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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 31, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we are anticipating this extreme heat to be a length and duration the likes of which we haven't experienced in some time. dan: emergency action already in effect as the bay area and the state brace for dangerously hot weather. ama: the national weather service says the heat could potentially hit all-time record highs in some parts of the state. dan: of course, the extreme temperatures mean there will be a strain on california's energy grid, which is why a flex alert is in effect now. ama: governor newsom announced he signed an executive order to temporarily increase the state's electricity supply. dan: we are on heat watch with team coverage for you.
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karina nova has more on the flex alert. ama: we begin with sandhya patel, joining us live from the roof, with a look at the numbers. sandhya: the numbers so far are manageable. we have mid-90's inland, but that's going to change very quickly. let me show you the excessive heat warning that is in effect, beginning at 11:00 a.m. saturday for all inland areas. the hills. it runs until 8:00 p.m. tuesday. coastal communities, bay shoreline under an excessive heat watch. temperatures in the upper 90's to 100's. lake county, 110°. a dangerous heat wave over the next three days. the holiday weekend, heat risk will be rising. record temperatures are expected. numbers hit their extreme on monday, which is labor day for our, inland communities -- labor day. for our inland communities, never leave kids in pets -- and pets in cars.
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check on relatives and neighbors. i will be back with a closer look at this heat wave, coming up. dan: here we go. this extreme heat also means a strain on california's power grid, and that's why state officials are taking action starting today. karina nova is in the newsroom with more on this and what the governor announced late today. karina: first, the flex alert has been extended until tomorrow, calling for a second consecutive day of voluntary lectures of the conservation. as you heard from our meteorologists all day today, some areas of california are expected to hit triple digits for multiple days. today, governor newsom signed an executive order, like he has done the last two years, to ramp up the state's energy supply during this heat event. as part of that, businesses and those in the industrial sector are being asked to reduce their demand. when it comes to that flex alert today and tomorrow, you are
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asked to conserve energy between 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. to alleviate stress on the power grid. do what you can to free up the power supply. >> we want to make sure, again, we are not using, unnecessarily, consuming, unnecessarily, too much electricity. the flex alert is an opportunity to elevate the consciousness for all of us, to prepare to enter into this week and to work our way through what will be perhaps the most challenging two days, sunday and monday. this coming sunday and monday. karina: the governor is asking everyone to do their part. if you are going out of town for the holiday weekend, you are urged to turn the thermostat up to 85° to help reduce demand. we have more resources and information about this flex alert on our website, live in the newsroom, karina nova, abc 7 news. dan: thanks a lot. good information on our website, so check that out. in many parts of the bay area,
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homes are not equipped with air conditioning, and the same goes for students at cal state east bay. as our reporter explains, the university is making plans to help students find cool places to study. >> usually, on top of this hill, cal state east bay students don't have to worry about very hot temperatures. this weekend will be different. >> i don't know the technical parts about it. we don't have a/c. >> his dorm only has fans. he'll have to find cool weather somewhere else on campus. >> i will go into the library. we don't have a/c. >> the university is telling students not to exhaust themselves while getting to class. >> we have a very large campus. students have to walk between buildings. pace yourself. take your time. >> cal state east bay most of their buildings will remain during the weekend, even on labor day, to help students stay cool. >> if students need a little
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reprieve, the buildings will be open for them to be in and cool off during the day. >> the dorms that don't have air conditioning usually house freshmen, according to students. but for conditioning, it doesn't even work that well. >this senior has experienced too many hot days -- hasn't experienced too many hot days. >> during the afternoon, it is so hot. >> university says, right now, keeping the buildings open should help the students on campus. going forward, they will examine whether every building needs air conditioning. >> air conditioning is one of the main things that is being taken into consideration, given our sort of changing climate and the number of heat waves we have been having over the years. >> in hayward, ryan curry, abc 7 news. dan: check the temperatures, get forecasts, and learn more about bay area whether any time in the weather -- weaether anytime in
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the weather section. ama: a nine-year-old boy was shot on an open freeway and the woman who was driving the car he was in was injured in a crash following the gunfire. the bullets hit the car around 10:00 last night on 580. detectives say the camry crashed on 30 5th ave as the driver got off the freeway -- on 35th avenue as the driver got off the freeway. the woman and boy are both expected to recover. just about 20 minutes ago, oakland police released these photos of a gold car, they say, investigators need help identifying in connection with friday's triple homicide. it happened around 7:15 on martin luther king jr. way, near 29th street. two people were shot and the cyclist was hit.
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all three died. dan: a north bay woman is among the plaintiffs in 17 sexual assault related lawsuit filed today against lyft. amy is among those accusing the san francisco-based company of knowing the risks drivers like her faced but doing little to protect them. she says she was assaulted by a male passenger while driving for lyft in march of 2020. >> when i resisted, he wrapped his hands around my neck, choking me, and continuing to grow -- grope me until we reached the destination. dan: she says lyft provided no training on how to handle situations like she faced and was never informed of her rights as a driver. we have not heard back from lyft. last year, the company acknowledged it received about 4100 reports of sexual assault from 2017 through 2019, including 360 rapes.
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there were also 10 reported that from physical assault -- reported deaths from physical assault. ama: the fire department is investigating what sparked a three alarm building fire at the corner of divisadero and haight streets. the building was being painted. there are five residential units and a restaurant on the ground floor. s.f. fire has not said how many people are displaced, but no one was hurt. the fire is causing delays on three muni bus routes, 6, 7 and 24. dan: the fda authorizes a new covid booster shot. house and it could be available in the bay area and who should get it. ama: plus, in true steph curry fashion, it was a celebration of threes at his alma mater. we will tell
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ama: today, the fda authorize the first update to covid-19 vaccines that target today's most common strain. dan: they could begin rolling out within the next week or so, but who should get them and when? ama: our reporter asked local experts and has their answers. >> it's been nearly one year since we first got news of the new covid variant, omicron. since then, it has spread worldwide, but relief may be finally on the way. the fda has given authorization to the first update of the covid-19 vaccine, and mix of the
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original recipe and one that targets omicron. >> the old vaccines, including boosters, are amazing at keeping us away from the hospital and from dying. what the new booster is going to add to that is it will give you a higher chance at preventing breakthrough infection. >> ucsf's doctor says it's unclear how it will work, since the vaccine has not shown -- has not seen human trials. she has some concern, but she's hopeful it will be successful in humans. >> i see no harm in getting this booster. that's important for me to say. we don't have the data it's going to curb infections. >> the cdc is expected to give a thumbs up to this new vaccine in the coming days. locally, santa clara county anticipates they will receive doses next week. >> after the arrival, it takes several hours to make sure the vaccine is at the right temperature and get it distributed to different sites.
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we are looking at mid to late next week before we can get started. >> who should go out and get the shot? dr. chin-hong advises anyone to go and get it, especially those immunocompromised and elderly. but when you take the shot depends on your current immunity. >> if you got a booster four or five months ago, go ahead and get the new booster when it comes out. if you haven't gotten infected or boosted in the last five or six months or so, you should definitely run out and get it. >> they both say the more immunity in the community, the better off we will all be heading into the fall and winter. incentive eric county, dustin dorsey -- in santa clara county, dustin dorsey. dan: health departments will begin offering second doses of the monkeypox vaccine. second doses will be available on tuesday. september 6. santa clara county announced
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that appointments within second dose are now open -- appointments for the second dose are now open. they should be received at least 28 days after the first dose. ama: still ahead, addressing the teacher shortage crisis locally and nationally. the powerful coalition announced by first lady jill bid
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according to one of the largest job search can -- companies in the country. today, the biden administration announced three partners, including indeed, will work to help school districts hire the teachers they need. our senior education reporter has more on the problem, most evident in large urban areas, like san francisco and oakland. >> a few years from now, you want to be doing school, but you also want to support your little brother. >> finding and retaining teachers in subjects like english isn't an issue at san francisco public schools. the challenge is hiring those in special education, math, science, and even language arts. currently, there are 19 classes districtwide that do not have a permanent teacher. >> for those 19 classroom vacancies, we are currently filling them with substitutes, which we know is not ideal. >> this shortage is not exclusive to san francisco. school districts, especially in big urban areas, are calling it a national crisis. >> absolutely.
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it's an ongoing challenge. we've been expanding our efforts to recruit educators by holding webinars and sending out flyers. >> over the summer, san francisco and oakland unified went so far as to ask parents if they knew of anyone who wanted to apply for a teaching position. >> we know that this has been a problem for a long time. >> the biden administration announced several major job-search companies will help districts recruit and hire prospective teachers. ziprecruiter will now have an online job portal specifically for k-12 schools. indeed will conduct virtual hiring fares for educators all over the country. and handshake will share job openings with undergraduate college students majoring in education. the first lady, jill biden, called it a powerful coalition. >> and we are all ready to get to work, to make sure that our students have the teachers they need and deserve. >> in the meantime, sachar --
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san francisco schools will continue to promote its pathway to education program at high schools, in hopes that more students will pick a career as an educator. grace is one of them. >> if i were to become a teacher, i would want my students to be the best they can. i would want them to live up to their full potential. and i can help shape that. i can help them. >> retaining teachers is just as crucial. the first lady emphasized that districts have to give them the pay and support they need. lyanne melendez, abc7news. ama: fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a string of trash fires. they put out more than a dozen between 9:00 p.m. and midnight last night along the embarcadero. one of the fire started in a trashcan and spread to a planter. a jogger called 911 and the fire was put out before it spread to other structures. dan: breaking news, a wild fire is burning in southern california, where temperatures today reached 110°.
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two firefighters needed medical attention because of the heat. the so-called route fire is burning in castaic, north of los angeles. an excessive heat warning is in effect for the area through monday night. the fire has burned 165 acres with no containment at this point. all lanes of interstate five were shut down in the area, backing up traffic for miles. this is exactly what we are concerned about happening here. ama: we are keeping a close eye on this. let's get back to sandhya patel. sandhya: fire danger definitely going up. here on the roof, it is absolutely gorgeous. we have a nice breeze. you see the trees blowing behind me and the flag. you might think, what heatwave? let's check it out. look at the weekend forecast. saturday triple digits inland. mid 60's co-side -- coast-side. on sunday, mid-100's. hotter conditions expected on labor day. 108 in livermore.
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that's 10 to 20 degrees above average. know for signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. you don't want to take things for granted and just assume i'm just a little hot because it's hot outside. here are the signs. keep those things in mind. here's a look at the satellite picture. high pressure bringing the dangerous heat from the desert up and down the state. we have excessive heat watch, excessive heat warning, even a heat advisory covering the state. this will be a statewide event. a live look from our emeryville camera. it is absolutely beautiful. sun is shining. it is 65 in the city. 79 in san jose. these temperatures have come up just about everywhere. from san jose, you are seeing blue skies over the shark tank. mid-eighties around santa rosa. fairfield 96. 94 in livermore. one other live picture. dangerous heat wave with a high
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risk of illnesses coming up. record temperatures for the holiday weekend. increasing fire danger ahead. keep this in mind. as you look at a live view, notice the hayes in the air -- haze in the air. moderate air quality right through the next four days. tomorrow morning, we still have fog near the coast and around the bay. the fog will pull away for the afternoon hours. you will enjoy the sun, but temperatures will come up. tomorrow morning, 50's, 60's out the door. watch out for the fog. 100 gilroy. 90 in san jose. temperatures soaring inland. 87 in redwood city. 66 pacifica. downtown san francisco 72°, up from the 60's today. in the north bay, triple digits, calistoga, cloverdale. 91 in vallejo. san rafael, 80. inland, 102 in fairfield.
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100 in livermore. accuweather 7 day forecast, this heatwave intensifies over the weekend. record temperatures expected. extreme heat for the holiday weekend through tuesday before those temperatures begin to come down inland on wednesday. it's going to be a long stretch of hot weather. brace yourselves. ama: thank you. dan: bart is implementing a tentative response plan for the heat. if temperatures get above 100°, as is forecast, it plans to apply speed restrictions for trains in areas susceptible to heat related effects. this comes after a derailment back in june, when excessive heat warped the rails and caused several cars to jump the track. about 50 people suffered minor injuries. ama: crews are collecting hundreds of dead fish that have walked -- washed up in oakland at lake merritt.
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a regional algae bloom is killing fish, impacting miles of shoreline in the east bay. the cleanup is underway along the full outer rim of the lake. the public is being warned to stay out of the water and keep pets out. dan: steph curry doing what he does best, knocking down threes. we will tell you why a special ceremony was called what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27. what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast... like beyond-gig-speed fast. the choice is clear yeaaaaaaaaay!!!
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dan: steph curry has enjoyed a lot of incredible moments, but nothing quite like today. ama: he returned to his alma mater of davidson college in north carolina, not only for a special graduation ceremony, but he also had his number 30 retired and was inducted into the davidson athletics hall of fame. no one in the audience was more proud than his mom. >> i am so thankful and blessed to be able to look at you, see you with your gown on officially, knowing that this is not an honorary award and de gree. you earned this. [applause] dan: he sure did. steph earned his bachelors degree in sociology in may, but could not make commencement because he was competing in the nba playoffs, as if that's an excuse. good for him. he always wanted to go back and finish, and he did it. ama: world news tonight with
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tonight, breaking news tonight, breaking news involving former president trump. what the department of justice has revealed, and at this hour, awaiting a response from trump's legal team. the department of justice revealing far more about its investigation. the doj now saying it developed evidence that the government records were likely concealed and removed from that storage room at mar-a-lago. and that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government's investigation. federal authorities releasing an fbi photo, saying it shows just some of the classified documents that were recovered from desks in donald trump's personal office. and some of those documents classified at the highest level. the justice department urging a judge to reject trump's request to appoint a special master to review what was seized. arguing in essence, the doj has


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