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tv   ABC7 News 900PM  ABC  September 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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solutions, this is abc 7 news. i really just hope that things are made right because it's just it's a really crappy situation. for some their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives now some couples in different parts of the country including here in the bay area. say the company they hired for their wedding day video didn't deliver as promised. good evening and thank you for joining us for a special edition of abc 7 news at 9. i'm on a date. i'm dan ashley. we're glad you're with us as abc 7 news on team reporter melanie woodrow explains. it's not just couples affected here, but also videographers contracted by the company. tracy and kevin broderick planned their wedding for two years, but just four days before they said i do this past saturday. they say the videography company
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they hired for their special day petty 4 films canceled the attacks completely unprofessional. i was in shock and then i believe i cried and then called my wedding planner. i can't believe this is happening the text from someone named diana and customer service said in part. it is horrible timing and we are more than sorry. we again apologize profusely and wish you the best. kevin says he called diana she was completely stumbling and didn't give me any reason three days before their wedding the broader ex found and hired a new videographer other couples say petty for films seemed like a great choice with plenty of incentives to help them save money with the 90 days or it's free guarantee. you can ensure that you'll have your films shortly after your wedding. you're in the military money. off a nurse money off amazon gift card if you pay in full by midnight tonight, your price will go from something like 2800 almost $3,000 down to 1799.
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but once they paid in full bride, mary kate glackin says the company seemed to ghost them and stop taking their calls or returning their emails. i just want some answers right jessica acres says she couldn't get through by phone after trying. immediately, i mean over 40 phone calls over like four or five days acres in her fiancee jesse to be say they finally got through on friday and requested a refund so they could book a different company before their wedding in less than a week ready for also said that in their contract that you can cancel at any time. they say they were told they'd have the refund by tuesday, but hours later received this text friday, which said in part it is to where our deepest regret that we have had to enter into chapter 11 bankruptcy and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you an argument with my bank to see if i can get the refund that way but i doubt that i will see money from from the company some videographers who say petty four films owes them money for weddings.
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they shot connected in a private facebook group. i'm old over a grand in my partner's old over 1500 dollars. it was really disappointing like come home and realize we're not getting paid for all that time. we put into it joining those facebook group conversations some brides who say petty for films never delivered their wedding day videos within 90 days as promised. my husband's actually deploying soon and i really wanted our wedding video to look back on while he's gone to, you know, make me smile and help me, you know get through the days without him and now i don't even know if i'll be able to get my video so that pretty terrible the better business bureau currently lists the company within f rating and says the business is not bbb accredited between july and august. the bbb says it reached out to the company to address complaints and advertising concerns, but as of august 15th received no response. it says the company contacted the bbb on august 4th and asked to have the business reviews removed. the reviews posted are a mix of
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positive and negative experiences. there are 33 complaints petty four films email the item the following statement. unfortunately do covid inflation and the economic swings over the past few years in the industry. it is to our deepest regret that we have had to cancel a portion of our weddings and enter into chapter 11 bankruptcy. we have been and are currently issuing refunds. we deeply apologize for any inconvenience. this may have caused any of our couples and we'll be in touch with them with the next steps in the process the broader ex say they were told they have a refund by friday. no, there's been nothing. despite the bankruptcy announcement the company continues to advertise on instagram and their website invites couples to book with promotional deals advertised through september 16. it's awful. i really just hope that things are made right because it's just it's a really crappy situation for the i-team melanie woodrow abc 7 news. remember if you have a story for the abc 7 news. i team go to slash
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item or call 1888-40i team fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that required several rescues in berkeley this evening fire started inside a three-story apartment building on berkeley way near west street just before 5 o'clock heavy smoke on the lower floors of the building trapped several tenants for a short time on the top floor firefighters were able to get them out of the building safely several people had to be treated for smoke inhalation, but no one was seriously injured. new developments tonight in the investigation of nearly a dozen police officers in antioch and pittsburgh our media partners at the east bay times are reporting a federal grand jury has convened to consider indictments for civil rights violations and other offenses witnesses have been called regarding multiple use of force cases. the investigation includes eight officers from antioch and three from pittsburgh. a rape victim is suing san francisco accusing the police department of using her dna to
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arrest her years later the practice of using dna from rape kits to investigate and make arrests in other cases was revealed earlier this year this drew backlash and led to the police department launching a review and the district attorney's office filing a complaint in this instance. the woman was arrested late last year in connection with the burglary, but the charges were later dropped. chained i was a victim. she found herself. in the most precarious and scary situation where big brother our government used something that she gave to them her dna in a moment of need against her. back in march police chief bill scott said he believed the woman who filed the lawsuit today was the only person arrested. after being caught by newark police on saturday dante jackson was charged this afternoon with first-degree murder and willfully harming or injuring a child. he's accused of killing eight
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year old sophia jackson back on march 11th of this year. his arraignment was expected to be held today, but has now been postponed until wednesday, september 14th at 8:30. am now this arrest comes after a six-month search for the suspect who is currently being held in merced county jail. on the peninsula there was a courtroom delay today for the man charged in connection with beheading a woman in san carlos abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes was vested that resulted in the judge postponing arraignment. this is the first look we've gotten of the suspect 33 year old jose rafael salon olendez. also goes by rafa solano. he said nothing in court monday even when addressed by the judge his attorney speaking on his behalf asking for the mental competency exam family members of karina castro told our dan noise last week that solana was schizophrenic and on medication san mateo county district attorney. steve wagstaff says that so far the call for the competency exam prolongs the preliminary hearing and trial. we don't believe this is going to allow him to go go free whether or not depending on the outcome of this it isn't like
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suddenly if you're not competent to stand trial that you get to go free family members of karina castro left the san mateo county courthouse in tears two emotional to speak with us after getting their first. look at solano since her murder both law enforcement and castro's family say that solano had been violent with her leading her to get a restraining order against him in april, but they said castro never called police when solano violated the order i completely am no way. i'm critical of the victim in this it's something that we see constantly in the domestic violence arena. such so often they you know, there's something called, you know the cycle of domestic violence. and this is one of them for now the prosecution in the case against solano is in a sort of limbo until the mental competency exam is finished. he's found not competent to stand trial. well, then that causes a of course the criminal proceedings to be held until he is restored to competency if ever solano's attorney says his family calls him a nice man and that they offer their condolences to castro's family. solano is being held without
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bail and we'll be back here in court again tomorrow for the doctors to be appointed right here in san mateo county in redwood city zach fuentes abc 7 news. coming up a freak accident in the south bay after three people are injured by a falling tree. we'll tell you where and changes in the north bay following last week's historic heat wave the new scale being being used. that officials. say is in response to climate change. i'm meteorologist sandia patel cooler than average conditions this week and even a chance of showers. i'll let you know when when abc i'll let you know when when abc 7 news at 9:00 conti have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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with unlimited data. switch today! three people are recovering after a tree fell on them today. it happened at almaden quicksilver county park in san jose firefighters rescued the victims by hiking about half a mile or so along a trail to get to them all three were conscious when they were found the santa clara county parks department says they have minor to moderate injuries in the north bay last
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week's historic. heatwave is bringing changes to marin county when it comes to warning the public and schools about extreme weather officials are turning to a heat risk scale similar to a system abc 7 meteorologists have been using for years to help people better prepare abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard takes a look. last week's heatwave made history in the bay area temperatures spiked into triple digits local beaches were packed, but you want to come here today. just beat the heat. it's about to be 1:15 in vacaville. some schools closed early and cooling centers open providing relief. this was truly extraordinaries, marin county emergency services manager, woody baker cohen says lessons were learned during the epic heat. it's prompted officials to launch a new system alerting the public the nex tim dangerous weather comes around. it's really for all the public whether people are out working in the field or people that might be elderly and have access to functional needs at home. so it's the full range the county using this online color-coded heat risk tool from
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the national weather service, which local schools and the public can use to plan ahead. orange for moderate risk red for high and purple for very high when we're in that right? officials say the need for the tool is clear. clearly the climate extremes are getting much worse, right? so we had this huge heat wave, but if you look back to last october 24th, we had a tremendous atmospheric river the weather tool is nothing new the abc 7 weather team has used maps shaded in orange and red showing the severity of the heat wave the abc 7 storm impact scale. it's gonna be a two and the abc 7 storm impact scale has been helping folks prepare for severe winter weather for more than seven years what we did with the storm impact scales the same thing we can do with the heat impact scale. we put it up on our website. we put it up everywhere and we tell you what each and every one of these levels means to your body. we're in county hopes. it's early warning will help those at risk prepare for the
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next wave of dangerous heat in 7 news.ountyrd well, at least we have armagatana real break from the heat. yeah, it feels a little muggy out there though, sandia. yeah, we're starting to lose that humidity here in the bay area was muggy earlier tonight and earlier today, dan and amma. i do want to show you live doppler 7, by the way, that scale is a great idea given how bad the heat waves have been and how climate is changing how hot it's getting and how long these heat waves are lasting live doppler 7 will show you thunderstorms that erupted in the sierra nevada this afternoon. this is leftover moisture from what was once tropical storm kay this area of low pressure just provided the lift to cause those thunderstorms just isolated right now up to the northeast and here in the bay area. we have a stable atmosphere clouds or just beginning to reform the low clouds are going to push inland temperatures compared to 24 hours ago down 12 degrees in livermore. you can feel that difference four degrees cooler there and santa rosa down five in san jose
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the wind certainly helping that 23 miles an hour at concord 37 mile an hour winds sustained. coming off that cool ocean water and speaking of cool. it's gonna be cooler than average. look at livermore's average high temperature. temperature. it's 86 degrees next sever. day is really right on through the next seven days temperatures are going to be below where they should be for this time of year and especially this time of year. it is good to see that because it does help to keep our fire danger down from our golden gate bridge camera seeing a little bit of a murky view out there san francisco 60 degrees low to mid 60s from oakland to palo alto santa clara 65 and half moon bay is 61 degrees a gorgeous view from our san jose camera right now, and here's a look at those temperatures 63 in santa rosa mid 60s, napa fairfield 65 degrees in concord. today's highs made it up into the mid 60s to low 90s in places like fairfield beautiful view of the moon right now from our kgo roof camera morning low clouds fog and patchy drizzle below average temperatures this week and there's a possibility of
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showers on sunday. so tonight low clouds will pretty much be widespread going into tomorrow morning. you may start off with a little bit of mist and drizzle. so be prepared for that as you head out the door if you are commuting there might be some slippery roadways now as we go into tomorrow evening some clouds will eager. so your morning temperatures will begin in the 50s and 60s afternoon highs will look like this in the south bay. you're looking at 80 and gilroy 75 in san jose these temperatures much more comfortable than what we were dealing with last week 74 on the peninsula and redwood city 64 half moon bay, san francisco 68 degrees breezy along the coast north bay numbers 78 in san rafael 79 in santa rosa mid 70s, napa vallejo in the east bay, you're looking at temperatures little range from the upper 60s to the low 70s 71 in union city 70 in oakland as you head inland forget about the heat. i mean we're talking 82 in fairfield 77 in livermore 80 and antioch these temperatures. i think we can all get used to on wednesday numbers will still be in the 60s to low 80s range thursday. not a whole lot of change either
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and on friday. we'll keep it below average accuweather seven day forecast will show you the cooler weather for tomorrow, sunny or afternoon below average for your wednesday, and then we're really looking at a mild pattern getting gusty over the weekend slight chance of showers. on sunday stay tuned because one model is not so aggressive anna. all right, sandia. thank you, california is going to offer free online tutoring through a new initiative homework help will be available 24/7 through estate website or through public library websites around the state. well, we're talking about libraries governor newsome also announced a 254 million dollar grant that will help improve and renovate public libraries multiple libraries throughout the bay area are slated to get some of that funding bart is celebrating 50 years of service and all this week. abc 7 news is taking a look at the past present and future of the bay area's biggest transit system will focus on the past tonight. how did this ambitious project even begin? here's abc 7 news reporter david louis construction of the bay
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area rapid transit system was an ambitious goal to create a next generation network 68 years after new york subway system was launched while september 11. 1972 was a true milestone the achievement was hardly easy. groundbreaking was eight years earlier in 1964 that the initial concept to link the region's nine counties had its roots in a 1947 army navy study that promoted a transbay tube details are included in a book on bart's history written by retired public affairs director, mike healy. they were concerned that if the bridge were knocked out for some reason during a war time. they would need a way to move troops back and forth and they felt an underwater too would be the answer to that between east bay and west bay voters in san francisco, alameda and for costume counties in 1962 approved a 792 million dollar
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bond measure to create bart even though marin and san mateo counties had pulled out over cost santa clara county pre-tech boom didn't see the need in the case of marin. there was no interest in building a second deck on the golden gate bridge for the bart trains, technically the vote for the bart bond failed to win by the required margin in contra. costa state lawmakers intervened to keep the plan from being derailed the state legislature passed a bill that allowed them to average out the votes between the three counties have they not done that then it would have been the two counties trying to carry it and it wouldn't have happened. inaugural service was east bay only running between macarthur station and oakland and fremont. it was really probably one of the most exciting days not only for all of us that were working at bart of the time but also for the bay area reaction it was positive from passengers. it reminds me in new york when i was living there. this is like a 747 the wide
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fabric covered seats big future windows the promise of a seat for everyone and speed up to 80 miles an hour. we're designed to lure commuters out of their cars and alleviate traffic congestion residents endured years of construction as cruz dug up streets for underground tracks and stations complicated by high water tables and tangled utility lines elsewhere bart was able to use freeway medians and to build aerial tracks. there were technical issues too bart's vision was to create a space-age system with automatic train control with manual operation only in an emergency situation. however, the collision avoidance system worked only 99% of the time unacceptable to state reg. there was no model for it as healy pointed out this being the first new mass transit system to be built in nearly 70 years delays caused by that budget overruns and inflation also pose challenges it took another two years to open the transbay tube to bring trains to san francisco
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in eight minutes the twin board tunnel consisted of 57 sections that had to be lowered into a trench dug along the floor of the bay and a cross of an additional 133 million dollars on september 16th 1974. this reporter was on hand for the first day of transmission service a computer error and some patrons baffle electronic signs told daily city riders. the train was bound for pleasant hill. spite of glitches like that barbara was uncompromising in terms of creating a best-in-class system using steel wheels not rubber ones for better traction using a wider than typical track gauge for stability from high winds and relying on light weight aluminum train bodies to reduce breaking and accelerating times. mike healy is convinced. there was only a narrow window to hatch bart and it's a business and political support taxpayer dollars and a strong vision to make it happen. not pass that bond issue 792 million dollars build the basic system.
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you wouldn't have a bar today 50 years later is noteworthy that some of the original 1972 trains are still in service. although they're quickly being replaced by newer cars also no worthy the original manufacturer or industries of southern california was an aerospace company and had never before made a mass transit train in fremont david bowie, abc7 news. after the break thousands pay their final respects to queen elizabeth in scotland. we'll show you the royal procession and have more on what happens next ahead of her funeral in london.
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it was a game-changer for me. coffin is now lying in. at a cathedral in the scottish capital of the edinburgh where mourners can respects until tomorrow earlier today the casket made its way through the streets of edinburgh abc news reporter faith. abubay is the story. queen elizabeth's adult children holding vigil for their beloved mother inside saint john's cathedral in edinburgh surrounding the coffin princess
9:25 pm
anne on the left prince andrew and prince edward to the right and the new king charles the third at the front the queen's coffin draped in the scottish royal standard adorned with the wreath of her favorite flowers and with a crown of scotland, which she received here at saint giles in 1953 the duke of hamilton and brandon earlier today placing that crown on the coffin hundreds of mourners now filing into the church to pay their final respect to the queen of 70 years retired teachers marion and ian clemensen traveling some 200 plus miles to get here. she met the world. she was just like everybody's come with her. she was a lovely woman a sea of mourners young and old watching and striking silence as the royal procession made its way down the royal mile from the palace of hollywood house. cathedral i just wanted to be here just to show you know the family of the care and assured last respects the coffin lifted
9:26 pm
up and carried inside for the solemn thanksgiving and remembrance service we gather at this time a sorrowing nation. yet remembering with gratitude the long life and reign of your servant elizabeth our queen outside a few anti-royal protesters police removing them for disturbing the peace. i think the opinion polls are pretty clear the vast majority of people in this country want to keep the monarchy, of course. there are people who discrete the queens coffin will be flown here to buckingham palace tomorrow. wednesday through monday the day of the funeral in london faith. abubay abc news all right, stay here with us after the break experts say it could be an economic disaster. we're following the latest on a potential railroad strike and the affected could have here in the bay area and across the country plus uniting against
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all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea could upend some travel plans amtrak is warning passengers a possible strikes set for thursday is causing it to change some of its routes. the capital quarter could be affected particularly the california zephyr line, it runs between san francisco and chicago amtrak and its workers are not directly involved in the contract talks. they're between carriers like union pacific and a number of unions here in the bay area several transit agencies are updating their schedules to better accommodate riders who may be returning after the pandemic years abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry has the details. changes starting monday for bay area public transit bart caltraining golden state transit all announcing new schedules for trains and buses. we have got to make the best case we can to our writers who may be haven't written a train in two years to come back to
9:30 pm
park chris philippi with bart says the new schedules will see trains better space apart on evenings and weekends to serve late night workers and those attending events the schedule also adds trains earlier in the morning and adjust for track maintenance in the trans bay tube. it also sees bart moving to one standard five-lane weekend schedule for both saturday and sunday. you're used to catching a train at 11:15 on a saturday. you can now plan on catching that train at 11:15 on sunday. it's a layer of consistency that we've added bar ridership took a massive hit in the pandemic and still several years later. they're to make up for those losses. they hope that with this new schedule it will entice people that this is once again a convenient transit option if we can offer a train when people want it and offered consistently at the same time past each hour all throughout the week. that's the sort of consistency that people can plan on it makes their lives easier part of that convenience comes with timing trains with other agencies caltrain also changed their
9:31 pm
schedule now riders will only have to wait between 9 to 16 minutes to catch a connection between bart and caltrain and middlebury station. we have a lot of people who go between both part and caltrain or caltrain bart. so, you know, we're trying to tighten that up as much as possible the more we can shrink those wait times the easier for people to move from one system to another this new schedule makes it more convenient for caltrain riders while also allowing them to finish their electrification project on time. this schedule does leave room for single tracking which does allow for allow construction to continue on the electrification project while we continue to provide service. ryan curry abc 7 news now as we told you a few minutes ago, this comes as bart celebrates 50 years of service abc 7 news is taking a look at the past present and future of the bay area's biggest transit system a few minutes ago. we looked at the past now, let's take a look at the present which may be the most challenging time that the agency has ever faced abc 7 news item reporter melanie woodrow dug into the data and has the story.
9:32 pm
two years into the pandemic bart ridership is only at 38% of pre-pandemic levels. according to a bart spokesperson. clearly the weekday ridership is not recovering as quickly as we would like part spokesperson. jim ellison says weekend ridership is recovering a bit more quickly at 50 to 60 percent of prepandemic levels, but he says it's still not enough to sustain the budget the abc 7 news data team analyzed bart data from before the pandemic in january of 2019 through july of 2022. you can see total ridership drastically decreased with total station exit dropping from more than 10 million in july of 2019 to more than one million in july of 2020 in july of 2022 total station exits had only rebounded to more than three million is bart ever gonna get back to those numbers that it saw pre-pandemic. well certainly the remote work model has really changed a lot of the dynamics for us the biggest factor in our ridership
9:33 pm
is office occupancy prior to the pandemic in july of 2019 embarcadero and montgomery street, where the two stations with the largest number of exits in july. 2022 that was still true, however, the total station exits were significantly lower at each embarcadero total station exits were approximately 71% lower and montgomery street total station exits were approximately 75% lower embarcadero and montgomery street heavily relied on people who worked in the financial district ellison says bart needs to work on attracting those riders when they are commuting to the office the transit system surveyed customers the number one reason for decreased ridership according to allison working from home the number two reason offered much less frequently fear of covid-19. exposure. alison says bart is safer than ever with filters on trains and more uniformed safety staff still rider projections. remain bleak. we're not really expecting to see full ridership recovery within the near time frame. he says maybe only 50 to 60% of
9:34 pm
prepandemic levels by july of 2024. what does that mean for bart's bottom line the federal financial? funding that we're getting is keeping us afloat. and so those funds have been a lifeline for us. but the projections are that we would begin running a deficit in january of 2026. alison says bart's budget needs to be balanced the transit system can't run a deficit and 2025 seems to be the end of the track. we're just gonna have to readjust the budget as we get closer to the end of that fiscal runway along with those adjustments campaigns to encourage seasoned riders to return a new ones to give bart a try fart is currently offering 50% off the entire month of september in celebration of its 50th anniversary for the it melanie woodrow abc 7 news. if you're interested in streaming us right now stay right here coming up next to 10 our latest abc 7 special bart 50
9:35 pm
years later. it looks at the past president and future of bart during this week's 50th anniversary celebration and if you're not streaming us just go over to the abc 7 streaming tv app to watch it live right now or on demand whenever you want. oakland police have made an arrest in a sexual assault and armed robbery case from last month the department announced 33 year old mercedes dunlap was taken into custody with help from us marshals dunlap is suspected in an assault in the area of 28th street and parker avenue in august 28th. the victim was reportedly tackled to the ground and assaulted and had their cell phone stolen. we introduced you to a bay area of family last month that moved to alabama after their east bay laundromats were broken into repeatedly, well, guess what? it's happening again, and there's one incident in particular that has the owner questioning police response abc 7 news. anchor deon lem has a story you'll see only on seven. when we introduced you to derek toms in august his family had
9:36 pm
moved to alabama after their east bay laundromats were broken into vandalized and burglarized more times than they could keep. gov three out of the four nights people have tried to get into my laundromat three out of four nights. that's crazy after our story aired the problems persisted in a little over a week. derek's laundromats were broken into multiple times including this one where someone uses a wrench to smash through a front window and climb inside and being like six out of the eight days and it was different people too, which is weird, but it's this incident from august 31st that's raising questions at around midnight. the atm was stolen from his sister's laundromat on international boulevard near the coliseum in oakland. you can even see the suspects loaded into an awaiting vehicle as a pedestrian walks right on by but wait, there's more around 5am looks like different different group came actually came back. and when they came back they broken into office derek's
9:37 pm
family remotely from alabama monitored the situation and alerted you know, we stayed on the phone with them and gave them live updates. this outside camera shows the suspects run out and jump into an awaiting vehicle. it happens next has derek scratching his head literally have somebody your caught somebody red-handed. and you make zero attempt to even like turn on your lights or any of that stuff. i reached out to opd who said officers responded properly under the department's vehicle pursuit policy. chase's can only happen when there's a reasonable suspicion of a violent forcible crime or suspicion of firearm is involved. it's a precaution derek understands, but still wishes police could have safely done more. this isn't 5pm during rush hour traffic. this isn't when kids are getting out of school, you know, if you're chasing a car into a school zone, right? okay, let the car go that's not worth it, right, you know, but
9:38 pm
at 5am who cares derek's family has since sold one of their laundromat locations in alameda and still have no plans on coming back to california. you need please to stop these people if you keep letting them go it's just gonna keep happening the way that things are going now. this isn't sustainable. it's us sustainable. it's not good for the entire. population of california in oakland dion limb abc 7 news taking a stand against anti-semitism in california a new report on hate crimes against the jewish community is sounding the alarm and encouraging some california leaders to take a stand abc 7 news reporter. dustin dorsey shows us a new effort to combat the hate. in a fight against anti-semitism a unifying message from members of the bay area jewish community as well as their allies. here here. i am. he named me here. i am here. i am here i am. here i am to stand against hate anti-semitic crimes in the state of california or at an all-time
9:39 pm
high up 32% from 2020 to 2021 the greatest percentage of increase in such crimes in the states history in cities across the bay area. it can be physically documented in the form of flyers like these a key theme of the here i am campaign is to confront this kind of hate. it's not just about the messenger of these incidents. it's about who could be listening. we need to make sure that our allies and our community members recognize that we need to create a safe environment for juice and other minorities allies and attendance today use their power to try and create that environment to combat the hate from california attorney general rob bonta leading law enforcement to charge people who commit hate crimes including those anti-semitic and nature to congress woman and an esu in congress increasing nonprofit security program funding by 70 million to help jewish community steps. work, but they say the work to stop anti-semitism is not done. we can never be satisfied with what we've already.
9:40 pm
done and not keep pedal. to the metal my prayer. is that he nene becomes heine anachnu? here we are. we are prepared we are ready to do what is required to rid anti-semitism from our community so that we may live all of us together in peace and survive in palo alto dustin dorsey abc 7 news. still ahead, california records its first death from monkey pox. we'll tell you where and the circumstances surrounding this sad news. the first after the break it's the final warning the crackdown on the legal vendors in san francisco's mission district and what happe
9:41 pm
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9:43 pm
months now and explains that san francisco public works department is giving its final warning before they begin cracking down. it's the final warning before san francisco public works department begins to crack down on illegal vending in san francisco's mission district. the main thing right here is we just want to free path the travel for people getting on and off the buses starting at the mission and 24th street bart plaza. sidewalks pine drugs being sold out in the open for months residents and business owners have complained about blocked access earlier this year san francisco's board of supervisors voted to require. every street vendor to have a permit. are you glad that it's finally happening? yes. yes, because you see the street now is like terrible, especially. the bible station. it's very terrible ismail sanchez has been selling traditional mexican items on 24th street for seven years.
9:44 pm
he is one of 41 vendors who has received a permit ahead of the enforcement. when did you get it lasted last week, but this is the first week that you're actually displaying it vendors who don't have a permit. we'll be asked to leave the area starting tuesday morning. so if you are selling goods on the sidewalk and our street inspectors come up to you, we're gonna ask to see a permit one of the new vending permits if they don't have one we they will have an opportunity to pick up their goods and leave if a vendor refuses to leave public works inspectors will be allowed to confiscate their items. we can confiscate their wares whatever the goods are selling. we'll be working hand in hand with the police department at that point. we can also issue something called a notice of violation a warning that they can get fined if they continue to sell theirs with just hours to the crackdown. street vendors waiting to get their permits we met three of them. my battery is not ready. so i stayed for wearing is
9:45 pm
coming soon wonder thought me so when will you get the permit where he estamos? heperando pas aquila and it comida you said, i mean that they're saying that you have to wait a little longer because you are selling food. so they put put a sticker on your cart. and they also gave you an idea vendors like maria will not be asked to leave the area or get their items confiscated if they show proof that their application is being processed according to public works street vendors who do get their items confiscated will only be able to get them back if they show proof of purchase and that's ultimately how they're cracking down on the stolen goods market. the newsroom news peña abc 7 news new details about monkey pox the cdc in los angeles department of health now confirm one person has died from the virus in la county. this is the first confirmed death in california from the virus view details are available, but health officials say the person had been hospitalized.
9:46 pm
and was severely immunocompromised there was only one other known death due to monkeypox in the united states a person died at the end of august in texas like the victim in california. that person was also immunocompromised. representative mark dissonier has tested positive for covid-19. he made the announcement on his twitter feed adding that he is feeling great and is only experiencing mild symptoms, but will isolate according to the cdc guidelines representative dasanier will continue to work remotely from his home and will vote by proxy. meaning another representative will cast his vote in his absence. he also encourages everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. still ahead a new message editing feature for iphone users will tell you about some of the new features rolled out by apple today.
9:47 pm
♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ officer was injured early this morning while investigating the theft of a catalytic converter. it happened here quite tower you can see the patrol car was smashed on the passenger side by
9:49 pm
the thieves getaway carp the officer suffered minor injuries other officers did chase the suspects police say the vehicle smashed several more cars and eventually stopped on the embarcadero did the ferry building one woman was detained a male companion fled on foot. san francisco's department of emergency management is testing the delivery of resources in the event of a catastrophic earthquake abc 7 news was at mclaren park today as different city agencies practice disaster drills with military personnel. usually the exercise takes place near the water to showcase how the navy can assist but this drill tested the city's response to get aid to neighborhoods that may become isolated if roads are bridges get damaged. it's really important that we're able to be flexible about where we can bring supplies in and any anything that might be needed. in past years the exercises have been held right before fleet week to highlight the department of defense's ability to deliver resources to the shoreline and
9:50 pm
waterfront the change in the weather appears to be helping fire crews get a handle on the mosquito fire burning in placer county that's in the tahoe national forest so far the fire has burned more than 48,000 acres. it is only 16% contained but winds have died down in that area and firefighters are optimistic that they will be able to control the blaze more quickly fire a crews are digging new containment lines to keep the fire from spreading into the town of forest hill. take a look at how close the flames got to a road near volcanoville. this video is taken by an el dorado. sheriff's deputy the deputy drove through the fire line to rescue an elderly couple whose vehicle had broken down. you can see the flames on both sides of the road right up against it. fortunately the wind blew the smoke far enough away for deputy to get the couple to safety. the fire is threatening 5800 structures boy. can you imagine how scared that couple was? alright? well, let's turn our attention to the weather. it's certainly i'm a help that things have cooled off a good
9:51 pm
bit yeah and fall i feel like is right around the corner sandia ten days away from fall believe it or not. yeah, dan and alma. let's talk la nina, you know that we have been dealing with la niña and there's always this question about well, what's going to happen so last week during that intense heat wave the climate prediction center is sent out an update on la niña. so the cooler than average ocean temperatures the sea surface temperatures near the equator continuing here is the latest update from them. there's a 91% chance that la niña continues this winter you can see wetter conditions for the pacific northwest usually happens drier for the southern tier states with that blocking ridge of high pressures. so here is their prediction not only 91% chance la niña continues september through november. there's a 54% chance that it continues january. through march of next year. this would be the third consecutive la niña winter that we've been dealing with and the last two winters as you know have been really dry. so the outlook as far as precipitation greatest chances of below average precept across
9:52 pm
the southern tier estates above around the parts of the northern tier states, but the greatest below includes us, unfortunately 40 to 50 percent chance between december and february which tend to be our wettest months in terms of temperatures. definitely greatest chance of above average temperatures december through february across the southern tier estates, which also includes us. there's a 33 to 40% chance of that happening here locally. so stay tuned live doppler 7 showing you some clouds here. the air quality is good to moderate not so great around the mosquito fire as you will notice. our air quality is actually going to remain in the moderate category and then go good wednesday through friday. so kind of the upside to this cooler than average weather in the breezy conditions. we're expecting again tomorrow 60s to 80s for your highs and as we look way ahead to the weekend. hey, there's a chance if this computer model verifies that we see some showers on sunday still a few days out. we'll hammer it out for you as we get closer but below average in the low 80s most of the work week mid-60s coast before we
9:53 pm
bring in windier and potentially some showers for your sunday diana nama. that would be nice. all right, sandy. thanks. users requests have finally been answered with apple's latest software update released today, the update includes an edit and unsend feature for imessages as well as marking. just unread users will be able to create multiple lock screens and have them rotate throughout the day which is kind of interesting and possibly the most fun new feature is being able to cut out a subject from an image or a background and then drop it elsewhere in your phone. well disney turns 100 next year in fans can expect new and exciting celebrations at disney parks some of the plans for disney world and disneyland were just announced mickey minnie and their friends will support new looks at. disneyland two new nighttime shows will debut at california adventure a new multiverse centered attraction. next year will allow guests to fight alongside the avengers the 100th anniversary of the walt disney company, which is the
9:54 pm
parent company of abc 7 is on october 16th 2023. and disney plus day specials continue throughout the month new subscribers to the streaming service can get their first month for $1.99 through september 19th. also new releases are upcoming this month including andor the prequel to the star wars spin-off film rogue one. all right after the break uncertainty over the future of a mural painted by diego rivera why the newly restored piece in san francisco may no longer be open to the public that story is we continue
9:55 pm
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months ago the art community was shocked to find out that the san francisco art institute had closed for financial reasons. the institute's most valuable asset is a mural by mexican artist diego rivera. the question now is what will happen to that mural one of three by rivera located in san francisco abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez got some answers. the making of a fresco was painted by diego rivera in 1931.
9:57 pm
its home has always been the san francisco art institute on chestnut street, but that same institution which operated for 150 years closed in july due to a series of financial hardships one week before they did conservators had just finished restoring the mural historian will maneus prefers the term conserved conservation means you clean it up and you take care of the little glitches you in pain them and all that in the meantime. i know the murals in good shape, but the public's access to the mural is now in question. there is also an effort to preserve the institutes historical archives documents like these two copies of what was paid to rivera for the mural a check for 2500 and another for 500 which was a lot of money at that time. that's jeff gundersen of the art institute today the mural may be worth an estimated 50. the university of california owns the land and the building
9:58 pm
and was in a lease agreement with the art institute. now the mural could be detached and transported to another site except that last year the san francisco board of supervisors voted to give it landmark status, which means that legally it cannot be moved and they did this to avoid any potential sale of the mural. and that was liam melendez reporting. all right that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm on a dates and i'm dan ashley for sandy battelle all of us here. we appreciate your time. we will see you again in one hour for abc 7 news at 11.
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