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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the choice is clear. yes, on 27. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. tonight we are in the midst of an energy emergency state officials pleading with the public now to conserve electricity as we get dangerously coasts to forced rotating blackouts. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates all ready today. the state said an all-time record for energy demand and we're tracking if we set any all-time record highs in any cities we have the abc 7 news team coverage as we monitor the energy demand and outages as well as how people are coping with the heat in the east bay and north bay and we have the latest heat-related information at the bottom of your screen there right now. so let's get started with abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel with a look at the latest numbers out there sandy. yeah, dan and alma. these numbers are off the charts
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and over two decades. i haven't seen temperatures like this. so let me show you the record so far all-time record in san jose 109 degrees previous record was one away santa rosa 115. that's an all-time record redwood city a daily record of 109. 115 at the napa airport that is a new record. these are preliminary numbers weather service says they're working on those temperatures and will get the official highs shortly 112 right now in fairfield. it is really hot in livermore 107 degrees. meanwhile half moon bay is 75 degrees excessive heat warning is going until 8 pm thursday marin coastal range in the sf
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bay shoreline until 8pm tonight and for solano county. it's until 8 pm friday. he'd advisory is still in effect until 8:00 tonight for san francisco and the bay shore line until 8pm thursday. you will notice the temperatures are heading in the direction. we want to see for many areas, which is down. i'll let you know when we'll finally get a break from this excessive and extreme heat that we're dealing with dan and alma. all right, sandy. thank you for a seventh
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consecutive day a flex alert. it's in effect this evening until 10 o'clock tonight and many state buildings began powering down lights and air conditioning an hour ago to help conserve energy to better understand. strain on the power grid and the possibility of outages. let's go to abc 7 news. anchor karina nova who is live in our newsroom karina. we are now on a level 2 energy emergency alert. that means your power could be shut off because the demand is so high they would need to stabilize the power grid. in fact, pg&e says they're contacting about hundred and twenty five thousand customers who might experience rotating outages for about one to two hours today. and right now is the worst time as people come home from work to office essential that we find ways to conserve in our homes in businesses. you can check your bill for your block number or you can go to outages at the very top you'll see a little button there. it says today's outage blocks the one on yellow right there. then you scroll down you type in your address to out which block you're in and then check below
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to see if you can be impacted block 50 customers are not usually included and rotating outages because they share a circuit with a hospital or other. facilities more than 50% of customers are in block 50 again if your power is shut off pg&e says you should plan for an hour or two hours and while pg&e will try to call or text you or they'll post on social media to give you a heads up. that's not always possible. so just plan ahead and be ready just in case live in the newsroom karina nova abc 7 news. all right karina great information there. thanks very much. there are widespread outages right now in the south bay. pg&e says most of these are caused by overloaded equipment and are not the result of rotating outages more than 21,000 customers. do not currently have power in cities including saratoga and cupertino. there are more than 78 outages in the east bay 1100 in san francisco 900 in the north bay and 600 on the peninsula latest
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information that we have and we went inside a pg&e command center where the utility is working around the clock to deal with these heat related equipment failures, which can take longer. fix in the last 24 hours many bay area communities have already seen the impact of failing transformers. pg&e says they are staffed up and ready to respond. hardest hit areas. the most impacted are projected to be here in the bay area. and so we have crews coming up from san luis obispo and elsewhere that aren't as heavily impacted ready to respond at a moment's notice. the utility says if your power goes out unexpectedly, you should call them and report the outage so they can assign a repair crew immediately. at an affordable housing facility in san jose nearly 50 seniors are dealing with the sweltering heat inside because their ac is broken abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with management to learn more about the issue. just how long it may take to get fixed for seniors living in the hud subsidized affordable
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housing facility town park towers ac is not a luxury during the heat wave it's a necessity and nearly a quarter of the units on several floors of this 10-story building have been without air conditioning for nearly a year. according to residents the impact of climate on lower income people before you even add in disability in age is horrible, but when you add in disability and age, it's just that much more catastrophic kelly everett provides in home services for this 89 year old resident with copd scenes surrounded by fans with her ac out. she says she made calls to management last week to try and get the cooling repair. they know it and they left for their and you know for three days. and you know, they did nothing about it, which that means they did nothing about anybody's air conditioning and there's a whole lot of people having this problem. gilda lewis is one of those seniors how hot is it again? my wall on the wall. says 96 right now. and it's 11 o'clock in the
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morning, right lewis is already battling cancer and this week. she's battling the heat. it's just too hot i get sick. i get weak. i haven't been able to sleep. it's just been miserable vice president of eah communications. susan dutton told us eah operates town park towers, and the company is concerned to hear there was a lack of response by management to fix the ac and they'll be looking into it resident michelle mashburn says something has to be done lives depend on it too little too late never works, you know. we have to predict. and plan for extreme situations and when those extreme situations are not planned for seniors and immunocompromised and disabled people will die dutton told us the project to fix the piping and hvac system began in june and is set to finish sometime this year in san jose dust and dorsey abc 7 news. well, no surprise some of the hottest spots in the bay area right now are in the east bay
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and abc 7 news reporter suzanne fon is live in livermore, which is toasty hit a record high yesterday and is on track to hit another record today. hi suzanne. hi, thank goodness. there is a slight breeze in the air. it's kind of cool things off a bit. but yes yesterday a mind-boggling 116 degrees here that along with a massive power outage hit thousands of customers hard and we talked to one lady who told me that when she lost her power. she lost her air conditioning and she and her husband went to sleep with the temperatures inside the home pushing 90 plus degrees. it's been on 77 and now it's getting hotter even with the air on nancy. mckenzie is dealing with the blistering heat the best way she can inside drinking ice cold water enjoying her cool house fans fortunately right now her air conditioning is working last night. it was a different story. it was awful. it went out about 10 after six. and i just looked at the fan i was sitting with my husband and everything stopped.
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she's worried about her four-legged friends, but it's just hard on the dogs and the cats, you know, our dog was panting and i tried to get water cold water for him and when it came time to go to sleep and i just went to bed and sweat it out the night it was bad being senior citizens were particularly concerned about it. i think that maybe the equipment needs a little more updating and i know as frankly annoyed pg&e is 5800 customers in livermore like nancy mckenzie lost power overnight. most of them had a back by 3 am this morning at 6. am pg&e says another 3,200 customers in livermore lost their power their power is back four hours later, though. no rolling blackouts were in effect during these outages. we asked pg&e why these outages were happening here in livermore and across the bay area. we are seeing equipment stressed. we don't have that overnight cooling that helps the equipment really get a break and so we are
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seeing a fair number of pieces of equipment go out of service and we're doing everything to replace that equipment on the fly as as we have these experiences. and pg&e tells me that today it had less than 10,000 customers across the entire bay area who lost power that is down significantly from yesterday where they had 45,000 customers pg&e of course says they're working as fast as possible to restore power relive in livermore suzanne fawn babysitter 7 news. all right, suzanne. thanks a lot now stay with us for much more coverage on the heat wave and the energy concerns that are the result. you can check temperatures anytime in the weather on demand section of the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app download it for apple tv google tv fire tv and roku do that as you have time, but stay here with us. be right back.
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national university, supporting the whole you. national university, in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. now to the latest in the north bay as people their cope with the oppressive heat. yeah, that's where abc 7 news anchor is crates is live in novato forest tonight. hi, liz. hi guys. yeah, we're hanging in there here parts of the north bay got over a hundred and ten degrees today, but things are going on as normal here at this farmer's market in novato people seem to be coming out here to be the heat, but just across the way from this farmer's market is a homeless encampment folks. they're really suffering right now during this heatwave. we followed a woman today who's
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been making sure that even folks who are unhoused right now have a way to get some relief. so i've got some gatorades and high seas as temperatures hit triple digits in sonoma county petaluma. resident heather labonte has had only one thing on her mind today in the past two days. i've been giving out a cold drinks for people who are out in the streets and don't have homes. you put it on your neck or your wrists and it'll help keep you cold. so that's your ice pack in petaluma, where it hit a hundred and eight degrees by noon several homeless people brave the heat outside even nearby tiny homes too hot to be in the tiny homes are like a cooker. yeah. it scores today. see, this is frozen so you can keep cool with it heather. wanted to make sure the most vulnerable during this heat wave do not go forgotten. it's just unfortunate that there's only one cooling station in town. so people all over town can't get to that one cooling station. she asked for donations on facebook a local catering company gave her a cooler seas d
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who owns maria pilard ice creamery reached out too. she just said does anyone have ice and i said i can do it one better. i have popsicles those icees a welcome treat for these men using only trees for shade and shelter. thank you so much guys for being here. it's good. it's cold. what does it mean to you to see the reactions from all these folks when they get the water and the icicles? i'm happy and i'm sad i'm happy because they're getting a little relief and they're being treated like human beings and you know when it's hot, you don't want a hot drink you want a cold drink, but i'm sad that they even have to be out here and i'm having to do this but the fact she is brought unexpected smiles to those baking in this dangerously hot heat. what does it mean to you that she's coming around doing this it helps me. just a reminder that a simple gesture can go a long way right
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now. and as for those popsicles i can attest that they were very good and refreshing speaking of behind me here. there's a shaved ice stand truck out here at this farmers market bound to be one of the most popular spots of the night. we've seen a lot of people coming and going i asked another vendor here. why did you come out tonight? he said it's actually cooler here in novato than it is at his home in napa. so coming here where it's over 100 degrees still feels like he's getting some relief live in novato livescore abc7. yes. it's all relative liz. thanks a lot. we'll take anything we can get. all right. we' want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations
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because when you invest in yourself, power grid. we're seeing this week may be new to us this year certainly the race for energy supply to meet demand has been going on for decades abc 7 news reporter's x fuentes. spoke with an expert who weighs in on what's changed and how long we could continue to see annual outages like this. it was the year 2000 when rolling blackouts first. hit the bay area in 2001. they spread to the entire state since then, san jose state lecture. been offices he feels california has done as much as possible to take care of the electric. grid. i look at other states like taxes whether it's cold whether it is is hot. they are suffering with this one because there isn't some issues with their grid we don't have the same issues. here. we are really aware of what is the problem stage three emergency alerts mean rolling blackouts are happening or imminent this chart here shows that california you reach that level once in 2000 and 38 times
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in 2001 after 2001 the next time we saw the same kind of alert was twice in 2020 experts say over the last two decades, california has led the country and integrating solar and wind power sources to supply the grit but at times when those cleaner power sources aren't producing enough in demand is high battery sources are used or as a last resort sources that useful so fuels now a lot of steps have been taken in the last 20 years to help fill in the gaps for electricity during higher demand periods. this san jose power plant behind me started operating in 2003 to help feel gaps when demand was at its highest. it's since evolved to run via natural gas and other sources and it's not the only one of its kind but still strain on the energy grid continues to be a problem a major part of that issue according to experts is climate change. for example, if you're talking about some of the hydraulic powers that use the water to generate the power is now a little bit dry because of the the dry weather as the impacts of climate change continue. will the strain we've seen on the state's power great in the potential rolling blackouts be something we live with annually,
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but office says it depends on several factors the solution has multiple parties that have to take action before they can say that when i'm gonna face something like this better, you know resources resources for the great so the great can funding power to us better practices by us and also dealing with that with a climate change as a reality in the south bay zach fuentes abc 7 news. alright, let's get an update now on this hot weather abc 7 news meteorologist. sandia patel is out in it with the details sandia. yeah thankfully out here, dan and alma. we have a nice refreshing breeze temperature has fallen here in the city. not the case everywhere. let me show you what it looks like right now in santa cruz where some people are just enjoying the cooler ocean water. i mean, can you blame them? it's so ridiculously hot around the bay in inland 76 right now in the city 89 in oakland palo alto you're in the 90s triple digits for san jose santa clara 75 in half moon bay from our sutra tower camera. it is sunny over san francisco
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and unseasonably warm for this time of year or hot earlier when it got up into the 90s 97 in santa rosa right now one 12 and fairfield 107 degrees in livermore and 94 in napa these temperatures and many cities coming down, but it's still hot from our mountain cam. we're looking at ocean beach. you see that seabreeze rocking that camera a bit spare the air extend. through tomorrow due to the smoggy conditions. you will notice the worst of the air quality inland east bay and santa clara valley pour in both of those locations moderate elsewhere. so what's bringing this heat that has been just prolonged and has been lasting for days. we're now in day four of this heat wave. it's this heat dome high pressure. just blocking anything from moving. we're also keeping an eye on hurricane k. just south of cabo san lucas because leftover moisture from
5:23 pm
this is expected to bring some drenching rain to southern california possibly over an inch here in the bay area could possibly see some showers this weekend. i know it sounds strange. we'll get to that in just a moment live you from our emeryville camera right now dangerous heat wave continues through friday, although temperatures will back off beginning tomorrow more records are likely fire risk is elevated much cooler weather is expected this weekend. our we go in case you're stepping out tonight. make sure you have your water with you because at 6 o'clock. it's still in the triple digits inland as we head into 9 pm numbers begin to come down
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inland areas in the 80s 90s you will notice tomorrow morning. it's still warm inland 60s coast side as we head into the early afternoon temperatures soaring once again by two o'clock you're already in the 90s and 100s inland numbers first thing in the morning 50s to 70s. we had some record low temperatures in some cities this morning. we will likely see that again tomorrow morning afternoon highs in the south bay. you will notice 104 and morgan hill 98 in san jose on the peninsula you're looking at mid 90s from palo alto to redwood city 73 and pacifica believe it or not these temperatures coming down downtown san francisco 79 degrees. you'll notice the difference and in the north bay 99 in santa rosa 96 in san rafael heading into the east bay 88 oakland mid 90s fremont castro valley inland areas hot and hazy 106 and fairfield. four in pleasanton 105 concord accuweather 7-day forecast dangerous heat inland tomorrow extreme heat on thursday as we get a bump up to about 110 degrees, but then you notice the heat easing friday by the weekend. it's much cooler upper 90s to upper 80s to low 90s for the weekend slight chance of showers possible as leftovers from hurricane k. moving our direction. so stay tuned, but certainly we'll get humid dan and alma wild ride here. all right. all right. thanks sandia back here in ju what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
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parks department is offering a free dip in the pool for the whole family today and wednesday. the department isn't charging admission for afternoon swimming at many of its neighborhood pools free family swim hours vary depending on the location. you can find those hours and locations at sf rec that looks so refreshing. yes. it does. let's jump in right? all right, that is our report. thanks for joining us tonight. we appreciate your time. i'm day and ashley and i'm a dates and we are continuing to monitor the strain on the power grid calaiso says it expects to declare an energy emergency alert. in just a few minutes at 5:30. that is just one step away from ordering rotating power outages now our next newscast is in half an hour at 6pm if you're streaming us now, stay right here for more coverage of the potential outages if you're not download or open the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app to see our
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coverage our 24/7 live stream. we'll we'll see you again at six.
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tonight, breaking news here in ukraine. a major turn in this counteroffensive against the russians tonight. what sources are now telling abc news. and back home tonight, the flooding threat in the east. and the deadly fires and record-breaking heat in the west. in parts of the northeast, heavy rains and flooding fears. a half foot of rain in some places. ginger zee tracking it into the night. and the deadly wildfires in the west, as millions are now in the second week of record-breaking heat. in some places, temperatures topping 115 degrees. here in ukraine, the new images coming in tonight in this fight to push the russians back. is it working? reports of fierce fighting. what sources are now telling us. and after the world witnessed the horror, the atrocities, we take you to bucha.


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