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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. area, our emergency departments tend to see an increase in patients presenting with symptoms consistent with accumulated illness. >> warnings across the bay area to keep cool and be careful tonight as the heatwave begins. dan: thank you for joining us. the dangerous heat is already here i'm a bringing concerns about the power grid, health, and fire danger. ama: we have abc7 news team coverage. dan: let's begin with abc7 news meter will adjust sandhya patel with -- meteorologist sandhya patel with the current conditions.
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sandhya: it is hot inland. excessive heat warning starts at 11:00 saturday and runs until 8:00 p.m. tuesday. it is for all inland areas, the hills. the excessive heat watch has been upgraded to a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. monday. those temperatures around the bay shoreline and coastal range will be up to 96. inland, way hotter, 100 to 108 degrees. lake county up to 100. triple digits in the hottest spot saturday inland. getting into the mid 100s on sunday. inland areas will be. a reminder to never leave kids or pets inside the vehicle, stay hydrated. limit your outdoor time. when it is really hot, check on neighbors and relatives. a child heats up three to five times faster. look before you lock. that is an important thing.
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120 inside a vehicle when it is 100 degrees outside. in 20 minutes it can get up to 130 degrees. find some shade. i will let you know how long this intense heatwave will last. ama: the hot weather is expected to strain the power grid, which is why a flex alert is in effect. that means if you have a.c., set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. what impact does the flex alert have? dan: abc7 reporter under house and talked with some experts. >> hot temperatures in september are not unusual for the bay area, but climate scientists are concerned about how hot it is getting. livermore reached 103 on
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thursday. >> we would expect the same type of day to be more like 104 degrees fahrenheit on a three degrees celsius warmed world in 2100. >> patrick brown is a visiting scholar at san jose state university. he says the impact of global warming on california means drier conditions, which increases the threat of wildfires. but it also increases demand for energy. >> we are likely to be above 40,000 megawatts. >> brown says the supply of electricity does not spike at the same time as the spike in demand. the drop means california -- drought means california has less hydroelectric power. >> enough storage to store solar energy from the middle of the day into the evening. >> that is why a flex alert is issued to conserve power and prevent blackouts. >> the surprising thing is how
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much of a difference individual homes can make. >> the ceo of ohm connect is a free service that notifies customers on how to reduce power, and customers can earn rewards for saving energy. the average home in california uses two kilowatts of power. in august of 2020, when california was hit with blackouts, demand exceeded supply by just 500 megawatts. he says if households with big homes to apartments reduce energy use by just 5%, it could prevent blackouts -- 25%, it could prevent blackouts. >> reduce energy use by a bit. that is enough to make up for an entire powerplant not having to turn on. >> the excessive heat is expected to last through holiday weekend. abc7 news. >> and today through monday, some open spaces in the east bay
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are closed because of the excessive heat. the cities of walnut creek and concord announced that lime ridge and alkaline is ridge are closed. they say the decision came at the recommendation of the contra costa county fire to prevent, not necessarily because of fire danger but to prevent emergencies on the trails. >> we know from experience that we are going to see injuries and he related emergencies. windows emergencies occur -- heat related emergencies. when those emergencies occur, it takes fire resources to respond to those emergencies. in this heat condition, we can prevent those emergencies. ama: the open spaces are expected to reopen tuesday when the excessive heat warning is lifted. dan: medical experts are urging caution as this heatwave hits the bay area. abc7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains even common activities can be dangerous in this kind of heat. dustin: labor day weekend means celebrating the end of summer outdoors for a lot of people,
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but this year health experts offer a word of caution even if you are in good health. >> it is a holiday weekend. you want to be outside in the sun, by the shore, but we have to be aware. with these high temperatures, everyone is vulnerable. dustin: this public health professor says everyone has a different temperature threshold at which our health is impacted by the heat. it is as low as 90 degrees for some. if you are not careful as the heatwave drags on, things like gardening and bike riding can be dangerous. >> a walk during the day, normally we may be fine, we may sweat a little bit and cool off by that sweating. but with these extreme high temperatures, that heat balance that our bodies are trying to cool, that balance has shifted toward the higher end. dustin: that could lead to dehydration or dizziness, or serious conditions like heatstroke, which could cause irreversible damage to the brain
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and liver. if you suffer from a high fever, seek medical attention immediately. chief of the kaiser permanente santa clarita emergency department says he expects to see more patients this weekend. >> our emergency departments tend to see an increase in patients presenting with symptoms consistent with a heat related illness. dustin: for the sake of your health, the doctor says you need to take extra care when it gets this hot. >> understanding and recognizing the symptoms early on and when it is time to change or activity. get out of the heat, get into an air-conditioned room, make sure you are hydrating. start those things early so you are not missing the signs. dustin: so stay cool and stay healthy. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. dan: certainly one way to stay safe in this heat is to find a place with air conditioning. across the bay area, cooling centers are open. if you need more information, go to for of the list. -- for a full list.
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ama: in the east bay it was announced oakland and alameda county will pay to $50,000 to two -- to $250,000 to two people as part of a settlement in which the city and county also great to restrict the use of less lethal ammunition at political protests and crowd events like sideshows. dan: with recent violence in the city, oakland community leaders are worried about more this holiday weekend. abc7 reporter ryan curry on the pleas for peace. >> just tired of the loss of life of our loved ones. ryan: the oakland violence prevention coalition is worried about the holiday weekend. >> even if i don't know them personally, it is like another one of mine is gone. ryan: oakland is coming off its deadliest week in the year with six homicides in four days this week. chief armstrong asking for a reprieve from the violence. >> give us a break.
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give this community a break. give our families a break. how much can wait mourn? ryan: with a hot holiday weekend ahead, community leaders are calling on everyone to support each other and stop the violence. >> sometimes the process can be slower than others, but as long as you are touching one life at a time, everything grows and can spread. ryan: he says what needs to happen is more resources offered to low income communities that offer resources to succeed. >> it's about giving young people hope for a very positive life. that is part of what we've been trying to do with announcing our $50 million generation fund. ryan: we reached out to oakland police to see what their response for the weekend looks like. we are waiting to hear back. towers said it is not about adding more police, it is building a community that supports each other. >> allowing ourselves to see what problems are really happening, the deep-rooted issues within a community, to
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tackle those problems and make corrections where it is needed. ryan: ryan curry, abc7 news. ama: one man is in custody tonight after stealing a fully marked oakland police patrol suv this morning around 1:30 on broadway near 12th street, five blocks away from police headquarters. an officer was punting to a medical emergency. -- was responding to a medical emergency. someone got into the locked suv and took off. officers chased it on to i-80. it eventually crashed into a brick wall. the driver was taken into custody. dan: oakland police officers arrested four people during an illegal casino operation. it happened on 17th avenue in oakland, enar san antonio park -- near san antonio park. officers recovered four semi automatic handguns, 12 gaming machines, 15 pounds of marijuana and $3000 in cash.
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it was a month-long investigation after police received several complaints of suspicious and illegal activity. police are asking anyone with further information to contact the oakland police department immediately. ama: palo alto police are looking for the people who staged a wild coordinated armed robbery that led to a car crash. police released this picture of a white dodge challenger. they say it is one of two cars that boxed in a couple as they sat in the parking lot of stanford shopping center. the other car is a white audi, but police don't have a picture of that. police say five people with guns jumped out of those white cars and swarmed the couple and stole their jewelry. the white cars took off but hit traffic, where the challenger rammed a truck so both vehicles could get away. dan: more to come here. former thoroughness ceo elizabeth holmes back in a court in the south bay today. with the judge said about her attorney's motion to throw the case out. abc7
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patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. dan: a disappointing outcome for former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. her attorneys worked to get her entire case thrown out, but the judge limit narrowly denied that request. ama: zach fuentes has more on what the judge says led to his decision. zach: former theranos ceo
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elizabeth holmes walked into the courthouse in san jose, the team hoping the judge would grant their motion for acquittal. >> what ms. holmes was saying was there is not enough evidence against me, i want a not guilty from the court. this was not about getting a new trial, this was about never getting sentenced. zach: it comes months after a jury found her guilty on four counts of wire fraud. her attorneys say government prosecutors didn't prove she committed fraud. they say the core allegation against her is that she misrepresented theranos technology, but they say she believed in the technology. attorneys argue the same thing in the trial that led to her conviction. in in acquittal hearings like this, the court has to strongly consider the verdict the jury already came up with. >> this jury got it right. they were very diligent. they were out for many days. there was a tremendous amount of evidence presented by both sides. zach: ultimately the judge gave a preliminary decision.
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he said a reasonable juror would find there was evidence of misrepresentation to investors. he said he will review evidence and then issue his final order. looking ahead, clark says what happens to homes in court could -- holmes in court could determine what happens to her longtime boyfriend. holmes claimed domestic abuse against him. he was convicted of all the charges he faced. holmes was only convicted of four. >> i think the court will look at the issue of inconsistent verdicts to determine if some of his convictions should be set aside. there will be a lot of legal wrangling moving forward prior to either one being sentenced. zach: holmes is set to be sentenced. zach fuentes, abc7 news. dan: after the break, it is being called california's most sweeping and aggressive climate change package ever. it is now headed to the governor's desk. we will tell you
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get the xfinity supersonic bundle with unlimited gig speed internet, wifi equipment included and a free 4k streaming box. all for $50 a month with a 2 year internet rate guarantee and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today! dan: a series of bills addressing the impact of climate change is heading to governor newsom's desk. they require california to become carbon neutral by 2045 and produce 90% of its electricity from clean sources by 2035. they will also ban new oil and gas wells near homes and schools and established guidelines for capturing carbon and storing it underground.
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republicans are criticizing the bills, saying they will destroy in-state jobs and require the state to turn to foreign countries to import oil. a new school at stanford dedicated to the climate is officially open. it was made possible by a 1.1 billion dollar donation by a tec h investor and his wife. stanford said the school will focus on climate change, sustainable cities, and a lot more. it launched with 90 existing faculty members and 60 more will be hired over the next decade. ama: the fire burning near i5 in southern california continues to grow. more than 52 acres have burned. the fire started yesterday afternoon and it spread quickly. some evacuation orders remain in effect. the fire is 12% contained. the alameda county fire department we did this video of personnel traveling to support efforts.
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so let's talk about the weather in the bay area and that extreme heat. dan: it's going to be a tough few days. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is live on the roof with details. sandhya: this is a serious heatwave. it's going to stretch for days. right now it is gorgeous up here on the roof because we do have a nice breeze blowing to the bay area. high pressure starting to command our weather. we have already seen triple digits inland. towards the next couple days, you will notice that things will change, but first the high-pressure ridge bringing a dangerous heatwave up and down the state of california. heat advisories for parts of the northeast, coastal counties. an excessive heat warning stretching the entire length of the state. from our east bay hills camera there is a bit of haze. vacaville, concord, livermore in the triple digits. santa rosa 93 right now. you have a nice breeze in petaluma.
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65 in the city of san jose. oakland at 73 degrees. i'm sure you want to head to half moon bay, especially if you are inland. we have the marine layer and some haze in the air. air quality will be moderate for the next four days. fog on parts of the coastline on live doppler 7. compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures are up everywhere. eight degrees warmer in concord and santa rosa and san jose. that refreshing breeze at sfo is going to prevent us from getting hot along the coast this upcoming weekend. you want to head to santa cruz, it will be warm this weekend. right now it is comfortable. dangerous heat for the holiday weekend. record temperatures and rising risk of heat illnesses. we have elevated fire danger for the coast. for the bay, excuse me. the coast will remain comfortable. around the bay it will be dense fog in pockets.
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keep that in mind if you are communing. morning temperatures will range from the 50's on the coast to 60's inland. mild inland. fog near the beaches. good overnight sleeping weather. it will not last. tomorrow temperatures dialing back a few degrees with a sea breeze. 96 in gilroy. 86 san jose. 84 in redwood city. 63 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 71 degrees. into the north bay you will notice upper 80's for napa. 90 in santa rosa. in the east bay, 80 castro valley. inland gets hot. not as hot as today. 90's for the hottest spots like fairfield, livermore. the accuweather 7 day forecast, minor dip in temperatures. the heat risk rising for the weekend. from the low 100s to the mid and upper 100s by sunday and monday. that is extreme heat. tuesday, that hot weather will linger. toward wednesday and thursday,
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you start to notice that the coast and bay begin to get some relief. those temperatures begin to back off. but that heat couldn't back off soon enough. enjoy the comfort zone right now along the coast and bay. as you know, with a lack of ac for many homes, it will be a tough one this weekend. ama: going to be brutal. dan: breaking news in mendocino county. a calfire is working a wildfire near a town. it is about 20 acres. you can see that large plume of smoke in these photos tweeted by caltrans. there are potential road closures in the area of pine mountain. we will continue to keep you posted. posted. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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ama: a restaurant open today in berkeley. the new cafe is located on the uc berkeley campus. for now the restaurant is offering limited reservations. dinner service is expected to begin in october. the menu will include traditional food as well as more contemporary dishes. dan: the san francisco public library is paying long overdue tribute to some bright minds who make our everyday lives easier. ama: the library reopened its black excellence, black invention exhibit, a celebration of african-american inventors who created the items we've used for decades. everything from dry cleaning to potato chips to mobile refrigeration technology. the black excellence, black invention exhibit will be at its
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branch until november 1. dan: world news tonight with david miller is next. -- david muir is
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tonight, a former new york city police officer sentenced to ten years in prison for the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the longest sentence yet. the retired officer convicted of attacking a d.c. police officer with a flag pole, tackling him to the ground, and trying to rip off his gas mask. the defense claiming he was trying to help the officer he assaulted. the judge saying he's still shocked every time he sees the video. martha raddatz standing by. the department of justice and former president trump's lawyers squaring off in a federal court over those classified documents seized by the fbi. trump's legal team saying the top secret materials found inside mar-a-lago were like an overdue library book, insisting a special master be called in to review the documents. prosecutors with a blunt response, saying trump is no longer president and has no rights to the highly classified


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