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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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fire breaks out in antioch. kumasi: people waiting in mile-long lines for up to 12 hours to get a glimpse of the queen's coffin. reggie: a weather emergency in southern california, what -- mudslides covering roads. kumasi: a looming rail strike could cripple the economy and the supply chain. good morning, it is tuesday, september 13. reggie: first we will start with our meteorologist. drew: the humidity is dropping and/or cooling trend is underway. look at these temperature changes, 11 degrees cooler. seven degrees in parts of the peninsula and east bay. stepping outside you will feel the cooler area and the more comfortable air as the humidity drops. temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. oakland, 61 and 59 in the city.
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it is windy and the city and it is gusting at 30 miles an hour, an indication that the onshore flow is strengthening and bringing the cooler weather. very comfortable for this time of year. n s he c backup above, but unlike yesterday we will have -- clouds pull back to the coast this morning with lower humidity feeling nice. a sunny and cooler afternoon and the cooling trend continues tomorrow. the next three days are really lovely. kumasi: breaking news, a house goes up in flames in antioch just before midnight. crews had to fight the flames while dealing with the heavy wind. our reporter is live at the scene. what have we learned? lena: good morning. the fire is out and firefighters
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have left the scene. you can see quite a bit of the damage left behind behind me. when the fire moved to two homes in the neighborhood. take a look, you can see the windy conditions that firefighters were up against. the call for this fire originally came in around midnight when firefighterstreese woin helhabrought in gusty wind which aided in the spread and quickly turned thisnf explosion during the fire. >> i heard a big boom and it shocked me awake and my girlfriend started screaming there was a fire outside and those trees were involved. it was so windy that all of the
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embers were blowing down. i got my hoses out and started hosing on shows and down my roof and deck. lena: contra costa fire officials say that one of the explosions that neighbors heard and felt was from an electric meter being involved in the fire. luckily no one was hurt, and it appears as though at least one family has been displaced. investigators believe the origin is outside in between two of these homes, but the cause is under investigation. live and let antioch, -- live in abc 7, -- reggie: a rape victim is accusing the police department for using her rape kit to arrest her years later. this drew criticism and led to the police department launching a review and the district attorney's office complaint.
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the woman was arrested in connection with a burglary that such -- but the charges were later dropped. >> jane doe is a victim. she found herself in the most precarious and scary situation where big brother, our government used something that she gave to them, her dna in a moment of need against her. reggie: police chief bill scott said that the woman who filed the lawsuit was the only person arrested using dna from the rape kit. kumasi: the man accused of beheading his ex girl quit -- girlfriend will be back in court. he appeared in court yesterday. his arraignment was delayed until today so lawyers can ask for a mental competency check. lawyers will consider two doctors and the district attorney says this is prolonging the preliminary hearing. >> we do not believe this will allow him to go free whether or not depending on the outcome of
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this, it feels like if you are not competent to stand trial you get to go free. kumasi: the family of the victim showed up and they left the courthouse in tears. this was the first time they saw the suspect since the killing. reggie: new developments in the investigation of a dozen police officers. our media partners are reporting a federal grand jury has convened to consider indictments for civil rights violations and other offenses. omtsburgh.ioch and three kumasi the san francisco public works department are shutting down street vends thaytreet vene dung the pandemic and many have raised concerns because many people are selling stolen items and drugs. residents and business owners have complained that they are blocking sidewalks. >> if you are selling guides on
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the sidewalk and inspectors come up to you we will ask to see a new vending permit. if they do not have one, they will have an opportunity to pick up the goods and leave. kumasi: for months the city has been processing vendor applications. vendors who have not received a permit will have to prove they are in the process of getting one. reggie: a potential massive rail strike could be another blow to the u.s. economy. tens of thousands of freight workers are threatening to walk off saying that they want better salaries and time off. if workers end up striking both consumers and businesses will feel the pinch. 30% of all of the goods transported are on freight rail. >> they have had to deal with supply chain disruptions inflation on the heels of a pandemic so this will be very costly. it is estimated that it will cost $2 billion a day. reggie: this could also affect
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amtrak commuters because amtrak is not going on strike but 20,000 miles of their commuter routes are on tracks owned by freight railroads. so if the strike happens those journeys would have to be canceled. kumasi: in the south bay three people are recovering after a tree fell on them at quicksilver county park. firefighters rescued the victims by hiking half a mile to get to them. all three were conscious when they were found. the santa clara county parks department says that they have minor injuries. reggie: queen elizabeth will make your final journey back to london. her coughing -- her coffin will arrive at buckingham palace after thousands of people played -- paid respects in scotland. ines: overnight the stream of visitors lining up to pay their respects as the queen lies and rest for[24 hours. playing bagpipes.
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the queen's coffin transferred to st. giles cathedral. her children led by king charles following the coffin on foot while thousands gathered to watch in striking silence. >> i just wanted to be here, just to show the care and to show my last respects. ines: two retired teachers traveling 200 plus miles to get there. >> she was like everybody's grandmother. ines: one protester after heckling prince andrew. at the cathedral the coffin was lifted up and carried for a solemn prayer service. the family held vigil for their mother. many of the queen's happiest times were spent in scotland and she chose to spend her final days there. >> we gather to bid scotland's
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farewell to our late monarch, whose life of service to the nation and the world we celebrate. and whose love for scotland's was legendary. ♪ ines: this evening her coffin will be flown to london and transferred to buckingham palace before it lives in state at westminster hall starting on wednesday. reggie: more on the coverage, her coffin will be taken to buckingham palace this afternoon. abc news will air a special report around 12:30 and you can watch it live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. drew: we take you to the exploratorium camera. finding fog out there, but unlike yesterday we will see sunshine later on.
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part of the reason why. wind right around 34 miles per hour, strong through the delta and even in the east bay you are feeling the breeze with oakland coming in with a gust near 20 miles an hour. the onshore flow is bringing in cooler weather and you already feel it as you step outside. the onshore flow is pretty breezy. you see the wind 20 to 35 miles an hour which will help to reinforce the cooler air not only today but tomorrow as well. it is a nice-looking forecast and expect a lot of sunshine. we have morning cloud cover and it will pull back really quickly so have a couple of layers. 68 in the city. 75, san jose. 70, concord. we will get the next three days, certainly feeling like autumn as we finish out the summer season.
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tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, expect a lot of sunshine at the onshore flow each and every afternoon and wednesday is the coolest day, well below average with most of us in the 60's and 70's. we have a chance of rain for part of the weekend and we talk about that in the seven day. sue: good morning. we will start with the potential commuter strike for trains around the bay area. in event of a strike a strains will not be running starting thursday same with the capital corridor. they are suggesting if you normally commute these routes sign up for the twitter alerts. they are kind of waiting to see what happens. a little closer to occurrence, the richmond-san rafael bridge where we had an accident near the toll plaza. not much activity as you approach the tolls and so far the censures -- the sensors are showing god. eastbound 580 off of the bridge,
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we have a temporary all lanes blocked with an overturned vehicle and slow around bayview. they are diverting traffic often on eastbound 580 and richmond. we will be following this in our next report. reggie: the popular meal kit recalling some of its meals. kumasi: the changes coming to local public transportation. reggie: where a mudslide wiped out this entire road. kumasi: a live look outside.
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kumasi: check out this video. this is a giant ball of mod and it just filled the road near a steakhouse near you kuiper. the police issued an evacuation order because of potential mudslides and then this happened. several cars got stuck and the same system brought flooding throughout the entire region. reggie: new information about
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the investigation into the january 6 insurrection. subpoenasent advirs to form pnt trump as well as former white house officials and staffers. at least one top advisor had his phone seized. the justice department is looking for information about trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. a new book about the final days of the trump administration claims the former president was not planning on leaving the white house even after president biden was declared the winner. kumasi: a four day long teachers strike in seattle is set to end. the teachers union agreed to a new deal meaning that tens of thousands of students will be heading back to class but it will not happen today. teachers wanted more help among other things in the details are not available yet. reggie: there is a health alert for parents a polio leg virus impacting children. there has been a spike in virus
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d68 which can affect the lungs and cause muscle weakness or paralysis. symptoms resemble the common cold. the cdc is urging health-care providers to be on the lookout for the virus. kumasi: the usda is flagging certain hello fresh meal kits shipped in july for possible e. coli contamination. they used a public health alert for 10 inch ground beef packages so look for the code est46841. they are not issuing a recall because the affected products are not available to be brought but it is worried that some people might have the ground beef. if you do, throw it away. it is investigating raw ground beef as the probable source of some reported illnesses. reggie: the man who shot and killed john lennon will stay in jail. a board denied him for -- parole for the 12th time. he shot and killed john lennon
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outside of his apartment. they have not made transcripts. in previous years he called his actions despicable and expressed remorse. he was last denied two years ago and he can try again in two more years. kumasi: a crucial part of building a better bay area is building and improving the transportation system. a new and more connected transit service is in service. barth, caltrain, and golden gate have released new standard -- esw scalp new schedules. not have to wait as long for bart. bart is changing the schedule for those working at night. reggie: issues with the arguments one moon rocket have not been resolved. nasa announced that it has pushed back its september launch date by four days. the new window is 70 minutes
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long, shorter than the 120 minutes allocated previously. october suffolk and -- october 2 is a potential backup date. kumasi: one day. drew: it will happen. guys the humidity is going bye bye, it feels like fall this week and it will be nice. sfo has cloud cover up above and it will cool back very -- pull back very quickly. it has a lot of sunshine and it llay wbr morng and the o us. iag humidity and that feels a lot better compared to yesterday. the mugging is is getting a raised -- mugginess is getting a raise. there is a possibility of showers on sunday and the chance that we will have offshore wind is developing and it is something we are watching
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closely. september and october we have the pattern with offshore wind. onshore winds today alongside the satellite and we are watching the trough closely entering the west coast and strengthening the onshore flow and keeping temperatures below average. future weather is showing you some patchy fog, but the afternoon is looking beautiful. 4:00 p.m., a little bit of fog but a lot of sunshine later on today. a lot of sunshine and 70's in the south bay. similar along the peninsula. cle to thepper 60's and mid-6 orth in the 70's and very comfortable lower humidity. 60's and 70's with the east bay and inland, 70's to low 80's with bright skies. partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight and low 50's to low 60's into wednesday. look at this, it feels like fall for the week ahead.
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over the weekend saturday is the brighter of the two days and sunday has a slight chance of showers and early next week the warmth returns to the forecast. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: the latest reversal of fortune in ukraine. kumasi: the latest up close look at images from the webb telesc
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kumasi: 5:22 and here are the seven things to know. breaking news the east bay. firefighters have put out this fire. strong winds help spread the fire to nearby crete -- to nearby trees. reggie: touching moments in scotland where people waited up to 12 hours to pay respect to the late queen elizabeth. later today they traveled to buckingham palace in london. kumasi: king charles landed in belfast meeting with the secretary of state for northern ireland and will receive a message before traveling back to london. reggie: governor newsom signed a bill creating free online tutoring for every californian. it is available 24 hours a day. drew: look at this cooling trend
5:23 am
underway, not only that but lower humidity feeling nice. wednesday is the coolest day and most of us in the 60's and 70's. sue: a bump in your tuesday morning commute especially if you go through richmond, and overturned accident blocking all lanes, eastbound 580. ch eat -- chp is on scene and they are diverting traffic back off and then on at bayview. kumasi: santa clara county is resending the last vaccination -- covid health orders and the requirement for large health care systems to provide covid testing. reggie: the death of queen elizabeth is leading to questions about the future of the british monarchy. we have more on the first look. >> can king charles iii stop the cracks in the commonwealth. >> one of the things that king charles will need to do is going to show them why there are benefits to this kind of union. >> home to two .5 billion
5:24 am
people, the commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 independent countries. canada has proclaimed charles as his new king he was criticized for acknowledging but not apologizing for its historical treatment of canada's indigenous peoples. >> we must find new ways to come to terms with the darker and more difficult aspects of the past. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., good morning america is live with amy in scotland and t.j. holmes at buckingham palace. kumasi: early tally shows that a majority of twitter stockholders will vote in favor of elon musk's take older. shareholders have until 10:00 a.m. but early votes shows that shareholder approval seems to be certain. this comes between a legal battle -- a legal battle as
5:25 am
musk is trying to get out of the deal claiming that twitter misled him about spam or bought accounts and that twitter did not disclose a $7 million settlement with its former security. security had. reggie: the battle between california and stanford is always fierce. it released between -- retrain -- it released its top universities. stanford is tied for third for top overall university in the country. princeton and m.i.t., in first and second, at the top public university goes to uc berkeley and ucla, they tied. kumasi: more eye candy from the james webb space scope and -- telescope on a cluster of stars being born in the orion nebula and it gives astronomers good insight into how stars and planetary systems form. the photo was taken using infrared light which let's
5:26 am
astronomers see through several layers of dust. the photo on the left was taken by the hubble telescope which only captures visible light. webb is giving and giving. i feel like every week. reggie: it is the 4k. stella had, -- still ahead the state offering free online tutoring. kumasi: the latest on the fight to get a large fire under control. the smoke being seen in states with more buildings in harm's way.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking news from the east bay, a house up in flames overnight and what we learned from fire crews. kumasi: with so many well wishes for the queen, not all gifts are wanted. what is being told to not be left outside the homes. >> ♪ i am an endangered species. ♪ ♪ reggie: come on charlie ralph. "abbott elementary" get some big wins. kumasi: and the whale that
5:30 am
literally reached out and cast a boat full of people. -- kissed a boat full of people. reggie: was it a kiss or the warning? kumasi: if i run the boat i would say it is a kiss. reggie: i would say let go. good morning. kumasi: let us start with a check the forecast. drew: every time i see a whale i think about you because you want to hug one. kumasi: my moment is coming i can file. reggie: i want you to be safe. drew: it is cooler this morning and windy along the coast and through the delta. onshore flow is strengthening and it is doing two things, dropping our humidity feeling more comfortable and bringing about a cooler afternoon later on. temperatures in the 50's and lows -- low 60's.
5:31 am
in the afternoon it is feeling like fall. here is sfo and a live look with a fair amount of fog. unlike yesterday where the sky had the clouds in the sun today is brighter. here is that how the day breaks down. lower humidity and a ton of sunshine and a cooler day compared to yesterday. 70's and low 80's but the cooling trend continues as well. i will show you what it looks like coming up. reggie: we are tracking breaking news about a house fire that spread quickly starting after midnight. that is where lena is live. what does it look like now? lena: contra costa fire officials said it was embers that jumped from one house to another right next door. they say that the wind was to blame for the embers jumping from house to house, one of
5:32 am
those fire crews just finished putting up the boards but it was a much different story only a few hours ago. you can see the windy conditions that firefighters were up against. the call came in around midnight and one firefighters first showed up they found a working fire including exterior cypress trees that had gotten into the attic of one of the homes next door. firefighters were working in cooler weather that did help that brought in gusty wind that added to the spread of the fire and quickly turn this into a two alarm fire. neighbors say that they felt some kind of explosion and jumped into action. >> it was like a big explosion like a pipe bomb kind of thing, a big boom. >> it was scary with all the
5:33 am
sparks catching on the roof and it caught the deck on fiery little bit. i was out there with the hose to put it out. lena: contra costa fire officials said that one of the explosions that one of the neighbors heard and felt was from an electric meter being involved. luckily no one was hurt although it does appear at least one family has been displaced. fire investigators believe that the origin of the fire was somewhere outside between these two homes behind us. the cause is under investigation. live in antioch, abc 7. kumasi: california students can get free 24/7 online tutoring and homework health -- help. lori rodriguez is joining us with the details. gloria: the initiative also
5:34 am
provides $254 million grant to renovate public libraries including ones right here in the bay area. here is how the online tutoring works. students can go to the estate website or any public library websites and get online tutoring or live help with homework and you can get it anytime of the day. you will see a section where you can get in touch with a live one-on-one tutor. help is available in every k-12 subject. as far as the fun day out -- that is part of the building forward library improvements, that will renovate and improve library facilities in 170 two cities across 34 counties. libraries in san francisco, oakland, and menlo park are included and i went on the state library website at 4:00 and it was -- and i was able to get in touch with a live tutor. we posted the link on
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reggie: i am glad you did that. is there a tutor in the middle of the night and the answer is yes there is. thank you. ukraine seems to be getting the upper hand in its war against russia. they are taking territory and causing the russians to retreat. some top russian lawmakers are now questioning the war. justin: this stunning new video from eastern ukraine showing what the military claims arts fighters ambushing a russian vehicle as part of the ongoing counteroffensive. which is now forcing many russian soldiers back into russia, abandoning supplies of weapons and stocks of ammunition. hasty actions td signs of russia's disorganized command-and-control. >> we are hearing reports of the russians abandoning and not fighting, threatening to walk away from their positions. justin: ukraine says its gains
5:36 am
are growing in the country claiming it has retaken 2300 square miles of its territory seen here in yellow. larger than the state of delaware. president zelenskyy is careful to keep the next steps under wraps. >> i cannot discuss details of any military actions. i think that information silence is important. justin: across ukraine, celebration in the streets, ukrainian troops greeted as liberators. ukraine's second largest city rebounding from russian retaliation, killing at least one and leaving crews scrambling to restore power and trapping people and subways. back in russia a rare display of dissent, 18 local leaders from some of the largest cities have signed a petition commanding president putin step down calling his war in ukraine damaging to russia's future and
5:37 am
its citizens. the white house is condemning those airstrikes on ukraine's infrastructure and vowing continued support for ukraine. kumasi: britney spears' ex-husband is set to face a judge today. jason alexander was booked for an arrest warrant from 2016 facing two felony charges, one for grand theft and one for buying or receiving stolen property. he was married to britney spears for less than three days. at a court appearance the judge allowed alexander to appear virtually for future court appearances. he was transferred from southern california to nepean -- to napa after crashing britney spears' wedding. reggie: the san francisco health order has rescinded health orders including vaccination requirements for workers at high-risk settings and the requirement for large health care systems to provide covid-19
5:38 am
testing. even with the changes health officers are encouraging others to protect everyone by masking up and staying up-to-date on vaccinations and boosters. the first confirmedd fromounty, deaths from the virus. ils are available but the person had been in the hospital and was severely immunocompromised. there is only one other known death due to monkeypox. a person died in texas at the end of august. that person was also immunocompromised. reggie: fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that led to several rescues in berkeley. it started just before 5:00. heavy smoke on the lower floors of the building trapped several tenantss for a short time on the top floor. firefighters got them off of the building safely. no one was seriously hurt.
5:39 am
kumasi: a change in the weather appears to be helping fire crews get there -- get a handle on the mosquito fire. it has burned more than 48,000 acres and containment increased to 16%. higher humidity and cooler temperatures have helped firefighters make progress in crew -- and crews have made fire breaks. reggie: kamala harris met with civil rights and reproductive rights leaders to discuss women's health care issues. the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade was the central topic. a coalition of civil rights group sent a letter -- a letter to president biden urging him to address the impact of the decision. >> we know that with the supreme court having made the decision in dobbs to take a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of america, from the women of america has created a
5:40 am
health-care care crisis in america. reggie: president biden signed executive orders aimed at expanding abortion access however in the three months since the ruling 16 states have already moved to ban abortion. kumasi: some familiar faces take home the gold on tv's biggest night but it is some of the new winners that have everyone talking. reggie: the whale watching tour that a group of people will never forget. the whale that gets up close and personal. drew: let us go outside at the exploratorium. patchy fog upstairs early on on our tuesday with lots of sunshine and a nice-looking forecast. windy and throughout the city gusting close to 35 miles an hour. breezy in the east bay. what we are finding is onshore flow is strengthening creating lower humidity and more comfortable air but also bringing in cooler temperatures.
5:41 am
the wind is with us throughout the day so by lunchtime we are singing strong -- seeing strong gusts and it is a similar story later on today. look at the forecast, it is beautiful with lots of sunshine and temperatures very comfortable and the humidity dropping. 68 in the city, close to average. 70, oakland. a lot of sunshine. 76, napa. 80 is one of the warmest spots on the map and that is off to antioch. looking at the three day forecast we have a cooler trend with us through thursday. you see a lot of sunshine over the next several days and breezy conditions. wednesday is the coolest day we have with temperatures generally in the 60's and 70's. let us get a check of traffic. sue: we go to the san mateo bridge, it is looking great. 880 over towards 101, a 17
5:42 am
minute drive up the high-rise. over on 880 we have a couple of problems. let us get to the big issue on the rollover accident eastbound 580. this is in the richmond area as you approach the eight emerge through richmond. it looks like we have all lanes blocked with this accident. 80 westbound also looking very slow on the map. chp is diverting traffic back off and on at bayview. to the jablon interchange, westbound 580, two lanes of traffic blocked with a fedex car -- fedex truck in a car involved. here's the problem on 880 approaching 238 in the northbound direction, we have an accident blocking a lane of traffic. so far it looks like southbound is delayed, but northbound not so much. we will check back with chp
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
kumasi: british officials have stopped -- asking mourners to stop placing sandwiches. you probably remember this video. the queen made this humorous promotional video with paddington bear. she and the character sipped some tea before the queen revealed that she carried a marmalade sandwich in her purse wherever she went. officials have asked the public to place only flowers without the plastic so that they can be composted later on. reggie: the 49ers will be without one of the key offensive weapons for several weeks. eliza mitchell sprained his l -- sprained his acl. he left the first half after six carries. he broke the single-season rookie rushing record and the
5:46 am
minors play the seahawks and the sunday it is a home opener. kumasi: "abbott elementary" made history with a few big wins at the emmy awards. here is george with the big moments. >> "succession." >> it won the outstanding drama series and took hold the gold for writing and supportive -- supporting actor matthew mcfadden. on the comedy side -- "ted lasso" had repeat wins for comedy series, support actor and lead actor. >> people care about each other, and they want to see the best for and after each other and that is a remarkable thing. what a terrific reason to do a season four. >> "the white lotus." >> it won for limited or
5:47 am
anthology series with a total of five emmy's and he became the first to win the lead actor for his work on "squid game" and the fourth aviation to win -- asian an emmy. jean smart won her fifth career emmy. also in comedy "abbott elementary" went to the head of the class. the star won for her writing and made a heartfelt plea for all of the real teachers. >> we need more teachers so they need to be paid more so that people want to become teachers because with what they get paid i would not want to become a teacher. it is an important profession that needs to be respected. >> her costar won her first. first singing and then getting a standing ovation and then using her other voice. >> i am here to tell you that
5:48 am
this is what believing looks like. >> i know where my voice belongs, and there are so many young actors, artists, and even kids that think they know what they will do in life, find your voice and put it where it belongs. >> might -- michael keaton, julia garner and lizzo were also winners. kumasi: season two of "abbott elementary" will premiere next wednesday. i love some charlie brown. reggie: why does she look like she is 32. kumasi: give us a leg, the body, and the hair. reggie: she is wonderful and the show is wonderful. shout out to "white lotus" because maria also won. he was on midday live. super nice.
5:49 am
drew: of course zendaya making history. reggie: and jennifer coolidge. drew: also they drop the trailer for reggie: reggie: season two yesterday. i did not see it. kumasi: i cannot wait. drew: i love that someone is -- is so good at what they do is honored it is always nice seeing that whether it is the writing or acting, it is so great. drew: the whole cast -- reggie: the whole cast deserves it and it -- they shut and they would win. jean smart thanked her botox office. [laughter] come on. drew: listen, they are helping. if you have not seen "hacks.: reggie: it is so good. drew: that writing is also very well done. it is a pitiful day today with temperatures really comfortable and the humidity dropping. you should -- you could not ask
5:50 am
for a better day. it is a little bit windy and that is bringing about low humidity. breezy and we found gusts over 35 miles an hour especially over the city and through the delta which is helping to bring about the lower humidity and more comfortable air mass. temperatures feel like fall over the next three to four day forecast. and then over the weekend on sunday we are tracking the chance of showers. today is all about increasing sunshine and a brighter looking forecast. the afternoon will have patchy fog but really it is a lot of sunshine and really comfortable temperatures. lots of sunshine and the south bay go ins -- goes into the 70's. along the peninsula, a bright 71. windy over the city in the 70'sh a lot of sunshine.
5:51 am
has 60's to lower 70's breezy and bright. inland, no excessive heat. patchy fog with temperatures in the low 50's to 60's. here's the accuweather forecast, cooler than average temperatures making friday below average. increasing clouds of the weekend and sunday evening there is a slight chance of a shower. otherwise our warm weather returns. kumasi: disney plus day specials continue. new subscribers can get their first month for $1.99. also new releases are coming up including "andor." disney as a parent company of abc 7. reggie: the bald guy is shutting down his back rent -- backyard garden to visitors. kumasi: if you update your kumasi: if you update your iphone you will get new
5:52 am
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or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio.
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reggie: requests have finally been answered with the latest update release including an edit and unsend feature as well as marking messages unread. users will be able to create multiple lock screens and have them rotate. another new feature is being able to cut out a subject from an image and background and drop it elsewhere. after warn you you have 15 minutes to delete the message and the edit feature will only happen if the other person has updated their software and if they have an iphone. kumasi: and they can still see what you originally wrote. reggie: if you get to it in time. do you have an android flowed, and if your friend has one, you are out. kumasi: that was always the
5:55 am
case. some lucky whale watchers got the experience of a lifetime with three humpback whales. this is off the coast of monterey. look at this. not three of them. three? my gosh. so the whales approached while the boat was in neutral and the boat was at a standstill. this happened last week. it looks like one of the friendly whales even came close and did a little peck or smooch. they say that was one of the best days that they have ever had while out on a whale watch boat. the company says this was rare and that people should never try to force -- how do you force a whale to do anything? do you just drive up there and say kiss me. drew: talk to seaworld. do you want to go back to the tasks -- to the text message thing. i feel like we are about to gaslight a lot of people and say didn't you say meet at 2:00 and
5:56 am
you say look your text and its like deed -- did you edit? will there be an edit thing at the bottom? reggie: there is. will you be alerted to that? because if they change the time and you did not get alerted. kumasi: i think you can click on and drew: see the edits. drew:like the history. kumasi: when you do an edit on facebook you can still see. drew: i do not like that. reggie: we need to try it. kumasi: i might be wrong. i do not work for apple. drew: if anybody watching works for apple, please let us now. these are important questions because this could cause a lot of drama in the group texts if people are saying you said. kumasi: if you change your mind and say i do not want to go. and to cancel you are like h whew. drew: that saved my life.
5:57 am
enjoy today, lower humidity and we are expecting a lot of sunshine and a cooler afternoon. certainly nice temperatures in the 60's and 70's. kumasi: there are new developments in a controversy after sfpd used the dna of a rape victim to arrest a suspect in another crime. reggie: a home up in flames and the conditions that made fighting the fire more difficult. kumasi: train workers inching closer to a strike. how it could impact everything from freight to travel. when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
5:59 am
want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:00 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, a large house fire exploding with windy conditions. in antioch, we are live at the scene. looming rail strike could devastate the area. kumasi: looking nice and feeling cooler. reggie: it is tuesday, september 13. drew: it is cooler,heum isllooler compared to this time yesterday. parts of the north


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