shows the victim being wheeled away on a stretcher. bart plays with the suspect has escaped at the fruitville station and they are still searching for that person. police say they believe this was a targeting attack. the victim in that incident has life-threatening injuries. at bart train shooting was the start of a violent weekend in oakland. we now know that five people have been killed in three separate shootings. the latest jet this morning. -- just this morning. the initial call was for a car crash but when they got to the scene, they found a man had been
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shot. in oakland, another problem plagued residents and law enforcement overnight. sideshows erupted into saturday morning. police say as many as 500 vehicles with 175 spectators showed up. officers arrested seven people, impounded a people and cited for people. how much is the drug prices talk -- costing city taxpayers? tomorrow, dorsey says he will ask the city controller and chief economist to start looking for answers. he will send a letter, asking the city to prepare a right to recover and report. dorsey says he was compelled to demand those answers after a columbia university study which found untreated drug addiction claimed nearly 17% of oregon
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pause state budget in 2017. moving onto new development about the single engine airplane that made an emergency airplane -- made an emergency landing. all three people on board walked away unharmed. abc 7 news was there earlier today. the fuselage was voted onto a trailer and truck to wait for repairs. that pilot reported engine failure before putting the plane down on the sand. state parks officials say no one was hurt and the pilot did a good job landing. >> it is not really affecting anything. just a couple people who work interested in coming over and taking photos. >> he also said yesterday's outcome was very fortunate. two airplanes collided mid air while trying to land at the watsonville airport. three people died in that incident.
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shifting gears now. thousands of people celebrated love and unity in the south bay today. the pride parade took center stage in san jose. cornell barnard was there. >> love and unity was the vibe filling downtown san jose. don't forget those signature dance moves. >> it is import into lovely love and i think it is amazing what people are doing out here. supporting each other. >> this is a celebration of the lgbtq plus community and its allies. it is about representation for the south asian queer and trans community. >> need representation and i think it is a turning point in our country where we are seeing the most patient -- full spectrum of the radio -- of the rainbow.
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>> this parade a reminder of rights which many are still fighting for. >> they are taking away women's rights and we can't allow that to happen because gay rights are next. that is why we are here and we stand strong together. >> in san francisco pride often gets most of the spotlight but this parade has been showing his pride since 1977. >> this parade is getting bigger and bigger every year. that is a good sign. >> we found these newlyweds hours after they tied the knot. >> today is a celebration of love. we decided to do it. >> congratulations and happy pride. in san jose, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> much more to come including history in the making. now just about 12 hours away. we will look ahead to the much anticipated launch of the autumn is one rocket and new fallout over the fbi raid of mar-a-lago.
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>> police agencies conveyed -- convened on a high school today but this was only a training drill. there was an active shooter exercise. all enforcement agencies participated. the sounds of simulated gunfire can even be heard during the exercise. the annual training was in collaboration with the west sonoma county union high school still district -- i school school district. they recognize the need to work with partner agencies to update training and tactics in order to provide the most effective response possible. today's event was only a training drill. a federal judge is now asking the justice department to provide more specific information about the crash of classified records. the judge will heal -- will hear
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arguments on trump's request for an outside expert to review the documents. the fbi launched the search based in part on evidence from pacific and -- significant number of civilian witnesses. the affidavit used to obtain the mar-a-lago search warrant is heavily redacted but has provided some insight into the investigation. >> that is what this will all come down to, not just in obstruction of justice charge. it is exactly what actions were taken to thwart this investigation, to thwart getting back those documents. >> the fbi search uncovered documents involving the most sensitive classified material including some on human intelligence, spying, eavesdropping and secrets from allies. no specifics have been revealed. the south bay congressman says he is not worried about the possibility of a special master being appointed.
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slowing down the investigation. he spoke to us after a town hall meeting he held with constituents in sunnyvale. >> i think the justice department has done this very deliberately. they have all the facts, they are going to pursue the law. we know the politicians need to have the justice department do the job just like they would for anyone. >> he uses -- he is especially concerned that the sensitive secrets were mishandled by trump and believes if that is the case there should be accountability for the mishandling. much more and including the effort to save a mountain lion. the war of words. the artemis one rocket is ready to go. why tomorrow's launch is set to make history. plus, spencer christian is tracking your work week forecast. we will be checking in with him next. >> the giants are going to avoid
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just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. the oakland zoo is responding after a post about a mountain lion brought concern. it was shot by police after it was found roaming through a neighborhood in hollister. the facebook post had many condemning police over the decision to shoot the animal. hollister police countered with a facebook post of their own saying the oakland zoo failed to mention that the mountain lion charged at an officer after wildlife officials tried several times to tranquilize it. hollister police called the post careless and misleading. the oakland zoo responded in a statement writing that hollister
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petey was not named by us or judged by us. the message and focus of sharing this news and tragedy was to educate the public about the growing issues of human wildlife, -- human and wild left contact. that mountain lion died during surgery. the oakland zoo says this is the 20th mountain lion in need of their help following close contact with humans. today marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. on august 20, 19 63, dr. martin luther king gave his iconic i have a dream speech as a quarter of a million people rallied in the nation's capital. they demanded an end to segregation and called for fair wages, voting rights and civil rights protections. check it out. the countdown is on to this historic mission to the moon. tomorrow morning, nasa is scheduled to launch its artemis one rocket. it will be the first time the spacecraft is headed to the
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moon. it is being hailed as the most powerful rocket ever. a launch window opens at 5:30 tomorrow morning where the mission will take off from kennedy space center in florida. anticipation is high because this lodge is a critical part of nasa's plan to one day get to mars and spencer, it looks like the forecast is favorable for that to happen. >> this is a 10% chance of favorable weather for the launch. they expect some morning showers there. they are hoping those showers will not contain any lighting. i am hoping the same thing. let's look at what is happening with our weather. breezy evening. it is a bit cooler in some inland spots right now. this time yesterday they were a little bit warmer. here is a view from the rooftop camera. in san francisco, currently 75 degrees. palo alto, 64, mid 70's here.
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63 at half moon bay. a nice view of the golden gate. napa, 69. we have mid to upper 70's at fairfield, concord and livermore. looking across the bay, lots of sunlight flat -- lots of sunlight reflecting off the bay. beginning to stack up a little bit along the coastline. we will see fog and low clouds returning overnight with some drizzle as well. that may spill over into the early morning hours. there may be a few wet spots for morning commuters. a gradual warming over the next few days. we will have a big summerlike warm up with high temperatures approaching and maybe even exceeding 100 degrees in the hottest bus next weekend. this is what we are going to expect. fog and drizzle. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the commute gets underway, there may
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be a few wet and slippery spots on the roadways but this will not be widespread drizzle. overnight lows along the bay area will be generally in the upper 50's to about 62 in antioch. that will be our warm spot overnight. 68 in san francisco. mainly mid 70's along the bay shoreline. we will see low to mid 80's. the in that east bay will be the warmest in our region. upper 80's to about 90 will be the highest tomorrow down in south bay, low to mid 80's. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. not much change at all in the temperature range tomorrow. minor warming on wednesday and then rapid warming on wednesday, friday and then next weekend, 100 degrees or higher in the hottest and then areas, mid to upper 80's around the bay. >> abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> the boys were back in town. they got the red carpet
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treatment ahead of today's athletics and yankees series finale. they honored at the 2002 team that won 20 straight games, one of the most iconic moments during that run provided by henneberg who at that walkoff home run. it gave the athletics when number 20. he remembered both his great team and the unwavering support from fans. >> to win 20 games, you just can't do it on talent alone, you need a little help from your friends and thank god we have a lot of friends out there. this place may not be brand-new but you put enough green and golden here and she shines bright. so from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you for the memories. we are going to build somewhere with the boys here. thank you for this day and we appreciate you always. >> as for the game, miguel tossing that strike to hatteberg.
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there is a gametime home run -- gametime home run. the athletics escorted to in the first and eventually they have a 4-0 lead. andrew benintendi, deep fly to left. tony kemp going back. what a catch at the wall. that might not have been a homerun but pretty close. adrian martin fired up. two on four these are the mayhew. -- two on for dj lemahieu. the athletics when 4-1. the giants wearing purple sf t-shirts. jake gave flied out to left. lamonte wade jr., that is nearly from paisley park. what a run to make the catch. he also drove in the first run for the giants. they managed just one run on
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that walk to wilmer flores. that big had continues to be an issue. minnesota broken up with four straight doubles. part of a four rb i day. hawaii facing curacao. this court of the first run on a wild pitch that shattered a camera lens. that is the first time hawaii trailed alternate. there is the leadoff home run. angel with back-to-back home hawaii never looked back. angel at the plate again. that is lovely. a game-winning rbs angle. it is dog pile team. -- time. two weeks from today, the 49ers open the regular season in chicago against the bears. the preseason finally over and cut down date is tuesday.
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the 49ers need to get the roster to 53 players. we know that george kittle is on the roster. he is entering year six. you can feel the emotion in his voice. he is ready to play. >> i am ready to play football. definitely looking for to these practices. i think we will be able to refine a lot of the things. just continue to work on that, continue to get reps as an offense. the boys are ready to go out and hit people that are not the niners. >> they are ready to just go after someone else. can you imagine being this close and yet so far away? >> patients, chris alvarez. >> i can't, i am ready. >> a quick reminder that you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area streaming tv
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>> the bay area's ties to ukraine were celebrated today. it was with ukrainian independence day. an event on them in the holiday that was held at golden gate park this afternoon. ukrainian day at the park commemorates ukraine's declaration of its sovereignty from the former soviet union back in 1991. finally, an unusual site was caught on video in philadelphia. take a look. it is a girl walking in -- an alligator on a leash. you can see the reptile cooling off in the fountain with her. his handler has cancer and says while he is a big supporter of people needing smiled. he was the -- disney is the parent company of
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