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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 8, 2022 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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immigrants from sierra leone makes his first-ever grand slam semifinal appearance friday nightress his big win coming two days after he upset 22-time grand slam champion rafael nadal. >> man, this is wild, this is crazy. >> tiafoe is being talked about as the future of american men's tennis. and that future's looking bright. that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america. check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you.
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dan: tonight, people around the bay area are continuing to ride out the heat wave without power. the state avoided rolling blackout once again the pg&e is still working to resolve outages throughout our area. good evening and thank you for joining us. ama: we could see another bump in temperatures tomorrow. let's get to sandhya patel. sandia: excessive and dangerous category again. today, we had triple digits inland. 70's along the coast. these numbers were 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 108 in fairfield. 97 in san jose. high pressure moving westward, bringing dangerous heat tomorrow. you will notice that it rapidly warns -- warms. solano county and lake county going longer. heat risk illness will be high
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to very high. heat advisory for the bay shoreline and the coast as there's a heat risk as well. all eyes turned to this very large hurricane k expected to dump some heavy rain and possibly thunder across southern california. we are watching carefully because we may see action this weekend. a closer look, coming up. ama: let's take a live look at current power outages. the darker the color, the higher the amount of affected customers. pg&e says hot weather caused outages today. pg&e says it used all its resources including at least 301 multi person crews to restore power. dan: more than half a million customers received notice today about possible rotating outages. just after 9:00 tonight, state electricity regulators declared success, saying outages are not needed tonight. a similar emergency alert from the state spared california from
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those outages yesterday. 45 minutes after the notice went out to 27 million cell phones yesterday, the state saw a significant reduction in power use. >> what folks were able to accomplish last night was 4000 megawatts of conservation. extraordinary. dan: a new record for electricity demand on wednesday, the highest category. today, the states. have energy was being used. it was the eighth day in a row for a flex alert. ama: backup generators at several hospital buildings in san jose failed during an outage last night, leaving doctors scrambling to transport basins. amanda del castillo you asked hospital officials for answers about what went wrong. reporter: parts of the major south bay hospital went without power for close to four hours
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tuesday, leaving patients, health care workers, and doctors in the dark. during an outage, backup generators failed at santa clara valley medical center in san jose, leaving several buildings blacked out. this included the k building, described by hospital surgeons as the center of all things emergency. >> as soon as i walked over to the icus, it was pitch black. everyone had their iphones out and little flashlights to check on people. normally, i see full of beeping sounds and monitor sounds and a lot of stuff like that. it was just silent. reporter: something was very wrong. we know now the emergency department had to close to stroke, heart attract, and trauma arrivals. seven patients had to be transferred to other facilities. another nine had to be moved to different parts of the hospital. health-care workers immediately jumping into action, familiar
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with working under pressure. >> everyone came in. eight trauma surgeons which is our whole department in the hospital. the pitch black of the icu, trying to figure out how to help. reporter: hospital officials said, our emergency plans went into place immediately and patient safety was never compromised. officials say they were told a substation failure was the cause of the initial outage. the hospital didn't answer questions about why it's generators failed. pg&e says at the time, more than 30,000 customers were without power in the south bay. san jose reaching a record temp of 109 tuesday. dr. chow reading hospital staff for the team effort it took to maintain critical care. >> you do whatever needs to be done, everyone is helping, you fill roles you never thought you would fill. as long as everyone is pitching in, i think people are able to pull off heroic feats.
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reporter: abc7news. dan: you can keep track of the temperatures any time and the weather on demand. download it for roku, apple tv, amazon fire, and google tv. ama: a sheriff's deputy is behind bars, accused of a double homicide. j.r. stone has more on the accusations that have rocked in east bay neighborhood and the law enforcement community. reporter: the 24-year-old sheriff's office deputy devon williams is behind doors at the santa rita jail, less than 24 hours after he had been working in overtime shift at the santa rita jail. >> it's very concerning. it's a serious concern that an official has committed a huge crime. reporter: sometime after williams finished a shift at the jail tuesday night, he came to this home in dublin. >> it was in the middle of the night. the home was quiet.
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mr. williams showed up and began this very horrific chain of events. the caller said there was an intruder that had come into the house. was brandishing a firearm. ultimately fired the firearm, killing two people. there was a total of five people, six people in the home. two of which were killed. reporter: a married couple who are parents were killed. neighbors say they heard something and saw someone leave the area. >> i was asleep. something startled me and i woke up. i saw the kurt -- carter non-and it sped down the lane and took a short turn here. reporter: williams was on the run for 11 hours but eventually tracked him down in california, talking him into turning himself injuring a phone call wednesday. as to the circumstances here.
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>> this was not a random crime. this is a very bizarre chain of events that unfolded and i think as the story unfolds, you guys will understand that better. >> the two were killed and it was heartbreaking. seeing cleaning crews in white suits come out of the house while we could hear children laughing and playing down the street. abc7news. dan: an armored truck guard is in critical condition and the searches on for a gunman following a robbery today outside the kaiser hospital in san leandro. the shooting happened before noon. investigators believe the guard was walking back to the truck when the robber approached him. the crime may have been planned in advance. >> we don't know if he was followed. i believe that it may have been. it looks like a robbery gone bad . i don't know if the robbery happened before the shooting or the shooting happened after the robbery.
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but they did leave with an undisclosed amount of cash. dan: kaiser staff treated the guard who was taken to another hospital. the shooting lead to a temporary lockdown of the hospital. emergency services were still available. ama: police threw a party tonight in chinatown. the department hosted the eighth annual chinatown night out. the san francisco is emily member join the festivities. >> the show of force matters not only from our police officers here, walking the beat, building community with us. also having the full display of the city family here. everyone with the same message, that we are here for you. we support you. everyone in our community needs to feel safe in their city. ama: the event is designed for people to connect with community services, meet their neighbors, and build relationships with police. dan: coming up, a stunning turn in the investigation into a
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journalists death in las vegas. an official now arrested for murder. ama: the obamas back in the white house. their official partners today. dan: why oakland's first friday is having trouble keeping up with the cost of the event. ama: first, jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. stick around and i will make eggs. is the reason -- >> because your beg for it? >> because your name is bree. [laughter]
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ama: las vegas police have arrested a note -- unofficial. search warrants were executed at the home of robert tellis today. jeff geer men was found dead saturday and had written several articles on improprieties. he's currently in jail facing a murder charge. the organization founded in the wake of the 20's test 2000 murder of chauncey bailey issued a statement on the las vegas investigation. it said in part, if his killing is related to his work as an investigative journalist, those responsible must be held to account. it must be remembered that killing a journalist never kills a story. dan: for nearly a week, people who work outside have been brazed -- braving the heat, some
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working in triple digit temperatures. delivery workers completing deliveries before scorching heat arrives. some say their trucks feel like ovens inside. trucks equipped with kitchen appliances are definitely feeling the heat. >> the last two days, we've had 120 degrees inside. we had to turn off the roaster. when i turn it on, it gets hotter. dan: workers must have access to water, shade, breaks to cool down, especially for farmworkers. a plan must be put into place if an employee suffers from heat exhaustion or stroke. ama: the holiday season is just around the corner. ups is planning to hire 100,000 seasonal workers to handle the influx of packages. there will be multiple job openings. seasonal wages range from $15 to
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$35 an hour. the holiday season primarily begins in october and last through january. 35% of seasonal workers secure a permanent position after the holiday rush. dan: apple revealed a new list of watches, airpods, iphones during its annual fall relief. the new iphone 14 comes with emergency satellite connection which is interesting. it allows you to send a short message in an emergency. the new iphone 14 suits -- starts at 7.99. there is a pro and promax version of the 14 as well. ama: barack obama and michelle obama returned to the white house today for the unveiling of the official portraits. [applause]
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the ceremony marked the first time the obamas had been at the white house since leaving office in 2017. mr. obama thanked the artists commissioned to do the pardus -- portraits. >> i want to thank them for capturing everything i love about michelle. her grace, her intelligence, the fact that she is fine. [applause] ama: he also praised the job done by robert mccarthy on his portrait for taking on a more difficult subject. this was the first unveiling ceremony since the obamas welcomed george w. bush and laura bush in 2012. they will hang in the white house. the portraits unveiled in 2018 were commissioned for the national portrait gallery. dan: economic struggles could bring an end to an oakland event aimed at building a better area. organizers say they are running
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dangerously low on funds and are asking for the community's help. tim johns spoke with us this evening. reporter: every month over the past 10 years, the first friday festival has become a cultural staple in the city of oakland. that might soon be coming to an end as festival organizers say they are running out of money. >> three months roughly. we can do certain things. reporter: the festival court nader says this october would have been there last month had it not been for a series of donations from local businesses. but he warns that money isn't enough to keep up long-term with the spiraling cost of operation. >> increasing of bills. reporter: security costs are especially expensive. the festival is run by a nonprofit.
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opd production isn't provided for free by the city. >> it hasn't been cheap at all. reporter: in order to save first fridays, organizers have turned to the community, saying that the gofundme kate -- page will keep money coming in. >> every nickel and dime we get, we rely on. reporter: the event is important to keep around. not just for those in attendance but also for the vendors. many of whom are small minority business owners and up-and-coming on nora's. >> we've been starting new businesses. they didn't have any idea. it's awesome to see them grow. reporter: harris is encouraging everyone to pay a visit. experiencing everything that a first friday in oakland has to offer. >> come out and enjoy life. health -- help us continue the celebration. it's a wonderful situation in place to be. reporter: abc7news. ama: we got a little bit of a
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break today. dan: we did. it's not going to last too long. another is coming. sandhya: day six of the heatwave is tomorrow. then we have day seven. it is such a dangerous heatwave. it's almost over. i want to show you what's going to take those temperatures up tomorrow. an area of high pressure that has been parked over the southwestern united states. it will nudge westward. as it does, it will bring intensity back. while we did have hot weather today inland, it wasn't as hot as yesterday. tomorrow morning, we start out warm inland along the coastline. by noon, you are seeing triple digits in our hottest inland valleys. into the early afternoon, you are looking at 109 by 2:00. 107 in livermore. you see how intense it's going to be tomorrow. live view. it's a beautiful shot. heat records expected tomorrow. here are some of the temperatures.
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livermore at 110, tying its old record from 1944. san jose would titled record from 1904. gilroy will be close. napa will be six degrees shy of its old record. numbers right now, still very warm. 80's and 90's inland. 70 in the city. 61 in half moon bay. here's a look at the forecast. he did had sufficed tomorrow. sharply cooler but humid weekend and there's a slight chance of showers and possible thunder. flood watches for southern california. already posted beginning on friday. right now, category 1 storm pounding baja, bringing them strong winds and heavy rain. that will continue across the peninsula. the forecast track will weaken to a tropical storm as it skirts the coast. and then it starts to make a westward turn as it approaches
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southern california. leftovers of k expected to soak southern california this weekend. as it does, there's also the possibility of thunderstorms starting on friday all the way until the center sierra. looking at several inches in southern california. when we talk about one to three inches, they will see flooding problems there. we do have a spare the air tomorrow for air quality in the bay area. morning numbers in the 70's and 80's. 50's and 60's co-side. limited fog near the coast. 100 and san jose. 106 in grill roy. it will be warm in the city. 86 degrees. one in san rafael. 106 in santa rosa. the east bay at 90. oakland at 97. inland areas, 109. 110 in livermore. 112 for the hottest spot
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>> [inaudible] [applause] dan: it's amy schneider day in oakland. she's a proud oakland resident in the first transgender women to qualify for jeopardy's tournament of champions. she has the second-longest winning streak in game history, and she will return to jeopardy for the tournament of champions this fall here on abc 7. congratulations. ama: the 49ers open the re
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larry: trey lance will struggle at some point. a lot of people will wonder if jimmy garoppolo should be starting for the 49ers. niners kicking off the season sunday in chicago. he wasn't named a captain. his teammates opted to vote for veterans. kyle shanahan knows the scrutiny will be on his qb. >> all eyes will be on that guy. not at the linebacker or the guard. when you do struggle, those guys know. it's harder to play well when no one has your back and you have to help guys through that. i thought we got the guys who can do that. people will say to do that. it will happen regardless if you don't play well. larry: giants in l.a.. 99 degrees in l.a.. scoreless in the fourth. miguel vargas to left. luis gonzales is here. the diving catch in support of alex cobb.
1:36 am
allowed three runs. david we are trying to show the giants he deserves a roster spot for next year. two homers in the game. this one ties it up at 3-3. the ball jumping in the heat. to the eighth we go. when max muncy sees orange and black, his eyes light up your get two homers last night and three runs at today. good for a guy hitting .197. the dodgers go on to win. a's hosting the braves. they love matt olson in oakland. two on in the first receive invoke. this is a drive. off the wall in left-center. the a's take the early lead. to the second. olson facing ken walter chuck. high heat only. goes down swinging. zero for five in this game. the braves finally in the six. a loja means goodbye. three runs in five and a third. they take both ends of the
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dan: -- ama: disney plus. the deal started tonight in honor of tomorrow's disney plus day which features exciting premieres and perks for subscribers. disney is the parent company of abc 7. thanks for joining us. dan: we appreciate your time.
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the pennsylvania woman killed in a shark attack in the bahamas has been identified as caroline diplacido. she was snorkeling with her family off the coast of nasa on tuesday when the attack took place, leaving her with fatal injuries to the side of her body. the suspect in the killing of a memphis schoolteacher is now being held without bond. >> after a second court appearance in two days, cleotha henderson is now charged with kidnapping and murdering eliza fletcher. meantime, more questions are being raised about henderson's criminal background. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: new details are emerging about the man accused of kidnapping and murdering a
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memphis teacher and mother of


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