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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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move inland that is why it is only five degrees cooler in livermore and seven in fairfield. those are the areas in the 100s livermore is close to a record high. you are 106, 102 in brentwood, 106 and fairfield. 100 and cloverdale. say goodbye to those that's the last time we're going to see those. more of the 70's and 80's around the bay, even the 60's in the coast. tomorrow we're dropping from the mid 100s down into the mid and upper 80's and even next week, we are going to be below average with a touch of fall in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. until we get there we do have this, k, bringing heavy rain, flooding and mudslides down south. it is breaking -- breaking the heatwave there. this should be our last day of a flex alert. we will talk more about the hayes you see behind me. larry: we will see you in a few
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minutes. let's get back to the 10th consecutive flex alert we are dealing with. anchor karina nova is live in the newsroom with the latest on the power situation. karina: we are in the final stages of this heat event. i'm sorry to say we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to the strain on the power grid. let's take a live look on the demand now. you can see the system demand is low, the forecasted demand, which is great news as we hit to the four to 9 p.m. peak time. some good news. while it may feel a little cooler today, we are once again under a flex alert. you're asked to conserve energy to help avoid strain on the power grid. here's the big concern from kauai so. >> our forecast today is forecasted to be about 46,700 megawatts. but it's potential today with of these storms, and smoke that we
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could lose as much as 40% to 60% of our solar capability compared to wednesday due to the rain, clouds and smoke. this is a significant risk variable. karina: the grid is impacted by what is happening around the state. the smoke is coming from the mosquito fire burning more than 30,000 acres near placer and el dorado county. pg&e is reporting about 4000 power outages near san ramon. those are not because of those blackouts. again, here in the bay area when it comes to energy it is following that flex alert and doing what we have done over the last week. people waiting to use those big appliances like washers and dryers has helped us avoid massive blackouts. larry: thank you. the hot temperatures have given way to smoky and hazy skies. suzanne fawn has a look at what people are seeing and what air quality and health experts are saying about this. reporter: take a close look at
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the smoky sky. >> i see a lot of work for firemen. >> the wind seems like it brings everything to san francisco. that is not what we want. reporter: smoke from the wildfires burning and el dorado county and oregon is making its way to the bay area. there's no spare the air alert, experts say they are monitoring air quality for smoke impacts from wildfires. >> a lot of that smoke is aloft. it's not at the ground level. that is the main reason we are calling an advisory not a spare the air alert. for the most part we are expecting the air quality to be in the moderate range, not to have any. reporter: the smoke in the sky can make some people sick. >> the fine particulate and wildfire smoke can cause exacerbations of disease in people with pre-existing heart and lung disease. reporter: dr. say the best way to protect yourselves this to
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stay inside and use a filter or l fertile -- air filter. >> we have an air purifier in each room. it'sm's on for -- pony for seven for the past 20 -- past years -- tony for the past years. reporter: air filters are in high demand. >> if the air quality goes down, we will start selling them. reporter: experts say you need to use them properly. >> windows have to be closed, so it doesn't pull in the bad air from outside because that will overwhelm the filter. you have to properly size the device to the room, a clear air delivery rate, you have to make sure that is appropriate for the size of the room. reporter: as wildfires become more common across california, bay area residents are dealing with the long-lasting effects. larry: well, it's easy but thankfully it is not this. two years ago today the bay area
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made headlines across the nation because of our air quality. it was the day the skies turned orange because of all the smoke from wildfires across the state, back in 2020. you can keep track of the temperatures anytime of the weather on demand section of the abc7 bay area streaming tv app. kristen: the timing of the heatwave could not have been worse for hundreds of on house people in the south bay. schedule sweep of an encampment pope was -- postponed, just as temperatures reached triple digits. the sweep has resumed. we have more on those who live on the encampment who say they need more time. reporter: it's been a hectic week for people living in this encampment near the hose san jose airport. the faa has asked the city of san jose to shut it down. roy has been trying to help his neighbors. >> i'm going to another vehicle that the city wants out of here. reporter: the city plan for the camp to be cleared in sections between september 1 and 30th
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long before the heatwave was forecast. the he postponed and the sweep for three days but friday morning at the. advocates say those living in the cap meant needed a longer break -- and cap needed a longer break -- encampment needed a longer break. >> nobody has recovered from this heatwave. reporter: not enough is being done to provide resources to those being displaced. >> i know people say this was coming and that is totally true but people also thought they would be able to move into the vta lot. theknew this was coming and thedi't coordinate and have the vta lot open for people to move into. reporter: the city of san jose is working to make the lot available. >> there is still a process, working with our partners to get to a place where there is a final agreement, as many as 45 spaces that will be available. reporter: despite the resources, rudy ortega says the area for him has become home and he is not ready to leave. >> cans and bottles collected, i
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purchased this. four years of saving i've been able to save up for that. i will lose it in one minute. reporter: he says he filed a temporary restraining order and injunction tuesday put. >> i will kick and scream. reporter: the city says it is under order to do the sweep. >> the city of san jose is meeting a directed by the faa, and doing in a response avoid. over 143 people have received housing under temporary or permanently over the last several months. reporter: as for the others, continue to scramble, some are still holding onto a sense of optimism. >> i'm hoping something good comes out of this for all of us. kristen: the tragic double murder of an east bay nurse and her husband all as the suspect, an alameda county sheriffs office or deputy made appearance in court. dion lim brings us the story from dublin. reporter: six people were asleep
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inside after midnight wednesday one dublin police say the alec -- devon williams entered the home and shot the married couple. the commotion woke the pair's 14-year-old son who walked in on the crime in progress. williams is described in court documents as having relationship with maria. sources confirm to me maria was separated from her husband. based on their roles as nurse in law enforcement at the hospital where she worked. family and friends have requested privacy during this time. psychiatric hospital described her as beloved and a brilliant and excellent nurse. kristen: san jose police are negotiating with the domestic violence suspect who has been barricaded in the home for the last six hours. it's happening on rancho drive near capitol expressway. police say the man is armed but they believe he is alone. policing negotiators are working towards a peaceful regular -- resolution. larry: popular parenting influencer who went viral in 2020 will face trial for lying to police.
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she is accused -- she accused a latino couple of trying to take her children outside of a petaluma store. videos are posted on her social media accounts counting details of what she claimed happened. police cleared them of any wrongdoing. the couple is due back in court in january. kristen: the new omicron booster shots are available at vaccinations rights operated by contra costa county. the updated vaccines protect against the original covid-19 strain, and the omicron variants. the clinics operated are located on oak grove road in concord and there is also one in antioch at the nick rodriguez community center. the richmond auditorium will serve as a vaccine clinic tomorrow. larry: state lawmakers are highlighting the distribution of funds to help white monkeypox. $41 million in emergency funding from the state will be used to vaccines, testing and treatment. it will boost outreach and education efforts. >> $25 million is going to go to
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our department of public health. $15.8 million go to help county health departments and community-based groups, with $1.5 million to clinics already working on vaccinations. larry: the latest case numbers from the state will be released soon. as of tuesday, california had 4302 cases. this has the breakdown of the cases in a santa cruz county where they have been under 1400 cases. kristen: morning the queen. the special services today and the first time hearing god save the king officially. at 4:30, the firefighters putting out fires ahead of heavy winds and what is been done in the north bay prevent wildfires from -- spreading. complicated algae why blooms are driving.
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kristen: now to the latest on the death of queen elizabeth ii and the transition of her son king charles iii. crowds are gathered outside of buckingham palace late at night in london time and tributes are pouring in around the globe. larry: a reporter from our sister station is in new york from the latest. reporter: two things are happening as attributes continue to pour in outside the gates of buckingham palace. the commonwealth is mourning the end of an era, at the same time
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celebrating king charles. four out of five britons, 80% of the population was born while queen elizabeth rained as monarch. >>'s like losing your parents. we have known her, she has been with us, she was such a hard-working queen. reporter: it was expected yet still a shot -- a shock after the queen had died were her family rushed yesterday to be with her. her body remains in scotland as a londoners thought to mourn in solidarity. bells tolled for the 96-year-old monarch and cannons fired for each year of her life. as you can see, outside the gates of buckingham palace, so many mourners showed up saying flowers, bring pictures. the police officers had to move the crowds here across the street. their majesties arrive to a plaza charles and camilla shaking hands before the new
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king spoke to the nation, and thousands gathered at st. paul's in a taped address where he expressed admiration for his mom and his children will carry on her legacy. >> our new prince and princess of wales i know continue to inspire and lead our national conversations. i want to also express my love for harry and megan, as they continue to build their lives overseas. >> i think he will be a good king, he will. i know a lot of people have their doubts but i think he is a good man. reporter: william and catherine are known as the duke and duchess of cornwall and the prince and princess of wales. at 73, king charles --king charles iii becomes the oldest monarch to assume the throne. yet it remarks. he thanked his room -- mom, while also from hamlet, saying flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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larry: thank you. the newly crowned king charles iii visited san francisco in 2005 with his wife. they met gavin newsom and made a stop at the hotel for the homeless lay the tenderloin where they visited with the resident in a small room. because of the size of the room abc7 news target for was the only one inside with charles and camilla. >> i'm over in the corner and i sit on the bed. and the door opens and security comes in, checks out the room and charles and camilla come in. because the room is so small security can't stay in the room. they sat down and greeted me and i asked them how they were enjoying their trip and we just exchanged pleasant conversation and soon the resident came in and i had to get up and squeeze into the corner. it was one of those days where i left my story thinking, not everyone does this when they go to work. larry: memorable moment.
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the stop in san francisco part of an eight day visit to the u.s. for than prince charles. tonight, special addition of 2020, king charles iii --queen elizabeth ii passing of the crown from buckingham palace. kristen: the biden administration's effort to remove the word wall has been completed. interior secretary made the announcement in this tweet call it an important step to replace a and derogatory names that have graced locations for far too long. of the nearly 650 place names, 70 of them are in california. it was notably squall valley in placer county, which has been renamed olympic valley. larry: we are a long ways away from snow. it would have been welcome this week. it looks like the worst is over. mike: we are going to set the sun is going to set on this day and it is going to be a day that will push back into our memories as the final day of one of the
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most prolonged heat wave iand all. time great for some of us hears what is going down in san jose. we had our fourth and final day of record warm temperatures. these are preliminary, livermore at 72 in san jose at 68. as the day unfolded the marine layer unfolded -- expanded and we had much cooler conditions. above that marine layer and above that, it got thicker and thicker, the smoke. down to the surface so far it has been good. they think it will remain good. we are yellow everywhere. we get close to read as we get into the central valley. some of these smoke is thicker there. you can see in moving to the north but there's more coming down from oregon. you've got the clouds coming up from the south, both of those will combine to bring us less sunshine which will help with the heat. the air quality could get a little dicey as we head into the
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evening into the central valley. you can see everything stays around tahoe as we have through the weekend. here's a look at the marine layer. we have the breeze up to 24 miles per hour blowing in across the golden gate. that will bring us a cooler and humid weekend with a mixture of sun and clouds. there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, the farther south you are. it will feel like fall. tonight slows will be elevated a bit because of the cloud cover. 56 to about 65 degrees. clouds are never completely go away. we are in and out of sunshine. mid-80's for most of us in the south bay. low to mid 80's on the peninsula. comfortable at the coast. 65 to 70. low for 70's, downtown san francisco, sausalito. great day to be out in the wine country. 74 in richmond, to 84 in fremont. look at our inland, not even 90's, mid to upper 80's. we are going to get rid of the
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100s and 90's after today. here's a look at how much rain falls over the weekend. it gets oh so close to us. here's a look at future radar. you can see some of the green coming up at us but it falls apart tonight. we could have a little bit of drizzle new the coast tomorrow. you can see some rogue radar returns, during the evening, overnight hours in through sunday morning and then the chunk of energy moves away. that's going to the -- be the best chance for thunderstorm. it will be elevated and may bring us a few sprinkles but there's not much. the big story this weekend is how much the temperatures drop. they will return to average through monday, a dry cold front will bring in some fall like weather next week. i hope you enjoy it. larry: ah, leaf hours away. -- relief, hours away. sunday marks the september 11 terrorist attacks when planes crashed into the pentagon in pennsylvania. kristen: the husband of one of
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larry: it was 21 years ago that terrorists hijacked three planes and changed america's a sense of security. the widow of one of the 40 people aboard the flight 93 bound for san francisco has written a book that shares his long road battling depression and trauma. david louis sat down, to share his story. ♪ reporter: the granite marker at the flight 93 memorial in union city is engraved, an unborn child. lauren was three months along, when the hijackers crashed the plane into a field.
4:25 pm
crewmembers, jack decided he wanted to write a book dedicated to the boy or girl who would have been the couple's first child. >> i will never have full closure. i will have the scar on my heart. but, it certainly away for me to do something to memorialize the unborn child. reporter: titled like a river to the sea, the book describes his years of depression and posttraumatic stress and the therapy that enabled him to let go of his wife and child ashes. >> was holding onto them because it was the only tangible dna i had of the unborn child. it allowed me to release the ashes in a beautiful place. >> she just wanted me to know how much she loved me and she wanted to make sure i let her family know how much you love them. and she said, goodbye. reporter: initially he says he was withdrawn but was convinced to go to holiday party where he meant actor sean penn, whose friendship was a turning point. he's got a big heart. >> he's a very passionate man
4:26 pm
and everything he does. and quite intelligent. but his compassion is more than evident by the way he treated me. reporter: today he is remarried to this artist who wears lawrence wedding ring -- lauren's wedding ring. first the jacket and now both say lorna speaks to them with advice, encouragement and support. >> she comes to you in the moments you least expected but it is a beautiful thing. reporter: he hopes his book detailing his difficult journey will help others deal with a sudden loss, such as a loved one to covid and to deal with the generation of loss because of an unexpected death. >> it is a generational book because it is a love letter to the generation that would have an in their 20's now. reporter: including lauren and jack's unborn child. kristen: you can find a collection of historic footage
4:27 pm
of 9/11 on our website. and on our bay area streaming tv app. larry:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. kristen: today's flex alert for the 10th straight day we have another one, till 9:00 this time. you don't have a spare the air day but the sky has been hazy. this is a live look at the grid is showing how much power is being used so far we are holding steady. no rotating outages are required or expected. larry: let's get to mike nicco, i'm happy to say that a cooler forecast lies ahead. mike: that's why we are seeing the dip in electricity and we will continue to see that. if you're outside you might want to find a shade if you want some cooler weather at least until the sun sets at 7:26 then it will feel very comfortable. 60's and 70's this evening as the marine layer grows and spreads across her of our
4:31 pm
neighborhoods. for tomorrow we are going to be in and out of the cloud cover. you will notice an uptick in humidity. when we have been in the hundreds, to be in the 80's and lend, that is a 30 degree job that is going to feel nice. 60's at the coast, 70's and 80's around the bay. looking at other areas, look at the chance of what weather in tahoe for sunday and monday all weekend in places like fresno anaheim and also down in san diego, that is going to help knock the heatwave out. here's a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. temperatures backed average with humidity, a slight chance of showers a sunday morning and dry and cooler average next week. have a great weekend. larry: thank you. as mike was saying temperatures are going down, rain is hitting southern california but the danger is not over what it comes to wildfires that are still burning across the state.
4:32 pm
alex stone has the latest. alex: after nine long days record heat, block on mornings and wildfires the heatwave in california is finally coming to an end. but strong winds are complicating efforts for those who are battling several fires including the fairview fire, 90 miles east of l.a., which killed two people trying to escape earlier this week. >> they're doing their best and i appreciated. hopefully, no one else gets killed. reporter: extreme temperatures of wind responsible for the spread, the same scene a few hundred miles north between sacramento and lake tahoe. the mosquito fire burning homes and forcing residents to assert -- evacuate. now, a rare tropical storm is moving into california from mexico, before rain arrives a strong winds could cause a fire to grow larger than into saturday morning. heavy rain can cause mudslides in areas that just burned. firefighters have to deal with the wind.
4:33 pm
>> last night we had 15 fire tornadoes just from the wind, surging around. iw w bor go bte kristen: in north bay, the one and only wildfire of actuation -- evacuation route is going to get a safety upgrade. highway one in southern marin county is so overgrown, it's not safe. cornell barnard is live in mill valley with the story. reporter: ask anybody, shoreline highway is the best route for the pch for southern marin. on weekends they can be a parking lot with folks trying to beat the heat. but, it also is the only evacuation route for thousands of people living in the hills in the event of a wildfire. treason dry brush can make the route very dangerous. a new project is about to make things safer. >> so this is shoreline highway heading towards the beach to the
4:34 pm
west. reporter: he sews us the source of his constant worry for 20 years, a wildfire starting near his home off the shoreline highway or highway one. >> on the left-hand side, a lot of debris, on the roadway which could easily catch fire which we -- which would be part of the cleanup. reporter: this road is the only evacuation route to safety for thousands of neighbors. the fire officials agree it is not saf the problem with that sn of shoreline highway is it is very overgrown with eucalyptus. po thietch, trees can envelop the roadway like a canopy. >> the potential for significant fire threat is definitely there. we have some type of ignition. reporter: marin county got a one million-dollar grant to start removing trees and brush on a two mile section of shoreline highway, from poplar street to the panoramic highway. >> we need to make that core a door safe -- corridor safe.
4:35 pm
reporter: mandatory evacuations can be chaotic during a wildfire like this one back in 2020 during the glass fire. last year, mill valley prepared for the worst, staging this citywide evacuation drill. during the summer shoreline highway can be a parking lot. we found that out on labor day, when it took us more than two and a half hours to drive -- travel 10 miles to stinson beach. >> we almost avoided on the weekends. because you cannot get in and out. reporter: that is why jim believes safer evacuation route is long overdue. >> anything that can help with evacuation routes and keeping fire risk down is important. reporter: the project could start this fall and take about a year to complete. the challenge here would be how to trim all of those trees without disrupting traffic and making it worse than it already is. we live in marin county. kristen: that is not easy.
4:36 pm
you can track any of the wildfires burning in california by using our online interactive wildfire tracker. it also shows current air quality in the fire danger hotspots across the state. you can find that at larry: going to college gets a little cheaper for some and the high cost of parking.
4:37 pm
you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis.
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kristen: i'm now for the 4 at 4:00. will begin across the pond, 10-day period of warnings under the way in great britain honoring the beloved monarch. no comedies will be shown on the bbc for the next 10 days. djs are requested to play only inoffensive music and the netflix a trauma the crown suspended filming out of respect for the queen. it was on the throne for 70
4:40 pm
years i mean, the only one most british have ever known. this is very difficult. mike: i imagine so for those into this. it's a passing something they have not seen. their money will change, maybe even the direction of that to kill her monarchy may change a bit depending on how king charles wants to continue moving forward. kristen: it's such a contrast from earlier this summer celebrating the diamond jubilee, the seven years celebratory flags everywhere and now this. ama: i'm always so fascinated with the royal goings-on. but it's interesting because while this will be the last woman for a while. if you look down at the generations to come it will go to the men in the family. and i was wondering about the mourning period, who decides what music is offensive and not?
4:41 pm
i'm not sure what qualifies. kristen: there's probably no music police. they're just trying to be sexual. larry: some student -- trying to be sensitive. . kristen: families making several thousands a year send their children to ivy league university for free. the policy will go into effect next fall, stanford offer something similar for low income families. a number of ivy league schools do offer some similar programs the cost of college, not just the ivy league's is ridiculous for the average family i don't know what can be done about it, but beyond these types of programs for very elite schools. when you're talking about 35, 40 five, $50,000 a year, you create these inequities in society were a lot of people just don't have the opportunity, the chance to get a great education. kristin, you know. kristen: i do know.
4:42 pm
paying that bill, you know as well how expensive it is. first of all, this applies to a very small number of people the acceptance rate is 3.5%. the elite universities have a huge endowment. they can afford to do that and as they should. i am concerned about the community colleges in california. if there wasn't a per unit that people had to pay, that educates a lot more people, that would be great and something to work on. mike: you and i probably see it a lot in sports at the lower level where parents think their kids is the next coming and they will get a free ride to college so they push them harder, because of that. it makes it a miserable experience. it is permeating down this price of college, down to kids that are 10, 11 or 12. larry: there's a lot of pressure on both the kids and parents. ama: high-priced parking spot in san francisco, listed at $90,000, that is actually
4:43 pm
$10,000 less than previously priced. kristen:. yeah, sure spot number 140 listed for $100,000, the space that has been on the market for 164 days is located inside townsend street, condo in the south beach neighborhood. ama, i don't know they have to go lower. ama: i think so. no way in you know what, in my playing -- paying that price. i don't want have to pay separately for parking space to begin with. no. larry: so many people in san francisco do though. i'm wondering if you have to pay monthly on top of that or is that just 90 flats and it is yours forever or do you have to pay that monthly rental fee on top of that? kristen: it is 90 flats. larry: thank goodness. insult to injury if you had to pay on top of that every month for the privilege of parking in your own space. but it is naughty. obviously it would make sense
4:44 pm
for someone in the building to pay that. they would have to pay rent or mortgage plenty. so, we will see if they lower the price. we clearly are unable to go more than a couple of days without some pumpkin spice story. here's another one. the term pumpkin spice is now official. so official it's in the dictionary. kristen, merriam-webster has added pumpkin spice to its dictionary. other new food related additions include, bash the vietnamese sandwich. oat milk and plant-based. kristen: you know you made it when you're in the dictionary. larry: i was looking up -- oat milk, cashew milk, almond milk. ama: trader joe's has a macadamia/cashew. kristen: have you tried them? ama: yeah, nothing tastes as good and creamy as regular milk.
4:45 pm
larry: you can get blood out of a tourniquet. you can't get milk out of any of these things. [laughter] smash them together and mix it with water that is your milk. anyway. little pumpkin spice on top and it all goes down nice. that's it for the 4 at 4:
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kristen: at recent algae bloom was a wake-up call for the bay area, dead fish litter the water, crews had to clean up 12
4:48 pm
hounded -- 1200 pounds of fish that algae is not always a bad thing. larry: dan ashley is here in the studio with us with the details. dan: it is really interesting while it has been destructive, some groups see a potential golden opportunity hayden in that riptide. >> there is a distinctive swimming pattern. dan: he is old friends with the tiny algae blame for the bloom and san francisco bay. he and his colleagues in timber run identified it during an event here nearly two decades ago. he says the species is both patient and mobile, able to survive in a pod like state until conditions are right and actually navigate around the surface to reach sunlight and nutrients. >> in doing so it can go to the surface and get plenty of light because normally we don't get blooms in san francisco bay because of all the silt load.
4:49 pm
dan: changes have researchers debating what is ahead. it's a complicated situation, since the gold rush, gold goal bay has been murkier due to the heavy runoff from hydraulic mining. for several reasons, many of them good, the bay order is cleaner, allowing sunlight to reach the algae. and with our growing population the increased volume of wastewater released treatment plants has added more nutrients like nitrogen into the mix. senior scientists study that relationship at the san francisco estuary institute. >> there will be less opportunity for them to grow as bigger spread over a large area or last as long in the system as they did this time. dan: there are not proposed strategies with 3000 wastewater plans that impact the bay, including adding systems to filter or divert the nitrogen. >> this is a multibillion-dollar issue for the bay area, we want to get it right. it's a complicated question
4:50 pm
because san francisco bay has been a rich estuary for many decades. we have not seen the problems we have seen until this past month. dan: she directs the san francisco bay regional quality control board, setting the nutrient issue for more than a decade, she says the agency has asked wastewater operators to take a hard look at their systems. >> we ask each of the wastewater utilities to look at potential options for nutrient reduction and look at optimization. what can they do to leverage existing infrastructure? dan: some estimates run north of $10 billion. senior scientist john rosenfield believes that destructive bloom can put an exclamation point on and opportunity. he points to the billions of dollars, the state and government are preparing to spend on climate and environment of projects. >> now is the time to begin to do those things we know we are going to have to do anyway. dan: other words projects with multiple benefits.
4:51 pm
examples could include upgrading waste water treating plans to protect them from the threat of sea level rise, while making them cleaner or expending efforts to convert treated wastewater into drinking water to fight the drop, which could create added opportunity to sequester nitrogen in the process. >> that's the hard infrastructure, the human made infrastructure. the other side is nature-based infrastructure. dan: nature-based i could include restoring the vast title marshes that once reigned san francisco bay. protecting the shoreline against the sea level rise for creating a kind of nitrogen sink where plants can process the damage to nutrients. in the meantime, researchers are trying to pin down the exact triggers for the recent algae bloom, which may be even more complicated then we understand now. >> it's not just the nutrient issue, but decreasing the nutrient loading san francisco bay is the right step for overall health. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the decisions we
4:52 pm
make now will affect lifetimes to come. dan: if infrastructure projects around the bay can attract state funding, we may think of it as an example of humans learning to play the same long-term game, the algae do, moving quickly to take advantage of opportunity went to -- when conditions are right. there will likely be upgrades coming in any event. wastewater treatment plants are regulated with nutrient watershed permits. the renewal process is set in the next two years. we will stay on top of that. larry: thank you. kristen: it's a big weekend for you disney fans. larry: the d 20 expo underway in anaheim. we will give you a look at what makes this event special and a sneak peek is -- what was happ
4:53 pm
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larry: knighted 8:00, shark tank and then a special 2020 about the queen at 9:00 and do not miss abc news seven at 11:00.
4:56 pm
the ultimate at disney fan ada d 20 expo, kicking off, irene cruz leah lay was there when the -- in a lake was there when the doors opened. reporter: fans aligned up before doi -- doors opened of the x about the anaheim convention center. >> i have been up since 11:00. we have been here since 3:00 a.m. guests scrambling for collectibles, checking out exhibits. >> i will spend whatever to get to the animation panel. concept art is my favorite thing. reporter: many cosplaying as their favorite characters. >> i love everything about it. i'm a big disney nerd, grew up watching the movies. i always wanted to be a disney animator. maybe someday. >> i love all the villains in the different shows. i never went -- [laughter] reporter: another a big fan of mirabel from encanto. >> she is someone who is representation for me. reporter: there are plenty of
4:57 pm
them must disease -- must sees in plenty of attractions, along with the newly designed tuned town. we got a chance to speak with voice actors and optical -- pop culture clothing designers. >> we are the best of friends and we like to collaborate. we are launching a at d 23, called star wars guided by the light. reporter: big events include a showcase of a showcase of marvel and disney games, the mouseketeer competitions and the award ceremony honoring those helping disease legacy through the years. people have been telling me they've had a fantastic time. i've enjoyed seeing the cosplayers. tomorrow will be the big day for the expo. marvel, lucasfilm and 20th-century studios will be here with big announcements and special guest. reporting at the anaheim convention center, irene cruz abc7 news. larry: the expo wraps up on sunday. disney is parent company of abc
4:58 pm
7. that will do it. abc7 news at 5:00 is next. builda
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. every time i saw her would beg her. talk to him. leave him and it seemed like the more. it that before she would see him. yes. a father's regret that he didn't do something to keep his daughter away from the man who killed her yesterday in a brutal sword attack. good evening. thank you for joining us on dan ashley, and i'm on a dates tonight. we're learning more about the victim and the man now being held for her murder in san carlos. i team reporter dan noyes, sat down exclusively with the woman who raised the victim and the couple's argument over snapchat just hours before this deadly encounter. he's here with us in the studio, dan. what a story well, dan and i'mma this family wants you to know


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