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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 1, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solutions. this is abc7news. >> error heat wave just beginning with some of the most dangerous temperatures on the way. >> courtroom showdown. lawyers for trump and the justice department preparing for a high-stakes hearing. americans weighing in on the pole. >> pilots pickett. why you may encounter off-duty pilots protesting at the airport today. >> good morning everyone, it is thursday, september 1. let's get a check of the forecast through drew: since reggie is off, your rent is due. i feel like it is necessary to tell people that. >> it is, but i don't like to be the one. welcome to september. it is heating up today, finding some pretty hot temperatures inland this morning. we do have pension -- patchy and
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dense fog. a little bit warmer to start in some areas. some cool cities, upper 50's to low 60's. temperatures take off pretty quickly this morning. live look outside, already to the 70's and 80's by lunchtime. a hotter afternoon for the did he inland. you will feel the warm weather well into the evening. even hotter this weekend. excessive heat warnings and watches begin saturday. we will take a closer look at how high you get later this week. >> governor newsom has declared a state of emergency to increase power production and reduce demand. air reminder now of some simple ways that we can all help conserve energy between :00 and 9:00. you can turn off extra lights,
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you can wait until after 9:00 to use appliances, and turn the thermostat to at least 70 degrees. stay commissioners suggest setting air-conditioners to 72 and clothing drapes and blinds. >> we are hearing from residents who are getting ready for even more flex alerts. >> because temperatures can reach 110 degrees, all 21 library branches like this one in walnut creek will serve as cooling centers to provide just a little bit of relief for folks looking to find some cooling, some ac from the heat.
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while folks at home are still being asked to cut back on energy usage, the flex alerts to conserve energy in the evening have become in recently common in years as drought conditions persist and the climate continues to warm up. as people try to stay cool, all of that has placed increasing strain on the electric grid and created problems for lawmakers in sacramento. they discussed ways to modernize the infrastructure. >> number one, we do not have rack ups in the future, we prepared the grid to withstand what we know is coming. >> although no official action was taken, places like berkeley's and other in the bay area have already taken large steps. every business in the city will rely on renewable energy for most of their electrical needs. keep in mind every county will be offering cooling centers during the heatwave. we do have a list of those
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posted on our website right now on >> heat exhaustion can come on quickly. if you do start feeling the symptoms, you should get to a cool place, loosen your tight clothing the, take a cool bath and drink some water. if your symptoms last longer than one hour or you started vomiting, it some help. many of the symptoms are similar to heat exhaustion, but you may have a fever, and there will be no sweat. if you are with someone who is having a heat stroke, call 911 to get them to a cooler place. >> a judge will hear arguments
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in former president trump's request for an outside view of the documents seized from his home. >> the only court filings are a likely preview of today's special master hearing. trump's legal team argued the department of justice will impugn and publicized select aspects of their investigation with no recourse for trump. but they made no mention of the claims that he declassified those records. hours earlier, the doj's response call that special master request unnecessary, arguing in the 36 page court filing that they've already carefully reviewed those documents. the doj also including a bombshell assessment, saying that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government investigation. >> certainly the potential charges, we just don't know if they are going to file them. was the primary goal to get these documents back into a secure location?
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or was it to get these documents back into a secure location and potential to build a case here? > the doj has recovered some 322 classified documents. 180 four were handed over to the national archives in january. in june, trump turned in another 38. his attorney set provided a signed affidavit saying all the material in question had been turned over. but when the fbi searched mar-a-lago in early august, they found over 100 classified records including information classified at the highest level. the doj also releasing a photo of some labeled top-secret. new polling shows most americans think trump acted inappropriately in the way he handled classified documents. 50% of americans believe he should face criminal charges. the justice department has argued that a special master
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review could disrupt ongoing investigations into potential nastiness security risks -- national security risks. >> taking a live look at sfo where off-duty pirates are expected to picket today. they represent pilots from delta, jetblue, united, and spirit. they are calling for management to fix their operational problems that are causing a significant increase in flight delays and cancellations. the association says it will not disrupt any flights today. drew: taking a live look outside, showing you a little bit of fog out there. some dense spots in the north this morning. today, away from the coast, you want to dress like it it's
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summer out there. high pressure is now building, strengthening. really, over the next seven days. over the holiday weekend, it will bring about those very hot temperatures. today, you are going to feel the hot weather begin to move, even the east bay. we are going 90 in san jose with a lot of sunshine. 72 in the city, but the north bay, 90's if not triple digit heat. the three day forecast showing you september, we welcome the heat that continues to rise by saturday. excessive heat warnings to into effect, likely 80's and 90's around the bay shoreline.
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drink plenty of water, find shade if you are outside. never leave people or pets inside cars. and know the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. heat is cumulative so days of heat can wear on your body. that is the weather. let's get a check of the traffic. >> speaking of the heat, a nice way to cool off, driving around in your air-conditioned car. headed toward san mateo on the bridge from hayward. about a 17 minute drive. no stalls or accidents. check in with a very foggy golden gate bridge this morning. i had to use my windshield wipers. right now, we've got two lanes in the southbound direction and watch road in the northbound direction.
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just a little bit of visibility issues. otherwise, early morning commuters out of the central valley for about a 40 minute drive. up and over the ultima pass, they have issued a high wind advisory down to about 25 miles per hour. then you reach a livermore and things open up. >> labor day travel as gas prices continue to go down. more people are gearing up for the holiday weekend. >> the celebration in the south bay and what it means for future generations. >> songs of the summer. which songs made the
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♪♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand
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recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. >> 17 people who say they were assaulted are now suing san francisco company. she was a driver assaulted by a male passenger in march of 2020. >> when i resisted, he wrapped
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his hands around my neck, choking me and continuing to grope me until we reached the destination. >> collins and others say that lyft knew about the dangers of driving and did little to protect them. we did reach out to lyft for comment and have not heard back. last year the company acknowledged that it received some 4100 reports of sexual assault from 2017 to 2019 including 360 rapes. there were also 10 reported deaths from physical assaults. >> the no cruising zone signs have come down. all part of a symbolic event celebrating the repealing of the decade-old ban on cruising. amanda connecting with the city's low rider community about the historic change and what it means for future generations.
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>> celebration signals the removal of san jose's final no cruising zone sign posted outside city hall. wednesday's end of cruising event but hundreds of low riders on the rotunda. >> it is a historic day. and it feels like the city of ecadesldan hee t cave officers the power to unfairly target people of color because of their culture. city council voted unanimously in june on a repeal. >> you think about it, we are one of the biggest hubs. >> cruising has been one of -- part of the latino culture since the 40's, saying the repeal now opens doors for future generations to finally enjoy. >> they are going to be able to experience low riding and the culture in a much more positive way than i did. >> without the threat of fees amnd fines.
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>> more than a legendary day, wednesday provided an example. motivation for other cities fighting bands of their own -- bans of their own. >> the display getting him no doubt the same could be done elsewhere. >> we find it incredibly important for the city to seer invited wednesday, all proud of the repeal, all understanding the responsibility that has been ha community. >> we have made history. we have embarked on a movement. let's be proud, let's be safe, and let's keep it low and slow. >> americans are gearing up for
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labor day weekend. aaa is reporting an increase in travel bookings as gas prices decline. today in san francisco, a gallon of regular gas is it that $5.45. in oakland, $5.34. san jose, $5.31. if you are driving, try to drive during off-peak hours. avoid friday and monday afternoons and fuel up when you see some gas to avoid more expensive areas. >> gas prices can fluctuate $.20 to $.50 per gallon simply by crossing a state line. >> kate is not just going to be the road that are busier. ar real to athan 20%. this morning, there was also some help for people who are flying overnight. the department of transportation unveiled a new website that makes it easier for travelers to figure out what resources are available when a flight gets delayed or even canceled. you can find the dashboard at
5:17 am >> a vietnamese market inspired by one of the oldest structures in vietnam could be opening in san jose. one entrepreneur just bought the shopping center. if all goes as planned, the market would feature fresh food, retail stores, and a lot more. >> summer is almost over, but we will always have the music. the list of top songs is out this morning. ♪ >> harry styles is at the top of the global list. it had more than 610 million streams over the last three months alone according to spotify. let's see what else people have been listening to. other favorites include tracks like kate bush's song that was a big hit this summer after it
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was featured on "stranger things." of course, bad bunny is on the list, and lizzo. >> what is going on with "break my soul?" >> i have been playing that album out. >> who is doing this list? >> this is accounting for july. >> that album was in the spring. >> it takes a little time. >> the way i have been personally playing it. >> you haven't streamed it enough, apparently. lizzo's album, equally as great. it is a great album. let's go outside. a live look, patchy fog this morning. for the first day of september, we are turning up the heat. you really want to dress for summer today. short sleeves because we are tracking record temperatures. not only through the holiday
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weekend, but starting on saturday, a dangerous heatwave does come with a higher risk of heat exhaustion, heatstroke. remember, you may not feel the effects by day one or two, but it can really take a toll on are fling that he arrived today. upper 90's, livermore at 100. to oakland. 94 santa rosa. even the city will go into low 70's which will feel pretty warm later on today. overnight tonight, very limited fog out there. we will talk about the heat warnings we do have. excessive heat warnings will begin saturday morning and an excessive heat warning is the highest warning we have when it comes to heat. that just tells you how hot it is going to get and how long the heat will last tuesday evening. tracking temperatures by saturday, again, very similar to today with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the warmest spots.
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we will accelerate goes on finally, but notice the coast is cool. the beaches are going to be very popular the heat over the holiday weekend. the holiday itself is the hottest day with cities getting close to 110 in the hotspots. the beaches staying pretty comfortable in the 60's and 70's. september heat arrives today. brief but minor tomorrow. high heat risk starting on saturday, four days of dangerous heat inland. we will begin to get some relief by midweek next week. >> coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> we will tell you which ones. >> a new way that you can watch abc7news. you can now watch the newscast live throughout the day. this is a combination of the best live, local, and national news. you can find it on the
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because the more good you put in, the more great you get out. clif. baked in goodness. now introducing clif thins. a crispy, craveable 100-calorie snack. girls trip. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ a crispy, craveable get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms. including nasal congestion. with powerful claritin-d. so you can breathe better. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin - d. with godaddy payments you can sell anything, anywhere. get paid online or in person. and manage all your sales from one place with the lowest transaction fees. 'cause if you've got it, we've got you. start today at >> if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know. drew: we are turning up the heat. triple digits are coming back
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inland, likely lasting through the holiday weekend. dress for summer today. >> another flex alert this afternoon because of all the heat. you're being asked to reduce energy use from 4:00 to 9:00. >> the cdc advisory committee is expected to authorize updated covid booster shots today. they could be going into arms as soon as next week. >> a judge will hear arguments today in the dispute between the dispute between the justice department and lawyers for former president donald trump over the top secret documents seized from mar-a-lago. his lawyers want a special master assigned to the documents they believe could be covered by executive privilege. >> a live look at sfo where off-duty pilots are planning to picket today.
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it will not disrupt flights. >> we are following your thursday morning commute with a look at the east shore freeway. no stalls or accidents to report. lower deck, no metering lights at the tolls. >> a special treat for teachers. dunkin is offering a free coffee today in celebration of back-to-school. kids are heading back-to-school and many are shortening the days due to the heat and no air-conditioning conditioning in school buildings. >> as kids are heading back-to-school, temperatures are still sweltering across part of the country and only 40% of american schools have air conditioning. >> most schools that we have today are on average about 40
5:25 am
years old. if you went back 40 years across most of the country, nobody would be putting in air conditioning yet. the only time it was hot was july and we would say well, students are in school in july, why are we going to spend millions of dollars to put air-conditioning in? all of a sudden, now we are talking about 30 or 40. >> how the heat can affect your child's ability to learn, who'd is impacting most, and what is being done to keep kids cool. >> uc berkeley and stanford are now tied when it comes the best colleges in the u.s. forbes is out with top colleges. now, the top spot goes to mit. forbes based the rankings on the reutn on -- return on
5:26 am
investment. schools place well if students graduated on time with high salaries and low debt. >> reading is expected to become the first city in california to build an on-site 3d printed home. crews are getting ready to start construction this week. the project is in response to the 2018 camp fire which destroyed more than 1000 homes. crews are hoping to build more than 63 printed homes in reading and one in paradise. >> the dairy queen fall menu just got sweeter. it now includes pillows that smelled like cinnamon, pumpkin, and fall flavors. dairy queen says they include a soft cinnamon roll-shaped pillow
5:27 am
that looks and smells like it just got out of the oven. >> this is your thing. >> this might be nice. they have a square one that apparently smells like reeses. dairy queen says that it is celebrating the new fall blizzard line-up. you can't buy the pillows right now, it is part of a giveaway. they are launching a contest on social media between -- see, this is the problem. it is also like, you've got to jump through hoops to get it and then it is sold out. but anyway, if you are going to do this, you have to go between september 7 and september 16. now, i do like the cinnamon one. drew: i do love recereeses. >> but do you want your pillow to smell like one? drew: yeah, i do. >> i would take a pumpkin pie-smelling one.
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>> first we started with a lemonade candle, now they are turning to clothing. turning to clothing. the new item chipotle is makingd i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this! okay? french toast sticks and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time. you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent?
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new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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people who get 3 of my french toast sticks always wish they got 6. but nobody ever orders 6 and wishes they only got 3. it's called math people. french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back at jack in the box. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven morning news. >> monkeypox. health departments getting ready to give second vaccine doses. >> visit from vancouver. touring san francisco for inspiration. >>a's stunni uher performance td her farewell tour at the u.s.
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open. we all need that confidence. we have to see the whole thing because they asked her that question. she was like, i know i'm good. i love it in the best way. we are pretty confident it is going to be pretty hot. >> especially those hotter temperatures moving inland. the excessive heat warning officially begins on saturday for a prolonged period of hot temperatures. communion and a half mile visibility, we do have some cool spots in the 40's like 49 in santa rosa right now. livermore, 60. a live look outside. just a thin fog over the city. a hot day inland. we will feel the warm weather in
5:32 am
the 80's. the coast will see a fair amount of sunshine, going into the 60's later on today. the excessive heat warning will begin saturday morning for a large portion of the weekend. excessive heat warning is the highest we had when it comes to hot temperatures. we will talk all about the dangerous holiday weekend coming up. >> as cities brace for the heatwave, power grids are asking people to conserve energy. there is a flex alert for the second day in a row. governor gavin newsom also delivered a strong warning to people across the state. lena is in walnut creek where they have a cooling center set up. >> we have set up heat waves and seemed near triple digit temperatures here and bear every now and then, but now we are talking about extreme conditions for an extended time. that is why the county has opened up all 21 of their
5:33 am
library areas like this one that you see right behind me to serve as cooling centers. that is why governor newsom is asking everyone to do their part to make sure the power grid does not get overloaded by conserving energy during the times of 4:00 to 9:00 in the evening. something he also hopes will help to prevent rolling blackouts. he shared the state actions to respond to the immediate weather emergency and accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels that worsen the extreme heat. climate scientists and stanford professor says that going forward with more of these types of weather events are likely to happen due to climate change and he says extreme heat events are happening in late summer and early fall when it is happening more rapidly. >> we have a probability of
5:34 am
unprecedented heat analysis going up and will continue to go up. we do get more global warming in the coming decades. >> there is still a chance for a normal winter, but when you throw this on top of everything, we are more likely to be like the last couple of years. that is frightening and depressing at the same time. >> that was meteorologist allison bridger of san jose state university. she says as for this year with hot temperatures already here, there is hope but fear over another dry la niña going into the new year. keep in mind every county will be offering cooling centers during this heatwave just like this one here. 21 different locations will stay open through saturday this week.
5:35 am
>> thanks. you can check the temperatures and get the latest forecast any time on the bay area streaming app. you can also learn more about the bay area weather. it is all available in the weather on demand section. > a group of visitors is hoping chinatown can inspire positive change north of the border.
5:36 am
changes to the governors -- after the plan was passed by the assembly. governor newsom now has until the end of september to sign this into law. he has touted the plan for months now, calling it hope for thousands suffering from severe forms of mental illness. the new program will steer or force homeless people into treatment. critics worry it will be used to force people into care that they don't want. >> now to the pandemic, millions of americans could get the latest round of covid boosters as soon we. the cdc is set to vote today to authorize --. here is morgan norwood. >> millions of americans could be rolling up their sleeves soon for the next booster shot.
5:37 am
the fda getting that highly anticipated green light for a new booster. >> is helping protect teenagers and adults from the most serious outcomes of covid-19. > the white house says they are ready for the rollout, adding that joe biden, who recently recovered from covid, will absolutely get the shot. >> we expect chanson arms to begin in earnest starting after labor day weekend and we've been doing all of this preparation despite the lack of funding from congress, but we have been prepared for this particular moment to make sure that >> >> we get shots in arms. the shots are designed to protect against the subvariants of omicron which now make up more than 99% of all new cases. >> the hope here is not to have to give lots of vaccines each year. it is hopefully to have this be the vaccine that holds us up for
5:38 am
the entire season. >> the number of new cases continues to slowly fall. covid is still killing about 400 americans per day. eligible people have gotten their first booster. the green light authorizes pfizer's new booster for anyone over 12 and modern is for anyone over 18. to be given at least two months after their most recent shot. but for americans who are still on vaccinated, the fda said they will get the original vaccine for their first shots. >> health departments across the bay area will begin offering second noses of the monkeypox vaccine. second doses will be available this coming tuesday, september 6. and santa clara county also announced appointments for the second dose are now open. they will be by appointment only and should be received at least 28 days after the first. >> why the agency is giving
5:39 am
writers a discount all month long. >> bed, bath & beyond trying to hold on. why they are planning to close more than 100 stores. drew: let's take you where you can see a very thin fog this morning. it is with us, but it is pretty impressed. we are going to heat up very quickly. dress for summer this afternoon. 50's and 60's close to the water, but mid to upper 70's later this morning and the warmest spots. well into the 90's if not surpassing 100 degrees in the hottest cities inland. a warmer day compared to yesterday. a lot of 80's, even some low 90's. looking at highest today, hot weather is coming back. 102 in fairfield, 90 in san jose. it is a warm day in the east bay. equally warm along the peninsula. it is a hot one in the north
5:40 am
bay. 90's, if not 105. it will feel warm downtown later today. the three day forecast, all eyes on the holiday weekend the heat risk is rising by saturday, and you can see why. temperatures well above average. a lot of cities inland hitting or exceeding 100. they heatwave is likely going to last at least four days. drink plenty of water, find shade or even a cooling center. find somewhere to beat the heat this weekend. walking your pets, the best time to do it is early in the morning or later in the evening. heat exhaustion can come on quickly as they heatwave will last several days. a closer look at those temperatures coming up in about nine minutes. let's see how traffic is. >> we are taking the first look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic is looking good, eight minute drive from the plasma
5:41 am
over toward marin county. no delays behind the toll plaza either. the oakland coliseum, both directions flowing nicely without any delay. especially if you make your way toward the bay bridge in the northbound direction, it is really not bad at all. pretty light at the overall look. pleasanton over the ultima pass, and here is a look at some of the other drive times. 80 from highway four, just 17 minutes. no metering lights at the toll plaza, so that delay is not building quite yet. highway 85 to the airport, less than 10 minutes.
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>> texas governor greg abbott is continuing his strategy to bus undocumented migrants to cities across the u.s. the most recent group arrived at chicago union station last night. he sns twhmeso th to ncar cieacss in chicago, officials are finding shelter for the migrants and working to provide services to help them. >> when we have people come to our city, no matter their country of origin, no matter their circumstances, we all rally together. but let me also say this -- shame on governor abbott. what he is doing is immoral, unpatriotic, and it defines the values of who we are as americans. >> governor abbott says all of the migrants are boarding the buses voluntarily. so far, 8000 migrants have been
5:45 am
sent to new york and washington, d.c. and more locations will be announced soon. >> bed, bath & beyond is desperately trying to hold on after years of decline. the chain is laying off 20% of employees and closing 150 stores in an attempt to stay afloat after securing a $500 million loan. experts say doing an extreme makeover could be a challenge in the current retail climate where supply-chain issues and inflation are making things challenging. >> now to serena williams who served for a major upset. the 40-year-old overpowered the number two tennis player in the world and now she is advancing to the third round of e s. . andrew dymburt has more. andrew: in wildlife or serena williams as she shot the tennis world, surviving the second round of the u.s. open and extending her farewell tour. >> i am loving this crowd right now. [applause]
5:46 am
my goodness, is just really fantastic. there is still a little left in me. we will see. >> despite entering the internment rank 605, she outlasted the number two ranked player, the pair going head to head. and shot for shot. >> just keeping serena on the defensive. >> during three stressful sets, serena serving up a decisive defeat in the first set, but losing momentum after multiple unforced errors in the second. anett kontaveit was favored, but serena had the support of the crowd. celebrities and sports stars cramming into our thrash stadium to cheer her on. tiger woods among the fans fully invested in the stressful set. >> tiger so happy to be seeing this. >> but it with the nailbiter
5:47 am
finish that had fans out of their seats. thomeback queen finishing the match, taking the set, sealing her win with her signature twirl. >> are you suppressing yourself with your level? >> no, i know. [laughter] [applause] >> i am just serena, you know? this is what i do best. i love the challenge, i love rising to the challenge. >> serena moves onto the third round friday when she will face an australian player, but first, she takes the court tonight with her sister for the doubles competition. >> so good. today is the start of september and there is a 50% discount on fares for the entire month in celebration of the 50th anniversary. the reduced fare will be automatically deducted when you use your card. next saturday there will be a festival at the station plaza. they would be food ts,c, g, d lt
5:48 am
a speci oppsule as buriedn 1992. >> chipotle is doing the most. do you remember those lemonade candles? now they have something else napkin-related. let's just show you. huh. apparently, napkins are now fashion. these are some pants, you can make them shorts, too. you can see if you look up close that they are the chipotle napkins. >> mhm. >> chipotle tweeted out these pictures that says napkins up cycle into cargo pants. please don't wipe your hands on these. to put first shared them as a meme in 2021 and i guess now they are a real thing. >> they are not known for their napkins. >> they are not, but they might be known for this marketing
5:49 am
team. >> is that a grease stain? near the drawstrings? >> [over talk] >> just a little, not much. drew: it is really annoying to get grease on your pants. and now you want that? >> still sticking with the theme of the napkins and making it authentic. >> this is the hell you are going to die on -- hill you are going to die on? absolutely not. can you buy them, though? when we do these stories it always is sold out, not here, you got to go to the u.k. we are talking about you, taco bell. here is a live look at the
5:50 am
rooftop camera. it is all about the heat. talking about a heat nonstop over the next several days. cranking it up today, dress for summer this afternoon. record temperatures for several days. this dangerous heatwave will come with a high risk of heat-related illnesses. it is not just one or two days, it is three or four days. today, the hottest spots getting close to 100. one under five in lakeport. 94 in santa rosa, 90 in san jose. they heat is here today. even the city is warm at 72. overnight tonight, very limited fog. excessive heat warning. the areas shaded in pink for a huge portion of the bay area begins saturday morning, lasting for tuesday evening. that is four days of intense temperatures. excessive heat warning is the highest we have, so we are
5:51 am
talking about triple digit heat in the hottest spots. again, the coast stays relatively cool in the 60's and 70's, but away from the coast, you are in the 90's. more than 100 degrees and a lot of spots. monday is the hottest, the holiday itself. 80's and 90's are on the bay shoreline. here is the seven-day forecast. september heat arrives, just a brief dip. a high heat risk starting saturday, lasting through tuesday. we do get some relief on wednesday but still temperatures for this time of year. >> the overnight vote over whether or not restrictions on concealed carry permits in california. >> and congratulations to the grad. grad. steph curry getting his diploma. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>> here is your chance to own a piece of san francisco history. the saint francis fountain diner is for sale. the owners have operated for 20 years but say they cannot give it the attention it needs anymore. one owner lives near joshua tree. the other says he is ready to retire. they hope it will be business as usual during the sales process. >> steph curry is continuing after winning his fourth championship and one last honor -- his college diploma. >> the degree of bachelor of arts with all the rights and privileges pertaining hereunto. congratulations. >> yes.
5:55 am
you love to see it. they also inducted him into the college hall of fame and his jersey got retired. he officially graduated back in may but he was a little busy in the playoffs, so he couldn't walk in the ceremony. this accomplishment fulfills a promise that he made to his mom when i entered the draft that he would -- when he entered the draft that he would finish college. >> i am so thankful and blessed to be able to look at you, see you with your gown on, officially knowing that this is not an honorary award. you earned this. [applause] >> this is an absolutely amazing day, amazing moment for myself, for my family.
5:56 am
i have heard a lot of amazing words and stories and memories. it is pretty crazy, so thank you all. >> the number 30 became the first number to be retired at the college. >> so cool. and it is cool that he has so many accomplishments and yet he still wanted to have this. not like i am accomplished, make it honorary, give it to me, but he wants to do the work. >> such an inspiration. >> he is awesome. in the north bay, down to a quarter mile, but temperatures this morning are in the 40's and the coolest pots, but upper 50's to lower 60's for a lot of us. the rooftop camera, a light out there.
5:57 am
the big headline, we are cranking up the heat. you can see triple digit weather, even on the bay shoreline. it is warm, well into the 80's. >> sam's club set to raise membership price for the first time in nearly a decade. how much more you will have to pay. >> and the woman who accidentally got millions in crypto. when she found out she was an instant millionaire. >> and what we've learned from new video of the titanic. >> and a live look outside this morning, 5:57. we will be right back. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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>> elting a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven. >> get ready for hot temperatures across the bay area. when we could finally see some relief. >> high stakes document -- hearing over the documents taken from mar-a-lago. >> this dog got a scare but it was greeted by entities -- manatees. that is not the greeting that dog needed. it is the first of september. >>


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