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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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here tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 remembering a moment that changed our nation the september 11th attacks 21 years ago. the number of suspects expands following the arrest of a hayward woman in connection with the death of her eight year old daughter investigators today. say three other women now face charges. and people in one bay area city are being told to increase efforts to cut back on water use starting tonight, and it's not because of the drought abc 7 news at 5 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. 21 years ago 21 years and we
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still kept our promise. never forget a nation following through on a pledge to never forget the deadliest attacks on us soil. good evening, and thank you for joining us on dion lin nearly 3,000 men women and children died in the 9/11 attacks when terrorists hijacked four airplanes. victoria alvarez brito telma e alvier that's our amaranto of your national remembrances were held in new york city, washington dc and shanksville pennsylvania. victims names were read aloud at the ceremony at the world trade center where al qaeda hijackers flew planes into the twin towers. die along with countless other children who lost parents. missed out on countless memories moments conversations so while
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the grief recedes a bit with time? the permanent absence of my father is just as palpable today as it ever was. president kamala harris and second gentleman doug em off joined new york city, mayor, eric adams and former mayor, michael bloomberg. president joe biden commemorated the anniversary at a remembrance event today at the pentagon. he honored the victims and spoke about securing american democracy. we have an obligation. a duty responsibility to defend preserve and protect our democracy. the very democracy that guarantees the rights of freedom that those terrorists the 9/11 sought to bury. and the burning fire and smoke and ash. and that takes a commitment on the part of all of us. on september 11th 2001 american airlines flight 77 was hijacked and crashed into the pentagon. the incident killed all 64
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people on the plane and 125 people in the pentagon. first lady jill biden spoke today at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. morty passengers and crew members on the flight made the decision to breach the cockpit and wrestle control from the attackers stopping the terrorists from crashing into the us capitol. the plane went down in a field killing everyone on board. men on that flight todd beamer and mark bingham were from los gatos. item said the attacks showed that quote the courage and kindness we can be a light in that darkness. well 22 people from the bay area died in the attacks and in their memory and for all of the lives lost prayers and remembrances were held today across the bay area. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard tells us how first responders were also honored. oh say just that star-spangled.
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a time to respect and reflect this memorial service at notre dame dunamura university in belmont honoring the heroes of 9/11 and fallen public safety officers in san mateo county. we call all those we honor today. those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those who lost their lives before and after 9/11. we call them humans. san francisco police and fire departments held this commemoration at 6:45 am the moment pacific time when the twin towers in new york city were struck names of fallen first responders were read aloud.
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in napa's 9/11 memorial garden where steel beams from the collapsed world trade center stand prayers for the fallen 2,996 spirits were not destroyed. they live in us the names of those who perished are forever etched here. those names cannot be forgotten the courage that took place that day should echo forever former marine and artist ryan jensen paying his perspects to those lost and to the first responders still serving our communities to the firefighters here. to the police officers to the people making the community a wonderful safe place. i have so much gratitude for you cornell bernard abc 7 news. today you can find a collection of historic footage from 9/11 at our website abc 7 you can also find it on our abc
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7 bay area streaming tv app moving on now three people were hurt in a shootout in an indoor marijuana grow operation in san leandro early this morning. police say a burglary was reported on adams avenue. not far from the oakland airport officers arrived and learned. there was a shootout between suspects and people working at the site. officers saw a van speed away and chased after it at one point the suspect switched vehicles and one was caught other suspects then escaped. new developments tonight in the murder of eight year old sophia mason from hayward. we learned yesterday that suspect dante jackson had been arrested in newark after avoiding capture for six months. today police said three women were also arrested for helping jackson. they're from san jose newark and merced. jackson was able to loot his capture over the last six months because he had the help of several female acquaintances providing him with money. shelter and transportation
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please say sophia was subject to long-term physical abuse by her mother and jackson her body was found in march in their home in merced. the mother samantha johnson was arrested at that time. two chp officers were hurt with one suffering major injuries after they were hit by an suv in the north bay. the officers stopped a car on the shoulder of interstate 80 near american canyon road at about 2 am chp says an suv then hit the patrol car and the off. words one officer suffered major injuries and was flown to a hospital the second suffered minor injuries and has been released. the suv driver was arrested on dui charges. a much more to come including an upcoming improvement project that could cause water woes for one bay area city plus a moment. fire crews have been working for a progress report in the fight against the largest wildfire burning right now in california. i think it's historic.
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is that an exciting all at the same time? saying goodbye and welcome in a new monarch today queen elizabeth's coffin starts the slow journey to london. i'm spencer christian. we had some lingering clouds and a little mugginess today, but sunnier dryer conditions are on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast for just a moment when abc 7 news a attention military personnel, families and civilians who were stationed or worked at camp lejeune before 1988. you may have been exposed to drinking water contaminated with benzene and other highly carcinogenic chemicals, and you may be eligible
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sound like you? line the streets o villages and cities today paying tribute to queen elizabeth the as recorded made its way across scotland it is the first of an eight-day journey to her final resting place. today her coffin left her beloved balmoral castle where she died last thursday. three of the queen's children princess anne prince andrew and prince edward were along for the six-hour journey to the first stop in edinburgh. some onlookers paid their respects in quiet reflection while others applauded as the hearst drove by she's been not rock. that's the stability from through the world wars through the cold wars through covid. she was her constant. her son charles was formally
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proclaimed king yesterday tomorrow. you will join a procession to saint giles cathedral for a service and a vigil by members of the royal family. the city of sonoma is asking residents to cut back on water use tonight repairs to a damaged pipeline on the sonoma aqueduct are set to begin tomorrow now to make the repair the pipeline will be turned off, but the city does not anticipate any service interruptions. however, all customers are encouraged to increase water conservation efforts until the repair is finished, which could take up to seven days. moving on to developing news first report of some containment today in the mosquito fire burning in placer county. four days since that fire began crews now say they have it 10% contained. flames have burned nearly 65 square miles more than 5,800 structures are threatened and the fires have closed parts of the el dorado national forest and the tahoe national forest. cal fire says crews have made significant progress against the
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flames. well unique dinner party is making its return tonight in the north bay rabbit seat. there are plenty of them ahead. the story behind a fundraiser that gives new meaning to the term street food. i'm spencer christian bay area has a breezy weather pattern right now and a cooler week ahead. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment when abc 7 news at 5 continues. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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and into housing. yes on 27.
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decades in service connecting communities across the bay area tonight at 6:00 abc 7 news reporter david louis will be taking us on a ride through the history of the bay area rapid transit system. story begins with how the project came to be after world war two when population and automobiles boomed david actually reported on the first day of bart trans-based service back in 1974. now you can stream a bart 50 years special right now on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's available on demand in the new and popular section. you can also check out other historical bart videos on demand. moving to the north bay now after a two-year pandemic pause calistoga's harvest table fundraiser is making a comeback to downtown, calistoga today. 800 guests will gather at a
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thousand foot long table highlighting calistoga cuisine from local restaurants to wineries funds will then go to nearby food banks and non-profit organizations throughout napa county helping low-income families and seniors. a popular event is hosted by the calistoga chamber of commerce and has been sold out for months spencer. i have an idea. yes. let's take a break after the show. let's go to the north bay and then just stay there through the 11. tell us don't get such a cool town great restaurant. so let's go there and have dinner good good idea and do weather. yes, but first we'll do the weather right here. we've got a breezy afternoon around the bay area right now. the strongest breeze is right now right around san francisco where we've got 31 mile per hour wind speeds down to 30 right now. holy look at that. it's diminishing. the sun has broken through some of those early morning clouds. so we have a bit of a warm-up. it's 11 degrees warmer in novato santa rosa and fairfield right now that this time yesterday eight degrees warmer in concord. so, let's take a look. this is the view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where it's 66 right
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now we have low to mid 70s at oakland and palo alto 82, san jose santa clara 79 and 64 at half moon bay at the golden gate. you can see lots of blue sky showing up now where earlier today was quite cloudy. 82 right now up north at santa rosa petaluma 7481 at napa mid to upper 80s at fairfield concord and livermore so a mild to warm afternoon and as we look out over interstate 880 in oakland and the oakland arena, these are our forecast features partly cloudy tonight. sprinkles are still possible. although we don't expect any measurable rain. it'll be sunny here and less humid tomorrow and cooler than average by midweek. so overnight this is what we can expect the passage of more that tropical moisture that's been kicking up from the remnants of tropical storm k, but not enough to produce any rainfall just clouds and a little bit of a humid feeling at times and we start the day tomorrow with mainly sunny skies. you clouds around overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 50s to low 60. so a relatively mild to cool overnight period highs tomorrow 63 half moon bay 69 san
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francisco low to mid 70s around the bay shoreline in lily areas will warm up to mid to upper 80s tomorrow. so that's a fairly seasonal range. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast notice this stretch to get breezy and cooler on tuesday. wednesday high temperatures inland will barely reach 80 degrees. so cooler than average for midweek and then later in the week. we'll see just a slight warm up and by next weekend, we'll see mainly sunny skies with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s inland. mid 70s are on the bay shoreline mid 60s on the coast all in all looks like a lovely week ahead. yeah. all right. looking forward to it spencer. thanks, and we do have 49ers excitement coming up after the
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chris alvarez. well, the bad news today was not the 49ers best game against the bears in chicago. good news 16 games left in the regular season rain ended up being a factor in trey lance's first open day start as niners qb george kittle was out with a groin injury opening possession niners in the red zone depot samuel turns a corner hitting fumbles bears recover. so you have a miss scoring opportunity right away all eyes
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on the new guy the starting quarterback trey lance second drive wide open tyler croft and he overthrows him. that would have been a touchdown. niners should have to punt second quarter now still scored us get it to deebo. end around and in matters at 7th and nothing at the half ten. nothing into the third. good job kid third quarter bears quarterback. justin fields. remember he was taken eight picks after lance in that 2021 draft scrambles makes a play and finds former niner dante pettis wide open broken play 51 yards and in bears in at another touchdown or score and they have the lead fourth quarter niners down three lance picked off by eddie jackson 164 yards and the interception for trey five plays later khalil herbert makes it hurt punches it on in 1910 chicago then the rain really came down. i mean look at this fourth down and the ball. it's gonna sail on lance the 49ers dominating every category except for the points and that's the one that matters most this
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one slip slides away niners lose tough start for training company. man, i made too many mistakes defense kept us in the game. had a big miss to tyler croft in the end zone just too many mistakes a lot of stuff to clean up for sure for me, but man excited. i'm still got my head up excited to get ready to go next week. we expect to go into games and win no matter what game it is. we usually always feel that way throughout the week preparing, but we got to play a lot better and do things right a lot longer than what we did today on our movie play. to baseball now the a's retired dave stewart's number 34 today against the white sox stewart in oakland native resurrected his pitching career with the a's during the late 80s and the glory days and remains incredibly grateful and humble. thank you very much. for putting me in a place that i never thought i would be. thank you very much that up until today. i didn't think i belonged who i am what i am and what i will
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always be is in oakland a. and a native of oakland. thank you. all right stu as for the game, of course, he threw out the first pitch a strike to the old catcher terry steinbach. that is just great stuff the a's put this one away inside white sox six run fifth inning cat by the laser ramon. loriano to run blast off former. giant johnny cueto. aisman, 103 snap being a five game slide in dion. you mentioned it. it's early but football hurts. there's only so many games. and so when you lose it's crushing and when you win, it's really great, but it's a little bit crushing today. but hey 16 more games clean it up. can't wait till next sunday so much time but not much. not much. i'm trying here. chris can't go home, too. all right. see you in a bit yeah. well, it has been said you can't put a price on love, but maybe you can make a profit after the relationship over one of elon musk. friends is set to do just that.
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can always get our live newscast and breaking news along with weather and so much more all with our abc 7 bay area tv. on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku, all you have to do is search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. well, finally now holding on to your ex's stuff could actually be beneficial especially if your ex is elon musk. listen to this. his college girlfriend is auctioning off gifts and photos of the couple. they started dating in 1994 or when the two worked as resident advisors at the university of pennsylvania. now the items they include a necklace a signed birthday card and 18 photos. they are expected to be sold for more than 10,000 dollars. i wonder if she is an ex-scorn or just trying to make some room and maybe some extra spending cash at the same time. well, that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7
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