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this is abc 7 news. the sun was beating down across the bay area today, but it's only a small taste of what's in store force this week our heat wave just beginning with some of the hottest most dangerous temperatures still on the way state regulators tonight pleading with people to conserve power in an effort to avoid blackouts. good evening. thanks for joining us on day and ashley and i'm on a date. we have team coverage tonight beginning with abc 7 news meteorologist, sandia patel sandia. yeah. this is a heat wave that you'll want to take seriously, dan and alma it is going to be the hottest so far of the season and the longest stretch, so it's going to hit during the holiday weekend. and here's what you need to know this heat wave bringing a high risk of heat illnesses mid 100 saturday bumping you up on sunday to 106 by monday. you're nearing a hundred and ten degrees for labor day. of course around the bay it's going to be in the 80s and 90s. the coastal areas will be in the low 70s few 60s the weekend hotspots at the height of this event will be 108 in antioch.
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five and concord 106 santa rosa upper 90s in places like san jose. this is why the weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for the holiday weekend all inland areas excessive heat watch for all coastal and bayside communities lake county getting up to 110 degrees some reminders during this heat wave never leave pets or kids inside cars stay hydrated and cool limit your outdoor plans during the heat of the day and check on your relatives and neighbors. i'll be back to let you know exactly how long this is going to last and when we might see some signs that we get relief, dan. all right, sandy, thanks, but buckle up for some hot weather here our second consecutive flex alert is set for tomorrow from 4:00 until 9:00 pm. that's when the power grid is most stressed from higher demand, unless solar energy a reminder now some simple ways that we can all help conserve energy turn off extra lights. read until after 9 pm to use appliances and turn the thermostat up to at least 78
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degrees state energy officials suggests. we pre-cool our homes before 4pm by setting air conditioners to 72 and closing drapes and blinds and turning it back up during those flex periods. now if your home gets too hot this week several counties are opening up cooling centers. they are also encouraging people to take advantage of air conditioning at local shopping malls, or maybe movie theaters. we have a list of cooling centers on our website. just go to with our hottest day still ahead many residents and businesses say they're getting ready for the possibility of more flex alerts abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns has more details on how people are preparing and how leaders in sacramento are pushing new initiatives to help improve. the state's power grid. to get with the hottest temperatures of the year expected around the state over the coming days. flex alerts are once again a reality for bay area residents. the state were reason means that peak demand between 4pm to 9pm is is getting dangerously close
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to what we have at supplies the balancing out supply and demand and so every little bit help in order to try and prevent sweeping blackouts. people are being asked to save energy at their homes. the alerts have become increasingly common recent years as drought conditions persist and the climate continues to warm as people try to stay cool. all of it has placed an increasing strain on the states electrical grid and created problems for lawmakers and sacramento at a legislative session wednesday night. they discuss ways to modernize the grids infrastructure. so number one, we do not have blackouts in the future that we prepare the grid to withstand what we know is coming places like berkeley and others in the bay area have already taken large steps starting in october every business in the city. we're relying renewable energies for most of their electrical needs state. senator josh becker chair of a committee focused on clean energy says california continues to lead the rest of the nation. so we're doing right now, but those right incentives in place put the policies in place encourage the right kinds of
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renewables at the right times, but for the immediate future, it seems flex alerts are here to stay and inconvenient reality that many say is better than the alternatives. i don't want to have fire so willing to make that trade off in the east bay tim johns abc 7 news. well tonight more strong words out of sacramento as cities across the state brace for this week's heat wave the governor taking center stage today warning california's about climate change abc 7 news reporter jr. stone is in the newsroom with more on what he had to say today jr. well, dan, we've had heat waves and seen near triple digit temperatures for a day or two here or there, but now we're talking about an extended period of extreme heat and between now and next wednesday, we're going to be experiencing a prolonged. heat moment, california, governor gavin newsom giving a strong warning to those across the state. we are anticipating this extreme
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heat to be a length in duration likes of which we have an experienced in some time triple digit temperatures or close to it expected across northern, california through the weekend and into next week. i think if you go back five years there were some of those but they weren't quite so intense and they were a little bit further between but now every week almost we're getting smacked in the face with some big new extreme weather events somewhere meteorologist alison bridgero, san jose state university is referring to not only the extreme heat drought and fire conditions here in california, but extremes elsewhere too. china has had extreme hot weather india had a heat wave back in spring before the monsoon. now the monsoon is causing, mass devastation in pakistan climate scientist and stanford professor. noah different boss says that going forward more of these type of weather events are likely to
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happen due to climate change. we have clear evidence that the probability of unprecedented heat events is going up and it will continue. to go up in the future as as we we do get more. global warming in the coming decades diffenbaugh says in california extreme heat events are happening in late summer and early fall when warming is happening more rapidly as for this year with hot temps already here. there is a hope but fear over another dry la nina going into the new year. i kind of had been hoping for a normal winter and there's still a chance we could get one but when you throw lanini on top of everything, we're more likely to be like the last couple of years and that's frightening and depressing at the same time. he had the governor today also defended many of the green initiatives or programs here in california saying that we have
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seen major improvements in those areas and that while we do have flex alerts and outages, so do other states when extreme weather hits even those using high amount of fossil fuels jr. stone abc 7 news are thank you check the temperatures get forecasts and learn about bay area weather anytime in the weather on demand section of the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app download it for roku apple tv, amazon fire and google tv new at 11. the last of san jose's no cruising zone signs has come down all part of a symbolic event celebrating the repeal of the city's decades-old ban on cruising abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo connected with the city's low rider community about this big change and what means for future generations. celebration signals the removal of san jose's final no cruising zone sign posted outside city hall.
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wednesday's end of cruising fan event. put hundreds of low riders on the rotunda and along east santa clara street. it's a historic day. it is a historic day and it feels like the city of san jose has embraced us. the city's decades old ban on cruising has been called blatantly racist by critics who felt gave officers the power to unfairly target people of color because of their culture city council voted unanimously in june on a repeal san jose is one of the biggest hubs. i mean you think about it. we said the single mile cruise 16 september cruise jazz festival cruise dallas auto school with ormigas car club says cruising has been part of the latino culture since the 40s saying the repeal now opens doors for future generations to finally enjoy they're gonna be able to experience low riding and the culture in a much. positive way than i did without the threat of fees and fines says councilman raul perales who spearheaded the effort more than a legendary day for the low-riding community wednesday provided an example motivation
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for other cities fighting bands of their own to keep that momentum going national city council member jose rodriguez traveled from san diego county to san jose for the celebration the display giving him. no doubt the same can be done elsewhere. we find it incredibly important for a city to finally embrace a marginalized community who has historically been outcasts and has not been accepted. car clubs from across san jose were invited wednesday all proud of the repeal all understanding the responsibility that has been handed to the lowrider community. we have made history. we have embarked in a movement. let's be proud. let's be safe and let's keep it low and slow. in san jose. i'm a manitoba studio abc 7 news. new developments illegal back and forth today between lawyers for former president donald trump and the department of justice over the rate of trump's florida state in a court filing
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trump's attorney's requested a special master a third party attorney appointed by a court to review evidence gathered during the mar-a-lago search on august 8th. the doj urged a judge to reject that review saying it could harm national security and laid out how the department struggled earlier to retrieve those documents. trump's attorney's responded calling the doj's action a quote unprecedented unnecessary and legally unsupported raid of the home of a president and possibly a candidate in 2024 the judges set to consider the request for a special master tomorrow coming up a story new at 11:00 why police officers from across the border were touring san francisco for inspiration tonight the fda authorizes the latest covid vaccine. so what's next before you get your next shot plus in true steph curry fashion a celebration of threes at his alma mater today. we'll tell you about the special
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new at 11 a group of visitors hopes, san francisco's chinatown can inspire positive change in north of the border a contingent of business community leaders and police from vancouver is on a fact-finding visit to chinatown of vancouver police offic. us there is an assault or violent incident in his city every week against a member of the asian community. there's the anti-asian hate crime. i know san francisco had experienced a significant spike in it over last two years.
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so has vancouver the vancouver. we saw a 717 percent increase in anti asian hate crime and many of those incidents were taking place in chinatown. deputy chief howard chaus as he thinks san francisco has done a wonderful job and credits the police department and the community for combating crime against the aapi community. the state senate has agreed to changes to the governor's so-called care court proposal one day after the plan was backed by the assembly governor newsom now has until the end of september to sign it into law. he's doubted the plan for months now calling it new hope for thousands suffering from severe forms of mental illness. the new court program will steer and in some cases force homeless people with severe mental disorders into treatment, but critics worry, it will be used to force people into care. they don't want to the pandemic now millions of americans could receive the latest round of covid boosters as soon as next week. it is part of a broad fall vaccination campaign that could
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begin within days abc news reporter morgan norwood explains the fda just authorized use of shots that target the omicron variant. millions of americans could be rolling up their sleeves soon for the next booster shots the fda giving that highly anticipated green light for new omicron targeted booster. these updated boosters are critical. and helping protect teams and adults for the most serious outcomes of covid-19. the white house says they're ready for the rollout once the cd. c is off biden who? recovered from covid will absolutely get his shot and pending against cdc action. we expect shots and arms to begin in earnest starting after labor day weekend, and we've been doing all of this preparation despite the lack of funding from congress, but we have been prepared for this particular moment to make sure that we get shots and arms the new set of shots are designed to
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protect against the ba-4 and 5 subariants of omicron which now make up more than 99% of all new cases officials. hope the protection will last through the winter the hope here is not to have to give lots of vaccines each year. it's hopefully to have this be the vaccine that holds us for as much of this or for the entire season if it can build a number of new covid infections contin, to slowly fall covid is still killing about 400 americans per day yet. just one half of eligible people have gotten their first booster the fda's greenlight authorizes pfizer's new booster for anyone over 12 and modernas for anyone 18 and up to be given at least two months after their most recent shot but for americans who are still unvaccinated the fda says they would get the original vaccine for their first shots morgan norwood abc news, cocoa beach, florida. health departments across the bay area will begin offering second doses of the monkeypox vaccine. today's san francisco officials said second doses will be
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available on tuesday, september 6 and santa clara county also announced appointments for the second dose are now open second doses will be by appointment only and should be received at least 28 days after the first dose. new video from droneview 7 shows what cruise in oakland are dealing with as they work to collect 1200 pounds of dead fish in lake merritt, neighbors first started to smell them and then see the problem over the weekend. the water is a murky brown color. that's because is caused by toxic algae bloom that is killing off a fish crews will be back at it again tomorrow. they hope to have this phase of the cleanup finished by friday before people crowd the lake of course for the long hot holiday weekend and with the hot weather this week also comes rattlesnake sidings including the one you're about to see in dance backyard. you've got to see this thing my wife took this picture of a rattlesnake that had curled up in an empty pot on our pack patio in walnut creek. i reached out to joe of j&r reptile rescue tonight. he was there in half an hour
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check this out. i'm remember last night. right. it's a big one. joe will release him safely into the wild. he's getting a lot of calls. it's hot and it's also birthing season for rattlesnakes. so keep an eye out. for them absolutely glad that one is awesome. yeah, that's true, too. alright, so how hot is it gonna get? yeah meteorologist city battelle is here with the forecast. i just suppose the answer is very hot. sandy very hot call it. extreme dangerous. dananama good thing dan you had joe to help you out with that rattlesnake or your wife out. let me show you what you can expect. this is a serious heat wave for the holidays. we're looking at extreme endangerous heat risk of heat illnesses will be rising and elevated fire danger as things are really dry. as you know, we're in the dry season. so here's what's bringing us the hot weather area of high
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pressure is shifting westward and as it does it brings that heat from the desert out towards the bay area. we're going to see you already start to see some of that heat building in the afternoon hours. it is definitely going to be excessive. so keep that in mind on saturday. you start to see triple digits showing up inland. we're going to see those triple digits tomorrow, but this is when the intensification begins everyone warm, so it's going to be in the 70s and 80s for most of you coast in bay sunday. you're up into the mid 100's for the hot spots. look at monday. i mean this computer model really taking those temperatures up into the upper. hundreds for places like concord livermore antioch, calistoga, definitely something to watch out for this labor day weekend. we have excessive heat warning covering most of california excessive heat watch for the coastal communities and a heat advisory for the northeast corner of the state. so this is something that you want to watch out for a heat exhaustion if you're feeling sweaty nauseous dizzy pale skin. try to get some water move to ac if you're not sweating at all,
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and you have high body temperature call 911 or somebody, you know, because that's a sign of heat stroke and don't forget about walking your dogs when the air temperature is 102. just want to give you an example asphalt is even hotter dangerously hot 167 degrees right now on live doppler 7. we don't have any fog to speak of at this hour it is pretty dry air mass, but we will see some fog by morning 50s to 70s on those temperatures ocean temperatures 58 degrees live you from our san jose camera. it's a beautiful view dangerous heat wave with the high risk of illnesses record temperatures for the holiday weekend. an increasing fire danger ahead from our emeryville camera looks beautiful air quality. not so much. it's going to be moderate right on through the next four days. so tomorrow morning. we begin with limited fog. it is really shallow tonight just under a thousand feet. it's going to be mainly a coastal bayside community event tomorrow morning 50 60s for your temperatures with the fog basically right near the beaches afternoon highs in the south bay. they're coming up 100 and gilroy
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90 in san jose on the peninsula 87 redwood city 66 pacifica, san francisco 72 degrees north bay. it's going to be warm to hot 100, calistoga 91, san rafael 94 in santa rosa in the east bay 80 oakland 86 castro valley triple digit sizzle. and 102 in fairfield livermore 100 degrees september heat on the accuather seven-day forecast brief and minor dip friday only to see those temperatures rising to record. territory labor day is when the heat peaks extreme heat upper 100s inland heat will back off by the middle of the week, dan an
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♪ then let's go struttin' right now ♪ sponsored by river rock casino good evening. steph curry made a promise to his mom and it took a while but 13 years later the warrior star received his college diploma today. steph also had his jersey retired inducted into the davidson college hall of fame curry completed his final units during the nba season, officially graduated in may but couldn't walk in the ceremony because of the playoffs the degree a prerequisite to getting at number retired. this is an absolutely amazing day an amazing moment for myself. for my family heard a lot of amazing words and stories and memories graduate. i'm a davidson alum and in the hall of fame. it's pretty crazy. so, thank you so much. what are they for steph on a baseball giants padres? they'll play two regular season games in mexico. next season giants frustrated with all the losing brandon crawford ejected in the third
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umpire ryan blake the given the heave ho top five padres up two nothing bases loaded from manny machado, and this is a ground rule double for manny who doubles the san diego lead to four zip giants rally. down five three in the eighth jock peterson base hit center field here comes austin slater. so it's a 5-4 game. can they end this losing streak threatening in the ninth the giants josh hater though gets austin wins pop up ball game giants lose their seventh in a row. five four is your final he's visiting the nationals food and drinks included. is that how this works? yeah deremy's garcia hit his first career home. where yesterday second one tonight crushed. he's taking early one-nothing lead, but it just didn't last in the fifth. luke voight a two-run bomb off james. caprellian nets jump out to a 4-1 lead and kind of an odd highlight in the seventh for tony kemp who goes spider-man
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into the netting kind of fun highlight, but the a's lost anyway five one stars galore at the us open to see serena williams in perhaps her final match round two against annette kantivate and serena with an ace to the first set tiebreak of the crowd. wild but the number two player in the world responds in set number two great rally here, serena was in control of this point until conservate went down the line for the winter. she took the second set onto the third and 40 year old serena pulls it out. seven six two six six two she is on to the third round. on to the third round. sports on abc 7 sponsored by this isn't charmin! no wonder i don't feel as clean. hurry up dad! you've been in there forever! i'm trying! this cheap stuff is too thin! i told you not to get the other toilet paper.
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here's the new charmin ultra strong. ahhh! my bottom's been saved! woooo! with its diamond weave texture, new charmin ultra strong cleans better with fewer sheets and less effort. what's everybody waiting for? this? ok hon, we know you're clean. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin.
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ok hon, we know you're clean. tonight. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley for sandia patel larry bill all of us. we appreciate you time stay tuned for jimmy kimmelupnecks. dave franco is on. plus, big changes coming to bed bath & beyond. the reason the company says it needs to get a lot smaller. and a long distance record
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setter. steph curry. you watching? some epic shots ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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