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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the man accused of killing a woman in the street set to be in court what we have learned about the case. kumasi: prince harry breaking his silence about his grandmother's death. reggie: a fire near tahoe me to grow. the during rescue to help some families -- near lake tahoe continuing to grow. the during rescue to help some families. kumasi: good morning. my friends are back. drew: did we mess anything? kumasi: sue and i held it down. we are happy you are back. reggie: i have been gone for a while and i was not ready for the heat and humidity. drew: this week ahead is different than last week. a more fall feeling weak. this morning, it is muggy.
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we have cloud above. let us is keeping temperatures on the mild side. we are generally in the mid to upper 60's. a few 70's on the board. we are seeing cloud cover from what was left over from tropical storm kay/. sunrise at 6:49 a.m. temperatures in the 60's. cloud streaming in from time to time. it feels muggy midday. temperatures, no intense heat, 70's and 80's. temperatures will tumble. below average. kumasi: the man accused of killing a man in the street is set to face a judge. lena holland
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is joining us with the latest. lena: the suspect accused of beheading the mother of his child in custody and expected to see a judge for the first time since being arrested for this heinous act. according to the sheriff's department, the 27-year-old was murdered in the middle of the street outside her home on thursday. investigators say she had her head cut off with a stabbing instrument. the man being held for her murder is the father of her one-year-old daughter. authorities say there in an ongoing relationship but she had a restraining order against him since april. family members have a strong feelings on what they would like to see happen to the suspect. >> we want him to fry in jail. >> i am going to be in court, in
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every office, everything i can possibly do. i will spend a lifetime to get him back if i can. lena: loved ones trying to gain custody of her young girls. they are still in cps protection but family members plan to go to court to get full custody. the suspect is expected to appear in court this afternoon for his arraignment at 1:30. we will let you know what happens. reggie: there are no immediate reports of damage from an earthquake that have been in the bay area. the 2.9 magnitude earthquake hit three miles southeast of berkeley and 3.7 miles northeast of oakland. some viewers called to say they did feel it. kumasi: new details on the investigation into the abuse and murder of an eight-year-old hayward girl had suspect arrested after six months.
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we know police arrested three women accused of helping him evade capture. he was taken into custody. three acquaintances including two women from the bay area, facing assess rate to murder after the fact. >> jackson was able to elude capture over the past six months because he had the help of several female acquaintances provided money, shelter, and transportation. kumasi: police say jackson and samantha johnson subject in johnson's eight-year-old daughter sophia to long-term physical abuse and killed her. her body was found in march. johnson has been in custody since then. reggie: family of an -- a missing woman is offering a will reward -- offering a reward for the recovery of her remains. they got her car back.
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she has been missing since january. her former boyfriend was shot and killed by police in june when officers attempted to have him arrested for her murder. kumasi: repair work set on a pipeline in sonoma and residents asked to cut back on how much water they are using. the pipeline will have to be turned off during repairs. the city does not anticipate service interruptions but residents encouraged to save water until it is completed. reggie: san francisco public works will enforce street vendor permits. if a vendor does not have a permit, public work can confiscate their items for 90 days and issued notices of violations and written warnings, ranging from $250 for the first violation to $1000 for prince ht about the death of his grandmother. her unwavering grace and dignity remained true throughout her
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life and now her everlasting legacy. he also thanked her for everything she did for him and said she will be sorely missed. he appeared over the weekend with his wife, brother, and sister-in-law. >> this morning, britain's new king and queen consort meeting with members of parliament at westminster hall. king charles iii: i am deeply grateful for the condolences. she was a patent to all princess living. -- princes living. >> the queens coffin will lie and rest to allow the people of scotland to pay their respects. the final journey beginning on sunday. her casting -- casket adorned
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with her favorite flowers, taking the long road towards edinboro that shed and bro -- ediborough. >> she has been there a long time. it means a lot. >> across the countryside, thousands of lining weight to say goodbye. >> we loved her. >> some throwing flowers as the hearse drove by and some showing up with an honor guard of tractors. >> family community doing their part to show their appreciation. >> a dozen horses paying tribute to the queen, an equestrian and her younger years. and this final leg of the procession met by members of the royal regiment of scotland. >> part of history standing here. >> some of her children greeting
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the coffin in silence. >> the queen will in london for four days bid members of the public expected long lines and security checks and visitors asked to dress appropriately and stay silent once they are in westminster hall. kumasi: queen elizabeth's beloved corgis have an new home here they will live with prince andrew and sarah ferguson. couple is divorced but live together at the family home in windsor. queen elizabeth is believed to have owned 30 corgis in her lifetime. reggie: fire crews working to figure out what happened at a fire on a story road. flames outside a vietnamese restaurant had to fire was contained but there has already been damage done to the building. they are not sure if it was
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accidental or on purpose. no one was hurt. drew: to the east bay hills camera. a fair amount of clouds. fog is up above. high clouds. no dense pockets of fog. air quality on the moderate side. a lot going on on satellite and radar. we have low pressure of southern california and what was tropical storm kaybr moisture. we are still feeling the effects in the monique conditions. the system pushing off to the south and west over the lenten -- 24 picture whether showing we are slow to warm. we will have a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures close to average for this time of year.
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today, a blend of sun and clouds. 72 in oakland. 87 in santa rosa. you will notice the muggy nest continuing next one to four hours. humidity drops tomorrow and so do temperatures. inland, 70's around the bay shoreline. 60's along the coast with sunshine. let's get a check of traffic. sue: we take a look at the san mateo bridge as we kick off our monday morning commute with a 15 minute drive from 880 across the causeway up the high-rise intro the san mateo side of things. no delays. to the golden, clear with no fog. three lanes in both directions. leart weve trouble
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pass is westbound 80 near at 780. we had an earlier accident blocking traffic. there is some debris in lanes. i am seeing some slowing westbound after magazine street closer to 780. reggie: still to come, two of the largest railroad union set to strike why the government may step in. kumasi: smoke from the mosquito fire can be seen all across the state the latest to get that blaze under control. reggie: plus, a major move in ukraine. >> the connery for -- counter enforcement moving. i have the story from washington.
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kumasi: a daring rescue saved of family and a dog.
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dangerous conditions to get to the couple. calfire reporting the fire has been 46 thousand acres since it started last week and is only 10% contained. thousands of people under evacuation orders. reggie: ukrainian troops that they have liberated a village and pushed russian troops out of another. there are new concerns about russia's resources to keep fighting this war. reporter: this morning, signs ukraine is making headway in the counteroffensive your ukrainian fighters raising the flag in the area of the northeastern kharkiv region. this showing in blue one them 1000 square miles of land ukrainian officials say they have taken back near kharkiv, the second largest city. in his nightly address, president zelenskyy sang the path is difficult but troops will manage. already, ukraine's escalating attacks portion russians to
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retreat. >> this operation was possible due to the resolve of the armed forces and our commanders from the president to every commander in the battlefield is so devoted to the victory. reporter: putin celebrating an anniversary as the kremlin is under pressure to acknowledge it is facing war in ukraine with strained resources to hold onto areas. it is said the tides are turning against russia at a crucial time. >> the options don't look great. they are in real trouble. they can't resupply the troops. it doesn't have troop rotation. it is lacking equipment and ammunition. and they are on the defensive everywhere. reporter: russia responded with attacks on infrastructure, leading to power outages and a power outages -- station fire that killed one. the power plant set down with
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fighting nearby. at the white house, president biden not commenting on ukraine's counteroffensive, only saying "things are in progress." kumasi: back-to-school season has yet to start for some 49,000 students in seattle as teachers continue on the fourth day of strikes. teachers demanding more educational and emotional support for students, reasonable workloads, and pay increases. they say the pandemic, labor shortages and program cuts have been overwhelming. the seattle education association said 95% of voting members approve the strike. the district says negotiations are ongoing but they are making progress on key issues. reggie: two of the nations largest rail unions moving towards strike which could lead to shortages and higher prices that could eventually increase pressure on congress to intervene and block stoppage. if there is not a deal, the
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company is back on humans of hazardous material and that could happen today. they want to make sure dangerous products are not just on tracks if training stop moving. we want better schedules, wages and working conditions. a report last week claimed the u.s. economy could lose $2 billion a day if there is a strike. an 11-year-old attacked by a shark telling his story. porters caught up with the boy. >> he is adjusting to his new reality, the 11-year-old was bitten by a shark while snorkeling in the florida keys less than a month ago. >> i am very sad that my foot is gone, but i have to be reporter -- two be alive. recorder -- reporter: the road to recovery is long.
5:18 am
he spent time in the hospital watching movies to pass the time. one of the favorites is soul surfer. it is the story of bethany hamilton who lost her left arm and a shark attack. she overcame the odds and had a special message for jamison. >> she talked about how she learned how to cap and try hard things and she still is a professional surfer. >> she added -- ask me to see her in hawaii. >> i heard about your incident and i am sorry to hear about it. reporter: before he starts in july he wants to get back where and happen to face his fears head-on. kumasi: look at this. the warriors dance team gearing up for the upcoming season. yesterday was the first round for the kids junior jam squad and for the group known as
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hardwood classics. all contestants performed their own version three single forms of dance. drew: why weren't you there. i feel like you could do this. reggie: i thought you meant as a judge. drew: or that. kumasi: i thought you meant as a judge. drew: i have seen this man dance. and i and seen him judge. reggie: you have also seen my pants split. kumasi: which was epic, by the way, the way you said [whispers] i just split my pants. and you went on. drew: there is fog out there, not dense in foss but a marine layer with us here we will keep the fog for much of the morning.
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sunshine later today, a blend of sun and clouds. today, we start to see humidity dropped as we see any remnants from what was tropical storm capo away from california. alert than average midweek. it is all about fall feeling temperatures. had extreme. low average much of the week. we are sitting mainly in the mid and upper 50's. blend with the onshore flow of later gusting to 30 miles per hour along the coast. we are tracking fires across the state of california paired with the onshore wind locally, it keeps smoke away from us. in tahoe, smoke will be thick. n s. e c mid 60's close to the ocean.
5:21 am
the east bay receipt later today. feeling comfortable. mid and upper 80's later on. a cool night low-to-mid 50's in the north bay. here is the seven-date forecast. we will cool off midweek. we will warm up by the weekend but temperatures close to average with a lot of sunshine. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: and which stars have a leg up in the emmys. kumasi: and what we learned at the d 23 expo in anaheim.
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queen are now traveling to scotland for the coffin arriving. kumasi: over the weekend, family members and committee held a vigil for 27-year-old karina castro. she was the mother of his child. reggie: number four, a 2.9 magnitude earthquake hit near oakland note damages or injuries. drew: number five, feeling like fall. cooling off wednesday and thursday. below average for this time of year. sue: an accident in the vallejo area, right know the 780 junction with bree. i minor slowdown. you will find it out there. kumasi: number seven, monday night football returns good the broncos take on the seahawks. happening tonight, the biggest
5:25 am
stars hoping to hear their name called at the primetime emmy awards. keenan thompson is the host. abbott elementary could also win some awards because it is up for best actress and comedy. reggie: we are learning more about some of disney's upcoming films and tv shows. the expo napped up in anaheim and we saw stars like christian slater and emmy adams -- amy adams. there is also more about the avatar sequel. we will keep it on christian slater, i guess. kumasi: i want to see all of the things. reggie: let me tell you what really happened.
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did you see the trailer for the little mermaid? kumasi: i need to watch that. reggie: that is the headline. that's it. kumasi: honestly, people are like it is so good. reggie: it is honestly amazing. kumasi: i will watch that. reggie: know that my favorite parade, magic happens, is coming back to disney and they will have new fireworks in january area -- january. kumasi: lots of other things -- lots of other things, but that is the highlight. kumasi: thank you. reggie: king charles'address to parliament. kumasi: in honoring one of our own who died on 9/11.
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announcer: building a better bay
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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the king's speech. the monarch talks to parliament and what he says his goal is for the country. kumasi: a wet and soggy day in chicago means bad news for the 49ers. reggie: the new feature coming to instagram. kumasi: why eating the big breakfast might not be the best thing for you. not after i had two branches this weekend. reggie: we can't -- brunch this weekend. reggie: weekend branches don't -- brunches don't count. you watched the little mermaid trailer. kumasi: it took me back to my childhood. just remember how much you love the movie. reggie: welcome to monday, 12.
5:30 am
drew: it was a really beautiful trailer. a little cooler this morning for most of us. it is just an indication of the pattern we will be under this week. we will continue to coal -- cool off. temperatures below average this time of year. no excessive heat like last week. right now, temperatures in the 60's. it is mild and muggy. humidity is elevated. patchy fog in spots. a blend of sun and clouds. humidity will drop. temperatures away from the coast in the 70's and 80's.
5:31 am
we will talk about the temperatures tumbling through the week. reggie: the man accused of killing a mother in the streets will come in front of a judge. we have more on the case and the charges. lena: the suspect accused of beheading the mother of his child still in custody at the san mateo compete jail. he will be facing a judge the first time since being arrested. this is the suspect being held for the murder. they say he cut off her head in a stabbing incident outside her home on thursday in the middle of the day. it is that she suffers from schizophrenia and she had a restraining order against him. there are two arguments that could likely play out in court. first is from the defense.
5:32 am
>> as a shopping -- shocking as it might seem, the rivet nature plays into eight mental health defense theory. lena: snap chat messages uncovered weeded up to the crime that got heated. she threatens to tell the world about his rate conviction and he calls her a snitch and warns her. this snap chat messages could make another very important argument for prosecutor if used in court. the suspect is expected to appear in court this afternoon. we will let you know what happens. reggie: this morning, king charles and queen consort camilla are on the way to a service to honor the late queen elizabeth p vowed to continue
5:33 am
the service to people. he gave the speech before parliament. king charles iii: as i stand before you today i can't help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us and reminds us of the parliamentary traditions to which members of both houses dedicate yourselves with such personal commitment for the betterment of us all. reggie: the king and queen consort will be ort at 6:30. you can watch it wherever you stream. kumasi: today is the deadline for former president trump to sso thocents ceased last month. it has been ruled a special master should go through those documents first. the doj said they need to see them now.
5:34 am
reggie: president biden will update the nation on his ambitious role to cut cancer cases by 50% in the next 25 years. part of the plan includes increasing cancer screenings, addressing environmental exposure and bringing cutting-edge research together to find a cure. kumasi: yesterday marked 21 years since the 9/11 attacks. the names of relatives were red. -- read. [reading names] kumasi: the ceremony included moments of silence including when it collapsed.
5:35 am
>> i along with countless other children who lost children missed out on memories, moments, contributions. the permanent absence of my father is just as palpable as it ever was. kumasi: vice president kamala harris and the first gentleman attended yesterday. first lady jill biden spoke at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. passengers and crew members made a decision to breach the cockpit and wrestle control from the attackers, stopping them from crashing into the u.s. capital. two men on the flight from los gatos. reggie: they gathered to toast his legacy.
5:36 am
>> let's raise a glass to mark bingham. >> a toast to mark bingham, a division i rookie the -- rugby player and one of the passengers without the hijackers of flight 93. his right be -- rugby family remembering him. >> we heard about the plane going down and we were devastated. we all sort of had the feeling that if he could have done anything he would have it he was that kind of person. i remember that night going out and saying goodbye. >> he was one of his teammates and one of the founders of the san francisco fog. >> he had a favorite quote from shakespeare, which is we band of brothers. >> it was such a heroic act. even the rugby community being
5:37 am
celebrated as a person who was a gay work be player. >> the head coach said he forever changed the sport. >> when we started there were only four teams around the world. his active brave he was -- bravery was call to revolution. >> we came today to celebrate him, even though we never met him. he helped them such a big weight in our community and it makes me very proud. >> i cried that whole day. >> the pain still fresh in the memory of mark living on. >> he is a hero in the neighborhood.
5:38 am
he was heroic and well-liked. kumasi: a former baseball player turned first responder died while heading to a 9/11 memorial ramona in your city. he was killed yesterday in a crash. former boston red sox and braves pitcher retired to join the port authority. he said he always wanted to serve as a police officer. he was 37 years old. reggie: three people recovering after a shootout at an indoor marijuana grow. there was a burglary. officers got there and learned there was a shootout between suspects and people working at the site. officer saw a van speed away and chase after it. at one point the suspects switched vehicles and one of them got caught. two others escaped. kumasi: geese will join mastercard and american express in flaggingca st
5:39 am
n shs. this was announced friday. before this, gun store sales were considered general written dice. they say this will better track suspicious firearms purchases. the nra released a statement today saying, "this is not about tracking or prevention. it is about creating a national registry of gun owners. still to come, what went wrong in this sloppy loss to the bears. reggie: a big breakfast, you might want to rethink it. the advice from doctors. drew: didn't you have two brunches? where the in day? kumasi: -- were they in the same day? kumasi: no, that would take me out. one was saturday and one was sunday. drew: brunch can be anywhere
5:40 am
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. kumasi: the whole time. litt b of smoke this morning but the onshore wind pushed the smoke away from us. you can see 80, there is blue canyon heading into reno. we will likely have thick smoke because of the wildfire. locally, the week ahead looks good. a little haze in the atmosphere. tomorrow, good air quality. future weather showing a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures in the 60's and 70's by lunchtime. there is no excessive heat or temperatures will go below average. partly sunny skies.
5:41 am
bright conditions in the south bay. mid and upper 80's and the warmest spot away from the coast. muggy conditions today. humidity will drop tomorrow. wednesday, most of us in the 60's and 70's. let's get a check of traffic. sue: several issues to be aware of. first, westbound 80 near 780, elaine blocked. -- a lane blocked. highway four near brentwood, orleans blocked with a clear an accident in the westbound area. have a detour in place. they hope it will only be 15 minutes more or so. a crash to the dublin interchange eastbound 580, two lanes blocked. lanes blocked. ♪ ♪ wow, we're crunching tons of polygons here!
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kumasi: king charles is now the reigning monarch in the united kingdom. what do you know about him? andrew: new insight on king charles iii from a longtime advisor. >> i have never met anyone who has a deeper understanding of self. andrew: he helped write speeches and as a communications erector he shaped charles' image and shares his perspective. >> do you feel he is ready for this moment? >> 100% pure he is the best prepared monarch we have ever had and the hardest working person. he doesn't stop. >> if the queen's mantra was all about duty and diligence and responsibility, here in 2022,
5:45 am
what is this king's mantra? >> the same. andrew: more of the interview with live coverage and the latest details from the united kingdom. reggie: an ugly start to the season for the 49ers. they lost to the bears in chicago. he got his first opening day start and it was one to forget. the 49ers turned it over a couple of times as the bears rallied for a 19-10 win. the big story was the rain. by the second half, the field was almost totally covered in water. home owner is -- opener is next week. a big showdown between the denver broncos and seattle seahawks, live right here on abc seven started at 5:15. we have more. >> the nfl is back, a
5:46 am
blockbuster schedule for monday night football. mvps, top qb's and super bowl champions good you can see it right here on abc beginning tonight. calling games on monday night football, legendary broadcast 20 joe baca and troy aikman. >> -- troy buck and troy aikman. >> they spent 20 seasons together in the broadcasting booth calling more than 225 regular-season games and six super bowls. buck has won emmys for play-by-play broadcasting. they are getting a marquee matchup on the gridiron russell wilson, the nine time pro quarterback playing his first name in a denver broncos jersey, taking on his former teammates, the seattle seahawks. the stadium in seattle is one of
5:47 am
the loudest and nfl. they say they are ready for the cameras to roll. >> our first moments on monday night football operably will involve us talking very much, because i think you need to hear the natural reaction and the layout and let the crowd carry it. >> america just rejoiced. kumasi: a new article out today in rolling stone claims the warriors were interested in bringing back kevin durant. steph curry said he would have been open to bring back durant who helped the team when two titles. he said he has so much fun playing with durant, who he calls misunderstood. durant signed with brooklyn after the 2018 season and requested a trade in the off-season before re-signing with the nets. contrary to popular belief, researchers in scotland found no correlation in eating a big breakfast and metabolic weight loss.
5:48 am
the study divided 30 participants into two diet groups, 18 the most calories in the morning and the other a thumb in the evening. the study found no difference in the metabolic weight loss between the groups. participants who ate a large breakfast did report being less hungry throughout the day, indicating personal behavior changes can be planed and increased weight loss for those who eat larger breakfasts. what did i say? reggie: i was concentrating hard during that. kumasi: what did they find? reggie: i think they found you can eat a big breakfast in the morning or a big dinner in the evening and either one seems to be fine. kumasi: so just eat. reggie: instagram testing out a repost feature.
5:49 am
instagram confirmed they are working on the future to bring some analysis content onto your timeline, with appropriate attributions. a spokesperson for metta said they plan to start with a small number of people and not available to the public. some users say they are looking forward to this. kumasi: the great races back in south america. crowds cheered as the donkeys raced the streets of central ecuador over the weekend. 65 donkeys took part. ahead of the race, the animals and owners compete for the crown of best dressed. this started back in 2014. they had to cancel in 2015 due to a volcano. and then the volcano came and they shut down for that and out it is back.
5:50 am
drew: the volcano was like, enough. reggie: i had some donkeys on vacation. they were on a farm. the farmer came out and said everything was farm to table. and i said not the donkey. and they said you will not be eating the donkey. i don't want to see the animal. they kept serving fish, the whole fish. kumasi: it is on the plate looking at you. reggie: you see the last moment of their life. kumasi: the trauma.
5:51 am
reggie: i don't want that. kumasi: but you had a good trip. drew: for instagram, would you ever repost someone's stuff? reggie: that is not what instagram is for. drew: i'm just trying to see where i would repost. reggie: that is not what is for. do your thing. kumasi: yeah, that is it. drew: and each are big breakfast or dinner. i don't know. reggie: a ride a donkey. drew: here is the east bay hills camera. sun and clouds later today. muggy today but the humidity will lessen as remnants of tropical storm kay push away and will bring in cooler than normal temperatures. this area of low pressure is the
5:52 am
remnants of kay, bringing showers here we are feeling humidity today. this will pull the south and west. we will see this area of low pressure move on shore and that will help wring about cooler temperatures toward midweek. we could see thundmsn soheora. locally, we will remain dry. wind gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. a partly cloudy date. -- day. downtown, 69. mid 60's for the coastline. xcessively hot, most of us in the 70's and 80's. inland, low to upper 80's for an afternoon high. tonight, the fog with us and coastal drizzle. muggy today.
5:53 am
temperatures will tumble by midweek. we will warm up by the weekend. morning fog with afternoon sunshine and effort temperatures. reggie: abc world news anchor will interrupt our broadcast to give us a look at the queen's procession. kumasi: and the bear that surprised the
5:54 am
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all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea reggie: imagine it is your kid and you are having a party and a hungry guest of cupcakes. >> oh, my god. >> wow.
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>> that's a big bear. reggie: black bear helping itself to treats in connecticut. kumasi: i am trying to see what it went for the cupcakes. reggie: they look to be good quality. if you like this is a quality birthday party. the bear quietly approached their son about yes second birthday party, wet behind a guest and sniffed her. the parents grabbed the kids and ran inside the house or the bear enjoyed several cupcakes and eight everything else on the table. -- and ate everything else on the table. kumasi: it sniffed somebody. reggie: you feel something, and you're like, who is poking me? oh, it is a bear. sometimes parents hire clowns are get a bounce house.
5:57 am
this was free. kumasi: all the entertainment they needed. next at 6:00, our coverage of queen elizabeth's goodbye continues. reggie: plus we are from prince harry and what he is saying about his grandmother this morning. kumasi: the man accused of killing a woman in the streets expected in court today. reggie: a live look outside before we review. we will be back for a whole hour. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, facing the judge. the men accused of killing a woman industry is said to be in court in a few hours. we learned about the case. reggie: the queen's coffin traveling through the countryside, thousands paying their respects. the honors for her today. kumasi: a look outside this morning, fall is in the air. thank goodness. drew is tracking the cooldown we have been waiting for for a long time. reggie: it makes it harder to sleep. you open the window, you expect the cool breeze. sue: even going outside was hard last week.


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