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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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has died at 96. tonight, queen elizabeth ii has died at 96. prince charles assuming the throne as king charles iii. the u.s. and the world paying respects. a symbol of strength and british resolve, the uk's longest serving monarch. her reign spanning 70 years. buckingham palace revealing the queen died peacefully at balmoral, her home in scotland. buckingham palace staff posting the notice informing the queen has passed. the news coming just hours after the palace released a rare statement, saying doctors were concerned about her health. the royal family rushing to scotland to be by her side. charles releasing his first statement as the new king. calling the death of his mother a moment of greatest sadness. more than 80% of britons were born with elizabeth as their queen.
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the images coming in at this hour. the british flag lowered to half staff. a double rainbow appearing over buckingham palace amid news of her death. tributes pouring in from around the world. president biden tonight saying queen elizabeth ii was more than a monarch. she defined an era. maggie rulli, james longman from london to balmoral in scotland, and mary bruce at the white house. and we look back. queen elizabeth in her own words. what she said at just 21 years old, the commitment she made, her promise. her profound words right here tonight. we also have the other major news this thursday night, the deadly shooting spree in memphis. also, longtime trump ally steve bannon charged in new york. state prosecutors accusing him of stealing from donors who gave money thinking that money would build a border wall. they thought they were buying bricks with their names on them for the wall. millions of dollars. the wildfires and the heat. more than 70 large fires burning in several states tonight. 55 million americans under heat
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and fire alerts across several states. tributes tonight to a pioneer of cable news. remembering bernard shaw. and at the end here tonight, the message from the queen we thought fitting to play here again tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us here tonight as the world remembers and honors queen elizabeth ii. word of her death echoing around the world today. britain's queen elizabeth dying at 96 after a 70-year reign. britain's longest ruling monarch. she was a steady figure over so many decades, during times of joy and times of turbulent change. a monarch, a leader, a diplomat, a head of state. but also a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. committed to duty and service. just this week, welcoming britain's new prime minister in person at balmoral. the royal family sharing this photo tonight and the news that the queen died peacefully at
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balmoral castle where she was spending the summer. earlier, family members gathering, arriving at balmoral after doctors in a rare public statement reported they were concerned about her majesty's health. charles and camilla already in scotland arriving by helicopter. prince william with uncles andrew and edward flying up from london. prince harry also arriving in scotland. crowds gathering at london's buckingham palace, holding a vigil in the rain today. and then that simple yet powerful image today. the notice posted on the palace gate, telling the world that the queen had passed. just 48 hours earlier, honoring her last official duty, greeting britain's new prime minister liz truss. this was the queen on tuesday this week, with her trademark smile right there. and this image amid news of the queen, a double rainbow over buckingham palace today. tonight here, the queen in her own words. what she promised at just 21 years old. but first, abc's maggie rulli leading us off from balmoral in scotland for us. >> reporter: tonight, the
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united kingdom and the world mourning the loss of one of the most celebrated and revered women of our age. queen elizabeth ii passing away peacefully today at 96. she was said to be comfortable, surrounded by family, at her beloved balmoral estate in scotland. the palace releasing a statement from the new king, now his majesty charles iii. "the death of my beloved mother, her majesty the queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family. we mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother. i know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realms, and the commonwealth, and by countless people around the world. during this period of mourning and change, my family and i will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the queen was so widely held." somber crowds gathering outside buckingham palace, leaving flowers at the gates. the notice posted.
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the flag lowered to half staff. and as britain paused, rainbows stretching across the sky. >> a few moments ago, buckingham palace announced the death of her majesty queen elizabeth ii. >> reporter: anchors on british television delivering the news. >> the queen passed away earlier today with her family by her side. >> reporter: pilots even alerting passengers in flight. this morning, hours of uncertainty after that rare, detailed statement from the palace -- the queen's doctors "concerned for her majesty's health. recommended she remain under medical supervision." her family racing to their matriarch's side. charles arriving first by helicopter. other members of the royal family flying into a foggy aberdeen airport in scotland. prince william looking solemn walking onto the tarmac. driving prince andrew, prince edward, and wife sophie. a grandson, sons, and daughter-in-law in grief.
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their convoy seen speeding through the estate gates. prince harry traveling to balmoral alone. arriving after the official announcement had been made. both william and harry without their wives. as shockwaves reverberate around the kingdom. >> she was somebody that i think we'll never see again. i think a lot of people are really going to be sad, but also, they'll be celebrating an amazing life of an amazing public servant. >> reporter: just 48 hours ago, these last images of the queen. inviting great britain's new prime minister liz truss to form a government. despite the decline in her health, still performing her constitutional responsibility. and still with that iconic twinkle in her eye. it was immediately after that event that doctors worried about her condition. the queen celebrating 70 years on the throne this past summer. >> your majesty, mummy -- >> reporter: her son charles, now the king, expressing gratitude on behalf of the british people to his mother, the queen. >> your majesty -- mummy.
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on behalf of us all, i wanted to pay my own tribute to your lifetime of selfless service. >> reporter: tonight, the british people again thanking their queen. for 80% of the kingdom, the only monarch they've ever known. ♪ god save the queen ♪ >> so moving, the crowds gathering in london. let's bring in maggie rulli, she's at balmoral in scotland for us tonight. and maggie, walk us through what we know so far from the palace. what happened from here? we know charles will be known as king charles iii. so, when do we see him? where does this go? how will the queen be honored in the days ahead? >> reporter: david, well, the palace has confirmed he will go by king charles iii. and we're hearing we should expect the king to travel to london to address the nation. this will be his first speech following his mother's death. now, after ten days of national mourning, it is expected her funeral will take place at westminster abbey, and david, those days of national mourning will really be a chance for the
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british public, who so many have gathered here at balmoral and across the uk today already, to pay their respects and to honor the legacy of queen elizabeth. david? >> so moving. maggie rulli leading us off tonight, thank you. queen elizabeth's life was above all else one of duty and service. a commitment she honored to her people and to her family. tonight, how it all began, and what she promised as a young woman, keeping that promise until the very end. she was a beacon of stability. her strength, her steady hand. deeply devoted to her role as queen for more than 70 years. queen elizabeth ii, her life defined by duty and resilience. and this is what she said in 1947, still princess elizabeth, at just 21 years old. >> i declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.
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and to the service of our great imperial family, to which we all belong. >> her reign spanning seven popes. 14 u.s. presidents. 15 prime ministers. born in 1926, as a little girl, she couldn't pronounce her own name, calling herself lilibet. >> princess elizabeth. >> she was a princess who never expected to rule. but when her uncle, king dward viii, gave up the throne to marry a divorced american, it was his brother, princess elizabeth's father, who became king george vi. and at 10 years old, elizabeth was suddenly first in line to the throne. in a radio address during the war, still a princess, speaking directly to the country. >> in the end, all will be well, for god will care for us and give us victory and peace. >> taking a driving course at a training center is princess elizabeth. she has been learning to drive and maintain all types of motor vehicles. >> she would volunteer during world war ii as a driver and mechanic. >> wishing long life and
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happiness to her royal highness and to her fiance. >> and after the war, she would marry navy lieutenant philip mountbatten. the world would know him as prince philip. >> to my wedded husband -- >> to my wedded husband. >> their wedding, november 20th, 1947. she was 21. he was 26. elizabeth had told her father, philip was the only man she could ever love. in 1952, the young couple was on a royal trip to kenya. they climbed up into a tree house where they would spend the night. and when she came down the next morning -- she was queen. her father had died and it was prince philip who told his young wife she was now the queen. >> god clothe you with the robe of righteousness. >> her coronation in 1953 was the first ever televised and was watched around the world. reigning over 52 commonwealth countries, covering one-third of the world's population. while raising her four children,
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too. >> she set an incredible example to me, to others to follow, her leadership, her duty, her sacrifice. >> she was a constant on the world stage. the most traveled monarch in history, nearly 300 state visits. the first reigning monarch to visit australia, china, russia, and post-apartheid south africa. she would entertain u.s. presidents, dancing with gerald ford. riding horses with ronald reagan. watching a ball game with george h.w. bush. having high tea with the clintons. attending state dinners alongside prince philip with president obama and former firs. the state dinner with former president trump. a master of diplomacy, she would navigate the monarchy through moments of joy, of sadness, and through great challenges, too. and the family moments on the world stage. the wedding of prince charles and diana. later, their divorce. and diana's death. it was the queen who consoled.
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>> what i say to you now as your queen and as a grandmother, i say from my heart. first, i want to pay tribute to diana myself. she was an exceptional and gifted human being. >> she was keenly aware of the times and would speak about the importance of modernizing the monarchy. >> institutions must continue to evolve if they are to provide effective beacons of trust and unity to succeeding generations. >> in recent years, guiding her people through the covid-19 pandemic. >> we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again. >> after 73 years of marriage, she would lose her husband prince philip. that searing image, the queen during covid, seated alone during his service, wearing a mask. and this is what the queen said
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about her husband back on their 50th wedding anniversary. >> all too often, i fear prince philip has had to listen to me speaking. but he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. >> she is survived by her four children, eight grandchildren, a dozen great-grandchildren. and tonight, we remember what she said all those years ago. >> i shall not have strength to carry out this resolution alone unless you join in it with me, as i now invite you to do. i know that your support will be unfailingly giving. god help me to make good my vow and god bless all of you who are willing to share in it. >> she certainly kept that vow, serving 70 years as queen. and across the uk tonight, an emotional outpouring already under way. and that telling number you heard from maggie earlier. more than 80% of britons have only known one monarch. born with queen elizabeth as their queen. but the queen did touch lives of
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course far beyond the uk, and tonight, even though she was 96 and served until the very end, there is still disbelief that the queen has passed. james longman from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a nation stunned by the loss of their beloved queen. >> shocked. i can't believe it. i'm gutted. absolutely gutted. >> reporter: new prime minister liz truss coming before the cameras to address the british people. >> queen elizabeth ii was the rock on which modern britain was built. >> reporter: as the news spread, crowds outside buckingham palace swelling. >> i was just compelled to come here. she just means so much to this country. >> reporter: it was the day this country expected but has long dreaded. >> you kind of always knew it was coming, but when it happens, it's just sad. >> reporter: around the world tonight, tributes to elizabeth, from tel aviv to california to washington, d.c., where mourners left flowers at the british embassy. >> i feel like everyone will feel this loss. >> reporter: former president trump saying the queen will always be remembered for her faithfulness to her country and
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her unwavering devotion to her fellow country men and women. former president barack obama and michelle obama saying the queen "meant a great deal to us, we were struck by her warmth, the way she put people at ease and how she brought her considerable humor and charm to moments of great pomp and circumstance." queen elizabeth visited canada, part of the british commonwealth, 22 times. more than any other country in the world. prime minister justin trudeau says his country is mourning. >> she was one of my favorite people in the world and i will miss her so. >> poignant words and a lot of people share that sentiment, certainly, right there in london. james joins us now from outside buckingham palace, where i know crowds have been there, gathering throughout the day and evening. and james, the palace delivering the news today in that simple notice right there on the gate? >> reporter: yeah, david. crowds all day and now all evening. it's close to midnight and i would describe the mood as quietly contemplative. many people just feel they have to be here somehow to say good-bye to her, and to catch a glimpse of that proclamation that's on the gates there behind
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me. and it says very simply, "the queen died peacefully at balmoral this afternoon. the king and the queen consort will remain at balmoral this evening and return to london tomorrow." and i think for all the mourning and the celebration we'll see over the next few days, she would have liked the simplicity of that message. david? >> all right, james, thank you, as well, this evening. throughout her long life, queen elizabeth has been a good friend to the united states, meeting with 14 u.s. presidents. and just moments ago, these images coming in, president biden and the first lady jill biden visiting the british embassy in washington, signing the condolence book there. let's bring in our senior white house correspondent mary bruce, she's at the white house tonight. and mary, the president calling the queen a stateswoman of unmatched dignity. >> reporter: david, the president today saying simply she was more than a monarch. she defined an era. biden saying she led with grace and unwavering commitment to duty and the incomparable power of her example. biden met with her twice, most recently last june during his first trip overseas as president.
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biden today recalling her kindness and wit during their visit. tonight, the flags here at the white house are flying at half staff in her honor. at the capitol, the flags have been lowered there, as well. they will remain that way until she is interred, but tonight, no word yet on whether the president will be attending her funeral. david? >> all right, mary bruce at the white house, as well. thank you, mary. we should note that later tonight right here, a look back right here on abc, 8:00 p.m. eastern it starts. "queen elizabeth ii: the legacy, the life." and at 9:00 p.m. tonight, a two-hour special edition of "20/20," "queen elizabeth ii: a royal life." of course, we hope you'll join us right here tonight. and later here on this newscast, the queen and a message she delivered not so long ago, and we thought it fitting to play it for you again tonight. that's in a moment. in the meantime, we move onto the other news this thursday evening and the deadly shooting spree terrorizing memphis. ezekiel kelly accused of killing four people and wounding three others. allegedly driving through the city, shooting people at random. livestreaming the attacks on
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facebook, police say. parts of the city ordered to shelter in place for several hours. arrested following a high speed chase. the mayor condemning what he calls a senseless murder rampage. tonight, long-time trump ally steve bannon has pleaded not guilty to state charges of money laundering, conspiracy, and fraud in new york. bannon surrendering today, arriving in court in handcuffs. prosecutors accusing him of bilking money from donors who had given millions to build a wall along the southern border, told there would be bricks with their names on them. what bannon said today. >> i got news for them. i have not yet begun to fight. >> former president trump pardoning bannon for similar federal charges on his last day in office. that pardon doesn't cover state charges. bannon has also been convicted for contempt of congress. when we come back here tonight, more than 70 large fires burning in several states at this hour. 55 million americans under heat and fire alerts. and we do have another passing tonight, a former tv anchor. the tributes to a pioneer of cable news in this country.
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we move on tonight to the record-shattering heat wave that continues in the west. several states now in its ninth day. 55 million americans under heat and fire alerts from california to kansas. more than 70 large fires now burning in the west. the deadly fairview fire in riverside county, california, destroyed more than 19,000 acres. temperatures in the triple digits again today. they are expected to drop nearly 30 degrees in some areas by the weekend. southern california now bracing for hurricane kay, as well, as ginger told us last night.
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it will be for us, the children of today, to make a world of tomorrow a better and happier place. we should take comfort that while we have more still to endure, better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again. >> and i'll see you with robin roberts from london first thing in the morning on "gma." good night. a murder in san carlos. we are alive on the scene of a
5:59 pm
deadly and dist. attack the bells toll in san francisco to honor queen elizabeth and tonight you'll hear from people who met the queen decades ago on her only trip to the bay area. i'm meteorologist sandy patel live on the roof record-setting. today hours may be next. i'll have forecast coming up. abc7 live breaking news and that breaking news a shooting in uvalde, texas authority say multiple people were hurt when suspected gang members open fire in the city's memorial park to juveniles have been injured. the suspect has not yet been apprehended this afternoon shooting comes three months after the massacre at rob elementary school. we're 21 people were killed students in uvalde return to class just this week. good evening. i'm amidates.
6:00 pm
i'm larry beale. thanks for joining us. we have our own grizz. prime situation to talk about gruesome crime. in fact in san carlos a woman who was murdered right in the middle of laurel street, and the details are extremely disturbing. let's go live now to abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo amanda. what do we know right now? well, we know that in the last few minutes many residents are only beginning to arrive home only starting to learn about that horrific crime that took place just down the block from where we're standing right now sources. tell the i-teens dan noyes that a man beheaded a woman in the middle of the straight in the middle of the day in front of witnesses. we know that suspect has been arrested it all happened at around 11:50 this morning on laurel street near magnolia avenue, just a block off el camino the woman who was killed was a mother of two young children dan always learning only moments ago cps took custody of seven and one year old girls. we're told the victim was a woman in her 20s


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