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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 4, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: a sweltering september continues across the bay area. what you need to know if you return to beat the heat this holiday weekend. good morning, it is sunday. let us start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: i am sure there are a lot of people out enjoying the morning, temperatures are comfortable. dangerous he is coming into play today. there is not any fog this morning is to look at the golden gate bridge, evidence of that. just a bit of a breeze, 58 downtown on the 67 in oakland, 71 in san jose. air quality is good today. tomorrow, that changes.
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65 santa rosa, 74 by the delta. looking at our excessive heat warning today, tomorrow into wednesday evening in the inland valleys. this is the heat advisory that has been extended into tuesday night along the bayshore, the marin county coastline and along the peninsula. here is look at the poor air quality labor day into tuesday, look how quickly temperatures warm. by noon, we are near 90 inland and 80 around the bay. numbers in excess of one hundred for today. liz: weliz: will talk even harder weather coming into play for the holiday. pressure on the california energy grid has pumped today fifth consecutive day with a flexible are in place. the most challenging hours are between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. californians have been conserving electricity. if we do not continue to cut power use, it could trigger outages. >> every megawatt saved as a megawatt we can use to keep the grid stable. no reduction in electricity is too small. liz: preliminary data shows
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conservation during these hours has kept the grid stable this week. today's alert is in effect from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., set your thermostat to 78 or higher if your health allows. do not charge your electric car during those hours or use major appliances like your dishwasher , washer and dryer, or electric oven or stove. turn off any unnecessary lights. every bit helps. across the bay area, people found ways to escape the heat. for many small businesses, the excessive heat could keep customers home. the threat of blackouts could further impact business. reporter: in honor of the first ever national cinema day, movie theaters like century theater in pleasant hill were selling tickets for three dollars on saturday. that brought out the crowds, but some were trying to escape the heat. >> just trying to get out before
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it gets too hot, be in with the ac. reporter: the softserve ice cream was a huge hit in the heat. >> it is a nice way to cool off. reporter: they are celebrating their one-year anniversary at this café in dublin. >> we want to be with family and friends, hopefully that will be nice. we have a nice breeze. repo critical for the restaurant industry, says this café owner. but the heat wave and threat of blackouts has her concerned. >> if you lose that, it is a huge chunk out of the bottom line. reporter: the menu is described as american comfort classics with a pakistani twist. she celebrated 18 years in business this week. many restaurants are facing a labor shortage. inflation is pushing up costs and eating away at profit. all of this at a time when restaurants are trying to rebound from the pandemic. if a blackout occurs, the food that will be spoiled could total thousands of dollars in losses
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in just a matter of days. >> that is an investment for the restauranteur. you process raw product in your ingredients then sell it. if you lose that, you are losing 30% of your total cost of business that month. reporter: so far, the restaurant has been packed. customers are staying cool. like so many, they hope the power stays on. liz: developing news, hot weather is proving to be a big burden for fire crews in raising the threat of wildfires. the mill fire has injured several people and sent thousands fleeing from the ir homes. it is burning near the oregon border. at last check, 50 structures have been destroyed. we have the latest with the story of one man who lost his home and his community to the flames. reporter: flames erupting and winds whipping. the mill fire ripping through weed, leaving thousands of
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residents on the run. >> i look out back, there is smoke. next thing i know, my phone is screaming saying evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. reporter: jason and his family leaving almost everything behind, staying in a red cross shelter overnight. >> we grabbed basic clothes, blankets. reporter: friday afternoon, the fire ignited at a lumber mill north of town. picking up a devastating pace, destroying at least 100 homes. including chester hopkins. >> we lost our home yesterday. the fire started raging. reporter: the fire taking his home of 40 years, and his community. >> we lost our whole neighborhood. we live in lincoln heights, which is probably one of the oldest black neighborhoods in the northern section of california. reporter: he says the next step is to file an insurance claim then try to move on.
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>> from my neighborhood, i know we are missing a lot of people. it is going to be an empty place. we regard your prayers and everybody's prayers. reporter: hundreds of firefighters from multiple bay area cities are battling near 40 mile-per-hour winds and extreme heat. santa rosa sent up its strike team this afternoon. >> we saw the fire activity pick up in southern california earlier in the week, now we are seeing what is happening in the northern part of the state. several departments are moving in that direction to support the community as part of strike teams. reporter: fires like this becoming all-too-familiar for the people living up here. >> we have had at least three in the past two months. it is scary. reporter: jason considering his family one of the lucky ones, at least for now.
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the >> where will the next fire hit, when will it hit? oh how big and bad will it be? liz: fire crews are battling a second fire west of the mill fire, it has burned more than seven square miles and is 5% contained. much like the mill fire, strong wind and hot temperatures caused the fire to double in size. mandatory evacuation orders were put in place areas west of old highway 99, affecting more than 330 people. you can check temperatures in the weather on demand of the abc 7 streaming app. downloaded for roku, amazon fire and google tv. new overnight, san jose police are investigating a shooting in entertainment district ended in a crash. it happened around 1:30 this morning when officers heard gunshots rang out and a white sedan left the area.
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minutes later, the same car was involved in a crash i 280 and byrd avenue. officers found a man with a gunshot wound inside. he is going to be ok, there is no suspect information available. also in the south bay, police are investigating two separate deadly crashes involving pedestrians. a man driving a toyota hit several cars parked near richburg way. when he got out of his car, he was hit by a truck. police arrested the driver for a dui. last night, there was a deadly crash involving a vehicle on santa teresa boulevard. the driver is cooperating, the pedestrian suffered major injuries and died at the scene. these are the 24th and 25th pedestrian fatalities this year for the city. new details. oakland police are asking people to help them identify the owner of this car in connection with the shooting last weekend. it claimed the lives of three people. the car was last seen leaving a
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west oakland neighborhood near 29th street. that is where they found two men shot a number of times. in man on a bicycle -- a man on a bicycle was hit and killed by one of the shooting victims as he tried to drive from the scene. a focus on health, an issue part of building a better bay area. updated covid-19 booster shots could come to california residents in a few days. health officials issued emergency authorization of booster shots to protect against omicron variants and the original string of covid-19. individuals must complete the primary series of the vaccine at least two months before receiving the new booster. pfizer boosters will be available to those 12 and older. moderna is 18 and older. >> these updated boosters are exactly what we need to avoid the worst outcomes of covid-19 and prepare us for the fall and winter. liz: updated boosters for younger children are expected to come within months. health officials encourage
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residents to check with the ir medical provider for the booster. uc berkeley will require students not vaccinated against the flu to mask up indoors on campus this fall. the school seems unlikely to enforce the rule. they require students and teachers be vaccinated against the flu. people are allowed to opt out. campuses are allowed to administer their own rules. the chronicle reports administrators will not be verifying people's records. the rule has technically been in place since 2020. still to come, a break in the case for police trying to solve the mystery of a jogger kidnapped off the streets. first, a check of a forecast and a look outside. lisa: it is in the mid 60's. 59 at the coast, 74 by the delta. 15 degrees spread, that will get whiter as we stay comfortable at the shoreline and a sizzling inland. stay tuned, i will have the details. liz: also next, california might be a benchmark for other states
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liz: going back, here is another life it is quite nice, a little break from the heat if you were out inland. new this morning, immune is arrested in connection with the abduction of a teacher in meant this. friday morning, someone forced eliza fletcher eliza fletcher into a family she was jogging. cleotha abston is charged with kidnapping and tampering with evidence. 17 states are passing a law similar to california's electric car mandate requires all new cars my pickups and suvs to be electric or hydrogen powered by 2035. washington, oregon, massachusetts, new york and vermont are those expected to
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follow california's lead. several states are discussing something similar. in the north bay, a longtime substance abuse treatment facility for women closed earlier this summer will reopen thanks to a generous donation from an angel investor. athena house along with a sober living facility had been operating in santa rosa for more than 30 years. providing some 40 treatment beds for low income and formerly incarcerated women dealing with substance abuse. they announced earlier this year they did not have enough funds and would have to close, that put roughly 30 women and their children at risk of homelessness. the community efforts to save the program proved successful. a couple from santa rosa stepped forward announcing they will purchase hope village and build a new athena house. in the north bay, the mercury is rising fast. the extreme heat is testing residents and firefighters and cyclists, who braved the weather for charity. we are in sonoma county with a look at how they are handling the heat.
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reporter: firefighters responding to a fast-moving grass fire at a ranch on a day when temperatures were baking. >> we were lucky the wind was blowing to the open, not towards houses. reporter: it contained the fire quickly. weeds and brush are getting drier by the day. temperatures are expected to sizzle through labor day, that is kicking fire danger up to the max. this weekend, it has gone from high to extreme. >> it is showing 76 degrees at the top of fountain grove, we expect the temperature to go up pretty significantly this afternoon. reporter: the fire marshal monitoring the extreme weather, getting fresh data from this new remote weather station, now transmitting weather stats in real time. currently, high temperatures and low humidity. >> that is a concern. that means there is the potential if we have a fire, it is more likely to spread rapidly
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with how dry the fuels are. reporter: it was a tough day for a bike ride, but 2000 cyclists were up for it. >> are you glad you started early? >> yes. we started at 8:00. reporter: this was a bike ride benefiting the law enforcement chaplaincy of sonoma county. this weekend, there was extra water and health warnings. >> it can be hazardous. we gave everybody a warning and have three emts on standby. we advise them to leave earlier, wear lighter clothing. reporter: they rode up to 100 miles in the heat for charity. >> we made sure to leave early. so this doesn't beat us down. the next few days are going to be toasty. reporter: cooling centers are open through labor day. this one at the finley community center in santa rosa. health officials urge everyone to be safe and stay cool. liz: bart says weather
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conditions saturday lead to a 20 minute delay for trains on the antioch line heading to sfo. earlier this week, they said if temperatures get above 100, it would slow down trains in some areas. this is a new policy following the derailment back in june. excessive heat warped rails between concord and pleasant hill stations. in the south bay, if you're heading to a cooling center, you will get a free ride. they will not collect fares if you tell the driver you are heading to a cooling center. a network of places to escape the heat is opening throughout the county this weekend, and many are served by light rail lines. that is good information to know. lisa, how hot will it get today? lisa: today begins are dangerous heat journey. throughout the week ahead, in the end temperatures will be 100 degrees. we get some cooling late in the week. most of us will be sweating it out.
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we have not seen heat like this since 2017, it could be all-time records as we expect to arrive tomorrow on labor day and for some on tuesday. look at the view in santa cruz, upper 80's to near 90. 90 tomorrow, low 90's into tuesday. 62 downtown, 67 in oakland. 71 in san jose, 68 in santa clara, 61 in half moon bay. it was 48 degrees in half moon bay earlier, look how pretty it is right now. water temperature is in the 50's, that is why we are enjoying a comfortable morning. 74 by the delta, low 70's and just lost that shot -- there you go, pier 39. looking at numbers in the mid 80's right now, mount tam with relative humidity at 7%. dangerous heat wave persists into the week, air quality will decline into tomorrow and tuesday. spare the air alert today with record high temperatures increasing fire danger,
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especially over the east bay hills tomorrow into tuesday. looking at mild to warm, even temporarily hot weather at the coast as the heat begins to build into monday and tuesday. 105 concord and livermore, should be in the mid and upper 80's. almost 20 degrees above average. san jose all in the 90's and the south bay this week. yesterday it was 100 and hollister. could be a few degrees warmer than that. a good 10 to 11 degrees warmer and oakland today, should be in the mid 70's. san francisco seven degrees above average. here is your labor day, up to 115 from concord to fairfield, sacramento supposed to be 117. this is dangerously hot. we have not seen temperatures like this perhaps ever in some of these locations. what happens tuesday. we get harder in a few places, still staying comfortable -- hotter in a few places, still
9:21 am
staying comfortable in a few places. could bring a late day sea breeze, it will still get warm here is the wind backs off. look at wednesday's numbers. we are looking at a bit of a breeze coming late in the work for some of you, not all of us. we talked about the weather whiplash. forecast models talking about bringing in rain next weekend as a system comes up from the south. 77 downtown, 90's on the peninsula. mid 90's and the south bay. another day over 100 and morgan hill. wine country is seven degrees warmer. everyone is warmer. all-time records likely through labor day, dangerous heat lasting all week long. the thing about the bay area, we used to be able to brag we had two or three day events and they are over. not the case as you see the heat lingering through the week. be careful, stay out of the sun, drink water. you know the drill. liz: it is consecutive, exactly.
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your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits are baked with slow-release carbs and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive. liz: leaving thousands of people unable to access clean tap water. in a facebook post, city officials say most of jackson's residents should have near-normal water pressure. the city is under a boil water notice, but the improved pressure is an important step forward. teams from georgia and florida are on site to help repair and restore some of the automated systems. despite progress, efforts to restore the supply setback when a chemical imbalance and reduced water pressure were detected.
9:25 am
amazon is abandoning plans for dozens of new facilities around the country. they plan to open or redo 42 facilities because the company is seeing slowing sales growth and is trying to reduce the size of its delivery operation. during the last quarter, they cut nearly 100,000 jobs. nasa was forced to scrub its latest attempt for artemis after a fuel leak. it is unclear when it will be able to try again area -- again. reporter: the most powerful rocket in the world plagued with problems. nasa second launch attempt for artemis i scrubbed again. this time due to a dangerous fuel leak on the sos. >> we do not launch until we think it is right. reporter: crews have been wrestling with the leak from the moment they started tanking. troubleshooting for about three hours as the countdown clocks continued the wind down. nasa finally halting the operation. >> all you need is an ignition
9:26 am
source to close the fire triangle. it was clear we will not be able to work our way through it. reporter: this marks the second time the unaccrued test flight to send the orion space capsule around the moon and back has been called off. monday's attempt was scrubbed due to leaking fuel and a bad engine century -- sensor. >> we were here monday for about 48 hours, they scrubbed that. reporter: they are testing the system for astronauts who will one day take the sls to the moon. he is a former nasa engineer and understands the risk. >> the hazard is too great. so you stop and fix it. in this case, that means may be several days to weeks of work to get it fixed. reporter: nasa officials say the rocket consisting of recycled parts from the space shuttle program is now heading back to the assembly building until they get approved for the next launch attempt. nasa had backup launch attempt
9:27 am
set for tomorrow and tuesday, but those are officially off the table. it will take a closer look at the rocket and decide when they can lift off. abc news, kennedy space center in florida. liz: still to come on abc seven mornings, what you need to know about the flex alert going into effect today across the bay area. which neighborhoods seem to be hotter than others, and why. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪
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all you have to promise is to get in on the action. seasons change, but our lowe's price promise is everyday. shop fall at lowe's today. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7news. >> a very hot labor day weekend is here. the temperatures affecting all across the bay area leading to concerns later today. good morning, everyone. we are going to start this half-hour with another check of the forecast. lisa: the mornings have been the
9:30 am
nicest part of the david already if you slept in a little bit, the numbers are quite mild. low 70's on the peninsula, the south bay. if we just stay this way, up above, it is in the mid-80's already. the 90's if you are headed out for a bike ride and a lot of those hills closed in the east bay valleys because temperatures are going to continue to build each and every day. under the excessive heat warning today for tomorrow into wednesday evening, north bay, east bay, southbay, this has been extended another day as temperatures continue to warm and we keep the air quality, unfortunately, poor to moderate getting into the holiday tomorrow and tuesday. we are in the 90's by noontime. still comfortable at the coast. we are about 105 inland. we will talk about the length of the heatwave and the numbers that are quite extraordinary, coming up. >> for the fifth straight day,
9:31 am
there will be a order in place in the california area. pressure on the grid has prompted 850 consecutive day. calle sosa the most challenging hours are between 4:00 and 9:00 at night. californians have been responding and conserving electricity. there is also an air alert expected to be unhealthy levels for the rest of the weekend. the alert means you are encouraged to avoid exercising outdoors late in the day or you also can rethink your commute. extreme heat events are increasing in san francisco especially with the weekend. officials are taking action by creating a heat map to determine which neighborhoods are most vulnerable to the impact of extreme heat. leah melendez says the information is vital to preparing for climate change. >> some like it hot, but the health implications of increasing temperatures are of
9:32 am
concern to a city with so-called heat islands. >> lots of concrete, not a lot of trees. they heat can go up considerably just in those areas. a large number of services coupled with the fact that there is a lot of tree cover and shade. >> guess temperatures will be higher this weekend, volunteers are mapping the city to discover which streets and neighborhoods get the hottest during a heat wave, using car-mounted heat sensors. these volunteers began collecting temperature and humidity data at six :00 a.m. and then 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> being able to capture temperature and humidity throughout the neighborhood at different times of day also helps us understand how long people are persisting in certain pockets of the city. >> think of it as a preemptive strike. if neighbors are told their street is hotter than other places in the city and there is a lot of concrete, there are a
9:33 am
few things the city can do to make things cooler. parks and more trees help with the urban cooling. so san francisco can, for example, reconfigure sidewalks to make room for more trees. in los angeles, painting your pavement in a light-colored sealant to reflect the heat has become in neighborhoods with little green spaces. in new york, reflective -- are keeping buildings from trapping the heat, making things much cooler. san francisco may not be as hot as those cities, but knowing that our climate is undergoing changes, the idea is to start working now on making it a heat-proof city. >> happening today, oakland pride is taking over downtown. this is video of last year's event that begins at 10:30 on broadway and 14th street. the festival kicks off at the same time and goes until 7:00
9:34 am
tonight. the main entrance is broadway and 20th street. children under 12 are five dollars. an incident involving a likely stolen plane and terroristic threats against a mississippi walmart ended in what one official described at the best case scenario. christine sloan has the details for us this morning. >> they had what you would think would be the best case scenario. >> people in mississippi are breathing a sigh of relief after a dangerous situation. investigators say 29-year-old corey patterson stole a plane early saturday morning from tupelo airport and threatened to crash it into a local walmart on purpose. >> from the aircraft, called to tell them that he is going to crash this aircraft in a walmart. the police department and fire department evacuated.
9:35 am
>> police say negotiators were able to talk to patterson while he was in the air and convinced him to back off the threat. >> after the initial threat, he did not want to hurt himself or anyone else. >> tracking data from flight radar shows the plane's erratic route over northern mississippi as the pilot zigzagged over several hours. the aircraft began running out of fuel around 9:30 a.m., when the suspect posted what investigators are calling a goodbye message. but the plane eventually landed in a field a in mississippi about 45 miles northwest of tupelo. >> we jumped on our side-by-side to see if we could help, and that is when we saw the pilot come out of the plane and two police officers were already waiting. >> he's being charged with grand larceny and making terroristic
9:36 am
threats. >> records show patterson had a student pilot certificate issued in 2013. investigators say he worked for a company had tupelo airport. >> there are new details about the documents seized in mar-a-lago including thousands of empty folders marked classified. abc news reporters report from the justice department the full inventory that was unsealed. >> those unsealed court records raising new questions about what happened to thousands of classified documents at mar-a-lago. over 11,000 documents were seized by the fbi according to the detailed property list. 48 empty folders were labeled classified. 42 empty folders were categorized as "return to staff secretary, military aid." top-secret documents according to the inventory were found in boxes with ink like newspaper clippings, clothing.
9:37 am
>> one question now, where are those classified documents? that is now investigative thread that we should expect is running down right now. those documents could be in the archives now, but ultimately they need to determine what was in those folders. >> investigators are worried for classified documents might have been mishandled and placed outside mar-a-lago. the next steps could include the doj interviewing or re-interviewing people involved in packing or moving boxes. this, as tom's former attorney general appearing to side with the fbi when asked about the unprecedented mar-a-lago search. >> it is also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information to put in a country club. how long is the government going to try to get that back? they were deceived on the voluntary actions taken. they then went to get a subpoena. they were deceived on that.
9:38 am
the facts are starting to show that they were in danger throughout. >> if a federal judge were to appoint a special master, that is essentially a third-party party that would oversee those documents trump and the doj. liz: ahead, the best way to save on monthly bills such as cable. on monthly bills such as cable. >> and a big honor for a fallen i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this! okay? french toast sticks and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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typically working. that is usually weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 and immediately asked for the retention department. those people, their job is to keep you as a customer and they've got access to the really good deals that customer service won't have. >> ask open ended -- open-ended questions. >> for example, what kind of deals that you have that i am not taking advantage of? they might even throw out a deal that you didn't see in your research and you might get an even better rate. >> and don't jump on the first offer. >> don't hesitate to say thank you very much, but i was really hoping to get this other deal, can you match that? >> get the final offer in writing and double check your next bill to make sure they lowered it by the correct amount. liz: ahead, the man trying to do 30 good deeds before his 30th birthday. what he is doing to help build a better bay area. lisa: it is nice out.
9:43 am
we were just out there in the mid 60's. going for about 77 today. that is certainly above average everywhere. how about another 7-10 degrees of warming because today and even more for the holidays, details on a dangerously hot week ahead, next. liz: also, the cardinal and golden bears try to get their season off to a winning start. we want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27.
9:44 am
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liz: here is a live look from the emeryville camera. you can see how clear is this morning out in san francisco looking out on the skyline. really nice weather in the city that is going to certainly heat up. in sports, it was a big day for bay area college football. home turf to start week one of the season. chris alvarez has the highlights. chris: good morning.
9:46 am
finally, the first full weekend of college football. i'm going to start with stanford. david shah, his 12 year at the helm. and it is smith's son as a stanford running back. makes a move, and there he goes. 87 yards to the house. the first of two touchdowns for each j. he had one in 55 all-purpose yardage. stanford, a little bit broody -- brutal early on. this one goes into the end zone. colgate jumps on it for a touchdown and just like that, we are all tied up. but stanford turned it on after that. what a great catch. his second score of the game. the second career 300 yard passing game. the cardinals win and host usc next week on abc 7. uc davis, back in business.
9:47 am
jack plummer, the fate to jeremiah. we are tied up. going to find jaden, and he takes it in eight yards to the end zone. 104 rushing yards. the field goal opened the third. miles hastings, 39 yard. plummer hitting anderson. his first catch and touchdown, 14 yard score. three touchdown passes. >> it feels good to come out as a team and get a good when -- win. i was just feeling great because we've been waiting a long time for it, just glad that we all got it together and got it done. >> just came out and supported
9:48 am
us, we really appreciate the fans. we have got to get there. >> giants and phillies, this is top level. taking them to the ballpark early and often. that is a splash into the water. get a kayak, get a baseball. it is a walk and janie davis scores. rhys hoskins. he later makes the catch. the giants win 5-4. they will go for a three-game streak later today. the a's got on the board in the first. ryan mount castle, two run homer to take the lead. bottom of the third, more mount castle. this one now to right-center, made it-one. he has any chance to take the lead. chad pinder grounds into a
9:49 am
double play in the a's lose 8-1. back to you. liz: let's get a check outside. so pretty in san francisco right now but other parts of the bay are getting really hot really fast. lisa: yesterday it was 94 in the santa cruz mountains which is about 2500. right now, it is 92 with 5% humidity. that just goes to show you the upper elevations don't cool off and they continue to dry out. this morning, we were in the 50's. that is not the case as you go up above 1200, 1300 feet. it is comfortable right now in many locations, but you can tell if you have been here long enough that there is going to be warm air up there. 62 san francisco. 85 here, relative humidity, 7%-11%. another example of how dry it is out there.
9:50 am
yesterday, that 94 was already 92. we are going to add overnight low temperatures that are going to be coming up into the 60's, 70's, even 80's as we begin to see the freakishly warm weather continued after day. the heatwave has been extended and it is peaking hotter than the anticipated earlier in the week. we are talking monday-tuesday and we are talking 108, 109, with 110 possible in the inland valley. folks enjoying the view here and the weather in the city right now. the dangerous heat persists into the work week. looks like it is going to guam thursday and friday. not the case then -- inland with a high temperatures possible. even at the coast, 70's and 80's. tomorrow and tuesday, some 80's, even 90's as we get into the hotter part of the day and then the cool down here.
9:51 am
we still have a slight onshore flow, but the heat is going to move to the west. as we look at the inland temperatures for the week ahead, upper 80's is where we should be. right outside today for many of you. then we get up to 112, unbelievably hot through tuesday. it is hot all across the state. wednesday, this is where it expands again. by the weekend, not only cooler weather, but we are talking some showers,y rain opal sto california. poor air quality mainly south and ea up about five degrees in san francisco. nice at the coast. temperatures about seven degrees warmer here with triple digits in santa rosa, calistoga.
9:52 am
80's to 90's on the bayshore here. san leandro sweating it out today, 104 in concord, 102 in santa gordon. the seven-day forecast featuring hotter weather tomorrow. maybe a bit of a break wednesday for the bayside and shoreline, but this is going to be going down in the record books. liz: when we talk about building a better bay area, it is not just official organizations. sometimes it is about a single person making a difference. dustin dorsey shows us how one man is using his work to make a better bay area. -- birthday to make a better bay area. >> brian is trying to make his community a better place. to recognize the essential work of teachers, he is donating 150 supply kits for middle schools in oakland. >> i chose oakland in particular because over the past school year, they have gone through a lot of challenges.
9:53 am
i simply wanted to give back and do something special for the teachers and hopefully put a smile on their faces. >> but this deed will not be his last. turning 30 years old is a milestone but it can also be scary. instead of a crisis, when he turned 29, he channeled his anxiety into something good. >> i started to write down all the things i was grateful for and at the moment i realized that every wonderful thing that has happened to me was thanks to the support and generosity of others. >> and thus, the 30 acts by 30 challenge was born. >> i am on a mission to complete 30 acts of kindness before turning 30 next year. >> after making 400 desserts for firefighters, he asked for a specific supply wishlist from oakland principals to help their teachers. >> because i can prioritize the most important items to bring to the kids. what you see here is exactly that. paper, markers, disinfecting wipes.
9:54 am
around $1200 of supplies all donated by 1800 sponsor companies. >> he has been documenting the acts of kindness on his instagram and tiktok pages. now, he hopes others will see them and be inspired to give back as well. >> kindness is interesting because it has a thing of being very addictive. when you do one act of kindness, you want to do another. i would encourage others to keep doing acts of kindness because one can lead to hundreds and it can really make this world a brighter place. >> getting older is a given. giving back never gets old. liz: love to see it. still ahead, one last look at the weather on what is expected to be a very, very hot day. stay with us. let's see if we get into break. if not, we will continue artist program. we do have some lottery numbers
9:55 am
we can tell you about. the $148 million powerball drawing. those numbers are 18, 20 7, 49, 65 and 59. the powerball number, 9. nobody picked all six numbers for monday's drawing is estimated at hundred $59 million. we also have the winning numbers from the $21 million drawing. 20, 24, 20 5, 30, 35, mega ball of 8. nobody picked all of those numbers, either, so the new jackpot increases to $22 million. million. all right, we w want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. flu shots at cvs are pretty...flex. schedule one for you... ...or the whole crew. plus, they're free. really?
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you really can't get much for 5 bucks these days... unless... ♪ you got that bag ♪ ♪ you got that biggie bag ♪ ♪ you got that bag ♪ is that a real song? i think she liked it. your choice of sandwich plus all this for just 5 bucks is worth celebrating. choose wisely. choose wendy's biggie bag. liz: now let's get that final check of the forecast for the day. lisa: you heard about it, are dangerous heat with us today. in fact, excessive heat warning going to play through the middle of the week. the heat advisory along the bayshore's, so the wind will be at the coast. a bit of a breeze, but we are
9:58 am
going to warm up. look at this freakishly hot heat as we get through tuesday and wednesday. inland, no break. liz: freakishly hot, good way to put it. thank you all for joining us here. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day, stay cool. ♪ what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪
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yes, on 27. the choice is clear. - we here at the kitchen experts take the health of our employees and our customers very seriously. with the threat of covid-19, it is imperative that we all take everyday precautions and stay informed with the most updated information. we have implemented safety measures as recommended by the cdc, alameda county, and each city we work in. we follow required construction guidelines and protocols. these protocols include, but are not limited to continuous health and safety training, company-provided personal protection equipment, social distancing, both in the office and on the job sites, wellness interviews with our employees and customers before every project, regular temperature checks, disinfecting of all tools, vehicles, and any other equipment that is used on a daily basis,


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