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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 2, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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the bay area. how high temperatures will fly and how you can try to beat the heat. >> president biden calling out his predecessor. why he says democracy is under assault. >> the overnight assassination attempt against the vice president of argentina. what we are learning about the suspect and why he may have done it. >> a closer look at the dimmick -- devastating impact of the pandemic on local schools. why it may have wiped out years of positive gains. all right, drew. we are bracing for this heatwave. drew: we got a taste of the heat, yesterday. 106 at livermore, yesterday afternoon. we get a brief relief from the heat today and then temperatures take over for the holiday weekend. petaluma and santa rosa, visibility at less than a mile. elsewhere, the fog is not thick
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at all. temperatures waking up mainly in the 50's. slightly warmer compared to this time, yesterday. the marine layer is with us, however, the marine layer is thin. because the heatwave is of days. a brief dip in temperatures. not as hot as yesterday. 90's is pretty hot in wind. 70's and 80's around the bay shoreline. we are tracking dangerous heat this weekend. we have changes in the start time to these watches in some areas have been taken out of the excessive heat watch. we will talk about what you can expect in eight minutes. kumasi: with this ongoing heat, a third consecutive alert is going into effect today. it runs from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. here is what you can do to help conserve. if you have ac, set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher.
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do not charge your electric car or use maintenance appliances during those hours and make sure you turn off any unnecessary lights. >> what impact does the flex alert have and how much can help prevent blaou? it is morehaalize. say the average home in california uses about two kilowatts of power. 500 homes take up about one megawatt. when california was hit with blackouts in 2020, demand exited -- exceeded supply by 500 megawatts. the ceo of aum connect, a service that notifies customers on how to reduce power at says households of all sizes reduce energy use by -- if all houses reduce energy use much when he 5%, it could prevent blackouts. >> reduce their energy use by a bit. that is enough to make up for an entire powerplant not having to turn on. >> cal iso projects monday and tuesday, the state is likely to
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be above 48,000 megawatts. the highest usage we have seen in years. kumasi: beating the heat will be on all of our minds this weekend and the beach might be a place to cool down. lena helmet is live in pacifica with how people are dealing with the hot weather. >> good morning. right next to the peer, overlooking the beach with the nice ocean breeze. pacifica is a great option for folks to escape to from all over the bay area if they are looking to find relief from the summer heatwave. i'm wearing my jacket right now because it is chilly next to the water. it is expected to warm up a bit with a high of 63 today in pacifica. in pleasant hill, it was a much different story last night, as people filed into a football stadium to watch a high school football game in triple digit heat. armed with tents, umbrellas and a lot of water, we talked to parents who say this was likely
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the hottest football game their kids have ever played in. the concern isn't just over this tackle or that one. but over that 100 degree heat. >> i worry. but he says mom, i've got it. >> he hasn't played football that long. this is probably about it. >> things got so uncomfortable in the triple digit heat that some people opted to watch the game in their car that is air-conditioned instead. i'm sure a lot of those parents out there in pleasant hill last night would love to get a little break from the heat, coming out here to pacifica. with a high of 63 degrees today. live in pacifica, i am lena. >> health officials are urging all of us to be cautious during this heatwave. simple things like gardening, fishing, exercising can cause health issues when the temperatures heat up.
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you risk getting heat exhaustion, having a stroke or dying. over 1300 people die from heat related illnesses every year. >> understanding and recognizing symptoms early on and knowing what it is -- when it is time to change or activity. get out of the heating, make sure your hydrating and start those things early so you are not missing those signs and it progresses into something worse. kumasi: if you are experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion or a medical stroke, you should get attention immediate we. we have the differences between them on you can check the temperatures on the bay area streaming tv app. you can download that on roku, android tv, amazon fire and apple tv. >> -- this is in the pine mountain area. traffic is moving throu t evacun
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effect but no actual evacuations so far. kumasi: at least one person has died in an overnight shooting in san jose. another person was hurt. it happened after 10:30 p.m. on east william street near the laplace on market. both people were shot at least one time. one victim died at the scene. police did not offer any motive or suspect description. the investigation is ongoing. >> president biden is calling for unity in a primetime speech where he took aim at election deniers. >> against a backdrop of red, white and blue, president joe biden sternly speaking about what he calls a battle for the soul of the nation. pres. biden: i've come to this place where it all began to speak as plainly as i can to the nation. about the threats we face. >> from independence hall, where
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the foundation of the nations constitution and democracy was forced, the president, with this morning. pres. biden: there is no question the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and the mob republicans. that is a threat to this country. not every republican embraces their extreme ideology. >> and ideology he says would take the country backwards. pres. biden: backwards to an america where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy and no right to marry who you love. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy said biden should have apologized for that comment and criticized his leadership. >> president biden has chosen to lie, demean and disparage his fellow americans. why? simply because they disagree
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with his policies. that is not leadership. >> with the countdown to the november midterm elections weeks away and his approval numbers rising, the president rests upon his administration's recent achievements. rick klein says biden is offering the voters a stark choice. >> by saying this is what we would do and this is what the other guys would do, this is what it would mean to go back to president trump and others who subscribe to his ideology. >> thursdays primetime philadelphia speech marks the second stop of three in pennsylvania this week. the keystone state is one of the key battlegrounds as both parties look ahead to november. justin finch, abc news, washington. kumasi: a former new york police officer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the insurrection. that is the longest sentence handed down for any of the suspects so far. a jury convicted thomas webster
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for choking a police officer with his own chinstrap. webster argued self-defense. the jury did not go with that. during sentencing, he pleaded for mercy and asked for time served. drew: we will take you to sfo, where you can see cloud cover overhead. dense fog in the north bay and along the coast this morning. it will pull back later today. by 10:00 a.m., we are mainly in the 60's. 70's and 80's in our warm spots inland. today, it is a brief dip in temperatures. yesterday, we exceeded 100 in our hottest spots. today, we will sit in the 90's inland. 70's and 80's around the bay shoreline. a lot of sunshine. warm to hot inland. yesterday, we had 100 in concord. 106 yesterday in livermore. today, we are at 95. 77 in oakland.
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87 with sunshine in san jose. we have changes to our heat advisory. san francisco has been taken out of the heat advisory completely along with the immediate coastline, meaning we are confident the city will remain relatively cool during this upcoming heatwave. parts of the north bay and the bay shoreline will see temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. the excessive heat warning still in effect against on sunday morning. oingo begin tomorrow. begins on sunday, lasting through tuesday. all areas shaded in pink will be well over 100 degrees. we will show you say hi to sue and see how we are doing in goe bridge. it is foggy. the chp has issued a fog advisory. i had to use my windshield wipers. it is drizzling. be aware of that. farther south to the san mateo bridge, it is moving nicely.
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about 15 minutes from 880 and up the high-rise, toward san mateo. taking a look at some of your drive times, the commute out of the central valley, not bad at all. this is the calm before the labor day getaway storm. tracy to dublin, under 30 minutes. if you are traveling across the golden gate bridge from san rafael into san francisco, it is lessha 2ig tre now. ortats ocking lanes. ourse, this will pick up in just a bit. >> coming up, the stroller is getting recall because they might cut off a child's finger. kumasi: a man pulls out psint o. >> just how devastating the pandemic has been for student and teachers across the state. and teachers across the state. kumasi: ♪♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand
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cristina fernandez de kirchner was greeting supporters outside her home when a man approached from the crowd and pointed a gun at her face. he pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. the president said there were five bullets in the gun. the vice president is involved in a corruption trial and was returning from court. it is unclear if that was a motive for this assassination attempt. the 35-year-old brazilian man is in custody. kumasi: ford is recalling 200,000 cars at risk of starting a fire. this includes 2015 to 25th -- when he 17 ft. expeditions and lincoln navigators. three of the fires caused extensive damage. one person had injuries to their hands. there is no cost to customers. this is the second recalling in the past months. >> we have another recall
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involving child safety. consumer is recalling 14,000 upper baby all-terrain jogging strollers because they can amputate a child's finger. the issue is the openings that are big enough for small fingers to get in. at least one child has had a finger amputated because of injury in connection to this. if you have one of these strollers, you need to contact them to get a replacement of the rear brakes for free. >> education is a key part of building a better bay area. we are getting a look at challenges after the pandemic. two decades of learning improvements have been wiped away in two years. tim john spoke to experts and parents about their own experiences and breaks down the numbers for us. tim: it's often called the nation's report card. twice a year, the national center for education statistics releases data from nearly 50,000 -- 15,000 kids. it shows how students are
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performing in key subject areas. since the start of the pandemic, the country has received a failing grade. >> it's not uncommon to see them maybe two grades below grade level, which is tragic. we are seeing kids three and four grades below grade level. through the winter of 2022, paemic and lockdowns resulted in learning loss and erased decades of progress. nine year old students were knocked back to levels not seen since the 1990's. the trends have caused alarm among educators and parents. >> it was easy for people who were not with them each day to say the kids, they are doing fine. they are resilient. they will get through this. and we, parents who were at home, are saying the kids are not all right. >> the learning losses were brought. students of color were disproportionately impacted. >> to contextualize that, so
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many of our students of color in the state were already in schools that were under resourced and under invested in. then you add a pandemic on top of that. tim: since returning to in person learning, parents and teachers have been working overtime to catch their students up. many say they still worried about the long-term effects. >> these numbers are the tip of the iceberg. they are not addressing social, emot-- us f yrs to c - we wl clip 3, 4, five have a much higher rate of dropouts in high school and middle school. tim: in the east bay, tim johns. >> it is all about the heat today. drew: today and tomorrow, the
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heat wraps up sunday. the hottest day this holiday week and will be monday. take a look outside. this is a refreshing view. the re-freeze -- reprieve will be in the city. you will not feel the worst effects of the heat in san francisco. we will stay in the 70's. away from the coast, we have a dangerous heat wave coming our way. we are likely tracking record temperatures. the rising risk of heat illness like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. this elevates our fire danger. the coast remains comfortable. onshore flow will keep us in the 60's and 70's. fog is with us this morning. highs later on today. a brief dig in tperatures ' shoreline. in lynn, we will go into the mid to upper 90's. very limited fog. uppers, very limited fog. pulling back on the heat to start the holiday weekend.
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up or 90's, lower 100s in our hotspots inland. sunday, the excessive heat warning and heat advisories will go into effect for good measure. on monday, monday will be the hottest day for good reason. 100 in san jose. 106 in sonoma. 109 in concord. even around the bay shoreline, a lot of 90's. again, that city and the coast remains relatively comfortable. i think the beaches will be very popular for the upcoming holiday weekend. it is the accuweather 7 day forecast. a brief it in temperatures today. tomorrow, they are on the rise. hot for the holiday weekend. monday is the hottest day. it is hot on tuesday. we will gradually cool off. by wednesday and thursday, we are still seeing temperatures above average for september. kumasi: coming up, seven things to know this morning. liz: the moment a train crashes into a truck even as one of the drivers is able to escape.
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more style. more savings. kohl's. kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things you need to know. drew: it is about the hot holiday weekend. this heat wave ramps up on sunday with an excessive heat warning going into effect for three days, lasting until tuesday. temperatures above 100 degrees for the afternoon. kumasi: for the third day in a row, kauai so has issued a flex alert. we are asked to reduce our power usage from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. turning the thermostat to 70 liextremif you have ac d tr ehie e nat night, he claimed that he
5:23 am
took aim at maga -- he took aim at maga republicans, calling it an attack on democracy. liz: if you're fully vaccinated, you will be eligible for the new booster two months after your last shot. sue: we are following your pre-labor day getaway. it is light this morning. it is picking up. this is one of the busiest stretches in the entire bay area . the east shore free ray heading into the bay bridge plaza -- freeway, heading into the bay bridge plaza. kumasi: today could be serena williams final game as a professional tennis player. she is entering the third round after losing a doubles match with her sister, venus. a near mid air collision caught on camera at the orlando airport. >> in this morning's gma first look, abc news exclusive video
5:24 am
showing a near mid air collision caught on camera at the orlando international airport. watch the video from inside a single engine cessna. that is a delta 757 taking off nearby. malika clark took evasive action, avoiding the disaster. -- malik clark took evasive action, avoiding the disaster. >> the delta has a choirhigherl. >> orr the flyway. coming up at 7:00, we will have more on the travel crunch as we head into the holiday weekend. with your gma first look, i am victor, gma first news, miami. liz: a dramatic crash was caught
5:25 am
on camera south of amarillo, texas. a barreling train plowed through a semi truck that was stuck on the tracks on wednesday. the driver, thankfully, had gotten out before the crash. the train's conductor was not hurt. that's my worst nightmare. that is so scary. kumasi: it is. nasa will take another shot at launching its mega moon rocket tomorrow. this will be the second attempt to get artemis one off the ground. monday's planned liftoff was scrubbed because of an engine issue. a change in fueling procedures seems to have solved that problem, nasa says. >> we are proceeding into our saturday lunch attempt. we are comfortable withe will go n saturdayut we will try. -- guarantee we will go off on saturday but we will try. kumasi: nasa views the flight as the first of the missions that will be a vital test. they involve hardware, software,
5:26 am
ground systems that are intended to one day transport humans to mars and beyond. we will be talking live to and asked her not about this historic mission, coming up this -- to an astronaut about this historic mission, coming up this morning. liz: when you will be asked to charge electric cars. kumasi: and when you can get an omicron specific booster shot. a live look -- >> a live look outside at sfo. a lot of people are traveling for the holiday weekend. we will be back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> now at five: 30, another sweltering day on tap across the bay area. when you can expect the hottest temperatures and how you can beat the heat. kumasi: what the oakland mayor says is being done to stop the violence after several homicides in the last few days. liz: the quick thinking teens who jumped into save a family from a burning home. >> venus and serena, they lost in what could be there final match together as professionals. but they won in our hearts. kumasi: we will check and withdrew drew for a check of our forecast. drew: -- ewind going three miles ats
5:30 am
half moon bay. temperatures a few degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. you are waking up generally in the mid 50's to lower 60's on your friday. here is a live look outside. a refreshing view. a lot of fog in the san francisco skyline. here is how the day shapes up. the fog will pull back to the coast. this afternoon, it is a brief dip in those temperatures. not as warm as we were yesterday. still warm. hot inland, in the 90's. the bay shoreline, upper 70's if not lower tracking dangers heat coming our way for the holiday weekend. we have changes inimg and who is included and who is not. the entire coastline in san francisco has been taken out of the excessive heat watch. we will talk about how hot you get and when the hottest day is for the holiday weekend, coming up. liz: as temperatures rise, so does the fire danger. fire crews are preparing for
5:31 am
what could be a dangerous we can. lena howland -- weekend. lena howland is in the pacifica, one area that could provide relief from the heat. lena: if you are looking to find a little bit of relief from the triple digit heat, pacifica is where you want to be. it is a little chilly. that is why i am bundled up in my jacket. we are -- they are expecting a high of 63 degrees. nearly 40 degrees less than the north bay. that is where santa rosa firefighters are preparing. they showed us the station that can attract wind speeds. firefighters deploying this, capable of giving real-time fire weather information from the hills to the valley. the devices being installed in
5:32 am
the felton grove neighborhood. the scene of the 2017 tubs fire, which destroyed more than 1600 structures and burned 3700 acres. >> when you look at temperatures that high end humidities that low, this tool will allow us to track that in real time and see what our potential is. how dry is it? >> we get a little more warmer than petaluma and santa rosa. i think i will head up to a cooler area. lena: that was a win centrix. -- that was owen cedrics. he has seen the forecast and is leaving town. one of the places he could be headed to hear on the coast is pacifica, where things are quite a bit cooler than where he was at. live in pacifica, i am lena howland. kumasi: a flex alert has been
5:33 am
issued for the third day in a row. we are being asked to conserve power from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. today. that includes not charging your electric cars. if you need to charge, officials advise you to charge up earlier in the day or overnight. with california's new pushed to switch car sales to electric vehicles by 2035, -- new pushed to switch car sales to electric vehicles by two any 35, many are wondering -- >> when you go and charge, you are not putting it on the grid. that is the most responsible way to lighten the load on the grid. kumasi: d.c. charging stations are capable of charging a vehicle in minutes and they are battery-powered. the california legislature says it is aiming to have 10,000 d.c. chargers up by 2025. liz: if you are trying to save
5:34 am
on acr get too hot at home, several cooling centers are open across the bay area. abc 7 news is at the centennial -- was at the centennial recreation center where people were exercising this morning. the center is open through the weekend. we have a list of cooling centers around the bay area on our website. kumasi: this morning, former president trump and the justice department are awaiting the decision of a federal judge about the classified documents in mar-a-lago. trump wanted an outside expert to reviewhose records. justin finch is tracking the latest development. >> this morning, a federal judge could hand down the crucial decision in the fight over documents related to the fbi search of former president trump's mar-a-lago residence. the judge is contemplating whether to appoint a spealexpers agents found during the search. lawyers for trump and the
5:35 am
justice department faced off in the florida courtroom yesterday, laying out arguments for how the documents should be handled. trump's lawyers downplayed the criminal investigation, comparing the documents to an overdue library book. the justice department said trump lost access to the hundreds of classified documents , when he left office. adding government records were likely concealed by the trump team and efforts were likely taken to obstruct the investigation. the judge, indicating she is in favor of appointing a special master. >> she had tough questions for each side. she asked the trump attorneys why it took two weeks to make a request and she asked doj attorneys wasn't there a way to put a special master in place without stopping the ongoing intelligence assessment? >> president trump -- former president trump said he was not to blame f dumts leaving the white house. >> you accumulate a lot of stuff and all of a sudden, stuff gets
5:36 am
packed up and sent. most of it is pictures and newspapers and shirts and golf balls. it is a lot of stuff. >> the discovery of classified material and mar-a-lago is drawing criticism from some republicans. >> they should never be taken from the white house in the first place. just don't know the details yet. -- we just don't know the details yet. >> a comprehensive, holistic and relentless effort is needed to stop the recent rash of violence in oakland city. -- oaklands city. the mayor will be the impact on the community was unbelievable. >> i was talking to a mother who lost her second child to gun violence recently. we have to be mindful that the influx of guns into our communities, the huge purchases that were made during pandemic, those guns are finding their way
5:37 am
into the wrong hands. >> the city will be getting some help with the recent graduation of 30 officers from the police academy. she also says it is about giving people hope. kumasi: one man is in custody this morning after stealing a fully marked oakland police patrol suv. that happened around 1:30 yesterday morning on broadway, near 12th street, five blocks away from police headquarters. an officer was responding to a medical emergency at the time. police say person got into this locked suv and drove off. officers chased the thief until the suv got on 880. then, they followed it by helicopter. it eventually crashed into a parked car and a brick wall on oak more road. the driver was taken into custody. liz: a judge is promising to further review evidence before delivering a final decision in the case against elizabeth holmes. he denied her request to have the case thrown out yesterday. that ruling comes nearly 10 months after a jury found her
5:38 am
guilty on four counts of wire fraud. ultimately, the judge gave a preliminary decision yesterday. he says he will take another look at the evidence on both sides and issue his final order. >> the court will have to work with that the jury got it right. they were very diligent and were out for many days. there was a tremendous amount of evidence presented by both sides. lisbeth holmes -- >> elizabeth holmes faces up to 20 years in prison and a 1000 dollar fine. kumasi: the cdc signed off on these redesigned shots, meant to protect against the omicron variant. pfizer says the first doses of its booster have been in 62 -- have been shipped to 62 locations across the country. >> the hope here is not to have to give lots of vaccines each
5:39 am
year. the hope is to have this be the vaccine that holds us for as much of or the entire season if it can. kumasi: if you are fully vaccinated, you would be eligible two months after your most recent shot. pfizer expect to deliver 3 million doses by tuesday, authorized for people 12 and older. moderna's updated vaccine has been authorized for people 18 and older. liz: a series of bills addressed -- addressing climate change are heading to governor newsom's desk. they help california become carbon neutral by 2045 and reduce electricity from clean sources by 2035. they establish guidelines for capturing carbon and storing it underground. republicans criticized the bill, saying it will destroy in-state jobs and require the state to turn to foreign countries to import oil. a new school at stanford
5:40 am
dedicated to climate is officially opening this week. the dora school of sustainability was made possible by a $1.1 billion donation from john doerr. it launched with 90 existing faculty members and 60 more will be hired over the next decade. kumasi: the teens who heard a family screaming inside of a burning home and jumped in to help. liz: the best moments from serena and venus williams likely final match together as professionals. first, let's get a check of the forecast. drew: we are looking at sfo where the fog is with us this morning. the fog will keep the coast relatively comfortable during our upcoming heatwave. today, it is a brief dip in temperatures, compared to the heat we experience yesterday for a lot of us. 50's and 60's around the bay shoreline by 10:00 a.m. as the
5:41 am
fog moves back to the coast. 70's and 80's in our warm spots later this morning. into the afternoon, unlike yesterday, where we exceeded 100 degrees in our hottest spots, we will bounce back into the 90's. a warm, hot day on the coast. 70's and 80's around the shoreline. 97 in antioch rate 90 in fairfield. 77 insusase rosa. 81s e high in santa cruz. aisill begin sunday morning for the immediate bay shoreline and includes oakland, alameda, fremont. san francisco and the immediate coastline have been taken out of the heat advisory. we will escape the worst of the heat thanks to an onshore flow. we still have an excessive heat warning. this will begin sunday and last through tuesday. three days of dangerous heat, all areas shaded in pink. we will look at afternoon temperatures over the holiday
5:42 am
weekend, coming up in nine minutes. let's check in with sue. sue: we are going straight to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a breeze getting into san francisco. a few brake lights just passed the island, as you make your way on the western portion of the span. highway 42 san francisco, the 80 corridor is looking great. under 25 minutes. we want to give you a heads up. this weekend, you will experience part delays from the south hayward to union city stations. they are upgrading the tracks. they will provide free buses but they say delays between 20 to 25 minutes. that part of the bart line. otherwise, we are looking great. not even slowing out of the central valley. we have one stall, 5, near saraa avenue. avenue. blocking a lan i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation?
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>> hot weather increases the algae bloom we have seen across the san francisco bay. crews were back at it at the lake, picking up more dead fish. they removed 1200 pounds on wednesday. liz: called the situation a tragedy and offered advice to residents. >> sure to not overwater your lawn or maybe don't wash your car this weekend. runoff through our waterways, our storm drain systems actually could be exacerbating the algae blooms, although they are originating in the pacific ocean and coming to the bay and estuary and into lake merritt. liz: the mayor says people can make a difference by volunteering with the lake merritt institute, which helps maintain the lake. kumasi: three young men are being hailed as heroes for
5:46 am
rescuing a mom and their son from a burning home. a teenager is shown outside the home, one call 911 and another tried to get inside the house to see if anybody was inside. the front door was locked. all three of them ran to the back of the house to find another way in. what they found was a sliding glass door and a mom and her adult son inside the home. one teenager escorted the sun to safety but the mom was not ready to leave. >> the lady wanted to get jewelry and her other belongings out of the house. she went up to her bedroom. she didn't want to come out of the house. she wanted to try to get stuff. i had to forcibly pull her out of the house. >> thankfully, nobody got hurt. kumasi: the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters got on the scene in just a few minutes and the teenagers parents say they are proud. liz: they should be. serena and billy -- venus williams may have played their last professional match
5:47 am
together's as doubles partners. >> this morning, a heartbreaking loss in the u.s. opens doubles first-round for sisters serena and venus williams, in what could be the last time they play together in april tournaments. after about a two hour match in arthur ashe stadium, the williams sisters fell in straight sets against a team from the czech republic. they played a packed house and despite the crowd going riled -- while, they cannot pull ahead. >> we figured it was not going to end in the finals. >> they had a remarkable career, winning 14 doubles grand slams. the last time they played together was at the 2018 french open. they reached the round of 16. >> they were, after time, the best doubles team in the world, even if they weren't playing as much prey they gave it up halfway through their career. -- as much. they gave it up halfway through their career. >> serena williams continues her farewell tour today, with a
5:48 am
match against australia's ajla tomljanovic. despite entering the tournament ranked 605th, on wednesday, serena beat the second ranked player in the world. some questioning whether this really will be her last open. serena, not mentioning her possible retirement. only expressing her love of the game. >> i'm a pretty good player. [laughter] you know, this is what i do best. i love a challenge. i love rising to the challenge. >> serena's third round matches tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if she wins, she will still have to win three more matches to earn the coveted u.s. open title. she has already won the tournament six times. kumasi: the san francisco public library is paying tribute to some bright minds who make our everyday lives a lot easier.
5:49 am
the library is relaunching its black excellence black invention exhibit. this is a celebration of african-american inventors who treated devices we have been using for decades. everything from lawnmowers to potato chips. frederick mckinley jones created mobile refrigeration technology. the black excellence black invention exhibit will be going until november 1. we are talking to curators of the exhibit later this morning. liz: a boy gets a big surprise for you he found a giant earthworm. it was nearly three feet long. his mom called it the stuff of nightmares. the boy was apparently delighted to find it. the boy wanted to keep it, saying he likes learning about weird animals. his parents were not having that. the family took a picture instead and put it back in the water.
5:50 am
the next day, the warm was gone. kumasi: what in the entire world? did you know they got that big? liz: no. i feel like something -- that is something drew would know. drew: i stay away from that. kumasi: i grew up in the south. we used to like little worms. my grandfather used to have bait for fishing. i thought they were cool. drew: imagine the fish she would catch with that, kumasi. like a whale! i love fishing but i made my dad put the worm on. i could never do it. my dad was so good at it. i was like you do it. >> they get that big? drew: what are they eating? do you remember when there was a heavy rain and they would all come to the surface. that smell is so unique. kumasi: i like it.
5:51 am
drew: i remember that. >> i was shocked like what are you doing here? drew: we will talk about rising temperatures over the holiday weekend. a live look outside. we are still tracking excessive heat away from the coast. a dangerous heat for the holiday we can. record temperatures per the rising risk of heat illness. if you remember back to 2017 and the labor day holiday heat we had back then, that one was a lot worse. -- heatwave we had back then, that one was a lot worse. we set all-time record highs. this heatwave will have a wide range of temperatures. the coast remains come to boebert in lind, we are seeing 100 degrees for several days. -- remains comfortable but in lind, we are seeing 100 degrees
5:52 am
for several days -- inland, we are seeing 100 degrees for several days. future tracker temperatures, let's show you the wide range of temperatures. saturday, it gets hot in land. look at the coastline, we are in the 70's. a lot of people will go to the coast to try to beat the heat this holiday weekend. rising temperatures over the weekend. take it easy. heat is cumulative. you may not feel the effects day one and day two but days three and four, it will take a toll. temperatures still above average for september. liz: the mouthguard that might help some people fight ptsd. help some people fight ptsd. kumasi: and how much
5:53 am
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kumasi: it is 5:55. we are talking about this massive piece of jewelry that will still be up for grabs for the highest bidder. it is a dazzling pink diamond. described as one of the world's purest. look at how big it is. the gyem weighs just over 11 carats and is expected to sell for $21 million when it goes upper auction in hong kong next month. this is a diamond. it is called fancy vivid pink. the gem will go on tour in singapore and taipei before it gets too hung, -- gets to hong kong. drew: i think jobina has that.
5:56 am
beginning to see the hits of the sun. modern air quality for the for see it -- moderate air quality for the for siebel future. -- foreseeable future. look at highs across the state. san francisco sticks out like a sore thumb. 68 for the high. 94 in l.a. 80's for santa barbara. 111 in fresno. 107 in reading. most of the state for the holiday weekend is under an excessive heat warning. if you are traveling across california, just know the coast is the place to be the heat -- be to beat the heat. >> how you can beat the heat as temperatures reach triple digits across much of the bay area. liz: the earthquake that hit while lawmakers were discussing the dangers of earthquakes. kumasi: whether or not the artemis mission will go off as planned tomorrow after days of delays. the time is 5:56.
5:57 am
happy friday. we will be right back. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. kumasi: extreme temperatures across the bay area. another flex alert called for today. dangerous conditions coming for the holiday weekend. we have everything you need to know. liz: police in the south bay investigating a deadly overnight shooting. what we have learned this morning from san jose police. kumasi: the search for a motive after someone tries to assassinate the vice president of argentina on live tv. liz: it is friday, september 2. happy friday. kumasi: we are starting with a check of our forecast. drew: a lot of people getting plans ready for the holiday weekend. still tracking the heat wave headed our way toward sunday, monday and tuesday.


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