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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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into effect today, this one starting earlier and lasting longer. we are tracking the forecast as this heatwave stretches on. >> law enforcement community shaken with one of their own arrested for a double murder. the accusations shocking the east bay. >> it wildfire near lake tahoe growing in size overnight. now and historic gold rush town in its path. >> cancer rates and american adults are going up. what factors doctors believe are to blame. good morning. it is thursday, september 8. >> we have a lot to get to. we start with meteorologist frances dinglasan. frances: take a look at current temperatures. we are in the 70's and we see
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lots of upper 60's around the bay area, but it is cooler at half moon bay, 55 degrees right now. it is going to be dangerously hot. there's an excessive heat warning for many parts of the bay area until tonight. for solano county, that has been extended until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and until 10:00 p.m. for parts of mendocino county. there is a heat advisory around part of the bay area. heat illnesses are possible. do the things you have been doing. stay indoors if you can. try to find air conditioning. these areas will hit near 90 degrees. here are the highs for today. it is a little bit cooler at the beaches and the sea breezes will kick in tonight and tomorrow. lots of 80's and 90's around the bay, and near 110 degrees for some inland areas. i will talk more about spare the air day and what you can expect the rest of the week and when we
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will finally get a cold on -- a cooldown. >> as you might know, thousands in the bay area are waking up in the dark this morning. you can see there are still many areas without power across the region. the majority of those are in the south bay, where we saw the bulk of the outages over the last few days. there's currently no timetable of when the power may get restored. of course, you can always check the pg&e website to see if there are power outages in your area. kumasi: thousands more of us could end up in the dark later today. for the ninth deanna rowe -- ninth day in arroyo if >> alert has been called. -- ninth day in arroyo a -- in a row a flex alert has been called. >> that's right. this is a much longer window of time that californians are being
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asked to conserve energy than they have all week. governor newsom said while it has been an unprecedented, historic week, he thanks the more than 40 million californians across the state for stepping up to the plate and doing their part to conserve energy. however, he says we are not out of the woods yet. the power grid is still seeing record demand for energy and if people don't continue to take these alerts seriously, rolling blackouts are still a possibility. newsom. is working on a plan to help her leave stress on the great in the long run -- newsom is working on a plan to help relieve stress on the grid in the long run. gov. newsom: there is still work to be done. everyone has done in cripple drop getting us through this, and we will do our part to make sure we never have to go through this again. that is the continued transition to more battery storage, continued transition to more
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energy and backup supply, the strategic reserve we got through the legislature. lena: here's what you can do before it heats up more to prepare for that flex alert. close your blinds and curtains to cover your windows and keep out the sun. if you need to use major appliances like your dishwasher or washer and dryer, do it before 3:00 p.m. you can precook your meals to keep your oven and stove from heating up your kitchen during the hottest part of the day. if you have an electric car, get it charged before 3:00 p.m., and if you are lucky enough to have ac, prequel your home setting the thermostat as low as 75 degrees. make sure you have taken some of these precautions by 3:00 this afternoon. live in san jose, lena howland,
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abc 7 news. >> taking a look at the east shoreay, two cars involved. it looks like they are clearing it off to the shoulder. those left lanes just squeaking by. there was damage to the attenuator. you are looking at gilman, westbound 80. you can see the cars on the left merging. let's take a look at our maps of backup at this time. we had all lanes closed for a time westbound right there, so you can see the backup stretching to the 580 merge onto 80 westbound. it looks let they are in the clearing phases, but we will be back in a few minutes to give you updates. julian: thanks so much, sue. a deputy accused of killing two people is scheduled to be in court. this was breaking news wednesday. ryan curry is joining us from the newsroom with the charges he faces and the allegations now rocking the law enforcement community. ryan: deputy devon williams is
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facing homicide charges as authorities arrested him in connection to the murder of two people. the alameda county sheriff's office said this was not a random incident and he knew the people who died. police were called to the home just after midnight wednesday. the police chief in dublin says someone called 911 saying there was an intruder that had come into the house and was carrying a gun. police went on a search for williams create he eventually surrendered following a long call with the dublin police chief. the alameda county sheriff's office says he had a history of mental health issues, but he was having a difficult time lately. >> the last several months of his life, some significant events happened that led up to this moment. a lot of those events went undiscovered and undisclosed, and we are going to be looking into that. ryan: police are not releasing details, but did say they are a married 52-year-old man and
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48-year-old woman. they cannot investigate this is a normal homicide because of williams' status as a deputy. the district attorney's office will be involved and possibly other agents. william had been a deputy for a year. ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: an armored truck guard is in critical condition this morning, and the search is on for a gunman. the shooting happened just before noon yesterday. investigators believe the guard is walking back to the truck when the robber approached him. police say the crime may have been planned in advance. >> we don't know if he was followed. i believe it may have been. believe it looks like a robbery gone bad. i don't know if the robbery happened before the shooting or if the shooting happened after the robbery, but they did leave with an undisclosed amount of cash. kumasi: kaiser hospital staff treated the guard, who was then taken to another hospital. that shooting lead to a temporary lockdown at the
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hospital, but emergency services were still available. a malfunctioning water spring machine may have sparked a large wildfire in siskiyou county. that machine is used cool ash at a mill near the town of weed. the company is cooperating in the investigation and will provide for a community restoration fund. two women have been killed in this fire that has burned nearly 4000 acres. it is 75% contained. julian: it wildfire near lake tahoe exploded in size and historic cord west town -- historic gold rush town. it has burned one structure so far. more than 1000 others are threatened at this point. we know that steep terrain is making this difficult for crews to attack the fire. it is currently 0% contained. frances: we are starting off with a live look from the east bay.
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clear skies across the bay area. temperatures still very mild during this hour. san francisco at 64, san jose 73 degrees, cooler and half moon bay. we will start to feel some of that cooling near the coast today and tomorrow. we are looking down towards san francisco. more temperatures in the 60's and 70's, except santa rosa has dropped down to 59. we are i-66 in napa. fairfield and concord at 69. livermore hanging onto 74 degrees. here are the highs around the bay area today. another hot one with an excessive heat warning still in effect. we see triple digit heat in san jose, one hundred degrees. it mike tice a record that was set over 100 years ago today. beaches in santa cruz, 88. along the peninsula, look for 90's, from 93 in san mateo to 96 in los altos. the beaches we will see lots of 70's. downtown san francisco, 82 degrees. in the north bay, more triple digits.
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sonoma, 104. a little bit more convertible in the east bay, especially right near berkeley and oakland, 88. we will see lots of 80's elsewhere and the triple digit heat near 110 continues for the inland areas. i will have the iq weather forecast, coming up. sue is tracking a traffic alert in berkeley. sue: we have the right lanes blocked for an accident. chp was telling us a pickup truck lost a trailer it was pulling, and that ended up in the center divide. then another vehicle involved. we will call it several cars now , and only the left lane is getting through. you can see the stack up on the left-hand side of your screen. that is the 580 merge, so you can picture right where that is. you are stacked up into el cerrito. there's the backup from the merge down towards gilman and berkeley, and then things pick up and it is pretty smooth sailing all the way in to
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emeryville. if it is out there much longer, the commute gets underway, it could be a real hang up for your drive on the east shore freeway. we will check back in just a few. julian: thank you. coming up, the manhunt is over for the suspect in one of the deadliest attacks in canadian history. why this case now has even more questions. kumasi: the ukrainian president saying his country is making progress, staving off the russians. why experts say russia could be desperate for help. julian: cancer rates continue to rise for younger americans. we will talk about what
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kumasi: a man is in custody after going on a deadly shooting spree in tennessee. four are dead. police searching for the man who went on an hours long rampage. in the end, at least seven people were shot at eight
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different crime scenes. police have not released a motive. julian: the second stabbing suspect who led canadian authorities on a multi-day manhunt is dead this morning. there are still questions about the motive for these attacks. myles sanderson experienced some sort of medical distress after police arrested him. his brother was found dead earlier this week. in a news conference, police say miles was the one responsible for the stabbing deaths of 10 indigenous people in saskatchewan. . police say. some but not all of the victims were targeted -- police say some but not all of the victims were targeted. kumasi: police have arrested an elected official for reportedly stabbing and killing a reporter. the investigative reporter was found dead on saturday and had written several articles on
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alleged improprieties. is currently in jail facing a murder charge. the organization founded in the wake of the 2007 murder of an oakland journalist issued a statement on the las vegas investigation. it says in part, "if his killing is found to be related to his work as an investigative journalist, those response must be held to account. it must be remembered that killing a journalist never kills a story. julian: secretary of state antony blinken is in ukraine. he made a surprise visit to the country overnight. this comes as the ukrainian president says his troops are having success against russian troops. here's abc news reporter jay o'brien. jay: ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy telling his people there is good news in ukraine's counteroffensive against russian troops in the east, saying the ukrainian flag is returning over settlements there. the ukrainian army posting this
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photo which it says shows the moment troops liberated a village, taking down a soviet era red flag. this as the u.s. is shedding light on the true number of rockets it sent to ukraine, saying it has delivered thousands of these rockets to be used in long-range military systems which target russian troops from a distance. the white house now asking congress for an additional $13 billion to help ukraine in its fight. but the pentagon confirms it is also seeing signs that russia is looking to stock up on arms, reaching out to north korea to purchase what u.s. officials worn could be millions of rounds of ammunition. >> the fact that they are reaching out to north korea is a sign that they are having some challenges on the sustaining front. >> concerns remain over these at parisian nuclear power plant, the largest nasty zaporizhzhia -- the zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
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russia is using the plant essentially as a nuclear weapon. >> it means the biggest danger in the world, so they occupied it. that means that they use new gear weapon. that is nuclear weapon. jay: u.n. secretary general antonio guterres called on russia and ukraine to stop any military activity around the plant, warning any more damage could result in a "catastrophe." jay o'brien, abc news, washington. kumasi: today transportation secretary pete buttigieg is coming to the bay area. his visit includes stops in oakland. his office says he once to see progress on major infrastructure initiatives funded in part by the department of transportation. it is centered around work o major roads.
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the goal was to improve infrastructure and we can take -- and reconnect several neighborhoods to wi-fi. julian: researchers say since the 1990's, there's been a huge increase in breast,:, esophagus, kidney, and pancreas cancers. researchers blame alcohol use, poor diet, and a lack of sleep for the increase. never want to hear lack of sleep and attributed to anything when you are working this shift, right? kumasi: lack of sleep. alcohol use. you know we were going through itch during the pandemic. we don't judge. what was the other thing? julian: diet. we were going through it. kumasi: we could turn it around. if that is not inspiration to get it together, i don't know what is. frances: the sleep on this shift, i don't know how you guys do it. i think i only got three or four hours last night.
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it is also pretty tough because it has been so warm during the evening's in overnight hours. here's a look at live doppler 7. finally some clouds off the coast. we will start to see more of this marine influence tomorrow, but for now it is clear out there from the east bay looking up towards the bay in san franciscreco-bre tratures. it is going to be hot, especially inland, and triple digit heat in those areas where there is an excessive heat warning. finally sharply cooler, although he would this weekend. then we have a chance of showers impossible under this weekend because of the remnants of the hurricane over the weekend. here is a look at the highs today. a little bit of a range especially at the beaches, where we are getting some influence now of the sea breeze, but still quite warm. oakland, 88. san jose, 100 degrees.
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near 110 in livermore, santa rosa getting up to 106. it is another spare the air day and a flex alert in effect. here's a look at the 12 hour planner in san francisco for today. we will peak in the afternoon at about 3:00 at 82 degrees, and then this evening dropping down to 70. it has been great in san francisco. tonight if you are headed to the lady gaga concert, still not bad. with the cooling we will see some fog tomorrow morning, so that is a welcome relief, especially for some inland areas. we won't be dropping into the 50s, w wl see some mid-50's, upper to some low 60's. still hanging onto 73 and parts of east bay like antioch. here's the seven-day forecast. still hot today, but notice tomorrow some relief. much colder this weekend. heading back to near normal temperatures for the start of
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next week, and we will keep an eye on the humid weather and the possible chance of some sprinkles this weekend. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. julian: peloton faces some legal trouble after the sales continue to plummet. kumasi: apple rolling out some of its brand-new devices. how much you will have to fork
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'cause if you've got it, we've got you. start today at kumasi: here are seven things to know this morning. frances: another excessive heat warning in effect today. check out the areas that may set 110 -- that may hit 110 this afternoon. but some cooler weather is headed our way. kumasi: another flex alert today , and this one is longer than any that we have seen so far. today we are being asked to cut our power back from 3:00 to 10 a copy him. julian: in alameda cap -- in alameda county sheriff's deputy. kumasi: buckingham palace says queen elizabeth is under medical care this morning, and doctors
5:24 am
are concerned for her majesties health. we know that prince charles and camilla have arrived at her bow moral estate. prince william is also on the way. we will let you know when we find out more. julian: shipment of the updated moderna covid vaccine are expected to arrive in the bay area today. some pfizer doses have already arrived. sue: the thursday morning commute with better news. all lanes reopened after earlier problems. you can see the traffic flowing through there. there's a bit of a backup. we will check back in just a few minutes. kumasi: the company that owns regal cinemas has filed for bankruptcy. it is the second largest theater chain in the world. filings show it will close at least 20 theaters. we don't know if any of those will be in the bay area. julian: a 10-year-old describing
5:25 am
how he survived a near deadly shark attack in florida this morning. abc's victor of kendo has the details in today's "gma" first look. reporter: an abc news exclusive, surviving a shark attack. >> he was just screaming and waving his arms, and i didn't see anything in the water. i just saw him screaming at me to get to him. reporter: the 11-year-old was snorkeling with a pool noodle when the unimaginable happened. it was viciously -- he was viciously attacked by able shark in the sea. part of his leg amputated. >> it is a reminder of how short life as is -- how short life is and how fragile life is. >> i'm happy to be alive. reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will have much more on
5:26 am
this harrowing survival story. with your "gma" first look, victor kendo, abc news. kumasi: peloton facing multiple investigations, lawsuits, and now finds from the federal government over its treadmill. the treadmill was pulled from the market after a six-year-old was killed in an accident on one of these machines. dozens of others reported similar incidents. in a filing yesterday, the consumer product safety commission is considering fines because their investigators believe peloton did not do enough to keep people safe. that could be a big hit peloton. the company is already struggling financially and has implement did layoffs in recent months. julian: apple revealed new airpods, watches, and iphones. the new iphone 14 comes with an emergency satellite connection which allows you to send a short, prescript message if there is an emergency.
5:27 am
it has a larger 6.7 inch display. there's also a pro and promax version of the 14 as well. kumasi: today is disney+ day, and the company is celebrate with a special deal. new and returning subscribers can get one month of disney+ for one dollar nine since. he will also get some limited time offers, experiences and perks. disney+ days will lead to the ultimate disney fan event this week and in anaheim. for more information, go to will have a live report in the next hour. julian: still to come on this thursday, while the popular first friday event in oakland may be on its final days. kumasi: and it is your final chance to play
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>> building a better bay area. this is abc 7. julian: expect more triple digit temperatures across the bay area today. some areas could top out around 110 degrees again. frances is standing by with the forecast. kumasi: new concerns about the queens health overnight. what we know about her condition right now. julian: and a new covid booster shot coming to the bay area. which ones are already available for you to get your local pharmacy. kumasi: if you love chicken wings, you can now make your face smell like them. lipgloss inspired by wing sauce. [laughter] julian: ok. as long as it doesn't burn your lips or something the whole time good morning. it is thursday, september 8. kumasi: we will get to that
5:31 am
because it is very interesting, but before we do that, let's check in with france for the forecast. frances: it is going to feel hot and spicy again today. here's a live view looking down towards san francisco. here's your day planner. we've got warm temperatures right now, and we are already in the 60's and 70's. by 9:00 this afternoon, sunshine all day long. we with the low 80's inland around the bay low 70's. we will warm up to the mid-70's some spots. there is still an excessive heat warning for many parts of the bay area because inland areas will be near 110 today. look for some 90's. sunset is at 7:28, and tomorrow we will see milder weather, especially for the coast and bay. i will have the forecast, coming up. julian: big and that's yet again
5:32 am
we face another flex alert. this one will last from 3:00 until 10:00 p.m. to try to conserve energy today. here is what you've got to do to prepare for it. close the blinds, both curtains shut to cover the windows and keep out the sun. if you need to use major appliances like your dishwasher, do it before the flex alert starts at 3:00 p.m. today. you can precook meals to keep your oven and stove from heating up your kitchen during the hottest part of the day, and if you have an electric car, you want to get a charge before 3:00 p.m. if you are lucky enough to have ac, pool your home by setting your thermostat as low at 72 degrees before bumping it up to 78 3:00 p.m. kumasi: so what is the purpose of these and rolling blackouts? we spoke with the codirector of the davis energy, degrom and a member of kauai so'-- of cal iso
5:33 am
's committee. >> the entire delivery mechanism can break down and instead of 1% or 2% not be able to buy what they need, it can cause everyone in the entire state to lose power for extended periods of time. kumasi: he says essentially cal iso is trying to make it a smaller problem instead of one that spirals out of control. julian: one local hospital lost power and backup generators during the heatwave this week. lena howland is in san jose this morning. what is the hospital saying about what happened here? lena: parts of this major hospital spent close to four hours in the dark tuesday evening, including their emergency room. this happened during apg&e power outages, but we have learned backup generators failed here at the santa clara valley medical
5:34 am
center. the emergency department had to close to end dylan's arrivals. seven patients had to be transferred to other facilities. another nine had to be moved to different parts of the hospital. a hospital surgeon described health care workers immediately jumping into action, familiar with working under pressure. >> as soon as i walked over to the icu, it was pitch black. everyone had their iphones out and little flashlights to try to check on people. normally they are full of just beeping sounds and monitor sounds, and it was just silent. lena: in response, wednesday hospital for shows that hospital officials said emergency plans when into place immediately, and patient safety was never compromised. the hospital did not answer
5:35 am
questions about wyatt's its own generators failed. the doctor also credited hospital staff for the team effort it took to maintain critical care during this outage , and they say safety was never compromised. kumasi: breaking news to share with you this morning, buckingham palace says queen elizabeth is under medical supervision this morning. doctors are concerned for majesties health. in 96 rolled monarch had just met with the new testing 96-year-old monica just met with the new british prime minister. however, truss had to travel to scotland to meet the queen because she has been having mobility issues. now we have been learning about this unfortunate turn of events. we know this morning prince charles and camilla have arrived at the castle where the queen is staying. prince william is on the way. we will keep tracking this and let you know once we learn more.
5:36 am
bay area leaders have been at the forefront of gun violence prevention measures, but mass shootings and deaths are still on the rise nationwide. on a day calling for action and gun violence prevention, dustin dorsey explains how elected officials are calling for continued change. >> as schools were turn across the bay area, covid remains an important focus of health and safety. after a mass shooting in uvalde, texas, gun violence appears to be on the forefront of concerns from staff and students. >> when i reflect on my years at school, i want to remember a place where my classmates and i could feel safe and learn. instead i spent the past years watching gun violence of state entire communities and watching our nations leaders dismiss the importance of protecting us. > gun violence and threats of gun violence undermined the sense of security that all students should have in their
5:37 am
learning environments and that schools. >> california ranked number one in school shootings according to the center for homeland defense and security, and it is an even bigger issue nationwide. >> gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the united states of america. shame on us. >> overall, more than 45,000 americans died from guns last year, and leaders have seen enough. >> this is a national problem. >> guns are everywhere. >> we need to be smarter. we need a nationwide answer. >> democrats staged infants across the country to call attention to gun violence and school safety. but they still admit more needs to be done. zoe lofgren says change starts with voting. >> let's turn that around with
5:38 am
our voices so that the parents and grandparents of this country can stop worrying every single day as the kids go off to school whether they will be slaughtered with an assault weapon that day. >> dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. julian: police in oaklandjulian: investigating another shooting in the little saigon neighborhood. at happened around 9:30 tuesday night 12 avenue. officers found evidence of a shooting at the scene, but they say the victim had gotten their own ride to the hospital before they got there. the person is listed in stable condition at last check. this latest shooting took place just five blocks from where a dentist was killed last month, about four miles from where i knew were driver was killed in an armed robbery in july. kumasi: shipmentskumasi: of the new modernity vaccine are expected in the bay area today. some visor ship and's or already here. sites operated by santa clara county are providing shots with initial appointments, filling up fast. >> in terms of pfizer versus
5:39 am
moderna, they are both approved, both thought to be equally effective. it doesn't matter what you got in the past. kumasi: the cdc and fda approved vaccines last week. officials say the boosters protect against the original covid strain and the hyper infectious omicron variant the cost cases to surge over the summer. julian: a new development in the capitol riot investigation. a former advisor to the shea current advisor to the former president now facing scrutiny. he has been subpoenaed by a grand jury. >> abc news confirms the fbi recently tried to interview a person currently in former president trump's inter-circle. sources say william russell was not home and agents showed up at his house to ask questions related to the january 6 investigation. the 30 one-year-old with a special assistant to president
5:40 am
trump in the white house. russell moved to florida when trump left office still serves as one of his aides. meanwhile, former trump advisor steve bannon is expected to surrendered to authorities today in connection with a group called we build the wall, which raised $25 million to build a section of president trump's border wall. much of that money coming from small donors who were told all of the funds would go towards the wall. in a separate federal indictment, bannon was accused of using some of the money for personal expenses. bannon never went to trial. trump pardoned him before leaving office. but that pardon does not apply to a state indictment. >> it completely different government sovereign, so there is no overlap there in terms of his liability. julian: there is still one more day to catch up some vintage arcades games.
5:41 am
the agency brought in pac-man, asteroids, space invaders, and gallagher to the station, free to the public, but they will only be there until tonight. it is in honor of a 1976 partnership with atari when a six sided atari consul was placed on the platform to promote new games. kumasi: that is so cool. coming up, the fight to keep the popular first friday in oakland going. what needs to be done to save it. julian: then the new thomas the tank engine character aimed at being more inclusive for everyone. first up, let's check back in with frances for a look at the accuweather forecast. frances: temperatures are already pretty warm, especially in inland areas. brentwood 75, livermore 74, he would 70, san jose 73. we are seeing some 60's around the bay tomorrow morning. temperatures will be cooler as marine influence finally kicks
5:42 am
in. for today, another excessive heat warning in effect until 8:00 this evening for many parts of the bay area. it has been extended for solano county until 8:00 tomorrow night , and lake county and parts of mendocino county tomorrow. those will hit near 100 10 degrees. there's also a heat advisory around the bay, so do the things you need to do to stay cool, staying outdoors if you can. highs today will range from 70's at the beaches to 110 degrees in livermore. santa rosa, 100 six. concord, 109. even san jose at 100 degrees and san francisco, 82 degrees. it is going to be cooler starting tomorrow for the bay and the beaches, and then much better weather for everyone this weekend. humidity does kick in. sue has been tracking problems in berkeley. sue: look at that, 80 westbound.
5:43 am
we had an earlier problem that gilman locking all lanes for a time. that has been seared out of lanes, but the damage is done for this portion. you can see it is pretty heavy for 5:43 in the morning. our backup is starting to diminish, but you will still find very slow traffic in the minute -- in the vicinity. a fatal accident was a motorcycle that went off the road, westbound 92 at skyline. the coroner has been called. expect delays. there's one way traffic control, westbound 92 right at skyline, so if you are later this morning heading to the coast, you may want to check back in because it definitely looks like it is going to be a wild for this one. if you are headed westbound you will want to take highway one through pacifica for your better alternate eating over towards half moon bay. even eastbound is going to be slow due to this accident. we will be back with more
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have you seen my new phone yet?
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it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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julian: is 5:46 on this thursday morning. economic struggles could bring an end to an oakland event aimed at building a better bay area. organizers of the monthly first fridays event say they are running low on funds and are now asking for the community's help. >> nearly every month over the past 10 years, the first friday festival has become a cultural staple in the city of oakland, but that might soon be coming to an end as festival organizers say they are running out of money. >> i would say maybe about three months roughly, may be if we can do some certain things. >> harris is the festival coordinator. he says this october would have been there last month had it not been for a series of donations from local businesses. but harris warns that money is not enough to keep up long-term with the spiraling cost of
5:47 am
operation. >> costs are about $45,000 to run a first friday with all of the increasing of bills. >> harris says security costs are especially expensive since the festival is run by a nonprofit. opd protection is not provided for free by the city. >> it has not been cheap at all. >> in order to try to save first fridays, organizers have turned to the community, setting up a gofundme page to try to keep money coming in. >> every nickel and dime we get we try to help keep the festival going. >> harris says the event is important to keep around not just for those in attendance, but also for the vendors, many of whom are small minority business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. >> we have been starting new businesses that did not have any idea, they were just a tent and an idea, and now they become a brick-and-mortar, which is awesome. >> harris is encouraging
5:48 am
everyone to come and pay a visit , experiencing everything that a first friday in oakland has to offer. >>, and enjoy life and help us to continue this celebration. it is a wonderful place to be. >> in oakland, tim johns, abc 7. . julian:julian: news it was certainly beast -- julian: it would certainly be sad to see first fridays go away. now to our parent company's disney+ day. >> ♪ we don't need permission to dance julian: you are watching the trailer for "bts, permission to dance." the movie was filmed last year at their show in los angeles. if you or someone you know is a fanatic, this will be two years well spent. it is streaming now on disney+. kumasi:kumasi: it is not just streaming surprises today. there's a special deal for returning subscribers -- for new or returning subscribers to get
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a month for $1.99. the celebration leads into the d23 expo, the ultimate disney fan event, this weekend in anaheim. for more info, you can go to we will have a lab report in the next hour. disney is the parent company of abc 7. opaque is -- pep up big -- peppa pig is introducing two lesbian polar bears. one tells peppa that she has two mommies. it is a far-reaching series aired in over 180 countries and translated into 40 languages. julian: thomas the tank engine is bringing on its first character with autism. bruno joins the crew of locomotive friends. for the u.k. version of the
5:50 am
show, he's list by nine-year-old actor elliot garcia, who is also autistic. garcia describes the character is funny, smart and relaxed, saying bruno can get overwhelmed, but he uses comedy to get past those situations. garcia says he can relate as he does not like loud noises and has to come up with strategies when he gets worried. bruno will premiere on season 26. kumasi: applebee's is offering some thing new to go with this one dollar margaritas, lipgloss the taste like wing sauce, and it is already sold out. julian: sold out? kumasi: we tell you about things, and then we are like it is sold out. i don't know why we do that to you all. look at the flavors. hot buffalo, honey barbecue, sweet chili kiss, and honey pepper. applebee's says it is teaming up for this hot collaboration. they even put out a music video. the four piece combo is $65.
5:51 am
there is a waitlist because we told you all four flavors are sold out. julian: hm. [laughter] would you try it? kumasi: if you eat a wing right, your lips are going to be glossy anyway. [laughter] julian: there you go. some residual sauce. kumasi: a little something something. frances: kumasi is going to get the gloss the natural way. i love the name taste my face. i tried one of those lip plumping glosses before. my lips were on fire. kumasi: really? frances: i don't recommend it. julian: don't try this at home, folks. kumasi: but did it work? frances: it did because my lips swelled up from an allergic reaction. [laughter] you know what else is going to be on fire? the temperatures again today. we've got more excessive heat
5:52 am
warnings in effect right now. look at live doppler 7. clear skies around the bay area. some clouds developing or get tomorrow it will start cooling us down. a live look from the exploratorium shows clear skies over san francisco, so we're going to see near record breaking temperatures again today, but then sharply cooler and humid this weekend. very slight chance of showers and possible funder. we will see the effects of remnants of hurricane kay affecting the area. highs today in san jose, 100. this could tie a record set in 1904. again fo t i areas. a flex alert and effect. mid to upper 90's on the lower part of the peninsula. at the beaches, still 70's. downtown san francisco, 82. look for triple digit heat through many areas of the north bay and the east bay, 90's, even upper 80's through berkeley and oakland, so a little bit more comfortable, but it is still
5:53 am
very uncomfortable in the inland areas, near 110 in livermore and brentwood. julian: thank you so much. coming up, why you might have to start paying more for eggs and chicken again. kumasi: a dinosaur skeleton going up for auction. how much flex alert! flex alert! a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages. that way we always know when to help stop one. okay, flex, just drop some knowledge on me again. oh okay, i will. i'll turn our thermostat to 78. i'll unplug the blender.
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5:55 am
kumasi: a small dinosaur skeleton is expected to sell for a big price when it goes up for auction in paris next month. this dinosaur is an iguana down. -- an iguanadon. the auctioneer because at a dinosaur for a living room because of its size. it is about four feet long, nearly 10 feet high. the dinosaur was discovered in colorado in 2019 on private land, and it could get $500,000
5:56 am
at the auction. the creature is estimated to have lived more than one hundred 50 million years ago. did they say the living room? julian: who's living room? clearly they don't know the size of a san francisco apartment. [laughter] frances: i can get a foot in my whole apartment. temperatures right now still quite warm in some of the inland areas brentwood. 75. san jose, 72. we are seeing some 60's and even 50's. half moon bay, 55. santa rosa dropped down to 59 degrees. this afternoon, still going to be hot within excessive heat warning. also heat advisory in effect until 8:00 this evening. san francisco, 82. half moon bay, 78. other than that, you will see lot of triple digit heat around the bay area, and we will also see 90's like fremont, 97 degrees. tonight it is going to finally
5:57 am
cool down a little bit more and we will see some 50's in our overnight lows with the marine layer returning, and i will have an accuweather 7 day forecast coming up shortly. kumasi: next at 6:00, we are tracking the breaking news about queen elizabeth. doctors saying they are concerned for her health this morning. the royal family gathering at her estate. details coming in right now. julian: the fight is under way to slow down a fast-moving wildfire near lake. kumasi: the obamas back at the white house. what they said during their portrait unveiling. julian: we are taking a live look outside on this thursday morning.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> breaking news we have been tracking all morning. major concerns about queen elizabeth overnight. the 96-year-old condition. reggie: a flex alert across the bay area, why you are being asked to conserve her energy earlier today. tracking the latest forecast for your neighborhood. kumasi: the mills fire continuing to burn across california. what might have started the fire and what a company is pledging to give to the community. reggie: thank you for joining us. kumasi: we are tracking breaking news.


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