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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the dangerously hot temperatures continue as a historic heat wave stretches on and tonight again a flex alert is in effect with people being urged to conserve power or face the possibility of rotating blackouts. good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. it has now been a brutal seven days of sweltering heat with record-breaking temperatures. it's been tough. we have abc 7 news team coverage as we monitor the energy demand and the possibility of those rotating outages. we begin with abc 7 news meteorologist, sandia patel who is tracking the numbers right now, sandia. yeah and right now dan and alma those numbers are down compared to 24 hours ago. let's check out the temperatures 9 degrees cooler in oakland four degrees cooler in san jose, but
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inland areas are still baking in the heat 103 and brentwood livermore 108 in fairfield, so and areas have not escaped the heat wave 80 in oakland 78 in san francisco mid-90s around san jose 98 degrees right now in santa rosa inland areas in the hills under that excessive heat warning through tomorrow night lake county until 10 pm, friday and solano county until 8 pm friday very high to high heat risk heat advisory for the bayshore line until tomorrow night also includes the marin coastal range and the coast big changes are coming for the weekend. we are monitoring hurricane k the possibility of showers and thunder and much cooler weather. i'll be back with a closer look coming right up dan okay. sandy. thanks a lot. we'll see you shortly. now the hot weather of course again straining the power grid across the state right now a flex alert is in effect until nine o'clock tonight abc 7 news. anchor karina. nova is monitoring the energy demand very closely. she's in the newsroom with the latest karina. well right now dan we're under a
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flex alert and a level two energy emergency alert. meaning rotating outages are possible once again, and you are asked to use less energy and over the last few days during this extreme heat people have been doing their part and that seems to be working in preventing massive power outages. here is a look at the online cal iso demand trend that's happening right now. it's updated every five minutes yesterday. we broke a demand record right now. you can see as we move along there. we're close to that forecasted demand. and in this might have helped lower that demand just this afternoon some pg&e customers received a message like this one on their phones. this is a pga and e. rotating outage alert saying the state's electric grid operator has issued a notice that rotating outages may be required today if the demand for electricity exceeds supply and an emergency alert like this one popped up on phones yesterday millions of californians being
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asked to conserve energy that reminder did seem to work the online energy grid showed a drop in demand right after it was sent and today governor newsom called that alert a game changer. he said it was sent at a critical time just before 6 pm last night. those text messages went out. people reduced energy and they got us through. so we're hoping again, we don't have to send the text message again tonight. but keep doing what you've done one or two more nights of this and we will turn the page and we will fast-track as we've been doing. and historical levels are transition with the reliability everyone deserves. the governor says that fast track is to provide. additional 4,000 megawatts by 2024 that's part of a new strategic reserve that will be funded by the 4.2 billion dollars just passed in the legislature live in the newsroom karina, nova abc 7 news creative. thank you. here is a live look now at
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pg&e's real-time power outage map the dark of the color the highest higher the number of customers affected by an outage. none of the power issues are rotating blackouts, but pg&e says hot weather caused two larger outages on the peninsula this afternoon pg&e also blames weather for knocking out power to about 2,700 customers in the east bay around ashland and castro valley now to a developing story in the east bay, where an alameda county sheriff's deputy is accused of killing two people early this morning happen at a home in dublin just after midnight soon after police began searching for the deputy who has a home in stockton nearly 11 hours later. he's surrendered peacefully in colanga abc 7 news reporter, zach fuentes talked to neighbors and has the latest oregon needs to virtue of code 3 in dublin for shooting. it's been a tragic and frightening day for this dublin neighborhood this up. we're quiet neighborhood that silence was brutally broken when police got a 911 call at around 12:45 in the morning. the caller called and said that
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there was a an intruder that had come into the house that had it was brandishing a firearm and ultimately fired that firearm and killing two people in our community investigators aren't identifying the victims yet. they say they were a married 58 year old man and 42 year old woman neighbor gabriella gonzalez said she didn't know the two but was startled to wake by what she now believes were the gunshots. she says she went to her window and saw the same car that police later released as a suspects vehicle within five minutes of that car turning the one squad squad car arrived and after he got out my windows were open so i heard him say i've got two down the suspect was meet a county sheriff's deputy devin williams. he's been with the agency for a year. he'd been on the run for nearly 11 hours, but just as our cameras were setting up for a press conference with dublin pd police delayed the conference for what they said were significant developments behind the windows of their front desk.
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we could see police and deputies rushing back and forth. we now know that was the moment the suspect was calling to turn himself in during that conversation. we were able to keep him on the phone line and direct the chp units down to the area near coalinga to take the suspect safely. custody now the work continues in defining our what williams motive was alameda county sheriff says he had no history of mental health concerns, but lately had some struggles in the last several months of his life. some significant events happened that led up to this moment a lot of those events went undiscovered and disclosed. and we're going to be looking into that. of course. this is not a typical homicide investigation. the suspect is a sheriff's deputy and because of that more transparency is going to be expected in this investigation. what we will do is we will bring in the district attorney's office from alameda county. if we at any point along the way see any conflict of interest or
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any issue, which i don't think there will be we will we will immediately bring in other agencies to help in dublin zach fuentes abc 7 news in san leandro kaiser hospital is operating normally now after being on lockdown earlier this afternoon following a shooting in the parking lot. it happened during an armored car robbery that critically injured the driver who tonight is in critical condition abc 7 news reporter lianne. melendez is in san leandro and is live with the very latest and tell you that police are. and as you mentioned, this is not no longer a lockdown situation in fact, the hospital wants people to know that it is operating. normally now this happened just before noon the guard was shot and san leandro police say that this for sure was a robbery the guard was immediately treated here at kaiser medical center in san leandro, but then transferred to eden medical
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center in castro valley. he is in critical condition. we believe the security guard was walking out of the hospital with a bag full of cash. so this is more likely than not a pickup for the for the guards once he was outside of the hospital but still on the campus. he was subsequently accosted. shot once in the upper torso and the suspect fled with undisclosed amount of cash. so again, so again a lot of questions here was he followed was a god guard shot first then robbed or was there an altercation that led to him being shot? those questions will be answered once police go through all that surveillance video that they are collecting and we're told that there is a lot and of course they are interviewing witnesses. we know there was one shooter but police have reason to suspect there may have been another person in that car. so again that video will be crucial for this investigation. i'm live in san leandro leanne
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melendez abc 7 news land. thank you police in oakland or investigating a shooting in the city's little saigon neighborhood happening around 9:30 last night on east 12th street near 12th avenue officers found evidence of a shooting at the scene, but say the victim had gotten their own ride to the hospital before they arrived that person is listed in stable condition this latest shooting took place just five blocks from where a dentist was killed last month and about four miles from uber driver was killed in an armed robbery in july. still ahead here a day of action focusing on preventing gun violence and promoting safety in schools. you're going to hear from students and local lawmakers about this issue plus more than a dozen teachers out sick and students calling parents to leave school early. we'll tell you about the problem at one east bay campus abc 7 news at 5 5 will be right back.
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the forefront of gun violence prevention measures but mass shootings and deaths are still on the rise all across the country on a day calling for action in gun violence prevention. abc70s reporter dustin dorsey explains how elected officials are trying to push for more change. as schools return across the bay area covid remains an important focus of health and safety, but after the mass shooting in uvalde, texas gun violence appears to be at the forefront of concerns from staff and students like monte vista junior
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margo francoir when i reflect on my years at school. i wish to remember a place where my classmates and i instead i've spent the past years watching gun violence devastate entire communities and watching our nation's leaders dismiss the importance of protecting us gun violence and threats of gun violence in our schools undermine the sense of security that all students should have and they're learning environments and at schools, california ranks number one in school shootings, according to the center for homeland defense and security and it's an even bigger issue nationwide gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the united states of america. shame on us and overall more than 45,000 americans died from guns last year and leaders have seen enough. this is a national problem guns are everywhere. we need to be smarter.
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we need a nationwide answer congressional democrats staged events across the country today to call attention to the issue of gun violence and school safety. these leaders have made steps from the gun liability insurance law in san jose to the bipartisan safer communities act signed by president joe biden this year, but they still admit more needs to be done like a nationwide assault weapon band congress woman. so lofgren says change starts with voting. let's turn that around with our voices so that the parents and grandparents of this country can stop worrying every single day as their kids go off to school about whether they will be slaughtered with an assault weapon that day in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. the new school year at pinole valley high school is not off to a good start after the school's hvac system failed to work properly during the recent heat wave at least 16 teachers called in sick today because of heat related issues. the school's experienced a faulty smart hvac system since
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its installation in 2019, and it's partially fixed at this point many students called their parents to leave school early because of the lack of air conditioning in classrooms last two days been like living hell in the time inside the classroom all the all the students are sweating. you can't really focus because of the he so it's been kind of hard. approximately half of the schools within west contra costa unified school district have the air conditioning and we're provided fans staff members say they're working to train faculty on the new system and improve conditions at the school state senator is sending relief to students without ac in the ravenswood city school district in east palo alto senator. josh becker is sending portable air conditioning units and water bottles even giving his own personal ac. it comes after receiving a letter from his son's teacher that they would not have air conditioning during the heatwave becker says state funding will go toward air filtration systems in schools to prevent heat and
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no dumping signs at the site where there's been some 200 fires in the last two years last month the us district court judge lifted his temporary restraining order which blocked cleaning up operations until a plan was in place to shelter or house those living there that was completed. allowing the city county and caltrans to clean up the site in three phase cebration in san francisco's chinatown. take a look the eighth annual chinatown night out started just about 40 minutesportsmouth squad and members of the police department invite the community to come out. this is video from last year's event. it's an opportunity to meet neighbors and the police officers who serve and protect the community the event runs until 7 pm tonight a big celebration on the steps of san francisco city hall today to kick off transit month in the city organizers say today's event honors those who use mass transit in the bay area and the workers who get everyone from here to there. in fact those who drive the buses and operate the trains. we're praised for giving life to
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the city. without the transit operators. there is no life in san francisco without the transit operators. nobody goes to work school church shopping their doctor's appointments. nothing happens without the transit operators. for more information on other events taking place this month which include contests and prizes go to transit staff. all right, let's go back and talk a little more about the weather. i'm a hot today, but not as hot. we will take not as hot compared to yesterday sandia. i know it's just nice to take the edgofefreeze here, dan and . i want to show you the current temperatures inland areas are still sizzling 108 degrees right now in fairfield 103 and livermore you will notice it's about 70 degrees in half moon bay with the ocean temperature of 56 degrees feels much better there. let me tell you let me show you some live pictures you can see beautiful views from all our tower cameras. we are seeing the sun a little choppy out on the coast a live view from our east bay hills
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camera showing you the hays spare the air extended through tomorrow poor air quality santa clara valley and the inland east bay the rest of you moderate air quality as the heat builds the smogginess will continue on water. imagery and radar you can see numerous thunderstorms erupting in the sierra, nevada. there's a trough that passed to our north that's what pushed the ridge out of the way just briefly today and that's why most areas around the coast and bay noticing a drop off in the temperatures inland areas came down a few degrees now, we're watching hurricane k. just lashing out at the sern ll notice.htron isxpte to weaken it will bring thunderstorm possibility to southern california and the sierra going into friday and here in the bay area there is potential on saturday that we may see a few showers or an isolated thunderstorm. it's getting coast coast to the central coast as you will notice but the highest intensity of the rain will be a cross parts of southern california.
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they'll be looking at through monday one inch to two inches possibly isolated up to three inches of rain. so quite as soaking san jose camera looking at sunshine over the shark tank intensifies tomorrow records are likely sharply cooler but humid weekend and a slight chance of showers and possible thunder coming your way on saturday. we'll have some fog tomorrow morning limited to the coastline. it will pull away just about everywhere and the heat will build tomorrow afternoon. so let's look at your morning temperatures. there were some unofficial records this morning. we're gonna go do it again tomorrow morning upper 50s to the upper 70s it is going to be warm inland. you're south bay numbers 106 and gilroy 100 in san jose 96 milpitas on the peninsula mid 90s around palo alto 97 degrees redwood city 78 and half moon bay san francisco a warm 86 degree day north bay numbers triple digits from santa rosa to calistoga 102 in napa 101 in san rafael in the east bay 90,
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oakland 94 castro valley head inland. it's going to be hazy and hot 112 in fairfield 110 in livermore accuweather seven day forecast temperature will hit 112 in the hottest spots tomorrow. so last day of the heat wave is friday, but the temperatures will definitely come down much cooler weekend slight possibility of showers on saturday and the next week. we'll be in the 80s. how about that? almond dan sounds amazing, right? thanks, india. well still ahead a brand new waterfront professional sports stadium with sweeping views of the bay. we're going to tell you about the groundbreaking ceremony held today and which protein will be playing there. and tomorrow is disney plus day in the walt disney company is celebrating with a special deal starting tonight at 9 o'clock new and returning subscribers can get one month of disney plus for a dollar 99 those taking advantage of the deal while so receive limited time offers experiences and perks the disney plus day celebration leads into the d23 expo the ultimate disney
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there's only one choice. newscast breaking news weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area streaming tv app on apple tv google tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it. a ceremonial groundbreaking was held on treasure island today for a new soccer facility for the san francisco. glenn's soccer club. the facility will include a 1500 seat stadium and three smaller fields in a clubhouse. the glens program has been
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around since 1961 and features more than a thousand youth and adult players. it's top team competes in usl 2 a semi-pro developmental league sponsored by united soccer leagues. very cool. all right. well finally tonight there is still one more day to check out some vintage arcade games at bart. yes part of bart's 50th anniversary celebration the agency brought in pac-man asteroid space invaders and galaga to the powell street station. they are free to the public, but we'll only be there until tomorrow evening. the event is an honor of a 1976 partnership between bart and atari when a six-sided atari console with placed on the bart platform to promote the gaming companies new games. thanks for joining us tonight. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates and we are continuing to monitor the strain on the power grid calaiso has already issued an emergency an energy emergency alert, too now. our next newscast is at six if you're streaming is now stay right here for more coverage of
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the emergencies playing out in the west at this hour. record-shattering heat and the exploding wildfires. multiple large fires now burning in california. thousands forced from their homes. and we have learned tonight at least two people have been killed trying to escape. strong winds and the drought driving the flames. the state warning of potential power outages now. the power grid at the breaking point. heat and wildfire alerts from several states tonight. will carr in the fire zone. ginger zee is also there, and she's now tracking a hurricane that will affect the u.s. also tonight, a sheriff's deputy on the run, wanted for murdering a husband and wife. tonight, under arrest. the deputy on the job for only a year. tonight, the newspaper


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