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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, facing the judge. the men accused of killing a woman industry is said to be in court in a few hours. we learned about the case. reggie: the queen's coffin traveling through the countryside, thousands paying their respects. the honors for her today. kumasi: a look outside this morning, fall is in the air. thank goodness. drew is tracking the cooldown we have been waiting for for a long time. reggie: it makes it harder to sleep. you open the window, you expect the cool breeze. sue: even going outside was hard
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last week. reggie: it is giving tropical, we do not want to. drew: one more day, then the humidity drops. no excessive heat, thankfully we say goodbye to triple digit readings. this morning, we are a little cooler for the most part. two to four degrees cooler close to the coast. temperatures on the mild side, we are in the 60's. humidity is up. it feels muggy, we keep it with us the next 24 hours. today, it is a blend of sun and clouds. we find the sun is up ater tumbd the middle part of the week. kumasi: happening today, the man accused of killing a woman in the streets is in court. we have the latest. reporter: good morning. the suspect accused of beheading the mother of his one-year-old
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daughter is still in custody here at the san mateo county jail, he is expected to face a judge for the first time today since being arrested for this heinous act. according to the shares department, the 27-year-old woman was murdered in the middle of the street outside percent carlos home on thursday. investigators say she had her head cut off with a stabbing instrument. the man being held for her murder is a 33-year-old. the father of her one-year-old daughter. they were in an ongoing relationship, but castro had a restraining order against him since april. family members have strong feelings on what they would like to see happen to the suspect. >> i want him to frighten jail, i do not care what happens to him. >> i'm going to be in court, and every office. everything i can possibly do. i will spend my life. reporter: loved ones now trying
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to regain custody of her two young girls, seven and one. they are still in cps protection. family members say they plan to go to court to get full custody. the suspect is expected to appear in court today at 1:30, we will let you know what happens. abc 7 news. kumasi: new this morning, fire crews are working to learn will cost an overnight fire at a san jose business after 11:00 last night on story road. they saw the flames outside a vietnamese restaurant. the fire was contained, there was damage to the building. authorities are not sure if it accident we started or someone did it on purpose. no one was hurt. reggie: no immediate reports of damage from an overnight earthquake in the bay area. the 2.9 quake hit piedmont last night. the epicenter was three miles southeast of berkeley and almost four miles northeast of oakland. some abc 7 news viewers called
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us to say they felt where they lived. new details in the case of a girl who was abused and killed. reporter: a man who has been on the run for six months arrested this weekend, now three more women are behind bars accused of helping him evade arrest. three acquaintances of dante jackson facing charges of accessory to murder after the fact. they are from san jose. it-year-old sophia mason's body was found in march. jackson was taken into custody on saturday in newark. >> he was able to live capture over the last six months, he had several female acquittances providing you with money, shelter and transportation. reporter: they subjected mason to long-term physical abuse and killed her. he's been in custody since her
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body was found and now faces charges of felony child abuse and first-degree murder. she pleaded not guilty and we are working on getting more information on the court dates for those arrested this weekend. reggie: the family of a missing oakley woman has doubled the reward for information leading to the recovery of her remain. it is now $100,000. over the weekend, her car was given to her family. they say are -- they are glad to have this piece of her back home. her former boyfriend were shot and killed by police in june officers try to arrest him for murder. kumasi: in the north bay, repair work is it to begin on a pipeline in sonoma. residents are being asked to cut back on water use. the pipeline will have to be turned off during repairs. the city does not anticipate any service interruptions, but customers are encouraged to save water until the repair is done.
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that could take up to seven days. reggie: public works will begin enforcing street vendor permits. if a vendor does not have a permit, they can confiscate their items for 90 days. they can also issue notices of violations and written warnings. they range from $250 for the first violation to $1000 for the third. the new process came in response to complaints about the number of illegal vendors, especially outside the 24th street bart station. kumasi: today in denver, -- edinburgh, queen elizabeth ii will light and rest. prince harry has published his first remarks, writing of his great sadness at the loss of his beloved grandmother, thanking her for her service. king charles speaking to parliament this morning, referencing shakespeare into thinking those for their condolences. he arrived in scotland to join other members of the royal family as the queen embarks on her final journey.
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her cough and adorned with a wreath of her favorite flowers -- coffin is adorned with a wreath of her favorite flowers. she has been on the throne for a long time. it means a lot. sorry. kumasi: across the scottish countryside, thousands lining the way to say goodbye. down the road, a dozen horses were paying tribute to the queen being an equestrian in her younger years. in edinburgh, some of her children greeting the coffin in silence. reggie: gaining ground in ukraine. how ukrainian forces are forcing a shift in momentum against the russian military. kumasi: a new policy and open drug use in san francisco. why some are criticizing the plan. drew: 6:07, here is a live look at the exploratorium camera.
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drew: just beginning to see the sun come up, the fog below in the clouds up above. air quality on the moderate side. i'm sure flo strengthens tomorrow, so good air quality late tuesday afternoon. -- onshore flow strengthens tomorrow. we are in the 60's and 70's, no excessive heat. warmest cities in the mid 80's for your monday. 72 in oakland, 69 in the city. 87 santa rosa, 85 in concord.
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it feels muggy today, the humidity is elevated tomorrow. more comfortable for tuesday. temperature drops, most of us in the 60's and 70's. a far cry from the excessive heat for much of last week. sue: we go straight to the bart delay. there is an equipment problem in the san francisco dublin pleasanton line with a train that had to be removed from service. you are looking at a 20 minute delay. just a heads up. elsewhere, a couple issues. this has been out there since about 5:00, westbound 80 new the 780 junction, still seeing a lot of traffic. we are turned to get a confirmation to see if it is blocking lanes. out near brentwood, it is pretty far. all lanes were blocked, they have a detour in place. eastbound 580 near hacienda, we have two lanes blocked with an accident. kumasi: two of the largest
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reggie: there is a new policy addressing open drug use in san francisco. they are charging people who acute five citations of paraphernalia possession and misdemeanor drug use. they will be mandated to attend a justice center that is described as providing access to treatment and services. many criticize the approaches a step back. advocates say punishment for the criminal legal system has never helped resolve those suffering from addiction.
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kumasi: a daring rescue save the lives of a couple and their two dogs, trapped by the mosquito fire. dashcam video shows dangerous thugtoch t couple. deputy drove they report the fire burned more than 46,000 acres since it started last week. it is 10% contained. thousands are under evacuation orders. reggie: ukrainian troops say they have liberated one village and pushed russia out of another one. there are renewed concerns of what russia will do next and their available resources. reporter: this morning, signs ukraine is making headway in its wide-ranging counteroffensive. ukrainian fighters raising the nation's flag in the area in the northeastern kharkiv region. this map showing in blue more than 1000 square miles of land ukrainian officials say they have taken back near kharkiv, the second largest city.
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in the nightly address, president zelenskyy saying the path to victory is difficult, but troops will manage. already, ukraine's escalating attacks are forcing russians to retreat. >> this operation was possible because of the resolve of the armed forces, because our commanders from the president to every commander in the battlefield is so devoted to the victory. reporter: back in moscow, putin is celebrating the anniversary as the kremlin is under pressure to acknowledge the war in ukraine with strained resources to hold onto areas it claimed. the tides are turning against russia at a crucial time. >> the options do not look great. they are in real trouble right now. it cannot resupply its troops, it does not have troop rotations. it is like an equipment. they are on the defensive everywhere. reporter: russia responded
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sunday with attacks on infrastructure, leading to electricity outages and the power station fire that killed one. the massive zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant now shut down with fighting nearby. at the white house, president biden not commenting on ukraine's counteroffensive, saying only that quote things are in progress. abc news, washington. kumasi: back-to-school season has yet to start for 49,000 students in seattle as teachers continue on a fourth day of a strike. they are demanding more education and emotional support for students, reasonable workloads and pay increases. see the labor shortages and program cuts have been overwhelming. the seattle education association 695% of votingprove. the district says negotiations are ongoing, they are making progress. reggie: two of the largest rail unions are moving closer to a
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strike, that could cripple supply chains leading to shortages and higher prices. this could increase the pressure on congress to intervene and block it. if there is not a deal, the railroad companies could begin cutting back on shipments of hazardous material starting today. they would do it to ensure dangerous projects -- products would not be stuck on the tracks. unions want better schedules, wages and working conditions. a report claims the u.s. economy could lose $2 million a day during a potential strike. kumasi: a brief 11-year-old is speaking this morning about his life and death battle with a shark. he is adjusting to his new reality after being bitten by a bull shark all snorkeling with his family in the florida keys. he survived, but part of his right leg cap to be amputated. he has had four surgeries. the recovery is long. >> i in very said my foot is gone -- i am very sad my foot is
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gone, but i am happy to be alive. kumasi: he is already challenging himself in physical therapy. he is counting down the days until he is fitted for a prosthetic. he said movies helped them pass the time. one of his favorites's soul surfer. he says he wants to go back to the reef with the attack happened to face his fears head on. reggie: warriors dance team is gearing up for the upcoming season. yesterday was the final round for the kids junior jam squad and the older group known as the hardwood classics. all of the contestants performed their own version of a freestyle form of dance. look at this woman in blue. drew: she has got the necklace. reggie: put a flower in her hair. if she was not picked, we have a problem. drew: she knew how to pull focus. all day every day. reggie: hocus pocus 2 coming to
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disney plus, disney's the parent company of abc 7. it is spooky season. drew: when i say that, you yell at me. reggie: it is not too early now. drew: she is back from vacation. reggie: [laughter] it is time. drew: we live by reggie's calendar. outside, a live look. a lot of fog below, high clouds up above. it remains muggy today, lower humidity tomorrow and cooler temperatures moving through by the middle part of this week. we talk about the smoke forecast, a couple of fires burning in california. hazy skies this morning, onshore flow takes it out of our neck of the woods. we have some thick smoke to contend with, looks like the wind continues in that direction.
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air quality will be in the good category for us wednesday through thursday. we find wind gusting 15 to 30 miles an hour as the day goes on. highs in the south bay 70's and 80's, close to average. along the peninsula, 60's for the coast. downtown today will hit 69. mid 60's close to the ocean under partly sunny skies. no intense heat in the north bay, 70's to 80's for the most part. east bay is breezy, partly sunny skies low to mid 70's. muggy for much of the day. and then come 80's on the board with increasing sunshine. humidity begins to lower as we head into tuesday. overnight tonight, drizzle along the coast. temperatures cooler tonight compared to this morning, most of us dropping to the 50's. accuweather 7 day forecast, there is no intense heat this week. any excessive heat is out of here for the foreseeable future.
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temperatures below average wednesday. we warm up as the week goes on. saturday and sunday, morning fog with afternoon sunshine and temperatures close to average. reggie: good morning america is coming up at 7:00. ginger: good monday morning. coming up, we are live in the u.k. with the latest as they honor queen elizabeth. king charles repairing -- preparing to return to scotland for the ceremonies. we are one-on-one with what we can expect from him as a monarch. ukraine's russian troops taking becky territory lost. how it can reshape the battlefield.
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only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. sue: welcome back, we are looking at a 20 minute part delay due to police activity --
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bart delay due to police activity. they had to remove a train from service. a sig alert leaving antioch, westbound highway 4. two lanes are blocked with police activity. if your commute takes from westbound 4 to concord, it is about a 40 minute drive. kumasi: happening tonight, tv's biggest stars are hoping to hear their names called at the primetime emmy awards. snl keenan thompson is the host, succession, squid game and ted lasso are expected to have a big night. reggie: we are learning more about some of disney's upcoming films and shows. the d 23 expo wrapped up in anaheim over the weekend. we heard from a lot of stars including don cheadle and amy adams. trailers were introduced, including one for the sci-fi
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series willow. they also teased more about the upcoming avatar sequel. disney is the parent company of abc 7. apple released its ios 16 with new features, just as they debut sales of the new iphone. added features include the ability to personalize your lock screen with customize fonts, layered wallpapers, photo shuffling and more. the live text feature that highlights words from videos and photos has been improved, and this is the biggest thing for a lot of us. you can edit or delete my messages you have sent. all of this comes as the iphone 14 pro and promax go on sale friday. kumasi: we need details. reggie: how much time? kumasi: since you sent it. has the person responded and then you change it? or after you responded is too late? reggie: i do not know. kumasi: don't have me respond,
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then you change into screen shot it. reggie: [laughter] that is the problem. it will work for people who do not check their phone that often. which is no one you know. [laughter] think before you type. next, we are staying -- standing by for the abc news special report. we'll go live to scotland where the king's meeting the royal family and public, ready to honor queen elizabeth's life and legacy. kumasi: a live look outside at something cooler. we are ready for the cooldown, 6:27. be right back. >> in every moment, there is an opportunity. to find a path forward, to move ahead, to build something better. >> issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. >> it is our commitment to meet those moments with tough questions, real solutions for
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you, for all of us. >> where did you learn to do what you do? >> this is the moment to build a better bay area, join us. gmg, we're coming on the air this morning for the beginning what have will be the final journey of queen elizabeth ii, her coffin now at the holyroodhouse, the official residence of the scqueen in scotland. we knowmoralbalmoral. the procesion will be head by the hearse carrying the queen, following behind king charles, princess ann, prince edward and prince andrew all on foot.
6:29 am
queen elizabeth will remain at the cathedral until tomorrow night and then taken to buckingham palace. king charles anxious side his wife meeting with mourners. earlier they met with both houses of parliament, expressing their condolences for queen elizabeth. saturday the accession council officially proclaiming king charles the reigning monarch. and in 00 a remarkable show of the queen's popularity, the images all weekend long, thousands of people have flocked to the palace to pay their respects. king charles once again arriving there to meet and shake hands with many of them. the queen's council left on a 175 mile journey through scotland, mourners packing the streets to stay farewell. farmers lining the route with an a honor guard of tractors. the queen's daughter following
6:30 am
behind for the entire six hour drive. as the hearse arrived at the palace of holyroodholyroodhouse met by the royals. princess ann with a curtsy. and during this period of mourning, one of the other lasting images of course, prince william and princess kate reunites with harry and meghan, the two couples paying tribute to the queen, of course their grandmother, all together outside windsor castle and meeting with muo mourners. it was pictures of course of the two princes together, honoring their queen, queen elizabeth, their grandmother, commander in chief with an extraordinary sight to see. our team has lined the route all
6:31 am
throughout scotland and of course part of our team also at buckingham palace this morning. amy robach is in edinburgh. an extraordinary sight to see the people line up to pay their respects. >> it certainly has. we've been here now for several days and the anticipation of the queen's coffin was real and certainly the king himself arriving just a short while ago here. and we have watched police presence increase and people lined the streets yesterday, thousands of them, to see the queen's hearse pass them by to just get a glims opse of the coffin. and we talked to americans and french and people from all over europe, not just scots here wanting to see history unfold and to pay their respects to a woman who they say showed them strength and courage throughout the years. it is palpable the emotion and sentiment being felt by the
6:32 am
people here in edinburgh to witness and pair thaty their fi respects. people certainly excited and saddenedity same time. it is an interesting moment. scotland of course has always regarded queen elizabeth ii as their queen and there is a lot of questions about how the new king will fit into the role here in this country. but right now, this is a day of mourning, this is a day of honoring queen. and certainly so many people here waiting to see the pomp and circumstance take place. >> no question about that. your courage has been exceptional. and i want to bring in our royal contributor. she had a love of scotland, her mother was from scotland, deep roots there. and we knew balmoral was her beloved place. to have tihave died there and n giving scotland an opportunity to pay tributes as well is quite something. >> exactly.
6:33 am
i think actually that is not unheard of, the fact is she would love being in balmoral. her grandmother was earth of strathmore, her mother scottish, so important to her, but i think that what had happened if she had been somewhere else and passed away, the whole journey from balmoral down to edinburgh wouldn't have happened. so all the people in scotland have a real chance to be a part of it and now the coffin is being seen with prince of wales the head of the recession. >> robert, thank you. let's take a moment to watch. ♪
6:34 am
♪ ♪ >> king charles watching on. we know the coffin will be taken to procession in that hearse from the palace of holyroodhouse
6:35 am
to saint giles cathedral. and you have like lie detector not no -- likely noticed that the coffin is draped and dressed with a wreath of flowers. most from balmoral. flowers the queen loved.
6:36 am
6:37 am
the royal company of archers surrounding the hearse now. and it is important to remember that at least this part of the journey, none of this would have played out had the queen thought died in her beloved scotland whereas robert pointed out she has such a deep family history. victoria murphy, also a royal contributor, with us. it is extraordinary to watch this and the people of scotland pay their respects because as we
6:38 am
know, the queen so loved her time there. >> you're absolutely right. and incredibly emotional there to see king charles, this must be a very emotional moment for him. the first time that he has been pictured publicly alongside his mother's coffin. his siblings were at the palace when she was brought down on that long slow journey from balmoral, but this is the first time that her four children have publicly been together since she died. and i think it is poignant when we see him walk behind the coffin all the way to saint giles cathedral, yes, there is a pecking order in the royal family, but they will be walking side by side. the queen followed by her four children. >> such an important point because obviously so much focus on king charles as there should be with this new chapter of the monarchy, but i wanted to ask
6:39 am
about princess ann, particularly moving over the weekend, the curtsy, the devotion to her mother on full display. typically tough and no nonsense, but you have been able to see the pain on her face during all this. >> you're so right, david. i'm so glad you mentioned her because she has such a key role to play over these few days. the queen's only daughter. she was as we know jumped, she wasover takenovertaken by the yr brothers because the same favored males. but she has been a stalwart for the monarchy. she was a huge support to her mother and will continue to be i think to her brother the new king. her hrole was to father her mother's coffin yesterday and she will also be accompanying the coffin by plane when it comes down from scotland to
6:40 am
england and to london tomorrow. so very important role for a very important woman. >> victoria, thank you. and so the journey begins from scotland. holyrood, the palace there, which was her official home in scotland. at least here in the u.s. we heard so much more about balmoral where she spent so much of her summer each year. and as victoria points out, h behind the hearse her children will be walking, king charles, princess ann, prince than drew, duke of york, of course prince edward. guiding their mother along this final journey.
6:41 am
we saw a glimpse there. the children will be in uniforuniform, the working royals. those who are not working royals obviously wearing a suit to pay their respects. but that would explain why we will see some in uniform and others not. and as we take in this solemn moment, moving image coming out of scotland this morning, maggie
6:42 am
rulli is along that route and i believe posted where the hearse will pass by first. but let's listen for a moment, maggie, and then we'll come to you for your thoughts.
6:43 am
the procession getting close to
6:44 am
where maggie rulli is along the route. and maggie, it has been extraordinary to see the thousands that have lined this route. >> and david, eventually up to tens of thousands along this route. everyone coming out to see their queen. i want to show you where the hearse coming down the street behind us. this is the beginning of the procession here in edinburgh, it is going right down the heart in the old city of edinburgh down the royal mile. we were out there earlier. it is 15 people team at some points and yet somehow even with those numbers, it strangely feels intimate. i think there is a shared sense of grief between everyone right now. and none of this would be happening if the queen hadn't passed away in scotland. and so many scottish people say this moment almost feels like it was meant to be, like the queen chose to spend her final moments here in scotland just so she could have this last chance to connect with the scottish people
6:45 am
just so that they could have one more chance to be with their queen. and for so many that we've met out there, they said that it is just important for them to be here in this moment. and i have to say, there are tens of thousands of people beside us and it is so silent, you could hear a pin drop. there is that level of grief ad dignity. >> as maggie mentioned, robert mentioning earlier, almost as though the queen planned this. we do know that she was intimately involved in the overall plans. but to have died in her beloved scotland, such deep roots. and a lot of these images obviously from the cameras
6:46 am
positioned along the route, that shot we saw moments ago, the tight image of the siblings standing side by side. charles now the king, king charles iii, princess ann in uniform because she is a work royal along with edward as well. prince andrew ao ocosell four of the siblings. you heard victoria mention earlier that the line of succession, that has been updated from decades ago. but the line of succession at the time put the sons first before princess ann even though she was the second born. that will not be the case for prince william and princess kate's children.
6:47 am
victoria murphy, you could not fit another soul along the route there. >> no, it is really truly incredible to see so many people there in scotland turning out to have this very personal moment alongside the queen, alongside their queen. and i think that is what characterized her life. and it is so appropriate that that is now what is characterizing her death, the fact that she has made this journey from balmoral, so many people able to come out to take their spot, catch a glimpse of her there. and now today as well, people able to come and have this final moment with her as well. her body will be in saint giles cathedral overnight and the public will get the opportunity to file through and to see it
6:48 am
there. and that is kind of a mini version of the lying in state that we will see here later on in the week at westminster down here in london. >> and james longman is watching along with us from his post at buckingham palace. and i like the point you made earlier, more than a monarchy, she was the sort of rock on which modern britain was founded. >> yeah, i mean, absolutely. you know, she was much more than just a queen. she was a grandmother to many people in this nation. there were lots of people in britain who loved the monarchy and you can seeing them here lined up. they will be out in the streets of london in epic proportions, it will be the greatest display of national mourning i think we've ever seen. but there are a lot of people in britain who are fairly ambivalent about the monarchy, but even for them, this woman was tremendously important.
6:49 am
she was cross-cultural in her appeal, she managed to appeal to people across the system. and it is very difficult to describe the whole this british life that she has thousanow lef. and i think that we'll really understand the deep, deep feeling that people have for her when we witness the crowds who will descend on london when this procession is replicated here hundreds of thousands i think will come out. it will be kind of like an all-day all night solemn carnival is how i would describe it. i imagine people sharing stories, sharing food, playing music perhaps and in a dignified way. in celebrating the britain that she created. and we're seeing a little bit of that now. this is an incredibly solemn moment moving toward the cathedral, but as it go through the public lying in state, i think that we'll see britain
6:50 am
coming together in the community that she built, and it will be incredibly moving. >> and it bears repeating the number that you say discussed going into the weekend with our reporting that for the people of the commonwealth, more than 80% of them have known no other sovereign. they were born with the queen leading them as head of state. >> absolutely. and that is -- that was her power, to just be through many decades of quite significant social and political unrest all around the world. yes, she had hospitals in her reign where she man a -- made an impact. and 1997, that was a dark day with the death of princess diana and she came in for a lot of criticism at that point. i think the last 0 20 years she has grown into our grandmother
6:51 am
and her appeal was just total. i remember a few years ago there was a very sad tragedy here in london, the fire, and i was there and she managed to unite people in a way no other politician had been able to. the prime minister had come under criticism, various local leaders had. and she appeared in this area of london which was fairly deprived where there were all different social classes affected. and she was the face that she they wanted to see. and i remember looking at the crowds light up as she arrived. and it is intangible really her appeal to people. i'm not sure britain really understands what it has lost yet. >> and as much as they were waiting at the time after t diana's death to hear from the queen, at the same time the profound level of restraint, privacy, dignity that this queen has brought to every moment
6:52 am
during her reign is also what they respected most, the irony of that moment, it did take several days and when she does appear before the commonwealth and the world, calling diana an exceptional human being, it was profound particularly more so bec. and now the world honoring queen elizabeth. 73 years was her marriage to prince philip. equally as impressive. it was prince philip himself who said he served his queen and it took him many, many decades to recognize how to best fulfill that role. i loved one of the things he said the key to their very long marriage was i could make the queen laugh.
6:53 am
robert, as you can see the people of scotland lined up 10, 15 people deep along this route. the queen would be so proud of her scotland. >> there is deep respect here for her majesty. and you can see how they are lined up in silence many of them watching the procession. i'm struck also by the military element of what we're witnessing with the soldiers in their magnificent kilts marching alongside the sproegs. t procession. the military uniforms of the king and the siblings. iconic that the only one of them who fought on the front line, duke of york, is not in uniform because wearing his medals. but she was the commander in chief as well as many roles. head of the church of england,
6:54 am
supreme governor, head of state, queen of the nation, but also she was in charge of the military. they go into battle for queen and country and for king and country and i think that is very important to the military. so it has that sense about it, this is a country almost -- this is a part of burying a general really in many ways. >> really important point, robert. and just to pick up on that thought, prince harry o overissuing his first public anotr a h made sure to mte s hi commandern ief in that moment in his young life. >> he did. and he was actually -- he spoke a lot about that, harry, of course he served on the front line in afghanistan with distinction twice.
6:55 am
and as duck of york, fought with extension. so somewhat ironic that he is not in uniform. but really most important to remember, although it is a nation mourning and all the people watching on mourning, but it is really a family in mourning. and they are having do so on public display in this manner. and i think that must be so difficult for all of them particularlyng. >> rort, thank you. as always. our linsey davis is where this journey will end at least in scotland for the day as this hearse is carried to saint giles. and i gather they are also out to pay their respecs where you are. >> yes, we are just outside of giles cathedral where we're waiting to get a glimpse of the coffin and family making their
6:56 am
way down this three quarter mile walk down the royal mile. earlier many of us heard from king charles saying that he can't help but feel the weight of history. and i think that that sentiment is shared by so many who are out here. we talked to one woman who said that she felt compelled to bring her 5-year-old grandson so that he could witness this moment for himself. a woman who was crying who said that she felt that it was a personal loss. a couple from america who said that they just happened to be in town but they had never seen something so historic. and david, i'm struck by the silence. people have talked about how this is so somber at this time, but you have so many people, thousands of people. edinburgh is a city of about 550,000 people. i'd have to say a good fraction of that population is present and about 20 rows deep crowding the cobblestone roads here on the way to saint giles
6:57 am
cathedral. and there is sunshine here in edinburgh today which is not so traditional or customary here in scotland. on the contrary, in 1953 during the queen's coronation in the uk, it was a rainy day when she said that she would strive to be worthy of the trust of her people. david, perhaps what we're witnessing today and over the last few days is that in the end perhaps she achieved that, that people feel the need to show their address miles per hour race, their affection, their respect and their reverence for the queen herself and her 70 plus years on the throne. of course once they arrive here at saint giles, it is about a 15 minute walk, expected to be, it is going to be scripture and hymns that will be sung, all of this of course that was approved ahead of time by the queen. among the scriptures, for
6:58 am
everything there is a season, a time to be born, and a time to die. >> and this season marked by the profound turnout of people from all backgrounds. the people of scotland paying their respects. the image of the farmers, tractors leined up, a symbol of the depth of people and backgrounds that the queen served and won over during her 70 year reign. amy, we know the queen will be at saint giles and then eventually at westminster. she will lay in state and she is the first to lay in state since the queen mother in 2002. >> that is correct. and so many people are
6:59 am
anticipating so many of the services and opportunities that they will have across the united kingdom to pay their respects to the queen. and so, as you mentioned, yes, she will lie in repose here at saint giles first for about a 24 hour people, people will be able to come and pay their respects. also this evening there will be a vigil head at saint giles cathedral and the king will be there, he will be holding the vigil for people also to say their final good-byes to the queen. >> amy robach who has been helping to lead our coverage from the commonwealth after the queen's passing, amy, thank you. we heard linsey mention what parents have been saying. and i was struck by a mother who br brought her 1-year-old child and said i brought her so i could tell her one day about the queen and that she was here too. our coverage continues on
7:00 am >> this has been a special report from abc news. we are we are following two major stories. the queen's final journey and ukraine's stunning new victories as we start the new week with you. a royal good-bye, hundreds lining the streets to honor the queen, princess ann's emotional moment paying respect to her mother. king charles addressing parliament for the first time as king. and now the king and the queen consort camilla heading back to scotland. this morning, one of the new king's former advisers on "gma" with how charles has prepared for this moment. as william, harry, kate and meghan make that unexpected public appearance together, their first in


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